July 9, 2020

E81 - Teachers Back to School

After catching up with how our summer quarantine single-lives vs mom-lives are going, we jump into an insightful conversation with Jennifer Campbell Martin, a 20-year middle school teacher in Long Beach, California. We get an educator’s point of...

E81 - After catching up with how our summer quarantine single-lives vs mom-lives are going, we jump into an insightful conversation with Jennifer Campbell Martin, a 20-year middle school teacher in Long Beach, California. We get an educator’s point of view of what going back to school might look like, and are interested to hear about what the plans might be. Virtual learning vs on-campus? Will kids wear masks? How will schools do class time and rotations? Where will they eat lunch? Are teachers as anxious as parents? There are so many factors to consider, so we break it all down bit by bit. This is a fun, lighthearted but poignant conversation that will get all the gears moving as we get closer to back-to-school. What to do?!
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Teachers Back to School

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No sir. Mustn't. Lean cinemas. That's. In your. Now! Joe Hi I'm good I'm mouse I'm Jo from Joelle I'm the Mom one down in San Diego. Weens? How are you? I'm the Weans one and. I'm single and La in the middle of the world's worst virus. How current time how you're going out a lot? Though does it still feel? A scary or you Kinda like? Finding a middle ground open air, but it's a yeah. I think everything is just this weird. Everything's kind of sort of going back to normal, but it's not true at all. There's a lot of cases in. It's very bad news, but people are getting more casual. I kind of 'em to I guess. I tend to though only go outside and hikes or on walks, but now people are taking off the mask and you kind of going in their house and before. Do you remember like when we first saw each other when we decided to keep? Open up our bubble to each other. When we hadn't seen anyone in a long time, and then we didn't know what to do like we first sight each other and we're like hi. You. Don't know if you're supposed to hug or. It was kind of awkward like standing far away and like looking at each other like. Are You the enemy rate? We all look each other up and down and I to do like a whole history. Check with people, but then you have to cash like it's no big deal and yeah, it's so weird. Yeah, we're just starting to go back to sports, so that's a whole thing carpooling. Yeah! That's crazy I mean really I? Know it's only with three families and we've known them forever, so I'm kind of coping. Everyone's on the same page, but it just opens you up to more thing, but then they kids don't get I duNno, it's this whole thing, but. Yeah, but yeah I'm ready for. More space and time I've just been so stuck with everybody here for so long. Not, like I'm saying anything crazy. I mean yeah they. It's just a lot a line. Yeah, the distance learning was okay the now summer though it's tough, the kids just want to be on screens, and so I'm trying to make a little schedule, so they at least get exercise and get outside and. It's the whole thing and now we're talking about what to do going back to school. They just had the board meeting last night for power down here and I. Guess they're going to give parents one more survey and it's either go back to school or totally stay home and do. It's. Remote learning I guess it's a little different than distance learning I don't know where they check in with their teachers every day. So. I really have to think about it I don't know what to do. I'm just for the full school year. They're talking about Ya. Yeah, and I was on a zoom call last night for toby's marching band and it was so sad because they're like well. You know football. We're not sure what that's GonNa look like and we can't have an audience so marching band supporting football. We're not sure I mean we'll do something, but yeah, it's just so many. frigging question marks so annoying. But see it's weird when you're someone like me. Who's kind of relatively? Isolated or you know I don't have kids and. Anybody. So. Now. Not James. Listen. If you had to send your cat away to all day, cat care that was really good for her brain and body, but you knew she might catch something. Would you do it? No. No, you'd keep her home. Even though she might suffer and get a little more fat and be a little more mushy brain. Why do you need a little more fat? What even more fast? In cats fat. Why why are you calling me fat? You your your lovely healthy. Your love language with animals food. You love to overfeed. No, I. Because your cats are starving, they're not. They're laying here. They are everything. You feed them too much I. Love You, but you feed them too much and Wrigley to he's. Turned into the world's regularly beggar O. Come on ICU sliding morsels to all day. Kidding. Field sliding mortal. Pretend not to see what you see I see. What am I gonNA? Do I've told you not to do it. You still do. Your phone. Though. You've really captured as hurt though he I love when he shakes that Pau.

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Secret thing just. When he shakes his part. Oh, now, okay for real that. What would you do if you were mom and had to decide what to do with your kids I really can't decide I don't know. Dave wants to send him full-time I. Feel more cautious though. When would this start? When would this be happening mid August? It's pretty soon. I don't know so we're. What's the day today June twenty six, so we have a month in some change to come up with a cure. Yeah so I. Don't know if that's going to happen. Yeah, it's Kinda sketchy. Well. This leads us into our discussion. Because I have been really curious about what parents are going to do I've been curious about what teachers are going to do. They're feeling. We love talking about feelings. Don't we love feelings, so we got a friend onto Tucker feelings. How how? She's going to handle the coming school year because she's a teacher. and then you travel in long, beach yeah and I. Really Honestly chills I'm thinking. Maybe I should homeschool. I'm really thinking really. You. Just talked about how crazy you're going is just I know that know structure right now? Yeah, and I think it's because I've got you know four feet in four different camps right now I'm doing podcasting, and I'm doing garden didn't do that, but if I really focused and said okay now I'm GonNa Home School. I think I now because we're doing a documentary, Joe, you can't take on any more projects and his. Second. Catch disease. Documented terrible. No I think you should do whatever feels like the safest thing for the kids, so if that's what it feels like your home, school and girlfriend. Fun. Though. Like little house in the period take. Tell him how to drill a well. Get Out your your sleet in your chuck. It was it was okay. I had a few good days of home schooling while we did here until teachers came up with plan and then. I was very glad to be done with it, but but I could kick it up a notch. I could get back into it. I'm not sure either way I don't know every day's a new day I'm feeling different every single day so I have no idea but. Let's Let's get into segway or interview. Yeah, anything else. You WanNa talk about anything wild, NOPE! Now, okay, it's fucking hot in my apartment. When it turn off my AC and we record, that's right. Let's Segue into that. She's podcasting in her Bra folks. We were GONNA do a video and we shudder to Bra spin. They did this really cool thing where I've I just decided. I'm going a little crazy. I have to admit right now. I don't know what's happening, but been a little isolated for a while and but I decided to combine five four. Or five necklaces that I enjoy because I couldn't decide which one to wear and I put all five of them together and created this really neat I'm GonNa take a picture. Post it and if anybody can decide, what's inside my lock it? I will give you a million dollars. Or pair of underwear from Ellen's TV show because we. To, give away. I'M GONNA. Give you a pink Bra or boxers from Ellen stupid. Show whatever you would like more. Way to sell it. Ellen. Stevens show are we Matt Allen Still. Because that one time we're at the Warner brothers, lot and I. I really had to go to the bathroom in a parked my electric cart in her spot. And I had to piece. And then I just was running to. Just. The bathroom was right there and then. Her assistant or someone like you can't park there. Ellen's Ellen's spot. Ellen's about whatever and I was like yeah, I know, but whereas she well, she's not coming. It doesn't matter where she is. She's not coming in I. Know So. I'm just need to go pee. Please I. Know you can't. She'll kill us. You shouldn't dropped trout and peed right on Ellen. Right on her little. Spray painted mercker. And you know what I shouldn't talk. Smack I don't know. There was all that stuff being part of the train accept. It just was the controversy really quick the controversy. Was that she? You know when you have your show for so long your loyalty your crew that works on the Ellen Show in in these times of social, whatever everybody got laid off in their home and Instead of using any of those crew members who are sitting there I guess they didn't handle telling them. What was going on, either they were calling. Saying. Are we going back to work? Are we not what's happening? When are we going back to work? Should we get other jobs? Do we stay loyal to the show? What are we doing because it's? When you're on a show like that for a long time, you're like a little family but.

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Instead of telling them what was going on like everyone left him in the dark. The crew members and then. They also were starting to satellite her show from her house, and they used like some other non union crew. To pay anybody like the Union wages and they just. kind of like us. The skeleton crew outsource company and everybody was pissed because they could've easily use some ray from the show in your own, not cool. Yeah, because I like Sorry man, finish my thought likely to people like Jimmy. Kimmel, who is I? Hear only good things about him I haven't heard a whole lot about ellen except. That incident with my PCP in the car made me think that she was really scary. They were like terrified. Ted. Let like any normal person would have been okay, but they were like. Ellen you don't understand. She's coming to lose my job anyway Jimmy. Kimmel paid all of his. Employees, he made sure to give them money to keep them afloat during these times, and that's like a cool person when someone has that kind of millions and millions of dollars. You can hook up. Your loyal crew is what I think. It's good, but then I'm also a little jerk. That thinks he should be taken care of at all times by everybody. Have you ever had any personal experiences with Ellen senior, walking around or anything. I think so, but then sometimes have a story that Oh. Yeah I did so. Let me come back to that if I remember anything but nothing that POPs out. Yeah, probably not I don't think so. What pops out just? Popped out of the through. All right. Very good well. Let's hear interview with Jan Martin Campbell here we go and Weans I. Love You I'll see you seem. To. Talk. We argue. We are here. We are here. And Jennifer Martin is here. Jennifer Campbell Martin and we are so fortunate to have you here. You are my dear friend are near. You are also a teacher. Do you want to tell us what you do because our whole discussion today? Joe, take it from here. Because you kind of formulated this idea, so yeah, I've been You know. As a Mama three I have a going into fourth grade going into eighth grade and going into sophomore year one in each level of school. Three kids and dealing with being stuck at home with them since March I mean fortunate. Be Home with them I love them so. It's been difficult. We're having lots of different struggles and changes of course and we got through it. We got through the distance learning that we've all been dealing with, and now we're starting summer. I'm having separate issues and struggles, and then there's the future, and then there's what's going to happen when we go back to school, so I did want to get I mean we're going to cover all of these separate parts, but I wanted to hear from teachers specifically. How you guys felt through corona virus. A bit about the past, but more about the future. I WANNA know how. Everybody's feeling and just get different perspectives about what's what going to be like going back to school, and and how it's GonNa look and all that jazz, so so Jenifer. What grades do you teach and then you can answer that if you want so I teach sixth grade middle school, and so that know eleven year olds going to be twelve. We have a few bet. Already start with twelve in. It's their first. The tough tough years. You know, do I'll. It's a transitional year, so we spend most on a regular non covid situation. It's already it's already difficult. Year switching classes, not having They're supplies with them in their desktop. Carry everything in the backpack because we're in crowded, southern California. And there's no lockers. Those are taken out years ago in most schools because of drug in safety stuff, so it's different from the way I was raised in even I grew up in Boston as you to know. My? Knocking up didn't go. I go to his MAC. And it so back East I was from I, didn't grow up in the city the suburbs, but even a lot of my girlfriends in family that have kids in their school age now becky's. BLOWS THEIR MIND So. As far as how crowded classrooms are. In so I'm always torn with you. Know you talk about the future JOE ELEMENTS LIKE! Yes, obviously GonNa talk about the unique situation of covid right now, but in general.

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I find it very ironic that. Kobe is making us aware of how germs spread viruses in. We've always lived with US obviously. This was different Kazoo pandemic. It was the rate of speed of it in the unknown however. I just find the irony is which seemed to be so willing to throw out all the regular protocol fires right now like as a history teacher teach ancient history and I teach drama which is. A very different method of teaching to history a whole lot of concern how to teach electives now in interactive. Thanks bye, you say okay so typically thirty seven to a classroom this crowded, and then you get the eighth graders which I'm not teaching right now, but they're that much bigger. They take a Babich more space. It is so convoluted in as far as thinking. The reality of teaching that many kids in how many do we really reach end once, Kovin, hopefully, we're helping. We can get back to normal you going, so wait a minute. We're just GONNA shove everybody back together again. Not Realizing that. Flows, bacteria, how we suddenly not concerned with that, we need a pandemic. Realize the overcrowding in the classroom. So what's their plan to well right now? So this is the Long Beach district. Orange County Orange County district is separate and they're doing a special. School Board meeting tonight that I'M GONNA. Go to, but I doubt I'll get in. It's crowded so at least be on the outset when people say, but long be usually falls with Orange County does or vice versa. Obviously. The county right next to each other. And as of now Long Beach, which is gonNA. Be similar to Orange County. What they're saying is going back the regular time last week in August Form Beach. Have Sixteen! Kids know more than sixteen kids to classroom. You have to remember what is that me? Every classroom is not the same size, so this summer might principal in the construction of district when around. Mision every classroom to not to be sure that. You could do six feet apart for all the desks, so let's just say generally sixteen kids maximum to class, and then you say okay than how do we teach? We have about nine hundred kids on our campus. And that's about the average of the middle schools on beach. High School's. You have an average of about four thousand so. Each. School in district's GonNa be different, but most around here really crowded. Okay so sixteen to a classroom. We're supposed to have nothing on the floor space. So as far as like the extra desks we had for I have history staff out the kids projects. We had a little store that I used as an incentive for the kids to do while stuff for ticket school supplies. Candy Blah Blah. Then have people like the art teacher who has she has tons of extra tables laid out for all of? The centers to do artwork on lay them out. Display them extra sinks. Our teacher has A massive amount of items out that have to do with Mac in cookie, and then you have the science teachers so already ago. Okay, so pretty much have to get rid of the lab desks. which seat about six kids to one big table. So you say okay, where do we put the extra desks now? Storage becomes an issue, right? We would told anything in our room on that. We pack away. There's a chance we may never get it back, so we're lay told you to pack up your entire classroom. Right es pretty much the only thing we keep our teacher desk our computer on it like I. Even have a little side table had printed on it, and then they have another side table had the. Document camera and the projectors now installed in the ceiling, but not not all schools have that, so some of the teachers will need it projected to. And, that was the only thing that could remain everything else gone so even the printer ended up putting up. We could keep one file cabinet. So I was lucky enough to Mike classroom. Just happen to have for closets site. Chop stuff in there. It took a lot home I buy a lot of teachers only up to closets. Science teachers like where response to put the in any had the auditorium right, so the auditorium is probably going to be used as a classroom, so the whole stage had to be emptied in our. Our Theater director after school. WHO's put your heart and soul into? It gets paid pretty much nothing. She pretty much volunteers. She doesn't know where to begin to get rid of all the flat salt costumes.

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Auditorium itself remember how you get into an arturo wave filing. Kids have to cross over one another. So that's another issue. Then you had eating. We're told that they're going to eat inside of our classroom, so no going out side rule Issue with that as kids supposed to now not using books nothing because you can't have any communal objects, which as we know exactly why you go to school, right? You pass papers. You share q ship pencils. chromebooks are going to be assigned to them in the classroom. You will not change classrooms. The teachers will so, where can you explain what Chromebook Star? Sorry I don't know yet? So books are basically I'm probably screwing Suzanne very nontechnical, however, long books are were given donated to us by the district, and then actually P., T. A. R. PJ because we're not a title one school, so we have to get any extra funding from PTA and the chromebooks are just laptops for the kids that don't have a memory bank in them. They can do everything on. They can within two printed it up. They have to have it connected to a printer somewhere else, but. Very User friendly in the sense of the kids can do all typing. You can search the web all of that, but there is no memory bank in it, so that becomes personal, so it's less Germany because everyone gets a dedicated right from. You'll be assigned a certain one in my room. That, you're accountable for all day. You're not supposed to travel with it because you wouldn't. You'd be in my classroom. You not going to switch teachers. Teachers are GONNA. Switch for you, so you're in that seat all day including your lunchtime on P.. E.! Honestly, they haven't talked much about because. Fifty two kids is the average to each P. Class, which is strange I know, but it's because all especially kids like everybody goes to p. e., so the numbers could p. e. teachers have massive classes, and the majority of the time spent outside of the field they spent. Thousands probably millions actually, but I know in the thousands of dollars renovating beyond quitting the the astroturf out there instead of the round trip so that all these renovations were happening to so 'cause I brought to a principal ago. Why? We have the great outdoors ridden southern California when I'm used that to our advantage and use the picnic bench area. He goes will now that we have the ASTROTURF? You can't eat on there because it's plastic right and that will absorb, and it will. That's where the germs will come in. Probably about almost an acre at the rand is not. That's crazy to me and it's crazy that you I mean it's GonNa. Gather shoes on the floor of the go ahead. Sorry one second. This'll be a good time to pause. We're sponsored by the homeschool. Buyers coop keeping my kids busy and on-track with school has been overwhelming. There are million choices online. That's why I'm so excited to find the home school `buyers co they've done the work for me. Researching enlisting the best curriculum organized by grade level, and because of their large buying power I get up to ninety percent off retail prices, they even have classifieds for us materials so visit homeschool buyers op dot Org, and used referral code Weans to sign up for free and get five thousand smart points towards your purchase. That's homeschool. Buyers Code Dash up dot. Org Referral Code Weans half. Hey. I'm Andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous, but I did start. A men's grooming company called Harry's. The idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed out of touch at Harry's. Our approach is simple. Cures are secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by A. A world class German, blade factory, obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them, and if you're not, we hope you give us a try. With the special offer, get a Harry starter set with a five Blade Razor waited handle, Shave Gel and a travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping. Just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter five thousand at checkout. That's Harrys, dot com code five thousand. Enjoy. I'm on Guy, No, you're good. Yeah I agree it's those outdoor spaces should be used as classrooms. I would think, but maybe it's just the lack of being able to contain them and do the quality control that they need to clean them and the food and stuff.

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My concern hearing that kids are going to stay in the same classroom. All Day is their breathing all of each other's same air all those hours in a row. How is that better than? Moving around I mean I get it. I can see both sides, but the way Jennifer you just got in a little bit of air installed in their right, so weren't yes, a nightmare in. And Guide Wing, but no, that's a valid point. Because so long beach just had We got a measure e pass, which was great, so that was losing track of time twenty twenty, so two years ago, we were one of the first. I think there were five schools that were. Given the extra money to retrofit the. For Air conditioning, which they had no air conditioning for years in a very affluent. You, you go well. Our school happens to be in a more affluent area, but The city, obviously, so the majority of the area isn't were all treated as one financially. She was using fans for seven kids fan that was on playing on. That was the best they could do because it just wasn't Jisk- elite. Rebuilding so old to install a seat, so thankfully it did pass and we were one of the first schools to get the A. C., but it just means I'll seventy five percents school. Still don't have it, 'cause. We're literally in the middle of of having measured ECOMMERCE. Going to I think they said it would take an average of six years to author. How is that affecting the germs and everything hard, and now that it it's not reliable. We open the windows. We're not trying to abuse the AC, but it doesn't work half the time and. They? They haven't given US control over the The temperature thermostat. Thank you. Because they were afraid that we like. Ciller saying they're afraid, we won't regulate it well. We're going okay so now. You're forcing us into creating. More waste by opening the windows when it's not working. Well it like you just said Joel. Sharon! That enclosed space. That's what most of us are saying. healthwise can have open windows in those. So I don't know to me. This is what I fear I fear greatly. While couple of things one the practicality of it. You have three kids Julianne. You've been around. Children been around children who lack teaching for over twenty years and you go there it's. Levin, their twelve these to migrate. Once, one of those sixteen kids go to the bathroom which they will. Not Remember the bathroom. They did children. They are not the most hygienic little beings, they'll. Wipe their face picks their nose. Won't white properly forget to wash their hands, and they don't have. You can't put them in. A bubble were at the moment. They mess up. You know innocently. They touch that door knob or a See their friend hall in. Hi, fi them when no one's looking. The virus spreads so. It seems crazy and it seems crazy that that outside isn't a possibility, but maybe there's so many rules with that not being in a structure or something, but doesn't. It seem like a temporary solution? Yeah, he. My principal was He's just as in the dark to. He said you know right now. This is all we know he goes. Everything is a possibility, but there are certain things like using the field because it is astroturf. That won't be allowed because you, can't it. It would just. Not only ruined the field, but again 'cause more germs by letting the food and being set on plastic in the heat, but we do. Most schools have picnic areas that are outside with awnings. Because then you say okay, what about implement weather well? Luckily, we have great weather out here so the majority of the time. He even said you know we were thinking of maybe sitting on the front of the school, which is a neighborhood, but you do have. To think about safety you know unfortunately school shootings is the reality, right? We've implemented all of these extreme measures like now at our school. Most schools in Long Beach. You can only enter through the front door. And the secretaries have buzzy win through camera. They see you. Through the main entrance. Everything else during the school day is lockdown. As far as the gates, all the out outer entrances and exits so.

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How the heck are we gonNA. Keep that stupid this. Temperature checking is this is. How do you feel about this? I don't. This is all a possibility right? None of this is set in stone, but right now the saying we would check the kids temperatures daily, so let's say you. Let's say you cut the number in half instead at nine hundred kids. Hey, that's if. I won't even be half, but let's just say. We have about three hundred fifty kids day on campus about right? Who's GonNa temperature checks them, but then even if we do, most kids still are being shown to be either eight, symptomatic or not, showing the high fevers in the harsh. Effects of code, so it's a false sense of security because I might test the. Test Them. In a habit their carriers. But we have this false sense that everybody's fine because they don't have fevers. I guess I guess they'd say well. That's okay because you still treat everybody if they might. Yeah, that's of the only measure they have right now, which does give people that false sense of security at the orthodontist, we went yesterday and the day before for both boys and same thing they stand there at the door. Everybody's mass. They check your temperature. They ask you a list of questions. They make hands in front of them, and then they put a. A, little sticker on your shirt to show that you've been checked out, and then you're able to go into place. Sign your kid in behind the plexiglas and everything's done by texts. Then you go back out to your car and you wait until they're done. They text you in their done everything. Set up on the phone. You Talk to the orthodontist on the phone. You know and I was thinking the same thing if kids aren't showing fevers, still a symptomatically carrying it. How would you know but I guess that's only measure. They have right now to be able to tell so. And you kid still even though they tested negative, they still had where they were still kicking the precautions as if they had it so I guess, but they could have had it in. They could have been a symptomatic right. Yes? And contaminated the whole place anyway, regardless well, they couldn't, but you said they still had wear. The masks were behind plexiglass, so it's not like they were in. They were still practicing while the other restrictive measures right, and they don't have people sitting in the waiting room, so there's no one really to infect unless you're laying down in the chair with technicians and something gets messed up there, but everybody's very protected i. mean doing what they can yeah I felt safe I think he was safe. But I see what you mean Gen- in the. How are you can have nine hundred kids lineup up at the gates to get into school? All being tested for temperature, or is it up to the teachers to test them when they walk in the classrooms, or will they have to line up I mean there on? How long does that take? How long does that take away from your time learning yep? Exactly because think about that, you go. It's the teachers we have morning duty in afternoon duty, and during the morning duty we teaches would be the ones in the front, checking their ID's. So that alone took a long time we got done but like you said to, and how much, too many say if we're only seeing the kids halftime if they're going to do the numbers this way social distance. How in the world we supposed to keep up the kids with the proper curriculum. So then what do we do? Do we structure the curriculum now to be. Like we did at home schooling as teachers, we definitely tried to trim down the curriculum in and understand that A. That a lot of the content couldn't be taught. Can Be taught properly. And then then that leads into the high school is going to college. The wants to get. Has It affect their college admissions in their test? Scores compared to pass test scores. You have to think of that when it comes to the high stakes, testing to these kids We're not gonNA. Be Able to in who the heck is. His the other question. What I don't understand is if Romney GONNA teach in stages. We are these kids. The elementary kids the little ones. Hope parents is supposed to be getting that to work have to WHO's GonNa take the kids? Nice, link went well. I tell us what is your school suggesting so? Is it all day? Is it half day every other day? What is that look like? Where do the other seventeen kids go? Because? If we're limiting those kids, you're hiring more teachers those are. Not Hiring more teachers. Talking about cutting once again, it's the school's last money on. This. As a state, rather sorry, so across the state. We're being told cuts new going. Cuts how hectic cuts we're GONNA need more teachers. Daycare with that separate, but even like nurses.

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For instance we have one nurse. who T- who goes between elementary in our school, so she has only probably like twelve hundred kids under her about. This whole thing is about taking care of kids. How right so you already have a nurse? WHO's taking care of non covid things? She has many more kids today have. Diabetes Seizures allergies that she's dealing with all the time. Now you throw this on top. What's her responsibility? And how the heck? She supposed to bounce between two schools now so the cuts concern me greatly because I don't know I in neither does the district. What do you think are the most important key points? Because now? We're going to have to wrap it up pretty soon. Are there any last questions Joe or okay? As a mom? I'm curious to hear from teachers. Number One. How do you feel? Are you nervous to go back? Do you WANNA go back? Do you have colleagues that are refusing to go back? What is that a quick? Yeah, right? Now you know I. Have a dear colleague and friend who is going through cancer you have. Quite a few staff that have diabetes in their word, the worried about their own safety and obviously Their ability. To Work and then you have obviously parents like parents are some of them are definitely just. About. Their kids getting back. They're already worried saying my kid already sticks his her head in a computer after lives anyways in now. We're trying to teach them to be more aware and social face to face in a miss, it's it's wearing on them. Depression rise. You have a large amount of special ED children I'm talking everything from our speed. The kids that are mainstream, but have Minor things like add or Just a small learning disability, but anxieties usually at the route of. One of the things of many disabilities, and you put a mask on I personally have a hard time with it. It's confinement. I have bad allergies. It caused pets. It attributed to a bad sinus infection. I got 'cause I just I wasn't you? Don't read the same and so I worry about that. They were showing even a maybe doing the face shields for kids to. and they they do have these homemade versions where you can take a plastic overhead sheet. And Kinda. Wrap it and put ahead was about to do that last week with my pms, but. Go ahead? Yeah. Right although all the emotional stuff and the kids compliance sure so and distractions I mean what is the learning really going to be like? Is it GONNA be effective. I personally partly. I when I did my survey I being a stay at home. Mom have more freedoms so I opted for can do part time. Somehow you know every other day or morning afternoon I. Don't know what it would look like, but a lot of parents are two working parents, and they can't be friends that are both working say. Would it how they want full-time? They weren't fulltime, so you know it's that. Weighing of cost versus reward, and but it's really difficult. I had a really hard time getting my kids doing distance learning I had a few days where I was the greatest homeschool teacher ever create a curriculum videos cooking. We did everything and then I was burned out your and. Then I. Assume, they were doing fine on their own, totally independent, learning given what teachers were giving them finally, and then I, started getting emails that Oh. He didn't turn in anything last week so then. I'm going on now. I know. All. Too. I totally take advantage various chip like. Why would you yeah few? They knew that they didn't have to do great. They knew that if they got sixty percent, they'd be fine. Yes, there are bare minimum, not right, but the boys. And then there. Girl. Girls. Girls? Yeah, so then it's like I don't know. So! There's gotta be some blends something that works some balance. Do you envision like going back with masks and so forth? Do your kid what do they say? Do you tell them what might happen? What do they say about it I'm I? They do know it's going to happen. I think our district is going back fulltime and with the same precautions. It sounds like your classrooms are taking exactly what? What it looks like they're still not sure where they're going to eat I.

00:40:02 - 00:45:02

Don't know if that's been figured out. I. Know that the the cruise right now. During the summer running around crazy with desks and shade structures and trying to get it already, I think we're GONNA to use outdoor spaces more but part of me is like jeeze. Maybe I should look into home schooling at this point. I kind of got into that idea. While I was doing distance learning I'm like really could do this. And like my one son who's more introverted lows being at home, he he's been asking to be home schooled forever. So there's my other who's more social than Charlotte's more social. So. It's a mixed bag I just I'm just so curious what teachers feel? You as a teacher. What you just mentioned is something I think spin important for a long time is. Variety in school. You know we. We tried to fit every twelve year old into the same Struck it doesn't work for everybody, but just speaking. It's impossible to give every child individual care. We do have to teach the masses, and that's the question of Public School which is why charter schools came to be and I. Think the idea of a versatile way of teaching is absolutely necessary if if we learn anything from this. It's. Other ways to teach our kids. But not you know unfortunately there's a lot of problems with charter schools as far as their accountability lot issues. That's all podcast again s in charter schools. That's. Like for you, do all the say you have that luxury? You know you're in that position. Where if you want you have one kid. That's home school. Your stay at home, mom, you're able to do that and so good for you. You know that might work for you. Ms Nothing wrong with that so worries me as a teacher. Personally I worry about kids emotion. I worry about. The other underlying health issues. They have We have quite a few students that are hearing impaired. And do. You know how. We, rightfully spent a Lotta time modifying our curriculum for. The. Special ED students. And I don't see how wearing these masks in social distancing. They're going to get. Very negatively impacted in that the whole school. In what do you do about sports and things? You know you say about home schooling. Let's say They definitely need to be integrated socially, and yet I don't how we going already back at sports, right Joe yes, soccer has started for Elliot. He's back two days a week and they do the whole protocol. Six feet apart masks the temperature, and then they do kind of drills far apart from each other. They can't play. You know one real close, but I don't know what that looks like term as. They played actual game you smashing into spitting all over Java yeah, so I don't know and same with camper starting backup summer camps, I sound. This is all I think about a car bulls and is happening to. Car pulling forty-five minutes because we have a soccer club. That's far away and I've got three other boys in my car. Now all of a sudden, so our bubble went from ours. Our family to we bubbled with another family who all the kids get along, but now I have this carpool going. And then we got invited to a birthday party, which was outside, but still i. don't know what happened. And then that mom drove them home, so the bubbles getting bigger, and it has to get bigger if they're going back to school anyway. It's just so. i-i-in nervous, or are you over this whole thing and you wanna take a chance because it's better. Oh, it totally makes me nervous. No, I'm still very cautious. I don't know I. 'cause I'm dealing with inlaws who both have lymphoma. And are. You know, but they're the they're funny to. They came over and father's Day and said you. What if the cancer hasn't killed us? This will give me a hug. And they came in first so I'm going I think everyone's over it, everyone. Feels like podcast. Get back on revising builds guilty saying that Josh in this. That's legitimate. We're not naturally built this. Thank God our civilization. As we've known. It would've ended long ago. We are social teaching. History is the. Idea of the importance of each other in community in so then you feel guilty like Geez that's hypocritical now. I'm saying screw it it just. There's different thoughts out there because I went to my friends playing outdoor jazz festival down the street festival. It's three people in a line. Up We were all chatty. Anyway, the nobody was wearing masks, but we were social distancing were outside. It's been proven. We think that there's like one case where someone got I'm hearing all these facts.

00:45:02 - 00:50:04

I'm not even listening to the news anymore so right now I'm ding-dong in it, but But, the other guy came in I was in the seat where he was going to play his guitar, and he showed up in everybody. Quick put on their masks in. He's like he's that guy. You got to get out of his seat and put on your mask really fast and so there and I have a friend. WHO's that guy? You know who we went out and he was like. You know you're supposed to work passing people on the trail hiking. And he said you need to wear your mask to protect others. who weren't wearing a mask walking. I was. Like those those people are taking risks just like you know. And then I went over to the and we started making out fine, so everything worked out. We'll see what happens by sneeze. Spit member spinach. Sorry about that. I did I. I think the jump. There are a few of the. People that are holding out, but then I think most people are just over. It is my general sense of most of my friends and. It seems like it, but then you look at those numbers and go. Oh, my Gosh! Scary right now. Are we just the dumb dumbs like all the kids on the beach in Florida that? The answer is yes yes. And that's why it's so important that we continue to go back slowly, but this was specifically about school. which is such a sensitive as it should be? There are children there but it's also. Involves everybody. Children need to be taken care of so then you have the parents, and then you say. Pants going back to work it. Schools are one of the biggest things I mean restaurants. Hostels Know other merchants. I don't think we should all be under the same umbrella of precaution schools. Because of the emotional aspect in. The covering up the faith in the. Reality of how many kids are in their in car, cooling and bus. It's so much more complex than a restaurant that you can control. You can control Matt. Areas situation so much more. A hospital already has massive precautions should continue. like you guys said. Not to take it lightly in there could be a chance that comes back were so our mon- money and resources need to be put into the science behind it in the support, our healthcare workers in make sure that we can handle. Yeah, absolutely well I do. WanNa say Jen I appreciate teachers more than ever before in my life. Being on had all of this on me in. In a way, and you guys took it off my plate when all the distance learning plans came off, came knockout, but we had two weeks of nothing where we didn't know what was happening, and it was a lie. It was so stressful, so my hats off to all the teachers out there to you for handling six graders for doing it and choosing your career is so like. F You know formative for our society. Really that sounds so big and grand to say these kids without this I don't know. I appreciate that and I think your parents to. You guys parents that you weren't. You weren't cut out for being with you children this long. Hard. Yes stick a youtube. It is It's a wake up. Call all of us in his teachers. It made me. Appreciate, their little faces in being live with them in hearing. The right to be gone. I miss our conversations in class collaboration, and that's a huge part of importance. Especially, the younger ones is that collaboration in? Teaching from home. You can't do that obviously. Joe, closing thoughts. We'll wrap it up. Yeah, just everybody. Wash your hands. You know where your mask for now until we change our minds, but Gosh I. It's not that that hard and or face shields. You know that's an option to anyway. Thank you Jan.. Jan We've got. Them So. Owning and I hope we solve nothing. I mean we. We. Appreciate your so you in the trenches there she goes for being. There you go. All right. She's got her hand sanitizer. We love it. To Go. Girl. Jen It gives you a better perspective of what she deals with on a day-to-day basis. It's pretty impressive crazy. Yeah, I can't imagine being teacher. It's so hard I did it once for acting kids like for summer job? We had different age groups and. I was awful. Do you know some story I don't know I was just thinking of how you stopped.

00:50:04 - 00:55:01

You came and helped me volunteer for when I was teaching the garden classes, and you used your tried and true method to get kids attention which was. Screaming really loud because that's my only I. Don't know what I'm doing. I don't know how to control people because I don't want to control anyone. And maybe some boyfriends or something, but kidding but yeah. I didn't know how they control a class. These little muck mouths kept talking constantly, and they would like Hey I'm the respectable authority figure up here and then, so instead of an I. Did this with Your Garden class when I don't know how to handle everyone i? Just go. Wait. What did I do? You may still weird noise and like through your arms up in the air, and just kind of went. Also. To look weird lady making noises with the corner. But it got their attention. It's just my only tactic or all. Do some weird. Ethel Merman like. And it scares them, and then they'll stop and then, but then you have to keep commanding there after and then you've totally lost respect because they're like. What is she doing? Terrible it's not for me it. Is Very very good at teaching. She's really good at controlling clashes she can. Any No, it's a great personality I. Don't have that same kind of personality where you she did it with. A she has a AIRBNB and had to like yell at the people who are having a party up there that weren't supposed to be. She was very clear and very matter of fact. You me one thing and you guys did something else, so you're gonNA need to do this info anyway points. Is a good teacher. That's a great tactic. I know a lot of amused different ways to get control I. don't I have about two classes in me and I'm out, so I talked to the game like I could homeschool I. Don't know if I could. So. You know you're great and your kids respect you, so that's important. Is there any thing you wanted to comment on off details of the interview about no, I just wanted to give a shout out to all the other parents out there who are dealing with situations like this to where it's a huge managers in the teachers, everything so unknown were all under stress. Everything's so stressful. It's so crazy I hope everybody just takes time for themselves. Self Care Talk with mental health professionals if you need it. If you're feeling depressed, overwhelmed find your village, you know. Get get a group of people together to talk things through I. think that's so important. And Valley Jude even write to us or talk to us. We're here for you to. Anyone's needing that. We're here and maybe. Maybe, we unload on Youtube. Maybe help us. Way Shoulder Rub. Keep these beating to what I said. Maybe they could help us. Will you guys please council us? Can we call us? Back and feet. Murmuring in the background. It'll come out and postal here later. All right anyway, I do want to give shutouts to our Patriot and listeners. Thank you and especially. Our other podcast friends and pals at unpredictably us. We love you. Guys Christie's. Athena, you guys, rock and Christie and Athena. Listen to their podcasts. It's really fun unpredictably ass and they. Are. Unpredictable, beautiful voices I'll just say that much better than. I know. When are you sound a little better? Can you do your good via I'll go get a surgery on my nose and. Do NPR. Let's close it. Let's close it out. Okay with our NPR voices right well. You heard my spot for homeschool. Buyers Co up, so that's my NPR voice. How about you? I loved your buyers market co up. Wait wait until it home plate. Gold buyers co up I better. Say That again because our people are paying US okay. I love her home. Buyers school up. Buyers go up, okay. I love homeschool buyers co up. there. They're gonNA. Drop us. They haven't even heard okay. When episode. Take all this. Right now. Give me your best NPR voice here yours. I? Just want you to know. I swear. I'm just kidding. It's hot. Don't okay. Wait hold on. Also this necklace has been dangling by the microphone. I hope that's not gonNA. I keep hearing something Jeez.

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