Sept. 27, 2020

E90 - Grandma's Nuts

Mom's in town so we sit down for some relationship questions, incriminating grandparent stories, hip and trendy celebrity impersonations, and hearty guffaws. Find out what nuts, tortoises, the Tucson desert, and bowls of blood have in common....

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Mom's in town so we sit down for some relationship questions, incriminating grandparent stories, hip and trendy celebrity impersonations, and hearty guffaws. Find out what nuts, tortoises, the Tucson desert, and bowls of blood have in common. Weens asks about regrets with our dad which spurs a story about dating Cowboy Denny. We question our tomboy qualities, learning about what mom fought for and what she let go of. And we finally reveal to her our secret ways of sneaking out of the house in high school, but are surprised by her response. There’s a fact check on coyote fatalities, we accidentally pitch a real-life horror movie idea about rattlesnakes in the ravine, and we close it out with a three-part harmony to our lord. You heard it here first!

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Song Credits:
“This World Is Not My Home” by Joyce Carter, Julianne Eggold, and Joelle Kohn
“Thank You Guitar” by Julianne Eggold.

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Hello. Hi. It's Mouse and Weens. We're doing a quick intro just to give you guys a fair warning that the audio in this upcupping episode...Up cupping? Up cupping. That's a new bra. It's not the best. We know. We recognize. We set our mic levels... We being me. I did it. I know. I was going to say there's a lot of "we" happening. I was just being a weenie in the background. Ugh. Good one. And, yeah, sorry if your ears get a little blown out there but um... That's all right. We had a lot of..... Think of it as a little air kiss from us in your ears. Oh, we love you. All right. Thank you. Here we go. Bye.

<MUSIC: Mouse and Weens theme song>

Yay! Hey hey! We're here already? It's Mouse and Weens.Yeah we're back. Wow. And me. Mom is here. This is Jo. I'm Mouse. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. And I'm Weens and I'm the...I don't know. I'm just a person. And it's my girls. Yep, there's mom. She's from Idaho. She's staying out in California because she needed a double dose of fun and Family? Time. So I was lonesome. Yeah she flew out in how have you been enduring stay leaving tomorrow I am in it's kind of sad every time I leave, but my cup is now full. Speaking of peanuts, I mean, tell me about that. Mr. Peanut! Okay. Well sure a glass of wine trying. Trying not to spit on the floor that I tried to clean no I do want to discuss peanuts. When did you become involved? Nets for both of you mom loved. Messing in everything Julius YouTube also a vegetarian protein, hound I enjoyed good nut yeah are. I am. taught me to really enjoying nuts. Yes I think nuts are a wonderful resource. Favorite nut?  thrill. and. P. Con an almond I would say Macadamia. Be Selling. So mine when I was a little girl, my job was to get underneath my grandma's pecan tree. Nuts? In Grandview Texas and collect all the pecans and you have to move the leaves out of the way to find them really and they were called paper shell that right there. So expensive. Hans. Yeah, they're hard to climb up intrigue. No no they fall off the tree but you have to move all the leaves they fall off Sarah time the leaves. And then then I would sit and you put two pecans in your hand and you'd squish them together and that would break the shell and then you pick them out and you'd have a full bowl and then my grandma would roast them was salt. And you could go into our old fashioned stove and there was always a bowl of roasted pecans. I thought we were pee-con farmers. It's not pecans. It's pecan recurrent. We talked. Discussion the northerners. The Yankees. Call it P. Con. peaky. Okay. So we're southern Pecans, we have some confederates in our bloodline. Sorry we're attached to Grant Lee I think. Or Ulysses S. One of those. Not pressing interested you can look at bird lineage. Actually is online really easily. Exactly. Did mom I thought. Who are you related to you? Can we go back to Pecans real close. Sorry, pecans. Grandpa had that thing in the shed. Had that Pecan crusher yes. He fashioned this little engineering heavy duty was like really a vicey kinda thing. Yeah. It was embrace and you would put the Pecan in one end. And crank it down it would hold by one end and then you would pull the other end of this metal contraption way back and then slap it and snap and cracked the petition. Could it get a kid's finger in there? Oh yeah! Really! Super Scary and you were working this I didn't work I think he'd let me do whistle hated Becton. Maybe. There was less caution. We'll put it that way. Oh, he hated me when I broke his window with the Frisbee. Playing glass. Did Jon Allen playing in the backyard RN. She got mad at never seen a mad before. A million whole thing the whole glass just went <crackckck>.


00:05:05 - 00:10:03

Oh well, you embarrassed and I was bright red and sad and cried and hid behind you probably mom just like awful. I wonder if that's when I was in Hawaii and you guys have to stay there you don't remember them. We were left one seven. We in one week, he didn't leave us very often, but you've left US Grandma and Grandpa In Tucson forgive me grandpa 'cause I'm about to tell the story. Did you realize that we were looking for vhs videos because we're so We were kids and they were grandparents that we didn't have a lot to do. Right. There was one lady Grandma Jean lived across the street and she had a turtle and that was the highlight for the summer. Yeah, a tortoise like in the community tortoise and watch it, and it's just buried in the dirt. So we were... They were gone somewhere. Probably church, and then we went and we're looking at their VHS tapes hoping for a kids' movie or some exciting entertainment. And we put in one called "Summer Vacation". Guess what. We put it on immediately. There were girls in Bikinis suddenly dip akina obstacle of yes. And little Joelle and I were like "Whooa, boobs!" And they did a slow-motion scene like jogging seen topless. Yeah. Just in and had never seen real boobs. Except for one grandma. Joelle hid in... underneath the.... alright, alright, alright. She she hates this stories but yes, I hid behind a under the skirt of a round table to watch grandma change wondered what old boobs looked like. I'm sorry grandma. Grandma, we've got a couple perve department here but to your father, I'm sorry I feel so bad saying this but he had his tape disguised summer vacation secretly called bodies. Write that name on the tape I remember yes. So was grandpa secretly...? Oh, I have a story for you. So I has been Danny had asked me. Him and we were engaged should we went down Tucson and the master bedroom was across the hall he's on the. Bedroom. and Multi, national fiancee (Cowboy Denny) and I went to bed and we were being very respectful of the fact that we were under my parents roof. So we you know with sleep with our hands next to our own sides right and then we hear this <eee, ooo, eee, ooo, eee, ooo> No. Starts laughing and he goes Petro Dat. Monaco. Like seventy five years old and I'm going. If you brought in a little passion to them and they were like I'm you lovebirds.  So Denny and I sat in the bed and giggled the whole time and we were just like, "When are they going to stop?!" My goodness. Yeah that's cute. That's It's Love. Grandpa Bill. William. Willie. Will Show is refers to Alf. Think goof word Willie. Dave has this thing. We you're not supposed to talk ill of the dead i. kind of had that thing too but I figured I don with us. Yeah they're sitting in the room with us right now. Hey, babe. I don't know it's. Like this summer's in Tucson we'll anytime in Tucson is fun. It was like. Going to the desert smell of the rain on the hot sand and all of the saguaro cactus things in the day ever Q. Out to the swamp National Monument I. Think. So yeah, and we went to the caves. Did they have the bats? Did you see the bats that hung upside down? I, don't know they have a cave the in the sore. National. Monument and they literally had when I was younger foles of blood. And they I think they did it for the people that would walk through because I don't think that's really eat blood. Do they? Vampire bats do. Bats bowls of blood. Minded you should see Joe. That's so gross. I'm just thinking out coagulated and like yes. Yeah. Did we I'm telling you back in the day. Strange things happen.

Tell me do you regret marrying our father. No not at all look at what you guys turned out. Were you in love with him like passionately and yesterday was we'll Stephanie when you fall out of love.


00:10:04 - 00:15:02

I think he fell out of love with me. Really? I can't imagine why. You're. Matching. You know well, it's his loss. Well, thank you. Yeah, and resolved. Done. And we were done and life is good. Well that got heavy. Sorry about that. Hard. It's a real question. How did things go down that road? Yeah it is funky but you did say you never know what's around the next corner could find your true and that's why he had on Spurs. Long Sam Elliott mustache. So the first time that he met, Diane and Jeff Newman. Who Very Different Pars Jeff Newman at third base coach for the as he for the yeah and then he was a catcher for the as for years and years and years, and then he played Baltimore. He was all over the place. He ended up third base coach for the Indians we. I went to the World Series yes. That was the big. That's it, and he then worked for the Commissioner's Office and then retired. But when they first met him, it was at a bar. We went up to ask she's talking about her friends when they met Cowboy Denny her right current husband. Until we told him, we would meet them at the Cadillac Bar and Concord California. And they're on one side with me and we're waiting for Cowboy Denny to walk in and we were not engaged. We were just dating. Here comes a style and cowboy and he literally did have spurs on 'cause. Kidding he had just gotten off. Of Reid. And Those those. Year. I can do a lot of touch. Dad when. A man. She answered. Among. That can. Roll. Mike I live through. So anyway came walking with a cool cowboy hat and you know Wrangler said were chess a little edgy and dirty and his first on. and. So Jeff, who's a professional athlete figure? This guy's going to be okay don't. Know well, because he just has swag him and so so do professional came weight now she's getting upset. Let's get into some feminism ladies. Well, just what makes that cool to be? wizardy. Ways. I'm. Sports and what like mccheese? Ville. Staff was like cool. Why don't you had a spitoon he carried. On his fanny. Pack. His knife. Happening early from city slickers. He was kind of quiet but real secure that was it. That was lose genre of him so He was he was just tuning out though and he was imagining his dance moves in the Ballerina. Be doing the evening. What if that was the case you know I think cowboys in that particular era hid behind this I'm tough kind of thing. So you'd never knew quite how to approach him. Didn't you think that when you guys I Smith. Yeah Yeah. Mean to really dig off 'cause I remember of thousands renovate. going. Thousands of times you guys go. Is He mad? Could actually something wrong where we went from a very emotional. Talk the. Word and member there was I had broken up with someone and I was like in tears in state at your house, and then he asked will tell me all about it as well, and then I was like, wow, got nothing else to do I guess I'll tell them was. then. This bitter that. into cut to forty five minutes later. And then I finally stopped and then he goes. Trade up. That was it. It. Wasn't. Akron. Was Just Danny. Truths you have the person you needed at the time to listen to you. It all worked up just fine and he gave you the I contact in the encouragement to carry on with yourself. I do like Cowboy Danny Ilaga.

00:15:03 - 00:20:06

Yeah can you stay with us to make science? She's obsessed with the screens. Have you noticed I? Mom Go ahead and what would you like to ask? Well. We had a discussion earlier at dinner about like being feminine versus masculine versus somewhere between neutral sporty. Donna Earth what does it all mean? Where like what would you tell them about one hundred, fifty years of feminism. s just as our mom you see how it turned out and how you raise us. Wanting, more. No that one. Is What is your? I don't know where I'm going with this. He wants to have you give us advice or something. So this is what I appreciate about. Your DAB was that I would've raised you to be ma'am be Pam be you know? Little girls. I think. So because I I knew how to. So I knew how to cook you would have had all those skills for you wouldn't have known how to climate tree certainly, you wouldn't be first baseman like you guys were shortstops and that was the first baseman well. I mean. It's not a very exciting spot. And all the things that he brought to your life gave that beautiful balance. So I don't think either of you are too masculine or too feminine. But it was a matter of me letting go and I remember after Julianne was he won't take you outside and you were born in November and it was cold and rainy in northern California at I was beside myself and he just marched you out into the weather and you were a tiny baby and I just had to at that moment is when I realize this is how it's GonNa be. He's GonNa take the girls and he's GonNa, turn them the corner that I was not able to turn. So we turned out kind of tomboys all. I would say, very secure in. The world and kinesthetic aware Yeah and I think it was a great balance. So I'm probably not the person to ask about feminine. Masculinity I has. John we're talking about just cut you off. That's all right. We were talking about you and how strong your you started your own business you were no B. S. so you would tell people how you felt right you. When I was in kindergarten ladies and Gentlemen Bolinger Canaan Elementary. I seem to be distracted by bright shiny things we were. We were sitting in a circle and the teachers reading. Clifford. The big dog, my friend Jennifer Foster had cats and dogs buttons very exciting. They were shining I turn my back to the teacher and I started playing with her buttons. The teachers sent. Me To my desk instead Julian you're rude. I put my head down I was so ashamed. And instead of just putting my head and I realized, they were all over one side of the room in the circle stealth. So I just decided to leave I left the class at. Home was in kindergarten I. Walked all. Watching the door acquiesce guests, you came home some neighbor called do until the rest of the story. Yeah. She called the neighbor called and. A Juliana sitting on your front porch worse. Often I panicked a what does it work and so I booked at home and I thankfully worked only five minutes away. So I got home and here's Julianne on the Front Porch and she was only five. And she looked at me and her face was all swollen and dirty because she'd been crying and she goes. Mama. Mrs, we called me food. Didn't have the ability to say. She was not a yeah but then what did you do? So I said pack up your pants were going back to school I also wasn't wearing any pants when I cry very emotional and take off my pants. It still happens today. When dating? Anyway go ahead. He's. Always go and we marched ourselves cells right back down to Bollinger Canyon and I. I will say that it was rather a clint eastwood you know. With. Let me do my cleaning services. There you go. It was a little bit meads like Mrs Doubtfire.

00:20:07 - 00:25:00

What. What's the line was like go ahead and make line. No. Go ahead. You look like throw Momma from the train. Back. Great. Forget. Rick Murray Don. Getty show a picture of that because I took a picture. Yes and so of course, she has her fingers like pointed at you like guns of so funny. Is this the teacher know your sister back to Mrs Reese? Okay? Okay are you're going Clint Eastwood. And she knew that she was in hot water not because I'm such a tough foul. So it was just because how dare you let my child out from underneath you? And walk all that way as a little kid colony winner notice or no and so I just had a connection fit all over the place and then went to the principal's office and made him come down no, it was her Mrs Diamond Wasn't they John Diamond Joan diamond made her come to the kindergarten class and I knew one. I did I was so upset and part of it was Just you know. How can I say this? I. Think when you are parent, you turn your kids over to the officials at school in the assumption that they're going to protect your child plan. Jalen. Not any protection so anyway. We did with a lot of trust in people such as bus drivers. Teachers Ages your lives in the hands of many people. So there's been tiny order soup. When you guys Did Not Land I. Know. Quiet here. Mom, I'm sorry. Cheeks red. Wine drinking. Have you noticed little? It's because I'm going like this. I'm trying to keep rate. Let me do my WC. Kind of reminds Jimmy Durante maybe. Yeah Hi everybody this is I shake my head with Lisa and say. Okay four things people need to know right off the top Lisa tell them twenty years besties. Fifty No. That just stuff that you're almost fifty. Three we podcast from my car were sitting inside your car right now we're from Canada. We're from the art of the series we're from Sasketchewan if you're unsure if that's a real place Google it. Yeah. But we also bring you a new episode. Every single Friday we do. It's about an hour long. Time goes by quick because we're just too crazy women bantering talking about lighter topics talking over each other all the time we. Disagree but we always go back to laughing we do. We just were the least stressful part of your week. Exactly. So you can listen to pod bean I tunes in any other podcast APP that you have all over social media where on twitter facebook and instagram. During. The course of your guys is Sarah in lots of times that you've seen parents Kinda come unglued. Right. Did you ever hit a secret. Is, can. Black it all out. I Did ben down and give you the the eyeball and always works on my list. To hearing to see if it brings back, memories Oh my gosh to tie. Okay, I'll just reenact it with my mouth. She would take her hand and grab your wrist. Or your upper arm as hard as humanly. Possible. If it was the upper arm, she kinda lifted a little. So you kind of shrugged your one shoulder and she would go. Joe, Outra angled how dare you talk to me that way? Okay. My is going left right left right left and right on on every word and you just melt you turn into this little girl of stone and go. Hey. Shot Good trick and then up yourself and race sit down and church on the other side of your friend. Did you hear? No? No I'm kidding.

00:25:01 - 00:30:03

It was it worked. It was very. My sister. My. Even remember what about me? Those remember why can't? Really. Don't remember ever really losing my temper with either. I didn't good. You were very sensible children. It was easy to parent you you when I would say I was displeased with your behavior you responded to it I did you know that I snuck out at night? No. Adults you've told me that and I've really wrestled with the fact that I was. Awhile, superior. Everybody sneaks out as kid lawyer I did too except for my really Elliott, Charlotte. If you're listening to this, you're not allowed to sneak out understand this is your mother and I will catch you. There's new technology it's called eye-in-the-sky big brother you're being watched and tracked. Yeah. That's in their plants and ferns have. Shen in them. I five. Key have electric you. Live. In High School. I snuck out and. I was a little sister of the LETTERMANS club So they would always have a car and we would all go mess around together and we. All the girls we'd all sneak out so that we can meet the football guys. Was it like Greece? Did you meet a wash in the Ravine Zach Party? Did you thought? So I remember these stories. You increase. Let you never even take. Discard. The La River like, yeah. No I never seen the move. Yeah Mom. Sister. GonNa Watch Greece. Okay. Girls get. So we yes that's exactly why. Do. Well, one of the guys or two of the guys would have all ready like lifted beer and one time they were strong. Letterman guys went into his dad's outdoor patio bar and they had those kegs. Underneath you know and they then they have the handle and he brought this keg. And this is the truth and I'm not lying I never ever had beer or. Ever until I got to college so I would go to these. She's at square. was totally but they got down to the Rabin in Tucson and they were trained open this beer keg because it didn't have all the components, the handles, and so they're beating and kicking. In. Not Successfully, new house. The SHERP date. The malkin opener for the KEG. So. As we're doing this, we see red lines coming out. On the it was the sheriff. Pinkerton. and. We froze like rabbits. I mean none of us knew what to do so we just stood there because really in truth we were all really good kids and he came up with his deputy sheriff any said. All right kids you got to leave and we're going. going. To jail what is going on? He goes the Kaya Packs are coming you have to get out of you and so which was probably a ploy I've never heard of this well, so we all got our cars and in those days there was. Low. Rider cars and it was to sudden it was hot and you know had your windows staff and sure enough. We heard these huge howling packs. And saw. Don't know if they were telling, David. I had to look this up because my friend said, they do not attack humans coyotes will attack humans I'm Jay, attack him by nothing but killed. In your. View. What they do what I'm sorry this is like living. This. Fact check okay all right. There two fatalities of coyote injuries. One was a year old girl got bitten by a coyote and went to the hospital with blood loss. Another one was a woman that got been to coyotes and she had to go to the hospital with football. And died. Rest in peace a woman and child.

00:30:06 - 00:35:04

Inside out of People Zona. Show like Phyllis diller. Just, show to keep jockeying. Jamie curled base. Carol Carol. Cares. Cupid. Good Excuse me when I rain storms would come your uncle soon, I would go down to the ravine and there were always bridges crossovers Prentice. Staffer, for Okay and we would hang our legs over and just watch while the like these huge waves of water would come out Ero- you a ha well we called them Rabin's for Arroyo's trae and Code. and. We would sit there and wait and with it, it pushed all the rattlesnakes, Oh mother. So there would be literally hundreds of rattlesnakes that will be in the first wave of water. And you would just watch him. You know squiggly. Letterman is we. Go Hayes. In COOKEVILLE and Uncle Bill would you do? Watch them yeah. Okay. All horror movie writers right now, take this idea and run with it. Yeah. Ravines fill up with these flashing aches leads. rattlesnakes that's. Exactly, it could be title it could be like shark NATO, but rattlesnake river. Was Our and we've lived here. Three of us would sit there gone. That's the biggest. nope talents. Where would it go just down the ravine it would just want everything because flash floods just. As Human Penal Kate here's the Best part of this story is people would think that they could beat the flash floods now and so instead of going over the bridges, they go through the regular dirt road. And their cars would get stuck in the ravine and the water would come math rattlesnakes would the rattlesnakes were in the water? In rattlesnakes. Movie. rattlesnakes yeah windows. With a bunch of. The truth that's a movie right here. That would be fun. So it was. It was a long long time ago we lived in Tucson there just wasn't him with water moccasins to know they're in the south in the deep water moccasins stories or maybe suddenly had moccasins because you told us where native. American. Life. DNA about nothing. No native American blood with them as but but we had two percent African. Else, that was your tests mine I was so proud I two percent. Ashkenazi Jew. From Are you sure. You know what we all started in the same place. This is. Africa just kind of been watered down, which is so pitiful but true. By became wish pita L-. That's it. Okay. Hit. By Bill, no I'm excited to hear about your history through. Okay. Now, I want to ask you a personal question. You really like football players are dad was a football player you hung out with the Letterman when I went to your house and you came back from the Arizona fifty year Gr-, what is it called? Reunion. Jerry Kamler Garry shandling shambling. We're just not with good bread but you really like football players because he showed me all the guys that were the holiday season. This guy love me. He was a quarterback. This guy let me he was running for stature this guy. was. Up. But right you life. Because they were. Land no discipline clean-cut while respected. and. have a agenda in school and having agenda Yeah they were usually will not. All of them they had must goals did you like a chance with your area of by us an Asian Toys. Tried tips. Did they. Try To. Any Anyway I. It was. Fascinating. I put these the the I think what happened was I.

00:35:04 - 00:40:01

You know they would ask you out on a date and then the next football player say, well, that was fun whatever date rape. No. Nothing nothing nothing bad. Things were not weird. What About College Hazings I never knew about it. Your Dad was captain of the football team and he never talked about it ever. Did you deal with easing or any I think our fraternities? Yeah. I I it's Greek life and I came in as a transfer student. So I was already too old to qualify for Greek life. So I. I mean just being like. A. Greek life is that what you call it? Greek. Sororities is Greek yet. Betas above it. So Delta rushed me because I was a scholarship student and all that and I would bring. Good. And they said, well, the first thing that you have to do is bleach your hair because we're all blondes. My goodness and my hair was as dark as could be Rayon I. Go what and then they started listing all the things that I'd have to and it costs money. Yeah. I was I have no money and groping grandma. GonNa. You know help me out on out. So you weren't too keen on your college Oh. So I had to Mak- anyway. The rest of my tour. Like a really pretty version of like I would say Lynda Carter wonder woman mixed with share you had the long black hair. She brought up his. Because you were like a strong woman was oh. Yeah I said you look like share. Look Rapid. Here. There's A. Time total. Behind number. Is, it made Turkey routes. have. Cherokee now is just yeah. Power packed and very good for women very good for holding her own. A lot of people looked up to her. She was a great straight man D how? Musical. Person Totally Enjoyable absolutely. What's the difference between us? She asked to compromise more because she's got A. Family and you compromise less. Very diplomatic view how I think that's how I perceive it. I. Think Anybody is in a long relationship you do the dance. Have to give up. Yeah, right. That's GONNA. It's all fine. Yeah. and. You are. You know more single-minded because you're single? There you go. Single period. Well, she does have a single period left guys. Out There Interested in one single. Available Don't wear pants. Crying. We do have a hotline nestlings please call. It's on the website I know what is our number we should knows. Sneaking out what sneaking out didn't get the sneaking out story. Oh. Yeah. Yes. Okay. Sneak out with your letterman. You would sneak out well stor to one day I did one Friday night and I came home and it was like three or in the morning or so and I crawl Beck in the window and GRANDPA Carter. was at the end of my bed and he goes. Joyce Carol. What did you do? Anything, we didn't drink and he goes Oh, I didn't expect that you would drink. He goes tell me what you did. So I told them the whole. You Know Ravine with coyotes story and he goes you know how not safe that was and I thought he would just rip me a new one and he goes next time you. WanNa. Go out use the front door Let me know and I go what are. Window and. To a certain, did you not want to do that? Actually probably crawled out again but the point is, is that the whole thing crawling out the window year? Sure. Your parents are gonNA shoot you in the heels and he didn't can I tell you my quick sneaking history with not heard? It's raking is. Getting at mad feel. Shy saying, okay. Don't be sad. I won't be sad at twenty nine creek or I would go out the window in crawl down the chimney.

00:40:02 - 00:45:03

Yeah we used to crawl down that chimney both of us did okay. Out Down the chimney and to in case you checked on me. I. Bring it back to the monocle these gentlemen. Charlie McCarthy into. A and? I would take the monocle out so it looks like. To you. And I would take part of your hairpiece that piece of. Would wear. Strip of here over the Sheikh of my Ventriloquist Charlie McCarthy and I would sneak out because I had seen fierce bueller. I'm sorry. We Do Ryan Smith would pick me up and we go drive around a parking lot and sit and talk about it we. Allies nothing weird. I, know it was the whole idea sneaking out cancel well, the Saturday morning after that they came in t peed my entire. Real good friends and they did it with on thirteen hundred season. COVID. Okay. And I had to clean of every single bit of that twin he Yes. See I thought toilet papering was kind of a lake initiation like it has like. was that's totally it, but my dad did not. Evans snow. So I was climbing all over cactus and everything in their front yard trying to get that. Weight jump pokey pebble. NECAS very. has even Jimmy Yeah. I would sneak out my front window mine window to my room and crawl across the roof, and that means next to the parents. Yeah, and then go round to Julien. Seidman Shimmy down that same roof. Do Stories. Appalachian Mountain Goats. Could Climb. They gotta look sorry on one hundred and sixty degree angles half American. Yeah. Yeah. And I would bet the same thing I would walk up the street to my case Spears House, we'd sit on the sidewalk can talk. Nothing nothing. happening. That's it. We're drive around with bike whoever had their license? I like go to the back of Vaughn's and get the Dale bagels and like yeah thrown wines do is so stupid we had new safe. And we will go take the Dale Bagels and we put him on people's lawns. Sprinklers would come on and someone would have soggy biscuit. There's the board. It was we all put Mr Bubble in the fountain over by the Movie Theater and was with bubbles whip seeing. Closing out. We Love you thank me is or including me Jim mom. Thank you. Thank you for talking with us. You're welcome I know that this will be the world's best podcasts at already is just not everybody knows. And yes. I will contact Brad Pitt for you or yeah. She told us that she why don't you have Brad Pitt on. Why? Not? Go reasoning like why do you really think because I think that he started as humble guy in middle America and that's the kind of quirky stuff. Some guys like that like to do. And I just think that it might be doable. You say you like we're really honestly OUTTA. Yeah. Emphatic about the fact that you girls need to call Brad Pitt. That's it. We'll do your podcast. I agree. You agree with yourself. Good News. Just one like some Oscars zoos. Well, it's. Yeah. I. Would you do the work? What are you doing for the next year or two hour leave reach out to his I would I would do it I would come to him humbly like his own mom would come to him. Were you look for Brad Pitt right now he's Joel's cupboard because it cut out a picture. And he's taped her covered him by the cups and it says. Hot What is? A. High was wondering are you mouse and me Weans I'm sorry I'm showing you. Can I if you would please let me do your practice. Yes. Yeah. No He's right there next to Garry shandling makeup. Gary Standing. We'll talk about that another time we could have been down. To beat a dead horse way before you close it out or okay. Okay. Let's do one song at the. Waist please give me an easy melody. World is not my home. Okay. Are you seeing the lead item? No, she's another word.

00:45:03 - 00:48:10

Give me how does it still can't wait let's shooting easy sought my home I'm just pecking. Okay. Just make up the word laws we good. What are online? Okay. Ready. No yes. What was using this? Is Not my home. Just passing to. Church I missed it. Sorry. This world is not my home. I'm just a passing through mattress. Are they somewhere. Fu Hey angels beckoned the from Heavens Open Door and? campion add home in this world any. No friend like you. Heavens on my. And Lord. Do. Angels. The. Heavens Open door and I can't feel at home in this world anymore to. Mom you're the best years. Here's the exemplary women for us. I was just say that we would like to really include our listeners we've been very we took over this whole time talking about ourselves how rude people listening we please rated in call us with your stories to tell us about us. Really like joining. People stories that are similar in W shy 'cause we're dorks yeah. Careless, or All the tiger winners I was so excited we got to send out Oliver Gifts, day, thank you everybody and that was so fine. So we want to be more interactive I'd like to. Let let us touch you. Can touch back. Late. Eighties Bustros. Know, could we just close this out? At the end. All right. Thank you, listeners. We love you. We love our patrons. Thank you everyone on Patriot dot com slash mouse means, and please do follow us on our social media. Mouse. No anchor. Sand. And by their stocks. Really push the socks men with big feet by the soccer mom bought socks and she looked like the grinch, she had five inches of loose to. Space TV if you. Have giant buyers. Men Sucks probably over ten. But the shirts are really all the shirts are so that. Is Awesome I have a sample ask. The fanny pack is. Ticket item here great to cast. So we have. Check it out on our Thank you everybody and. We'll see you next time. You.

Joyce CarterProfile Photo

Joyce Carter

Joyce Carter is our sweet mom who passed away January 2023. She was a regular on our show and our #1 fan of course! Joyce grew up with two older brothers, moving around the west with her mom and dad, who worked for Southern Pacific Railroad. They settled in Tucson Arizona, where she spent her junior high, high school, and university years majoring in music and part of many choral groups. She met our dad at the U of A, and they started their young family, raising us in Northern California. There, we learned the joys of music, nature and art with our young mom staying home to raise us. Later, after self-taught decorating, Joyce became an interior designer in Danville and started her own business, Silkwood Interiors. She ended up divorcing our dad as they grew apart, but married Cowboy Denny and found her second chapter in love! They moved to Idaho in the 90's where she became a wonderful horsewoman in competitive reining. She also spent 27 as the designer for a home building company Skidmore Inc. Joyce helped design, build, and decorate over 400 homes in the Idaho Falls area, winning many awards. She also took up watercolor painting and produced many, many wonderful pieces of art. Our mom was a fun, energetic, sweet, warm, loving, creative, talented, and strong woman who taught us that we can do anything we put our minds to. She was our Third Musketeer in our lives, with all of our girl trips, our get-togethers, snow birding in Temecula to be closer to all of us in San Diego, and our many talks and motherly advice. She loved to travel, to be around her grandchildren, to cook, garden, build, ride, sing, paint, play piano and guitar. She leaves behind such a void, as everyone she met was instantly moved by her connection and loving sensibilities. We are honored to have had her on our podcast recordings so many times and are glad to have shared her with our audience so they could get to know our wonderful mother. She will be so , so missed.