Jan. 26, 2021

E101 - Steve Ferrone, Drummer of Tom Petty, Duran Duran, Clapton & More

We had the honor of interviewing esteemed jazz, rock, and R&B drummer Steve Ferrone. You have definitely heard his work - just look at this bio below. In this recording, he gets candid about love, family, dalliances,

E101 – We had the honor of interviewing esteemed jazz, rock, and R&B drummer Steve Ferrone. You have definitely heard his work – just look at this bio below. In this recording, he gets candid about love, family, dalliances, the rock and roll lifestyle, and explains some life changes he has made for the better. We learn about the mods and rockers of Brighton Beach in the 60’s and how Steve’s first blues band opened for The Who. Steve and Julianne talk shop regarding syncopation and style – Pretty Purdie, Steve Gadd, and Led Zeppelin to name a few. When asked about nerves, traveling, and groupies, we heard some funny, surprising stories! Duran Duran played a big role during Stephen’s busiest year, when he also played with George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and was in the Saturday Night Live band. We figured out the connection between Questlove and Average White Band. And Julianne’s Unchained questions inspire a great Johnny Cash impression! Find out which soap opera Steve was in, which musicians and moments rendered him star-struck, including recalling what it was like to record at Abbey Road. We also hear the amazing story of Prince performing George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” during his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fans of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers wrote in some questions, so we find out about a reunion, conflict, grief, what life was really like in the band, and insight into the person that Tom Petty was.

Steve has played with Average White Band, Chaka Khan, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Duran Duran, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Whitney Houston, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, Aerosmith, Morrissey-Mullen, Bee Gees, Cyndi Lauper, Bette Midler, Stevie Nicks, Paul Simon, Steve Winwood, Tracey Chapman, Mick Jagger, George Benson, Peter Frampton, Anita Baker, Bryan Ferry, Rick James, Slash, Scritti Politti, Pooh and more. 

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Song credits:
“Steve’s Strutt” (c) Stephen Ferrone. Steve Ferrone’s Farm Fur. More Head. 2006. Drumroll Records.
“3 Chord Trick” (c) Dire Straits Legacy. 3 Chord Trick. 2017. Forward Music Italy. Used with permission.
Voice actor: Matt Thompson
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Ladies and gentlemen. This is Paul from Liverpool....California. I'd like to introduce someone very special today. Oh, he's a friend of mine. I've known him for a while now. Ladies and gentlemen, the famous drummer, Steve Ferrone!

Hello everybody! It's Mouse and Weens. Yeah! Welcome, welcome! Here we are. We are also on YouTube so we're actually looking at each other, waiting for our esteemed guest to join us. Weens? Oh, first of all I'm Mouse. I'm Joelle. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. And I'm Weens up in LA, California. And we are here to just say hello. We love you guys and also... We're always saying how much we love these guys. We love you guys! We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the listeners so thank you guys. Yeah. We might just... We're just hanging out also waiting for Steve Ferrone, our esteemed and wonderful guest. And he'll be popping on here pretty soon and in the meantime, we're going to hang out. How you doing Jo? I'm good. Do you want to go over his bio real quick while we... Maybe he doesn't want to be bored by his own bio because it's so long. Okay. Let's do it! But let's do it to a drumbeat. I want to insert a drumbeat. Oh my gosh. So we'll do it to the -do, dah, do-do, dah- Alright, you have to keep the tempo then. "Tom Petty..."  Okay, wait, what? Okay here we go. We're gonna do his whole bio. Okay, he was in these bands or he was a session musician in "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Duran Duran, Average White Band, Bee Gees, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, he filled Phil Collins' spot. Chaka khan bette midler. Stevie nicks george harrison whitney. Houston allan parsons johnny. Cash aretha franklin straight scrutiny. Pull any rick jeans. Algebra peter frampton cindy lauper anita baker. The brian fairy tracy chapman anelle house fan beginning and eighty five pat machine. Steve winwood paul. Simon michael jackson aerosmith and boo. Which is an italian band. Okay okay. I put the drumbeat on afterwards and it was really hard dementia. I'm meet with us all over the place on the phone to. Yeah so that was a problem but anyway it was to highlight the fact that steve has been in so many incredible acts yes. He's the drummer extraordinary. He has he started with average white band. Which you probably know. This song ended it dictator dean eighteen obtain dana targeted. It pick up the pieces. That was a big one and he played at them for a long time. Then did a lot of work with shock. Akon and i think that's a lot of where his connections came from from there. He work on the new with all want to do. She had a ton huge and the musicians on her songs. Great and eric clapton pulled her into play on his songs. So there's all the connections. He went with clapton on tour. He ended up on the mtv unplugged stage when tears of heaven. Yeah when he debuted owner do it was amazing. And then he. You'll hear stories about the beatles durant. He worked on two full albums of their serious. Yeah and then a couple other songs a few other songs to bow yours with them too. And that was like a main gig stevie nicks vic james slash johnny cash. Bg's cash your favorite Favorite album where johnny cash basically was put on the map again which you know a movie by joaquin phoenix walk. The line comes after. It was all from his career resurgence. He played and that was an iconic album for me. Yeah so he played on that in rick. James produced it these any longer we. I don't even know if we mentioned here. But yeah just tons of. We're going through a list of just. There's too many even mentioned but this guy is incredible. Paul simon urnov. We mentioned paul. Simon tracy michael jackson cheese louise anyway me get amazing a good guy here here. We go. steve oni register. Let are see. People call this referred to this medium. Is the hollywood squares sometime so visit a meeting. Wants to some guy called up there. So i decided to be nipsy russell. Yes reminds me a little days. Yeah how are you honey.

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I'm good to cerium late raise. I i get compute. Time is kind of a Kobe is in the middle. I was in the middle of right now at my new when radio. Show that going. Yeah yes this is the new guy on tom. Petty radio i am the new. I was the new guy was twenty eight years now and i'm still the new guy they don't take any notice or anything. I say said the fans still call you the new guy eleven and now you have some new news i was. I was looking up different news things about you and i found out that you are newly engaged. Congratulations is l. is outside they. You're living watch. Hope she can hang out with me. I love him. She's brain candy in a world where we need some happiness. You can always count on the same story. She said she said shit as a great one. There's an one on this weekend. We have recorded. yes yes. She is a lovely blonde lady. She's an she was actually. She died a hell. Got it. dad She's actually she's like and then and then she died a long and then she didn't she she wanted to go back in the you know. Does that funny thing. Would you have like dot care of area. And a say exact he's in and you're you're a smart. Gotta watch the hallmark movies. And he's not going to say your age you're gonna stay married life. good fifty. Says he's got some great nothing grace going to protect. You know plenty of it myself now. So we just went. We were just talking about it before you got on that. She's gone so noticed. Lately that a lot of women just been saying the hell with it. Because i mean my own personal experience with that was you know i mean when i started to go great when those about culpably. Twenty twenty seven. Twenty eight This little strip. When i had a stripper gray right here and then he just wanted troll of so. I decided okay. Let me do this. Like a grecian full moon and then die and all that stuff and then it so much. How long can keep that up. Because that's not very long. I mean young What i did was point by. Sonny's peterson was living and took him to the barnabas about. Can you try these. We kinda i wanted to i. I look see how halley l. How he does with hometown before and it was pretty good. 'cause we kind of look alike so the not. Use your kids for experiments right. Well yeah i mean. Of course you know whenever anybody gets facing people get older they they they they they changed right so i was i was sitting in the middle of wimbley sightings finding their at clapton. Wembley stadium under thousand people doing something code and they had screens out. They didn't have discreet by That screens Out on you can see. Don't know how it was rejected. But you could see. You can see what was on the screens no further. I'm sitting up there and applying. And i see this. Hey the back of a hey and this will be born patch right in the back of the head. And i told a wendy's seventy eight and i move my head. I saw the hickman. Though it was and i turned around and it was the guy with the cameras. I find god you find somewhere else else a lot of angles yeah how freitag magma tuck magma really not made notice one time you don't cut it put on you know you'd have to but it could be. We've heard here so i took my son and chain so so it could see what would look. I can look pretty good. So i said okay. You can do my too so they said so they did. They did mine and then we went home and and we don't go though then.

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Wife came in the door dispose. Sending it bowness. Let's see and then we got divorced. Gosh now how long were you married. How many kids do you have. I've heard you talk about your family. Y you know. I you know i was married every time i was married for like four times and every time once was like a year and every time that was around three years of my mind until almost full yeah and and and i ended up two children leaks. Leave mine with my life and and then there was the then came to light in nine years off of that that there was a child that was in between those two was a woman a dalliance. Let's decide daddy and at and then and that came with the lawsuit and then I continued to keep digging in just two i. It was funny. Because i i can say is talking to two women who probably have an opinion about about about that kind of highly but my my concept at the time was the i didn't get pregnant. They go and that was something that was the sole pat. I had to change you know because it was you know i. I guess he's going to grow up with you. Know grew up in fifties and there was a lot of different thinking in arizona who it was a. You know it's been. It's been quite interesting. What it stopped me doing was he stopped me drinking there you go. I decided to things in your life. When was that what year stock in nineteen thirty nine thousand nine hundred twenty a nail for twenty seven. That's amazing is it's it's funny because it's very is people. You hit a lot of people. Say that allows the so sub. Drinking and for some of us is harder than others and we have to get help. I went and got health nut. Continue today. And i'm really grateful. The older older guys can help me go share. Do you think i've heard that when you stop drinking. That's where you stop your emotional growth and then you kind of so if you started at fifteen years old. You're kinda starting there. do you believe that. Yeah exactly Is i would say yes. I would say that that's true it for some people you know. It's funny because like some people they go in and they have a they have davidge ring continuing. You know what i don't understand. People saying the album blessed with now. Stop the failure of okay. Start in the field. That was the beginning. I for more than a week later. Come to yeah well. It must have been so hard in the music business. With all these seventies sixties rockers. And that's the scene that's new. Well fortunately yes. I mean when i first started a laying it was. He didn't trust anybody. You didn't was a potty went to the eighties with all the cocaine you went through use. This drank all night right. Yeah that's crazy. That was that was that was that was. The cocaine wasn't cocaine. Allowed me to drink. I mean always. What's that started to travel but sleeping sloppy writing the cocaine bucky right up and keep doing some says. He's out there thinking i should. China is the good news. If you do you're gonna come crashing down five. Yeah so so yes. Take it from that. Yeah i mean you know to me for me. would i found out about it. Pelota guys if i signed problem is you know. It's not the busa problems is is my thinking and the thinking that's runs through a love of different. A lot of different things. Change doesn't come with like swigging switch sites in takes time. It takes time to get used to. I mean i remember when all of a sudden people guide cited show up inside like him and that that was not not that.

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I don't one way or another about it but it would just seem odd to me. It could for guidance. A house for women say woman to say norway young dot two million and an an i have afraid risque and got married then he would any and i and i told him it seems weird for me to hear when i when i went on. I know when i hear it so he just kept saying it and a that wasn't going to change. I had to get used to it but sometimes sometimes it shouldn't get married didn't have any of that but it just was to hear. It wasn't something that you'd heard in all my life and somebody amanda my husband me wife young is it was it was all strikes me so is it a little bit a little bit of time to get used so you're relating that to drink being sober and having to get used to a whole different way having to get used to it and having to get used sometimes you come trust your thinking and sometimes you need to talk to somebody before we take action. Get better as you get as beloved campbell start. Well yeah that's a spot of it. Go back and clean up the okay from it. Takes time like. I say it takes time for other people to you know people being patient with me is to be patient and other people. My children one youngest son. Alex point had a problem in china. And i understand why at a i mean there was. There was some stuff that went on between us reserve. That was it was difficult joey. He'd found the abandoned left out. Cloud stuff and there was a point when i would send him christmas cards birthday cards. Never come back to meet with san that. This address and i had to be patient and wait. I'm when he did reach out not mentioning. that was the hobbit. So you disappear. d-. I had to decide to go and now every tummy of compensation finishing lovey lovey. Pass game so it. That's a that's the that's the that's the that's the that's what Desired effect. I think we both wanted and we go eat. Update that by houghton on so resentment or or not. China signed the other person's view and giving it time being being with that being said you know. This country could cope useful at the desk. I think we could use on the signing. I mean it's funny. There was time Me my friends. We never even discussed politics. Came into it and yawns we just i mean we have a good to vote in. Did what they voted. Whatever they wanted to vote but now we will say the seat of each cell from self-importance get. It'd be at the way some the way that the serb the positive virus since coming force people twelve frightened show. The i don't think he's going to go away until we really don't. I'm dumping until we start thinking of each other. Yeah i was a friend of mine saying well. You know it's so different. Different parts of the country. California studied by navy marrying idaho. So he's not so bad until we realized that we all have it now where it where it is and we all do something about it. You know world war world war two win on for five years and knitting but they said to the lights off at night. Everybody turned the likes of if you lived in the country. Now you couldn't leave your lights whether gonna go on the city then other meow Country gets done. We have to cooperate with each other. Help each other and interesting and such a time that we're so polarized yet politically along with corona virus. However so right now. When were you born in england. Oh i'm sorry do you want to nineteen fifty okay. So the war had a handsome man. Yeah you were born that okay. These are very handsome. Stephen you have gorgeous teeth. Do you always have i look back at some older photos of you and you just.

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You didn't do anything to. I have a fantastic day named bubba waiver. I might use them it. He's such a fantastic dentist. He gives me. He gives me shuts will continue to have these new set of shirts. You need to scrub city witnessing as like that isn't hold on a second of collection every once in a while up to the woken insights. Yeah you are the poster child for good dental patient. I'm sure they that's great. So you're okay. Joe nuno no question. I just love Older stories of coming up in in england in music and stuff but we can talk about current day to. I'm just i love hearing about the legends. That you've played with the new yourself and how you got into the into the scene. We kind of introduce we talked about it. A little bit but fifties in england. I mean what was gone happen and yeah that was boom music. I mean is the emergence respect you. I can see the strangeness of everything happening in my life. The was i was the only black kid. Cra miles and miles around my. My father was an applicant. Dan sokaia pasu town home and they had insz any resulted in me. Which you know becky. Nineteen fifty was a huge massive scandal. Nowadays he gets nobody thinks about that. Nineteen fifty it was bad enough acute if he if you if you're pregnant pregnant married that you creighton in the black man. Those those a whole different things could they stay together. Did he travel through. No no might might might Actually trained back to see me. When i was nine years old man and and that was the only time that i've he'll be looking for him ever since two thousand we try to find something comes up to you because he was used from. Sierra leone actually got a lead on somebody known him. You're traveling with him. And i and i have my bags. Packed ready told sierra leone. See but if there was any young if any brothers or sisters Buried whatever and i know and the civil war broke out the it was united. Nations is action is looking for and and and they total the united nations people out sierra leone instance until and then the next time i went to go back there evola vocal. Gosh so you're not gonna find him you know that's the other thing he's thinking. Oh my god you know this. You know the civil war. And that people get cut off people's arms off me the of photons machete played into my family. Then i started to think. Well wait a minute. What my family is doing it. What if your family you never know. I know you did. I did a lot of family genealogy and thought you know all this stuff about the civil war. And i look back and go. We were on the wrong side of history. We were fighting for the south. Which is very embarrassing as a very liberal californian but yeah yeah so did you come up against any racial stuff in england in the fifty s or where people pretty accepting no. Well you know low general racism celtics load so i came up with my friends but i. I remember the first time the first that it happened. Those of a seven or eight years old out. Lay down the alleyway at the back of my house at your driveway to to the mush. It was a nice much nicer group houses in uganda. My house might once. Many working looks nice. Nice area nice area. A news cottage was kind of attached to insulate near the designing very nice coverage and it was like trees up there. When we play cowboys and indians. We will show was playing at an armory aydin. Omri the friends would come over. There are not taking your shots in doing so and we're out there playing this guy who's actually the holly street surgical retired came out of his bumblers very nice coverage and prudential so here.

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The concerned can pull down in sword steak and he get out of the cage. Get out of making all that noise. Get away from looked at me. He said and you black bastard get out of the and i didn't even though i didn't understand what he was what he was saying. I didn't know what what that was. Not but they talk about the power woods. We could talk about that like deeply and i. I didn't know what he what what are you go. Hey for the the angering fury decay. Mandal sti- he might as well just kicking in. So i i read home an My of my grandma. And she said nelson limited me a blockbuster and mike grimala right that thing that goes do you know when they rented their husbands defend my own. She wouldn't she wouldn't do that to my grandfather. He's you know what the guy up straight code young statement. No my grandfather said that peace ladies. Nice that that was the way they used to settle things we did. He gave him a little wet for. Wow took it. Buy ticket bites. Jackie shit that again. He's gonna finish. My god knows it. So the but the my mother my mother had had a of wisdom. She will get a factory but she sushi whether it was difficult their own experiences about people talking science south is the tons worldwide. She decided to chief me that the white to to combat that stuff was when somebody if anybody said who's to feel sorry for the principals and i announce the kind of a wild card carry myself Consumer let's face good for you connected you to music because there's so many different musicians that you can connect with and i would think there's There's not as much racial tension music at all right. No i mean. You know the plan. That i i was. I was twelve when i was working with these kids. Like eighteen years old seventeen eighteen years old his normally beat up on a twelve year old. I mean that was kind of but happening. My down was the oldest Will be like you know when you get into high school. The freshman get it from guys just to go. Go give me go to college. Was this what was the name of your town again. You when i. I met you at jillions birthday party and you told me that starting to play drums kept you off the streets so it sounds like they are pretty tough streets. Yeah well yeah. I mean we had. We had the motzener rockers. The months and orchids in his sixties. two factions. She's the buy one my paycheck and the rocas used to listen to to to to welcome owed style of skiffle music and stuff like that and multi to motown and the wealthiest white motorcycles jackets hells angels guys and the multiple Drake jackets levi. Jeans employ teaches suspenders. Braces were Advice good shooters lamberton. Lamberton investments to coins of so. What side were you on. Well i started going to the jet. The you know the brokers like main with the motorcycles and everything off the jackets Down to the beach. I should be okay with the rockets. Go down there. And there was like a million bucks. So i went home and i go changed next to jackets on. My leave is in my boots and went down. It went down to the beach. Became a but i used to play. You know the who used to come down and play club in the aquarian colder for mingo which also notice uncomplaining chinese jessop. I know i know we used to play it was the man said that i had you know they call themselves.

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The flying change that nights to the web w. e. b. We should've kept that young they interact and and Some the these these blues boost until she comes from the united states and it was the chicago or the chicago. Guys come muddy waters. Sonny terry brownie mcghee. A bill duggan. John lee hooker. All these guys come to an eight hundred acres three luggage. Show come in three threesomes and This man used to take me to see that. I mean i remember going to see it loving the music. I wish i you know. I just heard something interesting about that. Chicago time and a lot of people pulled there. They were talking about drums being pulled from the sound of the railways from going from chicago north. And that's how it originally. Yeah new which is shuffled. Yeah thirty show right. Did you get insurance. Of course is the first time i'd ever heard he was the first. Trump is some syncope usually the beaten that google com google. That voted sums society. What do you call that four on the floor. What is that this is just like. It's just a Is just sort of a strike. Killed really But but putty had dissuaded breaking it up now started to bounce continue to do that and it was more of what is that is a is a some good. What is so vital by bennie. Cain was i. I on my head anybody by that. That's a whole that's a. That's a different way to go about it. Then put his buddies a great friend. Influence is amazing guy. oh my god and that syncopation. There was a one of the top hundred drummers. Was the guy fifty ways to leave your lover in there. They were calling him. The king of steam gets. They're calling him. The king of syncopation but really pretty which a lot of these rockers pulled from the old blues guys and the chicago guys right. Yeah has ripped it. You know it's funny. That i was i was listening. I was listening to better that some Nobody's fool behind led zeppelin version of a listening to to listen to their original coating. And then the live. Recording they give jason bonham line. They keep in. I was at and that is the quality of the sounded between those two those two things that the guitar sandwich especially in is is is is is might both performances for different young then and then and then then then i realized that it was written by some some glues heard listen to that and there was a whole different thing. They did a great job of of arrangement. They didn't do a good job at giving credit. Though that was new problem was more than managing. Sir okay so. I heard something interesting about john bonham. Who's like you know top drummer in the world. But he was saying that or people who analyze them said that he would go off. Jimmy page's guitar. He would follow the guitarist as the lead. Where a lot of drummers follow basis or they they sync up with bases no before jovan dumbest jealous. Listen to butch the good dramas. Listen everybody jason bonham's nixon this. If he listened to what if you hit away the place he doesn't get into labor in place very white. he's everybody yeltsin. Loves place. Like that's what i've heard so in a lot of your interviews jo-ellan i listen to and read a lot of on you. And it seems like you. Follow that same philosophy and drummers drummers listen to drums aren't listening to the song and jonas place in the bedroom bring us off. what's at somebody like hood easing slightly different way of doing it. More syncopated ways but but a great plays guide the Steve jordan f.

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You can count them. I mean this. This looks great guy klay flights now. Did you ever get intimidated by. People are were you just there to learn absorb and be appear. It's awesome was it. Intimidating following in the footsteps of other jumpers that had left bands or no never good. Yeah the is funny at a friend of mine is a teacher in your principal schooling in in new york after a presentation. He's trying to bring mindfulness sensibility. Will city system we had to go and speaking of crete and then he was very nervous about doing me up because he knows that. I'm used to being a little so i said to him. I said well you know you stop right nieces. But yeah i said well. I said in if anybody if anybody in order to new more than you they'd be on the stage so continue via right so just go to your thing. That's great equally back after this way. Great you'll be doing before. That beats out the idea of imagining everybody in under which is the same door. You don't want to sit in this budget. We've been doing that before you got on. We were talking. And i think i think i think there's a degree of humility be had but but but but he ate a discount to things. So it's you have a big ego. Is this a undergo here in front of all these people and just do my thing. When i was at school. I used to get notice lobby and then after i needed like a show to why novus baker play baby alien. And you know it's not really not really in a competition just expressed in your is. There's not one thing that's better than how do you do has any 'cause i hear about you know i was dating a musician together for ten years. It was more than dating and he was annoying. I go okay first of all. What did he play people guitar shit. Sorry you're listening with guitarist. What's this stereotype. Guitarist use for birth control button their personalities. Okay here's what i heard about this. Tell me if the drummer thing okay. What do you call What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend of this. Yeah okay i you know what they always say you know. What do you call it. What do you call the guy that inventory with musicians drummer. Keep drummer because they have to have somebody who can remember what to play after. They counted up to four. It's true you really earned. And if he does get that the drama usually counts off the band. Does one two three four guitars ago. That one two one two three four hold on. What are we doing warren. Warren was a special with his ability to compose. And things like that. So i think had a little level of on other guitarists. Maybe he's gonna say though what with what with you living with you started off on. Oh no. I don't want to go down that road. He's a wonderful person. No i was just. I was gonna say that. It must be hard just the amount of time he was gone. I mean i could see why there's so many divorces in so many. It's just hard when you're person is home for. I remember one time. I think he was home for two months out of the year and it really was a strain on the relationship. You just go some to my not am i you know. Yeah so. I'm sure that that's part of the i think the side to think about it. I mean on an oven with durant. I had a year with them. And eric lapse in Total three weeks of miles an honest. Who else and you were. I remember this. 'cause you were holding a seat at snl they were holding a space for your playing with the ban there at the same time you finally gave it up to go with duran duran.

00:40:08 - 00:45:05

Is that what happened. No i i. I go i go. I mean that was really really. You'd biggest year ahead as financially but it was. It was a really well. And i had to make a decision on what was going to what was going to to get some time. Homage decided to play like that focusing. That's smart trice. We have sponsor for episode. it is dream dinners weans. We'd love to they benefit us and our lifestyle through less shopping. There is healthy home cooked meals most times in less than thirty minutes. And everything is already prepped. You don't have to do any of the chopping and the washing all that it's already done for you. You put them in your freezer. You thaw them out as needed and you can even choose recipes that are modified according to your family's likes dislikes and allergies super easy for people who don't know how to cook in for those who do but on a break from prep in planning i do. It's a great cost savings. You save an average of two hundred dollars a month off your grocery budget. That average cost is only six fifty per person. Imagine going out to dinner. It's like eating off the child's menu. It's super cheap and easy and it's great good quality food. You save at least twenty hours a month from shopping and prepping if you think about it and you only come to pick up or you have it home delivered. Only once a month and they're not a subscription service so you can use it as frequently or in frequently as you want joe. What's your favorite meal. Ooh there's so many. We had shrimp boys last night. Those really good. We have had the lemon chicken. Cada chicken marsala. There's always sides that the kids love. They have these great salt and pepper fries. We make an oven real quick. They have garlic mashed potatoes. All the meals are really good and really interesting things to we made. We do little chicken pies. Sometimes all these cool things you can put together instructions. Really easy kids can do it. Heavies can do it. Anyone can do it. It makes life so much easier. And i feel like a star when i'm done. It's it's the best so good so everyone should go to dream dinners dot com but in mouse and weans twenty. If you're within twenty five miles of the san marcos or power location and you'll get twenty percents off and free delivery while we are in the purple tier so check it out dream dinners dot com Do you have any favorite artists that you played with when favourite bands. I mean it's hard to. And then i have to ask you about doing ran because of course i was in love with john taylor like every other girl university and You what us goes. I was i was. I was a kid. I told the soviet built about playing concept and in anything bad language because it was a bi. Use it in the first place. Okay we we can cut. I looked down in new orleans and it was a goal in the audience. Since you got almost calm and save big lettuce fucking. John wayne. And i did that and i go. How did you get them out of the house. I mean you know we. Yes i mean. You're there william. Imagine your daughter by by dead. I was thinking you know. They're all men sitting here watching. Tv woke spots big pc cub. By that so. I have havoc. Give me your parking lot. Yeah oh that bad weans. You just like why was was crunchy. I was young. But i would imagine being with duran duran and then. I'm sorry i usurped your question but being with injury and must've been Were they at the height of the party scene. Then they were. I think it calmed down a little bit for the men they they they choose a little bit later. I mean i mean. I guess when they with me i came out of college graduate Knock and stuff is a coach. Kids boom you put together. A band suddenly became the biggest band in though in the war. Vice in straight out straight out of high school. I just kind of spreading the load skills screaming just as much as they could lead me with off. Road seems kinda crazy for them to one point. By the time. I was like thirty five. I guess they really like like mid to late twenties when i started you.

00:45:05 - 00:50:08

Guys evolved calmed down a little by. We've you've been out. I think that they could you know you hear people talking hippie that we welcome roll lifestyle. Workable lifestyle is the first thing you might use it. it's after that that were perceived as local. I saw you know there's some people that wanted to come home food. Wait to one song or something about it. But is is valid a valid trademark. Yes and then they good so it's not just lucky. I mean this is is is a written a lot of really good songs and and and and the performances of some a michael and lawyer very good. Yeah so you know. They taking their brand gone from just being like some teeny soda. Maybe couple of sons of one love sending to intervene sucking of its meaning. You've worked with these guys that have longevity the majority of the people you work with. I mean i had. I had looked. We drained the rent for years. When i when. I started to work with george harrison. My i i in london's of what can we george harrison A ready to call. Because we're gonna we're ho. Saudi bright out outing ouija of tearing out of loved us under me. No stadium second joint Dr king's valid. And as i'm driving king saul i see this guy on the street and i look at this guy. Kinda looks like warren cook. Carello accents he was so them muscle like flooding. Build a silly physical night overnight. Warren about maybe two three years before us the skinny skinny guitarist and and and and they turn around and it was what he just been. Taking up. bodybuilding muscle bound. Guy will learn in the car window down on how you think you're in town again strays summer once you to say okay. And he took it to cassette out of his back into my car window. Said can you Doing i'm just seeing douglas georgia. When you can just let me know what we do it and so a. I kept driving fitness cassette and it was the it was a demo track. They gonna vote a whole new world out loud durant and now and that was a massey. Pick for the kids a massive hits. Actually when i go back to. When i go back to my hotel i called on and i said you don't need life the so. This is a good release. This is now we want you to brown it. And so i figured out you know george george. What very much like tom. Petty is that you saw around eleven o'clock in the morning you've done by five or six arrays man bikes. I mean i think thing too much in yet you had greg client. Things played really well anyways. Just a couple of minor adjustments can nasa open. And so i you in the need in such inch. Welcome overturns warrants. The to the stadium with the coding and made me to. This is a good life. You're recording with one of the beatles and then you're walking over and doing a major hit songs with duran duran and given a long day. You may not have been on that song right true. Yeah right place right time. So how is it. Because beatles of one of your huge. You're a big fan growing up and suddenly you're working with george harrison was that mind-blowing or at that point was it. Was you know what was really a lot of fun with that. was it. Rehearsal those myself. Right cooper cooper played percussion and he had a junket subs to actuate especially thumbs hustle. And i looked at my cigarette. Gold wilkin standing in the middle of the just. We go and as we plan. It's even going to catch his ago. Came up on the station behind face a razor a jump king and it's it's kind of like the way.

00:50:09 - 00:55:00

He put any two of us together in his things. Magic this over. I got to sit there by george. Ringo started to play together skied back feeling. A concealed weapons is that it's a really special alison done so much music together. That's madge together with Connection is a connection in bands. Like that happens. When was the last time you were together with all of the heartbreakers. And and i know all of the yeah all of the all of them in two thousand seventeen with each and every one of them separately. Once i was with mike and mike in bend lingam played a benefit from your steel feels linked. Something on that. The whole thing is to get the flight tickets once woods but the birthday party of that. Yeah i. I went to tom. Petty fan group and collected some questions from them so that was one from sorry hint. henry. Hank martin junior. He wondered what the ban members are into these days. And what are you into these days. They were curious. I mean everybody's you know. Mike mike is is studying obstinately. Look into these study notes. And i think he's breeds Chris stapleton abed monitoring doing sessions. Hearing there not sure who these working working union sessions. I'm working on another ten shell Rumble airways is being working on on the online songs and produces A couple of transient abby. Women could website's is with us having some reporting and he's been he's been singing quite a bit himself one so he's he's working on may be releasing the album. Some at some point at scott is young guy He's been into it being like doing more construction stuff at his house in takes care of and he's read more into doing that than play music. He really misses. You really miss tom so much to really wanted to do it. He's taking everybody's different cuts and me. I'm so back. I have my studio at my house of workout of that as people still up in these sessions and and And i did. My radio has been sweet new radio show and stuff in studio stuff. I did one one drum clinic on the website. We over testing social distancing co on a williamson. Since and san diego did that met was the look might be realized yourself flying. Yeah my friends. And i think next saturday do a podcast with the data garfield anything that he's house subleasing single. Everybody is already look forward to that. To to claim played the with other people. Gotta miss it. I listened to your Last show on sirius. Xm and you played a song that you covered of tom. Petty's with your steve. Ronin friends and and mentioned grief and and how it affects people differently and that really affected. You thought it was a beautiful song. Oh those angel. Yeah you know we we. We sat down. They asked me is what the way the bam works. I send him songs. They rehearse it. Shallow we do. We do want mersal than we go. We go and play and and they send me this Recording what they give us. And i could make minor adjustments to so 'cause they're all still over in england so difference france don't care and and he's got interesting cigarettes afraid jackson so every once in a while the french we did we did.

00:55:00 - 01:00:03

We did see on the same record as that. There's a cover of the joe somewhat of a company some your and and he just didn't understand no is that is it was the same about my. Name's joe the ceo. Makes those big will turn into something like that in the lyrics gonna bring me goal. That always the best litter on stage and you have him undress some angel. Who let guitar. Hey now that's what i music. And his and his from the perspective of a record executives complete ass home and that probably didn't and an end with the french. The french they woods. It just didn't compute. And i say no. No no no no. This urine asshole called me using the french and italian right. You're yeah because you've lived in both places and steve. You're the one person in the us that speaks a few linguists. Yeah can i ask wait before. Do you mind if another. Tom petty question. We've there's so many super fans. I know idea how i mean. Then they're all wonderful. We love your still be missing. Yes they are. This is pam. Who is tom adams friend and she said what is it. Like living on the road with the heartbreakers pretty boring. You know it's funny because you know we. We used to travel very well. Get this very very We never never never overstretch that. We have got for team so that we can we We would travel in private jet data. G fraud was traveling and we stay. Stay rick scouting's in four seasons hotels nice hotel. Sometimes we go somewhere and swimming pools health clubs everything that we can possibly also as far as that and i get up in the morning. Go do go do my thing and go see my friends who stayed. We'd said stated place places chicago new york new something that we always had friends. I have nine my friends everywhere not gonna see my friends. Sometimes i go and have breakfast with scott. Run something like mike mike. Ben used to stay in. What's going was the logo. Have something going to lunch. Some of these guys are like your family at this point. Would like you know doping clean with with with that with that that those people were really joe was on stage days individually how we used to go down it would be to to get together on stage in her. Play the music so it was always. I was always i for us. We never got tired. Applying subs never got bored. Why is that is it. Because would you say tom. Penny is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. What is it if you if you had the if you had if you had david agnes View at the ammos as far as sometimes we. We could go and do a show with the souls. The he had that we didn't play and everybody he could do. A whole greatest in another greatest hits album. And i mean you know when he. When he wasn't playing these hits he was having fun. Playing these great play somebody else's some an oral or some while it was it was it was never bored and was it was always fun and the unit and the and the the the put together a band that he puts together and it really wasn tom. Petty and break it. Was tom petty in the hallway is seems an intangible integral. It wasn't just that we were backing band. The batteries yeah so although he was he was definitely the most definitely the front. I definitely the driving force in the book. He was powered up that he was having fun.

01:00:03 - 01:05:03

He was having as much fun in with us was being but it wasn't just announce that doesn't mean he was in the back so it was a an incredible leader. He knew exactly what he wanted his phone and got loyalty and love of everybody around him. Not just abandon all the way down to the crew truck drivers bus drivers anything from come wealth rare that you hear that about a musician that kind of respect and what absolutely what was that about him. It was just an intrinsic part of who he was. Just that's when people in find something saints offense incited meeting you to freeze. What was he like. I said i usually sites in the lose everything that they're saying because of everything he's he's a great ride at great he's very smart. Had great intuition eat you. Love reload played music. He looked play. Music lump comedy. He loves his fans and he loved these badge and everybody around. It sounds like he was a very smart man and he chose like minded people. Because i that's how you are eating just east of money either bite money. You might lots among young you can. You can trust like a fourteen ticket. Didn't want this. Yeah we doing this fun. Yeah heard he kept his ticket prices low for the fans like he was very thoughtful and any also it was also very because we would only do three weeks out on the road. And then we'd ever would ten days of everybody so so it was a everybody know this whole thing you were talking about before being out on. The road wasn't so stressful. Because we didn't yup three weeks without fun for three weeks and just flying not wear sales out a on the go out and vote just like that the end the sweet leaks be let go home. We'd resi we'd be at g. Get back looking forward to going back on smart. That's a bigger picture thinking. Where a lot of people i work in the movies. It's the same way they'll burn their crew out. There's very few people at clint eastwood. Woody allen they they do ten hour days they let people go home to their families and then get a very loyal crew that way. he thinks. that's okay can i ask. Johnny cash question was that i love johnny cash was in. That album is fucking amazing. That was a lotta fun. That was your little at such a gentlemen. Don't even such a gentlemanly gave me a. At the end of the recording gave an album when albums was late was in american no early stuff yearly yearly now san records. Somebody gave me a son record sale. Thank you thank you for playing a regular. Johnny johnny kesse gentleman lovely lovely man and you got your work with rick rubin. I'm sorry finished. Johnny story make wicked record producer wildflowers. So that then he told them. Boy is the cash thing what was interesting about that was one of the songs that we can cut was a a cage. The advocate nick. Oh do this got shoot off road but that many waters buna passing a hookah. Yeah i get. I get a you getting cooler session okay. I got hired high show. You're welcome make that only fifteen percent steve energy who says he come- play broken seventy years old. Screw every vote. Yeah he didn't die at thirty. You're still at your. Thank god get to be ninetieth plants.

01:05:04 - 01:10:04

Great your legend. I saw something. Did you give your average white van. Trump kit to quest levin. That's what he plays on. No i gave him. I gave him a snake during the. Okay okay a snare nice my. He's a big fan of average white band and nearing in trading. He knows actually the one to one of the Guitar center. Dan and inquest came out. He's always been very very very flattering list. Very gracious credit should be one of his. Inspirations flights and so i though up such a big average way but he's always going on. Average white band still advocate and i don't love yup. I'll take those systems that so that kit is actually be refurbished as we speak not been working on it earlier. Cloud ice my good night. I got a set of nineteen fifty Outside in studio. And i'm it might give them a little run for their money for little while the average. I cannot see debbie nice. Can you finish what you were going to say. Do you need to go right now. Can you finish the rick. Rubin johnny cash. Oh no no yeah. I mean rectus of rick had had mice he has an amazing Instinct i kind of like johnny cash students have gotten so it just kind of what even though. Judy had terrible time stabbing this yet. A terrible time figuring out a doomed g widely awake and he would always start in the wrong place. Kept starting to once we go. We are like me ward me away. And then he did that he did. The the was it was in prison. Did that and it was the first time i go that line about about show manages to what jeanine jodi like right here. My canceled played refinished all about judging journey. You against yeah black. He was did. Gigs did he. Was he offended or he liked that he was a great guy. Just the greg greg. Is there anyone that you were superstar stuck by out of all the people you can continue johnny cash cut you know I don't think so. I don't know sort of so many people i mean i i can remember. I remember once in a new york at the station. Analyst session was vice in jackson's critical explaining richie. George betsy i think Philip church philip judges Cab concession woman. Bathing that was producing in atlanta falcons and and now i caught up a macintosh from from average white band. Instead of me finish in house let's come up and we go go. Go go and get drunk. Your question did we get pint of guinness The rans ball used to go to college by jordan and came to to the session finished up. Woken went out. So i told him. My car drove across town to we driving across the anita he realized what you just said well with young ran off tonight musicians and i realize it's something you told me like a few years before the i was gonna do this. These lies though of that. Caliber that caliber But they did it.

01:10:04 - 01:15:04

Become kind of alleged that you go in to see your job and just get the job done in the new league. Basically musicians inequity. I mean from david bowie. Michael jackson a mick jagger solo album. Check akon george benson. Tom petty eric clapton. George harrison Whitney whitney houston and and you know and all a hold the women. All these people became prince Fellow fellow musicians that we're trying to get a some you get some way and it was just my job to be attributed draining to be going and the lucky to have you. That's i yeah. And i was lucky that you know. It's funny because i sit round soaking talking to people because they start doing music quite a bit and we'll be out somewhere it didn't it was know little bit and sorta come easy one person. Nothing some oh. I love that. I played on that total to this happened. We would be eating cuevas rain chairs after your gig at johns coffee. We'd be eating eggs and you have these stories. I was like we interview. This guy's frigging and you played with everybody. It's transport was that weird. Said that the topic out i dated a go once in immune phoenix and seattle seattle. Holly and holly was a music music year in school. And she's a music teacher now she's she. She always kind of looked at me like old guy. The dighton neil and when she came back from school and she said she said i heard the most beautiful sub tonight ready yet he said. I don't know a he said she said. The somebody grander Simpson's central beautiful. I soon the was it would reward you only is it was. It was an act differently after. Yeah yeah i mean was kind of embarrassing because they sensitivity limits conversation they play also that and then they go but the thing is not just so one is not like in one area is like all these different areas so that come jazz rock abode to be an. It's a it sometimes. it's. I'm sorry that was see. A lot of people can't do that where they crossed genres like that. They can only stand the jazz world and the or the rock world till it's been you know the prince the prince story a few tons It's pretty consistent so you it's it was a little. It was a little bit awkward. Wouldn't print showed up in the the the Induction joe johnson of the bulk closing fine because he wasn't expected. Yeah it was. It was it was we were. I kind of knew st louis blues gonna come in this coming to us over here. Jeff lynne. intelligent. Scotty dostum's gonna play on it. And i'm and then we went off to new york and arrived. We arrived on. The stage may sit najibullah vendetta. And what happened was is that the grammy people want a prince to come and play with us and they win off libya. Libya house in lippi The damage she wanted people playing this new.

01:15:04 - 01:20:00

George love jewish so if the was made up of people that knew george howson loved you. Johnson announced an princess. Kind of this guide Outside and so there was a little bit of resistance persuaded liberty to do it. She told tom about it. Dumps it down. And and and so. I never told anything. Just good guy. And i'm sitting on the stage. And i go steve winwood here and jeff yummy sitting playing piano slim woodsy greece hamilton and employees sydney and limits. His music look prince because get sick donate and he said each player listening over. They couldn't get these to get plugging dog he saw and it was kinda like this old could sort of failing yo the episode sova in the principles over there and i said i said i said women's says you not i said yeah i'm gonna go see what's up with that an excuse me. Good steve rowdy. Very nice to me and the beach is only son who you are. I said yes. I've played i played. Don't feel for that's princess princess i you so Feel yeah there was. This guy saw great fun doing that. I am really looking forward to play with myself. I go back over to john. Gay and i said that was like seventeen site where they nice he should go and say nice person and and i hear somebody playing an average white band I was involved in writing in schoolboy crush. I qatar diggity diggity day we can think and i thought it was one of the bad something living 'cause the let him about was the house Though you might be one of those. And i look at station grinches looking right at me for what he knew exactly. Yeah that's cool. That's exactly who was anyway so we did that. We did that. We did rehearsal in at the end of the rehearsal up the princess. Laso sucking up accused the and this was my that was young and we went to the performance and and and and prince put on the whole show. Just i mean the I mean that guitar so is one of the most amazing guitar solos ever in that clip is. it's just. He just told all kinds of stuff with that that get second thousand just went crazy year but he at one point equals across to the middle. It won't cross the midland the and he turns his back in the woods. And he's looking to us in these plying and then he just fell off the stage a stage and he had an enormous guy. The audience you coated pushed it back up prank god. It was like it was like it was over us. It was to larry as he put on this amazing show for us and then he will Stage towards the still blatant amazing soda. Finishes takes his title clubs. Enough of the am woke up in the guitar doesn't come them what where to go and we didn't. We will sit sitting there gun on a strange feeling. Where did it go the yet a rhodia up in the road he sitting out there in this was this was playing without you guys. He planned it. He must've it because he had the guide. And the guy helping the thing but it was it was. It was a show for them us fricking gray. The band is going to get off. And so this is great and everybody was like what was an an and also motorway by the guitar. Solo is well nobody was. He wasn't trying to steal the show. He was a part of you guys. That's yeah but it was. You know this the how would they blood.

01:20:06 - 01:25:02

The whole thing was wasn't yeah this week against louis for us hilarious. You show for us it was. It was fantastic and that was one of his one of his last performances. To right before he passed away is amazing. Let that thing is something. Like forty million or something silly silly number of us well. It's all the all stars. It's all you guys. I mean everybody wants to see all of it but that was wild. I saw that quick rapid fire questions at all. Or what is your time on a friend of mine's come we love you. Move to steve. Giving your address. I know you guys are close by are you in the same. Go to work in simi valley so we see to tell us but Are you in burbank. Okay okay well. They call it lake bible. It's one hundred thousand dollars to so that's okay. You're in a good area that much. It's very nice shoot them. Hey yes all right. Let's say and we need to talk about. Your turtles. remind only notes so cute in the background. That's that's the water noise. We hear. I love it and i used to work at a an amphibious fiction of does he have a place to land because there they live a lot longer can get up on his. What is somebody someone up. There was distracted. This whole time. Worried about your turtle being able to that was making 'cause a lot of people. Just throw them in a tank and they don't realize they need gone with light up when they somebody to say. I just i love you so much animal part of me. I know she's okay. What's his name. What are the both of them. Then boys they do that to answer your open-minded now. It's turned a corner steve. You're woke world fans here. That just wanted to say he thinks bill deutsche wants you to know what a great drummer you are straightaway. Is there any way about scheduling a tribute concert for tom. Rick messina wants to know now you know there was there was there was was talk about about actually doing what he wanted to do was the wildflowers. And all the rest of the tour at one point it sorta On out the window wouldn't Stubbins to happen with the win. Tomas away Disputes going on with families. And so it's also been sorta shelved the i i don't know live happen. We'll be not a for me. It would be nice picked documenting joy that what is it because i know i know the fans of missing it and and nobody place at sub light weeks and told me to start talking about tribute bands somebody else. He monthly incentives. He said what do you. What do you think it would have been when you think about this package. There's gotta be a lotta those right. Everybody what would what would hold you back from doing that. Is it just a matter of coordination or everyone just has to be on the same page Yeah and i think everybody's still feels these out of the other. It is difficult is really difficult. Sometimes to go play without thinking about everybody had skipping. This is the so you know. You never know pray. Pray about it and that we see now. Okay all the fans out there. There's a lot of prayer needs to happen. See let's see Average white van we have a crushing someone's from scotland. This is mike edwards. He wants to know who who were scottish. No ask about your time with average white van.

01:25:02 - 01:30:02

You kinda talked about it in. Do you get to see brighton. Play soccer much these days. Yes i do. I go on. Tv consulate last weekend. One thing about average white band is it. This is gonna be on the inaugural. So tomorrow. I just i. That's okay. Wow uncharged now. I have a good sense. Can i ask two more questions. Yeah yeah but real quick okay. Joe biden in his first acceptance speech When he got elected he used a coldplay song. I'm a big coldplay fan. Do you know the guy in coldplay. Do you know the dumber will champion that. Was it tries to work coldplay in every interview. We do it someday. She's gonna find someone who knows these. Well i singer there from england and yeah yes. There was a big stand up routine about being the drummer in coldplay. The fact is he's insanely popular. Their music is all over the world. But he's the drummer. So he's kind of got the superhero power where he can go anywhere and do anything he wants. he's not necessarily recognized. Yeah and so he actually have to do all the interviews. Yeah just playing youtube click. Yeah he snuck. He snuck himself into an episode of the game of thrones and he was the drummer during the red wedding scene. For the for the wedding and people didn't know who was. They thought he was an extra. So then. i wondered if you've ever been in tv shows. Have you been able to be kind of stealth and enjoy the luxury of being famous drummer. Not the front person was a was in the as the ball tons one. Oh steve can you cry on cue. I was in a wedding band. Report chafer morally absolute and we played something like a tiny love sexual sexual healing. We played it was just ridiculous. What we've laid this wedding. That's great there you go. And they didn't catch it. they let live soaps. Aren't that was online. I've even quality but we need to see we just played in the week lady in the great great. Were actually playing like that's us out so funny hall schaefer. My another movie not played with friendly bald. What was your favorite heartbreaker song to play tom. Petty so yes. This is a question from pam again. And we're would leave it at that. Yeah we don't want any of those. This is kind of a touchy question. Lisa attracts their. Wanted to know if you've ever talked with stan lynch and are you guys on and never have and once and that was the win win. The heartbreakers go inducted into role hall of fame. And not nothing more than just say. Yeah because he was. The former drummer fell rude. Says he's a huge heartbreakers fan. He loved seeing you. Play with larkin poe when you played honeybee. Do you remember this. Okay and i love. I got to play with them. When when tom wanna won the Somewhat of a somewhat reward a music case the the grammy regarding simpler. They asked me to play in the in. the house. management played play. So that's awesome. Did you did what you did one. Tom set man and people playing till betty sums and getting all pissed off. Because i'm screwing amount you just lock knows great musicians in locking boat lumumba's musicians and we've become really good friends and Rebecca's husband tyler bryan. Become really good friends and i and i love the music and finally they asked me to play. You played some of them on. Your show too was good. Yes really good. I play them. I play them a lot. They really i was okay. So my question abbey road you got to record it. Fricking abbey road was that as big as it sounds to me. I play away at myself crazy now.

01:30:02 - 01:35:00

That must've been a moment. Because i would like backup studio in second with me with that one. That wasn't passed station in new york. A president is just amazing. It's because of the equipment they use or because the history this it was just an amazing to play some of these videos like capital. Radio capitol studios. They go they set up a drunk and is just is just goes these these old need woodson great. I went into the capitol records one and they had We got firm movie. We were shooting in the old frank sinatra. Make did you see him. I don't know if that was a all these mics. They'll these mites stuff in it just sounds like a pilot's license is a fiction sound chamber there. I didn't realize fanny off men record down in the cellar. The balkan era they revoked the river. And and if you go if you go to hicksville which is whether in the motel. Something she said house is very small stimul- whereas that It in detroit got actually museum if you go to the detroit coach himself in attics. So if you guys can signal educating buzzing stepladder local necessarily. Stick it up there in. You're actually in the coaching. All of those modes with the echo chamber. We're gonna shoots like he's got a date with the those guys. Well okay okay. I'll be right out steve veroni. You're the amazing. Your fans love you one last thing. Do you know how much you mean to. The fans matt slipped coat. Wants you to know that. Yes i think. Thank you so much for your time. And where can people find you and look for yourself Well i mean you can find me on on somebody radio. The new guy showed and the new guy showcase plays Dot com and. That's about it difficult to find him. Regulated the internet. Well visit next time. You're in the hood by matt's house down the street from matt. I miss you too. Thank you so much for your time. Steve abbey road that such an iconic please to record. It's just that were do it for me like going walking into that building being like armature beatles recorded here in so many other people and yeah yeah yeah. I know it's amazing emma. Well we did it. And i'm so glad. And thankful for steve to be on Glad that we have an exciting new audience. Maybe with some tom. Petty fans and other steve phony fans tonight. Who might find. What was the name of the group that tom petty group that we asked a lot of their questions. Oh there tom. Petty nation there on facebook. so yeah and then Steve has a fan page and There's many followers of him just for being a great drummer and drum community Looks to him for a lot of answers. And he demos lots of products and he's always danced with that so and listen to this podcast. It's great yeah. Yeah it's really a good. It's a re- it's more like a radio show. He's kind of like a dj. He kinda threw songs up there and talks a little bit in between but not allow in its on sirius. xm which. I think you can get the app just as well if you have a subscription or not so tom petty radio well and we are available everybody on mouse and weans dot com as you know. We're going to transcribe. This will put all the notes there that is also where you can link to any other powder player If you're seeing this on youtube you can listen to the audio in your ears while you run around or whatever On any pod player. Where else are we were on. Patriots dot com backslash masson weans in. That's for vip members. It is a small cost five dollars a month but with that you get unedited everything. We put up bloopers in in little behind the scenes videos and songs and things like that. We shut you out. We shout out. That's right we give you swag bag all sorts of good things in right now. We would like to say. Thank you to alexander.

01:35:01 - 01:38:06

Jody to carla to meghan into joyce for being our patrons in our family. This is a special place in our heart where we know that you're you're finding value in us. We find value in youth. So thank you and anything else weans. I just am so grateful that steve came and showed up and did this. He you know had a rolling stone interview and then he didn't wean so we're so grateful. It's just a lovely human. He's he's he really doesn't have an ego and that's what's lovely about him. Yeah absolutely he's a good guy. Good friend we didn't get to talk a lot about it. But i hear him talking about his grandkids a lot too. So he's a family guy down to earth in comes through. It shows through in his talent and his heart are amazing. So hey thank you. We're glad that. We're part of the catalog of steve for oni. Now thanks all right thank you. Everybody sees you disagree with you. Crime dome a lot of enemies along the way to find the perfect nick slider three own trade. Humane love love. I guess he likes melvin. Just fluvial once you find a can't blame the innuendo three tree. Angel got yourself. Welcome ladies and gentlemen in the rest of you. Is the perfect package. Well it can be anything. This week will be creating the perfect strip mall the perfect school lunch wedding guest list the perfect fast food meal. We will be casting the perfect season of big brother using only muppet to house. Five pigs one perfect package. Each episode is full of friendly debates off dude. Nobody wants that. You're not mozart very strong opinions. You know opinions. I just like things. The perfect package. Podcast part of the pod fixed network visit p three show dot com for more details. This was a podcast of the podvig network. You can check out. More shows like it on podfixnetwork.com

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Steve Ferrone is an English drummer known as a member of the rock band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers from 1994–2017, replacing original drummer Stan Lynch, and as part of the "classic lineup" of the Average White Band in the 1970s. Ferrone has recorded and performed with Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Duran Duran, Stevie Nicks, Laura Pausini, Christine McVie, Rick James, Slash, Chaka Khan, Bee Gees, Scritti Politti, Aerosmith, Al Jarreau and Johnny Cash. Ferrone also hosts 'The New Guy' weekly radio show on Sirius Xm's 'Tom Petty Radio'.