Sept. 1, 2020

E88 - Love Life and Dating Q&A

Still stuck on the topic of online dating, Joelle talks Julianne into doing a funny Q & A to find out all about our love lives. First we catch up on 80’s tv, get advice from Alan Alda, and lament the air quality from the Northern California...

E88 - Still stuck on the topic of online dating, Joelle talks Julianne into doing a funny Q & A to find out all about our love lives. First we catch up on 80’s tv, get advice from Alan Alda, and lament the air quality from the Northern California wildfires (stay safe Sunni, Brandi and Cori). Then we jump into online dating with optimistic Mouse and pessimistic Weens, and dissect what types of guys Weens likes. There’s a rather frightening interruption that throws us for a loop, so we pause and come back the next day. You’ll hear about married men, divorced men, and deal breakers when it comes to humor, taste in music, politics, and footwear. We even play a little fantasy threesome, FMK or Whoopee-Marry- Kill, and learn way too much about Tom Hardy and Don Johnson!

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Song Credit: "Somebody Else’s Man" by Julianne Eggold
Voice Actor: Matt Thompson

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E89 - Our boot scootin cat starts us off with an exclamation mark as we get talking about Weens’ re-entry into the social media world. We find out if she is in fact The Rock’s number one super mega fan on Instagram and what the heck is the name of the guy who wrote Hamilton. Then we get to the meat of the episode and read everyone’s fun Haiku contest submissions, commenting on their back stories and finding out their entertainment industry connections. Put cotton in your ears and get the broom ready because we’re doing some shout-outs and name-dropping!  You’ll learn all sorts of stories about us along the way including Mouse’s Australian love connection, Julianne’s Exorcist sleepwalking moves, and Joelle’s thoughts on armpits. This collegiate stuff, so get out your binder paper and take notes!

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Song Credit: “Facebook Stalker” by Julianne Eggold. Guitar by Ishan Cooper aka Coop DeVille.
Voice Actor: Matt Thompson

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Haiku Wieners

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This is Jack Nicholson. Or Christian Slater. Or a bad amalgam of the two of them. You're listening to my favorite podcast Mouse and Weens.

News. Reset. Certainly. Hello. House weans yet again. Here we are. She. Just got the hiccups hiccups this mouse. This is Joelle. I'm down in San Diego. I'm the mom one and I'm Weens in... I'm not in LA anymore. I'm in San Diego, staring at each other. (hiccup) Sorry. Oh no, I'm sorry. This is going to be. The air quality was so poor up in LA she jumped in the car and came down to San. Diego. With my cat by the way. Were you don't. This cat. Weens I love how you love your cat. You do so much for her. She's so lucky. She was a rescue kitty. She's fourteen now. I don't know. Is that true? Didn't you say...? She's probably up there. Anyway she.. She's been staying here and she's real scared when she comes here because we have the dog and the two cats and three kids. Out of the room is still gets nervous, she can hear them walking around and she's used to quiet and so she gets vacation constipation often like travel bells like like some people. who need to prune juice and cherry juice and kale smoothies and a bit tonight she was finally loosening up. It was a big moment we were sitting on the bed we're getting ready Joe was working on audio and. We were just we happen to look over and she was scratched Gretchen sniffing around the cap or like okay. Things are going to happen and we got. An indulgence and take your video. This'll be. Don't look right at her don't get her if she sees you looking at her, she'll stop woken same with drinking water. Sneaky watcher tending to look at our phone but then secretly we're looking at the corner of. Allergies this is the kind of stuff we should be doing like at the mall to the cute guide, but we're doing it to the cat buttering. But what happened was the cat started to make the motion looks like. What happens when you touch the water takes a ripple but. She has a seismic buddy quake waterfall starts from the top and the kind of moves down. You could see the wave coming towards the Oh yeah. Like the. When you tell you yeah, and. Point no whole ripple. You didn't see that. Okay. Anyway. I told you to record it. I said this is going to be good. So. You're why it's so weird and just funny because she couldn't find her footing. So she kept going around and sniffing and it was just funny movement Yeah Yeah. So then what happened so she finally got in the perfectly hunch position had the camera secretly trained on her zoomed in. This is the cat not me by the way it sounded like. The cat. And We got one plop. Touchdown! And we thought that was it but then she continued on in the hunch position. But she started walking away. And we both had. Oh, wait. What's What's happening? She went over who's going to play the audio holder but across the entire scratch pads and we should play the clip. Well, we will play. A are okay. Let's just hear it because. It was a boots goo. Total ready, right. Here we go. There's the tap, there's the movement. To. On the curve. She pulled her bottom. So, we'll post this on Instagram but but we didn't get to the meat don't say meat the meat of the story. All right. Well, the cracks, the nugget of this story. was that she pooped in the ended up against it didn't get off her bottom all the way. So she pulled it across scratch pads onto the carpet. Yeah. She had a massive single berry. The size of Oh It's awesome all over my carpet just nice skid mark with a big exclamation point. Dot, Akin. Why were just saying, we were both sitting here earlier saying, why are we're adults and we giggle about all this stuff? We're in our mid forties.

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Like people should be wearing business suits and talking about important things here we are out saving things. We've spent important twenty minutes on this one cat. Video we watched it over and over we did slow motion. We pulled it back and forth you describe it in the news where the cads foot was pulling itself. She looked like a little one of those member, the ducks they pull with the string, the little old fashioned toy the big slapping foot. Flabby. There you go. We should share this video somewhere. It's very important. Wants to find this. Why don't you go to Instagram we're going to move off Facebook. We just had this conversation we have Facebook? It's a little. We are not in line with Mark Zuckerberg and we are not getting much action. Let's be honest. There's just I don't know it's hard to find stuff. I'm not very good about posting I know a lot of my friends got off Facebook. Yeah. So I, think we're moving everything Instagram and it'll still automatically post to Facebook page. So we'll leave that up and running and I may double around on my personal stuff and YouTube but. Anyway, we'll keep it there archive but I, D love that my pals are still on Facebook and I've been in a social media. Bubble. I have not done anything in a long time. I just took like a three year break pretty much. Yeah. What was the reasoning behind that way? I, could get into the whole story I. think it might have had something to do with a lunatic who yes and that's when I really look at it. It's probably because I just wanted to get away from Cuckoo Bird. Yeah but But anyway yeah. So I don't know maybe part of that part of like. Just as a away from the constant, but it's addictive. Don't you think it is and I think that was what I was going with it. I thought you were going to say I just needed to streamline my life and get rid of things that were too distracting and addictive and yeah and you Kinda got rid of that and then. Got Back in did I drive you back in? Doing that. Yeah because I feel bad if Media. So she's been really working at in in you have all of your children you have much to do. So I'm going to help I'm going to pop in and Little. Which I'm not doing much put your. Cute. No you do. You, like, everything it's really sweet. We've got a good positive vibe at a lot of people respond and. Everything I feel a little awkward because I'll post something in your like like like. Also because I'm doing all this school stuff to all these classes. And so it's a great. It's like having chocolate right next to you. So you could distract yourself and then so it's kind of like strangely addictive I need to stop. Do you get this -til? Seen who or cracking me up like this is so addictive look Oh oh, I got a heart. There's Dane dopamine. Okay. Here's a little. Pop Oh. What's this thing? A little red dot under my house. Something new. Candies. City pretending to study and her head was frantically whipping around like at dot heart. Casare Ding Ding. Just like a rat to cocaine. It's true. It's so addictive. I even notice it anymore. It's almost like a tick. You know you just Kinda. You left you look great. You look at your phone. It's always in my hand. You feel naked when you don't have it we're we're really addicted. It's really bad I. Know we should talk about addictive stories to felons. They're doing things I think One of these big silicon valley companies was having like this technology free retreats where you're supposed to leave your phone at home and he'd go for two days or three days, and I've heard of were flipping out because he couldn't do it like really not cool with it. Yeah and there's actual support groups for people in. Korea. Especially, they're getting young boys off of gaming and. Putting them into support groups for their diction gaming. I need to do this with mine I. Think you say don't you think I mean it's crazy when you put them down to do schoolwork, they do it right now they don't they do but we've had to lay down the laws soon as we give them, a rule of K. can't get on until five o'clock or whatever it is. Then they're pretty pretty good. They probably sneak I think. sneaking. He should all day screens. Rock and hard place though because the world works this way. To let them do it. You can't see no completely but that camping trip where we didn't let him bring him it was it was wonderful.

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I will say is pretty great, and then how often can you guys? How many hours can you stay off your phone off your computer? All of US Social Media. Yeah or just them. I. you start to feel uncomfortable. When would with me? If I got off the phone you had all your kids with the all your family. So you didn't need to worry about anything but well, I think if I made a pact with myself like I'm I'm going go week and not do it then it would be fine. But I I probably feel anxious right away you know within a few hours because it feels like I'm doing this for the podcast I'm always trying to keep it renting. so that part would be the worst for me because I'm the personal stuff kind of lax I haven't done a lot over there. So I'm okay with that but it is also a place where I get information especially about the school because with all this covid stuff is reopening, that's where we're getting all the input from the school board and from all the parents talking, I heard this I heard that and what are you guys going to do lots of polls going on and who's got a teacher? So it is an information portal. But I mean, it could just be the way it is this we could be the older folks that are like our grandparents going all this television. Channels, there's thirteen push-button channels do much to you should see your face right up I like being in the same room. This is really You enjoy your funny though with the with the the likes and and. The thing what was the? She showed me this one account that she. Like I didn't know that if you double click on a picture creates a hurt right? This is on Instagram. Snakes should look okay. Here's this sociological research you see. Yeah. Okay. I'd like to you know I'll go and look at like Oh this is someone's world and this is their like friends and everything and. Kiss would defer down a friend's page or something where. Later she's like, yeah, you like something from three years ago. I'm like Oh. It was just looking at it. She's like, yeah, that's walks I mean you were like I thought it was a video that play push it didn't play. So I double pushed hoping it would. Look like a creepy stalker because you're like getting into someone's files. Who We know but but it is easy and Instagram to just look at their. You just scrolls. Goes. Off Everybody didn't realize my friend was like, yeah. That makes you kinda creepy like you might have been washed. Up On someone and you're looking at their life in their archives and you're going back ten years I'm like. What I'm doing I know that it was a fun know. except. that. Don't know Oh we should put. Can we pop in our? I didn't that little mini interview of you longtime ago about the Rock Oh yeah. Okay. Can we put that in here? Is Problem Okay. Okay. We go. This is wait till we set it up. Well, we introduce it there I think because it was before we just bubbles I when Instagram I came out. No. Swing. Okay when I first signed up to, it meant when I discovered it, which is probably Came Yeah we set it up. We set it up. No I was just say we've recorded it when you first started bubbling with us after the quarantine this horse came down to San Diego when we recorded this so okay. Okay here we go.

All right we are in lockdown at home. Aunt Nan has been quarantined - strictly quarantined. We have been strictly quarantined and we decided to merge our family germs and add her to our quarantine circle. So Weens is on the couch with me and we are trying to ramp up Mouse and Weens. So I said, Weens, what do you want to learn? I'm here. I'm your social media person. She said, "I want learn about Instagram." I sort of don't but I do at the same time, you know. I should probably... should. So we insist on Instagram told the story about Instagram well, I at one point four years ago or something I was trying to learn how to do Instagram a sort of was learning on my own I think on the phone didn't was trying to like switch back to the web and figure out how Apparently the I signed up and I was trying to follow but are no what I was doing. Someone three years later said I looked you up and was starting to follow, but you're only following the rock. Didn't even. Remember doing that or what how I did it or what but it was someone who is in the play that I was doing and she was the actress and she was you know enamored by me and I was telling myself I wasn't.

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As as Bigwig or anything, but you know here's. Like she's aspiring looking up to you. You created this whole thing and she goes, Oh, why are you only following one person? Are you a big Fan of the rock? And then she goes, yeah, you're only following the rock. Now why did you pick him out of all the people to find you'll remember picking them it probably is there a thing that makes you go to our or something are like? Is it categories by a CD gene alphabetize excuse me Oh. I don't think there's alphabet. Guessing. Maybe I just pushed like an arm. There was a scroll of the ELVIRA FOR ROCK I. Sorry Yeah. No, you probably went to suggested for you like favorites and they always have a little what's hot today page in you push on the rock because you liked his apps or something me you never know the moment I mean, he's not. He's have you ever I. Mean I don't follow him but maybe I'll start. So you recommend his feed CEO. Embarrassing thing to then I looked and I have eighty or ninety followers that I didn't just friends and people I think they saw an Instagram and said, yeah now all of them. The walk every single one of those friends. So here we are to make the public statement. How do you feel about the rock? Will he seems Nice enough but you know it's wasn't someone I selected. You're not his number one super mega fan. No. All, right. So there you go. There is the truth you heard it here. First I may have been looking at his APP said. She likes the chest good day. Okay. It's true. She loves the Rock Votes. Still, see him on there but now I have like four friends on Instagram and the do my most prominent I get to see his he'll pop up all the time he likes popping up. Let me tell you he popped up. Well, he and his whole family had covid. Did you hear about that? No see don't follow him to you. Actually read. Don't just look at the pecs looking at them. Heck's interest. drooling on my phone to. Done. He does that and he does the. Little. Songs his daughter and stuff like that like he's good. Acute thing going on. Yeah they always call. Andrew Coney. You use your words I'll slit on Andrew Putt Coney was on our podcast awhile ago, and he does a lot of behind the scenes stuff and he did behind scenes for Milan no I'm sorry we're want to Moana. Sorry and so he has a lot of behind the scenes. and. Manual Garcia work what the excuse, my French guy's name who? Hamilton biggest play of all times. Oh, manual in. Mark Sweater. I can. Go. See. I know it's a three part name I'm such a pose then menu. person her but. I don't know anyway. So he has a lot of really cool to watch Lin Manuel Miranda. Thank you. Yeah. It's the. Big Name that most people know that we introduced jeff with him. He was in the recording studio. So Andrew. Disney doing behind the scenes. and. outtakes. Was it the Mary Poppins because he was in. With the Kiro Garcia Marquez. And they were talking about the songs the up up up up up up up of birth your well. Yeah Yeah Attorney. Rate is they're helping to in the rock couldn't quite good friend the rock didn't quite he gets the. Detail because he's got all that. Yeah that's cool. Have you seen Hamilton you know but Charlotte she'll be some. Okay. This morning while you're here, we're gonna, we only have Disney plus TV upstairs. So we're going to do our big. TV party, popcorn bowl. You get to you have to watch it. Will you do get all your schoolwork done tomorrow? We can liquidate down and watches her. Okay cool. Okay and we watched ready player one good. Oh, I know I'm going talk about that. That was pretty crazy. What do you think? It was a first of all. That's going to do with it as Amblin. Elliot this was his choice of family movie night I like the girls on Brilliant Observations they call it forced family fun - F F F. Yeah it's our family movie night we do that too and he picked that one. So Ready Player One was, well, everybody knows what it was right? You live in this world of virtual consider real world is pretty cheap, but it was wild all the references to the eighties. How. So thought out I love the graphics of it. I was surprised I usually.

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instantly turn away from all that. Elliot has some depth. It was cool. What are your two favorite movies of all time? He said that and Jumanji 2? Really? That's cute. But it's quick. Frigate Becker really raise circle. tramonte. All right. Let's He tried to ICU. I was just looking at directed by Steven Spielberg Um. That's all we need to know. Like Kinda mild love scenes with the sexy dancing gone up between the legs and his little suit lit up I was like, Oh, I know they're in the tweens teens. I'm sure they're getting there with all that. Oh. Are you kidding me I guess. They're not seeing anybody. It's not like they're having any interaction with girls have you to. You're saying with them you. All right now. Okay. Your paper I know, yes, I'm holding this paper because it's time for. The High Kuby Bull. Winners. Okay. You're all winners we WANNA I. Say thank you so much for all the lovely people who wrote in their Haiku and we want to individually. Here we go. Okay. To our last episode episode eighty, eight entitled. what was it dating and Love Life Cuny Go. Update later. Okay. Yes. But we we announced a Haiku poetry contest for which people are going to win some Masson weans years. We picked our top ones, but there's still a lot. So yeah, superfund. Okay. So let's start. I'm going to go back and forth. Yvonne Cooper Coupe Deville can we give a shout out to each? Yes. How do you know him? What's his he lives? In Australia, I met him through Angelo, the singer of fishbone cougville played with Parliament P funk funke. Delic. He's amazing. An Amazing Guitar Player and he lay down a couple or one track on a song did recently that was great cuong into that later, we play that song at the end maybe ooh yeah. All right. That song is about my friend who had a altercation with the facebook lady who then tried to demolish through facebook. So it's all about Stalker late and we were just talking about this we were. Okay. So e Shaun Cooper. One of the nicest guys in the world. And Here we go. Our. Father's Day Sunday. Okay. Wait I yes called darn it. Let's say what they are high praise. Are you do five syllables? New Year seven syllables than five, right? Okay. We lines. It's a Japanese poem five seven five in syllables. Yeah. Usually about about a nature in the traditional way that they did. Haiku. But in our case, it's a bad. We are nature where nature everyone eating we open it up to all subjects or carbon. Here we go. Each Cooper's father's Day Sunday spend the day with my loved ones, socks and underpants. Now he's saying Australian accent. Full, day Sunday spend the day with my loved ones socks under paints. Really. So. Hard. I've an Australian French and we're always going wait say that again. Hard. It's the as yeah. They instead of going because you want to do British sometimes. Let's say sit Saux and pants. Different. Try It. Soaks in underpants. New Zealand and Australia, and if you can get that. That's a good one too. Wow that was from watching fighting. Guy, he chased her to the airport on a moped and held his hands on the glass and said I love you know. The most melrose place life. I've never had anyone chase me towers very millage matic moment although I like your embellishments I don't think he's is on a moped scooter didn't add I love you. But what do you say drove to the airport? Yeah, I was he at you I was late to the plane. We'd had this little toward romantic is only like twenty four hours. It really was like a night in Paris thing or something I know and We stayed up all night and it was this whole thing and then Oh yeah. Then there's like a did you. Know. It was very innocent. It was just a kiss, but it was like. The depth, the potential, the thing that could have been in, but I had to fly away the next. and. Family was really mad because I was late and there are waiting and her friend. And well, he was an access and she yeah, it was that unspoken girl thing of you know you mess with streams.

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Yeah and it became apparent. What had happened that we had a little? benching. And then went to the airport and he ran after me and. Randa tarmac or not the tarmac liked I'll see now I'm getting all wrong com did he drive you or did he come he came after? I don't think he's on a moped. Do you remember moped? Honestly I don't remember the details anyway. So he followed you in the what did he say Through the glass and it was just like, I'm gonNA miss you're. Let's follows her age in the airport. Yeah. Did you ever rate we did right and we did mix tapes to each other similar songs were they'll love. If you have a picture. I'M NOT GONNA I'M GONNA I'll find offensive. Okay, Finance Cape I'll post that on instagram intends to listen to it thinking of all the time but it was funny because we each sent each other mix tape and they had a lot of the same song. This is the guy for you I mean who could have been in Sonny's and lollies So. Shadow. Toss Julia years. Next Okay Next. Haiku is from Dan I'm mackin this hour sh we say last names do people want to be like okay. DANNA is my husband's cousin therefore, my cousin therefore, our cousin of in she's the best family kids call her aunt. Donna. Hers was. A podcast I know it is good that mouse in. WEANS. I sound like iota. That mouse in weans there might have data I should add Karma. No that was great. I loved it I selling. Dana's great because she if you go back to November last year she did a birthday shout for you jewels and she did a Korean she sang Happy Birthday and Korea she. Yeah she loves that one actor from? Korea. hotdog. Over there. and. Now, Charlotte is totally into K. pop all the career yet pink black pink flag played it and bt is that the other now? But let me tell you something real quick sorry Haiku I. Just remembered that I hung out with the world's biggest Indian. Movie. Star what I forgot about this and then someone brought up Bollywood in saying Oh yeah. John Abraham that was like this huge start in India he's like the Johnny Depp of America. And this is a weird story. I just thought it'd give you more of your celebrity stories although this is a weird one but Karen embry. was she wanted to bring us when I was working with Red Rock films we were the vice president of a company. Global. Creative media was off-shoot. Anyway they brought us a film. She wanted to bring over Indian films and mix it with Hollywood and we're looking at her film and Her son is the Guy Oh. Gosh. Why can't remember anything embry the actor who's on the show Grayson Frankie right now who's the young son? WHO's her son? It's Import Racist. embry and he also in. European nations, old ladies. Movies anyway. So we hung out with Ethan embry Ethan embry lurker. So that's your son Karen's great. Look like this dude. Dude Dude. Up over the tournament somewhere, he looks like that guy. So. Anyway It was just weird hanging out with the work because nobody knew him here and it is really bothered by looking around for someone really use a nice guy. But yeah, he was of off the feds an interesting name for an think he changed it to be more. staged. Okay We have. Mechanically MMA Canopy Brock Y- Y what does. Brown. Brown background Levin worked at Newark Win with Great Guitarist we Dylan, guitar stuff together, and he's just a genius and super smart super creative super. Nine Yeah and we love him in. He has a obey his baby and toddler ICU here we go. Get off the table he threatened her with his eyes pretends not to hear. Waiting for a fourth line I'm used to that symmetry I. Know It's like. One Hand Clapping Surgery.

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Good Rack. Thank you. Practice also contributed a bunch of fun stuff on. facebook now that we're going to what? WE'RE NOT CANCELING IT'LL BE THERE? All right. Good. Thank you brock. These are all going to be put into hat. We're going to draw names in a the ones who Will. Yeah. We're GONNA reach out for prizes. The winners in the hot winners tell US okay next one from Scott Baron. You to set up Scott Barron Scott Berns great he's. He's author he writes SCI FI novels. We wrote a script together called the last witch, which for currently pitching thus pitch. But. Anyway it's a Scottish by That we converted to movie we he's a great writer he is making A. On his SCIFI novels, celebs Scott Barron on Amazon. And Yeah, he's doing really well. So congratulations to him, right? Yeah. He's in world of work on the movie sets together as a medic as well. Medic. Alright. Here's his Haiku Scott Paired. Rhyming stuff is hard Haiku is much easier refrigerator. Five. Is My shirt. We told people be Dorky to and boy. Again thank you for darkening it up Scott as MC ORCAS. Okay Chris. Taylor love. Chris he is a DP in cameraman. We worked on virtually tone was murder in the first and he's great. His instagram is killer Chris Taylor he does comedy Buddy Yeah I'm sorry. Yeah. He was on her podcast. Yeah. We did the whole standup episode with him and Chris Fairbanks and Wayne Federman get he did the virgin suicide were someone who doesn't know comedy goes up and has to go against a couple of heavyweight comedians and do a whole set yeah. They're the they're the headliner like the heavyweight comedians open for him and he's Fetch, minute set. His crazy. I was so nervous for him but he killed it great I think Wayne came in after with his Improv oh, that's right. But Chris Fairbanks Bryan callen and Brian. Cowen who just GONNA. TROUBLE FOR SEXUAL Laurie Kilmartin was there. Yeah. So it was a big show but what did he do? What happened with Bryan Callen? Okay we have so many of those things coming out. Okay. Chris. Taylor. Don't you hate Haiku. There such a waste of time. Now, I want Sushi. and. He wrote this is meant to be funny not to insult your idea of goose. Yeah. Yeah. Who's Nice. He's Good. Up there he. Can you imagine guys just imagine guys and Gals I'm GonNa say y'all that's apparent. Where gender-neutral Y'all do you? I went through Dolly Parton phase rose calling everyone honey and. When I was on this ain't anxiety. I just became this loose Dolly Parton. I turned into this real honey bear is in hot sugar. Yeah. It was weird. I mean I liked myself probably more because I was just real loose. We should get back on. Yeah. But it was weird right wouldn't that come out. Yeah Anyway. But back to Chris. No, I can't imagine getting up there for fifteen minutes. That's so scary hugh like good for him. Imagine Getting fifteen minutes not knowing comedy creating a whole set in doing it amongst big time people are good for anyone who could do that yeah. He's still doing it. Do you know? I have no idea. Yeah. You guys aren't really told me these days. So I just haven't checked in. So next next, we have the one and only homo. Host of the award winning varmints podcast varmints. Are Am I N T S Avonex Commission mark, and it's all about animals is really fun and cute and he and Donna do a great job with it and he has been a supporter from day one and he still does like gives a lot of help to beginning podcasters when they're just getting in on the scene and lets him in all these like cool groups and gives advice he just a great person. Guy. Super Funny. Find. So. Funny. Yeah, and just quitted great stuff. So we'll look for him Vermont's. And he also has a catching up with. Chomo it's his own little individual podcast off to the side so that one's fun. That's not right. It's called checking in with trauma. Sorry about that. In terms got a real can ensure that now I have to make sure of it. Now, not trusting myself hold on please Cho- mo- did you know that you can go to apple podcasts and type in? Any of our names or anything yet with trauma.

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go to apple podcasts on your phone. Yeah, and just type. Type in Jillian or type in. Joel and we should come up. Well, it's kind of cool. All right. Here's Paul's ready. More or listeners please is the podcasters sad call should have done true crime. True Crime. So big. Oh my gosh. It is fun in we're networked with so many true crime people. But I'm not as educated work it right as you are are you do you listen to a lot of it can't? No I mean a little a get intrigued but then I get an weird phases where all obsessive about something for a while and then drop it. Yeah and that was starting to get my brain a little too much with his pandemic and everything yeah can't go dark. Yeah. I have never been able to go dark I went through a phase in high school I guess to college. Well, I was really into reading Stephen King and really into reading an race. And then I got into the twilight books. Yeah and then after that Oh, well, that's a little bit older. Yeah. I had new babies at that point so I guess. But now that I have kids I don't know there's something about being a mom and then all this weird dark stuff and crime it's too close to home. It just gets in my head and I can't sleep and I really do worry about the kids a lot and Just enjoy Mrs with the old sub-conscious. Maybe it's a single person's dream. Right next okay. We're GONNA go to our friend Don Adams has also been done here and there on the podcast. We have clips of them yeah. He's a horror film director. Yes. Our good buddy and as. We should. Him because he was just his movie that he made was featured on. It's like a spin off. Later Mystery Science Theater guys. Yeah. But it's they don't have that show anymore. So they did another. I- rats here I'll look it up I'm the. Fact checking rips. Ritz. Anyway. So they found his film somehow. I think his distribution company was called full moon and they must have gone to them and said, give us some some great films. His film from the nineties and it's a horror movie that he did in Wisconsin. Like at his parents House said, you know it's total if you've ever seen that movie the Documentary American movie. Wisconsin guided the movie Kovin. It's like that. Yeah, it's so good. Okay. It's called the company that that spoofs these movies is called rift tracks are I F. F. T. R. X. In his movie was called vengeance of the dead. Yeah. So. It's online, right? It's looking hilarious the rich and it's like don was so excited he goes they paid great homage to me by doing that. So do they actually in an hour and a half? No I don't think I think at some point you right your film away to the distribution you. The key probably ran across our someone sent it to him. Yeah. There are coyotes outside howling like crazy. Can. Hear it sounds like hyenas laughing like in the distance we live on Canyon and the coyotes get down there and go for it with the bunny. Sometimes they get real close to the house though they run on the streets here and it's like the typing right outside our window. So scary. They got our kitty to. Auden. Not Not Scooby. Right or melody don't forget your then melody. Disabled Disabled Kitty. Right Adams. I don't have road rage since I stop driving on roads. Now I have couch rage. Like. Oh Darn, we love you and we can relate to that. Totally. Oh, my God it's so true. Temper, lately. Thank you Alexander and Jodi. Full subscribing. Were Adriaan draining. New Housing Way. For your words? And things. Jeannie. Long. Dot. Com backslash Nelson weans good stuff. Right next. One is from gingers? SAUNTERS. Ginger I didn't realize she vote in. She's a beautiful singer. Jazz singer, and then also we did a movie together. She is an actress and she did a movie to shorts that I produced on as a producer credit and bottled up as one of them.

00:40:06 - 00:45:03

In Mamba WanNa one is the other one and Mike Michael Mayors Mike Mayors. Is. An. Amazing. Human being he produced in wrote these I'm sorry directed and wrote these and Basically. Produced I. Mean there were being nice. But what is the difference between a director and producer? I'm still learning. Know this really we. No forget producers more usually there I mean. Generalize it they put it together. They're putting all the pieces together in managing the thing from afar the director gets to be in the moment in the creative process. So then I have to deal with Where's what's that team doing over there? So. They're creatives in hands off of all the BSE stuff. But Michael Mayors was the DP on the West Wing forever, which is a big deal because that show is great. Yeah, and was he nice he's Super Bowl. He's one of my favorite guys ever reach out to him. Let's get. Yeah. We he would probably be great pockets. He is so many stories. especially at that. So she's awesome here she is all right. Ginger sonner sets. Twenty. Twenty, May. A W T F year for us. Please let it Change Soon Where we could do twenty A. The gear for US please let it change soon, giving a little more actress flair. Wow Joe. She's got glassy eyes whenever she asked emotional. She's does syndrome is that something we send him? A moat it shows the your I or my tear ducts instantly connected upgrade. Great though. Very good. Yes. That's true. We concur. Okay. She and chick IAMs. Oh, we layers Shannon, I've known for so many years since fifth grade. San. Ramon and she we were the twin towers playing basketball together because we were both tallest from the team and we just passed the ball over everyone's head just us to running down the court. Slam dunking. She's awesome. Great Kids you know what? I love about Shannon when we first announced our podcast back October whenever when we came out, that was coming out episode. We said, Hey, you know we're looking for people. So if you guys give us a listen you like it please tell people which still holds true. And she wrote back and she goes you don't have to look for your. Are Your people. Socially always stuck with me as. Our friends are really our friends listening. So thank you for listening. Glassy. I'm going to take a picture. No. Jillions laid out on bed here like Cleopatra. Side Swat alling. Yeah, I'm Lena. The best. But Okay Shannon that's here cannon. Love you guys, laughter. Much love fun in silly Oh. Sheldon. I deliver skills and terrible. She said love you guys. Okay. With the kissy-faced Levy. Sooner Ready. Yes laughter and much love fun and silly forever Mouse Weans kind souls. that. We. Love you, Shannon you're the kindest deliver for real. She's the one who you spend the night at her house Oh and then walked out the front door slept walk a lot when I was younger. Out To very busy street and sat in the middle of it in the middle of yes. You sat on the sidewalk they've known sidewalk would have to ask her and I thought it was the middle of the street because I think I will go up or they came out. And I could've let all the lift at the crest of a hill. So if a car is speeding up over one side of the hill, they probably wouldn't have seen you and could not new out I'm sure then away from that point on her big brother had to sleep in a sleeping bag across the threshold of the front door to keep. Julian from going out because. unlocked the door. Like. The door and went out and was asleep. What I'm going to take. Michael. Brew Big Leah. Have you heard sleepwalk with me he is a whole I believe it's a whole film about his sleepwalking. and. There are some people that have severe sleep. Stuff where he actually think went out a window from the second. From a second floor store. Lord. Good. Uh that's awful. Of Him? In the comedy world everything I know the name. Yeah Okay good out says sleepwalk with me. Okay Great. Comedy stuff on that subject for good okay.

00:45:04 - 00:50:04

So, do we? Can I tell you my sleepwalking? No. There's nothing to do with anything but you were freaky Yeah Sleep Walker and you would. Come into my room I was still F- studying late at night and would move close to the side in my closet and you'd scratch at the wall. Weird. Ever told me this psycho. Lady and I would have to take you by the shoulders and lead you back to your room and talk to you all like a mom. Okay. Japan time to go to bed. And you did at one time right behind my lamp like he walked right over to where I was studying my little desk in the corner with the lamp and ripe behind the lamp on the wall there, and you did a little. Scratch. Yeah. Scratched on the wall like a weird cat like the exorcist person. Wow. It was fiscal. Yes. Yes. Except you did so many things you also went down to the kitchen pull ups impede on the middle of the kitchen for. The Exorcist I'm. Here. Are you serious? She Seattle Remember I've seen the movie don't another one favorite removed to get remember. Okay. All right. Thank you Shannon next one Lauren Burns Lauren. lovelorn she is she lives right next to Obie Scott. Wade. Who Ob has a show on called she's out. He's the creator of a show that was a popular superhero show. Any also has couple of the shows. These. Are All your neighbors in La is this it or just are in? Long. Beach I knew him originally probably through Warren in wanting to collaborate on a show that I can't talk about because I've signed NDA to do So this is Great I. Love Lauren is wonderful and she Yeah. So we had Thanksgiving's over there and she lives in the house connected. I think it's still a part of obese house she might be renting half of it out but. The thing I love where you are to saw these. Fancy actors and Comedians and stuff. They all live like in cute little cottages just like you do and it seems like not until you make it make it. You're just in a nice little humble abode, which is nice. All right. So I'm GonNa read hers. Lauren Burns. Blue Jeans cast aside to type for lockdown. Giant Baggy dress. True Dude ripple squishing are chubs. Sounds. Really Weird. That just means poking. On your stomach yeah. You take your thumb and your fingers and you put them around your midsection belly. You make like a big oval around your belly button and then you go we all three or four. The move. It's it's a good one. So I highly recommend and. My new favorite thing I've been pulling out all my old sundresses. Thorough on the broad to the wayside and wearing my little sundresses around the house because. Well It's not jeans. So I believe she is right. Near ranch addresses. So cute too I really. She's She's really cute. Okay Jennifer Campbell Matt and from Boston was going to the family has MAC it. Okay she says, I don't like to self promote my who's pretty profound in quite relatable. She's always talking about she's always pooping or she's got a lot of poop Steph. Okay his stew is like Pu. Sometimes, it slips out just right. Other Times get stuck. His stew whose do Jan I gotTA call. Her husband Credit Oh. Yes. You're right. You're story he had some problems. Has Been. We'll see you know I'm GonNa make him tell the story poor frog someday diarrhea had to jump out and like don't give. Spoilers. Couldn't. Jennifer. We love you very good Jennifer. All right, and my let's see. Let's see Patrick Thompson. BAJIC. Patrick. He's a great. So Patrick is a location manager. He also does poetry he writes music. Beautiful postcards with watercolor. He's artist. Wow rancher people we have a professional here jubal threat ready. When we were younger, the world was are always ter- older we got shucked. Profound I like it.

00:50:05 - 00:55:05

Now right up next to Jen Campbell's I don't know off pretty proven. Qatar Patrick. Curtis Lubin. Oh. Patrick. Yeah. We we love you Patrick. I'm sorry. Courtesy when I was looking at me, she curtis is a Garden Dad with me we work in the school garden together and he's Great. He's a mafsfan he listens taller episodes incurred. Works he's kind of renaissance man. He can do everything and he he's now doing he's building garden beds for people around town who want to plant their own food. And then starting to maintain them and was telling me about it which I might want to get in on with him. It'd be fun to go around town and that'd be cool gardens. Yeah. Maybe but we'll see anyway. So, Curtis says twenty. Twenty may get a hobby right now son it will help you cope. A. C. is the man million hobbies. He does these cool. He'll he'll take a log and he'll cut it cross wise noon a put this really cool resin on it and makes all these really neat. Really studying I. Love the seventies with Resin on everything. Yeah. He's amazing. Your anything you especially with like free stuff he'll go on these free you know facebook sites and get staff remake them repurposing is really like Jennifer Campbell Martin also does she All, these furniture pieces for place in. Yucca Valley. Wasn't a big fire in Joshua Tree. Let's she's okay. Yeah I think she's fine. I. Mean there are so many fires. Yeah. I don't know the details of that one. We're. In. Fire City. All Right Phil Root is our last? Still have some fill is a great guy that also is in the picture show with Austin and Phil Rude podcast that was awesome listens to and his son do this podcast together and they review movies mostly in but aside from that, he's a great illustrator. Our stuff fast motion. So yeah, he does a lot of little videos on instagram where you can see him Joseph but he did a online book and E book. It's like a children's story about a cat he loves his cats awesome. I know he? has done a bunch of logos for people. So if you look back at the checking in with Chomo podcast that that cover art is fills dry. That's awesome. Good great artist and guitar stuff. Yeah and he's to worship at her. Know. As much as he does as far as shop tuck Guitar, but he's got some nice. He's very good. Yeah, and he's hilarious too. He posts really funny stuff and he's also contributed to the gravity beard podcast. So He's been on that a few times to doing music reviews and stuff like that. So it's cool. All right his. Is. Mouse seeks love for Weans. It's what nosy sisters do footwear important. That was other podcasts. is driving me crazy. She's really trying to get me. Something and back in the online dating scene. But then we're also obsessing about guys feet and how we are I was well, if they're weird gamblers. Anyway, she can't stand the leather you can't armpits. Let's talk about that and I know why are they so gross? You were just doing this where someone's photo came up of armpits. And you all got up and walked away. You said I'm not looking at IT I. It's just a guy feels like a China. Mean Jonah Siri. Well, there's odors. It gets hot it. There's different patterns of. Sometimes, a mole. Skin to. To everyone's got him who cavern. It to only wearing long sleeves or t shirts please no more tank. Nor shirtless things. Bill I think let them fly Eram out. You don't WanNa stick them in some cavern and then you have to. Deal with them later, what if they have? The white. Any Person With that because her friendship hug. drippy wait armpits and you've got it on your. was traumatized from early childhood. Well, someone put their arm around me and picture in a tank top and it was like spile then they moved away. Art. Taller than me Oh, no or the white dingle bigger he's at A.

00:55:07 - 01:00:02

Couple of years but you know you move on been story. Really, can we just if I ran for president that would be my new new? Knows leave tops. No tanks no wave beaters new. Outlet Burnham Burnham all. People pile. Soak Up. So gotta get a t shirt on that stuff. So they just can't trip your issue is drips. My issue is seeing them visibility. Dribs. Maybe we should allow polyester while we're at it and athletic stuff my boys when they wear those athletic. Under armour shirts. Oh, those are stinky tutor in that phase of just I know we might need to upgrade from only deodorant to deodorant and I. I. All right. Now, you might WanNa do natural because in that. Possible. Alzheimer's Community Alzheimer's. Yeah the. And the. Liam. Okay. So we're done this. We're done you guys. Tough ones and you're going to get a present. So we'll reach out to you. That's right. Yep Hot Diggity Li listening we have in our gearbox. This I have gearbox right here. She's gone all the setup. It's another pull it out right here. In the inaction, we have a fanny pack. That's very cool. Right? Wouldn't you wear this fanny pack? Do you don't want to talk about gear right now to you. This is my commercial. Oh okay. Well I feel like, do you want to give some substance because we just? Talked for a long time or okay. Bax Mass Smash Shirt socks shirts sweatshirts. Very cold. Sweat shirt. Red Shirts. Yeah. Look up in the wait where's Excited though because not everyone's getting a switcher right now. But look how awesome these are who doesn't. Just came out with ones that have zippers to. Okay. So people getting swag I realized that been saying Swag for four years or whatever overrules like swans me. All right. So, we're very where we at time Lice I. Think we might be about done. Yeah. Well okay. We'll give some shoutouts. Let's do podcast. Shout out right now to bubis and newbies with Kelly Reynolds. Kelly such a fun podcast she goes. This is all about. Well, let's let her tell you. Here we go. Hey everybody this is Kelly Reynolds and I'm the host of Bubis and newbies the podcast that asks now this romance leaders to think outside the Dick in a box join me for a new episode every Friday as we review romance novels with nine romance readers from the sweet loving fairytale romances of the highlands who cares about up against the wall by the fruit trees like where's the dragon side? To the Nadia Roddick threesomes with Navy seals sucks was ten I mean you cannot get any better than this book. Really. We read it all. Check US out at booby podcast on both twitter and instagram listener previous episodes on any podcast streaming platform and stay tuned for upcoming holiday series twelve days of boots. All right. you. We have been talking with Kelly to I think we're going to have a collaboration in the future soon. So Watch out for that. WHO. Yes. All right I think we did it. All right. We did it. Thanks guys. This is very. Focused on Haiku episode. Yeah. It was kind of random but I liked all your stories thinks weans for your stories even better. Like you like you, the band's right well, next time we will hoping my leg right now. Agree that much get off boot scooting across the floor. Oh. My INSTAGRAM, please check out all our stuff everything you can find on social media is mouse and Weans you have to spell it out no aim for sand. We're also on Youtube and we are on pay on as you heard earlier. Thank you again to jody and Alexander. Patrons that is where you can get free. Scenes behind the scenes stuff. EXTRA UNCUT UNCUT NO commercials. All sorts of stuff dirty dirty mouse. Weird things there shoot up. Maybe, just a few. That last one is a little if you've whatever. Anyway thank you guys so much and we really really do appreciate your patronage of friendship you're listening in telling your friends. If anyone wants stickers to help us get the word out. We will send them to you just reach out Masson Weans at we love all you guys. Thanks to all of our friends in general and all the people that contributed to our Haiku. Fun.

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Guys. By burn at my house I went online a sad picture. You. Up We put it motion, you said come to my place I live by the ocean. Fun. and. Called and that was kind of nervous but we both ended up getting off on the phone was. Later. Checks. Was You said You WanNa buy you a wedding date. Joke in last turned to rage since you started talking. All Facebook. Know this girl only Softbank bags. Hindsight's twenty twenty she had. Crazy. Details.