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Start!! And when this mom-single-lady duo get started, listeners should get ready for a great show! If you like personal stories that sneak in a little education and teachable moments, this is your show. Give it a listen and be prepared to enjoy!

The realist podcast I have ever listened to.

It feels as if you are in the room with them. Funny, Smart and laid back and easy on the ears. I hope this podcast lasts forever. -Dallas

It's like you're in the room

I find myself getting so comfortable that I genuinely think I can ask them to repeat that because we are in the same room and were not. I'm listening to a recording thinking it's live. Really strange which goes to show you how good these two sisters are as podcasters. LOVE IT

Very easy to listen to.

When I listen to Mouse and Ween I feel like I am listening in on the other line like you used to do to spy on peoples conversations. It feels like I shouldn’t be listening, but can’t stop. Very engaging and fun keep up the good work!

Very entertaining!

It's almost like eavesdropping on a couple of very cool women. Fun, entertaining stories! I just listened to a couple shows and subscribed.


Love, love, love the podcast. I laugh out loud every episode. So real, and so funny.

Nonstop Laughs Amid Sisterly Love

Mouse and Weens have great chemistry. Maybe it's because they're sisters or maybe it's because they are truly funny human beings. Either way, I laughed nonstop! They reminded me of my younger years; when my own sister and I used to get into trouble for pulling pranks and laughing at the most inappropriate times. Their latest episodes on roommates gave me whiplash. I fell over laughing because it was so relatable (and because there was a bit of blooming garden humor before the episode even began). Totally recommend this one if you love comedy or just the love between sisters! A hilarious duo!


Real talk between siblings! Just raw talk that reminds you how cool it is to be human! Keep it up girls!

Love this podcast

These sisters are histerical! I love how they finish each other’s sentences - thank you for the great stories!

Giggles in Bulk

I heard about Mouse and Weens from a friend and decided to give a listen. I started with the Seance episode with Momma Mouse (or Momma Weens?) and was cracking up - I almost broke a dish in the sink! Great stuff!

Laughs O Plenty

These women crack me up! I’m sure the other people on the road must think that I’m insane because I’m laughing out loud in my car, all alone. Sometimes I feel like I’m just eavesdropping on a phone conversation. Keep chatting ladies, you make me smile.

Silly sister shenanigans!

OMG you two are hilarious! I listened to your Halloween episode & was laughing out loud in Starbucks! I’m sure people thought I was nuts, but I had a great time listening to you two. Thanks for the laughs on this crazy morning!

Laughter Everywhere

Two sisters that know each other almost too well—except that’s what makes the podcast amazing. Join in as they laugh, learn about different lifestyles, and enjoy their many side conversations. I love it all!

A must listen!

I’m so happy I discovered this gem! The hosts are engaging and funny and I love every episode!

For A Good Time...

...Listen to this show! It's fun to listen to two sisters speak openly and bluntly with one another, go off on tangents, talk to imaginary people in the room, and fart loud enough for the mic to pick it up! It's a little irreverant, authentic, and good fun. Keep up the good work ladies, and give Yanni my love! -Cory, from Convince Us! Podcast

Loving it!

I just listened for the first time. I love the chemistry (yay sisters!) and you cover great topics with a light heart and humor. You have a new subscriber!

Fun and Hilarious!

Mouse and Weens have a great chemistry and make me feel like I’m in their conversation. They are relatable, funny, and talk about real topics that real people get drawn into—with a twist of learning at certain points along the way. The conversation and stories fit together great and will keep you entertained and laughing!

Been subscribed for a while

Bout time I left a review. Love the family dynamic of sisters making a show together - the candor of these two is hilarious and you can tell they’re at home together. The mental images I had listening to the Korean Day Spa story were... very interesting lol!! Reminded me of my years drawing nude models actually! Love the show y’all!

Stomach Gurgling and Giggling

Only at epsiode 5, but am cracking up at the "bodily music" emanating from Mouse :-). I love that each show so far starts with them laughing. They are women after my own heart. Keep it going ladies!

Even good for NOT Nebraska people.

I love the sense of humor and the love between these women. And their honesty is great. It's like what happens when I sit down with my friends. We are US, and it's always funny and awesome. Great to have in the background while doing stuff around the house.

Fun! Fantastic!

I was entertained non-stop and laughing out loud! The thoughtful introspection stays with me for hours making this podcast the best!

The theme song is great!

It’s interesting to hear the dynamic of these two sisters. Cool to hear them kind of rediscovering one another in some of these episodes. I feel the same way about rain that Weens does.

Such great energy

These two are hilarious. And OMG the poop episode, too much. I love the banter between the hosts and the great chemistry between them. They had me hanging on to every word :)

Really Fun

The sisters have a great chemistry together and have very enjoyable conversation about the pressures or raising and protecting their kids & being single.

Good Mix

Loved the varying topics that come from 2 people that are in different places/stages of their lives, thus giving different points of view!

We love these sisters!

Very funny ladies, definitely give it a listen!! 🖤 -Scatterbrains Podcast


And I thought I was the only one with poop stories! What a humorous way to share the messy part of parenting! Love it and will refer my friends to this podcast!

True entertainment!

The hosts have great chemistry together, which makes sense. It's fun to hear their different perspectives on... Well, anything! A great series of conversations to be a fly on the wall for


great show. really looking forward to more!!

So fun and cute!

Mouse and weens! Yes! Such great energy and they're so cute!