June 3, 2021

E114 - Summer Camp, Psychic Dreams, Ethnomusicology, and Jaja Ding Dongs

While catching up, we talk psychic abilities and manifesting your thoughts into reality. Do you believe in karma? Then we jump into what’s on mama Mouse’s mind: summer camps and plans for her 3 kids now that California is opening up.

While catching up, we hear that Julianne is a little sick. But with a diffuser blend of eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and peppermint she is on the mend. She also suggests watching The Wire to get better. (Offline she can't stop talking about this show!) She thinks her previous lie to her doctor's office about her symptoms in order to use telemed instead of an in-person doctor's appointment, is her sickness karma coming back to bite her! We talk psychic abilities and manifesting your thoughts into reality with broken dishes and washing machines. She's worried she might be Drew Barrymore in Firestarter. Do you believe in karma? Joelle does but thinks it comes back in reincarnation, especially those gardeners who squish a lot of snails and who will come back as a snail! Yes, snails have teeth. It's a red structure that comes down out of their mouth. She also mistakenly calls snails arthropods. They are gastropods in the mollusk family. Duh.

Julianne calls Joelle out on being annoyed, but it's really about being uncomfortable with no makeup on. We look at daughter Charlotte's handiwork on Mouse's hair, get a flash of her "sun's out, guns out" biceps from recent workouts, her tooth hole, and an armpit flash! All of this loveliness is available on the video version of this episode on You Tube.

Then we jump into what’s on mama Mouse’s mind: summer camps and plans for her 3 kids now that California is opening up. We reminisce about our Girl Scout summer camp memories, including dunking mesh bags, marshmallows on fire, and kids in wheelchairs with lots of camper inclusivity By the way, Julianne recommends documentary Crip Camp, saying it's very uplifting about the movement for those with disabilities.  We both remember a cool carpool mom driving us to camp in an RX7 and playing "You Dropped a Bomb on Me." Ah, the wind in our hair and driving through the northern California, East Bay canyon were great memories!

What is it about the cool bad boy with confidence that's so attractive? Joelle remembers having a huge crush on a camp counselor nicknamed Wildman, who looked a lot like Paul Rudd. That name, the muscles, the power! Julianne confesses she has a crush on one of her professors. Is it a real crush on someone smart and in power, or is it just because you're stuck staring at him on Zoom? She did this once before on a Zoom call including a cute meditation guy!

So why is Joelle so obsessed with a summer schedule and signing the kids up for camp? It's because otherwise the kids will lay around the house playing video games all summer! When we grew up, we played outside all the time and had many screen restrictions. Mouse isn't raising her family with all the restrictions, even though she worries about screen time. But it's not great to have kids outside all the time in east San Diego in this hot, hilly weather, playing in the creek where they could get into trouble, when nosy neighbors get parents in trouble for neglect, and where there are abundant rattlesnakes and coyotes.

Besides still playing tennis, the oldest kid Toby will get a job this summer. He is super into cars and this fifteen year old will be driving soon, so will need to pay for his own gas. He will get his permit any day and wants to work at a pizza place with his best buddy Sam. The pizza place is right next to Joelle's gym and Dream Dinners, which leads to our testimonial!

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Back to summer camps, we discuss the fact that Elliot, Joelle's 14 year old is in a very argumentative phase. So how to positively channel this energy? Debate camp at the local high school! Is fourteen a magic number that makes kids into know-it-alls? Julianne, who is in college courses including Child Psychology says yes, this is very normal. At this age, 12-15, children are "individuating", breaking the cord and testing out their individuality and independence. But maybe being the son of a lawyer, this kid does a lot of extra individuating! Weens tells Mouse that it isn't fun, but as a parent, just to ride it out. This could be a wonderful option, with scholarships available, confidence gained, and leadership in the making. If only he would agree to it! Weens says to just drop him off like the Native Americans do. The Apaches drop them off in the wilderness to live and come back for them again in a year. Hmmm, perhaps this is the solution?!

We talk about the safety of summer camps, especially sleepaway camps, based on an article we reference from the New York Times about summer camps and COVID Mouse is very eager for the kids to be out, active and doing things. Their attitudes after going back to school in person has been very positive, so it would be great to continue this into the summer. Last summer, there were outbreaks in sleepaway summer camps as mentioned in the above article. But now there are better guidelines plus many kids beginning to get vaccinated. The worrisome part may be indoors sleeping and breathing all of the same air. But Julianne wonders how Joelle feels about predators.

Of course the thought of molesters gets us talking about kidnappings and murders here in San Diego and we mention a bit about the neighbor true crime cases of Chelsea King, John Gardner, Danielle Van Dam, and David Westerfield. Joelle tells her personal story of the Miramar Lake Jogger, which is super disturbing. (Here is another article.) Looking at the mug shots of these men, Weens mentions a fact from her social psychology: we associate wide faces and wide noses with aggression. And we associate symmetrical faces as more trustworthy, so defense teams will dress up their clients in a more attractive, symmetrical way. This is called the halo effect.  While talking trials, we decide it would be interesting to interview our uncle in law who was a cameraman during the David Westerfield murder trial. 

After all of this scary talk, Mouse decides 'no' to sleepaway camp, but wants to send Charlotte to Camp Aunt Nan when the college schedule lightens up. This reminds us of her ethnomusicology class, and she starts to tell a funny story about an outburst during a lecture on European music.

Then Weens exerts her telekinetic powers onto her microphone, which gets us back onto psychic abilities. Hear the crazy experiment that Weens conducted on this, proving her powers. She even teaches us how to control dreams! Her psychology professor has learned to use symbols, but it's suggested to meditate for 20 minutes and then ask a specific question. Expect an answer and if you don't get it, continue asking the same question for a week. If you don't remember your dreams, drink water before bed and wake yourself up three or four hours before your actual morning wakeup time. Often you will recall your dreams at this point. This method is not ideal for light sleeper Joelle, so Juls suggests laying very still when naturally waking up, recall your dream, and then write it in a journal which you have ready next to your bed. Joelle kept an art dream journal and says that it works!

Speaking of control, or lack thereof, we had a "standup ding dong" memory with a friend's toddler brother. We laugh but realize we are very repressed about nudity in our western culture. Also we have received some unsolicited dick pics, which is always weird. We talk about King Pippen the Short from our mom episode, the dickrolled meme, and a listener story. Joelle is a little squeamish about all of this weenie talk because she didn't come up in this modern dating time when sending penis pictures was the norm. She hasn't seen a lot of them!

But back to the music professor, the only kinds of ding dongs we’re interested in are of the jaja variety – hear Julianne’s story on this! We jump into her ethnomusicology class and learn about microtones, syncopation, and what her jazz musician friends have to say about Western music. We also want to ask you – our listener – about what puts you in The Zone? Julianne teases future interviews on this subject with saxophonist Bob Mintzer, keyboardist Matt Politano, and drummer Steve Ferrone, who, along with bassist Matt Cory, are known as The Coffee Shop Trio. They have gigs every Sunday that we will advertise on our social media, so please be sure to follow us @mouseandweens on all the platforms!

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Summer Camp, Psychic Dreams, Ethnomusicology, and Jaja Ding Dongs

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This is Howard Cosell. Up and down all around. I don't believe it. The jab to the left is Mouse. Weens steps back and looks forward and says I'm gonna get you sucker

My sister! My sister! Hi everybody and the listeners. Sisters. Listeners. I'm Joelle. I'm Mouse. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. I'm Weens. I'm the single and swinging one up in LA. Swinging! And I keep banging... I'm in a weird new set up. I moved my thing around. What do you think? We are on here in a Japanese massage parlor I am not non-Japanese guestroom. But it the bed was not made. So I made a little and I thought I'd try some new lighting. What do you think. Oh you look gorgeous and natural from the gym and I have zero makeup on and it didn't like that ashes and I think you're a natural beauty you're one of those natural Like a little baby who just got Delivered into a national state of just snuck out from behind my microphone. My tooth is still a gaping. She's got a big hole in her to like a Irish dockworker. Let's let's talk about you. Are you not doing well. You're feeling sick. Yeah but that's a real downer. And I'm going to bounce back and coming back you know what I do. I called our mother. And i said what do you do for your six. She says she puts on eucalyptus in the Fire that oil Yeah diffuser yes and then you go up this and tea tree oil and peppermint. I think that solve all my problem. I'm sitting around watching the wire that also helps to get you out of this. You didn't catch this wasn't the big COVID...? No symptoms like that right now. Are you one of the people that has to be like yes. I've had symptoms like. Maybe you know what it is. It's 'cause I probably lied. I didn't want to go to the doctor. But I said I have some symptoms so I don't wanna come in so I could do the video chat so I didn't have to leave. And that was punishment karma lying about being sick. Because I just wanna to have a quick doctor visit. Do you believe in karma. Do you think that's a real true thing. I think that as a politician. I was gonna try to get out of answering that and put it back on you but I guess I will say yeah a little bit but I think it's more in your own shady actually okay. Yes I do because that happened. I haven't had any sickness a really long time. And I said that and it happened and then something else also happened I said. Wouldn't it be interesting if I broke this one dish that have had for twenty five years. I said that's weird that I've never broken this the next day broke. You build it into happening. Oh no it's been like this whole week. Where if I think of something. I looked at my washing machine. And I said that's weird. This washing machine has broken down and it's really old. Guess what happened. The whole thing filled with water and it wouldn't train and had to pull all my clothes out in Raynham and the figure out what the problem was. And I said please stop thinking about things. I'm like. Moore's fire starters something oh remember that we have a plotline. Do you believe in karma. But I don't know if it'll in this lifetime. That's how I see it. I think people what if they're reincarnated as as the snails that they squished. You know that's their karma that that worries me because I squish a lotta snails but come back as a big old slimy I- no toothless snail to have teeth. They have little red things that come down and go. Yeah what are they to pods. Leaves and stuff right now. Let's get into your psychological. I'm not a little bit annoyed. What happened today no nothing.

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I'm fine no happened. Nothing happened well. I'm annoyed that I didn't get to put makeup on. I would have a lot more comfortable but yeah no. Charlotte did my hair. Whoa what is that. Why is it so Gaby party. Down the middle. I feel very young and hip. I've got braids in the back. Siham but I think you look beautiful accepted armpit. That just showed YouTube. If you wanna see your son's outguns out out oh shoulder go working at so summertime. I wanted to talk about summer camp because this is what's on my mind. Do you mind if we segue into this. Do it weans. What are your summer memories. do you remember gonna camp. Did you like camp. Did you ever do sleep away. Camp any of this this business or like the mom of three kids. I do this every year to myself. And I come up short. I never know what to do. So tell me about your camp thoughts while you were there because you are my sister in as you might have remembered. We didn't do any camp except for girl scouts unless got some special treatment. Because you're the first born which is always possible. Did you ever go to summer camp. Just girl scout camp. That's the same thing. Yeah and how did it work. I was trying to remember. Did we sleep there or was it a date. Day camp. and then like one sleepover. That I was one. A couple of days sleepovers. Maybe it lost campus or somewhere up in the bay area. We have a little course area. There were a couple of those it was it was farther lot concord or something in between twin hills or two peaks or something that piques the old to peaks camping. Where we're talking about. We don't either love it did you. Were you nervous. What are your thoughts are barely have any childhood memories except i do remember being vaguely in a strange. I do remember to people in wheelchairs and they had to operate through thing in their mouth and we were taught to be very caring and accepting of the two people and remember. I only have memories where they're kind of dramatic. I remember that it was so sweet that everybody was really carrying. The kids. didn't make fun. There was no. But I just remember thinking what how hard it would be. Because we were on dirt in wood's and that's good. But I remember memory by the way Camp Crip... Crip Camp again remember. Documentary is so good about the movement for disabled people. That sounds like something like it's gonna be hard to watch. But it's so uplifting nice a net flicks. Tell me I have to. I need to write these things down. Because I hear it. I wanna watch it. And then I forgot what about you. I don't wanna deal into my stories. Do railway I same memories or member. Loving going to camp I remember. Somebody's mom drove us. I don't know who but she was an RX7 and that was when we got to listen to you. Dropped the bomb bay. Where using shoes really. Cool mom and it was cool. She had long brown hair. Yes but it was a new person and she was so cool thinking oh she was a teenage type mom but i think she was older like she was a normal mom age but she seems so hip and cool and like disco queen early eighties and rocking out and all the windows down. Remember the wind muharan old trip. Yeah that's so funny die you okay. And then yeah. The girl scout camp. I remember learning how to dunk all oliver. You know Pots and silverware and the three different bins. That was mesh bag. Do you remember that. And girl scout no but of course you would remember something that has to do with something domestic. I just remember like chasing like some fire like making the campfire and sticking our marshmallows in mind would always burn crispy. Light him on fire always. Why firefighter like the nice iro. Yeah I liked all the making other crafts. I remember all silly crafts and things like that. But I also had a huge crush on one of the camp counselors who is older. He must have been a high schooler at that point but I think his name was wild. Man that's what it was everybody. I'd like nickname. Do you remember wild man. No there are boys. They're girls paul read. I think it was when my paul read. Things started wild man so hailed no probably twelve in a little wink. No he had muscles in muscle really he drove.

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It was older. I is that about young girls really liking any kind of teacher professor authority figure camp. Counselor it just girls liking older boys or is it. Some kind of we're watching them on the stage. Probably yeah power. Cool thing like they. They're just confident. Confidence is attractive right and someone's up their commanding the room and they know what's going on. It's nice it's cool. Wow quarterback of the football team kind of kind of the bad boy you know. That's always really cause a wild man. Yeah he was like you know he was cool really joe. We saw nothing in little twelve year. Old me probably good or weird raisin. Yeah yeah yeah totally. I kind of have a little crush on one of my professors lose thirty five. And he's But you know. I see what I'm doing. He's just the guy that you have to sit there and watch for three hours two times a week. And he's smart and he you know this is all on zoom zoom crush. Yeah and you could be a weird creeper. Nobody turns their cameras on and they could just watch him. And I'll look in the background and go. Oh he's got a weird statue. Oh what are his books. Let me zoom will ever have to see you to speak creepy we. What was that other. You were doing like a meditation and there was some dude from there to remember. Oh yeah those acute meditation from my death. It was a death meditation and he was cute. I love him. I think you sent me a screenshot. So creepy him so sorry. No but it's it's to be doing any of this. It's bad but it's boring sitting on zoom forever. Especially when you're meditating. You're looking at cute boys. So like a witch. I know your hair is wild. And William like it though. We're both we both came in because we're holding each other to are two o'clock I now according to session. Well i was trying to follow up with you and be like is it. Two o'clock on the dot or does that just mean to a car and they're always on the dot the dot. Okay got an always on the dot said ready to go at. I've been planning on this all week. And i say two o'clock to click in the head here tissue okay camping and you're worried about your kids. Don't go yeah. It's it's delaying around playing video games. It's the story of my life right. This is going to be. I'm going to be an old lady on my deathbed talking. About how many video games kids played. And you know we just when we were little we ran around outside a lot. We just creative and we also had a lot of restrictions and we weren't allowed to be on tv or video games Life is different now. I don't want my kids all running around in the creek for eight hours you know. I don't know what they're going to get in into. People are weird people called. Cps on you if you leave your kids out too long and let them walk around too much. I don't know and mine are older. Ten and up so i think they would be okay but anyway. It's also high and hilly an- in in rattlesnake in kato what we had this. Toby where we didn't know. I i don't really know what his interest are. These days of what would hold his attention because he was so specific to survey things. Like very hyper focused on one thing at like right it was thomas the train obsessed and then we got him like he does and he did come out of that now. He's obsessed with real cars and he's he finished his online permit test. So now that came in the mail and we can take it to the dmv and get his actual permit and then he's going to start driving with us and then He'll be sixteen in august so he'll get a license after that point so that has captured his brain and we can drive down the street and he'll tell me make model engine size How rare they are what they cost. I mean it's like this is really his thing so it'd be great to get them into something like that. He's taking auto body In high school but as for a job. I don't know so this is it though he has a car coming. He's going to have to put gas in it. I'm like this is the summer. You need to get a job so he will snap. He's kind of taking care of plus there's tennis camp by was going to sign him up for because he loves tennis. Still wait a second. Is you gotta really get a. He certainly turned down. My baskin robbins application. I know i tried to well. It's all about his best buddy sam. He wants to hang out with him. And sam sister works filippini's pizza.

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So sam's thinking working there therefore toby's thinking working there which would be so cute also and it's right next to dream dinners and orange theory two of my hangouts here in power. So someone i think bowls. Yeah i wanna talk about dream. Dinners to really quick. I wanted to talk about this. Because of our ads we had someone sign up for dream dinners and i talked to her recently and she told me about she was like. Yeah you know. I i heard the intro deal and i thought i'd try it out. She's like oh my gosh. It changed my life. It's the best thing and i was like. Ccc it's really great. She's like i know and the kids love the meals. There's so easy to make so if anyone does want to do this. Just try it. And see i really. I'm so excited about. I really am like this is real and used mouse and weans ninety nine at checkout if you go to dream dinners dot com or our website. Mousa weans dot com and click the link right there on the top put in mouse weans ninety nine. If you're in san diego they have a san marcus location and palais location and what it is. Is freezer bags full of already prepared food awesome. Awesome sauce i some sauces. And that's kind of where i fall. Short is i don't want to a. I don't want to go by the foods all the prep work and the cleanup and the chopping cutting boards. And and then the sauce like i just put the same staff on all the things i normally cooked so a make it so easy and it's difference wonderful and the kids love it. The hubby's can help make it the kids help make it. So what can you talk about the. What's it intro. Costs for people just to get their head around. Oh well it depends on what size family you have. Or how many meals you get. You can affordable yet super affordable. I think it down to be about six dollars a meal. But with this intro. Ninety nine dollars off. That's a huge amount of. That's an it's really it saves over did some stats and it saves two hundred dollars a month from going to the grocery store. Buying just did my grocery budget. It's crazy for you know. One human being is like four hundred dollars. But it's because I by all the dumb little tricky stuff like weird barbecue sauce honey mustard and his little to get the sauces. You have to buy the whole jar. Whatever I like this because it's already in a little Ziplok and you to squeeze it out for that me on. That's that and it's very good and interesting but yeah it saves money time. You don't have to go shopping and They deliver it right now too so you can even have it. Just show up on your doorstep and it's free so that's all check it out dream dinners dot com goalmouth wings dot com. What are you getting a click there. Come on. Hey really is really are. We're doing we. We've it's really good. It's wonderful and They are official sponsor. So I wanted to get that in there because it was a real testimony out that really happened. I'm just kidding. By the having convert we are sponsored by them and sets right but there is the whole reason is because you love them anyone. You like reached out to them because they're grace. Yeah and my sister by the way likes to do this. You just are good person that you if you believe in something. Someone someone's friend like pink pro beauty. You're like I love her stuff and I want to help her out. So yeah I really good at that and thank you I like I mean it's all it's honest I really I got offered clumps yesterday Talking about this. But I really do see our world as one big collective person like. We're one one heartbeat. We're all connected and we should all help each other out such as sap instantly get all teary eyed. But it's true true. It really is true. So I really do feel like if we all helped each other we could all boop belinda. She really does that. You really do you show up and you help people the difference between you and me is that all think it and I'll talk about it but you do. You can help people all the time. I you know this too. Yeah but then. They ended up staying at my house for three months and a kicking disturbing. Who yeah I know. I know it's getting better boundaries. Ladies and gentlemen if you want some free counseling. I'll give you my past three years of counselling experience and therapy. Okay boil down to boundaries okay. Good hey let's let's let's do a whole episode on that because I think that's an important topic kidron. The reason is people especially for people like you in include myself in this but you you are a giver. There's a lot of people out there who like to give and support and help but then what happens to you you sit on the couch for two seconds city fall asleep even helping everybody else for coming around too much.

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I mean there is something to like bothers me my sister my sister sister jones who. That's a little gap dudes just came. Okay oh me her little debutante with the weird as you don't chunk away anytime for yourself and that bothers me because it would also rejuvenate you to be better support to others. So I would like you to help me even better by getting yourself. A breakdown okay. So why don't you be present when you're helping me okay. I was just talking to my friend. Melissa and she was telling me about this great massage therapist. She has and then. Carlos told me about acupuncture. She has an iv massage coupon to get an all these things wonderful. So I'm are you going to do but you said well no waste money on massages because you feel like it's just someone's giving you a quote rather adam massages that can you tell me one rugby who know it. Yeah I need to do more. I know I do. It's just it. Also in my weird we grew up your brain wasting money on myself. So I'd rather sock it away for something or somebody else and then you get hit by a car and then but I'll be nice and strong and stiff and I can not get back to her drunk and loose right right there. We go okay. Well yes so anyway back to how do we get here. Dreamed here by. Yes toby working. Toby will be set. He'll have a job. Maybe a tennis camp. So I'm not worried about him. Fifteen-year-old done fourteen year old. Now Elliot is in a phase of arguing with me about everything and arguing with his father about everything and arguing with his friend about everything. What kind of camp is that political. Debate camp yes do it. I found a flyer. Come through from one of the local high schools. He's an incoming freshman but it's not his high school but still there have a camp. Send him to debate camp and I. I was so excited. Finally I sent it to Dave. I'm like look at this. This would be perfect for him. he's like do it. 'cause daping lawyer he's like yeah. The kid may grow up to be a lawyer. This is a good thing I mean. He's just got an answer for everything. I don't know if anyone else out there that listeners. If you guys have a fourteen year old is normal. Yes it is my child being no at all. Is this a normal part of development. They have to like ask me. I'm learning about all this sir. Yes yeah yeah. Yeah so is it really is fourteen is like so when pup- sprout social their management's. Yeah yeah okay. Yeah they're trying to. They're breaking the cord. They're feeling out their individuality. They're pushing back and this is the few years that you'll have to deal with. I think it's like twelve to fifteen. I don't know we'll have to look up the actual numbers but this is the time when their individual eating and are learning themselves. And you just have to roll with it and it's awful lot and he just individual. It's all the time so. I finally presented this debate camp idea to him and he's like no i don't want to go it's going to be fully nerds and I'm like hey you this is. Yeah if you're gonna argue all the time do it in this setting. They'll teach you how I was talking to Melissa again. And she actually went to. She had a debate scholarship and did her whole college based on debate. It's a great thing right and you become this leader in your confident and so work. Can you force him. I just hung there and drop them off. The the Native Americans do they dropped the kid off on the fourteenth birthday and then come back in a year and tell them to live in the woods. Oh my god on her fourteenth birthday soon okay. The reason for the feel too bad. I think I will this. I hung out with an animal tracker Damian and the he was from the patchy tribe and he taught us how to track animals and also told that story he goes. Oh yeah they do it. These sticky there and you learned how to live in the foothills and kill your animals and said just do that. Okay fifteen he won't talk back anymore. My god I'm a man the poster though it would be interesting. I'd miss him. Well I do think about there is another sleep away camp and The YMCA up and Julian house one. I was thinking about. But I did look an article on whether or not camps are good. Are they going to be running. Are they not going to be running. I mean we're just coming out of vaccinations.

00:25:02 - 00:30:00

Certain kids have them certain. Kids don't depending on the age. I know that. I am so anxious for them to get out there and interact with friends and have a good act of summer after being home for so long and they are going to school. So they're getting a little bit of that and it's great. I've seen such different attitudes now. The boys are so much happier Yeah yeah they really are an I. They fought me on it. They wanted to stay home but they come home all chipper and they like their little schedule and they wake up already to go to school and yeah social creatures. We knew it was yeah. It was a good call as much as they thought they didn't. They do mother knows best. I will sing it for you later if you'd like Okay so eight. Only eighteen percent of camps are sleep away camps. the rest are day camps. Where are they going to look like now with COVID did so they kind of the New York Times here did a comparison between The CDC control and prevention and then how camps are going to be run safely but looked back at last year's summer camps. and that was. When do you remember when they had big outbreaks summer camps. Like there's this one. Camp in Georgia was overnight camp and it caused the camp to close because it was like what was it. Nearly half of the 597 campers got COVID. I remember that that was like oh good thing. We're not open over here yet. But they didn't have certain protocols yet. Like masks and open doors ventilation. There is vigorous singing and cheering So that was the problem so singing. I know right and it does seem like now. Everybody's wise to the ways right of all this outdoor stuff in Maine another camp had. Let's see between June fifteenth and august sixteenth. They only had three positive cases out of a thousand campers about so they're starting to get at that point Now they are calling for outdoor masked and distance activities whenever possible bubba bubba by anyway. I don't want to bore you with all this post this in our show nuts Article but basically it seems like cancer safe cancer opening people are scrambling to get into them. And it's just a question of. Do you do overnight or day camp. And how do you feel. I have never sent my kids to overnight camp in the summer Toby went to one in sixth grade. Sleep away camp Elliot opted. Not to go. He never wanted to go. And I don't know I'm what do you worry about. What's your fear touching. i guess. Yeah he'll be breathing all these people's air for a while lake weird over. Oh like molester people. Yeah oh how much is that on your brain like kidnappings molesting 's and not very much anymore just charlotte being a ten year. Old girl like we went to Friday Night Lights football the other night Elliot's point football and the girls ran off to the playground which is quite a ways away and there's no big lights on that area of the park and so that was nerve wracking but she was with four girls there all eleven twelve years old but it was the same place where Chelsea King was found murdered in the trails right behind that area of the park so it is like close to home San Diego story. I don't know Yeah it was her murderer. Look up probably that guy that chased you when you were jogging around the lake. He's still around he's still at it that guy jogger that jogs rate behind. You know shoulder to shoulder right next to you. Oh right next to you and he just does it. And there's nothing the cops can do. And he's a creepy guy that if nobody else is there you were there at 6:30 in the morning or something and he just went shoulder to shoulder with you for a five mile loop so about two miles. He was shoulder to shoulder with me. Didn't talk to me. I slow down to let him go ahead. He slowed down sped up. He sped up shoulder to shoulder. Until finally I was like. I don't know what to do. He came out of the bushes to that was the other creepy thing. Oh came out of the bushes in a full jogging suit with water bottle. So I'm like okay. Maybe he lives up there but the fact that he was like pacing me. It was so weird. And then as soon as I got insight of the cars where the parking lot was I sprinted and And I lost him. And I looked over my shoulder back and I saw them go back down into the bushes. No yes and there's articles about it to all post those two but he's not. He's not doing anything he hasn't been caught doing anything bad. he's just there jogging. He just happens to be two inches away from you.

00:30:00 - 00:35:01

He's the shoulder to shoulder guy. That's so maybe it's so creepy. Yeah did you guys to now lake never went back so great. He's clearing out Lake Poway. What if he's a guy that wants to start a business or he loves the birds or something. He doesn't even bother the birds so he's trying to scare away shoulder younger inch the lake. Yeah back to Chelsea King. This her murder. I don't know what is his name. John Albert Gardner and you know where my friend. Stephanie lived in Westwood. That's where his mom lived. And that's where he ran away and hid in that house and San Diego right here in San Diego. Yeah right by the field. I'm talking to that further people. Oh yes sorry San Diego anyway. So it has happened here and we also had the guy in Sabre springs which is about fifteen minutes away. Who took the girl from that camper the RV or they found all the blood and the RV. I forget all the facts of that. But either way the guy she showed. Okay here's a little fun fact from social psychology class people. Well it doesn't really hundred percent relate to that except that people on the jury we most often associated with wide faces and wide noses with aggression and we associate symmetrical good looking people. It's called like the halo effect where we think that they're fine because looking said they get away with a lot a lot of times jurors will dress up their people to look extra attractive in that way like little glasses and chiseled just to make him get away. 'cause juries go interesting. I wonder if the contouring makeup things like that. Yeah I think. I'm going to say yes to that since they're all like could you imagine that guy getting makeup though uniform appeared. Kind of look like the whiteface aggressor. That's why I was saying it well. And they didn't pick could picture of him either. He what was his story is just to cry because he looks young. Yeah what was the story. I don't know. I don't want to do to me honey. I okay but really quick. The other one I was talking about in sabre springs is Danielle van dam and yeah and her guy was what was his name. I thought is David Westerfield. And he was the one who our uncle in law did the videotaping of that trial member. So was a sexual predator too. He s he. Yeah well if i let's dues doing that. Yeah let's do a future episode on that too because we we have I interview him. That would be great. He's he has to work with sexual predators who have done violent terrible things and somehow like helped them very hard but Yeah yeah anyway right so on that note. No more sleep away camp for Elliot all summer sandwich charlotte to cute camps offense stuff for her. She's doing a little. Tim tennis and swim camp but she and her friend just play and she's going to come here at some. Can't neon yes. We'll get we'll it opens soon. When are you going to be done. Schoolhouse school told me. Never you're never done. In December. I think but maybe we figured out. Aren't they get this down with this new summers. Get than you can. We could do something. Okay wait this reminds me here's story. You texted me. This whole thing. About being on zoom calls became zoom and The professor was talking about music of the world right and he talked about concert. So tell this story. This is hilarious. I never got to hear firsthand. But yeah there's a the professors are really nice guy. He's super intellectual. PhD world music. Professor is a ethnomusicologist and so it was a class on world music and we spent each lecture on different parts of the world in finally got back to Europe. But we're spending time in Bali. And you know Javanese weird instruments and things around the especially kohl's you remember the imbera which is the thing that you play. Don't touch the microphone. Play the microphone it happened. I see I'm telling the Gillette. I'm telling you and I even did a test. I don't even wanna say what it is. I'll tell you later. Telekinesis are you psychic. I did say there was one person who hasn't reached out to me in five or six years. And I said okay if this is a true thing that's happening than have that person reach out. And the next night that person reach out and said I had a crazy dream about you.

00:35:01 - 00:40:05

What's and I have chills. The edit you've got the gift. Well I don't know. Can you tell me it was who hasn't reached out to me forever. And he had a dream of like world war two and that people were cutting my stomach open and then we had to have sex in that it was some whole weird and then there were like little fairy people. Who if you're listening. Nobody knows who you are. But that was like yeah. I had this moment of going. There's the prison that never reaches out to me. Let's see if he'll be judge me and gotten his dreams. Oh my gosh. And if you're listening I have this ability so watch cake but we play the lottery or yeah the next race horse or something with. I was in a class by the way. I'm kidding if you're listening you're a nice person in os joking but I'll next time come in and we'll have a nice stream. He okay so I did take a class really quickly on dreams myths and sim knows intuition with a guy. It's at saint professor who's also very smart guy just derail from the other professor story. Do you wanna finish that one. I know dude dream guy and then we'll go back to music holy shit with these read stories. Quick dream one is. You're supposed to at night right down. He's he gets his dreams will now talk to him in symbols and words so they flash on the screen of his mind at night and we'll give answers to questions so you're supposed to have the exact thing written down but you're supposed to ask the exact question and get specific as possible and ask for the answer and do it right before bed and then I guess said is you do a twenty minute meditation if you can a lot but if you can't do that ask your question very specifically in expect an answer and you will get and if it doesn't happen the first night just keep going for a week. Wow as the same question now. What if you don't dream. What the answer to people. Who say i don't remember my dreams and like how do you biggest thing for that apparently is to drink water before bed. Try to wake up From me it is three hours before. I actually wake up. If you could set your alarm like three or four in the morning wake yourself up and then go back to sleep. You should be remember. Eugene oh yeah that's annoying. I wouldn't go back to sleep after that. You wouldn't do that so if you can't then i would put a journal by your bed and just become very aware that you're gonna lay there. Don't move positions don't over don't do anything. Lay there in have like a little journal by your bed with the intention that you're going to write down your dream and you should start conscious at the moment you wake up. Stay in that dream. State in the dream state. Don't move except for your dream journal but there and think of your dream and as you move or as soon as you start thinking I should make coffee. I wonder if anyone's then then it goes away. Yeah okay that's cool. That's so I did that. Dream journal art book a while ago and one of our episodes and that actually worked. Because I knew. I had to draw what i just jumped about and so I had that right by my bed and it was amazing. How when you get into that mode you really do. You can remember him so so that if anybody wants to it there's no big science you just wake up that car mine is yeah anyway so yeah those things okay like your man but I'm wild. We now have a wild wing. Yeah that'd be fun to twelve. Yeah that sorry game that we had our friend when he was a little boy. My weirdo sister and her friend would play. Stand up ding-dong with this This leads into your music story but no okay. We'll let stand up ding-dong no okay. I'll say it really quick. He was just a little kid and every time he change his diaper. He had a little baby. That would just stand up like a little vienna. Sausage little tiny teeny weeny thumb thing. There it is and we always sang. The song like stand up ding dong and as he got older like toddler. We'd be like do the stand up. Ding dogs so he take off his diaper and lay on the ground and we thought it was so funny that we're they were all very young. There's no touching her. Where i had this whole vision like you guys would hold hands and do a little circle going standard thing and have it go okay. It was just a tiny little weenie. But when he laid on his back couldn't flat it was just tidy so just because it's such a weird story. it's weird we're very repressed sexually in our culture need to be more freely.

00:40:05 - 00:45:01

Think just let go we all refree dinks young dinks run around in the country. Nobody cared look what size. It was all good so still you know. Do you ever wish for naked. No but I do. I don't want unsolicited dick. Pics please let's. Let's make sure that we're clear on that one. Send us a couple we got is had a few. We also got one from a listener after we told our really interviewed mom and we talked about her. My name is king pippin the short. Yeah yeah yeah. That one's earning deng short story. Yeah so we had a listener right in. She loved that story then. She told us a story about someone that she was talking to at work. Who then was your bragging about. How big he was in this whole thing and then and then the picture popped up where we bought our. I was a little interesting. So yeah a little squeamish. I tried to do this with our COVID friend the... the big guy who got the weiner covert meam the bikers. A rick rolled go. Yeah you got dinged grilled. Okay moving on but my sister is a little more conservative. and worst. Didn't grow up in the day of text messages. And I guess. Dick pic friends. And I'm like this is there. It is and this is also. You weren't in the whole lot of them. It's it's a little much i would say. I don't want to see him. Yeah I would rather have a little mystery involved. You know you look at it. I like oh. I think it's another Muppet character. Closer with the funding hairdo. It's something else. It's confusing. I'm still stuck in the like the kid phase of everything we have fun. People are very It's a different world right. We are actually two very mature women listeners. Just so you know. But yes but why wieners twinkies with your euro story. Jeez Louise minutes ago okay. I'm in this class. Professor he's a PhD ethnomusicologist guy. He talks a lot. Lectures lectures lectures but in a nice way. Anyway i got excited. We're getting towards the end of the class. Maybe a little loose. Maybe I've talked a lot. We get to the end. He finally we're talking about Europe it's great and they were talking about all the different European instruments in classical and Vienna and Mozart and all the stuff and then he gets to the end of his European lecture which he then I think he was talking about it in a serious way of Eurovision and how important it is your vision. Is the music concert that brings together many different countries if the of music right. All the countries compete huge. Yeah so it's kind of like this. Weird watering hole. Thing re don't kill each other. At the watering hole. It can Africa the lions in the things drink and nobody hurts each other. It's like even if countries are fighting Eurovision. We are all competing for a great abba song. That's so ABBA ABBA how. How do you say it folks. Here's the apparently it's all right. That's the officials. Say ABBA. But I also say apple so I came out of Wisconsin to take out. Sorry hey but listen anyway. He mentions Eurovision right and he's like talking professionally about your vision and saying how it brings but then he showed like a picture that was about and so I thought it was like a green like. Oh we're loosening up here. And he was like you may have also seen the movie. Eurovision with starring Will Ferrell. And whoever else and I take off mute nobody does and I go ding. Because that's what the guy says in the movie play more ding. Dong if you've seen it it's a very funding recurring part. We're like Will Ferrell wants to go off to compete in Eurovision. It's as big dream except there. They play in the local pubs and ding-dong is like a real dorky folk song and the ray but everyone loves it. It's part of the Iceland. Culture yard igniting. Yeah yeah it's probably like a sing along margarita. So so yeah so everybody gets into. Yeah so they. So Will Ferrell wants to shine with his euro music and they keep requesting the song but it's one guy little league chubby guy with a beard and keeps play. I'm thinking like the farm manager right something like that. Something he's just saying he turned but anyway i shout that out from hunted person. Ethnomusicology class play dead.

00:45:01 - 00:50:04

Silent says anything go and says anything on the comments and the teacher goes and then he starts talking about European music again. Got one and my face turned bright red. But we weren't. Luckily we weren't on camera. But I just shouted it had retreated but he knows it's me the thing pops up and I'm and I'm always writing in the chat here. I'm the old person that doesn't care about asking questions so anyway it was just the most awkward and i hope that someone else. Oh that was tough. Because my sister underside do the time the best sense of humor i get you i love it. I think it's great. You're just you're above. You're on a level above everyone else by myself. Apparently by yourself when person in the class he said this is the only response i got after the fact was she. Texts me she goes. Omg julianne that i did. That was that was a girl group or little. Oh by the way our class did a project. Our group project together was I went it was a jazz project. So i went and filmed steve for steve. Our good friend who we interviewed drummer of tom. Petty and you're saying with bob mentor. Who's a famous sex foam player. He's like a legendary guy who plays with the jackets and yeah it was funny. I posted a picture of steve veroni playing with him from a previous gig. And my other friend who plays guitar. Jazz guitar picked him out of the crowd. Because my god bob minster was there so i guess yes like superwealthy but yeah yeah i unless you're on the jazz world maybe it's not as a name. But he's he's like the big in. So steve and we will be. I'll make sure it's okay with them. Because i did that for the class. But we'll be releasing smith weans. We'll show they're so good. Oh my god it was so professional and it was just in. Somebody's yard right like matt. Corey's the standup. They played it. The coffee shop trio matt peleton matt corey standup pal atanas on keys for onis on drums minster sacks and chris lewis is a a young up and coming sex player. So we'll we'll put a little of that on here because they're so good they would love it. They didn't care they they were happy. I was recording so good. Okay yeah on social media to the Steve posted another gig coming up at another place with the coffee shop. Tria let me listen man talking but yeah they're selling sano by the way one of the i was going to cover this subject on him but he goes off into another world when he plays in it. So cool he'll be he's full like not conscious. It's really interesting to see any so good and When they played your birthday party two years ago in your yard he was just yet in another world and it reminded me of the movie soul when she used piano. Really the girl used that as an example of being in the zone quote unquote right. Yeah it really was. It was so. I love that as an idea to a question to get people involved listeners. And everything let's put out something. Where do you get lost. Where do you get in that place. Where time relative. yeah. I like it all right. So steve veroni and the coffee shop jazz trio. They have lives sundays from one to three. Pm at four. Three two seven west adams boulevard and los angeles at any west adams. That's the handle on instagram. So i'll post this too. But there is that steve and Yeah they're so worth seeing. I mean so good and what's great. I covered syncopation. 'cause it's my favorite and i didn't know that sink so syncopation as if you go like one two three four one two three four fabrics to your host screen is shaking very syncopated. Your faded so an example is fifty ways to leave your lover like to tap boom like the drumming on that so that we but you trace it back it's like goes back to africa and it's all over africa music so that's why it's cool to get out of the western music brain and then start finding where this music polls from in all these guys in the interview that you'll hear with us on mouse means they were talking about always pulling from other cultures and other music because there's crazy shit excuse. My french like micro tones and things that are tone things that are inbetween like our western music is has are dunton. Dente dot dot dot dot. Okay you gotta get asked his. Oh about this micro tones are like an indian music or asian music or african.

00:50:04 - 00:55:01

they'll be more. We were not able to how to explain it. It's a note in between our western scale. All these different notes that are in within our scales so we don't even have a musical written for it because it's inbetween okay. You're so we have our flats in our sharps and are solid notes. And then there's something in between that we don't recognize so it must be a vibration on certain instruments or something or i think. Yeah you might be able to talk to someone else. I only took one class. Sure to get through but Yes like it would be on a sitar. It has instead of just the frets of guitar or the are piano. Has the white keys in the black keys. On a different kind of instrument it would have in-between the bucky and the wakey. That's an easy way to explain it or in between the frets on a guitar or so sitars and you know weird. What was the insert. You're talking about from china but you pippa pizza. Oh yeah we got a picture of it. And i just wondered what it was because i love that long neck of it being played and the whole thing i was just gonna throw in some coldplay. 'cause that's my favorite. And i have to their album. Everyday life was a hit. It was an experimental album but they did. Every song is like almost different ethnic sound so sample that to hear some of the stuff but you know what they have fans around the globe. And i think part of it is that they are being very inclusive of all different types of music and they filmed the whole album music video in jordan From from a mountaintop and it was sunrise to sunset. It's got this whole kind of landscape fia and it's really cool. Put links there to just because he loves her play. Gotta work it in somewhere. What are you are you gonna cry. You're getting glassy. I know i'm not but i. I just look baggy eyed. This year has done a number on me. Age wise this. It's from staring at a weird blue screen all day long. Yeah yeah. I also next to massage acupuncture. I'm going to go get a facial. The i gotta get my face worked on. We also wanna talk to aunt karen and maybe have her come on as a dermatologist expert. And give us some advice. We have all these plans for the future episodes. Let's do it. Yeah that'll be okay. So are we at a time. I it feels like we're good. Yeah summer camps. I would like to take myself to summer. Camp it's called france. Let's go let's go. it's time things are starting to open up. I know that europe is still kind of shutdown. We were talking about for the summer. It may not work out. We may have to stay domestic. But yeah it's it's travel is in the future. I love it. I i need this. It's like so great. Being out. And about i love it nice. I'm going with you. Big plants yes here. we day. Everybody we love you so much. Thank you you guys. We are to squeeze your cheeks and we want to i give you two cheek squeezes and then pull down that little part on your chin and then wagonlit and then say hey thanks for being our friend exactly where the weird aunties and grandma's that are not gonna just pinch cheeks were gonna pinscher wagle. I'd like to point out people. The turkey neck is a good thing right. Everybody can go to mouse. Weans dot com to find oliver social media everywhere. We are at mass. And weans you gotta spell it all out and please visit us on patriots dot com slash maps wins. If you would like to be a vip get free gear. We have t shirts. We have cups. We have fanny packs. We have all sorts of stuff masks. Were still sorta wearing masks. Some people are And that keeps us a flow and we love our patrons so much so thank you to our wonderful patrons and you know who you are and we send you special videos and songs and talk to you and you get all the outtakes and another fun stuff so go. Check that out weans. We also need to start putting your music in the front of the episode. Ooh because you always play us out but we need to like show. Nobody stays on that long. We don't know we don't know. I'm i'm really bad nobody I don't believe it. I think people do. We've had us for you to all your songs on the album as i have an idea for that to future when it's november which is the nanno pod. Momon whatever where you have to put out an episode. Every day in the month of november. I think we should do and a lot of it will be your songs really. Oh look at her. Look at how nice you are to all be there in one chunk of a place. You can send people to listen to your music if you want unless it's a copyright stuff that you have to worry about no.

00:55:01 - 00:57:24

I don't nobody really cares. People loving medicare's testing i've concerts. We have many moons. It's going to happen. Thinking into reality. Means that brain of yours going into a okay start it. No more self deprecating. Everybody out there. Today is the time to say yes. I'm great and i'm gonna say that into the camera. I am great. I feel uncomfortable. You see our mousa weans weird great comfortable hiding behind my microphone because you want slash all right. See your favorite. Oh god i have to get my teeth soon. All right mouse means everybody thinks listening watching i her to the latest book into. Oh awesome looser.

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