July 18, 2020

E82 - Going Crazy, Near Death, Comedy & Celebrities

Anyone else going nuts? Julianne talks about the film industry shutdown and then Joelle tells a wild, near death story that happened to her and the kids, all started by being stuck at home and going sort of crazy. Ok, maybe that’s being...

E82 - Anyone else going nuts? Julianne talks about the film industry shutdown and then Joelle tells a wild, near death story that happened to her and the kids, all started by being stuck at home and going sort of crazy. Ok, maybe that’s being dramatic. But Weens gets into real Near Death Experiences and talks of speaker and author Nancy Rynes who died twice and came back to talk about it. NDE’s are fascinating and people can learn great lessons from them. Hey, what’s keeping us busy? Summer camp, distant get togethers, planning a documentary!, and lots of comedy, including talk of actress and comic Martha Kelly from Baskets and an awkward family Don’t Mess With the Zohan moment! Parenting is stressful, but Mouse is trying to teach kids important lessons like black lives matter, especially in a city that is dealing with racism. What can you do as a parent to help when everyone is locked down and you feel helpless about activism? Get people to vote with PostcardsToVoters.org! We do lots of name-dropping throughout this episode especially in our ‘Celebrity Stories That Go Nowhere’ segment, so listen for Adam Sandler, Carol Channing, Woody Allen, George Wendt, Will Ferrell, Kid Rock, Gabriel Byrne, Michael Landon, Nellie Oleson, Alison Arngrim, Joe and Kevin Jonas, Anita Moorjani, Ethel Merman, Katherine Hepburn, and Zach Galifinakis mentions. We just can’t help ourselves!
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Going Crazy, Near Death, Comedy & Celebrities

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Oh hello! Well, this is Mr. Burns. Oh Smithers! Get me my favorite podcast on the line, will you? Mouse and Weens. Hello, you have reached Mouse and Weens podcast. This is episode 82 of Season 3. Today we're going to talk about being frustrated as a mom with your kids and a crazy story that happened. We will also talk about near death experiences. It sounds bad, but it's actually really interesting. And we'll get into some Celebrity Stories That Go Nowhere. They're the best! Please check out www.MouseAndWeens.com for our show notes. That's where we put all of our links. We also have www.Patreon.com/mouseandweens on which you can get these same episodes without ads for a mere five dollars a month. We do want to say thank you to all of our listeners. We love hearing back from you. We appreciate all the content that you're sending us and just know that you are why we're doing this. We appreciate your support! All right. Let's get started on this episode and we'll talk to you soon!

<Mouse and Weens intro song>

Both: Hey hey! It's Mouse and Weens! Hi! How is everyone?

Mouse: Great. I am everyone! My name is Joelle. I'm Jo. I'm Mouse. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. Over there?

Weens: I'm Weens and I'm over in Los Angeles. And I'm the single one in the film business, which is not happening at the moment. Yippee!

Mouse: Yeah, nothing yet huh? What is the status? I don't know. I haven't really been paying attention except that I talked to a friend last night. He is Scott     Baron and he's a medic. And he's a writer actually. Yes.

Mouse: Medic! Do you yell that every time you see him?

Weens: No. Who yells that? What does that mean?

Mouse: It's just in every movie. It's like someone gets hurt and you have to call for a medic.

Weens: Really? I don't know.

Mouse: Maybe that's just a me thing. Nobody does that?

Weens: No and nobody says-- You kept saying-- You confused my friend, Jennifer Martin, which we just had on, by saying-- You wanted her to say 'bahh cahht' because she's from Boston. And nobody understood what you were saying, you know. Trying to make her say 'bar cart'.

Mouse: I don't understand why nobody knows what that is. When I- we - decorated our house and I was big into all the decorating magazines, everybody had a bar cart. They're very fancy little carts. You push your drinks around and your snifters and your ice holders and things like that... bottles of gin so you can be very Mad Men. So bar cart. I thought everyone knew what a bar cart was.

Weens: It was just really funny.

Mouse: They were the perfect couple of words for her to say so. Yes, so...

Weens: Yes, well, there you go. I guess in the upper echelons of the bar cart world, you would know that. I get it and-- Yes? Uh continue...

Mouse: Jenn-- Keep going. No, I was just going to say Jenn is a great for having done our our podcast and she followed up with some interesting stuff about the school thing which was nobody knows what's going on still. I was going to finish with that because it was a big cliffhanger that she was going to go to the board meeting.

Weens: She was going to the Board of Education Meeting and apparently nobody knows anything. I think this is the same with the film business to wrap up that. It's that people are trying and nobody seems to know what the heck to do. They're-- In the film business they're throwing around the idea apparently that they want to do ten hour days which I doubt will really happen. There's something called--

Mouse: What are the days now?

Weens:You know. Whatever. They want to film their average fifteen, sixteen hours maybe on most of the shows?

Mouse: Really?

Weens: Yeah

Mouse: They're calling for fewer hours. That's good.

Weens: If they're actually going to do that. I doubt that they'll stick to it. They're claiming that will help keep people less sick because it's true. If you're sick, you show up to work and if you don't, it's one of those you have to be like on death's door to not work. The film business is a giant machine the so they don't like you to be sick. Anyway. I hope that's the case and some films do it. They call it French hours, and you work less hours, so ten would be the time, and then they deliver your lunches in little boxes, and you eat on set. So you kind of eat while you're standing up kind of thing. And you just push on through so you can go home earlier. And I would rather have that than one hour half an hour break or you-- But that's the former buffet style that will go away - our craft service.


00:05:02 - 00:10:00

So all those people are going to have to think about getting jobs. This is scary, right? I know. You think about all the support that goes into it, and not just the actors and the immediate crew, right? That sucks.

Weens: Just everything. It's sad. All the Mom and Pops and there's people who are buying houses. I just went to a little four-person... my little group of Friday night Gang Of Four that-- We meet outside, we sit, and we eat. And a couple of the girls had friends that have just packed it all in and bought houses in other places. Two bought one in Oregon and one bought one in Colorado and people are just moving.

Mouse: Just up and leaving. I know. I'm hearing about that more and more too. Yeah. Boy.

Weens: In cities especially.

Mouse: It's crazy well especially, yeah, when you're in a pandemic epicenter like L.A. or kind of anywhere in California I guess right now, right? Everything's shutting back down.

Weens: Yeah. How does it feel right now? Does it feel fairly normal in a weird way where you are because it's not the city?

Mouse: Yeah. It does. It's like we've had-- We did a distance baby shower. Everybody had their masks on. And we did a little drive-by, but then you know you, you get a little loose and just kind of take off the masks and eat and drink a little bit and stand far away from each other. So that was going on, and then it does start to feel like normal.

Weens: Now let me ask you a real question. Were you really social distancing, or do you get pretty close anyway? How loose did you get?

Mouse: Well I feel comfortable with Carla's family, so we were close. And then the people who joined in would sit a bit away. But then it's also like...

Weens: It's human nature to get close. You don't realize. Really. Like we do sometimes a hike in the morning at 5am, good Lord. (Oh god) I have only joined a few times, I know. It's crazy. So.. And then everybody wears their mask. There's probably, y'know, five people on average. Everyone tries to. But then you start to, you know, you just end up getting closer as you're talking. And you notice that you're close and you try to move away. But it's really hard to consciously stay that far apart I'll just say. Some people are really good at it.

Mouse: I do kind of just assume that if we're outside the air and the wind is going to blow my particles away if there are any and just hope for the best. I know, I know. It's a tough thing to do. So I guess the best is just totally stay home. But then you go crazy. Then there's the mental stuff.

Weens: I'm going a little crazy I must say. I'm getting to that point again. I'm a little... You're actually going more crazy than I am, and you have people around. You've-- The other night when I called you you were going nuts. What were you on? What was happening?

Mouse: It was a complete role reversal. You're like, "Joelle! Focus! Just answer the question! What are you talking about?" I was just--

Weens: I was trying to ask you one question. We're going to have a wonderful interview coming with--

Mouse: Oh I'm so excited about our interview.

Weens: Okay. You explain what it is.

Mouse: Nellie Olsen.

Weens: Nelly Oleson from Little House on the Prairie, the character of Nellie Oleson is Alison Arngrim.

Mouse: It's Alison Arngrim. She played Nellie Olsen and you know how I'm obsessed with my Little House on the Prairie. I didn't know this, but there's a term for people obsessed. They're called Bonnetheads. I guess I'm a bonnethead. Did you know that?

Weens: Oh Jo. You're a Bonnet  head and a Coldplay fanatic. But I was so excited. My friend Steve Peterson is amazing and he is friends with Allison. So he was the one that I said. Do you think she'd do an interview? And she said yes, and I'm so excited. But what happened the other night is that I called Joelle and I said, "Hey her--"  Her public relations person, Harlan, called me and wanted to schedule a time and I said, "Give me five minutes. Let me talk to Joelle/Mouse." And I called you and you were like talking about twenty other things. I couldn't get you to focus. I'm like, "Just-- I have to call him back in five minutes. Just can we settle on a date and a time ?" Bwah, bwah, bwah. Ha ha ha. It's like, what the hell are you--?! Focus! What were you doing? What was wrong with you?

Mouse: Nothing was wrong with me. I was so excited to talk to an adult I think. Dave has been going back to work and I'm home with the kids, and besides seeing my buddy Carla - she's our quarantine family bubble person - I really don't see a lot of adults. I need to get out more. I'm sorry.

Weens: You're crazy. It's happening.

Mouse: It is happening. I understand how people go crazy. I'm feeling it.

Weens: Yeah, yes.

Mouse: But I pulled it together. We have a time and now we're all set up. So now we're going to do our proper research for the interview.

Weens: We're going to record this on July 16th on next Thursday. So whatever date this is, it will come out, I don't know, a few days after.

Mouse: Yeah, or we may bump this around. Who knows? Because we have a bunch of stuff lined up. I'm so excited. Yeah. Yay. So..


00:10:00 - 00:15:01

Weens: So what else is happening? Tell me about your life. Tell me about your craziness What do you want to disgust?

Mouse: I would like to disgust the fact that my Mom Guilt is at Level Red right now. I'm feeling so bad for being a somewhat inattentive mom.  This week is better because the kids have camp. I did sign them up for outdoor camp. They're going on little sailboats and stuff in groups of five. I feel like everything I have to qualify with how how distant we are. "We're doing it right, everybody, just so you know!" I know. But anyway it's this aquatic center and they get to do stand-up paddleboard and catamaran sailing and little sailboat sailing. It's cool. Kayaking.

Weens: So cool. Safe, right?

Mouse: I mean, gosh, yeah I think so. I think we have to get back to some sort of life here. So anyway this week is good. They're finally active. But all summer so far they've been playing on computers and just laying around watching TV and then I'm doing podcast stuff. I'm trying to get us back on track and get more scheduled and weekly. And it's just a lot of work, and it's hard. And Dave has gone back to work because he focuses better there. His office is real big and spaced out, so he feels safe. And anyway so I just had been having some crazy--. One day - here's my big story -  we got invited-- Charlotte got invited to go to a friend's birthday party at the beach. It was her and one other little friend and. I opted not to have her drive with the family to take her to the beach because it was still kind of like, "Okay if I have a chance that I can keep her from breathing everybody's air, I will. So I'll just... I'll drop her off at the beach and then she can hang out with you from there." So we had a tight time. I'm like, "Okay everybody. Get in the car. I'm taking the boys to the beach too. We're going to be ready in the car at This time. I've got to go do this thing. I'll be right back." And I came back. Nobody was ready. They were just like zombies sitting on their screens. It's crazy. So I'm starting to yell, you know, I'm like, "We're gonna be late! Get in the car!" We finally are on our way to the car. Then they announced they forgot to eat first. They were supposed to have had lunch.

Weens: This is what always happens with these little twinkleloos.

Mouse: I know. So they're, you know, 13 and 14. They can definitely make their own lunches. Charlotte's 9, but you know, she's even more responsible than they are! So we have to go through drive-thru. So we're going to drive-throughs. I set one of the lemonades on the middle console, and then I drive off and I kind of-- I think I assumed the kids had grabbed it and they hadn't. It slid right into my backseat and splooshed all over my car! Oh no! Nice and sticky! A huge, large, sticky lemonade! Yeah, all over my car and I had just cleaned it out! I was just getting it all nice and ready for my little driving--

Weens: First World Problems!

Mouse: Yes. But can we all relate? Have you ever spilled anything and got really mad?

Weens: No, it's the worst. Yes, sorry. Just kidding with that comment.

Mouse: Yeah! Geez!

Weens: Yeah it's the worst.

Mouse: Yeah, horrible. So I should have just been like, y'know, said my swearword  and moved it along. What did I do? I turned around and I slapped Elliot's knee like really hard! Like it was his fault! And it wasn't his fault, but it was like this weird quick reaction of like, "You were supposed to grab that!" And he didn't, you know. And he he watched it fall. He was like, "Mom! The lemonade fell!" But he just sat there and watched it instead of scooping up really fast. I'm like, "Well pick it up!" and slapped him. And then I--

Weens: Child Abuse! I'm sorry I'm hot! I'm sitting under a wool blanket and it's 95 degrees and I turned off my air conditioning--

Mouse: First World Problems!

Weens: SHUT UP! I'll give you that. Oh!

Mouse: So it was awful the whole way home... or on the way to the beach.

Weens: Did he cry?

Mouse: No but he was pissed. And then we were just kind of going at it the whole time, and finally calmed down, and I said I'm sorry. But then we got there and they were... just everyone was in a bad mood. It was just a whole bad thing. And I was like, "We're not going to the beach. That's it! I'm taking you boys home!" and I just decided. And I marched Charlotte up to her birthday party. "Here. Take her!" No, I'm kidding. I was originally going to stay - just make it a day, and I didn't. Just all huffy and stupid. So they and then I agreed to have them take her home. which kind of doesn't make sense? But whatever. And then I changed my mind. We drove down the street a little ways, and then I'm like, "Okay, boys. We're already all the way out here. Go ahead. Let's go to beach." So we went in the ocean and worked it out. Everybody had a better day. It was good. We got back in the car later. I'm driving home, right? Getting back on the freeway.


00:15:02 - 00:26:00

Luckily my hands are at ten and two. I'm in the right-hand lane about to get off on an exit and up ahead of me, probably about three cars ahead of me, I see this long thing, you know, end over end, flying through the air. And I couldn't really tell it was. A drone? Like a little drone helicopter something. And it was getting bigger and bigger. It was coming at us. It was a shovel that presumably fell off the back of a work truck. And someone must have hit the tip. You know, when it's like sticking up like in the slapstick comedies, and Laurel and Hardy step on it?

Weens: Yeah, it's like flying.

Mouse: And it was an flying at me. Just like in the movie Twister?

Weens: Oh when the cow comes at the car windshield. Bigger and bigger?

Mouse: Yeah, and it was like coming at my head. It was like life slowed down for half a second, and I'm thinking, "If I make a huge, y'know, swerve the car to my right, I could hit a car next to me. I didn't know if I was clear or not. It could also send my big old Suburban end over end, right?

Weens: Rolling.

Mouse: Rolling because it's so tall and I have to be careful. Somehow I kept my wits about me and kind of just slowly swerved out of the way. And it nicked the whole side of my car.

Weens: No!!!

Mouse: You know, it did hit my car. But it would have hit me straight in the windshield, straight at my face.

Weens: Holy Crap!!

Mouse: And Toby was in the front seat. So we were -gasp- And I looked at it later, and it must have been the wooden handle that hit the car because it's like the tiniest little scratch that I think'd really buff out. Yeah, and I mean. It was so flipping scary. So it was awful. But It could have been worse. So yeah, it was good and Dave said, "What happened to the car?!" Like, he knew I was fine because I was standing there, telling him the story, but yeah, still!! I'm like, "Come on! Christ!"

Weens: That's such a dude thing.

Mouse: We just bought this car, so I get it. I know. Anyway, so that was my big near death experience. How about you?

Weens: That's one of those "This too shall pass." That was just a bad day altogether.

Mouse: Oh my God. Totally, and then we started calling it, you know Alexander and the Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Day like the book and the movie? That was ours. We tried to name it appropriately. Nothing compares to that awful day. We're good.

Weens: So, but that's good because you made it. Yeah, so that's perfect, Jo, you did it made it out. Yes, and you're still friends with the kids and you apologized to the son. Is that the mom guilt that you were feeling?

Mouse: Yeah, yeah, exactly. So it's just being pent up with everybody and the slightest thing goes wrong, and then you just fly off the handle. It doesn't feel good. I hate that. I just-- I think it's also that I'm not working out like I should be. I fell off my workout wagon with my gym closing. And I thought yes, I could run and do all the things and I'm not good at it without my little accountability system. And I'm kind of laying around and I'm enjoying sleeping in. That's great, but I am getting the little Covid Chub going. So I'm starting to run and I'm starting to feel better. Yeah, it's kind of like creeping up on the waistline and the thick neck.

Weens: Bread baskets.

Mouse: The Michael Landon neck. No I don't know. I have Little House on the brain? Who's got a good neck that you can think of?

Weens: Me! That's also a look that I get. I looked at my arms I'm like, "Those are like loaves of bread." There's no definition anymore. So I just go, "Oh, my loaves."

Mouse: No! Is it an animal? Mineral? The size of a loaf?

Weens: Yes. I know. It's weird, but it happened. So...

Mouse: But, you're hiking all the time and riding your bike like like no other.

Weens: No, a half hour on flat river surfaces.

Mouse: Really? See, I pictured you like Forrest Gump - that you just ride in the morning, you come home,  then you go ride again in the afternoon just...

Weens: No. Sometimes, but it's so flippin hot lately. Have you noticed?

Mouse: Yeah! Super hot.

Weens: Yeah, that gives me the motivation a little less than interesting. Um. What? Hello? That's makes no sense.

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So what are some things that you want to--? If you two questions when you die, what would they be if you would like to find out the answers to? or You WanNa find out what happened to your pink Converse like myself? I lost my favorite pair of pink converse when it was eight or nine. Do you call them Con-verz? Yeah! Is it Con-verse? Potato Potah-to. Really? Converse. I've never heard that one. I think it's just a lazy way of saying it when you don't want to punch-- Punch-up that tongue. Like yoo-man for human? What would I want to know? Let's make this episode about near death experiences. I like those. Okay. Let's just decide in the moment. There are a lot of near death experiences. My favorite is from Nancy Rynes. R-y-n-e-s. Look her up. I think we will eventually have her as a guest on the show. Really? --says my intuition. Your future brain. Good. I guess what's her. She was writing. She was an atheist her her little tagline is 'the atheist who went to heaven'. Although heaven scares a lot of people - that word and concept and she's still, you know, she calls it a spiritual place. She says, "I don't have any other word for it. So I don't know what to call it". But she was riding I think it was in Oregon. She was working at some kind of very medical scientific job of doing whatever writing for scientific journals or something. And she was riding her bicycle. She rides a bike on the weekends. and was riding to go up in to a trail, so it was on the road. It was kind of benign. She's done it a million times. And a woman was in a Bronco-type vehicle, and was texting and ran into her. She ended up dragging her under the car. Oh. God. When was this? The 80's? 2012? Oh recently occurred.

Fact check: This happened in 2014. And then so she said right there she-- All of a sudden was looking down at what she knew was her body, but had no connection to it, but she watched a a man come over, and then someone else come over and try to resuscitate her, and then at crowd gathered around her, and she's Oh. That's me. That's my body. But Why am I here? And she was watching? Everyone rushed to her aid. And this is what I always summer they can like float above their body. That's so crazy with this happens all the time in hospitals, but some people go. Oh well, that's just your brain playing tricks where? You know you're absorbing something and you might remember it later, but people can actually. Like float outside down the hallway and see that their brother went and got a snickers bar from the stuff that nobody else has no they. See what's in drawers? And what people are saying? It happens I've I've watched over probably at four hundred of these fascinated by red sox and. Yeah. So she Alderson, there's this washing feeling and she goes back into her body and the next thing. She knows she's in the hospital and. They tell her. You know she's in I. Don't know if it's traction or she must have been in the emergency room and she had all these. Broken bones everywhere in the body and her spine and everything. It was awful and. The anesthesiologist gave her too much. I believe and she died again. No. Or not she found out she was allergic to it. That's what it was which happens in a lot of these stories by the way near death experiences is a lot of times. People don't know they're allergic to the stuff they're getting. And they will die, and so then she goes on this whole journey. And you can find in more detail, but basically she was met by these like a woman, who you can't really hear the voice, but she was downloaded information about like what is the purpose of her life and How some of the secrets of the universe in it was this translucent figure like silvery and tall, and it was the greatest feeling of peace and love and. had like a little life. Review which you hear about a lot and then. Came back flashes in front of you kind of thing. You see your whole life. Yeah a lot of people will see this was a common thing is that you'll see the pain? You've caused other people you will feel.


00:25:07 - 00:30:05

Like if you were mean to someone, you feel what they felt, and if I remember one story. Was this guy who? He like released cannabis on. Someone thought it was funny in the bees stung that person, and then he said he felt all those stings. Everything happens in an instant. So you, yeah, so you're feeling all this. They say that there's no time there's no linear time like we have. An earth is like all at once. You're being given information, so who knows how long it really was if it was second civic. But it feels like they could be up there for. Hours days. Nobody knows, but then they might have only died for three minutes. You know wow and Yes if she came back and wrote a book about her experience and her whole mission, and this is really common that you quit your job like if if it was unsatisfying job most most of the time people quit, and they'll end up doing more volunteer, work or more service oriented work, or they'll write books in their whole mission is to share the message that they got and mostly it's that were here on earth to love each other and help each other out, and it's all about the stuff that we know. Somewhere at the basis of most the golden rule teachings. Yeah, wow, so when she came back. Did she say I was told to tell people this? Is it this? This is your mission or was it just? That's how she she felt like doing that. No they said that she goes I. Want to stay here I think her story was that she wanted to stay. Most people don't want to go back because it's so wonderful and then they oftentimes whoever they is, if it's a being a lot of people, see beings, a lot of people see Jesus or Buddha or their grandma or something don't know, but a lot of people see these translucent beings as common really and a lot of them. Get the message that you're not ready to go, and you need to go back and spread this word. In her case, it was to spread the message of. Love, says she. quit her job in started painting and she's gorgeous. Oil Paintings of nature and Some people. It's really cool Nancy. Ryan's are way es I'm not getting a kickback from her. I just really liked this woman because she's really straightforward and I believe her implicitly. So. What would what would a naysayer say to her? Like what? What can arguments? She's a good friend of mine is an easier 'cause. I always tell the story of her I'm like watch this video. She's awesome. But as well when you die, your brain releases. A chemical called EMT which they call. It's a drug that they've now been able to sneak in the drug world. They consent this. Is this in people? Take it in. You can go on this drug trip loose natori in. It's called the EGO death. It's the chemicals Kit released before you die so. That is a theory that your brain is doing a weird thing where you think that you've died and come back, but all these people who they're like. Yeah, I've taken drugs I noticed like to go mushroom, trip or a LSD trip or whatever? And for some reason with this kind of trip they can recall. It they can recall it for the rest of their lives exactly how it happened. They don't lose any memory of what's. He could recall it as if it happened yesterday. And it's so real that. It's inexplicable, but you kind of are going on. Faith of you have to believe these people, but I've watched so many of them that. Do the that was my cat rubbing up against me and it's just the blanket that's over. My head is touched with my leg and I started petting it and I realize. Blanket on my leg. He's losing it. Oh! Anyway, and can you tell me this? The people who have taken the drugs do they have the perfect memory of their drug trip? The same way that was the difference. A lot of people say is we have taken drugs, but we also died in. This is nothing like that. Because you can recall every second of what happened in, you can recall it thirty years from the time I mean when you actually watch stuff. You'll see people. oftentimes they start crying because in they go I'm sorry it's the most emotional thing. And it's like you could tell you know. I'm a good judge of character. I think and acting and all that stuff. And I could tell people fake acting. My friend sent me the show called dating or something, and she was like no, it's real. These people they go out on dates in their first date and this and that and it looks as if it's very real I could tell when people are acting.


00:30:05 - 00:35:04

It looked it up and research, and those people were all secretly buried on the Internet had acting as somewhere fees so by the way look at that show. It's not real that I can tell. You should learn to agency for that exact they I can tell the only ones that are chickey. Are The sociopaths psychopaths? Harder to detect although not really they're Kinda. Nip blowing their cover anyway. You got their number new. You know yeah. Sniff out those rats anyway. that. Yeah! What do you think I love it I? Love the concept of it. I don't know as much as you do about it. I do I did watch the video from Anita nor Johnny saw her name in. It was a ted talk and I loved it and I wrote down her. Five messages of of what she brought back to die yeah. Should I look up really quick. Well we are going to be doing a documentary sister on this subject as well as other areas of deaths could out there to. put it out. I mean we're going to do it and we already have a couple interviews that are ready when the cove passes. And so it'd be nice to look at. Death in our culture. What is our relationship to death? Right yeah and get some of these people's stories and also. You know right. Other things! I love won't reveal. Documentary. I know I just looked up at nita more johnny. She wrote a few books. doesn't have a Nice tight-lipped here, but I'll take a picture of mine. I'll post it on social media, but basically it's joy and love and laugh a lot and don't live in fear. You know it's kind of all those same tenants of of just be real. You know which I love, and I just keep it at my desk because when you have those moments. Nice to look at and. I have those moments a lot lately where? All this stuff of what could be doing, or but it's hard to conjure up a feeling of joy, and for me at least in this pandemic when life is like groundhog's Day, it's a little rough. Say No you get inspiration comes from other people and. His and you're an impasse. You need that energy from other people I think to to. Move and get ideas. Yeah, for sure, and you can only watch so many comedies to. Lighten things up to you know it's just like okay. But it is important to laugh. I don't know it's a good thing I we watch. will Farrell in. That new Eurovision movie. Yeah, what you think I just love him. I think he's so funny. It's kind of a dorky movie. But what do you expect and the kids loved it, and if we can find anything, the whole family can watch and laugh at. It's pretty green. Your yeah. More Adam, Sandler, you put on that. Don't mess with Zo hand and cut a little saucy for the. Sandler. What are you doing? Dude I thought he was like this. Nice Dad it's all about the sex jokes, and he was like doing all the ladies hair with the shampoo, squirting and then. Romping around the bathroom, it was so embarrassing. That's when we had our little family over you were there. Oh my God, you have done it if you were with your family loan. Do you have pushed through, was it? started off right away, but I was GONNA be the prude ones so is letting it go a little long, but then I think they were thinking the same thing, so we were all uncomfortably watching it even though we all when I was like. Do you want me to turn this off? Because everyone was like no took okay. If you want to, I mean only if you want to. Do. You guys just want this off. Funny Plug. INS hilarious now I can't tell because I would think we'll. Toby feel like as far he's fourteen in. This seems to be beyond like he can handle it right. Yeah, that's still, too. Weird right now he can handle it. I. Think Elliot can even handle it, but like the poor other boy who's here was like I. Don't know if they've even had that much of the talk yet. Yeah, so. Now you're bridging met with your friend having to now, they're gonNA have to go home and discuss what shampoo squirting on some Old Lady's face me. Joe Oh, could you I mean I didn't know kidding. It keeps happening two things. Keep coming up and you can't avoid it. It's like media. It's going to be out there, so it's out there and it's available can be interesting.


00:35:05 - 00:40:04

All right so anything else that you want to discuss. Where is your? You were talking about Powei as well wait. You might want to save that for the teaching episode, Are we? We may do a whole episode on this, but you are tone. We talked about this in our episode seventy nine called. Let's talk about race, but we mentioned my city that I live in Paraguay. does have kind of this real white suburbia, feeling and not super I, Dunno diverse I guess, but but then again it kind of is, but apparently there's a lot of racism going on behind the scenes and. Live right by Santee, which is a huge white power, right?

Mouse: Yeah. Yup.

Weens: And Ramona. right over the hills. There's like I. Don't know what it is, but there's some sort of thing going on over there. It's like the meth capital of San Diego and KKK white supremacy? All these weird, terrible terrible groups. And every once in a while, they'll go on a spree and spray swastikas in our town and. And I mean and it may

Weens: Where? It's targeted towards people?

Mouse: Oh yeah. On synagogues, yeah. 'Cause we have a bunch of churches right here too, and synagogues and like all these multifaith centers.

Weens: And the shooting, by the way.

Mouse: We had the shooting in the synagogue. Yep, and that kid was from a local little neighborhood on this side of the hill, so you can't just say.... He was, I think, what's the word when they get in? You're new...? Well he was groomed from the Internet, or what am I trying to say?

Weens: Indoctrinated into...?

Mouse: Yes, thank you. Yeah. Anyway it's around and they created this Instagram page, so if anyone wants to go see, it's called Black In PUSD which stands for Poway Unified School District. @blackinPUSD And it's an anonymous place where you can click the link and fill out the form - a Google form that's anonymous - and just write down your experiences of anything that's happened in school to you or that you know of or if you're a teacher, a parent, whatever. And then they can turn around and post it without your name. And it's crazy. The stories that are on there. It's so sad it's like, teachers are doing it. Students are doing it to each other. And I'm sure it's nothing new. I'm sure people have had to deal with it. But just when you feel like, "Oh, we live in such a nice, sweet, safe town", but then you see the stories that are actually happening here. It's heartbreaking. So it's.... But it's been good because I... We've passed the phone around and read the different things that kids are saying and then we talk about it. You know, the thirteen year old and fourteen year old north again. and you know just like what you guys think about that. You know, and it's not just black. It's also branched out to be like you know religion like Oh. Yeah I Muslim or I'm Asian and people say this to me and.

Weens: So I want to counter your feelings of mom shame with the fact that you're really very good about you've been. Really great about doing things like that you've been. What is your other? You've been taking the kids. You're doing meals on wheels where you take the kids and you're taking him to but communities. Right, I have my wrong or well. I haven't branched out off my little route yet, but that's the plan because you just started right. Yeah, but it's Kinda. Cute, even in our area. We have you know I think we have. One of every color of the rainbow. We have a little Asian Lady. We have Indian lady. We have a black lady. We've old white guy with all black, so we're. We're serving meals to all sorts of people just here, so it is nice in the kids are healthy meals on wheels. Go Go do that. People could volunteer right away. I called to do it also then I started this crazy schooling, which is taking over like a full time job, but Soon as that's over, you could volunteer even one day a week from like eight o'clock till twelve or they give you a little window. They're desperate for people like my row is just from ten to twelve. It's real quick. Wow, coming on the day harmony meals, but it's super easy and sweet, and you know we do the social distancing. We mask up and we're very very safe and put it in a little sterile bag and leave it on their handle, but then you do a well check you kind of make sure they come to the door, and you say hello, and you can peak around if you can say house everything doing all three kids going with you. Yeah, in days. Gives the driver. He Lake has his little route map out. It's cute. It's a really Nice family thing we do on the weekends and and it's wonderful because I think these people you know a lot of times.

00:40:04 - 00:45:12

This is maybe the only interaction they have. And, geez, for me this is the only action action I have. I'm loving it. They're like, "Get this lady off my porch!"

Mouse: Or I'm like, "Can I interview you for my podcast?" No, it's sweet. And then they see the kids and I think that's cute, too. So they ask them how everything going too and some of them, they must have memory issues too because they forget, like, and they ask the same questions each time. And so we walk away from the door, and the kids are like, "But I told him that last time while I was there." And so it just leads to all these conversations. So I am trying to expose them to different things.

Weens: This is a great. You're actually showing up and doing it though. And that's what I want to commend you on - for taking the kids. And you're also doing it with the Democratic.... What is the thing you....? You should put this stuff on because this is... All my friends that I was with that day they were like, "How do we get a link to that? How do we sign? What is it?:

Mouse: You know who...? I posted something about it as a response on a tweet that I follow. Do you know the show Baskets?

Weens: Yeah yeah, best show ever. Zach Galifianakis.

Mouse: Yeah, he's great. He plays this clown, but it's kind of like this dark comedy. And Louie Anderson's in it. It's so good. It's like one of my favorite shows. It's on FX. Look it up. But the friend of his is played by Martha Kelly and she's a comedian. She plays Chip Baskets' kind of-- not love interest but they're friends. But I think she likes him, but he keeps dismissing her. Anyway, they're really cute and she's very sweet, and she's kind of like mousy and quiet and-- What else? Do you know who she is?

Weens: Yeah I do. I can't-- Did I see her in something recently? But I think it was off of the Baskets fame. She's popped up in a couple of things right? Yeah, but she was a comedian for a long time. She's been in other things. Yeah.

Mouse: Yeah, she's great. So anyway so I follow her. She was posting a lot just about the state of politics right now and how much she hates everything and she feels---

Weens: Trump!

Mouse: She feels--

Weens: I'll say it. You're not  going to say anything. Trump!

Mouse: Oh, yeah, I know. I'm trying to be nonpartisan here, but truth is he's a f---ing moron. It's awful. He's just so awful and-- Anyway, so I wrote back and said, "You know, something I did to feel better about stuff is to do this PostcardsToVoters.org. Just sign up there, and while you watch TV at night or watch movies at night you can just write postcards, and they go out to underrepresented counties where people may not be able to get to the polling booths. And this way they can request a mail-in ballot and a mail in ballot gets sent to them. They can fill it out, mail it back in all of these counties that if people can flip it blue, it might actually help Democrats win. So it feels good and I've sent out a ton of postcards." And then, so, Martha Kelly wrote back and she goes, "Thank you. I'm going to do it" So even-- We're changing the world Weens!

Weens: She's awesome. You guys have to-- I'm sorry, but I would do whatever she would want us to do, too. Because she's great. She's the best like deadpan actress and comedian.

Mouse: Yeah, she's a self-professed like cat lover, cat lady. She posts stuff about her cat and her dog all the time, but she goes off on Trump and all the stuff. So just follow her on Twitter. She's hilarious. Martha Kelly. And yeah, it's good to keep me busy.

Weens: Where do we put it? In the show notes? Can you say what the link is? Are we fine to do it right now or do you have to put it on the website?

Mouse: I'll do that. I'll post everything that we're talking about today on our show notes, but that is PostcardsToVoters.org.

Weens: Do people even know how to go to the show notes? Do they? Or am I the only one that's--?

Mouse: No, okay everyone, here's how you go to the show notes. Go to MouseAndWeens.com and then look at the top of that page, and then you'll find the words "Show Notes", and you click it, and then it has all of our show notes from all the episodes, so look it up by title of episode. And it's kind of like a blog like you click each title and then it opens up the whole article kind of. And that's where everything is posted. And usually all the links I try to put in our episode notes on whatever player you're listening to this on. So if you look at your Apple Podcasts right now and click "more information", it should open up with other words about this episode.

Weens: Because I'm like the little "Just get me there and hear the content". The site is fine where you could push play and I wouldn't.... I don't really look at all this stuff unless it happens to be right below where you push the player. Otherwise I don't click on anything, but that's just me.

Mouse: And I'm the nerd that reads article from top to bottom, and look at all the fine print, and all the corners.

Weens: And look at where you are? And that's why--

00:45:12 - 00:50:01

Mouse: Where am I? I'm in my closet with a microphone and you're on your microphone under a blanket..

Weens: In a 112-degree cottage in the middle of the armpit of....  You know what? I could be nice.

Mouse: No, you live in a lovely home and you have a yard by a lovely river with lovely friends. You have a great spot. You can walk to all your awesome places.

Weens: It's great. (singing) So you can always look at the bad, or you could always look at the good. It's all your choice. Choose wisely easy. You can make your life better when you're sitting got hot. Miller. whole life is an.

Mouse: Ethel Merman is that you?

Weens: Yes I'm the spirit. I don't know what she talks about. This kind of sounds like Katherine Hepburn On Golden Pond

Mouse: Oh I thought it was your friend you love. Your diamonds are girl's best friend friend.

Weens: every Karaoke Campbell. Ragweed kicks place. Gerald? Gerald Fred. A whole different. I mean I saw her and the at the Hotel Carlyle in New, York, and I was walking. It was fresh in New, York in 1997 or something and I.. I had heard Woody Allen was going to be playing with his band. I thought that was so cool. I could just go and pop into a hotel bar and see woody. Allen, playing and I was walking into the Hotel Carlyle. It's beautiful and it's kind of an iconic place where a lot of famous people play jazz and whatnot, and so forth. And I walk in. Guess what I see? A lovely gentleman dressed to the nines who's really young - I'm guessing probably gay - and holding, Carol Channing on his arm who's dressed in a luxurious outfit and she looks around and goes, "What's wrong with this place?!" and walks out. It was like, "Wow! I've arrived!" It was so dumb, but I'll always remember that voice and she was just "Doh!" And then I went in, and I sat and I was going to watch Woody Allen's band. I'm like, "This is the best thing! You just pop in and see who he's playing clarinet with". And then they're like, "You have to have a two drink minimum." I'm like, "No problem." I had no money. I got two glasses of champagne 'cause I was a real, classy broad. And the bill came? $997..no! $45!!

Mouse: No! Wiped you out for the week!

Weens: That's how they get you. Oh yeah woody well. Did he show up? I. I pushed him and created a distraction and ran after I drink the glasses of champagne I couldn't afford to pay the bill. You. Yeah did a dine and ditch, did you? Probably paid it, but but wouldn't that think you're kidding. I think maybe I'm not you would never know. Realized that you could. Distract Distract! Hotel Carlyle 1991. Ladies and gentlemen. Find you. You're. Going to New York real fast. Yeah, no! I remember our celebrity stories that go nowhere celebrities. that. Our George went story. We had our Kid Rock Story. Their Kid Rock looked like a Hungarian tourist. Him Yes exciting. We I kept seeing. What's his name Gabriel. Gabriel Byrne every wait a second. That's my sighting! I see Gabriel Byrne in LA all the time. Really? See this is... He never visit you in New York I would seem filming on the corner or on crack. He would be here in Alaska. That's weird. We both have Byrne's. Why don't we never talk about? What does it mean? Purpose. Let's. Zero death experience. If he shows okay, let's pass over then we'll know. He's a sign of something. And why is he in both of our lives constant? I've seen him five times in L.A. Just you know Starbucks. One's sitting on the corner, some filming something else. And? I did I only visit you twice. I just visited you twice in New, York, but on both times, and I was like there's guy can play with this. One of our long lost relatives. That's in a Gabriel Byrne seat. If you guys don't know who he is, he wasn't holy. How could be whom yet? He was in the movie. Usual suspects, the usual suspects with you know Benicio Del Toro's and that Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Spacey was the big. That was the Kaiser. movie, Do you remember? Do I need to see it again? Great, let's close it out.

00:50:02 - 00:52:50

To pass out right well. Should we throw in? Celebrity. Story that goes nowhere. Sure okay. Let's do that here. Okay celebrities that go nowhere. Okay. What is your name? My name is Sage Orvis all right great so. This was in high school I was on something called the Father Ski trip where Bunch of fathers from my high school take daughters ski trip, pretty self explanatory and my friend. was the ski team at the place that we were at so she has the connections so one day were skiing around time for lunch and she asks. If we want to go to the super exclusive secret restaurant at the resort, so of course you say, yes, and we go, and as we're taking boots off, we see. The boots! Of the Jonas brother and we're like. Holy Shit is the. Holy Shit. Those at this restaurant right now, how did you see that they were Jonas brothers? Boots while because you have to write the name of your boot on the boots and a friend told me all the same and one of them said like Joe Jonas. Wow first of all ball to just put your real name on there of exciting, so we'd go into the restaurant and Lo and behold there Kevin and Joe Jonas are eating lunch. We don't Nick is he's doing his own thing? But because we're in like a nice restaurant, we want to be respectful and knocked. Say go up term things. I just wash them either launch and get their food. Until I to use the restroom, and it's a Unisex restroom, and as I walk out who's next in line, but none other than Joe Jonas. Hold the door open for Our butts touch. The same seat is all I have to say, and that is my celebrity story so basically Joe Jonas as a seat sitter. But that's the fantasy that you have I. don't want to take that away from. That's beautiful. Thank you. Thank you for listening to mouse in Weans. You can find of our stuff at MouseAndWeens.com That's where our show notes will be. Please follow us on all the social media at mouse and Weens. You need to spell it out. Thank you for our patrons and big special shoutout to Unpredictably Us podcast with Kristy and Athena. They're amazing. They're two women going through life's adventures, and they never know where it's soing to take them and we just let them very much so unpredictably. Visit our Patriots to get this episode. Without any ads in that is patriots dot com slash mouse and Weans, and do you consider volunteering meals on wheels you postcards to voters dot. Org would love you and anything that helps the be better place. Everybody of do.