Dec. 31, 2020

E99 - Ratty New Year!

E99 - We’ve been Mousing and Weening since December 2017 so this marks our three year anniversary of the podcast! Thank you to everyone for supporting us and listening! We celebrate by talking all about the party that some Christmas rats threw in Julia...

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E99 – We’ve been Mousing and Weening since December 2017 so this marks our three year anniversary of the podcast! Thank you to everyone for supporting us and listening! We celebrate by talking all about the party that some Christmas rats threw in Julianne’s kitchen and futon and closet and lingerie drawer. We even get a pop-in interview (the sweetest ever!) with the pest control man who happens to interrupt our recording! All this hot rat talk naturally gets us onto the subject of men so we create some steamy Damon, DiCaprio, Martin and Banderas sandwiches. After some past Argentine boyfriend reminiscing, we jump back to reality and recap Christmas in Idaho. It was a great visit full of skeet shooting, holiday traditions, and Cowboy Denny bear poking. We segue into Juls’ story of an ex throwing her into a bear, and an injurious snowboarding photo adventure. And now that we’re back in California, we’re in quarantine and questioning bubbles. We are hearing about more and more people close to us catching covid, which is not a fun subject. Be careful everyone! Back to fun romantic memories of New Years and our goals for 2021. Ah, it’s fun to relive these Tahoe, New York, Times Square crowd stories. Remember crowds?! We close this with a shoutout song to all of the podcasts we’ve mentioned in past episodes. 

Song credits: “Shoutouts to Podpals 2020” by Julianne Eggold
Voice actor: Matt Thompson
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Ratty New Year!

00:00:04 - 00:05:09

This is Dimone from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Hey, is that your kid brother? He's a good looking kid. Hey, when you're not going to the Earth, Wind and Fire concerts why don't you listen the Mouse and Weens.

Weens! Here we are at our three year anniversary episode. Is it really? Yes! We started this in 2017 (does that add up?) on Christmas and we kind of forgot 'cause Christmas came and went and we didn't celebrate. But yay! Hi! It's Mouse and Weens! Can you believe it?Christmas. Oh Christmas. Well I am Mouse. I'm Joelle. I'm the mom one down in San Diego.  And I'm Weens and I'm up in LA and right now I'm in a box. Why are you in a box? Joelle made me... She stuck me in a box because she said my microphone sounds like crap. Oh. And so you created a foam box for me and now my head is in a foam box. Yep. And I'm feeling very trapped yet cozy. Yeah this is the recording studio, poor man's version where we can only afford as much as what fits around your head. I'm rich! spirit! You are. You really are. Have you been sharing your riches with the people of the neighborhood lately? I shared my riches of rats. I released a rat from my oven (okay) and I shared it with the neighborhood. I know a little bit about this from behind the scenes but tell the whole story. Because I don't know all the latest details. So yeah, what's going on? I'm gonna make it quick because it was not ... You know the weird thing is that I'm going to try to create a theme of Christmas and rat. Because we do have a lot of like, "Not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse." There's a lot of... Or (Joelle sings Nutcracker theme) rat rat rat Rat King of Nutcracker Suite. So there's a lot of very cute anthropomorphized animals and rodents. And in the Chinese culture. I'm born year the rat. Rats are real smart. You are a rat! Clever. Yeah, thank you. Okay speaking of Martin Scorsese, you're fired. The worst ending scene of a movie is The Departed where Jack Nicholson, Nolte, what's his name? Main character. Jack Nicholson. I don't know. Yes okay. He said, "You're a rat!" about 500 times in that movie. Guess with the last scene was? What? A push in, or a zoom in, to a rat on a banister to symbolize the rats in New York. A little too on the nose? a little too young. Of course daisy come on. I had such faith him. But it's a good movie. Because the woman that movie got between leonardo dicaprio and matt damon. Which i think about sometimes they are two of your hot hot ones and the great ones. A little nicer. He's a little more politically aware. And very kind person matt damon to capri. Oh is a little party boy. But kind of fire mentally With it these days he's only doing things for causes he he's helping the earth once got the water ones. Got the earth therefore my theory. I'll sit in the middle all right but if you're sandwiched. Let's say in a horizontal position. Who would be where. How would that work. If i were like in the sandwich like if someone were to pick us up and take a bite sandwich on a floor wall who would be on the bottom squishing i would be on top. I would be the meet in the middle. So i would be on top of dicaprio bigger. I would worry about squishy dean seven so he would be on the top. He's the big bread and then put on. I'd put some butter on myself. And then i'd to flip around flip flip flip. I could just greet one fiscus flipping the on a very active sandwich butter sandwich. It's rare condiment. I like it okay. Well sometimes butter bread inbred. I'll take the demon incident had says that was so dumb. Delete that scratch that reverse it anyway. Retz she's eating rat scorsese and we're going backwards into doodoo group and then we have now at my coffee this morning.

00:05:10 - 00:10:01

How i'm stuck in this box so everything is closed. My brain is seeing only. What's on the interior. Your little black theatre you're creating your own world right now. I like it. Yeah somebody is closing pulling from the visions in my mind which are right now dancing rats but yeah so what happened is i. Oh this is so gross. Make this really fast because reliving it. It makes me sick to my stomach or you said the by the way did i love you. Okay go look and one front book. One back hook story being told now presents sandwich. Go present moment calling from that past ready butter sandwich. Start so what happened. Was i went to your house for a month. And a half remember. It was great. I loved it. I'm gonna remember. That is the the weiner time of love. It was lovely to weiner time of love. No love weird. Make it alliterate. It was great when you're here so you're here and guess i love you and When i came back there was a party at my house do. Can you believe that. Several people came in here and had a party when i was gone. What kind of people or those people very people came whiskers very hairy stinky people. They came in through. Guess what didn't use the door. They chewed a hole through my bedroom. Wall gets so guess what gnarly had one more. Guess what. Guess what what. They left little turns by their entry. Hope lacey knew that. That was truly them dan me they were like counselling greta to find their way back. They left a trail everywhere. Okay so i said oh there must have been in. They thought they were mice mice in here and then we don't know the difference between the turds. That's a huge gardening. Thing you gotta learn the turds. The were lying no because we had pet rats right. I don't remember the terrorists villages. Know that they were okay if you put them on the nail of your pinky that was the turn size so turn is it. Yes those rats. That god damn okay. So then. When evening i was all alone. I put in on a christmas candle. Okay i saw those. I cleaned up those one all. I lit at christmas candle. I was really cozy. Put a blanket over my body laid in my bed and went out to pull on. I said well why not. I'm going put on some sexy. Lingerie what myself did you re thinking matt damon or thea both put on a really quiet. Okay open my sexy lingerie drawer which is under my bed. Which mom put in their little awkward mom creator mysexy laundry but I opened up zero dangling of pleasure in their to my door knocker knocker ding-dong also that was discovered by mother. Different episode different story sale embarrassed. Look it all right. So i don i pull out the lingerie i pull out the box of sex in i I look at it gives. You also was wearing my lingerie. You'll never guess. Read the rats poops all over my lingerie you. that's awful. That's gonna head to clean every piece secretly. I was not putting luxury by myself. But i wanted to excite a couple of pets. Excellence out there. I was just. I was just getting a broad. My brother in the front sexier in the back sexy haven't been touched and several years. If anyone's interested we have a phone number to this mountain means website. That's right do. I should look it up continue offender. I'm going to make the story short. I just. I'm going to make this time. Those three minutes and forty five seconds ago. Sorry go ren ren go through the front hall and you go through the bedroom. Good hoagie go to pull out a jacket to meet your friends to go hiking in the morning. It's cold you pull out a jacket. Guess what's on the sleeve of the jagged. Oh rat turns on every sleeve every jacket and my own closet. Oh they really did take up in your house. They took over. That's what was on every sleeve of the jackets you have turds. Yeah with sexy rat stories at eight five eight two zero six eight seven four. I think that's a six eight seven four six.

00:10:01 - 00:15:02

Okay good okay. You've found her phone number dog and then okay. I'm going to fast forward fast. Forward there were other towards turned my keyboard. These guys were playing. We had a couple of people who are the battle is read. A battle is weighed. What is that song billy joel. What if they were just sitting man playing piano piano it doing kano's the idea of two or they're back. My christmas candle a battle the read. That's what it is going Yeah what if a couple were making out those. When playing the piano. They were all over my piano keys fast forward. We're not gonna linger here on this part. Although i've had a whole scene created in my i mean i see the movie and then i run over to. Let's see. there were a couple of other areas. Pull up my food town where you often sleep turds every no not on my day. Were in your food on reality. That's crossing the line in a cockroach by the way so they must have taken a cockroach from somewhere. I'm sorry but this is the tamarine for the piano party. that's it. i cleaned everything right. There are several more stories about them being in every single drawer cat. Food this and that up and down in every juror cleaned everything clorox. Did it right very proud of myself. A grown woman. And then i cooked a pizza. No guess what it smelled like. Oh rats took turns. Mp so it was a pot turkey. Pizza grows oh my god so today. You didn't need it right. did you eat it. You ate it. You eight turney pizza. I was so hungry. Well i didn't know whether i said that could give you hanta virus. You had hanta virus pizza. It's still happening to me. I don't know how do you feel check. Larry well for sure. That's the first symptom you. Oh yeah well don't tell madina you'd never wanna better. We'll me again near sandstone which chances are right now. Guess what a. I got so disgusted. Because i smelled hot rap e i really didn't know where it was coming from. I would imagine it was somewhere underneath the of him. He didn't think it was in it. But i clean the oven. Four or five times with the self cleaner out that i had to call our mother joyce carol carter she said. Put some water on the bottom of your oven before you clean it. Did i saw me. I like that. Yes you word sexual nerd but does that make thirty housewife or no yes true. Who would you conjure up in your mind. If you had a really steamy of in one night you were alone. You weren't married. Team comes out of your oven. Maybe bake a loaf I'd get a Antonio banderas in. Chris martin sandwich habitat really hot roast beef with a little latin. Flair rear roast. Why not the roast is the i would be. I'd be the i'd be the meet in the middle right. Is that how you yeah. You're the beef. Yeah it'd be real tv. i'm. I'm kobe beef right here. Antonio banderas why is that. I'm gonna try to mix it up a little. I'm tired of these blonde. Blue eyed these waspy. Yeah let's add some. You are embarrassed because of the snowflakes. Were episode that you like the aspen ski lodge turtleneck. Guys i do i. I'll take anything at this point. Just kidding married to my husband who is fantasy. you'll take anything in your fantasy. you're pretty but But okay what makes you have. You ever had a latino prince or latino letting prints you have remember. My argentine surfer Was his name x. Caviar matias he was so go off periods to and i met him salsa dancing. Isn't that appropriate. Oh my god chest. If i remember i wanted to rub my hands. He was rubble. He was very very sweet. But you know what sucked about the whole thing will. Here's a surf instructor. He lived down on the beach in the cabin and hung out. There is very fun but he was a he the sense of humor. The language was a barrier ono. So i couldn't hang with someone that didn't have a good sense of humor or get it. Get the humor so or you didn't get his. He used to get mine. Let's just say. I was the funny one which is saying a lot but how know if someone is.

00:15:02 - 00:20:04

Are there people that are hilarious. Totally get the sense of humor and cannot speak the language but you're on sink in sink I don't think so humor so much language if you don't understand the words in culture unless you're just all about slapstick maybe you guys just don't talk and run around and slip on banana peels and stuff like that. That could be watch mr bean. Give me over relationship. I suppose it'll be tough. It'd be tough to pull off but i dated or her mind crespi. Oh yeah also. He was my Argentinian lever boyfriend girlfriend. I loved him but yeah the humor was hard to sync up on. I will say it is right. Yeah you you know you notice good theat well right back to the rats so pizza then what did you do then okay. I'm gonna make this fast here. We go. I always say that. And then it takes an hour and a half here. We go rats then. I smelled that. Ppp to then. I clean the oven several several several times. Then i kept walking by. I cleaned it so many times. And then i what my accent. I still smell it and i. It stayed for probably two weeks. Because i opened the windows a lot and so i thought it was all better and then i got off when it got cold and the windows closed. Yeah i smelled a little. We'd be willing to smoke coming out. And i stuck my nose in the crack. Urine across the planet. Yeah not to plan. It was readiness. I don't know what that all but it was stinky in The terrible thing is. I didn't know how to get into the oven and i didn't want to destroy them and it works fine otherwise so i just said well maybe it'll go in a heated up again and again did not go away. Then i got so mad one day. Because i smelled it and it was like this is disgusting but i was also during finals for school so super busy and so i just you know when you have one of the snap moments And took a bunch of simple green and spray bottle. And i sprayed oven just hope that it would like maybe leaked the cj down to the bottom or something it would all go away and then use bleach into betsy dump bleach all through the little burner holes god and then voted to me to make a long story short. Wait how does that continue. Okay okay. I'll just continue so i consulted my dear friend. Chris martin jennifer martin's husband. He's a contractor type guy. He said get rid of it. It's inside their get rid of it. The smell that's not worth they get a new oven. Then i consulted our dear friend trump hughes who also does this kind of stuff and smart and he said well i would give it the old college. Try crack it open. You can unscrew it and see what's up some did that because i didn't i'm lazy and i also have this weird fear of rats jumping out of you. That are half cooked. Zombie rats on even that. I don't think people in my house or like Landlord types coming in poking around and just would rather remain really become it last time they came in right when you were recording in the closet. Just really neely walking in. Yeah i just like to kick take care my own business and try to fix everything myself here so i could also be like a weird psychological thing of. I don't like you know i don't know. Yeah whatever in shooters but yeah or watch too much to crime also to say no. I don't. I'm not super true. Crimea just like a having some adult figure helping you. I don't know yeah that's try to solve it. But then i'm also like secretly. I'm just a adult baby. Why are we talking. Cures cheeses. grace is and yours. Merry christmas everybody. I just smoked crack. Excuse me mom. I didn't i tell me okay anyway so. Open the oven right and they couldn't. It was all a whole thing because they have those weird star-shaped screwdrivers because normal humans are not supposed to open these early supposed to be opened by professionals. Because you're not supposed to open your oven so we figured out. Chris mortensen anything that said. Use a flat head screwdriver. Folks flat head screwdriver and you jamming in there. You unscrew it. I did it open it. Then i saw there's tons of records inside inside. The oven stuffing which i guess is insulation in the stuffing or stuffing turns. Mpp so i had to pull it all out but it was all lou fangled behind link wires and pipes in this thing from nineteen forty two. So i'm pulling out things take weird clamps and amusing garden gloves.

00:20:04 - 00:25:00

Because i didn't have any gloves and amusing lake screwdrivers to pull the stuffing out. And i couldn't get to all of it and i opened one Fuck i can't get the whole thing out from this one side so i unscrew arduously with great precision the whole other sides. Another whole evan. Basically apart and i'm pulling out the stuff from the other side. I couldn't reach stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff pull it all out until the last little piece of huff stayed the whole time giant rat size of cleveland no size of huge small cat nose so big yes sir jumped out and the cat who was with me through this whole endeavor jumped back. She clutched her. Curls jumped on the chair and she cheeses everything she's a mouser she's not aratu. This thing was two huge went under the refrigerator. And then i lifted the whole refrigerator vigorously on my own. The mom with the car on her child you strength came over me. Lifted and the thing ran and then iran under my washing machine off dryer. No more machines no no more machines and knows how to get up and inside bitches. Excuse my french. And then i lost. I just did a couple of loads of laundry. I hope for the best. I tried to rattle. It left the door open blocked my kitchen off and needless to say that was not a christmas. Miracle rat jumped out of my oven. It's so what is he there. What what the record is here. No right now. Hi patrick how are you now. I'm good friends with patrick. Okay phyllis in them so the landlord finally got involved. Did the rat dot com dot your landlord out from under your. How are you okay. We do you wanna. I'm recording but can you tell me. Have you found any rats rats looking. He's gonna give a full report later for there are no rats in the traps that they laid out. Ask him if he looked in lingerie drawer. Ask them to ask now. He was look under my bed. Dude you look at that so often you see. Did you look under my bed. Not yet he says thome what's under there. Say watch out for the box of love doing whatever the box. Maybe he couldn't here. Don't make the same thing you do this. You and mom both do this. You make me sick and then you guys sit back and laugh and you push me out in the front. And you're like yeah to go see that goes data and i look back and your both cracking up like she's really going to do it and i hated me. It again and forty. Something years old do pod. It's good it's good entertainment folks right in. Let us know if you like that little piece. Mouse weans at Let us know okay so all right so you know guys involved there for the landlords involved in things are everything's so he hasn't found any rats the it seems like i mean. I wish i could take this microphone. And we could really. He's pulling open the rat traps right now. No rats not yet he says. Tell them to yell. Eureka if you find one k if you find one yet he said i will. I was awkward. I think he thinks you're weird. I love it so you know what. He's also very odd because he sings to himself in toxic. Which i like. I think it's very interesting. And i almost tried to record him doing it. Because it'll be like somndej. He over the hair looks like we got a good one here. If i just screw this thing to the left some times we'll see if you were busy trapping rats for a living you'd have to entertain yourself. Maybe he's like the pied piper. Maybe he's singing to them to come out. Oh this could work. Ask him if he plays a flute. Stop making ask him things. He's in my attic. Great now we can't answer all. I hear distant yells. Say oh. I just heard him say was it. Eureka eureka hough pedrick. Okay he think he's far away. He's in the etiquette. Can him stepping up.

00:25:00 - 00:30:02

Okay we now. he's talking. This is the best part of if i could only record him away could join to bring it out there. Yeah hit walk okay. I hear him coming okay. Let me I'm going to put this mic. This mobile somehow okay. Now i'm going to describe the scene. There's a ladder. Patrick in the closet. Have to put a mask on us. Sorry let me put a mask on. Okay have you. What is the grossest thing you've ever discovered picked up a dead raccoon under house. That doesn't sound good. Does actually it was the first time ever actually doing pest control you have one of the things that we do in this company is that we will achieve. That animals are so we'd go underneath a house in crawl like an alligator checks things out. Yeah wow do you ever. My sister had a question for you. Who's on the. We're doing our thing right. Okay do you ever consider yourself the pad paper where you will summon the rat deal rats to you through song. I try to summon them bert. That's because i heard you singing you sing. Sometimes very nice calm myself really changed a little bit stuff like that channel. What kind of sound. I chant channel. What kind of chance or geico. What religion is a buddhist shoe. Very cool what is something that you could say that or can you not say it as a chant. Nominal oregon. What does that mean. Oh kind of channel your yourself. Su domestic law bring up energy stuff like that and you'll do that all day long. Not only sometimes come myself getting getting focused. that's cool. I very bring good fortune thing that has helped you. Oh yeah absolutely good. Yeah you're very calm guy very interesting truck and i here you chant and then you'll talk to yourself a little like oh you look at in the new back to entertaining. Keep myself going. Energize you know kind of europe. Sometimes you're crazy. Know crazy land valley. Do you want some coffee or super. Okay all right now. i'm going to go to our sponsors. Let's let's hear from our sponsors. That dream dinners julianne. Guess what what. We are sponsored by dream dinners you know about dream dinners yves st with us. We've had great meals with them. Let me tell you about it. Dream dinners benefits. You and your lifestyle listener through less shopping healthy home-cooked meals most in less than thirty minutes. Everything's already prepped for you. You don't have to do any that washing the chopping. It's all done for you. It's great you can modify the menu that you choose According to your family's likes dislikes and allergies with special notes in the instructions. It's really easy for people who don't know how to cook and for those who do but they want a break from prep in planning. That would be me. I get so tired of trying to think of meals so this makes it so easy. You just pull out a meal at the beginning of the week. Put it in your fridge. It's ready to go. Open your fridge. Pop it in the oven or on the stove. Top twenty thirty minutes the best and we've had great meals. We've had lots of chicken dishes with really interesting sauces. There's a pick kata arsala. The kids love this pub style. Chicken with the mashed potatoes garlic mashed potatoes salt and pepper fries on dean green beans. I mean all sorts of stuff gets sides. It's great really really good stuff. High quality food healthy. You will save an average of two hundred dollars a month off your grocery budget. The average cost is about six fifty her serving which is so much less than if you go to take out restaurants or even some of the other boxed meal prep services. You'll save about twenty hours a month from shopping and prepping and you only have to come in and pick up or delivered Once a month and because they're not a subscription service. You can get them as often as you'd like so you can stop whenever you want to anyone. Who's within twenty five miles of the powei or san marcus store here in san diego. We'll get free delivery repackaging while we're in the purple tier usually. It's a twenty five dollar charge but it's free this month and you can enter malsin weans twenty upon checkout and you choose your meals and you'll get twenty percent discount so everyone please go to dream dinners dot com.

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Choose your location and you are welcome. Okay we're back after a great interruption. By patrick catcher. Did he get anything. Nothing but you know what he did. Confirm those were rat poops. He said no. Mice pooh-poohed very small the whole time. They were rats. Yes this you knew this. You should have known this. We had rats as pets. Yes disappointed with the. That's okay now. Do you feel comfortable with me. I'm just kidding. Are they going to jump on you in the middle of the night like how banner out really pleased within this red talk okay. It's gone on way too long. You told me twenty nine minutes. I'm so sure that's okay. Her rat turn know that might be mouse. I don are tat to do. We can look it up. Talk about. I wanna hear christmas. I mean what about christmas i are. You wanna hear from you. Can you speak for a little bit. My voice is starting to bother myself. Okay all right well. We are big idaho trip that we were lamenting about. We were worried about a travel but we made it in one piece. We jumped in that car. We did our thing. We we had to school the kids on proper hygiene. We may have made some stereotypes. But people from idaho and don't touch anything in the gas station kind of thing was a little on the rough side but we made it through. Just kidding idaho. We love you And it's not jeff. She doesn't love all of it because It's a very red state and you have a problem with that admitted. Joe it's hard pill to swallow when you go to a place where you're in the minority. It's a good lesson for me to know it feels like to be against the grain of everything and everyone No but actually really kind people mom and denny had neighbor stopping by dropping off gifts which everybody is and cookies and it's nobody announces it. They just show up at the door. It's the nice thing. Yeah and they live way out in the country and so people have to drive a ways to get there like. It's a concerted effort to bring a homemade gift to them. Honestly going brings me probably's no they got for. Little stop is known. I just told myself to shut up. I'm sorry go ahead did. I did get a nice New year's basket from somebody so we can celebrate home. If was that if we choose to you. Well it's carla but we're actually probably going to celebrate with her because it's her birthday happy birthday. Happy birthday karl. Happy birthday you're the best you break baskets and we love you. That's right. I think it was just a measure of here. Some casey choose not to Come visit our bubble for new years. But it's tough man. This time of year is hard because we did kind of like go against the rule of not travel and we did our little isolated trip. I think we're safe. I mean we were how many days out. Now it's been five days. We got home on the twenty six sale. We went out on the nineteenth. Its thirtieth. everybody's fine. There's no symptoms i think rugged but technically you need to wait. Five days right five to sixties. Is that a. yeah. I think so so a few days in but But i feel pretty good. I don't wanna say that because it's a jinxi kind of thing to say. How was your christmas joe. Oh it was so good you were there you know. We posted some stuff online. Go to mouse and weans on instagram. Usually is the main hub but You shock we shotguns. We open baby. Yoda's no baby. Yoda was a santa present. Santa came we had cookies. It was all the stuff it was all the good family traditions. Christmas stuff I think highlights were watching eurovision. I love the danny. Okay well you show the video of cowboy dinnie the rough and tumble cowboy sitting on the couch and whatever we turn on he just kinda watches. The I gotta sneaky video of him watching the part of the lion guy in eurovision and there's a bunch of humpty like dancing pants doing humped dances and caught him watching the humps and he was not happy he ended up the thing. The off you don't see in the video but oh it's the best look though. Yeah every time you turn the camera on him. It's either a hand in the lens or middle finger or two middle fingers but we did get a few videos will post those because we played lots of family games. And but what does his thing with you. You guys just are to each other you needle needle needle.

00:35:05 - 00:40:03

Poke poke punch. I'm just one of those pokey people a lot of times. The dynamic is to beat up on me to use me to poke me me and I take but you take it but you almost invited poking to. I like to poke some bears. Progressive beers a major. Because it's old. Can you tell the sean p who's bear story really cooked trump. he is And dave barley dave. So i was with. We were boyfriend girlfriend. Neighbourly night and we had gone camping with his good friend. Sean hughes and shawn's wife nicole and we went to their favorite camping spot and we're over by the campfire and shaw was telling the story of. Oh i remember. Somebody was talking about a bear being loose in the woods and and i think might still be around right now and got into this really quiet and scary bear story about it could possibly be right around us right now and he grabs a rock from behind him and dave. My boyfriend was sitting with iraq behind him like a big boulder so he goes out. There is any through the rocks. What made this crash in dame fisherman. David my boyfriend throws me into the bear in runs and darts like a little whipper will in sprints down the street as i'm being flung into the bear and we all just did there laughing at going. Oh shit head he. He would like order mile down the road and now we all know fishermen legs flying. I'm telling you it's a story that is still told about what they would do. You would have gone into the jaws of the bear and he would have been free. Sprinting down the road. Oh no now. If that says something about character. I don't know what so. You guys did not work out as boyfriend girlfriend. Long-term poor beer. oh really think Sean asked me that he goes. What did you guys break up. And i think. I have always just been on the move like always wanted a career and so i don't even know what the real reasons were except that i was always had to keep moving and trying to even get a rolling stone. I was china. you know. Make a life for myself with a job that i wanted like in the arts in it was really hard to do in the bay. Area is hard to san diego and la. Unfortunately in some ways is place and you well in. You're young too. I mean it took time for you to find your little path and yeah i've really founded This is a min- rat cave now by myself. Me and my cat head still in the box to my head's in a box in a red you've known don't i almost dead. Oh ref spill anyway I'm glad that you had a nice christmas. Thank you mom for such wonderful cookies and wonderful home. The christmas spirit. It was so fun and so many gifts and mom makes it so beautiful there and it's just music. I mean really ing and snowboarding. It has homework. Yeah yeah we got to go to kelly canyon. The local resort and go skiing snowboarding. The boys had a little rough go of it because they haven't been on snowboard since they were about six and but they wanted to try because they've been skateboarding home so they thought it'd be easy. It's a little tough but they got it by the end but still there were like we might go back to skiing. So they're kind of hybrid. They're both they can do. That was like me on our big snowboard said. The first time. I learned snowboard. I hated it so much. It was so hard it's hard. It's a learning curve. You really to give it like three solid days in a row before you get it and then once you get i think i just went and i still go sideways. Down the whole hill where you kinda of lift the one edgier board so as if you're going With your long bore instead of going front where your front nose goes down. I go with the entire side of the board down and curse profanities the whole way. Because i don't like it so much. I know it's hard. You just scrape your way down heels heels out. Yeah i know hearing well. We're teaching them how to get down. You can get down any mountain that way so that is like a backup trick and or you can frontside you on your toes all the way down but when she learned how to carve that's the best in. Yeah so we're trying but it's a couple of pictures of s joel and i. At one point years ago we decided to try jumps. And i was so over it i just wanted you know you. Just get so over something like fuck it. I'm just going to do it. I don't care anymore like the simple green oven. Yeah like that where you just. You've had a year at a snapping point. And i'm like i don't care. I don't know how to do this. But i'm going to go off that jump because why not at this point it's all over.

00:40:03 - 00:45:04

So then we went off his jumps and take a picture of me going off the jump. I'll take a picture you will do it. One time we might die or get a broken limb but that's worth it for that one shot. Yeah he made us scream hotdog california california. Yeah because i had snapped. I had had hotdog california california and we had to scream sisters so then i was like fucking here i go get ready for that shot and you just see me. I jammed down and i do my jump. In it. launched six in the their superstars sisters california. But then you look at the picture. And i'm completely on one side like where there was no way in hell ever landed and i ended up landing on my wrist and neck. We have a picture and they do the same thing. And i basically mimicked your exact position. It's like us in the like you can see the lip of the board going up off the it looks good or arms up but then we're midair and it's ass down in the air you know we're just going to land right on her s. Nothing that i've been cool about two to prove it. Hotdog california's superstition landed in You know weren't breakable. Now hairline fracture you did serviced. It was worth it now. I have this memory also fractured your risk. Punching a guy and playing basketball you got affection towards something right from your son. Yeah he's a good kid. Oh yeah yeah but anyway. It was fun. We had a good time in idaho. Came back. I feel pretty safe. We've been kind of quarantining but we joined our little bubble group again. Kids start playing but do you think people are dropping like flies. My sweet housekeeper. That was her saying. She can't come clean tomorrow because she has the flu. Which unlike now my ex just wrote that. He got govan. Yup yeah y- and we are doing more people. I'm sure all of us are. We've had family members die from it. We've had Funerals canceled. its route. It's so bad and dave's partner work His whole failing got seven just got tested. So we're waiting for results for that but man there be careful and we're still getting calls ikea new year's eve like come out my friends in town and the people still gathering and this and we gathered you know. Yeah i know and we did gather so. It is like chris and i'm getting kind of upset to because yeah everyone seems to be a little more cavalier in certain areas. Even i've caught myself saying well. You know even if we do coach. It's just a flu. You get ninety christmas. I'm changing my tin man. I dunno it's just been closer to home. Well you know what it was Mom and daddy have a friend out in idaho. Who's a cardiologist. And he came and dropped off a gift with his wife and they were telling the story about how one of their friends family members. They all came out for thanksgiving and the guy was sick so they made him stay. Hit twenty four. I think no he was older right. I think he was the son and he was super. Oh forty one. I'm sorry he was forty one right but they made him go to hotel. I just took your story over continuing our that's it just. He was quarantining in a hotel and they would send him meals and one day. They sent him a meal and he didn't answer the phone and so they made the hotel clerk. Knock on the door trying to get in touch them. Wouldn't answer wouldn't answer so they called the cops and they called this Dr yeah who's somehow related or france. And he went over with the cops. They banged on the door. They didn't get a response so i think they had to break in the door. Get like a special key or something. He went in found the kid on his bed Like foaming at the mouth passed out. They beat yeah. Call the ambulance get him on oxygen right away. Get them into the icu. And i think he's still on life support. Yeah and no cuomo abilities. There's no other. He wasn't fat diabetes. Any of the stuff that they talk about and the guy was saying now. I it because i saw that. Now i know this is not just flew. This is a great allergist. I get it now. That story stuck with me and then today in the news. The congressmen who's forty one. Years old just died from covid. Same thing no complications no co morbidity is just all covid had two little kids they just posted their christmas picture cute wife it like a baby and a toddler. It's so sad. And i don't know so it just like is re igniting my fear again.

00:45:05 - 00:50:02

It's funny 'cause people go in waves of fear no fear and you know So here we go folks. What are you going to do for new year's woopsie to take it seriously. I'm going back and forth like just have a party. Outside and bundle app can stay faraway in mass or do we just lean in. We were already bubbled up with this other family and we have to pinky promise. We're not going anywhere. Kids aren't going anywhere. Everybody says that bad. Everybody's got lots of friends that they see anyway in the guy at the store i talked to my friend. And they're like yeah. I've been soup or good about this. But you know i went to trade or does and then i went to the post office and then it went to my firm in the own. I know and i feel like those quickie. You know errands that bad. Because you're not sharing air for too long and you wearing a mask and washing hands. But we have an outbreak map that they finally published in the local paper here in san diego and it shows all the addresses of where outbreaks have been which you know is defined by three more people getting it within a seven day period from the same location or whatever in walmart was one of them. You know most of them live walmart anyway. That is the most adept family in the universe. Sam walmart go down with all your dirty people. Yes it's yet yeah. I went there for one quick. We needed air mattresses for Like i don't know where we're going camping or something and Oh my god. I'm this is where. I'm going to catch cova if i'm going to catch it. This is where it's going to be. It was so gross. I wanted to take a full body shower after my local vaughn's is and people are going down all the time. It's right by the glendale hospital where people go. Nurses go in and buy their onion and stand in line for twenty minutes because they hired two people for line of forty people because apparently they're really struggling with money this funds corporation. i don't like corporate tar. I know support local guys. Don't go anywhere. I'm i'm just ordering everything now order all our grocery your door it's great. Yeah yeah a little extra. You're supporting someone's job. Who i'm sure. Things are so tight. Feel so bad for people like working all these crazy hours in the public. These stores sister. Yes all right going down the rabbit hole. Happy new year when going to do for the next and exciting new year I mean let's see setting goals in changing things stuff like that. You know i. I want to not be as judgmental of people and things. I keep trying not to be judgmental. But i keep judging. I just did it with walmart. I'm sorry walmart. Don't follow the corporation. But the people that go there maybe it's just such low prices and people are desperate have to see the other side of things so that's my goal. I want to be less judgmental. What about you yeah. That's a good one too. I'd also like to embrace feminity. I wanna i wanna dance around and some of those lingerie scanty. He's no one. Really feel my my femininity roar. Do that by listening to a lot of babba streisand and singh born free and things like that all by myself. And i'm gonna late some candles and christmas lights. And i wonder really get into the spirit of myself. Wow alone with that little Lingerie pull out drawer full of retro now. Did you wash all your laundry get got this gives these back to those rats. I'm done i'm sorry. No it's just team episode. Well good. I liked that femininity thing. I just heard a song. Yesterday it was record in the forties by someone. It was all about being a woman and the only way you can be a woman. As if you're in love with myself that's antiquated. Yeah with yourself. Got his all song by jack. Jones called Don't quote me on this but it's like if your a woman you gotta be hot for your man. 'cause he's at work all day. You don't put your hair in curlers and expect him not to hunt the secretary before your man. It's called jerry jones and it's like something about a woman look it up. It's terrible fifty song that needs to go in the book burning pile. We don't you more anyway So favorite New year's memory sister will pull from the past. Our present could be weird. Okay i recall being in a cabin and tahoe. This was in a non. Dave time in one of my ups and downs and there is a very cute boy there. We shared a kiss. It was a cabin. He might have been wearing a sweater there since fireplace. I forget his name joe l.

00:50:02 - 00:55:03

Got it in my phone somewhere. Came across the other day. How did this happen. How did he invite you and you know it was all a cabin was. Ot year two. Thousand i remember. We all thought the lights are going to go out. And we're going to stop but they didn't to keep he worked at ea games. He gave me a sweatshirt still says. Ea games which is a really cool gaming thing or was at the time. I have no idea but he was a lawyer new super cute and but then he never called me again. It was very disappointed. I don't know. I was just kinda guys hank this game. What did you guys. I know you would have done things weird in that cabin. It wasn't weird we can kissing. It really was no. There was no hump really. Yeah kissing. But i love kissing. Kissing is create kissing kitten. Yeah we know from the last episode. You got a little steamy. You steamed up your own glasses. I'm sorry all glasses. I wear who i wanna steamer from. You know what a steamer is cleveland. Steamer pile of dog poop on the lawn on a call. I just something much more than that. I'm sorry i mean don't look up your mom don't especially i've just done it okay. Paint the picture nineteen ninety eight. I'm in new york. I've just finished acting school. No we're in the middle of stellar. Add their conservatory. Lots of lashin and fun and drama. I was in love with eric van. Wyk oh was he dreaming. He was in hall. Hugh grant looking gentleman and he. It was unrelated love but we had one moment where we decided to go to fire island together and we took a fairy. This is i think it was new year's eve and we took a ferry. I know what's a need to change the name of that boat. No the named. Yeah i mean you could still go to fire island and not be gig. But it was very known for a lot of Shenanigans with the dinky but But i love it. It's a really beautiful place. It's fun anyone could go and we were on a ferry and we were going across the. I don't think it was a hudson. It was some other drink some kind of drink writing the boat across and we would there that we would to the beach and it was one of those long story beaches that you see that are east coast where they it's always cold. So you get bundled up in a couple of reeds that blow in the wind and they're not endan sailboat. That you like cuddle up in the whole oh. The whole is the long stick per in the middle. Yeah just just the thing. The floats were stand. Yeah there's no boat gorgeous. Thanks we cuddled up by a rock and there were a couple of blowing reads any gave me a back rub. I remember and it's always the massage that leads to love how to touch a girl offer to give her nick. Rub who wou- yes. Rubbing is a good Lubricant loosens you up these gets you to touch and then after that we took the ferry back and then there were fireworks as we're writing on the drink there are fireworks going off and then we kissed him was a romantic kiss where we watched the fireworks during the massage. It really was just a massage because we were just friends. We were friends for two years. It was unrelated secret crash. But i also knew he was a little bit of a player. So he said. I'm never going to go down and then He was in love with this older australian lady and she was a snoot but And then we kissed a mate. And i remember thinking even though this is not going to turn into anything. I'm going to pretend that a romance movie. Just going to do it up and go for it and then we kissed and then we came back. I can't remember anything else but boy was ever. Did you seal the deal then or was it. Just a kiss was a kiss and we had to go back and we did end up getting together once in my place in jersey city. But i believe once you say jersey city it kind of takes out of it and there was a bunk bed around the top bunk. And oh lord well yeah of very small rooms. In apartment adult bunk bed adult it was a built-in someone built it Actually my one of those loft beds. Let's call it was a lot fed in my roommate colleen.

00:55:03 - 01:00:00

She was one of the roommates and she was actually dating the guy from. Snl the mango christie. She was dating him and either he built the thing or she also had this italian suitor. He filled our place with ten thousand dollars with a long stem roses. She was a. I don't know she got these guys. They all loved her. And then my russian bride No she just seemed like a connecticut or upper east side. You know show his cashmere sweaters and short hair and then the weirdo guys. Live with sweaters John was other roommate. That i live with who was in love with her and he ended up stealing her cashmere sweaters and taking him to taking them to his mom and stealing your credit card buying a bunch of Equipment from guitar center where he played guitar songs to her. She walked in the door jamb on his electric guitar trying to impress her by stealing her car. Buying the government. Anyway this sounds like an episode of girls or something awkward very awkward. The whole thing point enter. I made out and did dirty stuff a little. Bit of a could noodling with eric. Van wyk on the top of the bunk bed and do want to hear the really bad. I just started my period day. Oh no no it was like just just happening. As can noodling was happening sunday bloody sunday and i don't know if he never knew that except that I stopped and ran away. I started running down the hudson swimming away. Because i was so nervous. It was the moment of truth. And i. i just skied addled. Oh you left him there. There red dinky. We know we didn't know dinking. Oh thinking of the dinking good red sink. What is sink the pink only key me up. I just hit the ball. Pink l. happens well. These are the thoughts. We want to leave our dear listeners. With for this. Christmas is no year's end up with something else. Please killing a little something. What was another romantic. New year's new york came to new york ones. Yeah we did. We went to times square. We watch the ball drop we trays so but cold. It was freezing wind and cold every winter. Shut down here in that crowd though you were kinda warm because everyone was shoulder to shoulder even the were freezing super fun and just drinks and yeah. That was cool. That was right. Yeah we're right there. It was cool being the like barricaded area and all the cops everywhere and it just had that energy and music and so. I'm glad we did that. I would never wanna do it now. But and i do miss the energy of a crowd. I was talking about this with dave last night. Like i totally miss just being in a crowd. He thinks i'm saying 'cause he hits crowds. He's a total introvert. But he's cool but you know really. He loves being alone but the crowds and so new year's in times square. Like that's the feeling that. I miss being in concerts and bumping shoulders. You miss it at all or am my crazy. Yes energy of a big live crowd. I just talked to you jean. This singer of gogol bordello over email. Because i still have footage from five years ago for them. I took the wilton theater and those were the best shows ever where your high energy and bouncing around and could a dancing and that was the first time after talking to him. I missed the music scene. I know i know it is. It's like an energy. And i guess if it doesn't mean a lot to i tried to like in it too. I'm like what about sports like baseball. Game with all the people in the crowd that energy and he was like. Oh okay yeah. I get it but i do. I miss. i want to get back to that. Do you think we'll ever get back. Of course what what would do it for you like. What was the best energy moment of crowd. Am i allowed to talk about a play concerts. There was so much fun. I'm sorry. I know it is a it would be so fun to just go to it. Live concert again. I miss that. I miss groups of people hugging. I miss she misses making out everybody. Let's just tell it like it is she wants you wanna kiss. It kissed plenty we. I have a great husband. Who's very kissy huggy. And tatty and lovey. So it's good. I have plenty of my bucket filled with that mcglinchey.

01:00:00 - 01:05:06

Pictures antonio's benders to being. I don't know i said that. I know he's nice and old. Did you see. He played pablo picasso. He look good. I want to watch joel all right. We're getting off track. Weans i love you. I wish you very happy new year. What are you gonna do for new year's suck it. Okay all right. The kitty in the rat and patrick. Maybe he'll come back over chant those acute chance all right all right. We wish everybody very happy. End of your holidays into the new year. This is going to be a better new year for all of us. I can feel it would get back to good. Crowds will be able to breathe on each other with freedom and we want to hug all of you. We want to thank our patrons are great listeners or hot pals and i wanna thank can do special shout out. Yeah to brian cave lee bryan bryan bryan bryan. Yes we love you bribe he. He gave us a huge donation to our pod fund with which we are going to buy socks for the homeless and there wasn't a donation he asked us to specifically buy socks for the home. Yeah right right right so he they're coming in the mail and we are going to make a scene of it and and donate so. Thank you brian for your support. Anyone who's bought some merch. We have all of our stuff. Our mouse and wiens dot com. Anybody door nice. Okay cool and we've got just lots plan for the new year. We want to collaborate with lots of friends. And we give our thanks to the pod fix network for taking us into their own family so check that out and all. Good things to calm in year. Three of wayne's here we go near for this this season for go and our next episode episode one hundred something special plan. Stay tuned our dinners. We love you. Hello y'all mrs masson weans and we want to give a little shadow to our favorite podcast pals. Hey let's start with nooks and crannies. The phoenix nest all the good dogs three spooked girls spooked our two girls on a bench. The pod fix network Real horror show brooklyn leading the picture. Show with austin and phil rude feminists without mystique happily ever aftermath. Nra women cult of domesticity. Quick and dirty romance ignorance was bliss bubis newbies. That's not proper my worst date. Fool me twice just so you know hashtag. The no offense show shit happens when you party naked. The more gooder than podcast unpredictably ass. Best forever's tell tease life world. I said god. Damn varmints tuck and shares cut scenes and cook aches believers skeptic. Podcast bad at love talking. Codswallop the geek leave. It's not like it surgery. Gravity beard fish nerds trebled travel brilliant nations. Cooley koo koo tamra to the break of dawn your brain on facs. Assorted goods podcast. I shake my head with lisa and sam nerdy. Which is mom never tells us naptime. Nancy hong kong confidential not a safe space her american story couples talking couples shelf love. Podcast the cut aways podcast movie. Drome podcast ready to be petty. The he said she said cast a non mom. Happy hour deconstructing damsels. The rise of king oscilloscopes comics emotion. The thirst the lazy you watch. I listen in deir daniel masson weans want to welcome the best twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty one. You lover podcast friends.

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