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Great podcast!

Mouse and Ween is a really interesting podcast that covers so many topics from a female perspective, very refreshing and unique. Thanks guys!

Great podcast!

Mouse and Ween is a really interesting podcast that covers so many topics from a female perspective, very refreshing and unique. Thanks guys!

I love these girls!!!

They are hilarious and goofy and silly and fun and I love them so much!!! 🤗

They say friends are the family you choose. Well I can tell you, I already feel like family after just one episode. The ladies are hilarious and you can tell they have a bond. In a time where we feel so disconnected and isolated, let Mouse and Weens reach out and give you an audio hug, you won’t regret it!

Need a Pick-me-up? Look no further!

Just when I thought the world has lost its sense of humor…I found Joelle and Julianne! I love tuning in to Mouse and Weens when I just want to listen to normal people talk about stuff that is just funny in general. They do a great job of keeping politics to a minimum, focusing on the lighter side of things that everyone can relate to. And OH—the stories! The stories about random celebrity encounters in LA are just the best. Overall - you get to relive the single scene, and share mom hacks at the same time :)

Great podcast!

These sisters are hilarious! I enjoy listening to their perspectives. Keep up the great work ladies 👌🏾

Really fun dynamic

Listening to a podcast run by two sisters is always a treat. They have dynamic energy together that's hard to match since they've known each other for so long. I also really enjoy the fun little touches they add to the show which really shows the passion for their podcast!

Loving this podcast!

Omg these girls have the same sense of humor as me! ( not to give myself a compliment or anything) They’re so easy to listen to, and I love their voices. I’m loving the podcast, so please keep it up!🙌🏼

So fun!

I just found this podcast and after one episode I’m hooked! Joelle and Julianne are so down to earth. They had their mom on the show and I felt like I was part of the family too. They were so interesting to listen to. I feel like we would be friends if I lived near them. Love this podcast!

Good Times

This podcast is a must listen for me when I need a break from true crime. Definitely take the time to listen to this podcast. It’s light hearted and relatable.

So much fun!

Mouse and Weens highlight the fun of being sisters as they explore the world together. I love their setup- Hollywood & Housewife, and how they find humor and joy in life. They both are phenomenal storytellers and their natural curiosity and wonder shine through in each episode. This podcast is a fun listen as they bring their passion & wonder to different topics. Check it out!


Such a fun podcast, the hosts give such great humor and discuss interesting topics and do Amazing interviews! Loving it and will continue to listen! -Bringthemio Podcast ❤️

Insightful and Engaging

This podcast is so fun to listen to! But it's also really insightful - love what the hosts are doing and the concept of this show :)

We really love this show. They are so funny, entertaining, AND informative!! They really care about their audience and it comes through in every show!!!

One of My Favorite Shows!

I love catching up with what Julianne and Joelle are up to & enjoy their hilarious banter & stories! Every episode offers something new & different. So worth binging & subscribing! Naptime Nancy Drew Podcast

I really enjoy this podcast, they are so creative and their sisterly bond is felt throughout this podcast. The episodes and subjects are so vast, so stop reading and start listening to Mouse and Weens.

These ladies are awesome!! They have us cackling moment to moment. They are honest, hilarious, and make us feel like we are hanging out!


I listened to episode 71. You ladies are hilarious and entertaining. Such great chemistry and thanks for sharing your embarrassing moments....hope your knee feels better 😂 (I’m only laughing because the way you told the story 🤣🤣🤣). It was cool to hear others share their embarrassing moments (the rock star prom story was super sweet tho 🥰) Also....I cried laughing when you described your nephew trying to give you a kiss 😂😂😂

Funny, Yet Insightful

The hosts have great chemistry, their vulnerability with listeners is refreshing. So many times in podcasts I find that hosts sometimes use the medium as a way of creating personas, ala Howard Stern. Though, these ladies are using their podcast to be transparent and raw. In turn it creates an unexpected envirnoment of pure hilarity.

wow !!

Loved it! Very Informative, Fun, and Great Vibes!!! These women have it going on!

This Podcast Hits All the Marks

We love this podcast. It invokes conversations with my sisters. Thr chemistry is awesome and the topics are great. Not afraid to get honest about topics. A must subscribe to podcast.

Add this to your podcast rotation!

I am so glad to have come across this podcast. It has it all. Started off with their Well Good Monring episode and it made my work day way more enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the LAPD interview about homeless. Mental illness needs more of a focus and I appreciated the focus on that. Look forward to listening to more. Subscribe and listen now!

So refreshingly candid

I’m so glad to have found this podcast. Joelle and Julianne have such a great bond and banter. They complement each other and just bring honest, real outlooks on everything. I love that I feel like I’m sitting down for coffee with my girlfriends and we are catching up on what’s been going on!!

What a fun listen!

The hosts are great to listen to. Very fun and engaging. It’s like listening in on a family convo. You cannot want more and more and more! The New Years resolution hasn’t so many family guests which made it even more fun. What a blast. Take a listen, you won’t regret it.

Family Matters

Mouse and Weens hits all the right marks for a great slice of life, discussion and storytelling podcast. The hosts are engaging and charming, the show is entertaining, and the shared experiences are genuine. They also share a chemistry more solid than most shows, family or not. This is a perfect show to have on during a long drive or while working. Give them a listen and subscribe now!

Oh my god... These ladies are hilarious. It's like hanging out with your best friends, except way better.

We just subscribed!

A great eavesdropping podcast as two very endearing and charming ladies discuss life and their adventures. It’s an approach that we like. It’s quality is that they are just being themselves and being genuine. Never over sold or anything seemed force. Mouse and Weens is a podcast that will never lose it fresh, irresistible appeal.

Feel like the cool kid...

I feel like a freshman listening/overhearing two really cool, fun seniors. They’re real, funny and share things that you think “omg did they just say that?!” But you’re thinking THANK YOU for saying that out loud and being brave and thanks for a good laugh. Joelle inspires me to ask better questions in conversations... she’s so good at it. I can complete relate to Julianne’s “squirrel” comments and stories. So refreshing to hear shallow conversations immediately go deep. Thanks for brightening my day. Bravo!

Ahhh the honesty!

I love this podcast because these girls are so funny and so honest! This is definitely my go to podcast to listen to when I’m down and need something funny to pick me up! Keep these stories coming!!


Love these ladies and their vibe. The topics they cover are so relevant to what’s goin on in the world and pretty much every woman can relate to their thoughts, especially on dating!