Dec. 23, 2020

E98 - Christmas Questions for Your Forever Person

Find out why Weens almost paid Mouse $2.99 per minute! So humiliating, hilarious, and ho ho inspiring. But first we catch up - faking it until we make it - about college classes, race, selfish kids, Julianne's songwriting,

E98 – Find out why Weens almost paid Mouse $2.99 per minute! So humiliating, hilarious, and ho ho inspiring. But first we catch up – faking it until we make it – about college classes, race, selfish kids, Julianne’s songwriting, and copyrighting music. Hear the step by step of Joelle’s Covid testing and the why behind it. And then we get into our list: Questions to ask your forever person this Christmas. Hear the hard-hitting discussions on cards, cats, snowflake sweaters, work parties, dancing, holiday songs, church, wassail, caroling, mistletoe, and turtlenecks. We hope this episode jiggles your belly like a bowl full of jelly, and we want to hear your answers too. So be sure to write us at

Song credit: “Christmas Change” by Julianne Eggold
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Christmas Questions for Your Forever Person

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Jimmy stewart here. I like christmas. Massive ways awesome said we are. We are happy holidays. Mouse and weans. Joel i'm mouse. I'm the mom. One down in san diego. I'm weans and i'm up in la. And i'm gorgeous you are. I'm looking at a picture right now. In my little. Christmas decorated a cubby hole of a recording studio wearing my brown trenchcoat. Mom hung all these christmas lights up last time she was here. Isn't she great. Did you like relaxed. Right did you. Listen she's wonderful and she burst one. Made it out the tw- inc one made it out this don't mic. Thank made it out sick. Nice song. I like it. We're just talking about christmas songs to and songs for patrons and yeah songs abound but wiens how are you. I wanna hear about your week. We haven't really talked. You've been so busy. I know so. Is that true though. Are you just asking me. 'cause you really wanna hear okay wait i just i just said before. We started recording going to be super positive. I'm going to see what it's like because hi well this week. I've had a really great week. I am so excited to. I've been taking courses and classes. What your feet. Fake happy right. Now i can tell. Oh how can you tell it. Thought it was doing well oak or keeping. can't you fake it till you make it You shuki yeah so put on that. Smile crocodile. The most see quick aggregrate. Now you're in the mood. All right everyone go to dream dinners masson williams twenty at checkout. you'll get free delivery and packaging. You're plugging something. Take using your positively to quick ad read. Okay get how's your week. You've been busy with school. Tell me it's great. Okay i will look at all the positives in saying that. I've just taken five courses at the local college and they're done and i got all as i'm a four point. Oh student folks. That's what happens if waster Weans the straight a student like a very good. I really appreciate women's studies. what were they. They were heavy hitting courses. Would you of courses letter courses on a lot of stuff to do there. And the old brain there was some. Oh okay. Here's all the courses that took 'cause i it's been so long since i went to school. I had to take a lot over that. Didn't we back in the longtime ago. So i had to Do you really want to know about this. Or it's like it's not an exciting conversation. I think it is. Because i think you're awesome in. You are keeping the whole black lives matter thing. I've seen a trend online in social media. That everyone's like great. You did a big black square on your feed way back when but now what are you doing and you really are. You're doing it you're sticking with it and you're learning and you're you're maybe going to create a career out of it so i don't know that i do know that i get very fired up with the injustices of the earth and particularly in that area. It's crazy to read about the history and to see it still happening again and again in different forms and wet the frick people. What's wrong with this situation. It so archaic. I know that people have raised them at this point in time. Like what is wrong with people. You've sent me essays and it's a lot about just jim crow laws and poverty and how things have become what they are now in. We watched a video together called racism. A history was bbc video. We watched it on youtube three hours. So it's long but it really does go back to like darwinian. I almost said darwinian. That didn't win win. But this they started like this european enlightenment so you got a bunch of foppish. Prince's sitting around smokin each other's dorks in talking about our participate proper and then they used Charles darwin as natural selection going.

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Those people look like apes and let's create a chart and it was called the chronic politics of man in it put black people very bottom as subhuman and as you got later skin up to the top where you are human. And they even said black people. Are you know Crazy barbaric subhuman wild not to be trusted in these are all the rhetoric that they implemented and then white people were refined dignified and beautiful this and then they that became what most european said. Oh yes this is the it was a big deal and then we came to america with it. Same idea and then. Also that's one part of it and also money was all about money and this was the member when we watched that racism documentary and it said europeans were really racist. That is part of it. That thing i said but it also like they weren't really free cyst as much as they wanted money. They're motivated over free labor and free labor. Yeah and it was an chattel today. So awful yeah. The whole thing is just gross in. I don't see a way out. But i hope that there is change. I'm glad we have a new president. Joe okay wait on race episode. We had we had episode. I'm really proud of where we talked about race. But also someone. I just talked to a kelo stone He's an amazing sociologist. Great guy he's a friend of our meds and just talked me. Help me figure out college stuff. Great he took a lot of time to do that. He also listened to the episode really loved the part about charlotte wanting to dress up as a black panther I think that was really important. A lot of people pick that out of the episode is being. Because i think it's just it brings it down to earth view this concept. That's like okay. How are we implementing this. And what are the issues quoting daughter in so he was in full support of let the kid just however they want address. It's not a slight to anybody or what. What was his point. I think he just like tau discussed and in for anyone who hasn't listened to this which we just assume everyone's seen every episode. It was charlotte when she joel's daughter when she was four or five wanted to dress up as her hero character. Who is a black panther and you can tell the rest. You were worried about it. Because well i didn't even think twice about it. I was like of course she can and was like girl power. That's amazing great. And then i saw online social media. Everybody has to spew their their case and make it into a whole issue that it was racist for white people to justly pat. People was saying that. Even little kids who i don't remember it was just a whole community of thought. Like are you gonna go forward with letting your kid dressed like black panther is that right. There's just wonder if that was from wait. I don't know yeah. I'd have to go back and look at old posts cincy and because it doesn't seem like a i don't think people from the black community would have said that as much bao's us white i let's look the i wonder. Yeah we'll look it up but Yeah anyway that episode is nice because hearing people talking about it from their perspective of. That's wonderful that herbie who she is and Next time be more confident and proud. And you know do it. Don't 'cause i shied away from it. I was like okay well. I don't want to offend anyone. So we didn't do it. And i'm kinda bummed. We didn't and i'll do it well. You re enter and let 'em rip rip in ripping over here rip in in. It's christmas hanukkah. It's our quanta. it's all of holidays. Is our hanukkah candles. I'll have you know we have been lighting care you every night yet and it's really cool. I sent you that little kind of prayer sheep but more than that's more like character points like every night stands for something else like love and friendship and love thy neighbor. And you know so. We've been doing that. Peace on earth and we have the kids read the little passage and we'd candle talk about it. It's been alive. Yeah so they have judaism in their house. They have christianity lutheranism. What else do you have. Yeah we're kind of mish mosh really bring it right back down. No but it's we're very spiritual we want to be kind. It's the religion of kindness. And just just be good. Be good people and share the wealth in. We're working on that because with teenagers. They're very selfish. Kids are selfish just intrinsically although sweet little charlotte would give you the shirt off her back.

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Is this story. different breed. Man she popped out that way boys and girls. I wonder if you if it is a boy thing. That boys are just selfish. Because i have friends whose kids i have two friends who have a boy and a girl and they're both equally Giving they'll give you anything there they just wanna share and that super the dads are. They emulating their male role model. Probably yeah i would say so. Is your husband selfish. He has a tendency to want to care for his family with Extreme measures first and then he'll consider zama part of it. So i get extreme care to him. That a great christmas gift for you would be for him to do some free copy of your songs because you have this catalog of songs out there that we use at the end of all of our episodes which everybody please do go back and listen to each episode and if you do know zingo just fast forward to the end. Just listen to all the ultra songs because it could be. Maybe two or three albums of your work. Jillian is really good. And i am a member of seasick. I signed up when worked on the aqua bat super show i wrote and directed commercials that i put music on it. Okay and my dear friend of warren fitzgerald. Gimme a good tip on you. Know if they're over thirty seconds you get paid every time the commercials aired whoa seed. Get little residuals from that still out there. Yeah yeah good come. And sometimes it'll come in more than others. It's pretty trickled down now but So can you do that with these songs to think it has to do with. I mean you could copyright your songs all day long but if no one's listening to them or if they don't put them anywhere it doesn't really matter so i have a representative over si sak but really have anything going anywhere. Because i don't do anything about it. Yeah we need to figure attaway do song placements. It's it's one of those weird things. It's difficult to figure out. I think and everybody wants to do it and they go working i. I've gotten a couple of calls from buddies that are like. How do i get my songs on tv. Ooh finding that we do it people or you can put them on. Ban taxi observed for that burn beyond camp. Didn't you say that was like that's it I asked dave to just from a layman's point of view. I'm like what's the difference between just putting your song out. There in a published medium like apart cast is already automatically copyrighted. He was like yeah but if someone steals it or uses it you would have to prove lost. Wages are lost damages or whatever versus if you have copyrighted before it's published in it's officially done and it costs thirty five dollars per copyright or whatever and it's filed the right way then you get to collect. It's like hundred and fifty thousand dollars per misuse of it. Because it's something like that where there's just never Question a question. Everybody always settles. There's because you can take down whole companies because if you use you know a second or something of eight songs. It's like a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I don't know i'm talking out of my asterik now. I should probably get banned breath. What oh. I was getting so And you had to bring it back to gutter gordon's my sister. Anyways take that out. That's chris forget it anyways so music. Let's do something with your music. I put it in one spot in link it up and have it available for people to listen to perhaps. Thank you joe your camp match your bench. Thank thank you you know. I try to be. That was day five. That's really nice. You know it's I don't know how good anything is really. You never quite know. I myself have no idea what people enjoy or not but you just do it anyway. Right like any art. You just do it because you like it. It's nice if you put it out there so you at least go l. some too. I mean i even. I had a who was it fox. Tv someone from that found went on vinnie over have like weird old does that have of them are just for fun and they called and said hey. We'd love to use your video on a game show. Oh yeah i i. I guess i witness. Yeah yup and from talk soup who was the host. And i don't know anything about it except that they used it and they paid me three thousand dollars to do into video. That was just sitting there.

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That's so cool. Yeah the point of the story. People is just do it. Just get it out. It doesn't have to do it but it's somewhere where people can find it. I guess yeah very good which which we all kind of do we have websites and but the problem is they just sit there and nobody knows they're even there. I know s e. Oh it's all about search engine optimization learning doing our new website and stuff like that but well enough about me. what do you think of me. i'm just getting no julianne. Guess what what. We are sponsored by dream dinners. You know about dream dinners. You've stayed with us. We've had great meals with them. Let me tell you about it. Dream dinners benefits you and your lifestyle listener through less healthy home cooked meals most in less than thirty minutes and everything is already prepped for. You don't have to do any of that washing the chopping. It's all done for you. It's great you can modify the menu that you choose According to your family's likes dislikes and allergies special notes in the instructions. It's really easy for people who don't know how to cook and for those who do but they want a break from prep in planning. That would be me. I get so tired of trying to think of meals so this makes it so easy. You just pull out a meal at the beginning of the week. Put it in your fridge. It's ready to go. Open your fridge. Pop it in the oven or on the stove. Top twenty thirty minutes. It's the best and we've had great meals. We've had lots of chicken dishes with really interesting sauces. There's a cada arsala. The kids love this pub style. Chicken with the mashed potatoes garlic mashed potatoes. They have salt and pepper fries. Almundena green beans all sorts of stuff. You get sides. It's great really really good stuff. High quality food healthy. You will save an average of two hundred dollars a month off your grocery budget. The average cost is about six fifty her serving which is so much less than if you go to take out or restaurants or even some of the other boxed meal prep services. You'll save about twenty hours a month from shopping and prepping and you only have to come in and pick up or have it delivered once a month and because they're not a subscription service. You can get them as often as you'd like so you can stop whenever you want to anyone. Who's within twenty five miles of the pathway or san marcus store here in san diego. We'll get free delivery free packaging while we're in the purple tier usually. It's a twenty five dollar charge but it's free this month and you can enter mouse and wings twenty upon checkout you. Choose your meals and you'll get twenty percent discount. So everyone please go to dream dinners dot com. Choose your location and you are welcome. No what about you. Tell me about your week and thank you for all that by the way. I kiss your face through this microphone. Please rate arm and kiss her. Because i have a runny nose. Everybody that my news In this fun little runny nose popped up at the same time that charlotte's little runny nose popped up toby's little runny nose popped up and you and you know during these times we start to wonder the. Why do i have a runny. Nose is it just allergies. Is it just a cold or is it. Cove it you know dude. Were five days away. From driving. Out to idaho to seek grandma who is in her young seventies and to catch every germ. We blow her way. So i did. The responsible thing yesterday. And i went and got cova. Tested was how was it. Tell me about the process. It was interesting. It was fine in super quick. Relatively speaking i expected to be you know in some huge long line for hours and hours and hours. But i i call them first of all. I call my doctor. Because i was thinking if i can just get a rapid turnaround tests somewhere. He can authorize it covered by my insurance. Because i looked up prices and to get like a quick turnaround. One was pretty expensive. I was like and if all five of us had to get it it would really add up so But then when. I called the doctor. He's like. Oh we just refer everyone to the san diego county dot gov website and you can get free testing so i did the county testing. I went to one site. I drove there were charlotte. It only took Scheduled what are they called. Not reservations appointments. So i had to go drive to another one. That was kind of a bummer. But i ended up going over to cal. State san marcos. They had a big site. And i stood in a big line outdoors. And everybody's a good six feet away but you kind of sneak around until you get to the front. I signed up. You go in a room with me and they check your id. They enter your info. I give you this little tube and then you walk to another room with your tube and they I just like to say to say they give you a swab new guy Nurse person gives you swab in the cheek nose but he handed it to me so it was a self test.

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So it's a long key tip. I just stick it into my astral nastro nostril and twisted toilet around three times and then you have to go to the top nostril or the lower nostril top. Not just as long as the cotton tip was which is a little bit longer than a q. Tip cotton okay because someone just told me her story which the ladies shoved it all the way up like in our sinus part that i've heard that was like a different kind of toast is like an easy low. Continue great hearing about nostrils. So you stick the cotton in and swirl it around it was so easy but then the awkward part was it makes you want to sneeze. So i was standing there holding it and you have to hold it for fifteen seconds in the nostril after the swirl and the guy was awkwardly counting with his fingers on one hand so he would he would go one two three four five with his thumb finger finger finger and then he'd start over with a fist one to too so he was doing five times. Threes fifteen. He did it three two. It was really awkward. I started laughing. Kept looking at charlotte. So i wouldn't laugh worst fifteen i don't know but then charlotte was counting to a whole counting thing and then you know. And then i have to switch to the next nostrils swab and I don't know all these thoughts are going through my head. I'm like i never thought it'd be standing in front of someone picking my nose and counting. It kinda was this. What if i were on a date. Is this a awkward. i i it was just. I had all sorts of thoughts. But anyway he's sticking in the tube handed to the guy And then you go. That was up so two to four days but the my doctor's office was like a often. They get them away before today's so we'll see Well joe this is big news but the runny nose totally went away. I mean it was kinda gone by the time i went and got the test. It was really only that one day. Maybe part of the next morning and the kids are fine. they're all dried up. Nothing everyone's fine. I'm sure that happy ending. Yeah i looked at the list of symptoms in a runny noses way down there. It's always like fever. And so i think we're fine. It was just kind of a measure of like. Let's just make sure and then i can say i got it done. We can see grandma feel scary. I don't know yeah so go get it done every joe. You're responsible adult the message me listeners. If you want to know exactly what to expect to the cdc dot gov website. Yeah yeah we are. Not medical experts do that instead. That's better we are not medical. Expert dot com. We are experts in all things christmas though. Aren't we giving a website. What's the website you would go to go. Cova tests i would say. Cdc dot gov and then google. You know how to get a covid test in blink. Your town perfect government. The county ones come right up. That was it update. I got my results within forty eight hours and i'm negative. That's my we've then that busy getting ready and holidays. Your house is beautifully decorated. Ooh i finally got a decorated and we have our cards are going to be picked up from costco. Today i mailed it in no pun intended. You were really not happy about your cards. So i know this is a big thing who out there does nice cards. Who out there does just the basic photocard From walgreens or costco or whatever and who out there says screw it. I don't do cards. I wanna know in uganda yes Can i just give a shout out. Yes too tall. John who i love john schroder and he had the best card he sent warning. I got a card from his. That was the for people that don't know he is the. He's a producer on bob's burgers and he worked as a writer for many shows. Like jimmy kimmel and sarah silverman and things like that. So he's kind of a steeple in the comedy scene. And he's a great guy but he's had a card where he was dressed. Like like a hitler with the little leader hose in on the christmas card and had someone's baby in his lap who is like in leader. Jose who was crying just going like struggling to get out of his life and he was dressed like hitler had so it was very funny but years income.

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That was the christmas card is separate or is that offensive. I know and i hope. I got this rake. Maybe it was just like a weird man and it wasn't hitler. Let me check my facts. My goodness yeah funny funny. Hiller christmas but that offensive some people might say seeing joe joe rabbit yet by the way i need to see a as a good. He loved it. Well yeah that's great. I think you should see it because then it will put into late. You know it's like how a commentary. That is still comedic around something terrible. That's different. I get losing process these news. That's good. i like as joe. Hey i have a question for you. And i have a question for our millions of fans out there. I pulled this up early. Because i wanna find out from people. And from you. Joe mendez. Couple of questions about this old christmas list. Yes we have all right. I'm gonna pull up. Its type this in. Sorry to engro swallows but take ten. It's fifty intimate questions to ask your forever person. This christmas intimate mouse. You're my forever burson. Because i've known you forever yay good here i go. I'm going to scroll down the list. You're not going to know. And i want. We're going to ask questions of our millions of fans about this tube will okay. Do you consider yourself a greenwich. That's boring like hold on hold on. I'm gonna flip to one negative instantly. Do you consider yourself a grinch. Yes with that question okay number. Nineteen would you ever send out holiday cards with our on them. Me new lover weird think we can. I just talk about this because we did winter. We were both single and we're working together Noor but we were both in the graphic design markings slash whatever. Hr department kind of and we use the printer to make cards. Do you remember this with that. I'll find the picture. I'm going to post that too but We sent out. We are all proud of ourselves. We mostly but also to friends and then after the fact i was like That's odd. I think to have sisters sitting on a car and to be like high. I don't know because a lot of people will see us together. I think the lesbian couple. So i was wondering if people think it's the siblings would send out a card to their family. Is that odd Listening to break. Societal norms care. See this is very different in the world of a lot of single people in la and rt people or whatever and nobody thinks shouldn't just say that i should. It's like people send out cards in there by themselves. And they have their cat and it's not weird and they're alone and they have their cat and they love their cat. They sleep with their kavak. Cat karn coming anytime soon. I wanted to do one. But then i do. It was academy time. I'm very busy but okay. So what's your question from the list. Now you're to ask me her. Have you ever gotten stuck working on christmas. No never really not on a film shoot or anything. No everything has gone down for christmas. Or if i would have had to i would have said no. I think this is a great holiday. I think everyone should be off for it. Character not work through christmas. But you know this is testimony to our wonderful mom and family. That made christmas big whoop. Yes so you really don't want to miss it now wait. Did you go to christmas. Parties like work christmas parties. Those are always fun Work christmas parties. I went to yours at neuro cran when we worked together first and then it went to a couple of film shoot ones. Yes anything wild happened anyone hanging from the chandeliers or gosh. I do remember the first story that comes to mind is just david the sweet head of security. I remember that was from the rookie. It's just fresh in my mind from last year but he was at. I wasn't even more so this is a story second hand but he was at some fancy place. And then there was a fountain when you walk up like a long fountain that goes in aligning the pathway to the restaurant that we all having it in and then he got really drunk and went. Face i in the fountain so vickers was burning. Oh god does six. Yeah because christmas party. You can't undo it. it's been done everybody's seen it. It's not good. I went to dave's Client you know.

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He's a lawyer. So i went to his clients christmas party. We will go every year up to santa monica and we went with another couple that dave worked with and we wives always get a little tipsy. Because we're finally out. We finally get to dress up where away from the kids. It's a weekend away with our boys and We got a little tipsy this one time. The song came on and we thought we were. The hot is dancers on the floor. And dave was taking video of me back from the table because our guys won't dance with us because they're just yeah sticks in the mud. Yeah occasionally they would. But i look back at the video. I look like An a ring attain With my arms up in the air long arms and these elbows that stick out. And i was waving him around. I mean i thought. I look so good i was so i like aligned. Yes and the of the owner drunk mind. Yeah and the older Scientists gentlemen with a long beard. He was oh yeah you love that guy. Almost exactly like what was his name. I can't remember it was like it was like the gandalf any was like the guy in that mean where he's dancing with a cane and then he throws his cane off to the side and he starts booking and oh i love it he loved he was only when the dance with us so he was a dance partner but was right. What's another good question. What was the best gift you've ever gotten from your parents who i don't know i hate this question. I had these extreme best ever. Well i'm trying to think. Do you remember to have one that sticks up. I mean. I remember when we got our puppy. That was cool one says. Do you own an ugly christmas sweater. Yes why don't you tell the story about snowflake sweater who you tell it because i thought everything was fine. You were the one observing from the sidelines. Joel had this period. When she in dave her current husband there was a period. They were dating for nine years or a year. On your off. you're on your off. We had ups and downs. Okay well in her down period. That's very different from nine years. But whatever My diva livingstone for one years. She was She had a freewheeling spirit to date a bunch of men this is goes along this along the lines of her guy who wore those big boats. Those big old leather boat shoes that was one of her guys entrusted brownlow for guide loafers. No socks all. I thought about was what. The shoes musty smell bank. We lived together. And i would see him on the floor and i'd always run the other way. She has a foot thing guys. Okay go ahead. no it's a it's a no sock shoe thing anyway. She was dating another guy. That i remember. One time he showed up. Jolson wounding dean. What was his name fabric law. I don't know why. Why would i say that ozzy fabric. Because i was thinking sweater. It in my mind made sense but in my mouth at didn't okay. So 'cause halos whatever and we'll call them foundry fabrics to fabric shows up at. He was wearing snowflakes on his winner for no reason. I don't even think it was christmas. And he had a white turtleneck. Oh this is where my sister likes us. When hang out in the aspen lodge love the white sweaters with the turtlenecks i love. Do you really do. How if they have a nice if they can pull it off. They've nice chiseled jaw and nice. I just think of jim carey and the password is the gain. He was cute. I liked it in a running club and he was like a fit guy was. I'm sorry okay go ahead. what can we say. I know why it was weird. We had running short on with a snowflake sweater. That's why that part that's true. I think he put it on from the trunk because it was cold but we had just gone running so then we were like going out to get a drinker. Bite to eat or something i forget. It was like vaguely. Remember a turtleneck with sweater with running shorts and it just confused me and then i couldn't stop to gig about it fabric. Oh you had my heart. I wonder what happened. I don't even remember how we ended. I'm sure it was just a awkward. No that he's in the fashion district. Los angeles settling permitting on avoid sweaters in the corner. Anyway story okay. Do you have any questions for me. What is your favorite holiday song.

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I lake the drills are of them. termer boy Why got that of beat. Which is something. That massage may bringing. It's the didn't done done. It's the same thing i like. Bolero revel donna donna donna. It's the debited that didn't which is also. Isn't that from star wars team tongue. Does it done down but And then our good friend phil rude phil. We just were on some kind of her new. Remember what was talking about. Oh he mentioned radio hidden. I said paranoid android one of my favorite songs. And i think i had to ask my friend matt corey. Who's a stand up bassist. Who who played. With steve for veroni. Yeah who plays a tom. Petty and blah blah and Please tom petty a book. So cool the who. I'm sorry he's like the best drummer at all times. We're gonna got a call them. We're going to interview him. Yeah good do that anyway. Point bump is that. I asked matt because he's a music doctorate guy and i said why do i like all. Those songs doesn't my favorites drummer boy. And then the rebel and then the paranoid android using its layering. You have your like four four rhythmic thing going on underneath in layers come on top of it and then it gets syncopated often. So it's like dun dun dun dun dunton tone tuned to that about two and then you have a second layer going all over the number that consistent beat so heavy profession does it for you but speaks to your soul. Kinda like syncopated percussion. He's going to be one of four for something like that. Wow this technical. I like it good. I know there's something about drums man that that's that's love too right. Yeah okay. What is your favorite christmas song. I like the one that's called. The christmas song chestnuts roasting fire like. I think i just love this whole category of music with that one. I can sing. You know why. Who can i tell you because when you sing that you imagine like if you had on this small t shirt just immediately start putting yourself in front of a fire and then a turtleneck would grow slowly out of the cusp of your shirt. It would turn into a turtleneck and the new shirt with long sleeves and it would become fuzzy. Need have on a sweater. that's what you're thinking of. You want the frigging turtleneck. Geoghegan like turtleneck sweater guy with him turtleneck sweater. That's weird but i live in. Yes i do. Imagine myself immediately in front of a nice warm fire with nuts with who gives guess what she also manages nuts shares that her husband. She looks at it and she grabs his chestnuts and she stares at her husband in his face slowly shifts into plays chris. Martin obsessed with chris martin. I'm sorry i talk about this. We're not allowed to talk about them anymore. Feel ru. I need to drop it. Fill road really rude. He he's got he's figured it out. He's holding man. Well you know. I do like the fantasy fireplace in the warm guy up in aspen and it could very well be my husband. It could be my. It could be your living room your living room like this is the life you live right now. It is kind of nice. You see my living room fire. I have a tiny candle burning. And that's all they get the fucking matchbox girl. It's fucking idyllic over here we've got. I don't know stockings hung. We've got the golden retriever and the cat curl up in front of the fire. It's pretty cute. i guess what. You're missing chess. Okay so do that. I like christmas music in general. Because i can sing it because it's been year after year. I've learned the lyrics. It's kind of like fourth of july. Those are the only two categories of songs. I know all the lyrics to. I don't know to any other songs for every song. Coldplay move on ready. Well all right yes. Do you go to church for midnight mass. No but i do have good memories of going back when we were little we would hold a candle. The little preschool down the hill from us where you went. Oh i like. I like the high holy day holidays where you get to go to church. I dug it. what about you. There was a spirit in the air and there was also i like when they hit those bells. The bells the coral people.

00:40:03 - 00:45:10

Yeah the bills. So much i miss the bells. Let's do it this christmas. Maybe we can sneak right. Does your family drink alcohol on christmas in. Do you have a story that goes with it. Yes and yes me. I don't know where to even start with that. One i don't know. Was there anything that happened. That was like a weird moment like drunk. Santa or anything funny or you could tie this back to your christmas party. If you have a good christmas story think for a minute to you. Honey that you can think of No not really Neither do you remember. I remember singing christmas carols and dragging the wagon behind us. When we're little mom would always organize it with our family friends and we go around in the neighborhood. Christmas caroline knocking on doors and singing. And we always had a big pot of wasyl in the back. Which is just like what cider. And all the stuff. But i think they probably spiked it but then they had like one version for the kids and one for the adults. But it doesn't do again. Nobody sings anymore. Who goes around. Caroline greening carols anymore. I can't believe that tradition is going to the wayside. That was the coolest thing we're in the world loved it. Yeah in granted is in your mom so she would make it happen and but she'd print out all the sheet music can handed out everyone. We go around remember then. We did it with dad. And when he was married to second wife and their family we did at one year and it was so sweet i was like oh. Yeah people's i do. Yeah that was just me. Yeah that was good back ladies. No okay i'll bring it back and we'll do it in l. a. And someone throw kovin balloon at me. Eighteen so bad here and people are like stop. Everyone's got an opinion very lady walking across the street from me yesterday across and we have these big wide streets. And i wasn't wearing a mask goes jogging with my dog. And she was a little lady fine but she has a mask on ener big hat and gloves and everything and then when i ran by she took her to gloved hands and throw them up over her nose and mouth so that my germs from thirty feet away wouldn't get on her as iran by like i was painting. It was so dramatic. I was laughing but then i have to honor okay if that makes her feeling safe. Okay that's fine. Friedrich was just made me. Laugh is humorous to me. We were talking about this yesterday. That it's there are some people that are super rule followers in some people that are not. And where is that line. Where do you fall on the line of there. Are 'cause whatever. I won't go into the backstory but some people will take everything super literally. Yeah and you know where the gloves and the mask in the face mask. Stand thirty the lady now right and every like stand side from this time to this time they would do it and very rule following. So are you a rule follower light to rule follower thinking that all the road and when my kids around I try to be but then they call me out on stuff all the time like mom. Do you sing the Metallica song. Don't as i do what i do as i say don't do. I don't even remember what it was but it was right. Christmas skews my french. Take that up. I don't wanna see edwards words anymore. I'm telling you I used to be here. Leave i really have to pee you can take to be to both. Let's tinkle tinkle Christmas. Okay let there are more holidays than just Christmas. What if there are people that are only celebrate. Kwanza out there joel. Oh what song do you sing to. The people who celebrate kwanza go is say that you should have a wonderful holiday. I'm very proud of supporting kwanza. It's a terrible song. Didn't even have to have those. Nothing was good about that song. I thought it was a mess. I wouldn't even join classes because of that sound. Okay you do song. You're the songwriter. Go all right. I'd like to sing to our patriotic subscribers. Let's do it in two. Let's create a song that is about we have alexander. We have Jody and we also carlos student right now. Joel seeing backup. Don't even question it ready. Who and alex. Cora her la component and we have chosen rudy.

00:45:11 - 00:50:00

Her love has picked up my voices shaky win. Chadha sound small the pump. We have a delay. 'cause we're talking about the by phones down really was for those harmony folks. Yeah again again. And again we keep nailing things right just great okay like have you ever kissed someone under the mistletoe joe. L. what have i kiss. Someone under the mistletoe. Gross yes probably who. This is these questions relating to go. Why how would you remember that time. Would you remember that you kiss when. I'm sure it's happened a million times million that. Don't wait. that takes that some feminist thing. Take that out. Not you are not supposed to say that. We're supposed to enlighten each other. You're beautiful and strong and like sex sexual nerd. That's don't tinkle seriously. Don't make me say these questions are terrible. All i asked was ever kissing mistletoe. You don't ask me have you. Yes grows who was. The snowflake was fabric. Did you do this within the mouth kiss. I mean kissing is the best. Can we talk about Just okay loves it. I'm going to setup is seen for your ready Other sneed sneed okay. This is like this is a shout. Out for kelly for movies newbies. We were just guests on her podcast. It's all about romance novels and christmas. So you go listen okay ready. You see him across the room. His eyes lock with yours. You both look up at the mistletoe. I just tinkle. You take step forward. He takes a step forward. The fire is crackling vacuum. My turtleneck is growing turtleneck neck. Feels tight around your neck but you pull it down to reveal the swooping cleavage heaving and down as you take him in and step closer. He steps closer to you. The world's swirls into a maddening fed of your heart in your ears in your head. You re chat he touches your hand he pulls you in. He stared into each other's eyes. When second and then your lips touch and the warmth grows over face and down your concern abroad. You've just entered this magical world where it's just you and have turtleneck in the heat of your lips and you finally break and look up and there is the mistletoe Christmas and then he says it was all yellow turtleneck by this point is all the way up to the base of his. Is kimberly seen growing up and down up and down my turtleneck. Just kind of big and hot cure sox rolling up all your kid. You just got yourself excited. No trees hallmark moment in romance mark. I do. I need to pay to ninety nine somewhere in the us. It was your duty so fine. Oh let's see okay. That was weird. Felt weird weird. I'm sorry I apologize. That is not having kids. This is your mommy's speaking. I normally do that. It was uncomfortable but pretend like it wasn't here. I'm sorry a couple of times. I looked at my phone. You did learn. I can't even keep your attention in a sexual kiss was getting weird. You my sister. I'm glad you had a moment. You Terry Gross sexual nerd thing. Paul from Cleveland over there luebbe dob. Sorry take that out.

00:50:04 - 00:53:19

So I mean this Christmas. You guys oh really. This is about the Christmas spirit. It's about gentle kind mistletoe. I love you weans. I think you're great. You're the perfect part of the recipe that everyone needs for their Christmas. Thanks stick me in your stuff to cleaner stopping and in your stocking me. That's what I meant to say. Put me in your stocking this Christmas. I'm six foot one. But I'm off fun. Merry Christmas happy kearns Happy Hannukah holidays. Everybody we love you. Thank you for listening. Thanks to our patrons and thank you to our sponsors and a happy new year. You guys we're going to have fun. With what whatever campus we have we two more episodes than we're at one hundred so we'll we'll see then guys hang on listen to all of our back stuff and get ready for a big one hundred coming soon. Listen to my song, you little jerks. I love you yeah. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays! Right. Now is in the snow in Idaho. Some hey dreaming this bro. Who wore a snowflake sweater it. She loves Christmas party. More drunk employees will zero there. Wang's she'll drink in. Hit the dance floor and waiver are tang the dingley depot way this deal. Ride a horse with Chris Martin of Coldplay dingle has renounced men so her cat is Christmas cards. She's very comfortable with that. And if you have a problem with the goatsucker denver school this year. Twenty twenty game blue. She's confused by sister. Who's catholic. It is dan ju- all the random phone with tom. Mouse super smooth gop. I'll a spend thirty nations they over. It's not rocket surgery. Latest in science technology culture reported bill good broadcast and streaming live podcast at all the usual podcast places following like us on facebook and on twitter in our seagate. Why now compare vehicle This was a podcast of the projects network. You can check out more shows like it at