Nov. 20, 2020

E95 - Muppets, Gilman, Green Day, East Bay Punk, Tattoos

E95 - After a little quarantine talk, we do some happiness exercises and get right into some fun filmmaking memories. Julianne worked on "The Muppet Movie" and recalls a day shooting with Chris Cooper, stunt explosions and injuries, and what Brian...

E95 - After a little quarantine talk, we do some happiness exercises and get right into some fun filmmaking memories. Julianne worked on "The Muppet Movie" and recalls a day shooting with Chris Cooper, stunt explosions and injuries, and what Brian Henson had to say about his dad Jim Henson. Another sweet man we discuss is Chris Martin from Coldplay. Is Joelle horny or just nostalgic for live music and happier times? We'll go with the latter as we segue into nostalgia talk about 924 Gilman St., the co-op music club from our Bay Area youth. Julianne reconnected with friends from these days, and we both watched the documentary "Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk" to see her friend Sean's role. She talks about his connection to Green Day, and adds a hilarious story about Lint (aka Tim Armstrong) and Lars, the guys from Operation Ivy and Rancid. Why was Julianne fascinated by these types of people? She connected with guys who were interesting and wild, a lot like her friend Puck from "The Real World San Francisco". We hear a funny story about him and our dad in the San Ramon Christmas tree farm, and then remember a story about the East Area Rapist (Golden State Killer) in that same farm, and a Richard Ramirez (Night Stalker) serial killer rental-house connection. We get back into talking about the psychology and angst behind punk music, and the judgements that go along with the music, the hair, and even the tattoos. It quickly turns into a parenting discussion about tattooing, morals, and shame. We battle out who was the worst teen and when a parent needs to draw the line vs when to compromise with your kids when they go down this path. Where do YOU fall on the punk to square scale?!

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Ep 95

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Muppets, Gilman, Green Day, East Bay Punk, Tattoos

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You have reached Mouse and Weens episode ninety five of season three. Today we're going to be talking about old punk memories and fun stuff like that. Please be patient with our audio. My mic wasn't turned on. I'm a dumb dumb. I don't know. It's a newbie mistake. But I'm not a newbie. That's the thing. These things happen. Please forgive us and we hope you enjoy the show. <MUSIC>

Yay! It's us! It's Mouse and Weens. Hello everybody. There she is. It's Weens over there. I'm Mouse. I'm Joelle. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. I'm Weens and I'm up in LA and that's not too far from each other. That's an hour and a half about. That's right. And we are here again for episode 95. We're almost to a hundred, Weens. What do you think? Can you believe it? What do you think that means? Ooh, that we're old? Yeah. Time is flying by right now. I don't know if it's quarantine or what but dude, I feel like I've aged five years since March. I just-- Why? I don't know. I wake up with these bags under my eyes. I think it's too much screen time because I'm not out and about as much. I don't know. Yeah. It's very abnormal. I've gained some weight. It's a's a little a biscuity around the mid's but that's okay. I think that's... I don't know. Just think. "Biscuity around the mids." That's my new band. Yeah, that's right. When you think of it, I know we don't walk so much. I guess there's a lot of sitting. Would you relate anyone? Some people aren't at all and they're maintaining their normal weight. How is that? I don't have the motivation to go out and work out unless I'm part of a gym and all the gyms are, you know, questionable. And we just- we're entering the purple phase again tonight at midnight. What does that mean? So all the indoor restaurants and stuff are shutting down. I don't know. It's some rating. You know, like wildfires in the red zone; we're in the purple zone. It just means it's bad. So I'm in the purple zone. I'm in all....I'm wearing a purple shirt .I'd like to relate to your story. Like Prince? Yeah, I'm sitting in some purple rain. Oh my gosh. Sorry to just derail your story but you, um, this is wacky. No, it wasn't going anywhere good. It wasn't? Okay. You know, it's depressing. Just the normal stuff.

Oh no Jo! How are you? You know what? Let's do the Tony Robbins thing. Everybody do this right now. Tony Robbins, our favorite spiritual coach.... Is he? I'm just kidding. No. But you know, he's got some tricks. One of them I remember was to really smile big right now. Do a huge smile. Ha ha! Hey! Oh wow! That really works! Oh my gosh. Does it work? Okay! I look like a crazy person sitting in my office with pillows all around me! Hee hee! All right! That's great. Okay. Wow this is lifting my spirits. Does it do anything different to your face and in your brain? Yeah, I just got more wrinkles. Luckily we're not filming this one. Well good, good. Okay, bringing it right back down. Okay there you go. I know. Yeah Tony Robbins. It's a... Wait, I heard-- What was that trick I told you too? There's some nerve, your vagus nerve or something, that gets stimulated if you smile big and then breathe and exhale. So let's do that too. Okay. Ready? Smile really big. Everybody smile really big and take a deep breath at the same time. <breathing in> And now exhale. Keep that smile! <exhaling> Okay now, quick Jo, go to your phone and then take a picture of your face! Oh god, wait, wait, wait. One....two.... I don't... I'm not that quick! Do it anyway! Ready? Ready. One, two, three! Oh my god. Haha! I look like a psycho. I look like a Muppet. My mouth goes from one ear to another. Oh my god.

You just sent me a bunch of Muppet pictures, speaking of Muppets. Oh yeah. I worked on "The Muppet Movie". Thanks to Danny Finn. I have to give them a shout out. I don't know if you've ever listened to this. But he's my... He's so cool. We're in the location department together. And he hired me--- Danny Finn. Is he a good Irish boy? That sounds like a name. He's the best. <sings> Oh Danny Finn. Oh Danny Finn. He definitely is a Danny Finn and we worked on "The Muppet Movie." He called me. I was living in Seal Beach at the time. And my main place to work was Hollywood Boulevard where I think they... That movie and then I worked on the "Wonder Woman" pilot. You did? And it was like unprecedented... You have to go to Hollywood, like a Hollywood Walk of Fame committee meeting to see how much you could shut down of the street


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when you're filming. Wow. Actually it was the "Wonder Woman" pilot which shut down more of Hollywood Boulevard than any other show up until that point. Really? But yeah, "Muppet Movie," going back to that, that was so fun. We shot at the El Capitan theater. It was a real famous one, and... Wait. Where was that one? Was I there? Was that the one...? It was either... Is that right where we stayed? Right across from the Chinese Mann Theater. Yeah you can see that. And right next to Jimmy Kimmel's. Yeah. So you know, there was this... I think it was built in the twenties and it had this beautiful art deco carved wood. You know, everything in those theaters back in the day were so cool and intricately designed. And then in the eighties, it was the terrible eighties. They just stuccoed over everything. And so there was a restoration project to get it restored. Okay got it back. Restoration project restored. Can you believe that you don't you don't say so anyway. We shot there. And i remember chris cooper. Was there the famous Chris cooper who won an oscar for done lente done. Can you guess Adaptation i can't. I'm guessing adaptation. He was great met. Fact check it while you tell your story europe anyway And there were about three hundred background that day because they were all doing a dance musical sequence. This is for the new muppet movie. Jason jason sequel. And amy adams were in it and he was the bad oil baron that wanted to take over all the muppet in okay. He was a chris. Cooper is best supporting actor. N- adaptation two thousand and three. Yeah he was so good in that. That was one that stole one of my favorite movies of all time and anyone can fight me on that. I think it's genius but anyway. So i just remember. This is my most prominent memory of that day. It was a few nights there. I think but there was a three hundred person background scene where they were protesting in front of the actually one of my gonzo signs. Got to draw a protester sign with gonzo and they loved it. So that's probably in there somewhere. I haven't even looked for it. But it was a scene with chris cooper and i think he gets bombed and so they had a like they bomb him and he lands and garbage cans was the scene and there was a stunt guy who was playing him and they have a little lever system where they pop it and the person goes whoa and they jump and they fall back into the garbage cans and it was probably about a five to six foot throw where he's on this little platform in pops one in like a seesaw and he goes and flies into the garbage cans. That was the scene except three hundred. People are watching. They're older and the guy popped and it was way too hard so he overshadowed by ten feet and slammed against the wall turns back. That was one of them at everyone. Three hundred people just going. Oh they reset it and then they did it again in this time at like sleep guy. He wasn't zane guy. Yeah these stuck guys go through it. And he i think it was four or five times just kept getting slammed against the wall and finally landed in. I just remember going up to him. He was on his back. And i was like. Are you cane. He just fight in. Its wind had completely been knocked out in talk to him. And he's like yeah. Well vegas a beautiful thing we all do. It was one of those moments of just these guys get beat up so yeah moly. So all you Stunt people wannabes out there. I'm talking to you diego. This is my friend's son. He just went over his mountain bike in a bad way and got it on film and had got concussion. Might have broken rib came out of it coming. I want to be all. I know but i don't know i mean you could have a really good career and there's just there's also Well you talk to david role. Dan who was on the rookie and he was an iron man and a bunch of other big films. You can't remember his story. I was busy. Looking at the exhumed bodies was charlotte Telling he was. I brought joel in the kids and everyone to the set of the rookie and they were watching the serial killer episode where the dead bodies got dug up in griffith park. But we were talking to david. Dan who's a stunt coordinator. He's awesome and he was an ironman moving. I think he was coming off of a line from a helicopter jumping onto a boat and he like snapped his achilles heel or something and then had to push through it and it was either. It was just like one more. Take you do it. And so we had to push through all the pain and get the shot. I can't you were there for the strike. You don't remember this not remember. you know anyway. Grew many stories of pushing through it to get the shot.


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Which is the film business as older lady here We did our dumb. Little spoof of f- greatest american hero. Everybody go to instagram mountain wings. And scroll down. Look for the one with me. A blond wig we we had to reenact. Just like a snippet of the intro. We're doing this little contest of guests this eighties show and you made me roll. You're filming. you made me role in costume on the landing right. It looks like he slams the building and then rolls in. So i had to kind of jump into the soil santa that we have in our backyard and roll a little bit. And it's only. I don't know how thomas four feet down and i just said to lay on my shoulder enroll at new to takes. I was in so much pain. It was so i can't believe he's guys can handle that very complaining actress by the way you were. You were like it's hot. I don't wanna do this. I was like i right but think of the final product. Just can we do it twice. I was not that bad at all. Get this outta here. It was like ninety degrees. And i was wearing tweet. Pj's in eight. We were wearing iron. Man's that we completely got our superheroes mixed ramos. American hero is the true superhero every day. Anyway so the map and movie. It was great. I was so happy to work on that. It was like the childhood dream that was back in the day before it was completely jaded and It was so excited. I'm just kidding. But not really. But i was excited to be at work on anything. Jim henson in anything with adam sandler. I worked on both of those things i did. Got him see and they're just go with the movie and then did the muppets. And then i got to work with brian. Henson and morgan spurlock on his side pilot. That never got released. It was called guano. Which if anyone knows means bat to reassert stand for global world. it's standard for. What did i say standard for stood for. Golly you're on a roll. That's okay get her talking about back. You know. let this stuff happens when you're on a roll and you know english or at least you thank you do and then things will come out and you listen back nico what is wrong with my brain and mouth new. I know i did a whole funny video on the cat snoring yesterday and at the very end i was like she safari. She's great ohio this cash she. It's a boy. I know my cats. We let her know in the heat of the moment. According to a lot of people say we should've went there. And that is you create. You know what drives me crazy guys and this is so snooty. I'm gonna blame our nazi grandmother. But it's the your without the apostrophe r. e. but i know that sometimes when i'm typing fast on the telephone on y'all have him in it'll go sometimes to your and then it gets so. I'm like positive. Vre what boys and girls. If there is two words you are where they are. The pasta feed takes away. You can squash him together. That's all it is same zhongxun canarian. It's so easy to think about yet. You know what. I heard the word conjunction from our friends at balls. What is the name of their podcast. Joel over we talking about who the ladies you were just talking about the said. You like oh brilliant. Observations was listening to brilliant observations this morning. And they mentioned conjunctions on a highlight. Green's morgan spurlock. Story morgan spurlock and that was a good one. Brian hinton and got to spend some time with him. And i was so happy. Rita parigi is the producer and asked me to be on that and i did some location managing for them and found all their locations. It was a pilot that never went. It was very funny and they had a they wanted to have a equivalent of. Ted koppel scratch that reverse it. It was a howard cosell type. Muppet who would be talking about issues in the community which at the time we focused on should be legal or not in this commentating puppet would go around and just talk about like actual issues in the community and that kind of thing so it was really cool. I love the concept. It's that's why hinson son was involved and it was so i kept trying to s. Jim henson questions and one of them. I remember was him like what.


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What does he goes. Oh yeah dad was surrounded by people all the time and at the time of dark crystal. They were just truckloads of money coming in and yet he always remained super calm within this big. You know money was coming in high pressure. Here's an opportunity to do this. Great movie and he always remained very calm in diplomatic and cool and everybody else's wild and barren he was just kind of a straight narrow focused a softspoken soul. I'm sure a lot of people know that. But yeah i loved it. I would definitely do anything muppet again. But now they're owned by disney and it's all different taken they had they had that big theater at California adventure park down here in anaheim. And it's i think over by something else. Find the i think fresno took over because i now who's really are people really under the muppets much anymore and they tried to woman who was younger so yeah they tried to invent them up show and bring that back like with modern commentary. The office member. That for while i think it did not do well. People tried to watch it and it was a little too snarky. For everyone's taste lengthy little disney people tried to go to saucy with it stymies soul. It's just so hard. That was i remember. Hinson also was saying He said something to the effect of i was very afraid to launch them up. It's because i felt like. I was going to be seen as a do gooder but like his quote and he was a little sappy saccharine sweet. He was worried about that but he did it anyway. And people really respond to that so much like your coldplay that you're in love with chris. Martin videos on like relax. I don't i'm not into him in it. I'm trying to make you like love him. Like i do in sweep. You probably horny you. Yes oh sure. I mean what are they not getting a near marriage. Chris was giving. You can be remedied. I can work that permanent pay but you want this gentle sweet. Are you getting nostalgic. Because i certainly am. I think maybe that's visit. Yeah i gonna go back to dislike. Remember we could go to concerts could have. I can't drive around with my windows down in bosnia music. That's not a problem. But i got nostalgic. The other day to maybe. It's a lotta time to sit around and think but our good friend sean. P hughes came into town. He was by you. So i came down to visit. And then sean is a lovely human being. I'm always loved him from years and years ago probably met him and ninety three or something or maybe even earlier but when i was dating this guy up in l. sobriety and he worked for the primus guys and was that whole l. Saab number one world and yet we know that yeah premise was band is obama. They still together right and funk you know whatever hot chili peppers when they first came out they were all kind of but i would never put them in same category. 'cause blowed donkey dorks sorry that but Yeah they were very cool. Who would they plan the bill. I remember them seeing them with When they got bigger proteins addiction. No jane's addiction the pixies but yes mongo and a fucker it. It was very like wait guy. Front man like what. Bill but bob bob but but with buzi collins bound bring me up. Yeah that was big in the bay area in like. I don't know nine mid nineties. And sean p actually also go to the shows too i was at all those little funky dunk shows but no whole point. We met with him. It was great. It was so fine in that got me really nostalgic for that time period because it was really sweet time in the music was great in the bay area in the mid nineties. We started shines in the documentary called. Turn it around the story of east bay punk and that reminded me of all the i've watched. I knew that person or that person. Thank you for like me log into amazon because we watched it too so i didn't know this was all going earn right under our noses into look back at it new documentary ago. We lived through that. That's so cool. So where were you. I mean i was gilman a little bit. Probably not the same as the people gilman street for the people that don't know is this kind of co op. Music scene music club in berkeley and it was kind of run by the kids.


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There was one guy at the helm. Tim can't remember his name but It was the whole idea was all ages. we don't drink here. we don't fight. We don't discriminate. We're just this cool. It's four bands to play and mostly punk music and people are the fringes and they would have a co-op they'd have meetings to discuss like what's going on with our business and this and that anyone was invited it was cool. It was born out of all these garage bands getting together in wanting to play punk music within getting Her ass by skinheads or parents clubs or people kicking him out of places they're like i noticed pump but we're just kids we just wanna play. They didn't really have a place to go. Yes this is a safe place. But then they realized all the drinking and drugs and stuff would create chaos with the mosh pits seven. They made their enrolls says kind of straight edge is that considered straight edge. I would say probably that more umbrella of that. I mean i'm sure people. I'm vaguely remembering drinking outside and then going in so i'm sure there were people lake that but the idea was that it's not going to be a yet. One of those places is going on. I think i remember it. Like eighty seven. Eighty eight eighty eighty nine. Ninety like that goes sewers earlier. Yeah and i was hanging out with all the skater. Guys in like the waivers and the you know mods whenever we call ourselves in but i also had a foot in the jock in the nerd pool so how did those friends but I remember yet. Pt saga in his brother. Pol tica rabid lassie was big. And that was joey vera. I think he was a cow high. And so that was the crew that i kept hearing from all skater. Betty's had their own little garage band broken image and they would play with those guys. A different might just house parties and stuff. I don't know if the planet any clubs them. I heard that rabid less yet. Didn't know much about her that they were christians number cushion. He would draw the logos on his text books like that. I still have some of the drawings and stuff like that too. I'll show you what. I post on social media. I'll put some the all old. I kept my book covers. Can you believe it from god. You're all everything beards and stuff like that. Yeah stickers all my ticket stubs got archivist this documentary the turn it around was. I'd sorry just derailed that but that's not that you're an archive over but It's it's really. It's two and a half hours but it gets a lot of people from the scene. Now they should have had dave barley on there was around he was my ex and he I talked to him recently. And he was around that whole victory beginning of the gilman street and And so shaun was on there who's being interviewed and The hotel the connection is turn like why it was relevant to the docu is dave and he was in the band. Desecrated morals with the guys who ended up going into a band called sweet children so i it was desecrated morals back in the eighties and i don't want to quote what data was because i'm not sure he'll he'll be able to. I wish he would come on here. He's not gonna come on really don't know why he doesn't have. We gotta get him on here. Maybe i'll call if he could do to two minute. Take because i don't know all the inside. And outside desecrated morals as with mike pritchard to from green day and billie joe armstrong and the drummer at the time was not trae. It was somebody else in Sean was on base so it was a four piece. And then i think a went and became sean i left or something and then they became sweet children which i think was the three piece which then would become green day and then they did okay for themselves. I yeah have you heard of the green day yeah yeah. This documentary was so cool. Because it showed footage sean flying beasts in it was like their first video. They set up his humor in. Somebody's backyard and they were like. Let's just do all her songs on a video. And it's little billie joe armstrong inning. There must have been in highschool like puffy curly-haired. Yeah yeah so good and you can tell it to. I mean it's the same voice and he's a nice guy. And i love my. I was telling joel and sean that he was the first one that taught me guitar chords so i have to say thank you from a great career that i have stuck with tar. But now he taught me and it was at ben from khanna christ. If anybody knows old punk scene. I forgot but i saw the documentary and go.

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I remember what house he taught me guitar. And i was like you know that house we used to go to and it was this white two story victorian house like in berkeley and then i saw the documentary and then it was like the singer of economy craze and ben. That was his house so all of this started bringing up memories and then there was a brief time where dated lent. We call them back in the day. But tim armstrong from with the tattooed head in the beard him. It was like she can't be talking about this is the guy was so. Yeah so but i was very like no. You're not gonna unless you my girlfriend unless you get to know me bill. He was woman back then. No i was very prudish. You wouldn't think this about me but it was a little like no me. I locked it up so they would come out. I was staying with his. We all like as kids. Mom would she. I don't does not like this period of my life. But i stayed in pleasant hill. There's some weird old guy. Let young kids state has house. And we didn't have any money and it was like me at all not weird. But he didn't touch anybody. I was anybody. It was a weird situation where we were young kids with no money and it was. It was a launching point for me to get my own place but leads to. He wasn't just like the land no creep a and he liked to take pictures of people. He was weird. dude say. Probably self destruct but yeah. I'm sure he's looking up. See if he's still a month. He was frigging weirdo. But i got out of there very quickly. It was a brief period. But i remember the ran tickets to the lars would come out to pleasant hill all the way there just to hang out for a couple of hours with me and my friend jen and resist the jn. Yeah go back to her. Pechanga episode number chadha episode. Yeah she was dating lars. And i don't know i said was dating tim But it was like why would they all out there and we had like in pleasant hill with nothing offer there. It's like high pictures all of you. Yeah well you're making you're making difficult. They did not get okay and then story. I remember we were driving. We picked up. Tim so i was kind of like we're hanging out. I'll say quote unquote hanging out really like dating hanging out. I don't even know it. But we picked him up once from their place. They all live in the punk. Rock pad reba. Ashby the dipper. Ashby bart and berkeley trying to what was called station is like our over. Yeah subway but subway and then we picked him up. And mikey weiss who was in a band called dancehall crashers. They were kind of big World making they were fun and jen was in the car and then we picked up lent but his name is tim. We come back. And then he's go radi where we going or no. He got in the car and then he started talking about how he's on hold new workout regimen. I'm i'm going to be a buff. I'm been working out and get real buff. And i've cut out all meat and cheese all dairy and it was like oh dang because And then he was like. Where are we going. And i was like. Oh we're going to achieve tasting is no macabre. We picked you up to get down to the local cheese-tasting order. One go just stood italy cheese and it was like asked you let me out like no just clemmie out any opens the car door and he jumped out. We're still moving because he didn't want to eat cheese. There's one of the stories like ours. Just kiddies wasting where he club or something. Yeah so that was. He was a weirdo but he was. He was so aloof in strange that it was kinda and always liked the weirdest. Yeah julianne yeah. Guess what white. We have a sponsor who this is pink pearl beauty. You guys all right. This is our friend. Naomi in all seriousness. Julianne we know newman. she's amazing. Tell me what you remember about her. I remember you guys. Were in a movie about newborn goldstein. And he played a hot saucy lady and she played. Did she have an asparagus shooter. Some kind of beams bond lady. Yeah she was my friend in high school your friend and she's an awesome person. She really is a great girl in has always smiling. I remember that yeah super happy and funny and fun and great sense of music and style and taste in energy yes and like cool hair and makeup in started this company.

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00:35:03 - 00:40:00

You need to help me with his. But richard ramirez was renting a room from someone in l. sobriety. That was their friend. He rented the back house on the property. Can you imagine people. Jack do background checks. Always technology background. Oh okay. let's see. See undermine. Googling san ramon christmas tree firm serial killer. This makes for good radio. Hats chanted the rest of the day at the christmas tree. looked him up recently. Because you know me by the way. Dave rainy can suck a fat one french but he'd left me stranded in the middle of salt lake city. I don't remember that story. Yeah he was doing the hungarian wrestling team and didn't pick me up from the airport. Does no because that's what we do regarding vacation. Yes so he's on. Mushrooms doesn't pick me up the airports about to close. It's ten thirty at night. I have to go with the shuttle driver to his brother's house. His brother and his wave to a shuttle driver. I never had met before in sleep in their downstairs. Guest bedroom had nowhere to stay and it was at park city. We were going to send in film festival. Everything was rented out so fuck is a little bit of a little bit of an and i. This is called the eagled. Ice will never talked to that guy again. So equalled ice all right well either someone. I can't find it. Maybe it's urban legend. But i'll i'll look it up. Open owners social media also okay. So why don't you tell me what you thought about a punk documenting. Because you i would think that you would look at it and be a little like you know. Here's my thought honestly went back in hearing all these punks talk about it now. Right 'cause they're interviewing all the people that used to be there back in the scene. It really was sad because it was like these are the kids that were kind of the misfits right. They didn't fit in with anyone group of people in their school meaning for whatever it was they weren't having something fulfilled so how they found. This co-op is golden club. In all these bands. They loved in these. The people spoke to in the music. It spoke to that renault. It was like got out all their aggressions. Been in kind of way. And you see all the stuff like eating tattoos in the. What was that one girl beyond that. They were just like pouring blood on themselves and are crazy and like rip close nudity l. seven or bikini. Kill ya okay. Something that this is where i still. I'm totally cutting you off your no i just i get incensed are you done. You're okay but i just wanted to say though. I felt for those people. Because at the time i probably look down my nose in. Is those people down on me. But then i was hanging out with guys in stuff too. I mean my first boyfriend murdy had like you know crazy close. This is where. I do have a visceral still to this day. Like reaction of like that sucks. Because i was that person being looked down on in the family too and it was ultimately. Good clean fun. And i know it might look scary from the outside but this is where i was really rebelling against the idea of being judged so harshly when someone didn't understand what it was about right and instill in like that i don't like that little snooty tutti in like why don't you hang out and find out. People aren't drinking. they're not doing drugs. This is good and then just well i. Don't they've got a tattoo. That's what pisses earner was a little conformist. I don't know it. Just that's the way it was built to follow him. Do the normal quote unquote normal thing. But i was always type as success driven had to go to college. The good job here all the things while you can't get a good job with tattoos are pure arms. And why would you to hurt your body and do all these things to yourself so you still talk to toby about that. Yeah in his dump joke. The boys were talking to me about this and they're getting fascinated tattoos. I'm trying to come around on it. But i guess i still have some old deep-seated stuff about tattoos which is like you beautiful body. That especially as a moment mike. I exercise such good care of myself to grow these little babies in my belly that Beautiful in their natural. That's just the way that you got the universe Made you and why would you tattoo yourself all app. And you know you're beautiful as you are like you don't need artwork on your skin to be cool or make people think you're something you're not just be yourself.

00:40:00 - 00:45:07

Anyone if something you are is that. I know i know and i'm trying to see that side of it and like even. This documentary is opening my eyes to that even more and more and i hope. I'm not as judgmental. But anyway i was still kind of putting some of that on toby's mother love tattoos. I'm like okay. Well you're not going to want to get him up your arms endow down. 'cause i'm sorry that people still do judge that probably when you go to a job interview and they see tattoos on your arms or hands. You may not get the good job. Unit elliott goes. But what if what if he gets tattoos that say i like work permits pretty awesome. I actually really do like it was good a genius. Okay well that might be worker neck. Ted. to here's i'm employable. I here's five hundred bucks. That's a good. yeah. I like that. So yeah tell you. that's so cute. I get it from both sides. But i also get it at some point. There is a release of control in. I think as the you need to check yourself and not judge has best possible realizing i just remember feeling so upset that some of the kids that were the my friends with tattoos in berkeley. Were some of the most kind hearted loyal people in the world in the douche bags. Back in san ramon where some of the biggest date rape jerks but they would look better on paper and you bring them home and then we go. Thank you ma'am yes sir. And they were the biggest assholes in the world right. And that's what. I was so bothered by. Don't you think to the so when mom and dad's see you starting to redoubt right eastern dying your hair getting like news tattoos and stuff like that like she's going through something that's trying to talk to her in dads. Sit down with you. Let's talk what's going on he will. You'd probably go like fuck you now. Something you were such not i. Don't you remember all the stuff used to do. That was destructive. No many sat down and said let's talk about that happening. They said so into psychology. He is at down with me a whole bunch. It was always like sit down and talk and i would roll my eyes and bare minimum. But we would have family meetings. We do all this stuff. I don't know if you remember a real effort to like. Oh let's but also it was immediate shame judgment. It was the same thing as a tattoo. You're doing that for your bed and you're dying your hair therefore you have issues and what if you just expressing yourself and one of 'em better at it though i'm getting i see the other side so you're judging me for being judgmental but i am seeing more and i'm not like how i might have been when they were better and i think all of this is i think now people's eyes are opened a little more into you know if someone has bright red hair it's very bad normalized now and i think we're also letting go of all the old you know probably christian morals that are appearance had 'cause that's what was instilled in those are what fucked up the okay. It's either generational stuff which is funny. 'cause they came out of the sixties which you'd think would make them these open minded hippy people but they were more of the conservative side. I didn't realize that we that we were way more conservative. I thought an more a political than i thought. But you know. I don't know i guess. All of that stuff came up. Well watching this documentary. The nostalgic -partment also a little bit obviously processed. Everything fully that No i mean you know new for therapies. This is good now not really it is processed but also i just still see. I saw morin morin fitzgerald's may x. In his sister dealt with their son You know we wanted is hair black and wanted to paint his nails black and and they were just. I remember they were just so accepting. They're like oh yeah he likes that and it was so supported and then he just decided not to didn't after that it was but just seeing how someone handled it with more of okay cool. They're just expressing themselves like that nice to see and who knows. I might have been a scary person right. Well i think. I you were probably part of the conversation. Were toby was. He's really into all these rappers in you know. I can't think of any of their names right now. But one that stands out Post malone not that. He's in the him but the fact that he has faced tattoos. And toby like idolizes. These guys has posters. Oliver's walls is buying all the gear online and this whole thing. And i'm like dude any start asking her face tattoos and that's when i said look you might get looks if you're tattooing your face your baby. You're fourteen fifteen so i mean you have to appear advise them don't you or should you just be like sure go for it.

00:45:07 - 00:50:03

You know like there's just more of a adult conversation where there's not the shame element in my opinion folks. Peop- the kids and it. It's like why would you. Oh god but you won't get a job but what are you in prison. It's all that stuff that is like belittling and shameful. I would just to think back. Have you heard me target. I would say a little bit of the. You're gonna get mad at me though. I hate saying all this stuff. That's okay. I am going to defend myself because i do have a reason but go ahead. You're ready if you had more the like. Sit down and really try to talk about it and ask questions okay. What's your opinion on. This and i know they're young and i know a little bit of fear might be the thing that helps steer out of it but i would the judgment of that will land you in unemployment for the rest of your life and all i mean i think there needs to be a little bit of a more neutral dialogue around that right now i got it i do get it I also see the permanence of a face tattoo on a fifteen year old in. Did you think he really would sorry. I don't know better know what he's capable at. So i think i'm laying out the truthful ways of the world for him in like look at someone who went through stuff like i went to berkeley and i pierced my ear. I have like five holes on urine. Wear all black and heavy makeup. So i went through stuff too but the permanence of i always knew somewhere like okay. This is just take out the earrings. i can work back into whatever i go through the future. I don't know so that's the yeah. I can put a little bit of fear in in the con- consequences. I guess caught my mouth. Yeah and then. I even found some tattoos online. That were the crying that staved for like three or four weeks and then they eventually disappeared in kind of expensive ago. Hey if you wanna save up your money for that. That's fine do these. They don't stay forever. there's nachos serious do you think. Do you have no idea like. Is it something he would really go. I did a weird prison ten to fourteen. So i could say that. It's nothing best idea. Because then i got it removed by our aunt karen at the until with mom. I'm merch me down. Took me to la to get it removed. If you wanted to you over. Yeah now see full circle. It was a red hot chili peppers. Symbol god i liked to say. It was a native american symbol. That may own fourteen year old mind. A deer was really chili peppers now. She hates them. So we have a chili peppers episodes. Look it up minor Yeah no. I don't know. I feel like i would be able to talk through whatever he's going through in yet but i think it's a phase i also know toby's very he could super obsessive about something for your month and then he's onto the next thing so i know that about him to so to get a tattoo of rapper of the day. Probably not a good idea. Well i don't think anybody to do anything permanent at this age i would've you would've looked like wint rancid the head to i think pretty early. I think i remember not no not like when we're hang up at not that maybe rented early days. I think that appeared. There was a lot of spiderweb elbows in heads beckoned. Liz z ninety seven ninety eight. I don't know sexy to certain people just not to me likes and dislikes eight. Yeah and if you're in the music business if you're doing fine matter or a lot of people work at record stores. It doesn't matter people in the film business news. It's like it might come some judgment but it might be something you'll never have to worry about so depending on your career path. I don't think it's a good choice of fifteen permanent decision. Like quences like we're going to kick you out kind of thing if you'd get one or no no no i think it would just be like okay now. We're dealing with us so at what point but that's more like you to be eighteen anyway. So when he gets to the eighteen he can make his own choices. I guess i'm just giving them the perspective of you know. This may not be something forever. maybe it is. I don't know but yeah you really have to think about. that's good. I mean at this sagesse in eighteen guitar. Release all control how that being. That'd be great now. we're really. I don't think he do. I think you're always going to be worried stories about us. And we're like nearing very nearness. Midlife yes wow.

00:50:03 - 00:55:00

This is all fascinating. Sorry if i got a little snippy. Did i get do. You're welcome their opinions. I like it because it does put me in check. It makes me not perfect. You damn i also am an asshole police. We can have a dialogue. And it doesn't matter prude. Uptight scoiety called you. Square or straight edge was the drives me nuts. He's doing crazier stuff than i was. I was just scary. Bogle about what i was doing real. You were straight but you were doing all the drunk driving and marijuana sniffing and all the bad stuff. And i was barely doing anything was blamed for it all no i. I kinda hung around some lunatics. Well you were over with stuff. I was covert and that's probably provide personalities. I don't know but yeah. We were both doing testing all those waters in. I'm actually kinda glad. I got an automated system in high school and then i went to college. Nick focus a little better. Because i think i'm probably doing a disservice by protecting my kids so much now that they're entering highschool phase in. They're gonna go wild when they go to college if they ever get out of the house right now we're bunkered down forever and there's no Toby go do you want me to grab a bunch of kids. Get onto the mall. Do you want to join some hiking groups. I don't know how to get out socializing because he's got his four little buddies just gamers. He's like naga. I've cool in now. He just might be one of those kids only a few friends which will give me. I can watch will never drink until he's twenty one perfect. Oh my goodness it's crazy. Thank you have it all figured out in your good mom into like cool pumped memories to me parenting absurd. Because i'm still angry. I'm going to go mush in my bedroom pillow of one of your cat. I actually i shouldn't give it away. But what are you gonna birthday present. Yes we have a birthday girl. She's gonna feel on monday. It's my birthday. Everybody you know. This is going to be interesting when i d you. We'll see what happens. You're going out to dinner doing any big wonderful things sharia. I think they're locking down the universe again. I don't know what's going to happen. I was invited to jennifer martin's house backyard birthday on saturday and sunday this later though and not on a national podcast globo global which friends in a great britain. We were just on the charts in great britain. We've got occupancy to say. Thank you to all these from people in some countries. We had a india. We did iceland due process of anyway. You'll see those papa. So india morocco kurdistan piano italy cheese and we got greece move to niece. Actually and i love going to see foreigners you can't say that now don't say that very good. Thank you know you guys are great end. Who's our lovely friend who is from finland. I think we're charting in finland. Someone who's on the cutest little anew. We need to almeida post about her to. We met her and we did little premise for each other's podcasts. Which superfan because we don't know finish but we we said something from that show. Yeah i love. Martin means no. I know normally warming thank you. Everybody listening everybody all over the globe in our our patrons to thank you tour patrons. It's anyone wants to support us It does give us lots of excitement to know that people are paying to listen to us or my goodness in. That just vowed it's everything so thank you very much guys get swag and shirts coming. I told them to pick out any piece of gear on our merch website in. I'm sending it to them. So i'm waiting here and let's try to get are totally. Cut you off. But let's try to get our buddy sean or dave barley because we have a super green day fan to or who are. Who's the person that loves green day so much. Oh yeah travel. Travel we seth we're gonna Let's his promo in here. Everybody listen to south florida.

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Hello you're listening to trouble trouble. A music podcast. I'm your host set throughout our biweekly adventure through music. We will discuss album at a time. An album is an adventure through an hardest music like of language. What message are these artists. Trying to get across. We will examine the stories behind the album's themes and my favorite lyrics through a queer lands. Make no mistake. This podcast is for everyone As you are. I hope you'll join me. Maybe a guest or two along the way as we build our connection to music searches subscribe to troubled travel. Podcast and leave a review if you enjoyed your adventure rock on young savior and don't give up here hopes there. We go travel travel. You guys have to check him out. I fell in love with this podcast after hearing the green day episode. So it's really good. It's sweet sentimental. It's really good to check it out. Ok. we'll try to get some more stories. Yeah anything else wins. I know no. I just want to say that i love you and i'm so glad that We got through a lot of our childhood angst years especially in. We're here now. And we're able to talk to each other. And i give you a big hug and i think you're beautiful. Wonderful sister in our sweet mother. I think she was a great mom. There was a little rough times with you. But you've turned out okay. And i just wanted to say we love you. Mom and i love you. Joe mouse louis to and. I'm sorry. I stabbed you with the pen in scraped all the skin off yet as loctite in pulled your hair and prince juneau's made a blood trail mocked judah the house. She was the worst. Can i just tell you. Sorry i never punched you. I never did anything bodily harm you were. You were bad. And that's why. I went to and just hung out with people and got out all my energy in the mosh pit healthily and breaking my window and stealing money in clothes you deserved at that point. You took skin from me just took a few dollars. Your wrist isn't to grow back all right moving on anyway thank you. I'm glad that you go. Yes thank you. You can hear the whole story on our sister fight episode. She talked all right. I love means you're the best happy early birthday!


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