Nov. 12, 2020

E94 - When is Horror Okay for Kids?

E94 - Parenting does not come with a handbook. So when is it okay to let your kids watch horror movies? Joelle has two teenage sneaky boys interested in gruesome and gory, and one little girl fascinated by the occult. But being a mom who hates scary...

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E94 - Parenting does not come with a handbook. So when is it okay to let your kids watch horror movies? Joelle has two teenage sneaky boys interested in gruesome and gory, and one little girl fascinated by the occult. But being a mom who hates scary things herself, she questions whether she has been too overprotective with her restrictions. Cool aunt and introspective sister Julianne weighs in with her perspective, as she recollects being a kid seeking out thrillers. How were we raised and how did we turn out? Why do people like to be scared? Is it just a rush or does it mess with the brain? We consult some authors on the subject and even bring on an expert in the field to provide his two cents, horror filmmaker Don Adams. He schools us in Horror 101 and gives us a list of classic scary movies to start with. Let's dissect this issue and see where we land. Will this be the year that horror makes its way into Mouse's house?

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Ahh, it's Halloween! You are here with Mouse and Weens. (laughs) I was doing a big scary face 'cause I look scary on this video! We're on YouTube everybody. If you'd like to come over to YouTube, please do. Weens! Are we going for it right now? Yeah! We're here? We exist? We're here. We're doing it. I am Mouse. I'm Joelle. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. And I'm Julianne. I'm Weens and I'm the single one up in L.A. in the film business. Hotdog! That's us. And we are here today to talk about Halloween and kids and what to do about this thing that I'm having an issue with, which is horror movies and scary movies. For her kids, not for herself. Right. This is her children and when do you show them horror movies. And she has a son that's very interested in them right now who's fifteen. Fifteen. Toby's fifteen. He is a sophomore in high school and come to think of it, I was a sophomore in high school when I saw my first official scary movie. And he really wants to watch all these things. He has already at his friend's house mostly, right? You think. Yeah, and-- But but he also has Netflix on his phone which we monitor to a degree. They check them in at night right? Mmhmm. But you know, you get lax. You don't check them every single night. You don't look at every single page history every single night so....

Dude, this parenting thing is hard. I don't know what I'm doing. I-- Every parent says that, right? It's true. Yeah. I feel like anything I do, I'm going to mess it all--  You guys know this. If you've heard any of our previous parenting podcasts, this is what I always talk about. Same thing. Anyway Halloween I always worry about this. Because I worry-- But this kid. Toby has been-- And Elliot too. They both loved skeletons as toddlers. They both loved ghosts. They both loved scary things. They love going to the Halloween store. Oh my gosh, going to Spirit, you know, with all the house decorations out in front? I don't know. It's... it's in their blood. I guess it was in my blood too, that I remember being at the library in probably first and second grade. And I might have been influenced by the boys but there were the mummy and like Boris Karloff Draculabook and I was obsessed the Wolfman. And all the boys wanted to check them out so I might have been trying to be cool. But also they were fascinating to look at the scary faces. And there's something primally interesting about it. Can you get back to that place though? Why? Why do you think that was interesting you? I think because it's so different from the average normal people that we see every day and then there's this fear element of could I could turn into that? And is this something that's lurking out there? I think we are beings that were once preyed upon. There was a short time when we had the saber-toothed tigers and... That's right. Yeah, we have an anthropologist sociologist on our hands who's studying all this. Yeah right. Well yeah, you are. So yeah. But you know that too. At one point, you know... And I think there's a human fear element that we're attracted to, right, with true crime with serial killers. Why're.. Why did so many people readHelter Skelterto find out about-- I almost said Marilyn Manson. You will not find out much about him in that book. Ooh, unless we do another podcast. We have a connection. We do, and we might interview someone who's had some controversial Marilyn Manson stuff going on right now. Me mouth is covered in this video with the popstopper. That's alright. Just pop out from behind it every once in a while.

Right. So you have this fascination, this attraction to the occult or to the dark. I don't have that. Why? I mean mine is light. I don't have towards horror. I'm scared of horror movies and.... Although I can watch that movieMindhunterwe just talked about. Actually we'll be meeting someone who's a horror film director who will - Doctor Don Adams - and he'll talk a little bit about this. But movies that are kind of intriguing and thrillers are more interesting. I lovedSherlock Holmesgrowing up. I love the showMindhunterbecause it was done so well by David Fincher recently. Yet the slasher movies aren't as interesting and just blatant throat cuttings and... Yeah. I don't. I don't like any of it. I'm sorry. I just don't like anything scary. I don't like jump scares. I don't like the mental stuff, the psychological stuff...

00:05:04 - 00:10:02

I'm not into true crime. And she doesn't like true crime! I love my podcast pals who are true crime podcasts. But I don't like genre. I just.. I don't know about glorifying real killings. But I know it's a thing and I know we've talked about this in the past. That it's almost like a way to protect yourself to see it happen and to feel like you would know what to do. This can't happen to you because it happened to someone else in your mind almost. Or by watching the scary things it lets you... Like what we talked about with W. Earl Brown. By seeing it acted out, it makes it a safe thing to confront your fears when you are coming of age and you're realizing your own mortality. By seeing it out there it makes it more controllable, right? I mean is that what the thought is? That was his thought. W. Earl Brown was an actor that we... who's inDeadwoodandScream. I met him on theScreamset - that movie. And so we started talking about horror films because of that we just interviewed him on the last podcast. Please listen to that. But yeah that was his take. And then I've had other people say that they love to feel the feeling that they don't often feel which is the rollercoaster fear feeling of being on the edge of your seat. My friend Jennifer Martin from Boston. She says that's what it is. It's the excitement that you wouldn't have in normal life. Where you get to go "Aaahhhh!" Right right okay. So it's fun to her and things don't get although she sawMidsomerand she said that was like actually that kind of messed up. Psychologically what's what's it about and when how old was she when she saw. This is recent one that came out and a lot of people said it is freaky and it messes with you and to just what i kind of picked up from it is. It's a couple of people small group that are just traveling through Europe and they happened upon this town. I wanna say it Switzerland. Sorry I'm wrong. And the basically get welcomed into this town and they can't leave and you can look it up for from there. Well yeah and so. I'm trying to figure out what what makes me different. Or but I guess i had a little bit. I liked reading horror books in. I read all the Anne Rice books all the Stephen King books so i got mine. I guess from the books but that felt so far removed. Because it's just in your mind what's going on versus seeing. It played out on screen. Maybe I don't know I'm trying to understand and then thinking about my kids so mine are did I say the sorry fifteen thirteen and nine the fifteen thirteen year old boys the nine years ago so the boys loved all the scary stuff. They but my middle son thirteen year old now was extra. Jumpy extras scary extra sensitive when he was younger but also extra fascinated so we would go into these Halloween stores and I would hold him when he was little little. And we'd see you know the (wooo) skeleton and he would jolt he would be in my arms and you could feel his little body like an electric jolt shaking. You know when he would see these things because he was so afraid worried. Just you know tuned tuned up to all that so. I wonder buddy else's fascinated by skeletons and but fascinated by them. Yeah he loved Darth Maul. That was his favorite character loved skeleton. I forget what skeleton thing he was into anyway but his brother let him see the it trailer way too young and so for about two three four weeks. He was coming into my bed every night and in wanting to clement of bed because he would wake up in the middle of the night worried about it. He's thirteen. he's a little more keyed into the scary stuff. But the fifteen year old i think can probably handle it. Because he's he's a little more bulletproof correct. So then we brought on my buddy and Joelle's buddy I know him from. We've had him on a couple of podcast just doing like fun. Little side taxis really fascinating. I like him a lot and he's colorful Don Adams and he's directed a bunch of horror movies. He's in and we didn't really talk about it. But I think he's in a couple clubs and he'll probably get mad at me for saying I don't got those thing but a couple of times and do you know he's showed up at events where he says there's like a real tight network wherever you see the same people and so and he's edited time and for movies and you guys are right in the middle of Hollywood. Although all of it is happening right there right.

00:10:02 - 00:15:17

I mean we're the majority. Or maybe not. I don't know where is the horror capital. I mean everything's in Hollywood right. I would just say I mean. I'm sure there's a the center of a lot of or know there's any side area that's coming out with a bunch of stuff like that but yes we are in entertainment capital of the world. I think right all right so we see we say his arm. IMDb profile when we talk about the most current one that is kind of floating around right now. Is that the guysRiffTraxthe guys fromMystery Science Theatergot a hold of one of his horror films and they didn't the entire movie where they riff and do the mystery science theater over the top of it. Okay and then look at his editing thing guys. Just go to look out of look at all the movies. He edited now being editor of a horror. Movie I would think is a special. You have to have a special brain for that right. Yeah this comedy where you would have to hit. Hit it exactly right and otherwise it's cheesy right because you have to do the timing of kills and they all talk about kills. It's funny the horror movie guys like. Wow that was a lame kill. That kill was pretty good. How many kills are over really. Oh my god. All right, let's jump in. We're going to hear Don Adams talk a little bit and we'll come back and give some commentary and here we go.

Who do we have with us today? Who is this? Don Adams is one of the most talented people in the universe. Look at that mug. Look at his left cheek his right cheek for the people who are listening. He's gorgeous. He's beautiful. He's drinking iced tea. And he's also the director ofBunker of Blood: Chapter 6: Zombie Lust: Night Flesh. He's also it 2010 you hadDozers. I've never heard the first movie she said. Well you directed it. What are those movies? There's noBunker of Blood. What the hell? It says you directed it. Were you drunk? I don't know what that is. I'm no Steven Spielberg. Okay so you madeDozers. I know because that's on your list. Yeah so that at least is legit.Jigsaw? Yep. Have anything to do that? Yup. Okay. He directedJigsaw, ladies and gentlemen. We foundVengeance of the Dead. Yup yup yup. So i'm by rift tracks. What an honor. So tell us about that. Because i didn't even know about rift checks before that but that was freaking awesome. Well they don't tell you nothing you know they just buy from whoever owns it. I don't know movies. Get a penny and So yeah i just showed up. It was really cool because the Mystery science theater guys robot. Is you not when you have tv. Show and you leave day on the show. The taping stuff with ya except letterman did. I don't know how really took the top ten list and all that normally you don't day on somebody else so they're maybe george and protected everything really early down. But yeah but that's like a twenty five year old got it. Did you directed a lot of movies. One of them was just done by rift tracks. We should check it out. Which was that last one right title. Yes been said. The dad all shot in wisconsin. And you're an editor in your an amazing human in your video file in a movie file music files. And what was the conversation that inspired bringing on the famous. Dawn addams yes. The boys are interested in horror movies. And much to my chagrin. I found out that they've already seen a couple without telling me like all like a lot. Well i don't know how many they're not being forthcoming about it. But you know and then jillions going well. What's what's the big problem. And i'm saying i don't know how this is gonna psychologically affect them because i was super scared of all the stuff and i didn't see my first horror movie until i was sixteen and i mean it just stuck with me and ambroise frankenstein. There was a frightening down. Yeah that also insulated to from horror from your from your lover. Joyce carter our mother don's in love with our mom by the way we just have dog woman upset about me. Talk about her. God your high school buddies. it's creepy. Dude god forbid after. Been any accidents around farm mom single yet again. Just leave keep me posted. There's any collapsing. Barnes or twisters or serious so anyways so that was my idea was to get you on because you are an expert in the horror genre and it are your thoughts about.

00:15:17 - 00:20:04

Well how old were you when you saw your first horror movie. You think it's five shelf. A harry young voice. You are very well equipped to answer. This question says nasa ethan. Yeah actually and this is a good it. plays into. This topic has a little disappointed that he's not really into harpies you tried to get him and he went to phantasm when he was super young. Right that's your favorite. Or what was the. I just i i think. The the root of this question is Like all kids. I know your kids were like fifteen and fourteen. I think at that point. You should be happy. They're jacking cars right. Absolutely chose on the face right. I mean you're worried about their watching thirteen. Tell me because. I guess i live bubble. I didn't know i did but yeah tell me. I didn't like horror until like middle school. I would say. But i grew up right when all of the things you like star wars and stuff so there was all kinds of other stuff going on there. There still is now. I mean it's also the eighties as you guys know right. That was the best era of horror. Wells texas chainsaw was seventies right. Would you john carpenter halloween. And yeah that was like well. He was like seventies and eighties. But all that whole era from mike early seventies to mid eighties was just go like movie after movie. You know use right. So why was that. What was the. What was the scene back. Then i mean. I know were younger. But you know stuff just makes money but no it was all over the place right because it was all kinds of horror everywhere and then it retreated and then the horror section just became like a spice rack over stephen king and nothing else you be like to east used to be all over the place. I was nothing. Bhai satan on tv in the seventies cow. Bless him and then him. And i. I always wondered about this human god kind of went away like john travolta for awhile and then they come back you know like in the twenty first century and others exorcism movies again and you know positive. Bullshit i for a long time wasn't and then all of a sudden now like you know there's an extra movie like every six months. Now you know it all to me. It was like we had all that good psychological like the shining the exorcist and all that the omen and then we got like the facts of life and all the psa eighties shows and that just wiped out. Everything goes eighties. That killed a lot of stuff. That was the best though because all the family could do that like on the family it would be like serious and funny but that he had the greatest cast right and then other shows tried to do it. Fresh prince like somebody brings a gun to school of men like will. Smith's has to act like cracks life. I think someone like abducted natalie or something crazy or deadly got fingered by gordon. Jump in remember. Sorry y- was. Gordon jumped a bicycle. Or oh yeah. I forgot that it was joke. Oh my god he never got cast again now. That launched his career. Then you went. Knee ran radio station. You could have done that back then you could be a pedophile and renegade radio station right after. Nobody says anything. I still think that's still he. We are going to take a quick break and hear from her sponsor weans. Yeah guess what what. We are sponsored by pink pearl beauty dot com today hotdog. Yes this is our good friend. Naomi who has the cutest shopping website. It's at pink. P. u. r. l. beauty dot com pink pearl beauty. This is so perfect for me right now. Because i'm just gonna go here and go shopping for christmas there really cutest things have a ton of things. But it's like she's really chosen the best of the best. So it's very boutique. And i just wanna give you the emblem. Which is it calls to me is a skeleton with a bow and for got pink and some dark. So it's you know it's called a little punk a little pretty which is in that symbol and we have a lot of like pajama lounge. Sets that are cool with really cool animal prints and then there's our love the komo new fidora and there's also a lot of makeup and skin products so there's charcoal masks and volume is nothing new and browse serum in a cool spa.

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Headband cheetah printer rail. You know what. I got the satin pillowcase. Because this is what you're supposed to do to not have a crumley horrible hair and wrinkles in the mornings. I'm gonna try out the satin pillowcase. I just love it. And i trust new me because she is a makeup artist. She's an eyebrow artist and she's always had a great sense of style with hair makeup. Clearly did she stood out among all your friends as having like crazy style back then back in the day. So i trust you so fund so call and she's doing this for a good cause and she's a woman with children. This is supporting a a really great person. So please everybody go to pink pearl beauty dot com enter mouse and wiens twenty at checkout and you'll get twenty percents off your order and we will link on our website to mass weans dot com. But it's pink pearl beauty mouse and weans for twenty percent off. We're wells getting mad. No i'm just thinking back to your seventies and eighties. And i remember taking back my statement that i saw my first movie at sixteen i actually saw over donnay strikes us. I saw a silence another done. A girl dot salems lot and messed with my brain. I couldn't i could barely go to my grandfather's funeral. I was pretty sure he was gonna sit up in the coffin. Yeah there was a little boy. That's no grant did not impose hours down as villains. Live is a great first example because that movie made the whole country pete's pants at once. I bet that movie still scary the floating kit on the window. Oh yeah she's to sleep can come in my room and scratching the wall and not remember it. I'm single that's not a red flag man. You'd think that horror movies are most. I want to hear your story. Let's let's hear what you sought. I and how it went. We were always movie people. We always watch movies excessively and still do a malate my family. I was into stuff before that or movies but fans hasn't is the first one we ever saw or i watched it my brother taped it off the cbs late night movie and he even He cut the commercials out of it which was great and he did a good job and We were poor dirt poor. I sell some dirty and we were also one of the first. People have a vcr in our town one rich. It had like these ers game. It'd be repeats. got a machine. He hits a button and he watches star. wars star. wars. In your house if you relax and But my brother were just summer job. He got like a gigantic behemoths. Like three quarter pneumatic top load. The tapes were like literally like the phone book. But we to be armed for you know everybody else so we were just taking off tv and he taped off. He did phantasm and i watched it the next day. And i've never done this ever when it was over i got up and had nuanced it in wash it again Watch a hundred more times. So why is that one. Because that's a lot of people's all time favorite to why would that be as a novice so different. It's like the anger scrim. The tall man described as the wizard of oz form which is a great description. Because it's unique because it's it's like funny but it just has one idea after another like it has more ideas than like ten normal movies you know. Or like the whole friday the thirteenth franchise which basically have one idea guy masked phantasm is like the first ten minutes have more ideas that it now and that's where we went every christmas with was to the mir house in. That's where the biggest location is right. The house was that's also another fantastic movie is burnt offerings. The whole movie was shot at. That house is out done tire movies on that. Property has is just. It's just a funeral home. And also james bond james bond sleeps there net in the worst james bond movie. Christopher walking that san francisco is that the call But it's just like an establishing shot but a low. That's the it sucks. 'cause they don't have the budget anymore they're like not taking care of it so it's starting to look a little. It's kinda fallen apart. let's to bed. Yeah but i. I've never tons of time. I've got every year for easter egg. Hunt it it.

00:25:00 - 00:30:02

I remember going there at christmas. They would do it all up and what a christmas. We should've kinsey in. I remember just being like where is they had. Everything was real dark and we were walking around and there was a pond. And i thought it was just like shiny wet ground and i stepped in it with my fancy shoes and socks and went right into the conned. That's my memory of got drive. You just hose down the sidewalk and just kept walking due to do and walk right near the shallow little koi pond right up to my knees year. Always falling in love noticing this event. You reminds me on the first thing i had alice. Cooper my bullet sheet. We were sitting on side. She was walking charge us. She had been in this backyard or whole life. I can never seen anything so. She's walking charging and walking toward the cool. We're like owner. She's not gonna watch into the pool doesn't know that a pool much like yourself is different circus than the rest of the planet and she just plugged. There was no attempt to swim was just me. I'm i'm oscar. Birthday lead bolduc. I don't care where my clothes on. i call her. Before she hit on a good daddy she had short little legs. That was hard to swim. There was no swimming day was day. One it's the responsibility. Talk about having your kids in deciding. Weddings watch driller killer. At least they know boys. Yeah yes tell me. Do i have any foot to stand on here. Should i worry about them. Watching any of the stuff or is it completely. They can dissociate. It's all pretend and they're going to be just fine. I think i have to think about them. Being younger cassette. Seems very odd to me. But i guess it's not because it's just like everything else. There's kids who can handle stuff when they're young and kids you can so and you can usually tell but the thing about horror movies too is. It's like if they're into it. Well that means they're into it so if you don't have to worry about it like you know Why you just watch his lord of the rings over over over over I think we have land harry potter nephew in one slasher film nephew So when for kids a superintendent and he's like mom come on. This is and i think he secretly watches it at his friends anyway. But it's the ideas like do you drink a beer with your kids at home to keep them safe or do you let him just doing out in the world. I think we've never understood. Yeah but yeah get like. I don't really know what what what would afford. Yeah i guess if they now as long as they have been taught at which many people have it particularly now increasingly countries that you know there's the tv and then now life is whatever is not on the tv screen arts around. The screen are the parts to be concerned with but also own accept as truth. Anything inside that rectangle. Yeah computer will say well. That's even worse. Because that's yeah. I mean talk about the i mean you could just straight up head for the serial killer sites you know like an amtrak or nazis or anything. So that's probably where. I should be more concerned. Not the the thrillers and stuff like that. Well yeah i guess. So i mean and he has been a kid this the older one who has always been attracted to the villain. He's since he was a little tiny boy he would draw the bad guy and julianne favorite aunt. Yeah and then jillian did take us to the set of the rookie recently and we got to watch them dig up some bodies and it was a serial killer episode very frightening. Yeah and they got to see the props in so even little charlotte nine years old is touching the dead body that they had just exhumed. And you go. Oh it's made out of rubber and it's pretend so get help. I don't think you'll grow up to be a serial killer. You might grow up believing One at police solve shit that have these offices were like streams and all his technology and shit you know and that that's all they do is chase down. serial killers. Were really a very seldom catching because most of the time those killers killing people on the fringes that nobody's looking for anyway you were gonna ask something and also. Should we get the movies that you would say recommend to. Yeah i was hoping you could give me a starter set of horror for the faint of heart. The lighter lighter side of horror for me. Because i feel like i'm i'm listening. You guys talk. It's like another language to me. I have no interest in any of this. I like the light. I like the funny but if we do a family movie i said screen because of course i was in the video stores but we just interviewed w.

00:30:02 - 00:35:02

  1. brown who is in scream as the cameraman. I thought that was kind of a late. Nice movie ray. But early like referential to other movies. You know like i would say for jewish scott change lang which is a movie. That's the move you recommend to like non or people is very traditional but that will also scary You know. The changeling right julia. Jersey scott haunted house. You talked about it. And i tried to watch it too scary to watch alone. I'd have to be with a group. I should watch that together. Then you can talk about it. Is it psychologically scary movie. So what about poltergeist. It's got a kid in it. Is that yeah. Poltergeist poltergeist is fun. Poltergeist to me is like gremlins like a haunted house. no-brainer like. Yeah that's like a you know fought so but you should watch the change together. It would be really interesting to see you react to it now is it does work. You've talked about that a lot as loving that one. And what makes you love it so much shirt somewhere. It's you know. Two straight up traditional go story is supposed to be a true story too. You know that the shining the haunting huntings another good one that really wanting even hill house. That show was great. That's awesome but the original. Like six haunting robert wise directed yeltsin directed samba music. Which is weird that people could do. Have those diverse careers and now any bad. Sorry what about like pan's labyrinth. That's more like a fairytale. that's a good fantasy movie to me. I love that movie. But that's yeah slammer is not an easy movie watch you know. Is that a fifteen year old kinda movie in your opinion or is it a little too much it depends on fifteen year old but yeah i would say it is. It's it's okay. It's it's pretty pretty brutal. But it's because of the war so my sister doesn't like war movies. Her review of full metal jacket was that was a great movie. I never wanna see you to get. I can relate to that now. I think to toby allude to watching hellraiser. Pinhead was one of his favorites. That's real horror right there. So now his job too and he saw it the new version. Yeah it's kind of it to me off so watch it. Sign this weird comedy and particularly the sequel know. What's wrong with those movies like they're so they're so but that book you know he was kind of that was like stephen king's cocaine era where it's just doing whatever he doesn't remember even writing or something. Yeah like those reality albums. That alice cooper doesn't remember regarding they're all getting the way unlike the commentary. Did stephen king get hit by a car. He did a drunk. I him and the guy. The guy driven dry head like multiple jim. Driving's i saw stephen king talk live after that when he did the gi cable. I sean talk in north. And when stephen king does in store for the bookstore to go rent an arena you know fifteen hundred. People come but he was great. I thought he would be all grumpy because next eight was kinda fucked up for awhile as you would be if somebody ran you down. You know any a lot of physical pain but he was like jeddah on lake. Abe lincoln robot at disneyland. If he made. Stephen king is exactly like you would hope stephen king louis be iron. Came also seeing pet cemetery. Digress and that scared me that freaked me out to menu. Probably because they animals are. That's carrying a lot of people because of the sister with spying. Rachel get out of bed again. It made a ton of money to well now. Okay can i just say you are like a very sweet guy. Your dog dad the whole thing yet. You love horror. So what would you say about the psychology of like why people love horror. What is it it does for you. Why do you love it so much. The number one thing i see about everything is like heavy metal rock. I mean nothing. Fun is good for you. Know like they can say they want about like you know like vegan food and all this shit. The shit's just not as good as the nasty food. And that's how everything is like. I'm not saying a twinkies good for me. I'm saying twinkies a lot of fun you now so i typically dislike. There's this thing now because of the guy who's pretending to be rod serling. I can't even think. Oh yeah jordan. Peele where it's like. Oh this for some reason. People get excited liked the movie. Hasn't hit you over the head social message in it. And i'm like i just miss seventies moves.

00:35:02 - 00:40:03

Were just crazy. You know like. I watch movie the other night. This guy like goes to the gas station woman. Thinks she's dead son so he moves into the house and then everyone else is also acting like he's the dead son. Miche the sister who was sleeping with her brother start sleeping with him and might see. This is what movies should be. They should. There's no reasoning you know. It's just to bring the noise. You know they go to eleven seventy seven and now it's like you can't do anything because it's like. Oh you know. Socially conscious p. c. You know just blood for blood sake. You want the funds stuff. It's just an rod scary the more you know less jerry anything now. You're empathizing with them and you're trying to figure two new to stop to kill. It would be scary anymore. You how what. We know how to stop covid. Nineteen he wanted this. Let's just keep this thing going. This is exciting right edge of your seat death. Great well thank you. I think we got the. We got a few starter. Founds we could watch your mmediately. That's good yeah. You gotta watch link there painting. We should stay away from. It's really going to mess up someone's yes texas jerry massacred. And it's really messed you up that you just can't shake befriend friend and when i say hey. Did you watch dumped. I'll just named something he'll go. I can't watch that. And i need to protect my psyche but i now i used that but i need to protect my psyche from like you know. I don't know from it from yoga you know. What like ages. The things that bother my hat are different than the things that bother other his new discoveries. Well thank you john. Do you want to leave us with any wisdom. Do you wanna plug anything. We're we're can our listeners. Find your staff. And what are you working on. These days I just got a day job nonsense. But i'm happy because the world added so i'm happy to have an income trying to think. Well it just made his army short so much just but it's not. It's unjust wade. I'm there's no festival so the festival keeps getting pushed but That'll look for that twenty twenty. Show that my we should find you on. We can see you on. Imdb social media steph. That's all i do Yeah okay used to put. A pitchers just put up final. That's only resource. Stay on. Facebook is to talk about records people. We'd love you down. i miss. You haven't seen you forever young when i go to staples i think iowa's techs you going by your house. I haven't been home for like two months by your house. It's inflames plants. Next time you go. But i i why it's right here. The awesome by just hand over and all your plants piled now. It'd be so creepy and my clothes in your closet. I take down on the curtains and it's actually her house. I just roll away. The background laundry stands up. And he's got your undies on. Yeah now we're talking some. What was some. Cnn guy was masturbating on his undoing. Call this know about it. And then he ex and then men were like defending him. Well you know what everybody does it. Come on it's like george costanza. If you're told me that was allowed to tell you well you've been greatly entertaining. We appreciate your expertise and your decor and your doggy stories in. We just think you're the bee's knees so thank you on atoms horror film extraordinary record washer forever. I'm right now you'll want sound bite by okay so i think that is my list that i'm okay with we had fan. Tasim is up with the final. I think that might be a little bit too into it. Sounded like poltergeist would be a first choice no-brainer. Good for the kids. Which i agree with. We live tonight the come on not read. I'm not ready. i'm not ready. We just got done a haunted house. I thought that was pretty rough. House with eddie murphy. Are you kidding. It was scary when all the monsters coming out of the muck for the for charlotte in the crypt show anyway. So that was one changeling was another. We'll have to look that up. That's a that was see everett. Scott am i wrong george c. Scott sorry z. Everett scott who's into sierra scott fitzgerald.

00:40:05 - 00:45:02

So that one's done a good and then phantasm i wanna see because a lot of people who said Classic their favorite. And i'm surprised you didn't mention night of the living dead. 'cause i noticed one of his favorites all time classic great rubies right well. Well let's go to let me just read a couple things that are internet. The old internet says about. Here's my mom's dot com. Is it okay to let my child watch scary movies. Let's see with this lunatic. Says wait a minute. Well okay so. I was doing research too. I'm like let's go find some expert. Opinions some psychologists and we looked up a bunch of people. And i really. I'm starting to feel very alone in this opinion that they should not watch these. I do feel like it's going to mess with their little brains but it seems like the well. Let's just get into it. Let's hear what what is your again. It with little sweet. Who likes disney movies. Who's nine who's you know little sweet and you don't want her to go down a dark road maybe at a young age but with the fifteen and the thirteen. I don't know. I guess i got a worst case. Scenario mom brain land. Which is maybe this is going to give them ideas that they're gonna wanna go and capture the neighborhood cat and see what happens when you pull the leg off or something. Is that awful i. It's probably so unrealistic. But i always go to worst case scenario and would i be a bad parent for having given them that idea for having given them the green light to watch the movie that gave them the idea to do the thing. It's kinda like the shooter in the synagogue. I think about his parents all the time. Like just in the next town over. What are they thinking like. What do we do wrong. Why did our kid turn into this. Like what could we have done differently but do you really think it would be because he watched a horror movie that he did that. I don't know i would say that. It would be more likely that there was communication about something deeper or some pent-up aggression or being bullied school. I don't know with his case but that was a lot of the. Yeah i know. I mean i know in my logical brain. I guess that won't cause that. But i would hate to have any hand of green-lighting any behaviors. You know but you can't control. This is where the i get it. I understand but then so. I talked to a friend of mine. Who is my good friend. And we talked about this subject and use specifically sorry but it was just that he had his fourteen year old nephew over and he was saying he's like well. That sounds like you know you're trying to control too much that they're definitely watching these movies. You know he's watching and you're trying to like almost like too tight of a hold where they're going to be doing what they're doing anyway in. That might make it more taboo and rebellious any how to do it that way. So sit him down. Talk about it and don't make it like a shameful big taboo thing. I know. I know. I know they're going to find all this stuff. They're going to do all the stuff. I guess i just don't want to serve it up on a silver platter and be like great. Let's all sit down and watch this person get murdered a million different ways and and all the like you don't know nowadays i mean i get it with the older horror movies that like the old stephen king stuff like kerry or whatever but nowadays i think like sex gets mixed into it too and gender stereotyping stuff. I don't want it to be. I don't know it just feels like it could go so deep you know. Do you understand that. Like why gender state. What does that mean. Meaning like women are always the victims right. It's always the sweet. Little girl is going on. The date is going to bring up boys to be like. I don't know. I don't know if these are the thing. Is you talk about right. You have these conversations in sit down and treat them more like adults right in new set in. Have the conversation about okay. Well this was dated. And we don't treat people like that and this was old interpretation and oftentimes. They're stupid and it's written in a way and slasher films kinda dumb and then you could talk about the movie making aspect of it and make it less reality that way and more like this is a story and not real life. Yeah no. I know this all makes logical sense but i guess my knee jerk reaction is just to be like no not gonna watch. There's so much else out there. Let's watch that instead. And so i'm just like i'm just staying away from it just feels like so much work you know like there's so many potential ways that could go wrong. Well okay so in the case of me growing up in our house. We had a nice little insulated bubble.

00:45:02 - 00:50:00

I think but then the second. I was out. I wanted to explore all of that anyway at other people's houses and i knew that it couldn't talk to mom or dad or any of them about so that was never going to be discussed but it was still going to do it so i don't know so now we're having this talk i do wanna i don't wanna be totally bubbled up forever. I know i need to loosen up. I don't know how. I don't know what where the line is too. So let's find out. We heard our starter movies. I do you want to hear what the experts have to say too because this is just united talking. Not saying you don't know you actually. Do you have a great sense of this because you were a kid who would come and go more to that side of things. And i didn't have that in. We necessarily we did. We both did. I tell you went and watched exorcist. Only because i it was like a group of friends doing it. And i was always hiding behind the pillow and my hands over my eyes and peeking through one. Little crack. And my eyes were squeezed. Shut for most of the stuff. I do not like anything scary. Just never have never. Will i dunno. Books are different books. Feel like but but nowadays. I don't know if i could even do that. Because now it messes with my subconscious. Now i wake up in the middle of the night every night as it is with how many murders plane crashes in monsters every single night dude at like two three four in the morning i wake up with some sort of death there. Maybe are people that don't take it. I go subconscious too. So i realize especially during the pandemic when i really got to analyze everything. That couldn't watch like mind hunter. I was able to watch when i was working when labor busy was like but now i couldn't when does to the brain does it gets in my brain start locking my doors and windows and you know it does get in there so yeah if you but maybe some people that doesn't to my other friends who were bulletproof in these are fun to them It doesn't yeah. I know i need to get there all right so i am looking at Dr anne jacobs who kind of breaks it down by ages which is good so for preschoolers obviously Not to watch a whole lot of movies. They need just physical comfort distraction when faced with a scary scene. So we can't even tell them this isn't real. They don't even understand that so. Just avoid it altogether for preschoolers anything's scary scary. I guess school age children She breaks it down into they have a little more logic. They can start to see some scary stuff probably like wizard of oz right. The flying monkeys. We all were scared of that but to explain to them how unlikely a scary event would actually happen to them so they have a little more logic then she gets into teenagers. This is when people are starting to say teens can actually handle more than you think they can. This is when i started to feel like. Maybe i'm the crazy one but to watch them with them and encourage analysts and question and but then talk about the messages. That might be behind them all you know. So what did you find out. That was just and like that. I agree much more with the sitting down and talking to them like they're more mature adults anyway doesn't matter anything let's move on right of course batteries. We all right. Well still okay now. Wit hunia is an author and father of two boys. He wrote way. It's important for scare kids to see screen movies as a parent. I appreciate the opportunity to address such topics in a manufactured in clearly fictionalized environment. Kids need to know what fear feels like. Even a even for a safe small moment and i would much rather they. I recognize it while holding my hand in quiet theater or living room then someplace lonely and lacking in comparisons contrast in overpriced popcorn experience with fear now will only serve better when they face the real thing it is one more layer in the protections that we give them in. There's nothing scary about that so to watch with them. Be there with them. Hold their hand. They feel comfortable. They feel safe okay. I like that. So does he give any reasons why not to. This is what i wanna. I wanna find an ally. I don't know if i have any yet. Here's anneli kate. Ver a licensed clinical social workers suggest we don't know who she is but that there are some ways for parents to decide if their child is ready to watch scary movies. She tells parents to whether their child acts younger or older than their actual age.

00:50:01 - 00:55:01

If they act younger may be better to let the child wait before watching. Anything too scary. She also suggests that if your child scares easily it may be best to hold off on the horror movies because you can't un watch the movie. This is the thing. I got messed up watching certain movies. You know you had jaws when you were little in that mess yet but we use like five. We were accidentally watching that. Although dad let us watch it he was there with us. I'm surprised dude. I probably because he was like. How do i get rid of these kids so well. Yeah our cable got mixed up with our neighbors in was we weren't in the theater. We own the theater. We're at home on fountainhead. And i remember. I was either first or second grade. Because that's when we lived there. And i ran upstairs and threw myself on the bed face down stomach down and put pillows over my head and just couldn't couldn't handle it and i think you stayed and watch the whole thing. Maybe with probably drooling like the clockwork orange bill but also my parents i remember they were watching the elephant man and they said you can't come down here you have to stay up this too scary. So what do i do. Of course i creep down when they start watching it and i sat on the top of the stairs and watch the whole movie and got to the part where the elephant man shows his face the stairs and that messed me up for a long time and this was the original elephant man. The black and white. So there's figure man. I know i have a friend who's son gets real When he's watching. I never watched mask. Because i yeah same thing but i do see the value. I had to push through it reno granted. I was probably twenty five at that time. But you know there might be a value in talking out. Did they ever talk to you about these like jaws or anything not that. I remember if you talk to say it's fake. The thing is that i was swimming. My friends pools for the next ten years. Thinking of shark was gonna attack me where we all the kids of the seventies and eighties. Weren't we all afraid of the drain at the bottom of the pool and the ocean. Of course and i think there's an article about wide jaws fucked up really a huge amount of people. Yeah and now. We're all afraid of sharks and so we're all making you know movies and tv now and my ex still jokes about me sitting at shark week. And he could do. I would be so glued to it and he would come up and scare me like he was a shark. He's you're on. Your couch would come not in the water. There's no but maybe that's how much maybe it's a brain thing of when you get really into the fiction of it. Yeah anyway you might have a point that maybe people think they can handle it secretly. I mean i know. I need to loosen up and maybe this is the year we try. So we since we've been talking about scream so much with w earl brown and they wanna see your senior big background scene in the video store of the first screen movie and that is such a a keystone movie for this john. Right the modern you know horror movies. And what's the word you guys us. All you cool kids us very meta because it's a horror movie about horror movies right but then like he was saying the kids should know what the referencing so go. Watch the halloween and go. Watch the nightmare. Yeah so. I don't know i think. Start with poltergeist. I feel the same. That's probably the most benign all right. Well this is the arrogance. Oh only god. I can't be scared what we have to go park charlotte somewhere safe and then we watch it with the boys nights tonight. Will you help me. Yeah it with us. Oh my god okay. This is exciting. Happy halloween everybody. So we have if anyone could write in about what. You're doing for halloween. During the quarantine for i don't know when we're putting this out. But and we got a quick edit this together and we'll get yeah any opinions findings on on facebook instagram twitter. And i'll put out all the polls there and maybe you guys can just reply to the questions and the polls about what is. What are you doing with your kids and horror movies. What have you seen. What scared you as a kid. I wanna i wanna know all the stuff. Yeah feel very alone over here. You guys don't don't feel alone. She needs some parenting tips. Let's get a parenting pool. All right yeah the mouse scaredy cat erekat mouse over here. I need to get over my fears and a very special. Thank you to our patrons at patriotair dot com mouse. Means these folks have been supporting us for months and we so appreciate. It gives us the gusto to keep a to keep going.

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