Aug. 21, 2020

E87 - Plucking, Online Dating, Dirty John and Feet

This is a fun one from under a blanket in LA! As we’re staring at kneecaps, we talk about shaving, tweezing and how it brings pleasure. Why? To find out, we fact-check plucking and trichotillomania and find out some interesting biology behind it....

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E87 This is a fun one from under a blanket in LA! As we’re staring at kneecaps, we talk about shaving, tweezing and how it brings pleasure. Why? To find out, we fact-check plucking and trichotillomania and find out some interesting biology behind it. Then we recap a recent camping trip and have some amazing, simple advice for parents. Naturally, this leads us to talk about the Reels conspiracy theory and online dating. Weens is poking her hairless toe into the man pool and we talk all about Hinge and the fine folks popping up on the app. Then Julianne tells the story of her friend’s involvement with Dirty John. Holy crumb, no wonder she’s hesitant! Finally we get into feet, loafers, and Joelle’s ex-boyfriends who belong in them. It’s a funny episode that lets you peek inside the world of a couple of grown-up but not-so-grown-up sisters.

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Voice actor: Matt Thompson

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TRANSCRIPTION (robo-style. ai. Human editing in progress!)

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This is Casey Kasem. You're listening to my favorite podcast, Mouse and Weens on America's Top 40.

Hello everybody! Hi! It's us. Guess what? We're together. We are. We're in LA in Julianne's bedroom under a blanket. No, no. Don't think it's like that. It's a very tent-like situation. Yeah. We're having fun. It looks like we've taken my 1970's lamp, which is a tall floor standing lamp and we put a blanket over the top. So it really does look like a teepee. Yes. We're under it. And I came up to visit to get a little break from my sweet children and visit Weens and we've been doing podcast stuff all day. And we're here. Yay! Yes. So what do we want to talk about today? We have so much catching up to do. We did our interviews with Alison Arngrim. That was fun. We did some other fun interviews and now we're going to kind of get back into just chatting I think, right? Yeah. We're just going to talk. That's it. And I said, let's just talk. Let it flow. You don't have to worry about a subject. That's right. Therefore... Now, you didn't say the part about you're the mom one in San Diego. Mouse is the mom one in San Diego. I'm the single one in LA. Done. I'm the Weens. Let's move on. We're going to do a rapid-fire session.

I'm staring at your knee. I can't cock my head left because we're right next to each other. So I'm speaking.. I'm addressing your kneecap. Yeah. Can you see the glint of light off of the stubble which I haven't gotten to a couple of days? It's really.. Feel it! No, but I, did a weird thing. No, but let's talk about me! No but you just reminded me that I tweeted out of my leg care you I've seen you do this before a weird perversion in it feels like satisfying the it's like popping zits. Are you guys? Is that it's only during pms and it's also when I feel getting very gritty sometimes a PMS I don't want to talk to anyone especially men. And I want to watch like Intervention or gritty reality TV. So I watched this show called 60 Days about people who go into the jails - regular average people go into jail situations. Is it like Undercover Boss or something? It's like that. And then I pulled out all my leg hair because then it was like double interesting things to do. Anyway.. Is it like..? Do you like to inflict the pain? Is it a painful...? Pleasurable! It really gives you a little... I heard it actually releases dopamine says...

FACT CHECK: Regarding dopamine there's an article from someone who works at the Permaculture College of Australia but it cites a bunch of studies. One of them being from the journal Neuroscience. And it talks about how gardening makes you happy and cures depression. So of course, I love this article 'cause I like gardening. Serotonin increases your immune system it makes you happy. It's known as the happy neurotransmitter. It sends signals to the prefrontal cortex, which works in mood regulation. So that makes sense. And then dopamine is to get your high, right? There's something called the Harvest High. So researchers hypothesize that this response evolved over nearly 200,000 years of hunters and gatherers, that every time they collected food, their brain would be flushed with dopamine. And it's released in the reward center of the brain. So it gives you a feeling of bliss and mild euphoria. And they found that the dopamine release can be triggered by seeing ripe fruit or berries being plucked, by the smell, by the action of plucking. And they've made the correlation that plucking hair is kind of the same thing. So dopamine gives you that little rush. When you pluck a hair, you feel like you're plucking a caveman berry!

Or get it any way I can really leaves. Joy It might. Does does Israel actually does endorphin thing to your brain where you go woo? I i. mean we can probably all really in a certain sense everyone does weird things you put your finger in your belly button you smell it you pull things out of your armpits, people like their own since they put the hands down their pants. They sniff they're weird. It's weird and right I know when I do my toenails sometimes I think it's like a weird animal instinct to just check for infection. Is that what it is I'm Ali Long in her Cobra video or you. Know who I'm talking about the things she did a whole thing of your want to check your cells.

00:05:02 - 00:10:05

Okay I'm sorry this is so gross. Yeah. You know let's move on. So plucking your knees, you're not have you ever. You've never been into like cutting or anything you don't like pain that no, it's not weird I. Think there might be one person out there does this to you know there are it's a grooming thing it is but there's also is there the anxiety things like Tacoma? You're on another thing. No but like people pull out their eyebrow hairs and Trick Attila mania is a hair pulling disorder and it's the type of impulse control disorder the urge to pull hair from the scalp eyelashes and eyebrows. So I don't think this is what means has, but it happens when you're feeling stressed or tense and you get relief after pulling it, it goes often along with different disorders like nail biting, which is called Arniko, Fei Jia or skin picking disorder as well. It's 'cause is extreme. Stress can bring it on and it's thought to be from just changes in the brain pathways usually starts in your early teens. It's usually genetic, and it usually goes along with anxiety depression and OCD. It also can cause people to eat their hair and get hairballs which the official word for those is Trico Biz. So ours. Start. Film. See that I can't remember the name of it was just GonNa. Sound smart. I mean not like it would have been that smart to say I watched him moving. Except get remember the title called girl I'm a girl working girl. Yeah I know that one the one where she was in the coal mines and The soap nope nope. The name of the movie is young adult. Anyway. Good. Story. On Great. Didn't plan for anything. So you went up to the Pismo Beach, you want to discuss that it was fun. Yeah we did a quick camping trip. Dave. US campsite at this Koa in. Santa. Margherita. So it's outside of Luis Obispo Pismo Beach Feeling Room. Directed, towards microphone because there's a hot spot. I'm. Holding up. The SEVENTIES LAMP Go okay. We'll let it go. It's GonNa. Lean on you gotta okay you have to be in my In the world. To. Own. tweets. No I do not know. Your Stereo. Races now, I'd okay. Couple on this. Just in the in the full. No you get in there in there. But just like a couple on the left in the rights, the ones that hang down. Your. Mid. You know. Couldn't make it on the bus. The ones that didn't get in in time did you say stragglers? I don't know. It's so hot in here. It's already it's ninety, five nine at night right now it's ninety five and we're under hot ass blanket with no air. I smell everything you ate today resort mushroom disgusting. One hundred people that I'm letting good. No, it's like a sauna and maybe we can maybe my hair's will pluck out easier for my kneecaps. Would you like to do mine? Do you like doing the people? I'm sorry. Okay. tweezers. This is good times guys anyone else do. Could anyone respond I don't WanNa be the only one now they said they knew look me so strange. Just love the. The Bikini Line concept no I got it. Yeah. When you have the situation I had to deal with my situation I hadn't been in a bathing suit in quite a while. But yeah, we did get into them going to the pool. Higher Topiary Guy. Draft. You know why would we all go along with elephant? Yeah Right. They still. Be Confusing. Big Old. Unusual headlock. Trunk. It doesn't mean. Good stuff. Yeah Pismo Beach was nice. It was good. It was brought the dog the dog net we took him to the lake you came for the first couple of days. You've got to see the Nutty Lake Dog. Yeah. You were torturing. That's Duh but it was so funny. It wasn't funny for that long. They were putting them on the boat and saying that duck in the golden retriever. So he was very exciting. He's trying to jump out time in his life. He's ever seen ducks. He's ever seen dogs and realized the meaning of life I think he realized let him jump in and chasing allowed to its drinking water lake they could. But it just it was torched. It was like an hour go home I know I'll post the video because he did he made this weird noise and it was something like this.

00:10:08 - 00:15:01

Yeah he's loved the ducks at the heat. Though Shen right. That was nice. Yeah we did you enjoy the trip was great. It was fun. It was teeny little cabin little house in the Perry style was. Twenty minutes in from Pismo Beach and Santa Margarita it was hot I went up there for a day. So it's it was superhero very fun and took us back to our roots. I thought I felt like I was back in the hills where we grew up. So. Yeah and I made a big point of it to the kids. A really was like this is what it was like. This is what I did when I was a kid I've ran in these hills I climb these oak trees. Climb the fence and pet the horse and ride the horse the NIEBUHR Horse I wasn't allowed to read Charlotte wanted to get on those verses. So badly can't tell that story. Yeah but we don't want to do that. So.

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Yeah, it was great. It was fun. It was. Did they connect with nature because there is you didn't let them use their. Didn't let them bring their phones it was and it was four days right Yup. TV's no screens. So we brought games and books and puzzles and cards, it was fun and they did find they did find and it was taken away and they know they don't have it there. Yeah. They played it was it was like old days just like talking goofing around listening to music in the car looking out the window screen. So I highly recommend it to anyone going on a road trip just like leave he falls. Is So. Nice. We need that more. How'd you do with your phone? Well, yeah, I gave myself some time in the morning in time at night when it wasn't family time like as I was waking up and as I was going to bed, those are my tests plus I had to take pictures I had to document the trip so. I was pretty good about it but you know how many hours do you springtime and day I don't want to know too many. It's all the social media. Hey, informal poll. Who out there actually goes to our social media to know well, facebook is real quiet for us and facebook almost thinking of consolidating to all in platform just like all instagram. And maybe if you will are banning facebook because you know Zuckerberg supporting. Yeah. Shitty News. No here this now here this here, this the Tiktok thing rate did you hear about this run by the Chinese, right? So we don't like that because they're getting Oliver data I understand that but you made me sign up for that. That's why I'm not. TIKTOK. Well, we can get rid of it was just two videos. They're pretty funny. Go find us on tiktok everyone. But we yes, we have TIKTOK here. Everybody's honor loving it, and then facebook no instagram owned by facebook. came out with reels, which is an exact duplicate of TIKTOK and they wanted to launch it. This is all conspiracy theory but But they had to compete with the Real Tiktok so apparently. Okay and then trump. Kept getting dinged for posting fake news on facebook. So he took sucker Berg out to dinner and made a deal. This is what I'm hearing. He said bag. Stabbing me me post my fake news ads on facebook and I will make that go away so that you can launch reels and you can take that whole market so happening so they did well, are they spreading a tick tiktok rumor that it's bad they yeah. I think now Microsoft has to buy Tiktok if the deal doesn't go through then Tiktok, as band they launched reels and obviously To. Because a US, company has to own tiktok in it's going to be his big campaign that I'm helping out American companies. But Yeah and so now trump is allowed to post facebook stuff like they've lightened why he's going on face I mean I don't know there's still a lot of people on facebook but maybe not. Yeah are newer. We do have some friends on their the comment and stuff but thank you guys by the way. It's always the sweet people. I know the I mean not that try to truancy I don't know you are. Suffering, facebook.

00:15:01 - 00:20:01

Trump. But you need to maybe get involved a little bit more now that we're doing more. Social Media doing this I told you I I hate so. I know but it's kind of well what about dating in social media? This is her segue. She's been trying to get me to talk about this now. Can We? please. It's so interesting. I had a couple friends who are unhinged and they said signed for hinge you should do it. It's always said. Okay Signed up for just to check it out. How many months in? One to two anything barely look at it but sometimes, it heart will come through we look at it. How does Hinge Work Hawaiians? First of all I don't know the two friends were like, oh no. I don't know anything about it except that it's ridiculous because you I think it is but that's just me. They like it and they actually go on dates. But you. Where where are you on the whole thing you just got goaded into it or were you excited about it? Is there any excitement? Just did because it was like we can't just sit around forever and you you know. I'm not I. Realize I'm just not I'm okay doing the stuff that I'm doing I now maybe will you also told me recently I don't want anyone telling me what to do. That's a hard one because it happens in relationships. It's going to be two people to opinions, and if that bugs you. Yeah and we'll. They can tell me something but I'm not going to turn around walk out or getting no. No I could negotiate for small fee. No I just I'm doing my own stuff and I don't know if I want to get derailed at the moment. or so go back. So hinge. So how does it work? Is this the swipe left swipe rate situation you saw you know how it works you as. Well I do want to recall. And then other people put pictures up in it's dumb because you. I'm very negative these days by the way to go of it has brought out all of my underlying. Let's look at your profile she opened an APP and you have just people that you. There's an H. at the bottom. This is your homepage I'm assuming I have. No is this where you sir, here's your home. So you put your photos. Picture it's a picture of Julian looking over her shoulder. The Sun is behind her seasonably Jessica very pretty the WanNa find her go to instagram. No, this picture I've seen it on their. Own. So. Cute. So then people just put hearts on your shit. Well, can we look at your profile? This is the one that it didn't have a whole lot of room to write stuff right? It was pretty quick question anyway. So I'M GONNA move this forward really fast because I don't want to be doing these way because this is weird. Talking about this on national television. There are people that write in, but they can only choose from prefabricated hinge provides that goes a picture you'll find your refrigerator. Like. Let's look like our icebreaker kind of things. Okay new we're looking at pictures were scrolling through. So people get about what five dollars pictures key to my heart is, and then he would write. Let's be honest. We can't really say what he writes because what if he's listening? But we're not going to give any identifying things can just be. All. Right. Well, there isn't identifying thing. Hairy. Chest. Look at this guy. This is the kind of stuff I can't he's got. This kind. Yeah. All right boys looking. When the first opening picture is a guy with his shirt off. Doing a Selfie is this good selfie covers his face to see like just like caterpillar eyebrows little blue for for all we know. colorized for food and then you go like this guy right here. Okay. narcissist his. That's kind of weird. He's putting because you could see is junk he's highlighted the light is touching on his his deal. said the shot up for a while to get the light? Just right I think he wanted to highlight his rape. Aren't good. He's in a business suit and looking very. He's looking up he's like he would he want and that he's got this little. Like I have a job Kinda. Because it time student attack. It's not true. He does not have a job he's associated paths. He's GonNa take you for all your money Oh. This is where the. Prey upon people. What does it say about asking me out? The best way to ask me out is by asking me out. You a real cut up. Oh boy. Well. This guy's actually not terrible. Now have parameters for height weight hair color anything can I just show I'd let's just look at this.

00:20:02 - 00:25:05

Right you start and you go oh, this guy he's he's got a nice smile. He's in a little beanie cap he's in the Snow Jacket Ryan and then you go okay it's a picture of ocean. That's weird whatever he likes rid curls. And then you go down here Oh. Okay. Now he's got on a mask and he's holding two guns and there's a guy behind him holding two guns whose head is cut off his head is cut off you to see his fat gut. Like what is that? How does it really cut off and bleeding? It's scrapped. But it's weird, right? Okay. You got deal with and then cigarettes cigarette. Looking down weird glass. This is what you would get if you dated him if the snow globe. Snow. Globe rose some strange. We're going to get murdered by talking about this. That's what I'm talking about. Okay Guy, well, what do you do? Do you unlike them? Do you get rid of him or do you just leave him in there to look at eyeglass? Okay Okay. Okay. Now, this guy lists like Sammy Hagar meets who's the guy from Twisted Sister? Oh, uh, Dee Stanley. What was his name? Stanley. Stanley. I loved him. Dee Snyder. Snyder. Sorry. No. All right we can't look at now. Let's just not. Okay. But some of these, all be no. Okay I think this guy. Okay? Arm like one by Lukewarm Biza. Gun Show and he hasn't quite pointed with sunglasses on the back of his head like that where you could tell that they're hanging on the back of his name. and. He's got regular sunglasses in the front. So just in case you know he has a quick turnaround. He's got the ones in the back and the ones that are on his face this. Guy That got mad at the the black lives matter Chuck Yeah Yeah he had to purchase on goes. Okay. Can we talk about his armpit because he's holding up this? He also plucked his armpit earlier like me yet. There's about four hairs in there and it looks wait like there used to be here but he just laughed he was anti. And had a little weight drips. But then at the bottom and says, I, play bongos. Is. We're not quite sure. Okay. So we'll just there. Ok now, this guy. What is this? Okay. Okay. Well, let's. Let's get Outta. Seinfeld does anyone know the guy that goes "Newman". Here. He says nuclear hello. GERIA-. He looks just like him but he also has a real. He's a real cut up also. and. He has a whole thing about. It's okay. Let's go back to him I'm sorry. Because He. he might actually be that actor. Okay. Serial killer. He looks just like the guy. Did you watch Mindhunter? No. All Right Ed Kemper. He looks like he's looking down at his feet while he takes a selfie and random boys mice, spontaneous things he's done a roadside sex. Okay. Then here's a picture of a woman. that. Had Car crashed into a tree. Why is the car crash because that was his joke most containing thing roadside sex girl. Caught up. Anyway oh well, maybe would you? Okay who out of those people would you go to do with? Would you know? May Have. What's the etiquette? So now this is the thing I don't want to seem like I'm so great. It's not that it's just that the choices are limited well. You have a very I mean every there's every reason color and creed represented there seemed like so open minded but it just do you have hype permits. Because you're Tallin, we have a sixty one all over here. I mean it'd be nice if someone were around my heights that'd be great. Yeah. That age would be great within like five years. So I'm already very specific. Age Height would be nice in then. you know other things but so far haven't. Done anything about this of Success I. Don't want to do it. So what would it take for something this? Okay. Up Will, you signed up for it. Don't you want like at least chart with so many? No, there's a lot of people. Think have you tried? Why would I try if I already know that I won't like because they don't. And how do you know because he wants world side sex? Well, maybe not him. The other guys, the the terming admin was. Man Serial killer you could tell he's putting his abs in the frame. Do you think he smiled one? Do you think you've watched too much true crime. Okay. But let me tell you a secret. Last time I said Oh I was out with my girlfriends right four friends one of them my very dear friend was.

00:25:05 - 00:30:00

She was a model for years. She's very pretty she's in her. Nice. Older years these days maybe late forties we'll say. I'm not sure but we were chatting and she goes, Oh yeah, I did online dating you should do it. You gotta try it. That's she was going back into it. She said she had done it before and she was getting back into it. She took a break and I said, okay. Well, you know are there a bunch of Weirdos and to signal? It's all good or she's like well, there was one guy. Do you know who I'm talking about. Do you want me to tell you the story. Did I tell you? I know the story. Okay. Have you ever heard of the podcast dirty John? have. You ever seen the show dirty John? All. Right. Guess what she was online dating guess who she was dating dirty John. Out a year before he went and tried to kill that. Family. But she didn't die in trying to kill the he was kidnapped her. And took them for. You and threaten them and stock them. But she didn't die none of that. Happened to her because she stabbed him in the head and killed her friend stabbed him in the head until. She got potatoes their. My friend said that she. AM. I allowed to say this I won't I won't say. yet. She was dating him and he would come over. She was dating other people to at the time. So he was casually that he would come over like once. Every few man, sometimes six months and they hang up for few days and he was always very pleasant and was a good lover would take her like unpick Nixon and then she started seeing that he had a bunch of she he would always take doctor calls to like. Foresees. Stuff. And then so he's always taking calls. So she thought he was a huge Chopin scrubs. So he had the same story as he did in the in the. was a fake doctor ladies and gents he would. He was a shyster. Any pretended to be a doctor like he actually did go get like his RN or something, but it expired or something we something weird. But it was like a creepy online degree, but he's still able to have some access. Yeah where he would go in and. Take pills from hospitals ended up selling those for money, and they would just go around and take women for money in my friends case because she didn't have any money I go I go. Did you ever feel threatened she now but I had nothing. so He'd probably just. A place to stay for a few days when he was la so he would just crash on her couch like hang era few days. Take off from. Yeah. Do you take her out? What was he like a guy who would take her on dates? I think they would just mainly hang out A. Sexy Guy who'd pop in? But he was in the shower once and she looked bag. Does he always carrying his bag and it was full of pills like, oh, like does and all the good stuff. And then she confronted him or she had her aunt call who was like in the medical profession call. and. Say, can you check on his doctor because he will then carry around his doctor's license or something? She was a good check this out because she said, it was fishy that it didn't have a graduating date on it had no dates on it. She goes. Wouldn't it have a date or had graduated medical school and they looked it up and they found that he did not really have it just like that scene when members shoots like your back into the. Stores yes, it was all about. Oh. My God. So is she confronted him and said like what the fuck you lied to me and you told me Your Dog We. Tried to come up with this whole story about why and she was like you know what she goes. Honestly you're just you lied to me and I don't really want to, deal this a just if you could just go and I guess he was like okay and he took off. And she said, and I'm like, did he ever come back? Did he call you she because it was really weird because a year later he wrote a letter. and was like almost like they'd just picked up where they left off like just. Just thinking about coming by into town and she's like. Do. You remember that we had a huge fighting until the leave and you know. So, he had no empathy he probably just. Yeah, just I'm guessing. Yeah I. Mean. That's what they said in the the timeline of that would have been if he reached out to her a year after that was probably right when he was getting together with that. Yeah. That's what she said and she goes it was probably a year before so it was probably the last. person like he got into yes she did the. So. That's freaky. Okay. But that's an anomaly that's not normal. You can't not date because of the hat. Most website, these dating sites do not check for sexual predators and sexual predators are all over them.

00:30:01 - 00:35:08

Just say, no match is the closest one that checks for sexual but they only do one criminal background check or something. Go back to our podcast with Jules Hannaford who did fool me twice because she has resources Abou how to do those background checks on the way I'm not that worried about that. I'm kidding the okay I could sniff out these. I'm pretty good well. It's not that it's just What if we do one little what if we talk about something else? Let's do just one little chat when little nugget of back and forth with somebody and just see we are you all help you. We're GONNA. Cyrano this situation. I was wondering if you know Chris Martin just getting. I'm not her sister at all. No. Yeah. Come on. All right anyways. Yeah It's real hot in here. Do you want to? I WANT WANNA. Hear just can we please do a little bit of back and forth please Please if there's ever someone that comes through I, don't do anything and they show up on my phone in their great and I go. Wow this person look. WHO's come through in? Maybe let me look at them and see if I think anyone would be. Okay maybe. You get out of get out of any kind of have a good writer of people. and. I can pick a nice gent for you. But. He would end up. In loafers or something. That's really have loafers with no socks. That's okay. Why don't you like I could not do that because then he leaves his big boats before this happened once. I you like the loaves with the. Liked. newstalk ways sometimes yes. I've been through different phases of is it a people she was in? Boats all the time she came home once. I would. Imagine, this happens day but when we lived together briefly for your yeah. Yeah two, thousand and one night this veneer on the in betweens with Dave. You went out and dated I met this Guy Airplane. Fourth Visit Dad when he was in the hospital show Al I know you had a dying father near hooking it up i. mean it was a six month a. Sickness. So Joe, I didn't mean to we just exchanged phone numbers 'cause we got along and then we did go out back in San Diego and then I think I took him to hospital better something. Any met him. Not. Weird. But I did a weird thing to rekindle the flame with an old John. Phillips Sousa. Yeah and I made him go to the hospital room and it was like doing this weird. When I was twelve fourteen. Yeah in love this a solemn again in town. For me I think I wanted because Dave and I were broken up and he was my guy and I thought that was the one and then we broke up and I wanted to die in peace knowing his daughter had someone. So I was like, oh I met I met this great guy and I think that's why I was doing it too. But then we ended up breaking up and and David I got together in the end. So Dave New Dad. So that's nice. But his face. Yeah Anyway I came in in La Hoya Okay quick story though I walked in the door and this has been reversed living together. And it was a big Saturday native. So happy to come home and go to sleep because it was tiny place I slept in the front room she slept in the bedroom. Door did not close and went in and it was dark in myself as weird faint privately like a little candle. In the back room and a trip and I looked down to giant. Shoes. She was in the back room humping or make kissing. Let's say I was dating this man he was his name was trustee rusty and he tackling this. Who He was a real nice guy. Do Remember he was you know he was fine. He told me how to eat the fondue cheese and you WANNA make sure you get the medallion in. Real crusty cheesy part. I shouldn't don't make fun. This is a terrible personality. No, he he got a little over the top with his like. Knife on his bill when we went way way way, we can't talk about people like this. Really bad. Magin if someone heard this. Let's back up this whole trusty rusty. No I don't want. Let's cut it every marriage for someone else. Yes, we're going to take out all the means stuff and we're going to cut it at the part where hidden build. What was wrong he was not my type was very sales he and Dorky I'm sorry I'm I'm allowed to say why don't like somebody? Yeah. He was not. My Guy wasn't the one he wasn't the one. So. So somebody's one now I'm sure. He's on that track. He was very good at trying to did you ever work again? No I don't even remember his last name maybe like people at tree mean no, that's not it.

00:35:08 - 00:40:00

He was just overly in he was on all the time. Hey there they're there. It was very hard to be that on. He talked me into buying a car. Yeah. All right So, trustee rusty and so I would pick a good guy for you. I'd make sure he doesn't wear loafers I know that's your heard stop. You can't hindle boat I can't handle fee with no socks does the sweat go okay. But what about flop guys? This is so they can't do for you guys what do you do there? I don't think toes unless they really good. He's told US guys out there. Look up here. She's A. person. That's fine. Finish shoes to they have to wear a couple of flip-flop circe. But some you know like if their leather flipflops they tend to smell have you noticed that will yeah but not I mean but they're aired out. Leather. Foot smell. Okay Anyway. That's not ask anymore. What about fans? What about tennis shoes with? No socks like vans like would. Choose slip on, shoes? Well. Depends on how the foot is get you handle insent. You'd really have to figure that out in the first day. Can you put this on your profile because you ask about feet, you can't tease prefabricated question that says the picture on my mom's fridge. That's why I can't do. We know there's a website about feet. No you can look up anyone you want and it's like Google dot com or something there's a special name for people like this. It's a whole thing. Yeah. No kidding. Are One of our future guests was posting about it and she goes Oh, my God I'm on this foot site like somebody has posted all her feet picture they can find. Someone found foot pictures. Yeah. Yeah. You can find your own foot on their. That someone would have your the beginning it like Disney like they look you up on instagram and if you're somewhat famous, they'll find all the pictures of you and then find pictures of your.... Alison Arngrim is on there! I was googling pictures of her and it said Alison Feet it's her and seventies in a bathing suit. That's so gross.(editor's note: Alison in a bathing suit is not gross. The concept of people putting your feet on the web is gross).Yeah it's... There is a picture of toe cleavage. And it had two million hits on Youtube. Just ladies just sitting on her toe cleavage like big toe middle to. Wow Two million hits. Wow are not not even real cleavage Feta. Disgusting I mean not to everyone people feed to me but you know if the guy's nice feet that's good. But what is nice feet arbitrary would if they have Harry, toes. I don't want to talk about. What they pluck their their toes. Get. Double. Phone. New. Little mutton. So. Tell me a little bit about the dream that you've been having A. Oh, I don't want to talk about. Great. Let's go. Hot in here is my French. I do want to announce that we are supported by homeschool buyers coop. You can't curse. Sleep it out right. No I do want to announce that We made our choice for school. For the kids we are going to do remote learning We thought we were hot stuff for finally making that choice, and then the governor shut everything down and we all have to do remote learning. So I decided not to do home schooling because it was going to be too much work. She takes on too much ladies and gentlemen you would never guess, but she'll take on too many projects. This is my thing, and then I get resentful when my time is taken up. She'll resent you. So I was reminded of that politely, and so I went with the digital option, which is kind of a bummer because the kids really miss their friends and missed the whole school scene. But good news is San Diego is slowly coming off the watch list so it may open up in December. I don't know. So we'll see see what happens. I know. So that's it. That's my update. Vacation, a little education, and you with your dating application. Come on, please let me? Leave me alone. Please? It... I'm done. I'm going to find someone in a corner. Remember? Patti Negri? Everybody did you ever listen to her? She said I'm going to find a man in a corner. Well, this is good. Though she did say you have to put yourself out there, so you did. You're done. But then you have to follow up with it. You have to do the next thing. Do that are not going to chat? Someone will call me from the corner.

00:40:01 - 00:44:18

See maybe. A man stuck in the little crack. There's any. Okay. Give me your phone. I'm going to look for any guys in the crack. Crack Corner. Where are you, right? Ladies and gentlemen, this... She's scrolling to... Okay and it has to be the first photo. You can't go in. Oh wait a minute. No parameters. I might need my glasses. This is radio. Right. So we looked at this guy, we look at all their pictures of...  Christ! Oh. Look there's a corner. He's right in the corner of a room on his laptop and he's got these nice aviators. He looks a little bit like Joe Biden. But Darker. He's black! Well, that's great. See? I like this guy. Look at him. He likes sports. He's got good biceps. That's good. He drives a car thoughtfully. And a guitar. Okay. We like anything. Why can I do know why? God No! Keep moving Jo! I like this guy. Don't touch anything. This is radio. No one can even see where you're looking. No... All right. I'm going to X him. You just got rid of him. Oh no!!! I told you. I don't want to! Can you turn it...? She's... Shit ..back? There you go. Down the drain. That was my future husband. Joelle you can't put that on! You're calling someone out. No, but we'll bleep it. Sorry. Can we get him back? So that was your future husband. See you later.

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