June 16, 2021

E115 - She Writes the Songs, Grape MTV, Mad About Pets

Feisty! What starts as a fun conversation about work and stay-at-home-mom life, turns a corner in this episode! First we play a guessing game while listening to one of Julianne's rad original songs "Cave Girl" This inspires personality test chat...

E115 – Feisty! What starts as a fun conversation about work and stay-at-home-mom life, turns a corner in this episode! First we play a guessing game while listening to one of Julianne’s rad original songs “Cave Girl” This inspires personality test chatter and we wonder: are you a storyteller or an archiver? Mouse gets called out on a personal chef on vacation and explains why she feels like an imposter during talk of thrift stores. We go deep on grape Flintstones, Red Vines, 80’s hair, and Guess the Year of these MTV videos. But when the topic of mean girl sisterhood comes up, things get bristly. Parents Just Don’t Understand! What’s up with pet fish, iguanas, sugar gliders, anoles, and buffed hamsters?! Julianne is an animal lover with a pet store background and makes her case about caged pets vs domesticated rescued animals. Joelle argues for animals in education and for personal connection. Who wins this debate? Then the real question… what’s a weenus?! And we wonder if Juls has macropsia, which we mistakenly call macronesia in the episode, feeling dizzy from disproportionate objects. We end on Mouse’s sweet middle son. Is the sassy teen overcompensating for the fact that he’s actually a tender-hearted guy?

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Hello. This is Dr. Stephen Hawking and you are listening to my favorite podcast Mouse and Weens.
Hello everybody! Oh my gosh. It's amazing. It's Mouse and Weens once again. Here we are. It's true. I'm mouse i'm joel. I'm the mom. Won the wi fi one the spoiled rotten one (Joelle!) up in san diego down in san diego. I said this today up and down. It's always confusing. We are spinning on a giant sphere. Outerspace we don't you. Who am I. I am Weens. Otherwise known as Julianne. Jules what other names we don't know I'm currently in los angeles california the Swinging state the hotspot of all movie and media and models. How how the scene are more people out are people Get back into movies and stuff our jobs calling you what's happening. Yes but I don't like to talk about it. Because I am focused on another thing and I've had to say no. I've been very mysterious. Line called me out. Matt from the old show is on He was like you did this last time. And you said you were busy and you're very mysterious. What's going on. And i just don't wanna talent. I don't wanna. I just wanna do my thing and then all jump back in if i have to make some money again. This is you. You've always been a rebellious girl. What you like this well. You don't like following the norm. You let creating your own path which is great. I mean not rebellious in a bad way but like You're not the traditional go to work. Check in at nine. Took out at five d ev- always had especially and then when authority gets involved. You're like is there a little bit of that. Are you a little bit like i feel. I can pretty normal these days better. Well what are your. I think you're trapped in the mindset of me being like fifteen and you haven't let ago. Do you think that you see just right before. We won t three start. You yelled at me and said don't tell me what to do. I was kidding. She goes mock-up press. One to three start and then we'll start recording. Don't tell me what do i was job. Okay don't you have a little bit of the man like their the man's keeping me down. Nothing is left of that. Well let me see. Okay if i answer. Honestly I'm gonna close my eyes and we're going to go inside for a minute. I do not lake. Yeah that's true. I like to create my own schedule. right i mean but how I don't have a completely independent job but i do have a. I don't have any job actually in the past tense. I did have a job where it was more freelance and it seemed to work better for my style of living. I had a hard time. You and i worked together in the cubicles experience. But i was graphic design by talk also like in back to that and said that it was one of your happier times in life because it was nice and scheduled and i do you like structures in a weird way so what. I'm liking though. I like doing school. Because there's a structure. But i'm also independently doing it. Yeah so. I don't have to show up anywhere drive and earth to make a fuss enough to put our makeup. Isn't that nice and his. It's something that is exciting. I think it's more about. Here's my thing. I took all these like weird tests. That we took for personality myers briggs. And are you an ifp. More of a judge person or a feeling person doesn't even know about this. I think that's the myers briggs myers briggs and then. There's any graham stuff and then hall. I mean it's all kind of done at all but my personality. I can't remember off the top of my head entirely except that i'm a person who's curious that was number one and i like to set my own schedules and i would be good working for myself and also need to jump out and get like hanging out with people but then linked to retreat for a couple of hours because it's too much whereas some people get their juice from going out. I get a little juice spitting to leave after a few hours. Yeah you just wouldn't little sips not whole glass. None of people that be grows soiling right now. 00:05:05 - 00:10:01 She does this in her. Jaw goes out from under the bottom so she looks like gomer pyle and she moves her job back and forth very phil hartmann face offensive. Soiling greens get right that was my. But toots too so. There's an extra she's got to. That's why we're not in video and she's so embarrassed a bit. I got my tooth and makeup and hair done but is away 'cause i have my boobs are hanging. We don't talk about boobs anymore. I'm hot is the thing. And i'm in a little taste there and you may okay. Here's where my sister forces me to get all like tucked in in a soundproof environment. Which this is so boring. Want you tell me about your personality. Just are you a person like structure. Do you like working. The nine to five does make you feel good. I do like that. Although i don't know i'd rather be a stay at home mom and take care of these. Are you like in this. I do like my life. I really do. I like being stay at home. Mom i want to be present. I don't wanna leave them to their own devices. Because i remember what. I did when left to my own device. But they're going to do it anyway. I keep telling you it's gonna happen. I guess doing it up in their room because your room is about Four thousand square feet away from you. Where their home away in their bedrooms doing but they're not throwing parties and jumping on the trampoline and drinking vodka and you know dot com. You were you. Were all right both of us. We were like little after school rebels. You know from three to five. We go nuts. If dad was northbound. And yeah i just think it's good to have appearing around especially when they're older it's important when they're younger too but yeah i don't know yeah so and luckily you know the way. The universe is worked out and dave's worked really hard. I i worked hard to. Yes very responsible amateur. We have a lifestyle that allows us to just have one income. Yeah you're about to get a private chef in quay. Wanna tell them about that. no. That's why i told you that before. I didn't wanna talk about. I think it's so you've got a friend hook you up with the place. I would take that. i wouldn't turn it down. I know it sounds so real housewives. You feel like a real housewife. No i feel like a fake. I'm a big imposter syndrome. League see we grew up at stores. My sister and we i remember it was so i still love thrift stores because it was so exciting because it was like that you know i had here. I'm going to parallel thrift stores to neil mackay. My dentist headed treasure box. When we get our teeth cleaned we go poke around his treasure box and pull out something. That sounded really weird. It wasn't that kinda. Dennis nothing happened. But alan risher. You might treasure box. Attached to my belt joe l. Well yeah that's called toward you know too. Well golly how does it weird all this anyway. But i'd love to store for that. Same reason he could pull pink torpedoes. Michelle never knew what you're going to get. I know i didn't like it because it smelled a dead skin cells every l. I still can't smells. I remember i would have. A friend sleepover nude sniff. The pillow and go do we minute. Currently you have adopted that. Finally you can tell anyone has sat on your couch or use your pillow or wash. I think you're all factories heightened when you're I don't know. I think you'd get a mature knows but you had one always you always been around a little. Big jimmy durante. Knows six year old back to their star. We grew up in the environment. That i think when you're used to Bearing pennies like squirrels. You know did we i bury. He's like a squirrel and the flintstones vitamins. I didn't wanna to take the pile so that was your other nickname squirrel. Yeah because i don't like grape either. Nobody likes grape. Why do they think this. I don't know someone like grape. And i didn't relate to them anymore you so grow baker. Yeah floride Cough syrup yes vitamins. Everything popsicles what about juice. 00:10:01 - 00:15:00 Grape juice scratchy done. Yeah i'll give it an exception for grape juice when it's not drink the drink. That's not cool it i didn't like cooling grape juice but actually welches like real grape juice. We didn't have it coolly grape juice. My sister we only had read everything. Read but member red vines. The ropy kind boy. Would we roller skate with those ropes. Red vines or twizzlers because this guy under no in our house minds of course all the way. My husband likes twizzlers. It's raised i like taco bell. People like del taco. I also can't date them. Yeah yeah there you go people you guys. Out there neuheisel talkers. Would you all right weans. Let's take a quick break in here from our sponsor we are sponsored by dream dinners. Oh my gosh guys. Everybody go to jim. Dinners dot com right now. I'm giving you the biggest life. Hack the game changer. That really made me feel good about family. 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I've to the remember names of anything. But i will try okay or guests. The next lyric was. But that'll be the contest. Okay i'm gonna pause not. Thanks very do this. That will be fun. Okay hang tight you ever heard of that song. Get into my car who me yes all. It's the worst or early ocean. Billy ocean it's not a good solid on and there's a video and someone was getting into his car and they were driving with the way it was too much. Why did we like a. We didn't is the answer. Did you know where were you at the time. I'm going to tell you where i was. How about that. I was at lunch. I would go to nikki. nicole simon's house. I believe in junior high and then we would go and watch. Mtv and we you. And i have mtv because we had two channels one was pbs. Wonder it's one was. Nbc read all the basics but dad where we tried to take secret peaks boobs wright. Our dad would was pretty sure that mtv madonna writhing around on the stage was going to turn us into who is in. Guess what happens folks we You get out somewhere else joel. This is what i'm telling you about the kids. I think well okay. i don't. i'm pretty good. I'm not as like. I talk more than i act. So they're they're fine. They're not but he no. Don't listen to me. i don't have kids. Okay now okay. are you ready. I'm going to play a song. 00:15:00 - 00:20:02 While i was in the middle of his show. Sorry yes right okay. Here were the hot takes on the Mtv video screen. This would be circa what i ninety and it was your freshman at that point. Fourteen that head. You know this good for you Graduated ninety madonna's like a prayer was on the mtv. Okay here's a question for the viewer listeners. What year was this. When mtv was in heavy rotation playing pour some sugar on me. Well sugar role may and just like a prayer madonna and she drives me crazy. The worst red red wine. I believe around that same time. The august was Shade drives that one. You be forty. Oh yeah no yes. Yes. let's talk about that this guy. Do you remember this because it was like the senior were videos. Can i guess. Yeah or are we leaving this open for later on social media guess no peak. I would say no. I'm not nineteen eighty six okay. We'll check it out later. And come back to by the way and i would have to run around that dirt member pine valley there was a dirt racetrack like right outside the fence inkers. Here's seven. it was called okay. A little heart on the other side. Yeah yeah and i Hated running. I thought it was so boring to run in a circle so i would just shuffle my feet. I was always laugh last. I was always laugh. Sounds a q. I was supposed to laugh. Gotcha again now. I would do what you gotta have. Faith shift shuffled my feet to the beat. Keep going around in do like three miles like that or not dummy street you turn around and shake your genes but at the same time like george rankle. Hearing in his left ear didn't even make much of us picked up on it. No we're all for george george gorge. We can't believe just said that. Oh no. I'm always surprised when i look up old videos. And things like that like this happened with our last episode when we are talking about dropped a bomb on me baby and i posted the video to social media because oh my god. The video was so bad. It's so bad. And i thought it was so cool. We all did it was ahead. it's so sleazy and some bad bad back then. It was all up later that i thought there were a lot of sunglasses. That came down on the nose and like guys looking at the roller skating by with the less knows like the hair such bad hair like joe shiny i remembered putting moose on my hair and i had the full with the curls in the back but the feathers and front and wanted the wet look and it had to be crunchy wet surf. You touched it. It wouldn't move. I did not like the era. I know you could crunch curl it was it was that was what i was going for is so bad i remember trying to fit in so bad and crimping my hair in it. I just remember almost being in tears. Because i couldn't make it look like the videos and stuff in i remember your now. I did your hair. I feathered your hair for school picture and it turned out perfectly. You had a great feather like two feathers. Both sides and i was so proud of myself that i made you look nice for. I think as sixth grade fifth grade sixth grade. Do you remember. That was probably the one where i hat at. The end of the day is stuck a hat. I no no. This was elementary. I think it was sixth grade. I think it's your last going to find it and post it. 'cause you're the cutest. Aw thanks joe. Because i didn't think you paid much attention to me did you. Well that was probably the last year you changed. And then you turned into entitled tour and i had to wait a second Not this again. No you got real. You grew boobs. And you've got mean. Well sorry i happened. Do you remember. We watch some videos member. You in diane kristy. Yes and all those chest chest. You used to do that but turned up to one hundred in front of my friends. It was so bad. Julian you have to remember. It was really entertaining. If i remember correctly. I remember singing all the lyrics. To the beastie boys songs was at the time is it would need to me. Yeah great we knew all the songs. Okay well let's wait. How does that one gall darn it. 00:20:02 - 00:25:10 The one little story parents just don't understand his story to tell no no no our payroll just understand would lunatic drive a porsche like this. Hello this is all you you spent so much time. Learning his every word every word. I was busy teaching. Jim french algebra. I think at that point. I don't know all right weans. We're ready to play your song. Speaking of all this wonderful music you'll get them in front porch. This as they say in writing sure. Okay i have mostly recorded my own songs except for a couple exceptions so it doesn't sound like radio quality. That's why i will cord myself. No which is fine. It's good my idea was always i would rate a song and then someone else could then either give me lots of money or they know they can get themselves right. What's happened with a couple. Bans did take my songs and play him. See that's good. I know i know the one. There's one half that's fishbone angelo. Took the line to the palmetto bugs dump song. You did his his band nice in recently. Okay all right. I'm going to say a little bit. and then i'll put it in post sounds better but here you go and i want you weans to tommy. What song this is title. What the next lyric is. And then once. I tell you we'll talk about the past ready. I wanted ks girl a cave girl at cave girl. I want to be a girl. Where good did you hear it. It's hard to hear. Oh i okay. I want to be a cave girly girl. I i wanna be a cape girl where everything's great right. Let's see good. Don't worry if a car pulls up with windows tinted in two million bc cars hadn't been invented. Okay let's see. Let's see the case girl a cave girl girl. I want to be a cave girl where everything's great. Don't cut your hair. Don't even need to shave. Nobody will care in a case girl a word. everything's great. Don't worry when a carpool with windows. Tinted million inventions tastes great. Worried about your friend and when they will be back only and bring you back. I don't need to make decisions like sauce. Too hot or mild y allah and a coordinate. You gain the world whole thing. Oh i'm turning red. It's so interesting it feels like a kind of vulnerable. Oh chris martin and interviews. He doesn't make listening to his own songs. But yeah it's weird. Because he do these even a meaningful deep song this. I wrote for the super show when they needed a scene for the people. Dancing in the Oh god i forget what. It's called the species. Battled tram winnebago that was a battle thing Yeah acrobats is a Kids show but it's also with the pump band that plays on. 00:25:10 - 00:30:00 What channel are now trying to be. I think anyway yeah. it's great. They also the creator of that show did yoga gabba. Which is maybe people know more. But it's a great show by the way people should watch it. I wrote this and everybody had a opportunity. They were very cool about like anyone. Throw your hat in the ring for any like writing or music or whatever and i wrote this in the night senate into the dropbox in wrote an email like hey guys. There's i wrote a song and and looks at it later. Nobody has even opened it. I think it was so busy that that would happen a lot. It was just everyone all over the place because it was very little money and you had a million things to accomplish. And i just remember being like nobody even heard it. We'll we'll play it here. Knitting salable for Purchase if anyone would like her to look up weans jay gould at gmail.com can give out your email that bad no masson weans at mail dot com reach out to us and we'll hook you up if you are interested in this song. Oh my goodness it's so cute. How did you what saw the musician. Stefan is that all samples and man. I did a keyboards horns. And they're all male voices so he did a low won't do you have to do in high in multiple vocals and so it's all keyboards. I probably did. Like a shaker. Something I don't really know how to do drums very well on the keyboard. Some people are good at that. The era awesome editor. And you can find sounds and make them workout. Yeah thank you joe amazing. It sounds so good too. I love it so thank you. How why do you like. What is it about music that makes you re going into full. Well no but like you said out of all the parts of the podcasts. That i like i like doing the music best. Yeah that before they always what is it. That makes you okay. I think part of what i like. I kind of deduced everything down. Because i had a very We'll see schwartz board style of living and life. It's so i said. What do i love to do and it's to take. We don't have to make this complicated. I liked to make songs. Because it's fun. And it's coming up with the idea out of nowhere and your brain and bringing it to life. Yeah so it's like storytelling. That's what i kind of figured out it like to do like we did. The garden girl plays idea in your head that you bring to the stage which is amazing so it was very like story and song. Yeah i just said that was always pumpkin. Around of this'll be really fun. And i like that whole world of bringing something that leif through stories in one number medium whether it's music or film place writing you're good at it too. Do you like the idea. The finite quality of it that it's one and done and move onto the next thing. Yeah i i was. That's where i was leading you go. I know that about you. You're like you can't not necessarily stick with one thing for too long but you get bored. Can't be the same thing over and over and so with music you can always do. That is correct this kind of song. That could've sucked. I love it. Yeah i remember doing singing for it was like i. I love the face. Your fears thing so we had a chance to sing with the band at the marina. Delray boat show and there were like ten thousand people on the shore. And you just go buy into your thing. So it's like low pressure but kinda still no. it was a little hyper. I had never done anything like that. But i remember thinking if ever turned into a thing because we're doing a lot of cover songs item. That would be awful. I would not like this at all. Because then you're stuck playing your same songs over and over right and if they're yours it might be different but if there's someone else i just knew for myself that's not me. Yeah there's no And that's the same with doing the job in the film where i feel kinda like know enough that it's no longer stimulus one in someone else's creation. I mean you're a part of it. You're cog in the wheel. It's not your baby. It's a job and it's so anyway. The storytelling thing. It's icons christian. I love all the What do you think joe are you. Do you relate to this at all. Are you getting uncomfortable. Because you're hot late on me right now. i know. i think it's great though. You are the musician in the family and i. 00:30:00 - 00:35:02 i think it's wonderful. We are mom is you are in dad was we. I'm a fan. I'm not a crater. Necessarily but i just want to say let's fluff each other up art. Let's keep moving. Yeah anyway great. Okay so cave girl. I lo- associate. What was the dancing. What did they end up using an acrobat. St remember something about go fishing and it was seen whether they wanted a dorky song for a dance party. That happened really fast. And one of the us. And i think it was the same episode. Kelsey was in. Oh no and i forget. There's a scene. She was screaming by bonfire. I remember right so yes. What was the one with the mummies. I think it was called mummy something and anyway the audits is a really good show guys. It's like a kitschy nineteen sixties. Bet me in meets. It's live action. Yeah yeah powell way ham. It's kid superfund. All right next. Weans i have on the docket that Oh yeah. I wanted to give a shout out to the feedback. We received on our last episode about Raising my sassy teen boy who i still am about to sign up for debate camp you know and It's been nice. There's been a lot of moms that reached out and they're like oh my gosh we're going through the same thing. Thank you for talking about it. And that's a great idea that it Are we have a listener. Who said you are so helpful to us as teen boys that haven't experienced this behavior with them yet. Until now thank you so. Thank you guys for listening and for providing feedback. We always loved that. So that's awesome thanks guys. It's nice to know that Might be helping someone even though silly and talk about things and goof around ping pong around but we do try to put things out there. That could help a little bit. sorry cool. I love when people write in. And it's nice to hear feedback and you know Yeah all right so the other thing. I was thinking about when i read this. All up was Well first of all. I have some bad news weans. Don't i can't hear. don't do that. Justin the fish died. Joe l. i'm so sorry to tell you weans. You're such an animal lover. And i know happen. You cared about him enough not right. He just died of old age. He had a old manny. more fish. Please beta fish beard. We had him for like two three years. We had them for. So that's enough in the fish department last time you guys killed your goldfish to. It died a naturally. It was so big it was his ears. I know guys never like win in the tank. Nothing okay not to make. Please don't buy anymore. I'm just saying you have to watch. The documentary called c. Spiracy also everybody. If you i'm telling you it's very good and very imperiled. Fish has lee layers. He don't eat them. Don't keep them as pets. I just don't keep them as pets. This got going to the pet store. Everyone please don't buy any more pets but them out of business no more you can have cats and dogs. That are rescuing animals and Please my little sense all right then. You're not going like what. I was about to talk about which is talk about. No no no no weird pets. People's weird pets. I put a note out people right in about your weird pets or weird pet stories. See i know. I'm such a bum out. This comes from my own guilt and shame. I worked at a lizard store pet store. I saw it from the inside. It's good. I would not support them anymore. I don't like the idea of okay okay. i'm done well. I don't know over. I don't know where these people got their pets. The thing that inspired me we're sitting in the car and charlotte made friends with this fly and it was just this weird little fi that kept waiting on her leg and walking around. It wouldn't leave and layla same spot and she named it and she had her whole relationship with it between here and the high school and then the middle school and then on by some french fries and the back home and But the sad part was i mean she got so attached and it was reminded me of you with all your animals bed Toby got in the car and it kind of flu in the back seat and his There's a fly in here. He swatted and killed instantly. It was this whole like thirty minute buildup and she named him and talked about his family and like it was a whole thing. You know being ten but she sweet. I know you on god timing so it just reminded me of you being attached to different pets here. Here's harry larry tall. Everybody about harry log c. Wait are we doing. So are we sticking to the topic or are we just moving around here. 00:35:03 - 00:40:09 Well that that was the topic. It's on the docket. We did your song. That was the intro ozone one song. Okay i thought we were doing like a few songs in that. Was the topic. Okay this is why. I brought far away record. We talk before we record. I didn't know that you wanted to talk about what we're doing. The wing in it as usual home. Yeah if we're doing a structure let me know we can structure. I will always make time for you. Your family i know. But i always am like under the gun with you with your school schedule now to clear your throat. Okay no like. I only have a quick our and it's like we have to start on the dot and gogo and you gotta go things are do. Did you get all your work done. Do by midnight by the way today. Yes okay. I needed to. I have to move around folks. Move your body. Because i was starting to my neck and my my neck my back i just watched friday's for the first time and it couldn't get all the way through it and there's i couldn't it's real slow People are going to hate me for this. did you watch it. Yeah it's been ages though. Maybe every never spent yeah. I think maybe you have to get high among the big event someday. No i will not don't like we good way. We're talking about pets. Do you not want to talk about pets. This is a sore subject. Okay i'll Go ahead and talk about no. There's a lot of people who are good pet owners all right. We had stu the rooster harry the frog you had lots of Snakes a knowles witter knowles. Those the ones that i feel so guilty about because it didn't have the proper food and they all died there lizards and that's i still have and i have to let it go but i did not feed them properly and guana didn't feed him properly either every time. They smoke kidney beans. It reminds me of beans. I was too young to have pets. And i was kind of responsible for him at at a two young age. That's why i'm real sensitive about like if a kid goes. I want a fish like nemo. And then the parent buys the fish and then it just sits there dies and then Like the hamster. What happened to your hamster. It lived a full life. They only live to three years in many times. Did you pet it in touch it. All the time we took care of it was fine. I'm just kidding. I love you. Oh no it's my own just wanted to talk about cute animals because my friend has sugar gliders which i thought was so neat. I was asking her about them. Not that i'm going to get them or kill them but she was just telling me about them and they eat the big old weird tomato horn worms from the garden. And they've fly around and they she would take them to the grocery store in her pocket and they're like little flying squirrels. Do you know what they are sugar. Gliders yeah i had a oh i actually have a little story. Can i tell you. Here's a little story. I got to tell my friend's girlfriend had one. And she brought it over to their house and they have a really big house and there was a guest who was like. She was like the head of persons fashion school in new york. And she's you know. Lovely kind of robust will say rotan robust fashion easter with the big new york. Who would she look like. Elvis costello glasses with the real all black clothing and a rotund woman. Who's got a real voice like this. She dogs like this. Jau the next morning i just she. I heard the scream. I was staying over the two. They had all these bedroom and that she goes a monkey over. No it was the next day she was telling us. I'm so sorry she goes. A monkey came to me last night. Yellow eyes staring being a monkey in a came to me at night. I don't know what it was constantly ball night and it turns out. The sugar glider came in fluid room. And some alex stuck to the lamp shade. By your head and then disappeared. Fluid was visited by a monkey and thought it might have been a spirit. She was all confused and that was because they come out at night. I guess are nocturnal. So that was the thing this woman. My friend is a mom She had them from another state there. Actually i don't think they're legal to have. This is why you don't have them. I know but it was like she had them and it was. They moved and she brought them with her. And so she has a nice setup and she's a gardener and the whole thing but she's like yeah but third terminal so just like hamsters. The kids are like. Yeah let's play with the sugar gliders their sleep all night sleep all day and they play all night and they're loud and so they're in the other room so they can all sleep and yes she's like looking back in not such a good idea but it just sounds so cute to have them in our pockets. 00:40:09 - 00:45:07 But i know. We're not gonna do it as i'm living also vicariously wild animals and they should be. Wild is my theory and That like a lot of people don't know that you have an animal and you go their nocturnal right. Try now the little things. And then there's mom and dad in the seventies. They had a spider monkey named spunky monkey. And that was i. Guess it was legal back then in arizona in the seventies but yes also spider monkeys are known to be a little rough aggressive all member. I remember that thing would rip your shirt. Well remembering a photo but dad had a ripped shirt and i remember talking about spider monkey would bait in Okay yeah do you this. I don't remember that story. No i do remember the ripped shirt the picture. Okay okay tarantula. I asked this on twitter. We had Tricia and shawna from two girls on a bench. They have a roommate in college. Had a pet translate named did ems which so cute. But what. How do you feel about tarantulas. Because remember the one. I caught it when we were young and i brought it to school in a coffee can and then it became the classroom pet and we all learned from it but again it was what you learn in a cage but we fed it in. It's a whole habitat thing. The thing is i'm a total. Well sometimes maybe they're safer in a cage sometime now joe. I don't agree with it because that's personal wrong. I looked it up. It's twenty five years on average in a cage. Thirty in the wild for i don't know tarantulas. No but like snakes. The average was five years long in the wild for keeping them. But that is a misnomer that we all want to say that. We're saving an animal by by taking care of it. I got it okay. are you in petah weans. How do you feel that i have. I have I think that's maybe there. I think it's better that said. The pendulum swung very far to the left. On that one there are some people that are extremist in all different facets. Especially you know. So you're pedialyte. I'm peter late. i think. I'd just like a and i'm sorry i ruined your whole segment here because but i'm not sorry. Sorry sorry platform for you to talk. But that's good your passion. I should have known better. I should've known we're going to talk about Keith from papa film cast. He had a hamster and they had to weights on the lid because he would stack things up and then he would hang from the lid and unlock it and get out all the time like they're smart little animals no pets. Nobody's going to have any pets anymore. Unless there s q cats and dogs domesticated animals right or live on a goat farm and you can have goats that Help here's i'm not crazy in the way i of alumna christie at all crazy cool fun i am not a like just within reason you know if you have a really beautiful habitat in it's a rat and you let it out and it comes hang like that's fine rate wary way acute rat in a habitat talking about here if you have a large large wonderful habitat maybe for certain animals that but then you also let him out and you let him run around. I mean maybe the better life. It's that most people will put things. Like i did in an iguana in a four by four cade and then it sits in its whole life. It's just sitting on a log not running and not doing anything i know. I know it's a hamster that tries to get out of trying to get out for good. Did this backfire. What i'm so sorry dwelt never do this again okay. That's it's a lot. Do you want to talk about something. Else i apologize. I'm don't apologize. I to you know what a witnesses doing like the flap of foreskin on the we know to catch again. We've talked about it on her show before. Magma know what's magritte's for for well it is supposed to be the stuff you need to get out of the folds of your skin a few of oh uncircumcised weiner very good. It's the ball and we need cheese. Joel stuck in the folds okay. Sorry gusting anymore guesses. It's a hat for swedish people It's a win flag for small planes. 00:45:07 - 00:50:10 Yes airplanes i know. I'm going to give you a hint when you pinch it. You feel anything your elbow skin. Yes the wenas is the elbow skin. You now have a name for that elbow skins story that you tell. No i'm not kidding. Debbie weans i know w. e. n. Us so they go. I had we had to talk about it because it's You know part of our name sake. Yea also folks here you go. That is a real fun trick to play with your friends. You squeeze their elbow skin. You cannot feel it. it's real fun. I feel nothing to do so. Just sit around a campfire and squeeze each others of us. Run in conversation it's Thrill pick me up. Yeah exactly so there. You go We would you like to talk about anything about you. Read a note. You have something that makes you feel queasy of the micronesia. Yes no is this. I didn't understand your note very well. I didn't try to hurt though Tell macronesia what is this. I understand it to be. And i looked up and i think there's an actual phobia disorder. But the way that i experienced it was okay. For example. It's when something should be a certain size in it's bigger than it normally is so you get dizzy kind of doesn't make sense to your brain and i think it happened in super mario brothers like for the first time when we were playing nintendo super murray others. Okay and everything's real small and like this little dainty world and then there's a big world where there's a big mushroom and a big luigi and it just i would go rural and it didn't make sense or doesn't yeah or if like someone has screen if they can't read really well on their computer screen and they have. Everything really zoomed in and it should be small like a normal hundred percent on your word but now it's at two hundred go. Wow that's interesting. I think maybe your brain just processes it. That's what it should be. I remember it also happens the reverse of some things to know. But little i like. It's the big that's weird okay Like if you have extra large spoon. That's what also did it like. If spoons too big any sup- now is it when things are asymmetrical too because my friend. My friend's son when he was young. Drop mccown Yeah if a cartoon would get like you know the guy who get punched in his lip would get really big like the box trolls. Have you seen the movie. The box trolls. We need the cheese and his whole face blows up. Oh you made me watch. Yeah he got real weird about stuff like that he would have to cover his eyes and like leave see. Is that the same kind of thing. you think. Probably like mom in the hospital when her job was i mean that's real personal indifferent but right her jobs really swollen in her face was and we both like turn green and went down. The wall lay down. Put our head between our knees. Yeah this happened. Mike kimbler when i had my two in. I had all the the swelling and then the The bleed it well. It's you know a big bruise. Under my i got a big black eye and my whole job is purple. And elliott was really weirded out. He came in and he made this big. I'd like big teeth face. And he's like yeah you look pretty and then he would walk backwards out of the room sad and i just i. I let them off the hook. I didn't want him to pass out or anything but psychological assessment of your son. He has a very sweet and gentle heart. He's the one that she wants to send a debate camp because he's a little fighter But secretly he's got the little sweetheart and overcompensating by being a tough guy Interesting yeah you. I agree that. He's sweet soul. I do yeah. I think he puts up a big thing. Plus he's the middle kid he has to compete with the attention with the baby and the big brother and stand out and yeah he cries when and orphans and movies. He'll cry and he's so embarrassed about too loud hill. I shakes out of thing. No but it was so funny today said that because we went to la hoya for lunch and we went and played out the tide. Pools just thought. We'd get the kids off screens. Go to something in nature. And they were goofing around trying to catch a little crabs and he caught when he had a in his hand is flat palm and it was tiny and that was running around. 00:50:10 - 00:55:01 He's like oh look cool. Any went to tip his hand and drop it back into the tide pool. But the thing didn't come off right away. Colonel hung onto the edge of his hand and he did that. Shake thing like he's doing us a baby like a little electrified baby. He was just like this. Y'all and i got it on tape. It's so funny so put that summer. I'll put that on. Instagram is so cute so yeah. He is highly attuned emotionally to things. Yeah so at least it kid. That's how i was in a in a hard world And but i remember him as a baby and you know he had to fight toby's big older brother that would suck them and stuff and and he would get so frustrated arms in one to figure out a way to punch him back and yeah he's just as sweet. Little league is a sweet kid he really is. And he's still cuddly the other day he was in bed or just on my bed playing on his phone and i was on my bed On the computer doing stuff and and then we ended up getting cold and so we both like put the cover over us and then we were both kinda like under the covers. Like not weird. It's not weird right. I'm the mom and the kid and we're just hanging out but it was cute. It was like going back to win. He's to climb into bed with me when he was a toddler. We just watch tv together. Whatever it was and just seem that you think. Why would you say it's weird. Well i don't know because they're also hitting puberty. So is this the point when it's just like you know taking a shower in front of your kids. You're not supposed to remember day. That dag kicked me out of the shower. A little too old twenty-one an weans you gotta get out now weird well i. I put that disclaimer on there. So doesn't sound like weird. It was sweet. It's a cute like yes cuddly. Or they're all very sweet by the way. I it elliott out just to prove my point. I don't know what they're all. Very sweet kids. And i had like cuddling with them and i like doing the bedtime stories at night in the will come in and it was my favorite and charlotte's bed in all three of them came in and we did the story game where you tell like a couple lines of story you stop let someone else pick up where you left off we keep building a story there is my storytelling coming out. I know you love it. You're socio to the best data of the two. Yeah they love it and they each have their own little thing right. Charlotte always like happy stories with animals and toby always wants to like kill everybody. He murders everyone. Yeah and what does elliott's tag things good. He pulls. he's the middle child. Keeps them the bridge of the story going. Okay all right. He gets mad when toby kills them. Everytime toby o'brien like some Destruction but it's really creative. I mean he's a really creative kids so it's fine like no. It's interesting all the creative. Yeah it's fun. They're good so let me ask you this though you do you consider yourself a storyteller type or what is your Love like you're asking me about songwriting or about like my thing is putting creative thing up on stage. Yeah capacity out to the world there. What's yours i would say creating a legacy. Is my thing like taking real life and turning it into a podcast. An autobiography archive a photo album. audiotapes all the videos. I just want to have a collection of people's past story their life. Like i love that. I wanted to take Genealogy how to write. Somebody's autobiography or help them write a biography. We were going to start that company member where we interviewed people or even those that know. Maybe they're not going to be around so much longer and kind of get their life story on video and archive at for the family. Like i love all that stuff. So real life relationships love family In some capacity allergy yeah genealogy do a whole family history very interesting. it's different brains and different. I find it really fascinating to get to. The root of what. The thing is that makes you most happy. Yeah yeah. I don't know if it's everything i guess in the sense of projects. I'm talking about right or and nurturing to. I mean i love gardening. I love You know kids in helping them like learn things in remember things and go out into the world with the helpful nature perspective. 00:55:01 - 01:00:02 I don't know like. I need to get in there and raise them up a little. Can i get a yes please. Yeah kinda no. I'm kidding it's not never can bring them on like dua scared straight and bring them into some neighborhoods and stuff. I wanna get got it. No i'm just kidding to it. Well i know. I will volunteering and get them. Yeah get them in neighborhoods that they would not normally see and understand people's different lives and yeah well remember. We did the podcast. After george floyd in it was Oliver friends who said in there. All african american. Yeah just jump different neighborhoods in cultures. The way he was like just say they're black folks he's like nobody says he's like don't we don't like yeah i think of it anyway recommended in neighborhoods bring them to dinner and different places show some culture so let's do it right well. It is funny though because they do have a lot of friends not a ton but honestly they're very like skin color is not cutting not really an issue so good. It really doesn't come up like they will talk about a friend for ages. And then i finally meet them and they'll be black or indian or chinese or whatever and i had no idea so they really like i've sorry yes it's it it is kind of interesting it never comes up and they're like no. We really don't see the whole racist thing racism. Everybody's just our friend. And when i do talk about stories i was reading some of the stories that do happen. They were like not an awful. And i even said something once where somebody was left alone with them in a in elliott goes mom. Don't you worry that They're gonna do something charlotte. 'cause he's learning and sex ed about child trafficking and i go elliot. Don't say that about these people. You know that's racist he goes. I didn't say anything about race. You did ooh snap. And i'm like yeah. Oh yeah you're right. That was great for somebody. To which wasn't i remember. It was a big but they love to call people out which is good. Yeah yeah. They're very in tune with that in the community right now and but since they were kids we'd never talked about the except they would just make observations. They would say oh. Yeah you know my friend. You know joan who she's really. She loves flowers. she's this she has black hair. She loves the color purple She sang that song Her skin's like more brown and they didn't have a word for it. They would just describe somebody who is I don't know any of my kids have talked about their friends this way but they had Such a variety of friends. And i don't know so. I feel like they're okay but yeah it would be nice to really get more entrenched in lifestyles and stuff like that too and understand where people come from understand and they do. They have a lot of friends that have little apartments in different homes. You know or different parent situations together divorced. You know working really hard because the same sex couples that the ruins with or in fact My friends stephanie. Wanna bring on the show and have her tell her story And as for friends at school that have two. Moms or two dads. I don't know if if they do. They're very i mean. Kids are gonna be brought up in. Hopefully it's all going to just be a better generation. It sounds like it is. I hope so. I really hope so. And i've always said from day one like if you like boys or girls like it doesn't matter we will always love you and you know i still throw that in there and the boys are like mom. I think i'm pretty well set like girls. But i'm like hey you know you never know. It's it could change and it's okay. I know stop pushy. Boys rb mom anyway. I did read something in a class and they said usually you kind of have a sense of what you wanna do by the age of. Oh three yeah you mentioned this yet in rs. Okay steve peters interview yeah. I love that. That was cool that it's kind of really cool to know that it's kind of intrinsic folks Three girls Also this school stuff. I just want to say it's crazy. You have to learn all these concepts and then they go in and out of your brain so quickly. Yeah words being old. No you've wrote notes down there so in the future we can talk about other terms and things you learned about because i love all that you're learning i really do. I think if i could go back to school. I'd probably follow a similar. I think that's what you anther apology. Stuff yeah. I love that Either apology from taking no. You're sociology psychology at apology. I don't know i think of them. You know what it's all kind of lends itself to chat and yes psychology. A lot of it goes to the evolutionary perspective. 01:00:02 - 01:05:15 But it's your caveman theory. Hazmat to cave girl cave girl on full circle. Perfect timing you. it's coming from. There's a letter routes folks routes routes right here. It's really going on. Were our time is up folks. Yes we're done week really went in circles today. Sorry about that. I did have an agenda. That i guess i need to tighten up. We're going to work on. are you mean. Hey no apologies. All right. I guess nothing's changed. This is how we are.
We like to talk about lots of things. Welcome sculptures session ping pong right and you might glean little learning nuggets but maybe not you know we. We're just friends talking sisters. You pro family. We enjoy the fact that you guys are listening. Thank you for listening to masson weans. We are on patriot. If you'd like to support us with a mere five dollars a month you can get free swag and cool stuff weans. We still have to designer cool hats. I saw her buddies over on products. the fish nerds. They have super core baseball hats. You guys check them out if you'd like Speaking fish tanks. Let's we'll put their premiere on here too. We do love fish nerds. They're they're more of outdoor fish type. So i like mattress all right and What else follow us on. Mouse weans everywhere social media and do reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. Mouth means at g. And i don't know all the good stuff. Masson weans dot com. You can find everything there. I do like feta. Don't tell paul from vermont's though he does not like pita okay. We could cut it off here by the way. But i don't wanna say well i do want to say that sometimes look sometimes. The pendulum has to swing to the other side to get notice. Yes and then maybe it could go somewhere in the middle of where it reaches reasons the consciousness with my mouth and tongue in oregon and got it a cat anyway. Consciousness is raised sometimes by at least some craziness in at least someone is saying something in we could fall in the middle of you know winner of to kill anyone but you get it. Yeah i got it let's Let's be more conscious about our choices in pets. Pet stores Go rescue and Really think it through. We don't need all these silly little pets just to appease our children which give up on them often very quickly and we bring things in like sorry sugar gliders hedgehogs things like that ferrets were they not be people's houses. I know unless you totally know what you're doing. You have a great environment but go volunteer at the at the animal rescue museum in. Take care of like the old possum that you found. You could be one of those people. I think that would be a good thing. It's our person was full of fleas. That's another reason. Keep him out saying goodbye. Catch longest ending ever we guys thank you so much for listening and we will see you later. Bye-bye!

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I want to be a cavegirl, a cavegirl, a cavegirl. I want to be a cavegirl where everything's great.
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I want to be a cavegirl, a cavegirl, a cavegirl. I want to be a cavegirl where everything's great. I want to be a cavegirl, a cavegirl, a cavegirl. I want to be a cavegirl where everything's great. I want to be a cavegirl!

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