Aug. 14, 2020

E86 - Part 2 Alison Arngrim: Nellie Oleson of Little House on the Prairie

We’re back to finish our fun interview with Alison Arngrim, the wonderful Nellie Oleson actress, turned stand-up comedian and New York Times best-selling author. She talks about real-life 'Little House on the Prairie' mean girl moments, on-set...

E86 - We’re back to finish our fun interview with Alison Arngrim, the wonderful Nellie Oleson actress, turned stand-up comedian and New York Times best-selling author. She talks about real-life 'Little House on the Prairie' mean girl moments, on-set rumors, what Michael Landon was like, her ringlet HAIR!, and why she thinks Little House child actors grew up to stay on the straight and narrow. We talk about how Alison is the David Hasselhoff of France and the hilarious reason why French cultural differences work in her favor. Joelle recounts stories when she pretended to be tomboy Laura, learned how to be blind like Mary, and even re-enacted the famous Nellie wheelchair scene, sans duck poop and radioactive waste of course! Alison answers some listener questions about her tv episodes and we learn the truth behind certain famous scenes. We also discuss the fact that The Rock might have a crush on her of sorts!

Alison is the queen of reinvention and hustle, and tells us about her Nasty Nellie tours of Hollywood and her online stand-up shows. She is also a survivor of childhood abuse and now is a powerful advocate at the National Association to Protect Children Hear her full story in her book, available on We talk about the anxiety during this stressful pandemic, but also the hopeful medical advances that are being made (llama vaccines?!), and how she copes by being a helper. She has found that daily readings of the 'Little House' books on her Facebook Live have helped her and her thousands of followers find comfort. Alison is such a positive force out there and we had a wonderful time learning her story, her causes, and getting to know her. Please follow her and do the same!

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This is Weens, one half of the Mouse and Weens podcast. The other half - the Mouse - is at Morro Bay with her family. So I'm here all alone. Little Weens. By myself on a stage with the spotlight, which is really my closet with my light on. But anyway, hey, this is part two of Alison Arngrim who played the character of Nellie Olesen on Little House on the Prairie, the show that we know and love. And if you don't, you will love it and you'll love her because she's so fascinating. We had to do two parts because we didn't want to edit anything out. She's an amazing storyteller. You'll learn a lot about old Hollywood, France, the craziness of the show, behind the scenes of Michael Landon and Laura, the other character who we all know and love and if you don't, get to know her. Okay. So let's get to it.

And if you would do a super favor, my dear, sister Mouse does all the work on social media. I do nothing. I'm a terrible human. I'm trying to get better. I'm going to therapy. She does all the work and the social media. Everything. Networking, asking people to join Patreon and.. Can you do that? It's for the price of a little Cappuccino, you can subscribe without commercials and behind the scenes, funny stuff, and all that. And it would really help support the podcast and my dear sister who... I should actually send in too and support her. Anyway, I'm very excited. Here we go.

You seem so grounded for having such a Hollywood life in what about did anyone go off the rails on the show? Did you have? Asked a little house no arrests. No convictions were very proud of that. You do not see anyone Little House on the Prairie with no pants on TMZ. We did hear that Michael Landon would sip on a coffee cup of vodka during the shoots, right? This thing?

I, caught him drinking the Wild Turkey. So I mean well, we had  it was the seventies and the guys came from Bonanza. So they were very of that era and you've seen like Mad Men you know or the like drink and smoke it's like Uh Gordon and people just smoked and drank, and it was like what nobody thought this was like weird a not only did the. Whole. Crew drawers as disabled to enormously we get through one and a half cases beer day yesterday was case day down what somebody has to go this to how many cases of beer is consumed constant the beer, and then they had the bar boozing the frog truck the end of the day it put a bar on saw horses, the main bar, and then the rat party, we go to the racetrack where they'd better than drink and then we'd have real party back at the sound stage were they drink to yet? Everyone smokes. Cocaine was introduced and I'm not sure if they had any. But I've heard stories old Hollywood in cocaine. Oh, you guys are kind of isolated bring your shooting. People come in the twenties I. Mean You know yeah, and eighty s was the big coke for Hollywood everyone except like me and Jay Leno apparently we're. I lacked the brain receptors, the process cocaine or something it's like doesn't walk dating billions of dollars and Reno's. Little House was really thank we were coke sets luckily full wherever, but we were fairly boost in cigarette set cocker nobody thought this is weird nobody got tired went to sleep. They somehow were all speeded out. We're like a wake. I don't know how and I did I remember being the PROC Michael. Just saying you know the usual usually forfeit and it's wild Turkey jug into the I don't know how he did it but that's what people did the food. Now if These. Data Craft Services Table where you'd have snacks the actors. You have the options and gluten free options. There'd be a bunch of healthy stuff that'd be fruit. There'd be vegetables are before we had run of coffee urn of hot water teabags, sugar mill, and big boxes of doughnuts. The choices were donut or bear claw or clear. There was concern. Through like bars. padding survive. It's true but that's Munich and then you had to fit in your costumes. Drinking Coffee I. Mean I'm a teenager. So I was a hardcore coffee addict by by fourteen. So I was I'd get my cup and this coffee I talked about the book. Remember I said you have like your Aa. Strength Your grip strength and like French strike is a grip straight coffee offer black offi to it added girl go go sugar drink stuff and the problem was is little kids like little Robert Rachel played carry wanted to drink coffee and Melissa Knowledge.

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You really can't. So we'd make we get like a cup of milk and put a little bit of coffee in it for them to. Drinking. Big Girls, but I know we ask we didn't want to poison the small children. We did draw the line at that. It's very nice in your next play. The. Dead baby in the door. That's a little different story. That was the best part like. Seventy two and I'm sure you get this question all the time and I can't find who asked it but you were friends with people onset you and Laura didn't have any. There were no issues there and you were friendly with everybody was there the beefs. Oh. Sorry. Yeah. All the other gossip. Fun Stuff, I. Crushes on this idea of a beef on the house was like well, I won't sit with you at lunch. You now, we didn't really get really hard core The the fact is that Melissa Gilbert my bonded immediately, which is hysterical the l'ennemi. So of course, we got along the best and everyone generally got along. Yes, it is. You're going to hear it again again Melissa Sue Anderson who played beautiful blind. Mary her mom was very protective and apparently she's recently and said, well, she told like don't fries the other girls like us we didn't get that memo. So she I. Think. She thought the Melissa Gilbert Juvenile Delinquency probably right. So should just not not have. She's not going to be friends with us. This is never going to happen, and so she was kind of like uppity standoffish where like, okay. What do we do? Okay but we weren't like horrible. He'll go beat her up for and then it was weird too because we had people visit our shit from other shows people guest or he'd be at MGM and people, Wander over and so once said to me because. Somebody was fighting with someone they went. Oh, stop you call that fighting with someone. They got restraining orders against each other on half the shows you guys are. So what's your idea of hating someone is not speaking for three days. Eighteen hundreds that's like a eighteen hundred squabble come on. Christmas we still by everybody presence. Out of her all, it won't by the like a nice presence like. Christmas presents went to the party. Come it does that come from the top is better. Michael Landon thing is it just because you think it was material you were doing. Very, much. Actually was Michael Landon recycling he laid at one. Okay. Like seth none of the kids are jail high. We all went to school you meet some child actors. They can barely read and write because they didn't have. By law three hours school four hours work arrester at grace but the. Like bride, the welfare worker like in do it MOU- new. We just just another eight million interviews just at one the other day with several cast members and with. Suzy. Suzy McRae is the casting director was married to produce mccray and we talked about that night reminder said remember remember. Near the teacher with a Stop Watch, this child has twelve school and she's like, right. Grinding halt and like they make so they took it very seriously and they took all of those rules seriously and they were very making sure we projected.

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Michael also was very likely arc to get there. So you love practical jokes he loved to giggle He loved laughing breaking detention Yes and we're going to finish all of these pages today and we're going to make this entire hour-long like a feature films cinematic monster in like five six days, but he ran a tight ship. So he's running a tight ship. So you you you bigger showed up, you did your job. So the idea that you were going to hold anything up because you were having a bad day or so and so doesn't like so and so it would be like. Yeah, you left the demilitarized zone. You left that they're like, well, if you don't like them, that's great and you can leave that in the dressing room because we're to show now. Well, and so we just did was like what time to go to work? What are you going to do? It's great because.

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fell off the rails because of that. So great in it probably kept you safe and structured and professional. You're still doing this today where you're showing. that. That was the biggest. What you inherit from got work ethic, the Little House of very work at at UK. So I go to France righteous or these French doors. So I was in France had a movie in France you'll hear Mochi. Oh, I talk about my standup act Laris but one of the things that happened I got on the set and Mochi was famous for being like. Roger Cormon in what we would make entire movies in twelve days, and then spend like a month and like I mean, if you go to was I am deeply. Beta. And they're hilarious very dark weird comedy. So indistinct and I have been more a lot of people didn't like to work with Medicare because he was so. Knowing Dr both are accident like yelling and screaming and. And really nuts and vulgar crates ogle and he wanted to shoot this couple it. So they said French actors were used to when maybe have cigarette thing we talk about this for awhile and then we'll have some wine in the brats who issued later in the afternoon. So they were like what is happening this guy is so I get there and I'm like I'm good to was Didi, and indeed that we we kinda came to work at like ten am and we had something to eat and they hung out and people were drinking wine and like okay luckily, the Argentinian key grip said, I made upon coffee for me in. The Argentinian for drinking coffee in the corner with. The heads they had every country represented. The Argentinean said, don't worry. We've got six languages spoken on this set. When the guy from Zimbabwe gets tomorrow, we'll be seven so you're covered with every week. He was not kidding it was not even joking except we get very fun set, but he would shoot me go okay go and we'd like do the scene reverent and you do like maybe two takes and Neka go okay moving on. Motor and they'd go hurtling around the next up and I'm going Oh, very efficient. You know like TV and I a couple of hours in one of the guys because now are you? Okay Like A lot of the activists terrible terrible fast pace. Many. Said none of you've ever worked with Michael Landon heavy. TV series the senior. Okay. Cut Britain next and like start furniture now see. Good. Well I was able to work with the infamous infamous jean-pierre monkey and I had a blast and is speed involved. and. And so speaking of all these countries and France your huge in France. What's going on with that? Why I am I am I am I am David Hasselhoff has Germany I am. Of Sprint s exactly of. I am I am are as my father said Oh. Great. You're Jerry Lewis. He's like I was helping Catherine Deneuve. No. Your Jerry. Lewis. You'll that. It's yes, it is. Is Little House on the prairie I mean runs literally literally all of okay. The other day Dean was treating Laos books and he watching all the comments new went Jakarta why. Because it literally is everyone but in France they started running kind of early usually shows in America said, they might not get to the other country till early eighty eight, there's a delay before they do the Ford sales. Somebody ran a pilot of little house where they're in the woods and Mr Edwards comes. Indians Indian French and all that stuff they ran it as Christmas special in France all dubbed the French went his guitar these family in the it's like a Frenchwoman. They didn't know what the hell was. Happy Grant. They demanded seriously wrote to the TV guy. We need this yet if you do not give us a shell, we will care. and. So probably we start seventy, four, select seventy, seventy, seven, late, seventy, six, seventy, seven running little it breaks am they ran it every day at new. What do French people do at lunch they go home. And they still do still do in many places back there and that was it everybody went home for lunch everybody left school and went home for lunch. Now some kids state school and Brown bag and have a cafeteria. But about half of them go home for lunch and many people will go to the break room now and eating the right, but they also go home for lunch. So billions of French people are all sitting there home for lunch and at the time there were two channels. Shall we watch the weather report or Little House on the prairie? Say you created whole families over there amazing. So what happened like when you first emerged as a human in France? Did you show personally and yeah I didn't know. I knew they watch in France had gotten mainland who was big Germany Japan France vacant hurts I. Didn't realize Argentina I found out about later unanswered.

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Argentina. So all strange countries. So I got this thing come through this talk show. There's a statue, Fritz Okay and they're. A bunch of money fly flahault fantasy. So I'm. I get there and suddenly like I'm the Beatles. Dilemma, the driver, the car dress circle, the hotel because people are mobbing the car to get liquid. And I get to the talk show and there's a studio audience. Oh, a three hour long live talk show. WHO does. And they would have gotten all these stars shift. They have a table full of people and then they go kay, you're done and they don't get up and leave and then a bunch of other stars come in. I'm like what is happening and it was the nuttiest insane chaotic thing they had They were standing on the table and shooting people Super Sofer's. Really nuts and I was like. then. They start saying who is our guest and they're putting up pictures of people for Little House in the Berry and the audience is yelling out their names all. The Mega. Yes. Who is there and they're trying to guess and the doors open they play the music and I come out. And they go berserk. And they're seeing people in France, sing the theme song. There are no words to team song Not. Is All studio people going On. And I walk in. And I should and they're just so bananas and. An and then the other actors actors be you ever see The leave the Slovenly, the boy who worked at the grocery who had the bat arm that's. Out The busey huge star France, he's there he flips out and starts speaking tried to speak English is English. I. I. In My Room I. I. Y. Yes, it was so. It's like the wind and I had to have a thing in my ear 'cause I did certainly getting speaking of French to Ham Lini. So. I totally get mobbed everywhere. I go people are bonkers I'm like well, I'm back. So I want to go back to another toxin and then she people just out of control and then next thing I know it's like well betrayed. Patrika. Geremek's you know we could show I mean I could take show I get a writer should I could do it would have to be adaptation because some of the jokes don't know who the heck you're talking about, and then the other things they do transit for we do French version. You're crazy. so He'd never done a comedy show before and I didn't speak French so we decided to do homage together infraction. Was Smash. He had to learn how to be on stage I had to go learn French. So I went back to school Frenchie figured out which end of the stage was wet and now he's Larry's we wound up with tour coefficients, gossip prairie. Then he wrote a second show called Lamar puzzle on the also, which is what we're doing in January and February and I'm Bob. Eventually get back because he's working on a third show. Gones is all the show sold out sold it. Every show sold out standing ovations just mass panic, and then during this I met Joe PM okay on a talk to name. Okay. was there an predict like I am going to chase him down the hall and make him put you in order to self and worked It was a movie. So yeah, there you go. Orange. They treat you the same way as a characteristic Americans did did they think you were bitchy? No they pay. Love Me. I love the French. Say It's a cultural difference. They think Nelson's means they think she's French. See Jamie. They do they love me and on the talk show I talked about the book they were arguing Jamal's freaking and then they all started I've gotta gotTA gotta get to each other and I'm like what is happening indicating that festival start trying and this one guy says name was a child without a smile and energy so sad than we'll. Yes, she was jealous Laura I think and then they had this whole discussion and as I said at the time I was apparently put on trial. My character was on trial on French television with US Open look people and. It was declared crime of passion I was jealous of Laura is. Child, it couldn't be helped and I was apparently found innocent under French law. Feel good sounds like therapy. This is great. Here, so the ranch decided poor Nelly, just needed to be loved and side here's Alison and she's Kinda funny and we like her and that was it my sense of humor, their sense of humor mashed. and. So I started going to France twice a year for like a couple months time and basically all the free champagne esker going trump of academic. This is amazing. Good for you. Do you feel fluid now school learn French. So I did the whole the whole state JOE in. Movie. That's amazing.

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You could live there and like fluent are you Probably now, a couple of years ago all will take me off to gear up to but yeah I mean because I stay there and I would stay with friends and sometimes they stayed with friends who didn't really speak a lot of English and then. The. Guy Drove me and everyday did speak a word of English. I really had to get jobs. But sometimes hang out with people don't speak English and I do the show in French and I do interviews I was doing interviews in English and French like. But now I you'll interviews and stuff in France King Year. My book release their in French and. You are you are idol status in in reinvention? So, many people get stuck in in one job one thing and here you are just like, okay who moved my cheese we're going to. The Queen of the Internet because as I said I finally, I was like, oh no, and so then I just took my whole life and career win. But here, hi, it's. Yeah I know you've got merchandise online, you have a production company, you do your tours. But. Now because I can't shove twelve people in a bus you. What are you GonNa do about that is that GonNa? Is that way? I'm. Talking to Richard. Rich Sebastian did the tour webpage early tours he's also Santa Claus by the way. So keep an eye on mom. Can you explain what the tours are really quickly? So yes, Nellie the nasty Nellie tour Hollywood was a rich and I get in the boss and you'd sign up for the tour you get a free autograph picture and only tour in Hollywood stop for milkshakes so. Our to work, you'd hop in the tour and we'd go around Hollywood but it was personal stories connected everything. Well, here's Hollywood high only that's where I went. Oh, here is paramount students when I was working here. Here's what they. Oh, here's A. Shettima await I live there, and so he's landmarks but all the best landmark to Hobart I writer live their work there it went to school there goes. Literally all personal stories, metal plates and we went by Michael Landon House. We went by Liberace's housing that we went liberace's have. We'd stop at the farmer's market getting milkshakes. I love it. Cool. Hollywood sign and take pictures and then when we go to the sign, you can always get up to the science. We found a place where it's a really good shot of it in the background say but I would bring. What's the way but it's a copy of the way and And so people could take a picture with me the Hollywood sign with or without the wig and then they camonte. So there's all these pictures of people on their facebook with the Hollywood sign me and the ringlets and the two of them standing there in Bonnets it's like and these two guys should Minnesota brought their own wigs and it was their Christmas card was me and the two of the Minnelli wakes. Amazing. That was my next question because I know that you've been asked a million times but that is the question from Jan. Martin is it looked so hot and uncomfortable. How did you keep your curls? Because they did have to make it was so hot and humid, awful and terrible and. Just to get it to bend the ends to be fluffy this involved a blow dryer at a very fancy. On my here's rate show. I showed up the first day and they said you're supposed to be in curlers. Marion said why and so I was sleeping in curlers at twelve and. Coming in like four in the morning and they when you check contract with the curling iron. Awful but make the work. So if you watch the first episode, you can see bangs or little straggling in the girls 'cause they were doing it by hand and NAM couple episodes in they said, this is a nightmare show they brought in a Ziggy ziggy the wig maker of Hollywood is still alive old them he's as. Ziggy ziggy. Ziggy glycated extent a made famous Wicks Holly Bette Davis. So he comes in and then Larry Who's Bette Davis's hairdresser gladys who work with Marilyn Monroe when all the makeup and hair people Marilyn Monroe Joan Crawford Bette Davis sets were so I got Bette Davis his hairdressers, Ziggy wigmakers and they built this thing like on my head. So that's they finally did they made a wig and custom-made? Stunning Giant right here. So that would. And many many many pins. It was excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable hot. And like sometimes Mike Sculpt, get cut a little bit you know an. Eight, nine hours of where. And it would come off the incident and. You had to keep it on inbetween takes everything. Oh Yeah. Took like an hour. It was. Never want shows with periods stuff from the seventeen hundred, eighteen hundreds on. Fee can feel uncomfortable costumes in the wigs I go out. Winston Bang. You. Surely. surprised. Those. I remember those in the Seventies. We put our here in those all the time.

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But yeah, and you look just like when you pulled that back that was amazing. I mean you. Just saying. It was. Really hurt and but the worked it worked he just Kinda of zone out and it becomes part of it and part. Two. Angry Tang My. Head hurts so bad. I. Did added to the character. Wow, that's nasty. The big question I want to get a and E.. Leader of as lessening on here but. Is your favorite or least favorite episode do you have up hands down? It's bunny where I pretend to be paralyzed and get pushed down the hill in the wheelchair bought? Yes. Yes. Is it person to? Show did this ever happened on who who has ever done this, right? Yeah. We have tiff wondering was that a stunt double in the wheelchair so maybe you have to tell the whole scene. Right they put me in the chair and. They remember I'm wearing like underwear a nightgown in bedroom slippers. So. They start to push me down the steal. Kayblie. Stop it, and then the stuntwoman very brave does the down does a somersault into the pond condemning then they take me to another hill is longer but less steep. What me in the chair again bedroom slippers underwear and real world can arm. Thank you all enough ice skate boards with eighteen hundred singer, the stature, and they can a Oughta go and the cameras on the Dalai protecting the camera but I'm just going. To die they're close ups of you two were they right in front of you going to? Feel like. Screaming bloody mark as it was fine and then go back to the pond in the pond and come up spitting. So yes. Oh my gosh. Well, Julianne and I being sisters there was a time I had a bike accident and I was in a wheelchair and she was in charge of pushing me around and we're at the Oakland Zoo. And we got to the top of this tall hill and there was a duck pond at the bottom. And it wasn't her fault I said. I was reliving that scene I. Go I want to write down this hill I can handle it all stop the bottom it'll be fine and she goes okay if you're sure. So she let go of this wheelchair. Zooming down this hill in a burns through your hands, you can't stop. You can't. You can't you. I had to hold the arm rest of I touched those things Oh my God, whatever you do keep your hands on the R rest you'll lose a finger you. Also eighteen hundred giant metal wheels lose a finger. Yeah. So I went dumped up across this little strip of lawn. Luckily, in front of the pond, there is a chain link fence. So I hit. Down stuff and I flew out of the chair and I was crumpled in a pile with my bandages needs from my bike accident and on my hand. I had a real life Nielsen moment just not mud. Horribly dangerous. Realize no doubt. Because wheelchairs pick up momentum there had. You're heavy and the wheels they pick up enormous momentum if you push them down hill as I never because I was like how fast the thing going. Going and it does it goes really really fast. It goes faster as it goes down the hill and you can't stop by the bottom of the hill each really talk about you know. Yeah, it's. Momentum will it's going like sixty miles an hour by yet i. Know it was scary. It was life flashing becomes stuff. So okay, we have this is brilliant alley mortgage who is a super super super fan who happens to be Jill's best friend and she weaker around watching all your penalties together sitting on the couch all through seventies new best friends, and they would play little house on the Berry and dress alleys younger brother as one of the sisters right and. It was my my pretend name was always Laura was always riding around. Horses and the whole thing but then I also pretended that I was Mary and I wanted to be. I wanted to be ready in case I ever got scarlet fever went blind. So I used to purposely close my eyes a walk around my house in memorized where everything was in case I ever got scarlet fever. So do you know that was very big pretending to be blind was huge when I was in about sixth grade which was nineteen. Yeah. Yeah. There was a book called follow my leader. Personalized remember this book I don't know I, don't know that one. I've not looked at up to see if it's out there on follow my leader as boy with a seeing eye dog and it's about this boy in like I don't know it's like a firecracker accident or something he goes blind and he's like eleven or what are, and he's very bitter upset at first, and then they send him to this camp where he's GonNa Learn to which seeing eye dog thing and it's all about how they train seeing eye dogs and then he trains the don but it goes through the how he learns Braille and has all Braille Bet and thing lurch and how he lives let your play you know your milk is it three o'clock in your thing is Lying.

00:30:13 - 00:35:01

Things people learn and it was a hit everyone in my class read this book and we're depor obsessed and everyone we all in Braille and several people signed up to volunteer to go train seeing eye dogs at camps where they let you do that and at least you'll my friends blindfold themselves for an entire weekend and. House practice or my people not weird. I always thought I was weird. All these years spent finally vindicated. Thank you. It was like. Seventy two Gardner Elementary School everyone was blind for week. You know that's the weird that kids would commit to that like my. Level that they committed to mean I was I learned Braille and I was like, look it up where like where you can I sign up to changing dogs and I, was like crazy but no there you'll get to the two girls and they were kind of obsessive but did they blind? So over themselves several see those are my people. Okay so These question is was the chicken released spacey in the episode. Made Laura Cook dinner for all Monzo in Nelly date. Yes. This was awesome. This episode, the famous cinnamon. is also the mudfight episode voice at. Look Real. Okay. The chicken knows ordinary chicken and a Fan Dean and I sat to cases where we wanted to join. Pepper. And I. Should I think we can I mean we can allow. We're both like tyler trade. We can just do this and he said, I'm look a little pepper just like like priming the pump just to give you that. Know since memory and as soon as you smell the pepper like it'll kick in like yeah. So we not. To Shakes Pepperoni Justice sorta gave us the field but soon as we got an and soon as I saw his face when he went It was like ice starting to feel it too is totally psychological and we got into it and know that was acting. It was perfectly good chicken. Later but we were like hacking when I had to turn the water and you probably noticed my is like we gotta my head. And shut in the water and it's a big class and I could look and Michael goes no no fill the glass back you have to Chug that whole class you have to do it. You're going to do it and he says look. Coming out my nose because I don't care if it comes out your ears. No, this is great. Trust. Me Check the glass of water to do it and he's like. And while I'm chugging he's like don't dare put that glass back down on that table. He said if she puts the Glass Back Down Philip backup keep it rolling don't even cut he said stay until you too I'm like okay. So that would look and you can see comes out my nose and my eyes get bigger and bigger and I did the glass and genius and then to Britain as you see us But I drown. So we did that and then the mudfight that. Area was a duck pond in the winter and account faster in the summer. And so then they host it down. So it was mud and not all muddy was also. Cow poop duck the yet. And she gets me in the headlock and you see her hand come around with a lot of mud and it goes right my mouth you see it. Yes. Yes. You're eating poop. Hey. So, what'd you do at work today I ain't shit. Hatem set medic in the Senate comes over as we're doing this company says now have to you didn't make sure guys didn't get any of this in your eyes. It's totally insanitary. Did you get in your eyes? My Eyes? I ate like a court. What does that do to me? How did you get sick? Did anything happen and I did not. Shoot. You may the paper to see me. Near the Rocketdyne plant famous. rocketdyne plight read about this was the they had a major radiation leak back in sixty and they had a jet fuel leaked to there was the chemicals of they'd only benzene hydrogen. So there was like jet fuel stuff in the water table and there's been lawsuits in cancer and like investigations and the rocketdyne thing really was bad. It's like a superfund has matt cleanup side and it was like I don't know quarter mile up the hill from where we were so Yeah. So now they're going Oh, my God and I talked to I said, what were you exposed any water on the set? On. The show it was. Cow poop duck food, and extensively radio active waste of some kinds. I. Don't really know yet combination thereof. Which I another arm that comes back and massages your work. says. I don't need a light night to reach glows in the dark. Nearly I've been tested for everything, I am apparently impervious to Dutch at gap she had. Been Quality and Leo congratulations thank goodness.

00:35:01 - 00:40:05

Last question I was going to say we're getting your and. What six o'clock isn't it for days? So it's amazing how? Much this. One to do like. We haven't even gotten into your advocacy work and. Comedy we got to. We have a question as any lawn at heads. Go to my facebook twitter instagram. Go to my everything protect Oughta work is the charity said, get ye look look me up. We're all event that Joel is GonNa put all of the links on everything Bro. At. Work. So I I have a couple questions, but your Andy, our good friend has any advice that you know now that would have helped you back then. It's a broad question but. Yeah. I'm I've been telling you the child actors don't do drugs stay in school which shown silly. When you look back and you go okay how much time got wasted from drugs how many delays in getting around to doing things because you were high? If you weren't like giant drug addict in like add years Ohio. So how much time and when you look at like the celebrities big stars, most of who were like sober now you never hear any like you never hear any of these rockstar say I am so glad I did that heroin for ten years. Never comes out none of these actors at when Robin Williams talked about how who's on cocaine the cocaine you take what did he say God's way of telling you have too much money. You never hear anyone say yes when I was doing all that cocaine that was just the best part of life you never hear that you never hear that everyone who did that let it goes man what a disaster I so got. Get those minutes. So probably should maybe not take a bunch of drugs which have become famous up on the. School. The kids who did have the three hour school on the set and actually maintain their grades and went back to the regular school seemed a. Lot more functional things going on and it's sure like the so much easier when you can read and do math just is especially math because people will still your money. If you can't count will if you're dumb and dumber math is just contracts. So it's important and the people I know who were denied education things went wrong. Parents weren't on the bowl, the producers Portland through school. They've really had a tough time of it. They've had to go back and play pick up and go back to school I went back to school I wasn't as deprived but I went back to school major I. got the rest of my credit endless school got the proficiency exam. So I graduated but then I went to a local college courses went back to school in French. Caught up. But yeah, you don't do to wind up at the time when you're on TV and you're young, it's like cool I don't have to go to school. Why am I studying I? Already have the job I want. And people are doing drugs you go. That seems fine. They say it's fine. They seem to still be working but when one hundred years later. You're like. Yeah probably actually paid attention in school and not been stoned things would have gone even faster and better in what of the other stay out of the Sun I'm because I look like this this is called. There was your face. This interface on drugs. This is called. Don't smoke. Don't do cocaine standard, Sam. She looks. Wonderful it's amazing. We so appreciate you being here deals to do have any other questions or A million but I'm going to. Do it down, to, one. I will ask the question you know in your book, which we will guide people to your book. But you've gone a lot in your life you have had. Yes and we're going to link that we've had you came from a life of Hollywood entertainment. There's been some trauma in your. In your working with A. Protected Group for Child Abuse National Association to protect children or protect dot or do very interesting things. You should check us out. Yes and you having gone through everything that you've gone through and good and bad and right and left in crazy Hollywood and all the you have such a amazing right spirit I. Do you ever get depressed? Are you just happy hunting? Do It i? Do I, mean I mean technically. Took to the book you know twenty two years and three shrinks later. Yeah. But when I first went to the therapist Susan early twenties. MIGHT PTSD was like so severe, she nicknamed Rambo. Running to the jungle it's like what is happening your? Yes like the fun with PTSD. So yeah I mean I take a lot of maps and now with pandemic is very stressful on I haven't I haven't been close to die of that yet but boy lot of people really sick several be Gubin to the hospital several people having after-effects thing where okay hi, you're better yet. Why do I still have the headaches? Why do any of these horrible and it's terrifying although there's these experiments going on to do that llamas may have a special antibody.

00:40:05 - 00:45:07

Wind up saving US Llamas. Have you breaking news world? Could ask, but they're doing everything. There's an there's dozens of vaccine trials in hundreds of drug treatment trousers really stuff going on the working on, but apparently somebody who's doing something about llamas and immune system is zander bodies and how they So we may all be saved by Llamas. Is, this ending regret, but it's very traumatic. It is very stressful. It is terrifying. Yes. We're in a harm of its Zombie apocalypse. This is insane. There's this terrible disease it is killing people and we don't fully really know how we have no juror and we have no vaccine and we don't even have a treatment. And it's only contagious. So that's not fun. Dabble. Losing your jobs in camp either renting my friends starving so. I'm trying to help people out call. You need stuff you need white about white's against Rowlett. Hook people up with things and Hook people up and work and stuff. They can do on the Internet I have several friends like you know if you go in this thing in the energy probably bringing a few bucks. but it's terrifying. But I I'm a survivor. Running. You are turning joy. You're bringing joy to this world with all your meetings. I appreciate it as a mom now with my children at home no school we don't know what we're doing necessarily next year and I have actually pulled out all my old little books, little house books that I had as a kid and save for my daughter and she and I read in bed each night. And we discovered your facebook and now we're loving that. So I think that little town on the prairie things get very weird. Not, like little has in the big woods farmer boy, and then all of a sudden there's like politics like terrible racism like weird things happen and then like Laura's having a baby and is what is happening So yeah, it gets strange. So keep on I'm. Still in the early phases so. Safe there but it gets very weird guess. Yeah I. let connecting to people I. Like Making People Happy the reading the books is wonderful me. I do find that all of the stuff is stressful and I go I need. To find myself taking naps I recommend this. If you just friend you're tired and thanks for getting weird like I feel weird I need to lie down go down, take a map, relax the plane the garden, take a break because it is it is stressful. It's very wearing on. It they did a study. There's an actual Cova brain. They're saying that's the truth thing your brain because it's this weird underlying hyper stress but you that it's actually affecting your memory your retention also be traumatized is one thing to be traumatized and board at the same time minion. Very bad with media media media to. Genuine continuing trauma because usually you have the earthquake or tornado hits and then it stops and then the fire department comes and then you clean up the mass and then. After the thing, the fire, the flood whatever you clean up and you call the Insurance Company and you get to know this is Banat. Where it's not stopping and We'll make you juno that we're on the zoom thing. Did you know that doing too much zoom is also terrible Talking to my computer your is in your brain talking to people on the screen. It's great at first. But yes, all of the bad roy scaring screen the life but it also psychologically, it's weird to be on in meeting meeting. Simply, Ohio? You can see me it's not me. It makes people nutty. You do much soon day take a break a lie down. That is huge advice in this I, read another study that listening to Lo fi music hearing the crackle of a vinyl record in real low fi mono speaker music. Dean butlers playing all that pause fiddles dominant. Yep Yep Yep, Yep Yep, boiling it down to basics, family values, and just being home in trying to enjoy while we can and make the best of it. So thank you so much for. Thank you for does it GonNa want to end up the one thing? Do you know that the rock has a crush on you? Oh Yes we found this out and it was like Super Barris because like my husband was at work and it was a magazine and someone who worked which sought when. What's this about the Rock in your wife? Physics. The Rock was talking about spanking your wife in like US magazine and so yes, it's hysterical. Rock was talking about did you have a crush on when you watch TV when you're younger? Any liked oh gosh. What's your face from family is like and he said that Nelson, and wanting to turn her over my knee and you know she's real vice again a gal and So if we were to reach out to the Rock and kidding I'm kidding.

00:45:08 - 00:47:37

I Love Erica I. We watch all his movies. We like him very much. It's good. You might have to put an outfit and go over his knee, but sounds like that's So after the little house reunion will have a rock Nielsen reunion to that could be. Part of coming soon. Well, we appreciate it. Are we good weans? Can I close it out now? Lists. Good good. Did you want to say anything else off? I didn't we cover the whole goods everything in the world? Yes. No. That was great or yes we love it. So everybody please go to bonnet heads, dot that kind of links to everything and then do visit allison aren't grim. facebook. So that's where all of your readings are. You have your lives show you have reinvented yourself in the time of Covid and you are an inspiration to all of us and just look at you. We love you and we love Nelson I'm I'm here to say should I forgive you now? Can I? Can I just get over that now? No. Yes you are learn. She's like person in the world we. We'll see you soon. Okay that concludes our interview with Allison Aren grim thinks you so much alison for doing this with us. We had such a fun time everyone. Please go to bonnet heads, dot com to link to all our wonderful causes and projects. She's got more than I can mention it's all linked. They're wonderful. And thank you so much to our sponsor. The home school buyers co Dash up dot org. It is a great resource you guys for those of us parents who are dealing with our kids being home having to home homeschool or learn from home This is a wonderful website you can sign up for free upon sign up just type in the referral Code Weens, and you will get five thousand smart points to use on your purchase. They also give you free curriculum free webinars free free free. So much. So please do go there check it out. You guys it helps us it helps them it'll help your children. So we appreciate it and we thank you guys for your patronage. Look for us on patriotic dot com slash mouse winds also social media everywhere mouse and weaned spell it out. We Love Your ideas hearing feedback, your reviews, hearing that you've referred us to your friends all of it. Thank you so much for having so much fun podcasting and we will see you in our next episode.

Alison ArngrimProfile Photo

Alison Arngrim

New York Times Best Selling author of “Confessions of A Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated”, Alison Arngrim is best known to viewers world-wide for her portrayal of the incredibly nasty “Nellie Oleson” on the much loved, long running hit television series "Little House On The Prairie," and continues to amuse audiences through her many film, television, stage and multi-media appearances.

Her one woman show “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch”, which started at Club Fez in New York in 2002, has now become a world-wide phenomenon, having been performed to packed houses in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Green Bay, San Francisco, Seattle, and in France, where Alison performs entirely in French to standing room only crowds in her all French version titled: “Confessions d’une Garce de La Prairie” and “La Malle aux Tresors de Nellie Oleson.”

As a stand-up comedian, Alison has headlined at nightclubs such as the Laugh Factory, the Comedy Store and the Improv in Los Angeles; as well as the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York and assorted comedy venues all across the United States and Canada.

She is currently starring in two comedy series pilots: “Life Interrupted”, as the ex-wife of commercial child star Mason Reese, with Erin Murphy, (“Bewitched”) as her new wife and Dawn Wells, (“Gilligan’s Island), as her mother, as well as, “C.P.R. - Child Performers Resurrection Talent Agency”, as an ex-child star gone wrong, trying to save herself and her assorted misfit cohorts by opening a talent agency.

Alison has mocked her status as an “ex-child star” on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, during their month long parody, “Hollywood Survivor” and continues to be a frequent interview subject on everything from “A&E”, “E! Entertainment”, “TV Land” and “VH-1”, to CNN and the Travel Channel. The TV Land network honored her undying image as TV’s worst bitch, by declaring her the winner of their 2006 award for, “Character Most Desperately In Need Of A Time Out”.

She starred in the heartwarming, gay, Christmas cult classic, “Make the Yuletide Gay”, as the overbearing “Heather Mancuso”. Her other television and film appearances include, “Livin’ the Dream”, “Tinder & Grinder”, “The Bilderberg Club”, “For the Love of May” with Ru Paul and Patricia Neal, and “The Last Place On Earth” with Billy Dee Williams and Phyllis Diller. In 2007, she began her foray into French cinema with the role of “Edith” in the French detective comedy, Jean Pierre Mocky’s “Le Deal”.

Alison’s stage work includes, “The Vagina Monologs”, “Sirena: Queen of the Tango”, "Dear Brutus", "The Wool Gatherer", the French bedroom farce, "In One Bed And Out The Other", Michael Kearns’ “AIDS/US II”, “Rita” in the 2005 GLAAD Award nominated production of “Last Summer At Bluefish Cove”, ”, the somewhat off kilter “Reverend Pat Miass” in “Joni and Gina’s Wedding”, and the Ovation Award Nominated musical-drama, “Flirting with Morty”, as the abusive, trashy and tragic Ray Lee.

In her spare time, she takes tourists on the rollicking comedy outing, “Nasty Nellie’s Tour of Hollywood”, (featured at Dearly Departed Tours), where she simultaneously enlightens and amuses passengers with behind the scenes tales from both Hollywood history and her own life.

Never one to forget her “Prairie” roots, Alison enjoys making appearances several times a year at various “Little House on the Prairie” historical sites for educational events and gatherings of fans. She has been a frequent visitor to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in the real life Walnut Grove, Minnesota as well as Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Heritage Hills, Mumford’s Genesee Country Village, Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum in Mansfield, Missouri and many, many others.

Alison has a long history of activism. In 1986 when her friend and "Little House husband" co-star, Steve Tracy, passed away due to complications of HIV/AIDS, Alison immediately began volunteering at AIDS Project Los Angeles. Her duties ranged from working on the Southern California AIDS Hotline and the APLA food bank, (APLA's Necessities of Life Program,) to chairing the steering committee of the volunteer speakers bureau and developing “Safer Sex” workshops. She has provided AIDS education to doctors, nurses, prison inmates, service clubs, churches, department stores and schools, written AIDS education articles for the magazines "Frontiers" and "Designers West”, and spent seven years hosting the APLA educational cable television show, "AIDS Vision". In 1992, Joel Wachs presented Alison with a resolution by the Los Angeles City Council commending her on her work on behalf of people living with HIV and AIDS.

From 1989 through 1993 she served as Program Manager at Tuesday's Child, an organization assisting children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. From 1989 through 2003 she served as both hostess and producer for the comedy stage at the AIDS Project Los Angeles Annual Summer Party, (on the backlot of Universal Studios), where through an evening of raucous entertainment, featuring name comedians, she helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for people living with HIV.

She currently serves as California Chair, National Spokesperson and Founding Board Member on the National Advisory Board of The National Association to Protect Children, or, fighting to give children a legal and political voice in the war against child abuse. As an activist for the improvement of child protection laws, she has spoken before the California Senate and worked on legislative and political campaigns in several states, including Virginia and New York, in addition to PROTECT’s work on federal legislation in Washington, D.C.

She has appeared on numerous television news programs discussing the legal and political issues surrounding child sexual abuse and exploitation. She came forward to tell the world about the sexual abuse she suffered in her own life, during her 2004 interview on Larry King Live.

She continues to be interviewed on this and other topics on Nancy Grace, CNN’s Showbiz Tonight, The Insider, Court TV, and Bill O’Reilly’sThe Factor.

Alison currently lives somewhere in the wilds of Tujunga with her husband of over twenty years, musician Bob Schoonover, (from the rock and roll band “Catahoula”) and their evil cat, Clarice. She takes pride in the fact that so many people enjoyed hating her as a girl and is more than happy to give them the opportunity to do so in the future.