Aug. 6, 2020

E85 - Nellie Oleson! Little House on the Prairie’s Alison Arngrim Pt.1

Part 1 of our interview with energetic Alison Arngrim who played original mean girl Nellie Oleson on the long-running tv series that 70’s and 80’s kids everywhere grew up on, "Little House On The Prairie". She makes time for us between her...

E85 - Part 1 of our interview with energetic Alison Arngrim who played original mean girl Nellie Oleson on the long-running tv series that 70’s and 80’s kids everywhere grew up on, "Little House On The Prairie". She makes time for us between her stand-up shows and Facebook Live daily readings to tell us fascinating stories about growing up in Hollywood in the wild 1960’s and 70’s in a showbiz family. Hear what her family connections were to the fabulous Liberace and Debbie Reynolds, what it was like to live in the Chateau Marmont, and other mini tales from her book "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated". We hear what it was like to be a child actor at that time in Los Angeles and how her auditions in front of Michael Landon went before she earned the part of Nasty Nellie! Some listener Q&A’s reveal if her tv mother Mrs. Harriet Oleson, played by Katherine MacGregor, was really as mean as she played on the show, and how Alison’s real-life friends and fans treated her in public. Find out what she and co-star Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls Wilder, are up to during the quarantine, and why she thinks all things "Little House" are having the resurgence and relevance they are today. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming out soon!

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Hello, you've reached episode eighty-five of season three of mouse and weans. Have special guest. Today we are interviewing. Alison. Arngrim who played mean Nellie Olesen on the TV show Little House On The Prairie. It ran for years. We all grew up on it - one of our favorites - and we hear all the stories from her. She's got so many old Hollywood stories and behind the scenes of filming, we split this into part one and part two because she has a show coming up Thursday August 6th that we wanted this out in time for. So this'll be the Part One. If you scroll down to the information about this show you will find link to tickets it will take you to and there you can buy a ticket to see her online performance. This really helps artists are and we would appreciate it. I'm going to be there. It's a mere ten dollars to help her out or whatever tip you can afford, I believe is how it works. And she'll be doing it from her living room and telling behind the scene stories - even more behind the scenes than what we're hearing here. So until then, we hope you enjoy the show. If you aren't a fan of commercials also please go to to get all of these episodes commercial-free plus bonus features, shoutouts, outtakes, and all sorts of fun stuff. Speaking of which we would like to shout out our newest patrons, Alexander and Jodie. Thank you so much for your support. You are awesome and we love you from the bottom of our hearts. What part of the family do you want to be? Cousins? We could take another sister and other brother? Just let us know. We'll talk to you soon. Enjoy the show! thing was trying to talk to me through my other thing. What? Let's launch into it. We have so many questions were just so honored that you're here. Thank you very very much. You take it. Yeah. No I was just going to say we should do introductions too. So I'm Joelle, nicknamed Mouse. I'm the big sister. I'm down in San Diego. Hello! Nice to meet you. Hi, I'm Julianne who is the other half of the podcast. Weens. And I'm in LA so I'm close to you.

How do you know Steve? Steve is a wonderful person. I've known him from the neighborhood and he lives right down the street have been those place a couple of times if you go trees in, he's talked about you and we got a conversation about you one time. He's a lovely human being I just adore him. We go to the same Saturday group that talks about on the male if he's ever mentioned that I'll yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. He's. He's what he's on the Internet constantly between the chorus and all the things that he does it's like huge and yet so I've been doing his laundry and You probably hurt so because he didn't know one, how is there no washer and dryer in that facie fight? I don't know why. But there's no washer dryer in building and he was going to the laundromat can't really do that now. So Yeah. Yeah. That's you're such abuse. Bless you. Your beautiful person for doing that the wide known him since eighteen eighty six. Wow, amazing. Sick better, much better sick way sick way better sick then better. I mean he's almost died three times the time I've known him and I came in late to the party. He'd like already died a few times. Talks about that, he really really is an in the moment kind of guy you know which is cool. Yeah when we're going to podcast for him as well, he's so fascinating on caught. Like the best interview ever? Yes. So all. Those take it because I know you wanted to Joel, is such a fan of yours. Thanks for being mind. Yes, so if you guys don't already know I'm sure we're going to it'll preamble but we have with us today alison are in grim she played Nellie Olson, America's original bad girl original mean girl and she's here with us today. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Yes, and we are on Youtube too. So if you're hearing this as a caucus, be sure to click over to youtube and you can watch us in our lovely faces as we swirl around here. But Allison, we we did such a deep dive on everything that you've been but we want to hear from you. It's it's there's so much.

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You are busy and you've been busy since the very beginning tell us about your your back. Let me give you a little intricate first of all. We found out that you are a New York Times bestselling author. You have a book out called confessions of a prairie bitch how I survived Nellie Olsen and learn to love being hated did I get it right was she did? And we can get it on all the places we get our books but where's your favorite vendor to find that book? Where do you like? Wow Wow, 'cause I, of course, narrow people getting things on Amazon or the the Barnes and noble site, and then there's the Audio Book of course kindle get too hot but there is a bookstore. Now remember the name as a huge bookstore Portland. Although I know what you're talking about everybody knows that bookstore. Any I did a book signing there and what am I apparently, very popular in Portland. So your book was great. I listened to it I did an audible version of it, which is great I think it's also on you can go to. Walnut. Grove DOT ORG in. A signed copy. So tell us about long at grove what is on the Grove Growth and? Also Mansfield Missouri into Smet South Dakota and and all of these historical sites were lower relived have museums and they have events, and they would while every year that we have these gigantic festivals where them have pageant, of course, this year they're like. What they're all doing it online fact next week there's a whole Walnut Grove Online version of the pageant where they're interviewing celebrities historians. Mike, Ernest twenty four I will be on the online wallet growth using now. So. We're keeping all but they also may book on. But if you also go to square lovely thing you put on your phone to credit cards autographed. I have an online square store. It says gravel productions or not your mother's mercantile and tell me the picture nearly all. The SCHERZER and I've got book I have. Bonnets. I have I have seen. Co Cute we bonnets we have tim ups we have. Everything thought it's just like stuff stafford assistance Minnesota lovely lovely things, and if you ordered there absolutely, I will autograph it and. Stack actually a right over there of. Stack of Bonnets and cups and books to be autographed at mailed later today. That's so great. That you D that and I love it. You embrace this up it. Let's go back to your history. So you listening to your book which I totally recommend if you can gather. So you start in the in the olden days of Hollywood of you and your childhood Hollywood tell us a little bit about what was it like growing up in Hollywood and with the sixty eight liberace in Liberace Chatroom Armand It's so crazy. It's okay when you know I, think if you know to me having grown sixties and seventies were like modernized but now, I, feel like I'm Mary Pickford talking about you know in nineteen? Ten. So you. Kinda but yet my family came up from New York in into absolutely the heart of swinging sixties California, we live to the Chateau Mont.. From New York and your actress, you go to the shadow mom I, were destroyed at the height of total insanity when they had the demonstrations on the sunset strip because they were rioting over Pandora's box being closed and everything, and there was if look over a bus. downstairs. I was like five and I like my parents try I said what's a riot and they were trying to explain rioting and I thought it was like a sporting event. I had no idea they were talking about and I wasn't allowed on the balcony that Dick Smith parents and the neighbors were all on the balcony drinking wine and laugh and like watching the police in the thing and the people who street and they were like going the peasants are vaulting and screaming. Let them eat cake. It's nice to be basically the Queen Thinking Oh this is really weird. We're a French gasol and people are revolting in having an uprising industry front of this is kind of nuts. So it was like that crazy and we knew everybody and then my father became a manager and started working for we work for a company Seymour Heller associates and they had Debbie Reynolds and they had liberace did hit everybody and this was at the height of that stuff the late sixties early seventies like height of liberace madness when he was doing vegas. But. You know we had the rhinestone red white and blue shorts in the baton he had the jacket that lit up and he flew over the stage and saying I mean, but as a kid, you just loved him so much all different age ranges. Got Him. Yes. Everyone loved him and that's it works. It was the nuttiest act and it worked and that's LIBERACE's demanded game. gave us the famous phrase I.

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Cried I cried all the way to the bank. said that because some of you were saying this show is ridiculous and yes, you can play the piano but he's just like it's absurd. He's pandering to the lowest common denominator with the choices of saw what is he wearing in? Really seriously this guys will. It went this is this is trashy. It's terrible but every show was sold out. He's at one point. He was the highest paid entertainer in the world he sees the gay Elvis and he. And he said I read the review it I cried all the way to the bag. Because Yemen and he was very nice to work with my dad because he worked for seeing. Why did you see that behind the Gabar could get so good Dan ackroyd played Seymour Heller. That was my dad's US oh. My God when Dan Accurate end the glasses and the state like Dan ackroyd. There was a little subtle thing in the thing was Debbie Reynolds was the deputy to the head Debbie Reynolds in it playing liberace's mother but Debbie Reynolds was a client of scene where she knew liberace it his mother. That's funny. It'd be like playing your friend from schools mom who you saw every day set like right near. So she obviously told him because Dan ackroyd walks in and sits down when he stepped anywhere. I scream. Because it was Seymour. I'm like Oh no, he made the Harare. The Horon. That's my dad. Tom. Work was Seymour every day. So he said go rent a house in the Hollywood hills so you can be next liberace needs anything and you'll cover the La shows no cover the vegas with so eight years old. Let's go. Get dressed. Oh my God and I look eight and it was and that was, and seriously I said the book really did their lection dense anything. No one must know the liberace's gay. Oh, I had no idea I, can you believe it? That's why should I ate I know he's Gay but. The fans they love. Women, they were loving but they knew they knew some Kooky level. Because they were they were like, Oh, you so to he's that where you think new, it's like if you said, is liberace GONNA come off that stage Mareo they would have gone. Oh come on, they didn't know. But if you said is, is he a Hemas Sexual? They would have said, how dare you say such a thing like ended him to the death and they're so very bizarre world and They loved him and that was it until and everybody they stated that they could not get enough liberace and haven't seen him live in having met him in senior debt. It was brilliant. Was Julius. Is Genius you the show and some people that are just naturally born show people? Yeah. You're one of them because you started at what? Seriously what aid you were five, yet my screen actor's guild card says members since nineteen, sixty seven. Five Yeah. Did your parents totally supported I? Mean they were both in the business where they happier did they go ooh, we've seen too much and they were like. Kissing like really well are here we go. Okay. And they did, and then of course, it was like, yes, everybody gets a job gay and I thought everybody was on TV when us a little girl I didn't know everything you was on. Dis. Television. You're hanging out with liberace yes at that point. Chateau Monson, so you comfortable onscreen yet yeah. I was. A working full and that's actually the funny thing is because people talk about having a comeback but actually little house was the comeback I would have that extra for guys. Oh career and then I did movie when I was ten that was the thing. Richard, Egan, Dina Merrill, and I got a pet possum in my hotel room on A. Bizarre thing. And then I come back and I'm on dishing for staff and my folks like look at a movie. Get some good. But I wasn't I wasn't getting anything an old eleven it's getting old and. Your own. My father said, you know you're not really you're not really booking had the picture you're not really booking and it might be over. Now you might be one of those people work again till they're eighteen till noon adult or you might never work again. or You could get something but you know we have to brace yourself that may have been the whole run and you just one of those child actors and you don't work as a teenager work later or that might be, and so I was washed up at eleven. And then I got little house on the prairie. Twelve. That was the comeback role I already attic career and it was over and then I got little. So I'm on my fifty seventh comeback. So I'm busy. I know this is your friend Steve. Bagley. Better than ever. So what was that like the interview? There's such a cool story behind that when you went and auditioned for little house.

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I I'd I've been going to like millions when you're a kid actor. And this is something always explained people were like really young Wanna go in the business the parents would put their kids in. You know it's like you might audition hundred times and then get something liberally that many times did you go to the millions of auditions and then you might wind up actually getting some become huge star people go to a lot of auditions. So I went to an audition and it was a ago see I got all dressed up and it was a dead friendly talking about making the show from the books we're making show from these folks. I haven't read the Little House books. So I felt sure I did not get that and but then I came back and I read again for this letting us Laura because everybody Laura and then I came back and read again, which was like Mary and I'm re coming back in reading could get Michalik show making this thing and then it stopped I didn't get a then they need the pilot. There was the pilot with Mike Land and the girls Sosa Great. Then, I get a call to company for a little house on the prairie and I'm like we did they. Already what are own on of the things been sold now, this whole cast of characters apparently down who I'm read the books. clueless we go there. It's my father and I. and. I get the sides, the pages I start reading them in that trump turn to my father and I said, this is not a normal part. This girl is a total bitch. At? This time. And I start reading it and it's all day like. I don't think country girls have a penny. What do you think and of course, it's also the famous. My home is the best all of one, a group we realized and all the windows looked. Like this Oh, my God this where we. TV Out. Twelve and and that's the thing to do. You don't normally and I talked about in the book most child actor parts. Yes another. Yes. Molly live and here's a struggled. Whatever, and she's like AIDS everyone. What is happening? So this is not normal and I read it to my father, he starts laughing and he says. You read it like that and I said when he gets, no Joe, don't read it again. The pages down. Don't even look at them. Why would they just do not even look at them again you go in and you read it exactly like that. Just cult read it like that don't change it. Don't do it. Don't even breathe. Awesome go in. There's Michael Land and McRae then and from the producer all jammed on this couch, and I'm sitting in front of nine like I'm really tiny for. An. Jeans t-shirt but I sit there and I read this and they start howling would like dying and I'm reading the Maya homes best film in all of Walnut Grove and the thing that got him was we have three sets of dishes. One for every day one for Sunday and one for when someone very important comes to visit which we've never even used yet. Get, the joke that this idiot is bragging about her damn dishes but nobody's coming to you. Minnesota that you don't know anyone important the queen is not coming. I thought. Oh. That's hysterical that she says the so I played it. I knew what was happening in the State may be twelve did not show they're screaming murder and they say, could you do it again please yes. What would you like me to change and they literally cheers rolling down as as Michael? They, loved it the comedy. Well, I can. You can just see you coming out too. So they loved it. That's awesome I. Did again, they screen to get literally we drove home and it was like half an hour from paramount that and my age was already the phone saying you have the job in the wardrobe fitting is yet diseases done they just I had the speed with which they had to call. My agent made a deal anime agent called us like. I had to like the door is closing they were like dialing. Did you know that you nailed it to did you have that feeling? I wasn't doesn't seem three grown men who were total strangers laughed so hard that tears ran down there face. Down I was like a gay, I hit some kind of a nerve apparently. I. Don't know what that was but. We're sponsored by the homeschool buyers coop keeping my kids busy and on-track with school has been overwhelming. There are million choices online. That's why I'm so excited to find the homeschool buyers coop. They've done the work for me researching enlisting the best curriculum organized by grade level, and because of their large buying power I get up to ninety percent off retail prices they even have classifieds for us materials. So visit homeschool buyers coop, Dot Org and used referral code Weans to sign up for free and get five thousand smart points towards your purchase. That's homeschool buyers code dash up dot Org Referral Code Weans have fun. That's so fun. So did you love playing the villain once you got on the set and you're shooting little house for you enjoying being that role in Yair did you pull from? Did you have any idols or how did you? Well, I loved villains I'd watched horror movies growing up and absolutely you know the bad seed back.

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Then you couldn't devaux staffer CEO it's on Netflix to get the TV guide can be onto a on Saturday. And my friend Christine on it was also blonde blue eyed look like the and she would come over. Petty. Down this week and she would come over. We'd have a slumber party make popular, but we would dress up in party dresses and TAP shoes radar hair. It was like rocky horror picture show for nine goals. And we would sit get really into watching the bats eating while you. Look back at. Excelsior, go sleep on your old excelsior and yet greedy much to into this movie and so I absolutely I had the bad teams like memorized. So I did have things like that. I always like I like villains I love Halloween. So it's like, Oh, I'm scary villain Yay and people do dress up for Halloween, which is like the greatest thing for me that my life that I know that the subs me. Is. I. Mean this is forty years later. Lor. Four hundred forty. Okay this. We have the forty fifth anniversary last year I did a bunch of parties. Events is bloody forty six and steal my mom's. Hundred. Believe I. Nine million years. Old is forty pretty good looking. Yeah, I, think. I had myself emanating in the eighties. I facebook every day reading the books because in March when my entire life and career was cancels like no, you're not doing that. At these kids they have. Crap I'm 'cause it's like only all involved contact with large. Oh No, we can't do that. So I said well, go do and my husband has like real job and it got declared essentials he's like Rockstar urban I am going to work your we're okay Working since it was twelve in Fremont. So I started just for something to do I'm going to go read the little house, the Berry books but in order I never read them look in order watching how lower developed. I'M GONNA. Go read a little house books in order for kiss and then I thought well, everyone else is bored silly. Why don't I read them on facebook live and? So. Every day we get. One thirty unless I have to do something that I say guys like and put on A. Bonnet. Many colors. Cute on it right now for those Kency now I've been doing now this the book we're doing right now he's on my kindle. I did have the whole set but we're now currently we've been doing the first four years, which is a last that we did. We got through the years and we've let let to Charlotte Stewart. Played Miss Beatles. She read one Day Lady Grace Written one day, and of course, L. Man's air. Butler he read all the flick farmer where we let them have farmer boy anyway I wanna read the long winter because Winter Ammann's as everyone going to get the weed. So I said. So he read a whole chunk of that, and then of course, we got into happy golden years where Lorna months of get married and like yet you're doing the ending you're doing like the stuff of the to like I'm in. So he came on and have you seen Dean Butler he's very good-looking still. Thanks. Very handsome, any has this very soft voice and he outright upon that Mike and when it's like Lauren, o. in the BUGGY and he's practically took. An engagement ring. Well, people were just like. All over America watching your face. So yeah, went wild. So I was like a good. You're on tomorrow. So he read some and now I'm reading the first four was a lot of people don't like the first four years who was a founding group that she wasn't going to publish. It has weird flashback stubborn chapters. It's odd. But I've been reading going hey, this is way more interesting than I thought it would be. So we're making it work. A lot of people said, oh I heard this book was boring but now it isn't as like it's Alison a bonnet reading it. Yeah. It's. It's the best to, and then Dean Butler does like music to have his cleaning, which is great. Be produced a whole thing a whole special apostol we got all. These country performers. So he's got the eateries partners like I have DVD's that you could So yes, he's played his music with a very, very smart So yeah, I've been selling bonnet photos and books online at the store I doing thing the cameo thing coached the world thing I on stage it stage DOT COM, which has people do their shows of a over that part of living room or have a fake recall. It's actually made fabric that she can't. It's looking while. I do my shopping standard, but have to half our version from. Doing that August six. So I'm working like at I'm like in front of the camera going high what am? This, like all day.

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It's amazing. I know we were lucky to book you because I looked at your facebook page. I'm like Oh there's no way she's going to be able to do this and then going on you bonnet heads dot com as your website. There are about three million links of all your projects that you've done gassed present future I mean it's amazing. The NELLIE. We'll put you on the newsletter, the Nellie newsletter. Once a month my friends call me and go I just read your newsletter to schedule and I had to go lie down. It's wild I know you have turned this quarantine into like your best hustle ever. So liberace be proud I was sent me very busy before had I just got back from France just autograph show with like Autograph Show on Earth in Arkansas and I had all this stuff lined up for March April may that summer them your the little house sites I had a tour in France for September October plus a Gig in Dublin Ireland I mean I was booked for the year and it was like Yuna and. Disconcerting and I was, and so I started reading a now I am I am doing stuff every day. I'm just a working fool and I have these the cooking videos haven't even started yet because. I was GonNa ask you about that. So how how pioneer you going now that you're stuck at home? Are you getting into the books is causing you to want to cook more? Are you are you embracing this whole thing? Well, we already a cook and full I'm a very good and that at one point we were sitting around Bob and I reading dinner and you know you can get to get takeout here and there we want sports over local restaurants but we're hearing about all the people who can't go out and like have food like. They can't cook they're like snuck Aren't you? Glad you're sticking the house was someone can cook Break. On this the tomatoes I just picked some I, am growing tomatoes thought Melissa Gilbert has chickens on were Rio Seriously Melissa Gilbert her husband Timothy Buzzfeed ran up to the little cabin at skills very cute and they kind of said maybe we should just stay here awhile 'cause they were in Manhattan let's not go back. So she started planning a little garden. No she has crops. She has crops, and then she got check a baby chickens, which is an house he's and I started teasing Are you getting a cow seriously? You said No. No no I said we'll get a goat threes. Growing chickens I said, you're not going back because well, I, don't really know when I'm going back and then what happened you saw the stuff with the footage, the people on fire island with no social distancing maverick guy very i. texted her to what's happening fire island by the cow don't go. David. I. Am She's doing interviews from the farm. She's doing like video and podcast out from the far with agenda smarts numbers I told Bobby. Said, not I'm not. I'm not really farm not going to do chickens and crops will have tomatoes. I'm more. kind of urban survivalist. If things go bad I'm the girl with the backpack of Smash Open the Vending Machine Smart House. If it's all the apocalypse I'm like that person. So Willie Yeah. We need one in every group. This is good. No I. Love All this I was watching some stuff in. Yeah. She's got her chickens infirm and you're doing. So do you think people are getting back into this? I've heard there's like a resurgence of little house in. Does it seem like she just? Figured out, we had an episode called quarantine and we had an episode called playing. We have an practically the anthrax on the very I think titus and anthrax were too big diseases. But we had people look like there's an episode because the running everyone's home and there were already used literally never been off the air as has been syndication hundred and forty countries. But now, all these people are going, there's an episode. Like a what is happening and they got really into, and then some very young people on twitter finally saw the wisdom of Solomon episode with the very first time. That's the bridges, the children of freed slaves who as he says to Paul ingles. So would you rather live? To be one hundred as a black man or lift fifteen be white. And Paul Cancer. And says. You got a point and it is a heavy heavy episode about racism and the horrible circumstances at dawn for just Derek as wisdom's all on and this was in the nineteen seventies. This was on and it Su- surprising. So all these people have never seen before going I am watching this. This is like this black lives matter episode of little outside the what is what is going on and whole new group of people have discovered us that our show is actually very forward and really talking about all sorts of serious things it realize, right? Was that Michael Landon who was really that was important to him was. In enemy were seventy remember this was the time of all in the family and the Jeffersons and all of these new shows exploring all this.

00:30:03 - 00:35:01

So little house where like well, you know it we're no slackers and yeah, and it was like because it's set in the eighteen hundreds and it's about you know lowered or Pau we can talk about issues on this show that if it was set in modern day would be oh Controversy or I'm not going to watch that rough but oh, wait if house the renate and maybe they're not talking about me is it's not hundreds of the talking about slaves and let we'll look drug addiction with the man comes back to the civil war and he was injured needs to take the Damore phen- and he is shocking. It's like Oh wait it's early seventy two people coming back from Vietnam addicted to heroin Oh hey. What right. So word that is so smart. Yeah, and anti-semitism were there any episodes about? Any LGBTQ things. You're huge in that community. Oh. Yes, and L. we certainly have a lot of a gay and lesbian people on the show but people were as out in the seventies of Steve Tracy who played percival my husband the show was gay and he wound up dying of AIDS in one, thousand, nine, hundred, six however met St. Peter's because I went to volunteer AIDS project. But. He was. He went very public with his diagnosis was right after the show at everyone affect by him. So that was a thing. Ida on the show I always say you know when Lorna Monceau have that boarding house in the last two seasons and that Mr Montague. Guy Moves in. They don't see anything, but he's got a cold like Dr Bombay from bewitched thing kind of going on. and. I saw on land by the way yeah right. Totally, I think Mr Montague is kind of the not said as such kind of like the GEIC. This is good. So Obviously we talk about these things like. Mike. Lamb son Christopher Landon is out and is a filmmaker Chris landed is a direct horror films right you. Eat, and he and his husband or have an instagram account and stuff like that and so he's talked about that. You know he and Michael is dad didn't get to talk about it because he was very young but. Cindy. Michael. Widow. Head told him that. She and Michael had talked as he was growing up and said, well, you know I think I think Chris might be gay. Well, what do we do and Mike was like will are we not supposed to say anything? We don't upset Him we're supposed to not say anything right unless he tells us how do we do this? But. How do we let them know it's okay. And so Michael. Michael Listen He's It off. Yeah. Always knew and so yeah and he knew he knew on the crew in who in the cast was gay. and. So. Yeah, and so we were hit we were hip place to work. But yeah. Now I think a little houses made now absolutely there would be some episode where I dunno two Spinster Sisters move into the House and. Yes. There you back. There'd be something because. We're only because we only went nine years right? Sure we worked in. It ended and the. So yeah. So now when you go back and look at, you watch your old episodes, you watch yourself I. Little House on the prairie and heard. This Olson in our it's sterile of I would probably if I was never on the show, I would probably tune occasionally go. I gotta go see this Nelson Thing Into that but yes yes I do I have I have episodes I really like I. Don't like Old John at three but like if I'm flipping channels and I go. Oh And Baba go have machine is what is he hasn't seen. Okay I swear not. Thumb when we married, we've been married like a couple of months some little house event where it's like you've seen to epithets happening. So we had to watch some episodes. Now he seemed like he's watched verizon's has favorite episodes and stuff grade is that he loves you for who you are and. I talked about that the book that for a long time, I really couldn't date anyone who like actually, Cemil House the bury it. The, bird of Nellie. On it's Weird can I ask you because I heard a story about you in public that people would actually throw you throw things at you push you like they couldn't divided from the character yeah. The list let's with the Easter. Fair at its now and Westlake school but west the Girls Make Fundraiser Easter Fair Jerry. Taft McGregor and I went and made the horrible mistake of going in cost you my father said it's a bad idea but then somebody school knew someone at NBC. So we all went off at Bodas Nellie in her mom they they would not get an autograph people hated their checks Catherine made little girl cry that she's Awesome. And if people brought their kid over the Nets Tau, start screaming and crying.

00:35:03 - 00:40:07

And she frightening children and no one will talk to us. So I went into a hot dog on a slurpee and then these girls running from behind me kicked me in the button. Knocked me on. Who My. Well Being another hot dog. Going home and I told you go and costume. And then I was in Hollywood Christmas the Santa Claus Lane Christmas in Hollywood and it was the height of the shows like sixteen and someone through eight. McDonald's Cup a born show that at my face moving target the God knows very impressive Oh my God, she was The weatherman was nick cage the weather Maurienne he gets hit. You. Like. Cassidy it. You can't separate that always now did that bother you know both like I'm sort of in shock but I was like I must be doing something right and well like I talked about the the the Jake, the drink in the face 'cause. Okay good. It's not a beer bottle as trying to get but it's someone who's watching the parade had to drink unseen instantly is so angry that the Acting. So again. What kind of performance that I have done And I still weirded out and it's been it's been hard on my husband and it's been hard on anyone that's been my friend boyfriend or anything because they need people and they. Wait, you know? I mean is everyone had an Elliott Wilson in their everyone knew what everyone knew what and that was the thing is, yeah. You all. There was a girl in elementary school a couple of two girls school and then own this one girl I mean she wound up following his all through junior high and high school and inch determine went crazy. Would call them. Nellie. And Yeah and I worked at it I was like, well, you know that was kind of like the time and I did and I remember this one girl is particularly annoying. I were sitting around and by then it was high school. He didn't annoying us since really like the fifth grade and. I said if it's any consolation to anyone based parts of normally on her. Like. Thank you. We feel avenged in some way nothing I absolutely, there were no, I was more the person who got beat up in school and Manila I was likely to get my head stuck in toilet or something. So I'm I totally US I knew that was like in based on. You put on the character and then turn it off very when you went back home to Oh, yeah. Well, even on the set of so weird because she generally kind good naturedly. So it's sort of weird that I would turn into a person who's like. I, think you're author has any money and he smells like a horse just like what? He kertzman was to Katie Kertzman played little Anna, the stuttering girl on little house in the. She later resort hotel like all these shows is big star Katie and I were talking about this because she played stuttering girl and that's like the episode were like even I hate me 'cause. Oh. My God. Honorable that. And doing the same she's crying and. Benthic Saint Peter? Piper. Picked Pekka. pickled peppers he's. Viper but I can't hear you. I, really sick and when we're shooting this and she's sobbing and I'm so horrible and they would say cut. And I go great afterward you want to get like slurpee at seven and eleven and the fact what we were talking about, and then it's like Oh, actually and Okay Anna can't. And we were talking about this recently and Katie said, you know I was very trained little child actress I would really get worked up into the thing of the stuttering in the crying and she said you. I don't know what that was what was that demonic possession through a switch and you turn to the person and then like say cut new go so anyway She. said, it was freaky. I'm like I don't know I don't know that a gift in didn't trickle into your life. I mean, that's good. Acting I must say. And now I'm sure everybody ask you these questions. Do you want a few questions from our listeners because they did write a Aguila? Yes commodity. Okay. Okay. So we kind of covered this corey wanted to know did you like playing the villain sounds like you did was hard being mean all the time you can turn it off and on we got that Oh Harry. Also, what's your Mama was she like mean that actress Katherine, Mcgregor? Cath. Regular. Not mean she was extraordinarily eccentric. She was Kinda Bananas All that woman so she was very independent. I mean we used to say, yes, you say she married well, no, she was married four times. Mr Vibert. was rather she was very opinionated like Mrs also kind which was repeated. US The kind of person. Like a where my glasses, my glasses. Their. Education W my glasses. On she had Fiat and she would drive like as miles an hour to work as we had back on the freeway to win up to a location was he was like six lanes to so you could really go nuts and she would get pulled over but you'd argue the ticket with the police like.

00:40:09 - 00:45:02

So she was kind of argumentative, but she's very funny. But talk about shirt off the back she was she took us kids to the movies all the time but couldn't have any concessions he brought health and Candy we could have candy. Every. Like. She took in straight people and animals. As we said, she took a lot of stray animals, birds and things, and when she was living at a Condo fatness founders recently like she. 'cause I always wanted to come down to AIDS project Los, Angeles Summer Parties. If you came out on stage because the comedy stage there, they would tear the place up she send my love similar meanwhile outer building. So this guy down the hall she figures out is not doing so well and she realizes if he is. and. He has aged and he's not really getting a lot of visitors and. On this guy's door says, hi, look I already know you're sick and clearly have no in taking care of you. I can cook I can clean it in this and I will come in clean your apartment and Cook your meals and drive you to the doctor. Or. You and then she did and she took care of him into aerobic everything and they became great friends to Daiki died and then a couple months later somebody else moved in and she took care of him it same fallen tiered for an organization just did it. And she like some I go over to be like somebody living at her condo my. air, and then like who've what's dog well, life him and then so yeah, she was absolutely straight people and animals and taking care of the sixers very involved in the Vidana the Osram in Hollywood. Her license plates on Shanty on. And she went to India on pilgrimages involved with The Whole Swami. Swami Chetan. Nanda who did the translations of the originals ECONOMICA WORKS Like that that that's how you pronounce that canceled a greater. I met Shit Nanda, and I have autographed copies of some checking on this book. She took me Devito. Wow. There you go. When you were young this was good. Schooling Fourteen fifteen and she he giving me cradle tales of Hinduism and stuff to read. Yeah we were watching the smurfs or something. Extraordinarily unusual and interesting person But no, she wasn't mean like I remember. She laughed so hard one for many bigoted episodes where she's being able to people and it was when was trying to keep Joe Kagan the black guy out of church and. Missiles going on about God and were made in God's image and she said, yes, in Gaza white man so. Is the Oh and she she almost couldn't do it because she was laughing so hard. And she said I'm sorry I mean a missiles in such a racist you said, but it's also cracking me up because in my religion gods black woman so. Yes yes. Dr If I recall. Yeah. Okay. Hi. So yeah. Thorough address. Okay mean this is kind of terrible but it's funny. So we when she passed away just a couple of years ago, which was nine hundred ninety and she'd finally moved into the almost you picture home suicide odd actors talking John I don't WanNa live in by then finally doctors Oh for heaven's sake. So, she moved into the actor town and it wound up being the same week that Richard Bull played nells. He moved to begin sales ritual he and his wife had reservation. They said Oh. Yeah. When we retire, we're totally moving in the spectrum and they have made range moments and so they move in and it all planned and then she last minute is like I. Guess I have to go and like boom though they have the same way you're handing guys. So mansion your in your eighties or nineties and perhaps medication and you going to the cafeteria and there's Built and Harriet in line bickering like it makes no sense. Demands. Castaway a couple years ago and I felt so many fans of course people loved her and so people were posting. Oh yes she's she's in heaven now and I was like I didn't have the heart to tell him. I said, well, actually, she's probably already back. Very firm believer in reincarnation. So. I said Evan She's been back for weeks got. She's now she's here. Now. Went to hell as. So that was for Dana. So there you go. Dana This one is from my son Elliot he wanted to know what your real friends thought of your did they treat you differently after you became Nellie was make keep friends we kind of talked about that. But I am so relieved that I kept my friends from school because I was going to school as I said, Eli's colleague I had a group of friends from. About the third grade went third fourth, fifth sixth, and then half went to junior high after.

00:45:02 - 00:47:04

But most of us, my little group went the same junior high and then most of that group went on to Hollywood high. So I had people in junior high when it got the show who stayed French united statement sometimes who announced the third red. Okay. So they really did not care that I was to TV Siri. Those Deli also. Did Not Care I was me and also la every money notes. Somebody's uncle was a newscasters. Somebody's dad was produced her the girl her mom was in the fifth dimension. Thanks to. Everybody knew somebody in the business so it was like am whatever they get impressed. So thank God because the biggest thing for a long child actors is isolation they leave school and they don't go back. They staged US going school instead they don't go back to the regular school, their friends and they hang out go into famous I can't see them anymore and the go crazy or they get on a show or the only on the show. Arab idea to not. To. Eat the. Kit We were a little house we had like thirty forty kids in the school room. So we had a whole collegiate kids there and cast of thousands of children and then went on hiatus I'd go back and I t my friends who liked could be less impressed that only also. Some normal life yeah. Okay. That concludes part one of our interview with Allison. Earn Grim Nellie Olson from little house on the prairie. Please go to our show notes below for tickets to her stand up show it's going to be Thursday August 6th, five o'clock pm. Pacific Time, and this helps the artist community immensely. We will put all of the links that we talked about in our. Show notes in the description below as well as on our website mouse in weans dot com backslash shouts please follow us on other social media also at spell it all out mouse and weans twitter instagram facebook, lots of other things and find us on patriots onto and skip those commercials are right tune back in two coming soon. Thanks.

Alison ArngrimProfile Photo

Alison Arngrim

New York Times Best Selling author of “Confessions of A Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated”, Alison Arngrim is best known to viewers world-wide for her portrayal of the incredibly nasty “Nellie Oleson” on the much loved, long running hit television series "Little House On The Prairie," and continues to amuse audiences through her many film, television, stage and multi-media appearances.

Her one woman show “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch”, which started at Club Fez in New York in 2002, has now become a world-wide phenomenon, having been performed to packed houses in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Green Bay, San Francisco, Seattle, and in France, where Alison performs entirely in French to standing room only crowds in her all French version titled: “Confessions d’une Garce de La Prairie” and “La Malle aux Tresors de Nellie Oleson.”

As a stand-up comedian, Alison has headlined at nightclubs such as the Laugh Factory, the Comedy Store and the Improv in Los Angeles; as well as the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York and assorted comedy venues all across the United States and Canada.

She is currently starring in two comedy series pilots: “Life Interrupted”, as the ex-wife of commercial child star Mason Reese, with Erin Murphy, (“Bewitched”) as her new wife and Dawn Wells, (“Gilligan’s Island), as her mother, as well as, “C.P.R. - Child Performers Resurrection Talent Agency”, as an ex-child star gone wrong, trying to save herself and her assorted misfit cohorts by opening a talent agency.

Alison has mocked her status as an “ex-child star” on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, during their month long parody, “Hollywood Survivor” and continues to be a frequent interview subject on everything from “A&E”, “E! Entertainment”, “TV Land” and “VH-1”, to CNN and the Travel Channel. The TV Land network honored her undying image as TV’s worst bitch, by declaring her the winner of their 2006 award for, “Character Most Desperately In Need Of A Time Out”.

She starred in the heartwarming, gay, Christmas cult classic, “Make the Yuletide Gay”, as the overbearing “Heather Mancuso”. Her other television and film appearances include, “Livin’ the Dream”, “Tinder & Grinder”, “The Bilderberg Club”, “For the Love of May” with Ru Paul and Patricia Neal, and “The Last Place On Earth” with Billy Dee Williams and Phyllis Diller. In 2007, she began her foray into French cinema with the role of “Edith” in the French detective comedy, Jean Pierre Mocky’s “Le Deal”.

Alison’s stage work includes, “The Vagina Monologs”, “Sirena: Queen of the Tango”, "Dear Brutus", "The Wool Gatherer", the French bedroom farce, "In One Bed And Out The Other", Michael Kearns’ “AIDS/US II”, “Rita” in the 2005 GLAAD Award nominated production of “Last Summer At Bluefish Cove”, ”, the somewhat off kilter “Reverend Pat Miass” in “Joni and Gina’s Wedding”, and the Ovation Award Nominated musical-drama, “Flirting with Morty”, as the abusive, trashy and tragic Ray Lee.

In her spare time, she takes tourists on the rollicking comedy outing, “Nasty Nellie’s Tour of Hollywood”, (featured at Dearly Departed Tours), where she simultaneously enlightens and amuses passengers with behind the scenes tales from both Hollywood history and her own life.

Never one to forget her “Prairie” roots, Alison enjoys making appearances several times a year at various “Little House on the Prairie” historical sites for educational events and gatherings of fans. She has been a frequent visitor to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in the real life Walnut Grove, Minnesota as well as Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Heritage Hills, Mumford’s Genesee Country Village, Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum in Mansfield, Missouri and many, many others.

Alison has a long history of activism. In 1986 when her friend and "Little House husband" co-star, Steve Tracy, passed away due to complications of HIV/AIDS, Alison immediately began volunteering at AIDS Project Los Angeles. Her duties ranged from working on the Southern California AIDS Hotline and the APLA food bank, (APLA's Necessities of Life Program,) to chairing the steering committee of the volunteer speakers bureau and developing “Safer Sex” workshops. She has provided AIDS education to doctors, nurses, prison inmates, service clubs, churches, department stores and schools, written AIDS education articles for the magazines "Frontiers" and "Designers West”, and spent seven years hosting the APLA educational cable television show, "AIDS Vision". In 1992, Joel Wachs presented Alison with a resolution by the Los Angeles City Council commending her on her work on behalf of people living with HIV and AIDS.

From 1989 through 1993 she served as Program Manager at Tuesday's Child, an organization assisting children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. From 1989 through 2003 she served as both hostess and producer for the comedy stage at the AIDS Project Los Angeles Annual Summer Party, (on the backlot of Universal Studios), where through an evening of raucous entertainment, featuring name comedians, she helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for people living with HIV.

She currently serves as California Chair, National Spokesperson and Founding Board Member on the National Advisory Board of The National Association to Protect Children, or, fighting to give children a legal and political voice in the war against child abuse. As an activist for the improvement of child protection laws, she has spoken before the California Senate and worked on legislative and political campaigns in several states, including Virginia and New York, in addition to PROTECT’s work on federal legislation in Washington, D.C.

She has appeared on numerous television news programs discussing the legal and political issues surrounding child sexual abuse and exploitation. She came forward to tell the world about the sexual abuse she suffered in her own life, during her 2004 interview on Larry King Live.

She continues to be interviewed on this and other topics on Nancy Grace, CNN’s Showbiz Tonight, The Insider, Court TV, and Bill O’Reilly’sThe Factor.

Alison currently lives somewhere in the wilds of Tujunga with her husband of over twenty years, musician Bob Schoonover, (from the rock and roll band “Catahoula”) and their evil cat, Clarice. She takes pride in the fact that so many people enjoyed hating her as a girl and is more than happy to give them the opportunity to do so in the future.