Dec. 12, 2020

E97 - Joyce Is Choice

E97 - Our mom was out to California to visit and we roped her into an early morning recording! Mouse, dressed like Larry King, goes in for some digs. And Weens, dressed like Liberace, gets back with some jabs as we revert to our sibling rivalry days of...

E97 – Our mom was out to California to visit and we roped her into an early morning recording! Mouse, dressed like Larry King, goes in for some digs. And Weens, dressed like Liberace, gets back with some jabs as we revert to our sibling rivalry days of fighting for mom’s attention. Laugh along at the stories of pets, cowboys, nicknames, cookies, feminism, and altercations at the dentist office. We reminisce about our psychic visit, our dad and friend who passed away, sing a little impromptu gospel, and hear a heartwarming story about our mom’s big brother, our Uncle Bill, to whom this episode is dedicated. This is a lighthearted peek into a day in our life so come join the family! Hope you enjoy it, as we all jump into the holiday season!

Song Credits- “Listen While You’re Cleaning” by Dan Mahony and Julianne Eggold

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Joyce Is Choice

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This is charles nelson reilly. You're listening to my favorite podcast mouse sand wings. A sent reeves only two mouse in weans. Mom what are you the third name. Melton means and what's your nickname. Mom what did your parents call you when you were a chit sugar plum. Actually grandpa called me sugar. Oh that's cute right. Well let's introduce ourselves than i'm mouse. i'm joel. I'm the mom. Went down in san diego. I'm weans and i'm also in san diego now. I was in italy. But now i miss keeping those smoke and joel told me that i go down on may sentences at the end so now i'm going to go up. No no i think it's a mumbling mouth. It was just in the middle of when you when you think. A fact isn't so important to your story. You just kinda go and then yet whatever this happened then. This happened like okay. So i'm going to carry those senseless facts out to the end right. Get behind him. And just tell you have air birmingham my sister. She was cold so she went into her closet and pulled out and gentlemen the she doesn't nineteen eighties brown trenchcoat in their own church goat. She looks like colombo and then she was cold and ninety one thousand nine hundred eighty s scarf on your head. What is that well. It's one of those year warmers. Yeah yeah it's it's yeah. What do they call this fleece micro fleas but got those kinda. Cool like south western. An aspen skiing colombo the scarf discouraged on her feet because her feet were cold. There's no socks anywhere to be found in. We're sitting here at the table. And i said i don't wanna see the led screen at out of the corner because sometimes that led screens are the to break. Our lighting in here is very pirate. Like it's very warm and julianne has really liked blue eyes to everything's sensitive but whatever now but then she came and sat on the table and she put up her elbow and she didn't look like a real hard hitting larry king in butter trenchcoat elbow on the table. The black the white. And gus okay. She's right up to ready to do the interview by the microwave. Get my elbow back there. Better take picture this or you don't have to really put a sensitive little flower. Such prints up emotional female. Can we talk about your outfit. Really quick jillian went into the closet and pulled out my floor-length fake fur jacket with a hood. And she looks like a malicious. Yes sort of madam fro. This reminds me of the scene in christmas vacation. Where chevy chase goes up attic and he's called and he gets stuck up there and he puts on all the grandmothers trump. Yeah did you okay anyway. We digress with our minds. i good morning. What what fun to sit here and look at these two yoho. sorry. I know the coffee breath. I apologize face morning seeing really because the when this house starts going out. And we have sleepover people tonight. Yeah and it's their lovely humans but boy. Do they have some chords. Yeah we've got huger broadcasters in the house here but mama. We haven't seen you since march. I know i just got so lonesome. I couldn't stand myself. So i called up partially in tears on sunday. Correct and two. Can i come see you. And and they were faced. Timing me you were about to eat dinner on the patio. So underscored my loneliness and you said of course and i hear the grandkids in the background. Go after you said yes. And i got all excited to call delta and make my flight arrangements. I sitting there really crying going on. Is this guy hit you once. You're sad and lonely well easily. You -sego smoked out. I might add some things you think on weed i.

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We lost all blunts bend. Ma well the fires in oregon and northern california filtered literally right into the valley that i live in and so our son has been a small orange dot when it rises in the morning. So it's been the lockdown and i put self restrictions on myself in move my business to mike garage and here's and i do in his honor keeping things kind of locked down and i think that added to me feeling particularly lonely. Yeah you're you're in a mature women who sometimes catches all the colds that fly your way. So you've been extra careful so yeah. You called me once a delicate flower. I know well you've also got typhoid charlotte charlotte's the zero for all german every income. You said yesterday she grandma. This is the first time ever that. I haven't been sick when you're hearing all the colds and just handed them off to everybody. It's been yeah every time we're sick we go. We're birsh trace it back to her school. I know it's bad but now very all we're here. I am so beyond happy. Yeah there was a patio party last night and my son in law woodfire pizzas and made all the dough himself from scratch and within the heat. thousand over what six or seven hundred to three thousand trying to engage in rate interview. I like it well. We haven't even a waiter tour is it. We had our barbecue the bubble families so those are the kids spending the night. Yeah so everyone's happy. It was good and you know it's good. If you what. I love is that he goes around and he asked exactly how you want your pizza. I didn't mean never got to personally. Yes well i said one tablespoon of sauce in heat loaded up and checked with me and ask if that was enough and i said absolutely i mean it was cute interview. We're gonna go right in right. Ready to sayings. Shout out to my husband because he's been doing all the laundry. You always barbecues. He did the pizza oven dealers. He's a good guy in esslingen enough instead. He is because he's great and you even took a slow motion video of him throwing a pizza dough fall so we'll put that on instagram. Yeah he's a good guy really not that he when i come i feel as welcomed by him as the rest of the family. You really is my my son into a house because you know what he loves about you guys. He loves that you laugh at his jokes. Often walmart again had a great one. Yesterday he was putting the east in the water and it has to be lukewarm. And he goes not devon not kevin but luke she really funny movies that was a drip just a big old lump husband. Never known there. Yeah arcade so yea dave. That's all the heart him interview. Well yeah got real excited about being hard hitting. We've got larry king over here with her elbow ready to go in her trenchcoat. I'm losing saddle the in my upper deletes. No i'm not what's gonna happen. Let's see what happens is making all right to raise such a tw- inc to blame you squeeze for the good stuff to thank you. yes now. i'm more sensitive than this one. Here we go. I know she did this. This No i don't think either of you were sensitive. I think you were well-balanced. Happy shite choose move. What do you really feel. This one cried a lot right now. She more when bishen you had to at all getting great.

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I was just quieter and hung out with mom just like absorbed all the ways of the woman about the uterus. I know i didn't notice your sister. would you know what you said. We're talking about pregnancy with carlos and you just said that you when the uterus gets pushed down i still don't know we were like center. I said the placenta. She got carla. Kids you were just drunk. We didn't have anything drink last night except julianne make a great pitcher. Sangre poured the wine into a jug anyway. Not to digress ready. Oh yes yes so basically. I was an easier child. Was it the final say pretty much easier. You were the most entertaining and you knew how to get our attention by really funny and yeah really like very entertaining pro system and even when you were little little you'd roll up into a ball and roll around on the floors saying look at me. Do you know what the differences. Nobody's watching the fuzzy bear to my beaker. Only joel let's talk about. Her highlights coach dan elliptical. She was she would listen. She would and you hear helpful super helpful and julianne came along. She was a little mom. She would anticipate when i need to change her britches and she would go get the diaper. And whatever and this standing next to you and just got all those mothering skills up to speed well and she was only three and a half years older. Mothering skills arc next question. Oh my gosh. She was with your animals. It's slow it took a while. I mean because there are snakes that got loose. Rats cut loose from leesburg dying on fire. She shaved aren to our rat to let them swim around and be free sitting monja dine out all the house plans to sitting freed my fish so they died still upset about i. The worst animal guilt over feed the animals. You are always giving extra treats. They all have diarrhea. But you love them. You're trying it's just like maybe too much or something. Are you gonna sane looking at me. Good now coming okay. No i'm not going to under the bus but it could right now. why That the dog is too skinny. Oh he probably use a few pounds. We're comparing him to the chocolate frosting tube of a dog. That you have has no ways line does shawn that. He's on less on three quarters of a cup this morning and night all right well. That's what he wants. When is taking care of him. How ever he's on the neat brick immune to a log with leagues. This is her baby i know. Are you offended. Mom little stick legs with just a little bit. Like my buddy cova buddy. That's happening the apple buddy. Hey larry like the loose. Let me move on with my animal henry. He can dies border collie he can dive out his doggy door in dad run in dive through the bottom two rails of the fence and be to the horses in maybe hint. Twelve seconds. yeah we talking about denny or the dog. Magin going through the doggy door. Had a great got a long moustache. Like sam elliott. He did lose fan. Getting as callahan through that doggie doors really tough. I've seen his whole thing as animation. Right now that's plenty. That was a great dane in the neighborhood that came in through the doggie and i was in the laundry room and all of a sudden i see these four.

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No the arms of this front dog. Wait the front arms of this star. Come in actors i their legs and then i see this nose and i'm going what that and we have wild animals up there and i. I thought it was something weird. Yeah and then this great dane and it's a medium sized dog door. It's not a big win. And somehow she got in it happy as a clam hung out with us and she loosened the neighborhood in. Yeah from the farm down the street. Yeah and i put a farming property eight anywheres. Yeah go ahead now. What we say cowboy dinnie well now lost the whole train of thought but does he have through the doggy door. Some questions about kobe any here. No no i don't know he looks like sam. La his a one word. Answer kind of guy but boy if you get a couple of bloody marys in him. He'll tickle you pink. I'll tell you stories till the cows come home like him. We have a cowboy denny episode quebec in the archives. And and take a listen. It's good in every tamer teaches a couple of my boyfriend's to throw last and last few the horns of a steer. What do you call that. Good that's good. It was called a roping dummy. And they don't call them last sues. Call them throw a rope. And if you're gonna be specific throw a loop a loop. Okay well couple of those. Yeah guess what happened to those guys anyway. Youth through loop. Hey weans yeah. Do you know about dream dinners. Oh tell me yes. This is my favorite thing to do for dinner. I approached them. Because i said i talk about you guys all the time anyway. So let's make this a business arrangement. I would like to talk about you more. Ooh i've been using them since two thousand seventeen and i love them. You have had many of their meals. What do you think well. I do know that it comes all prepared. Which i love that idea. So how does that work. It comes in a bag and he put it in the freezer so stays fresh. You don't even have to worry about it rotting in your fridge. Which so many people do with other companies you freeze it. Yes you take it out. You cook it so easy. It's the easiest thing and it's good fresh food that has been chopped for you. they're doing all the packaging. Usually you'd go in and package it up once a month which is really fun. It's like standing at a salad barton filling up all your bags. But they do it for you. They are offering us and our listeners. Within the area free delivery if you live within twenty five miles of the pouch store or the san marcus store and twenty percent off if you use the code maosen weans twenty you guys. It's the best life hack. It will save you hours cooking but it also tastes delicious. Gourmet it really is all the sauces. I would never thing to put some of these sauces. Together it's ticks twenty thirty minutes on average and it really is a great way to bring your family together. That's kind of their mottos family dinnertime. Let's get back to that. Everybody and this does it mean. It's a great way easier to not have to cook a huge dinner every night. It's so great that tees gourmet. That's what i loved about it. Yeah i know. And they're really healthy. You can modify whatever your family likes. Doesn't like has allergies too real easy to do swaps. No i love it. It takes only twenty to thirty minutes on average to make dinner in comes out so nice. The kids can help and dave can get into. I often will leave a bag out for him and he will have dinner. Served in everyone is very proud of themselves. It's great it really is great. So dream dinners dot com to choose your location. And if you are in san diego near pathway or san marcus enter mouse in weans. Twenty in yokip. Discount as well okay. Now we're going to go to some hard hitting mother questions really wanna get to know about this young hooligan. This is a book called conversations with my mother. Beaker took it was a gift from the aarp. But it's nice bound book. We got this for her. Oh book okay and learn about sorry to cut you off base. So this book has been laying around in the guests fairfax ears. Yeah and i look at it as a homework assignment. So then i keep putting it in the bottom tour notice. It's deeper and deeper. I said where's that book because i'm always asking about it and you always buried adult squirrel and yesterday the squirrel julianne.

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She does call me squirrel. Yes why because when you were a baby. And i mean a baby like fourteen months old when you were toddling around and eighty five pounds yes sears acute upper body you would go find little things and you put them in our shoes And one which was all well and good because we knew where to go. Find our things but one time you took pets in their dallas cowboys jan and marcia squeamish one time you put your dad's razor in his tennis shoe exorcist. There's the exorcist thing coming back again. It's been that's where you got your squirrel. You are always suspicious of any different planet. I was absolutely there when you were born. So i knew you were mine and i think we are eyeballs look alike yeah you guys do to your similar yeah. We've merged into the same person ready. Except for this one looks a little more larry king by gus hunched over. We gotta get her suspenders. She's going to start really asking yourself questions okay. No she's gonna put on glasses. You want some spenders my nose. Martha maple bury your teacher from third grade. All right we gotta take pictures. This is all right now. We're the whole purpose. I bought this big ten years ago. Yes thanks for finally getting around to welcome. You're supposed to just do entry each visit and then it wouldn't feel too bad. We didn't have the rule book on that. Just tells you. I'll do one entry questions of our money. Learn some things about you because also that will segue into question about the psychic. Told you something ready. Here we go. Do you wanna read this twelve. Yes with those bifocals. That are kim momma. Did you have family tradition celebration or a recipe that has been handed down for generations and the answer is of course every family does and mine. Was the nut butter balls. That were always available at christmas time made with pecans from texas and real better wonderful and you might as well just slap them on your head. You turn your own better. Gramma did on her. I have heard arguments in me. My mom my mom your grandma harder. Yes churned when she was a girl and all of her family prior to that and it was a big ticket item in the household. So i ended up with the butter. Churn and my ask you see. We were native american half do not butterball better turning and then i'm wondering who was in a native american alright so anyway the better turn actually has where their hands held and you can see worn out this. Stick that their hands wrong. Yeah it does although they probably had tricks to make it go faster. I don't know but yes she did true. And then when i was little shasta it's a trick was to swindler up and use their foot. I just imagined a country back in texas barefoot in the grass and put this episode of it. Why is it. so there's that turns it around like what could kick studios. Did you have with who not handy. That's the hills of tennessee. We were in texas. Gary refined refined. Did you originally. My family was pretty. Refined pecan farmers if he saw and pecan one was when you grow one when you cook them. No it's all information in georgia. It's con- in texas it's conned. And then somehow in the northern states turned into pecan. And that's not how anybody in the south. Yeah and i don't know why but grandpa say again. No never always. That was in the movie heyman sally.

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Yeah it's always pecan and if you say peaking in texas you get shot. That's it right okay. So native american. We have no men in our blood. We thought we had a line of native people in that. And then joel went ruin the whole by doing genealogy do yeah a lot of our stuff and we're mostly from virginia and plantation Yeah you'd have to trace back further. We didn't just born in texas. No we did not but it was a british league and we are the part of the problem. i know early years hand superiority. We're learning about its. I are racist videos that were having so schools. I added to look back at her. Nary word times and found out we were all on the confederate side. We were on the wrong side of history. And i thought we were liberal. Artists like we had a really cool liberal in their mom just told me dad said of the family were all super conservative serve. Did i become so cool. You had and just can't ever all we're women of the sixties so you brought us into line well hopefully that. When we go and parents weren't treating their children correctly or clerk was being not nice to females. I usually stepped in such an embarrassment all the time. Mom was just like i am woman. Hear me roar. Fourteen year old girl by your credit card. You get your manager woman. It was always something like that so not it is down at the crow canyon shopping centre some clothing store on the end of the little strip mall and some little girls working there and she wouldn't take your check could only do credit cards or something and you're so mad you ask for her boss. I remember. just think your weight. Entitlement from european roots. Are you the original carrier you the original no. She's like the king of a. I think it was not being fair. I think that's the one thing that just really lights my fire i would see unfairness happening and i just couldn't keep my mouth quiet. It happened with and we've already talked about this with toby's orthodontists situation and that was just last march. Yeah what happened. I don't think we told the story on the podcast yet. Can't tell it quickly please. Yes two men. Two boys arguing out in the parking lot. Carried it into the dentist office or som- until the just sitting there ready to go into the orthodontist. Toby seay arabian and they're just ripping on this one. Fourteen year old boy and so nobody's doing anything all the receptionist. The doctors be ripping onto the boy because his father did not speak english. And so this guy took advantage of that and he was going to press. I was right. You were wrong all over the parking speed. Yes so nobody was doing anything. Nobody and i'm going. What's wrong with these people and i stood up and said you have a safety officer and this one reception. This goes no. And i go really so. I took my camera on my phone out. Put it up over my head. And i walked towards him going gentleman gentlemen and they turned around. They saw my camera and they stopped dead in their tracks. And i said take it outside and so the one who struggled within his son told him what i said and so he was the first one to leave with the sun following and then the other two kind of were you know strutting their stuff and he came over to me and said you know that's illegal and i said no it's not keep your mouth shut and get outta my space moved backwards and sat dan. Well it's true it's good and he was leaning in did not like that. Yeah so anyway. After i down the whole time to write. Was this a racial thing. I don't know i wasn't on the bottom line. Is i picked up tovia. We're ready to leave and we cross in the hallway with the bad guy who happens to be a friend choice else turns out. He was dead at the kids school and like all my kids know all his toby. Oh no so.

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I'm passing by him and he was touting the fact that i couldn't take a video right and i pass by them in real Surreptitiously say you're wrong. She got one. Let's get to exit. And then figuring i tell you the the didn't left joel in the shampoo awake it. Yes she's like. Oh by the way. I may have some problems. School kids. Volunteers me mine like i. Just he swing a hammer lissa nature. He was industry nature. All favorite gus. You did what. I do. Like withdrawals birth andrew wells wedding and many other important moments. You forget to hit the record but didn't have the video. I was reading to like the last this second it but it was over my head and i was trying to touch the button with my finger angling. This happened on a movie set and it was a big deal. I was one of the extras. The background actors started getting up in the face of the producer and he had to walk out and it was a big altercation. And i had to record and i was in the moment and i grabbed my thing and it was the big thing and then i got an our film. My guttering started trying to fight back and we had to make sure legally like they saw. We were trying to like walk matt normally. They're all they were all like all the executive producers great. I captured this thing. It was going to save them from lawsuits. And i sent the video right away. Here you go the video of the two seconds of turning around going did you get that. Uh-huh okay next question. Let's go good job everybody okay. Let's wrap up. Do you have any family tradition celebration recipe that balls to see it right here. Nut butter balls They really are good. Though the kids love him in the sakic say story. Oh yes so. The i like that juliana took us to was in san diego and the three of us who do look a lot alike or out in the parking lot coin. Now don't tell her we're family and we walk in and she looks at us and she goes okay which of the two of us older sister and i and so. Our plan was foiled and she sat down. It was fascinating to skeptics. We're going. I'm going to say anything wedding rings. I'll give you my wedding ring. I'm not opening my mouth once. I'm gonna close my search. You can't read my. Yeah yeah skip down so we get in there. And i asked to talk to my mom who had passover and she goes. Oh well i need to tell you that your mom wants your grand your kids to know about her life and that She's really looking forward to baking with joel in the kitchen. Her new kitchen now. That doesn't mean that much right. Except for the fact that i had taken her favorite recipe and put it in a frame. And put it on. Joel's countertop just today before it was a better ball I don't think so. I think it was a bread recipe or crazy out so that was affirmation confirmation. Okay good moving on it wasn't that we skeptics also to validate that. She really knew what she was doing. Right it's not that we're trying to foil. No it's fine. I would do the same thing. You wanna give less information in out thing Joel julianne stat at pass away. And they said oh a real tall blonde guy. Light haired guy keep stepping forward. And he's holding the hand of a younger light haired man and they share the same first name. Yeah johnny so on the ten. That are dad. Died john johnny. Who is our. He was my playmate growing up and he also passed away on that.

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Same time So that's when i was hook line and sinker. This woman knows exactly what's going down about that. Johnny was your dad's godson Yeah that really hit him hard. That seven memorial service and everything. And then when i got there i flew from idaho to the memorial service in california and the parents said. Can you sing. And i go. Oh really and there was no track laid down. there was no accompaniment. And i just. Let's do it right now okay. Ready sing song. We're going to sing with the. Here's the family car family. go okay. what what pick one. I don't know be seen grey's sweet the down like me But was calm. I see and that's why we go is good on the high a. This one needs to have a breath. Just kidding a weird apple green you from like one thousand nine hundred twenty two her name's missy scrabble. Sorry so mom. Is there a trait associated with either your mother or father's clan away My daddy's family all saying all played instruments and he was how many kids were in his family ten. Right what grandpa carter. We don't use the youngest of ten. Maybe yeah or nine. I can't oh. I think it was the youngest of ten. Every single family member played an instrument and they all sing and so he passed out onto my two brothers and myself and you four part harmony right. I saying harmony. But time i was four maybe five and to your more on this episode of Singing we did do a whole episode about yes singing. What do we call it singing the jug band joy. I forget the name of the of the episode but it was fine. Oh yeah fine-tune females. Okay so we've already gone. Yes yes go back to our. It says on your book entry that you played piano sax clarinet violent etc. Consequently my brothers sang and played uncle. Bill was a drummer in played. The really fast story. Sonko bill i was. I was in eighth grade graduating from junior high school and they had a dancer.

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Nineteen sixty three. My oldest brother was a senior in high school and he was very cute. He looked like elvis really his face. Kinda looked knows really light blue eyes. Yeah and dark care. And he was a drummer and as a surprise to me he and his band came to the junior high school and played and we all dance to it. All of a sudden. I went from bird legs to all wall. That's billy carter's store and he was really good on germs really good and slick and cool and then he got up from the band and came down me and danced with all of my change your direction in highschool weed left. We moved in. Here was the bane. Ganda ratatouille ted. I don't know what to say for the drums. Cymbal crash stats see you later. I really liked well. That was our episode with our mom and it sorta trailed off there at the end. Because weans i have a microphone. Called the blue yeti where the peace falls out of it accord fell out is what we think happened. We don't know we went back to listen to. It just stopped so it happens but you know we had a great talk. We love our mom. She's is so cute. And i love this family stories and i want to hear a lot more about her family in about life and when she was a kid and things like that it was so great. I'm i agree and you know what's funny. And very timely is that she just got off the phone with her big brother. Bill who that last story was about and he is legally blind now in lives up in washington and so he relies a lot on audio. So she's like you know what you gotta listen to. The girls podcast. We talk about family stories a lot. So she wants me to dig up some more genealogy stuff and old family stories and work those into for him. So let's dedicate this one to our bill up in washington. Go bill love yong-chol bill you all right and we also love our listeners. Especially our patrons to those view. Supporting us on patriotic dot com. We really appreciate all the effort in time that you've put into you know pulling out your pockets and giving us a little something to keep going because we know that you care we care. It just makes us quite happy knowing that. You're giving having trouble living word. So if anyone else wants to join us on patriots on dot com slash mouse and wiens. It's five dollars a month and it really helps support the causes which would be great. Yes we have lots of hosting costs and things like that plus you will get a swag bag. You will get incentive gifts along the way you get. Lots of shout outs in songs videos. You get out takes you get episodes before they come out you get unedited episodes you get to hear what goes on behind the scenes. It's not pretty so if you stick with us that made you really like us. Thank you for listening patrons yes and thank you to our listeners. In general weans. What would you like to say. Merry christmas to everyone. that's right. merry christmas coming sorry. Excuse me and all the other people such as yourself. Happy hannukah pain. Cami kwanza ray. Happy holidays in general. It's not all about christmas. Let's not be self absorbed this holiday. Let's give it to everybody. Happy holidays to all different cultures ethnicities all the people of this world. Wait surpremacy sex. We love everybody. Everybody so enjoy your holidays and please find us at masson weans everywhere and we love you. We'll see you next time while you're driving. Subscribing madison windsor. Threaten your help with your help. While you're cleaning you'll be in weaning. Thank you from everyone. This is toaff host of gravity beard podcast featuring interviews and discussions on a wide range of topics in each episode. All either interview. A special guests or can are typical algonquin roundtable of brilliant minds. Occasionally we'll even be joined by the host. One of your other favorite podcasts. Then every other week my buddy adam stoute's five for an installment of this week today. Whatever we do each week. We promise you'll be entertained.

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Joyce Carter is our sweet mom who passed away January 2023. She was a regular on our show and our #1 fan of course! Joyce grew up with two older brothers, moving around the west with her mom and dad, who worked for Southern Pacific Railroad. They settled in Tucson Arizona, where she spent her junior high, high school, and university years majoring in music and part of many choral groups. She met our dad at the U of A, and they started their young family, raising us in Northern California. There, we learned the joys of music, nature and art with our young mom staying home to raise us. Later, after self-taught decorating, Joyce became an interior designer in Danville and started her own business, Silkwood Interiors. She ended up divorcing our dad as they grew apart, but married Cowboy Denny and found her second chapter in love! They moved to Idaho in the 90's where she became a wonderful horsewoman in competitive reining. She also spent 27 as the designer for a home building company Skidmore Inc. Joyce helped design, build, and decorate over 400 homes in the Idaho Falls area, winning many awards. She also took up watercolor painting and produced many, many wonderful pieces of art. Our mom was a fun, energetic, sweet, warm, loving, creative, talented, and strong woman who taught us that we can do anything we put our minds to. She was our Third Musketeer in our lives, with all of our girl trips, our get-togethers, snow birding in Temecula to be closer to all of us in San Diego, and our many talks and motherly advice. She loved to travel, to be around her grandchildren, to cook, garden, build, ride, sing, paint, play piano and guitar. She leaves behind such a void, as everyone she met was instantly moved by her connection and loving sensibilities. We are honored to have had her on our podcast recordings so many times and are glad to have shared her with our audience so they could get to know our wonderful mother. She will be so , so missed.