Dec. 3, 2020

E96 - Balancing Act

E96 - Life is a big balancing act right now. Who can relate? After some requisite excretory system discussion, and talk about backyards, shotguns, and The Sopranos, we jump into how our Thanksgiving went. As a parent, it’s difficult to know when...

E96 - Life is a big balancing act right now. Who can relate? After some requisite excretory system discussion, and talk about backyards, shotguns, and The Sopranos, we jump into how our Thanksgiving went. As a parent, it’s difficult to know when you’re giving the right amount of time to your kids versus your work. And in Mouse’s case, does podcasting count as work or is it a hobby? What are other people thinking about how much time she spends with her kids versus her computer? Perceptions, expectations, assumptions and The Shoulds can get us all into trouble, so we try to break down our personal experiences. We also get into how friends and family are at different stages of how they are dealing with coronavirus expectations right now. Some of us are expanding our bubbles and spending time with family, and others are strictly locked down and only going on guilt trips! How is this going to play into the upcoming holidays? Join the discussion and let us know how you feel at

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Balancing Act

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Reason we are you now. Oh she okay guys. This is mouse and means you probably already know that. If you're here we just had an emergency. My sister what just happened. This is me. I'm mouse joel. I'm the mom. One down in san diego and wiens away and i set up my little home studio here. I made this really cool folding wall thing one of those wall separators and i on it and it's really cool and so it's behind me to kind of catch the sound. I hope and i didn't know the cat had snuck in this room with me. I shut all the doors. And i'm sitting here. Talking to you. Weaned setting up in the whole thing. Clocked me on the back of the head from behind the whole thing just fell on me. God damn rat can't so mad. He's only a year and he has a lot of spunk. Can i just say what you say. Which i say when i when something is scary and startling you say jesus fucking thing. We're all like i don't know about. I don't want that. All the senate comes out it's the afc. I know you know who brought that out in me. My dear has been our father. Oh all the time did did dads too. I'm sure yeah it's all the you know. You're a blasphemer. God talk here. We go Yes so that'll wake me up. I'm here hello. You're here and you're about forty minutes late to our recording because we'll come on okay. We don't have to talk to the bulking. I would just like to say a general statement. That i do have a tiny bit of colitis which kicks in every once in a while especially around the holidays. So let's just leave it at that this will happen and it's okay because it's good to talk about and there's a lot of people with it. It's a it's a real thing it is and it is It's under wraps. Because i've found their medication that works for it and it's great and i haven't had to deal with it every once in a while. Something will happen and the potty becomes my friend and i love hi this guy like handing me. I always love that one. It's him getting blown off the toilet. It's the best birth. Can i just tell you we did a whole walk this morning. I won't name any names but one of the guys did a whole poo story which is great and he actually for the kid we just. We went from. Jesus fucking christ to sing. Poo poo upgrade to pg thirteen. Can you say poop. Yeah okay loops. So he was waiting for a train with his girlfriend and they were going to chicago and he's sitting on the. It just came on. It was from fish at a restaurant and then he said it just came. He had nowhere to go at. He did it right there on the train platform. Oh and his girlfriend ran away and he was yelling like she just ran and he pooped right in front of everybody. Waiting for the is right there. No nowhere to go. it's like bridesmaids. Since jim but he didn't gown to cover him we he know trout. Did it dropped Did it. I have never heard a story that we all have the little doodoo stories but that one was at i maybe we should bring him onto. Tell it so i was like no whoever this nameless faceless friend is although he has trained platform so maybe no he might he might wanna come on and tell. I'll tell them all. We'll talk about it. But i you know i have to tell you even when i remember you bought me class. I'm am so sorry but a standup class. That i did not like at all and i wanna go. But we turned out pooh-pooh they all had pupa stories and all the women that it turned into a thing of like. Where's the weirdest time you the poop came over you and you had to do it somewhere so i just want to let you know. A lot of people think pooh-pooh stories. I know i feel like we just recently talked about this like a family event. Where we we did yeah. We had the campbell's the the campbell martin's have them telling all their poop stories. We have that which is available for our podcast anybody.

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We'll we'll wait for all the fan mail. Come in those stories. Masson weans please fans listeners. You know what actually if anybody is. Listening in has a poo poo story. We would love to accumulate. Them will read them. You could be anonymous. You don't have to say who you are you from secret email but give us your poop stories. Always so fun. It's true. everybody poop everybody poops. We can all relate. It brings us all to the same level. My favorite dax shepard's armchair episode was when jason bateman talked about his poop. I mean we're all human here we have bodily functions in. Can i tell you though the best thing. That's not my therapist she was. I talked about the podcast with my therapist. And you know. I'm always processing the madness. We know but at one point. She's like well i would. I would like to listen to it. And she picked at random episode and then the next time. I saw her she goes. I listened to your podcast which is kinda like straight and narrow. She's very professional. Collegiate and i go. Oh great. which one was it on. She goes farts. And i just turned bright red and then i was like oh no. She picked up episode. I don't even know which one it was. There's so many i was like. Oh okay well. I didn't even know what to say. So we just moved on. Uh you know certain people just is like oh boy now. I'm surprised she didn't like commend. You on it that. Wow that was really great. You open up and you know you're really being vulnerable. That's wonderful work for you. Now know i think it has just like just to offended. Yeah no what was it about thinking you know. There were million subjects farts. Yeah and then silence and then we moved on so verts no parts. I was just a spending time with certain people who are guests of keeping on miss to and they've been married for ten years but more than five years and has only had one. I slip in front of her husband. What yeah like. we're talking now. Pushed out some babies and the whole nine yards. But only one i slip now. Is that a conscious choice yes be. How does one do that. I would like to quiz these listeners. Same listeners please tell us about. He referred stories to do. We have any holder enters. Or are you letting rip or are you. You know bathroom need demure type of person. I really do win win. Was the first trip cassette tapes. Right was that a big moment in your relationship was at the thing that bonded solidified it. I saw a funny gift. Someone got their their girlfriend like a anniversary of the day she. I farted in front of them. T shirt or something. I was like we need more of those come on. People let them riptide with discretion. How about that. Yeah of course all right discredited hate get. Let me just tell you. Earning the next door neighbor is vacuuming his sidewalk again. So if there's a weird buzzing sound hits Okay tell me what's going on with him because he's a theme he's we should bring them into the show. I hear about them all the time. Well yes i. Can't you know they're the sweetest couple. They're i think they're from the philippines. And there he's probably in his mid seventy s or late seventies but. I think there might be a little bit of alzheimer's happening now. I think it's You know he's the guy that i'll be out in the backyard and all of a sudden i see an eyeball inbetween two pots because there's a fence in the fences low. But then he put a bunch of pots up there and all of a sudden eyeball. It's kind like the scene and sixteen candles. Where anthony michael hall's under the table in jake moves a pizza out of the way into season eyeball smashed into the table. So that's like the ernie. I and then he'll like that too. I'll find it and posted. I have a picture of his eye poking through a book my friend lisa see symptoms will walk on fridays. And we'll end up in my backyard drinking coffee and then Like occasionally he'll just be in the tree so he's just all of a sudden we'll hear rustling and we'll look up and he'll be like elo and he's in the messing with the foliage in the backyard so he's vacuuming the cyber. There's nothing vacuum. He does it every day for three hours. Six pickup nothing to clean. Ocd gardner guy with the little dementia. And a pensions for watching you. But really funny. Yeah he's really funny. He's always got little jokes. But then it'll be like a lot of quiet moments in between and i don't know if he's joking or if there's always you can't relax them your backyard. He might always be watching.

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He's ever their people. Love this backyard. It's a place that all like to come and go freely. There's someone in there by the way someone just hit the side of my house. I don't even know been. I have no idea with a car. No i mean. I could hear that someone i don't i don't even look anymore. It's just random people. There was a lady there and she was looking for avocados. Lets you talk to you from the earning tree. The way for bernie but you know she was back there like does have some good hanging over fruit. You do get some good. That gets a little avocado. But there's always something going on. There are some thief. She was the one that stole the mangoes off. Your that was different again. I almost don't wanna talk about this because if anyone listens but there was like yeah in. Someone's here i can hear some. I've no idea what's going on so it feels like public. Yeah i don't know who you have a cottage. It feels like your own place but it's not. It's still kind of like condo living. Because it's all i guess. La like people just kind of. I don't know people just kind of come and go and do i. It's very different than yeah. I think if we all had shotguns shotguns. What why if you lived if it was like your ranch anyhow chicago. Just step on it as easily. What's happening to you. This is my sweet pacifist and she wants to. I've been obsessed with the sopranos lately. I'm i'm in it. I'm done except ahead to start. I did not watch the whole first season. Because i had watched it in the past okay longtime ago and so i said oh this time around. I'll watch it from two up. Okay i realized. I don't remember about the first season so now i'm having to watch that in. It's very fascinating. Oh my gosh you just never seen michael. What's his name. Kim leoni idea plays he plays christopher. This show can't remember the name your deep in it man. It's like this is a real binge real deep dark binge. it's a real benge. And i think a lot of it has to do with. I did school stuff all day. And then i it's my good friends. I get to visit my family since around around. No wonder to shotgun. Wow good what are you thinking. Is it like the best series ever. Can you see because we talked. W earl brown. He said you know. deadwood was on. Track to be like soprano. So what would you. Yeah yeah. i'll bet you if they kept going it would be on par with that Can see who the fuck is in the backyard for. I have an idea. Let's take a quick break and we'll hear from our friends in this podcast. Whether you're fly fishing industry knows angels wet for deep in the ocean casting nets fish nerds owner. A podcast ride in a basket. Inner broil pan. Roll like your inside. I am business. It's a podcast nobody's there. This is the other thing. There's a lot of phantom gatherers. Because i'll hear noises is it. A branch from a tree is ernie orange hitting your house. Ernie might have some sprays water over the offense earning but anyway. This is all fascinating. Okay guys the sopranos. Have you seen any of it in d. of any interest. Yes i saw it all back in the day. And i dug it you. Yup and my brain is so special that i instantly forget everything really. Don't even remember anything. I remember certain scenes with tony and all of his goumas directed to him. No i remember lady. Uh riding him not was l. Interesting seeing that sticks in my brain why would that stick in your brain because you are a secret sexual nerd put this forever. But also because i couldn't fathom am i so shallow that i can't see the attraction at all i mean i suppose it's the whole power many thing but i know what you're thinking. Are you think that it's like love him. It wasn't like a love relationship. I can see falling in love with someone and personality but this was just a anyway. We don't need to think you'd like you like you like you're you're like right and that's type you like a very standard chris. Martin type of person play chris. Anybody that looks like kim basically has been nearby mary.

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You clicking case going to point my husband yes yeah so. Tell me about you for the love of christ which we both do love. Although you just f- tim early but tell me how was your thanksgiving. It was good. Yeah this is what we're gonna catch up on was just the holidays here we are. We did our big thanksgiving and now we're going into christmas so i just wanted to see where you were too. But yeah all recap we so you know. I'm a family five. We have the three kids. Dave in me and we also have in town You know twenty minutes away dave's parents and then another twenty minutes away dave's brother with his wife and their two kids so we did a kind of pinky promise. Let's all stay real safe. Don't go anywhere. Don't do lots of crazy things so that we can all rent a house and then go out to palm springs for thanksgiving together which we did which was really fun and you even came out for which was awesome. I'm glad it's on the last day and yeah it was very cool. It was fun. It was great to relax and i brought all sorts of podcast if i was going to work on. Didn't get to any of it because the wife. I didn't work in my back room. So i had to do everything out in the big front open room with all the cousins and people guilt guilt. Issues i do. I can't sit and just work at my computer On a podcast. That kind of is just like more of a hobby than it is a job. So don't ever say that right. I know life. This is my problem with the whole thing. I feel like this isn't a real Thing that i can spend money on. So then i feel guilty or that. I'm making money on. So i feel guilty working on it because it's taking away from my family and kids talk me out of bed. Well so is this an inner conflict. We also i'd like to always go back in analyze environment. Childhood in your neurons got wired. Yeah you're a neural pathways. Will say okay. So is it a conflict between okay do you. Just tell me. Where's where's this happening. How does it even go it. It's just you know. I always have this constant to do list. Think that's my personality type. A you know go go go kind of person. I love to knock things off my list and accomplished staffer feel really good about that. So that's kind of my my mo in life. So i brought all my stuff with me and then plopping down and not playing with my kids and here. I am telling them. Get off your screens. But i'm on. My screen is tough for me. I just feel guilty. And then i also feel like the people around me are secretly judging and thinking. Why is she spending so much time on this computer doing this silly thing that isn't bringing in an income for her family when she should be a good mom and be playing with their kids the whole time or cooking big homemade meals. Or you know it's always been your thing. Yeah what the hell do i do with it. I think i need therapy. I you would say. Yeah no i think you have to do whatever i mean i would imagine. This is very common guilt. Trigger for a lot of people also. It's a big thing of how you look to others. And that is a common problem. Also right in like the older i get the more. I'm like forget it. I don't care but i do still care. And it's always back and forth depending on my mood depending on the day of how much care and how much of a kind of fu to the world but no one ever says outright and even my husband who should be the one who's like you know you're letting things slip in the house or the kids or what he never does. He's super supportive. So it's all me guessing what people are thinking. Where did that come from. does it matter. I don't know i mean. Are we blaming parents complain. Mom she's very goco modules. Kidding no i do. I am interested because It's well here's my thing. I'm always going back to childhood. Because that's all they knew how to do from whatever. It may be learning that from dad like go you go back to. It is interesting taking on the sociology. Classes it's a lot more. It's a lot of that. But then also your environment and the culture. So i would say it's probably just our society in general saying that you should be a super everything and you should be baking pies and be wonderful with your kids ambi career woman and be a full time mom and be just like we're in a crazy overachiever. Culture it's true it's also default imperative.

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Yeah everything does fall on the mom. So if i did kinda choose to be the career woman and make this my full thing yeah it would just be so conflicting so we just have that real traditional old school but i can never find balance with god. I'm boring myself. We talk about this all the time. It's just it's balance. Balanced is one of the hardest. Things i do too. I think it's just her. I think that is a key to peaceful living or happier. Life is figuring out that kind of balance. So i think it's i would imagine almost everybody struggle. Yeah so you know how. I balanced this time this week when i know good one i I ended up getting insomnia which was kinda glad about. Because then i would wake up at three in the morning and sit out in the quiet kitchen and do all my podcasts work and then by the time the kids start waking up at six six thirty seven i felt a little bit more accomplished and got two hours sleep. I was exhausted right. Because there's a lot of drinking and playing cards relate but I got some stuff done. Isn't that crazy. I needed quietness. I know it's I mean if i were to be your life coach i would say schedule. Your mom's going away for an hour. Nobody bothered me. And then that's your one hour and learn how to be okay with it. That's the problem and it's a muscle that you work to be able to do that and then you could be extra happy in rejuvenated to be with your kids again taking our way but maybe more i mean it's hard to do right now to because we're all in the same house together quarantining homeschooling so while they're on their zoom calls right now like this is what is it nine nine thirty. I feel fine. 'cause they're all totally involved in that and i don't have to feel guilty. I'm doing this but as soon as it's lunchtime or after school then i'm on again so it's hard. It's hard to find that but anyway. So why not do all of your podcasting on the downtime. When zoom in i know easier said than done when it also includes social media and all the admin stuff and stuff. We've we just redid our website. Go to and weans dot com. Check it out. But that took time i had to move everything over there. And now we just joined the pod fixed network. So that's a whole new thing that we're learning about and i have to learn all that good stuff but That's fun that's a whole new group of fun podcast. You have to check that out too. Yeah so it just takes a lot of time really to do a podcast so i don't know that's it. That's where i am and it just is probably always going to be this way. I don't know but is weird when it's a guilt issue of because i'm sure a lot of your mom friends feel the same kind of pressure. Of what is their own thing if they want to start their own thing or maybe it's a business that do you have any friends that are starting a business that also yeah. I talk about it A lot of it is well. That's the thing it's hard with a lot of moms in the area unless they're super super close because everybody has to put on this face of. Oh yeah i totally got it together. i do it with my kids. It's great i can work from home. It works out really well but there are few in fact. I'm going to insert this clip rate here because this is my friend jen. I'm like this is great. This is how we're all thinking right now with kids at home and school and trying to work and trying to do other things. Turn the side hustle. So let's pop this in here first of all in my room on the floor. Am i read drapes behind me. Look like neon pink. And it's like. I'm some psychedelic. Hell world I can't handle my kids anymore seriously. Oh my god the internet's down. What do they think about fucking wizard. I'm not a fucking wizard. I don't anything about the internet. I can't make spectrum go faster. And they're everywhere. They're in my office. Where all my she built for use stuff is. I can't get in there. So i don't know what i'm supposed to do. Brody is in the middle room. Where i do all my like stenciling work in like stuff and i can't get in there and my stuff is in there and then i get yelled at every single time i walk in there. I want corona virus to be done. I was so tired of it. I just want my space back. Holy shit him at go insane. I love you both by hope you days better. This is the plight. I think of a lot of us moms and anyone stuck at home working with the kids. Yeah just you. Don't have the space. You're used to as hard man.

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It's hard but yeah you know what's cool. I like that. She was just really honest ios. And you're allowed to be honest. I think you beat yourself up for feeling really guilty saying certain things but instead of all that you could just be honest true telling you to do what what am i want you tell me. Oh it's it's the whole social media thing right. We all put out our best pictures and our best everything and like. Oh yeah i got this. No big deal where we're having fun but part of it for me is. I'm trying to create like happy memories to for my kids if they happen to look back on my facebook if everything is all fake. I know that it is fake. So that's why. Yeah i need to drop that for sure. Because i hate it too. I feel alone in all this imbalance and like i'm the only crazy one until i see things like gems video here or i have. Oh i did an interview with Friends in your ears and after we finished recording it was you know another podcast her the host and myself and i go. Hey ladies can. I just ask you. How is everything going with podcasting and we just had a really honest conversation off the air that made me feel so much better about how frigging hard. It is and how much work there is to do. And it's like not enough. People are saying that everyone just looks like they're killing it in their. You know little side hustle. And it's hard so i need to be more honest and open about it and i think everyone else should be too. I like that so so it's hard podcasting is hard. It's a constant output of social media. Right you're constantly. Yeah you don't. It's not just sitting down and we're going to record a conversation. It's there actually is a little bit of research that goes into it. Maybe not today for us a lot of times if we pick a topic. We research together to editing the sending the files back and forth the transfer and uploading seminars and big like how how to write audio. had to do marketing. See really well. Yeah it's just this new weird world of how do you get your thing out there and get people to consume it and maybe weighed on the line. Make money at it. So it's it's an interesting Industry i love it but it's hard it takes a lot of time. There's my old ways of just being the stay at home. Mom the little kids and making meals and helping them work and homework. Playing those are kinda gone. Have this new drive to do this thing. So it's hard actually. This is a great segue because this is real too. I did get a sponsor for our lovely podcast And it's dream dinners and i told you right. Yeah yeah this is something actually. This really does help me. Balance my life and i'm not kidding i'm not just saying this I have been using dream since. I think two thousand seventeen and i found them because i won some little contest or something that come in and get some free meals and it's one of these dinner preparation companies but you actually apron Not blue apron. It's called dream. Dinners but yeah. There's a lot of them that come in a box. You can order him this when you actually go into the store although now you don't with current virus going on but you do usually go into the store and you've prepaid your recipes and you get to of package them all up in a big bag and then put them in the freezer and it's like going to salad bar. You have your recipe card. And you do your scoops and you fill up your bag and you pop your little recipe card in there for how to cook it later. You put it in the freezer. You put your credit card on file charges. You you leave you. Take all your bags homes to your home. And then you've got meals for weeks and it's kind of awesome. You have lived with us almost for like a month. would you think we ate a lot of those. I thought it was very good and it was very easy. And i don't know if you wanna put anything to do with blue apron in here but that's the only other experience i've had and that took forever in was harder to. It really was a lot of preparation. Said this was super easy. Yeah i've heard that a lot of people to start off with gusto with those boxed dinners but then you know if you don't cook it right away. The fresh stuff goes bad or might not be something you want exactly This is really tailored for you. I have learned what my kids like. So i pick the ones that i know. They'll e and that our favorites and there's different serving sizes and anyway it's just a great great program. I tell all my friends about really do. And i wanted to tell the listeners about it to you because it's it's wonderful. It really will help you. So what they're doing I'm working with the local store here in power.

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But i know they are all over. But here in san diego. For the month of december while they're in the purple tier The powei and san marcos dream dinners are offering free delivery which is usually a twenty five dollar fee so every one with a twenty five mile radius will get this free delivery which is great. They have a coupon code called mouse and winds twenty and you can get a twenty percent discount so that is live and ready to go but it really is a wonderful thing. If you guys go to dream dinners dot com. Find your local store. And if you're in the san diego area mouse and winds twenty so that will give you your discount. So you guys should do. We did it. We got a big turkey for christmas. I'm going to bring it to idaho and well. It's going to be great. Yeah it makes things so much easier it really does. It takes like twenty thirty minutes to make dinner. Everything's right there. You just pop it together. It's great and everybody loves it so hurry so we'll hear more from them. I'm going to put together a real ad spots. But that was just my intro. Because i loved them so dream dinner again very cool i know but anyway so that also i wanted to ask you what you thought of thanksgiving and being out in palm springs i felt kinda guilty posting pictures because we rented this house so long ago and we made these plans to be safe. Whatever but then. I feel a little guilty because There i go with my guilt again. But i'm sure it's in your face right when you see people like. Oh yeah. Look at us thanksgiving. It's like yeah great. You bucked the rules. You weren't supposed to do that so you know what fuck everybody. I'm sick so many friends who have different levels of where they are. Yeah yeah and i you know. My friend came over. And he's been super isolated with his wife and then at some point he was here he asked to come over to drop stuff off and he was here in my little house and then he was. I had just come back from you guys well. That's you know that's one of the things that you shouldn't be doing you know that's the reason why everyone's getting sick. These family gatherings it's not flying anywhere. It's the family gatherings and everyone thinks that. And you know you're really and i'm like why are you here then. Came to my house. Did tell me how i'm doing. It wrong was get out. That sucks and everybody is. That's the thing everyone's assuming a you're you've been out and about your picking up germs from everywhere. Well no we've all been in our little bubbles in our little houses since march and we got up out of our bubbles moved our bubble out to the house and then you came to and you've been in your bubble like going up you know we're all doing a little bit of that. I'm sure i have my little morning to couple of people that we have mask and we go hiking but you're outside moving like yes that you're not in there's people that are working out of cash register all day indoors there are people that are serving food to people all day indoors and outdoors people that are driving cars all day So i mean our level of exposures so little compared but yeah applies you feel. It's exhausting now. i. I found myself doing that. My friend scott is he's been very very good about it he's a medic scott barren also an author met him. He comes running but He's been very good and very on top of it and taking tests every week and you know. And when i talked to him i get a little like well going to my sister's but they're very good about what they're doing and they're like why do i have to justify to him. He's not also judge me going. Ooh now my other friend was and that bothers me. mike okay. we'll don't be around me right to. It's a really strange time. Everybody's so keyed up and judgy and scared it's all fear based right like our brains are just going nuts right now and we need to settle the fuck down and just keep our nose down. Do your own thing and leave each other alone in. Remember that we're all in this together. That's the bottom line too is. We're all feeling the same fears. Were all worried. We've all lost people that we love and we just gotta get through this and get to the next vaccine. Stage and schools are opening up. People are sending kids to school. There's judge with that versus staying home. That's crazy there's just judgment around everything and everybody has an opinion. It's probably like parenting. It's probably going to the grocery store and seeing someone talked to the kid and going off. Can you believe it.

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That's terrible how they're talking. Everybody's got it's funny when it comes to like religion politics child raising and this. Yeah it's a real hot issue of how you should be doing it Should should don't shit on me seconds. Stop shooting on me. Everybody thinks it's what are you gonna do about christmas too. Because then you're gonna come up to that when i'm gonna fly a plane i'm gonna lick. The seats. aren't making out with people. I'm going to bring old. Grandpa joe is gonna sit on my lap. And i'm gonna start hugging babies. I don't give. this is my time to shine. Ernie throw them to the right. Good a drop. Trowel right there on the tarmac. Whatever you want. I know i love it. I know yeah everything. I'm sure we'll be good and save and again we're going from one bubble to another with just like that small amount of travelling between and you're so safe you wear all your masks and carry your hand. Sanitizer know that done very minimal. So what about you. Are you excited for christmas. I am we're already you know i just did all my shopping yesterday. And had everything shipped out there. So we're going to have nothing in the car. No gift dis this year. It's gonna be out there waiting in rapid there do the whole thing. The kids are already planning what they wanna do. Sledding and wanna go skiing all the good stuff so yeah. They're super excited. It's the cutest thing you there so cool like my fifteen year. Old yesterday was like mom. I feel like i'm in my twenties. Like of really understand how life works and how the world works. And he's like can we. Can we go sledding. Can we go skiing syracuse. All the childlike stuff comes out and they're super confirmed to still does even to this day. It's a magical christmas. At grandma's it really is our sweet mom. Being in her early seventies is also being super careful in the land of of idaho. Where people are kinda like you know. Hey government and get out of our face and nobody's wearing masks. I mean they're starting to now but they had a big outbreak. Yes yeah they're really bad when you look at the map with the colors. They've got like deep dark red over there But back in the day. I told the kids i could look if we're going to go out to grandma's in december we need to be really careful before we go and so i know you guys want to go back to school. But you're going to have to kinda choose between school or grandma at christmas and they chose grandma's at christmas and they opted to stay home and do virtual school because we were given a choice. So that's how much they love it. They like like you know bailed on all their friends all their socialization just so they could go to christmas. Grandma's in yeah so we're super excited about it but How fun yeah. And then you'll be there and it'll be good. I'm excited to chill. And yeah i don't i don't feel as guilty moms. I don't know why that is. I guess related right. Yeah she gets you know. Yeah it's someone else's family. I think it's also that she is super. She plays with the kids and grandpa to they have all these activities for them and the you know. Get down on the floor and goof around versus dave's parents are a little more you know we'll sit over here. Enjoy watching the kids. But they don't really get their hands dirty with them so much. I mean they do here and there but they're all there too. Sometimes i think they feel maybe awkward or they provide the resort. But they don't wanna be babysitters i think. So i mean they will and they do around here lot they do do a lot. I should never say. It's i don't want to sound different level of interaction. Yeah interaction with different vibe in a different You know. Mom's like kind of mrs claus and concilium coffee and music and data and they're a little more you know they go to the parties in their fancy you and the and the older to they've you know had some health stuff come up so i'm sure they don't want to hurt themselves or you know. And they're being careful to anyway. It's a different little vibe. So the kids are looking forward to it. They loved palm springs to of course but Did you see the video two of the bighorn sheep. Yeah that's crazy. yeah. I never seen him in. All the years have gone around that area. A million of them. yeah. I'll post this on facebook and instagram too. But this was a place in pg west which is in makita area and the bighorn sheep. Come down from the mountains and they gather in herds on the golf course and then they moved from the golf course into the neighborhoods and they eat all the peoples flowers and bushes.

00:40:02 - 00:44:55

And i have all this footage of it because we kept seeing them and it was so cool. And we're right there next to him is crazy and they did a little weird stampede thing to you so you have to see that it was wild. It was really cool they are. I wonder if they could hurt you. I think my gosh. She saw those rams that big old curly horns on the big guy and the member nuts. do they have big nuts. Nuts look like look like one of those mexican. Papayas hanging down crazy really nuts loud eating it. It was nuts. It was the worst line in the movie. Seven if anyone is listening the movie. Seven brad pitt. I remember his line is and he had his hand that waves to he's nutbag delivered at like debt to it was everything was kind of normal. And you're in the groove he's Nutbag arm that goes shucks disney. What i'm talking about. Well look it up. Posta to brad to talk to you. Mom says that you'll be on our podcast and We'll ask you about this scene. Specifically okay. So brad brad pitt. Come on come on the show yes. Our mom thinks you'll talk to us. Said there should challenge we right joe. I love us out. You have fun today. Finish all that schoolwork and I will when are you coming. Down again can come down to. When are you coming up here. How about that. Oh to and bailing on the kids. They can home-school themselves for weeks. And i will be there. I love those okay. All right and wonderful week. Yes thank you everybody and please do check out mouse and weans dot com for all the links everywhere. We also have our wonderful patrons. We'd like to give a shout out to who support us on a monthly basis. And help us make the side-hustle Able to happen because it does take a lot with the hosting fees and all the gear and good stuff like that. So thank you patrons You're getting bonus features you get our unedited versions of this and you get out takes and all sorts of good stuff so if anyone else wants to join its on patriot. Dot com backslash mouse weans. We would love that. Joined the family and queens. What else am i missing anything else. I think you're to tell everybody loved them. Oh i love you guys. You thank you listeners. You're the best we really do. It's so fun seeing people. Thanks for being here. I'm gonna kiss your face that's right. Yep and thanks to the pod fixed network. Please go check them out. All these great podcasts. There too all right until the time. Things are looking gray. Clouds roll by each day can see through. The fog won't go away even though it see. We're living in a dream. Things aren't as bad as they see. Things are looking grim. Lights are growing dim. When we're here without we must look even though we're in the middle of a see things. I'd is bad things just a little but soon new world will fall back into place until then i'd love to fix your man then long to see the rest of your is blue. There's no looking through live is better. This is all come true. Even though the moon still shines be we still have to wait for a vaccine. Beings may not be great. But let's overstay things aren't as bad as they see things on it as bad as they see. This was a podcast of the podvig network. You can check out more shows like it at