July 1, 2020

E80 - Your Brain On Facts with Moxie LaBouche

What do you get when you mix Game of Thrones, burlesque dancing, goat farming, a million facts, and a bolt of lightning? You get Moxie LaBouche, one of our most interesting guests yet! Jump in to learn about the genesis of her Your Brain on...

E80 - What do you get when you mix Game of Thrones, burlesque dancing, goat farming, a million facts, and a bolt of lightning? You get Moxie LaBouche, one of our most interesting guests yet! Jump in to learn about the genesis of her Your Brain on Facts podcast and newly released book by the same name, her advice for writing and podcast editing, and thoughts on George R.R. Martin, The Last Airbender, and other nerd culture. We get into the coolest discussions about spontaneous human combustion, well-traveled corpses, spotted hyena sex, and echolocation. Then after a deep dive into the stories of identical twins with psychic connections and secret twin languages, we learn about creepy death dolls, and parasitic twins having heads with two faces! You will fill up your brain and be as fascinated by Moxie as we were, someone who can even make mud interesting!

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Your Brain On Facts with Moxie LaBouche

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Joelle: Hey everybody! Welcome to Mouse and Weens. We have a special guest here! Well first of all, it's introduce ourselves. I'm Joelle. I'm Mouse. I'm the big sister one in San Diego hunkered down with pillows. Weens?

Julianne: Hi, I'm Weens. I'm up in LA in the film business, the single one. And I'm stuck in your... I'm at Mouse's house right now and my face is in her son's bookcase so I'm kind of like halfway over here. Hi!

Joelle: We have a special guest here today. Why don't you introduce yourself?

Moxie: Thank you so much for having me. I'm Moxie LaBouche from the Your Brain On Facts podcast, your weekly half hour of things you never knew you never knew!

Joelle: She is amazing you guys. We're so excited to collaborate with this woman. (Aw Shucks) Your Brain On Facts. Her brain is on facts. You should see this brain of hers. She's got a medley of topics and, oh my gosh, it was so fun scrolling through all your episodes. Like I want to learn about all of this. So we're excited to have you!

Moxie: Thank  you, thank you!

Joelle: Yeah, so Weens, how did we set this up? Tell her what was on your mind, and then how we got to this topic.

Julianne: Well, you had mentioned Moxie as having a fantastic podcast. It's just full of facts. I absolutely love just absorbing facts. I probably don't have that same kind of amazing brain that you have because I'll take in a little bit and... But I just love it. I love it, love it. I was always into Freakonomics and Statisticians and TED Talks, and all that. So I just... I heard your podcast. I absolutely absorbed it. I'd have to listen to it a couple of times to keep, you know, retaining the information.

Moxie: Don't be in any way intimidated. Let me tell you where the standard actually lies here. I may take in all of this information, but I can never find it again later because I was struck by lightning nine years ago. And so some of the files are 404. So I'll get halfway through a fact and be like, "Wait. Where did this happen? Who are we talking about? Oh look! A squirrel!"

Julianne: Were you really struck by lightning? Are you kidding?

Moxie: Yes. Thankfully it was a secondary strike. The lightning bolt hit the house. I was outside milking my goats. I used to be a goat farmer. One of them didn't want to come out into the sky water because she was certain I could make stop if I chose to and I just didn't choose to. So I'm standing there with my hand on the fence when the loudest crack you ever heard sounded over my head. It sounded like it was three feet above me. A bolt of lightning had hit the house, lit it on fire, and then dissipated out through the mud to the fence that I was holding onto. And I couldn't move my hand for a while, and I couldn't do arithmetic in my head for about three weeks, and my logic center was weakened as well. Things seemed to have normalized thereafter, but I've had a pretty dodgy memory ever since. But it is the best excuse for a blonde moment ever 'cause nobody expects anything of you after that.

Julianne: You've got a lifelong excuse. That's great!

Joelle: Oh my gosh! I can't believe this. How did...? Maybe did I see something online about this? But holy moly! Okay, well first of all goat farming. We've been talking about goat farming lately, so that's a trip. And where are you located? What state is this?

Moxie: I'm on the East Coast I'm in Virginia. (Virginia. Ok.) And I was a goat farmer and a burlesque dancer at the same time. And those schedules do not line up.

Julianne: Oh my god! Wow! I love this! How you did you make that work?

Moxie: Not well. Not well. I'll tell you that. Because you do the gig, and then you're all hyped up, so you go out to eat. And then you roll home at like one or two in the morning, and you're like, "Okay, do I get three and a half hours asleep? Or do I try to stay up for the next three and a half hours?" And whichever one you choose is wrong. And the goats do not care what the rest of your life looks like. They expect to be milked on time.

Joelle: Oh my god. Wow. I love it. There's so many questions. We need to... We need to do a Part Two! Wait I need to hear about the burlesque.

Moxie: Let me let drop one more little thing about it which I really need to move on from my life admittedly. It was my distinct pleasure to produce the only George R. R. Martin-approved game of thrones, burlesque tribute. And we actually got to go to his theater in Santa Fe and play for the man himself.

Julianne: Oh my God! Do you have any of that? If we could put a little clip of that on our website... Well, we'll talk about that later. That sounds incredible.

Moxie: I made a documentary of it! I'll send you the whole damn documentary! And my husband who performs under the name Dante Inferno did a routine as George R.R. Martin in front of George R.R. Martin. He said it was the single most nerve-wracking experience of his life.

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Julianne: What did he think?

Moxie: He liked it. Mr. Martin is a very nice guy. He's just like a just a sweet older man - kind of quiet as you would expect from someone who's written eighty thousand pages of nerd stuff, you know. And everybody needs to stop asking him when the book's coming out and what happens if he dies before he finishes. He's really kind of sick of hearing that.

Joelle: Oh! That was featured in...what TV show is that? Just featured in...? Did a whole piece on him...? I'll look it up. See? My brain is gone too and I haven't been struck by lightning. I can't remember anything. FACT  CHECK: The TV show I was thinking of is called Younger and they had an actor portray a George R.R. Martin-type character. Hormones. I'm blaming them.

Moxie: It's catching. The unmistakable cone of ignorance. Yes, I'll just drag you guys down with me.

Joelle: We're already there. You did nothing of the sort.

Julianne: Quarantine brain. I blame it all on quarantine because that is...

Moxie: That is a legit thing. is really. About the the while the when you're under constant strain for so long, it really does affect you because I had to put together a national tour, having never done that before with a co-producer. who was worth Sweet Fanny Adams? Are, we are working blue. Yeah, go ahead. Okay, okay, good 'cause, my default by default, setting his drunken sailor, and so his chick is not helping me at all. She keeps saying she's going to help in that. She doesn't and I'm trying to juggle. All these balls and was just under so much stress all the time that by the end of it I couldn't function of also. My hair was starting to fall out. My fingernails were delaminating and I thought I was getting an ulcer, but we got to Mr Morton, so it was okay that all made it worth it, but yes, sometimes the co-producers. Are you wish you would have done it alone? I relate to that. I had a terrible when he was a sociopath. That later anyway so after the George Martin Meeting. When was that by the way that was twenty sixteen I think Oh, my gosh people are going to be so excited. Yes, I need to up talking about it, they. Don't need to be that guy. You know that the forty year old guys still wearing his letterman jacket I need to. Find something else to brag about like for example. I'm about to be a published author. The your brain on facts book comes out mid. June you're kidding Yay congratulate, does it come about well? It is all thanks to Emily Prokop from The Story Behind podcast, which is a really great show. Everyone should check out definitely. Play that one for the kids. The episodes tend to run about seven ten minutes, and it's you know the origins of toothpaste or ping pong balls, or whatever. It's really great. She and I shared a hotel room at a podcast conference. 'cause, of course anything that exists has conferences. And immediately hit it off and she put me onto her publisher. They had a bad experience with a trivia person and were kind of sour on it, but they decided they'd give it one more shot, and so far things look like they've gone well. And, yeah! So about two thirds of the contents of the book are stuff that hasn't been and will not be on the the podcast feed, so they are exclusive to the papery format.

And what is the name of your book again?

Okay. The title is entirely too long, but it is Your Brain On Facts: Things You Didn't Know, Things You Thought You Knew, and Things You Never Knew You Never Knew. That is the full title. If you go to YourBrainOnFacts.com/book, it puts you right over to the Amazon page, or of course reach out to your local bookseller safely because they need your love now more than ever.

Julianne: Oh, yeah, that is for sure. Amen. Oh congratulations. We'll post all your links and all of all the ways that people can find that too. Absolutely.

Moxie: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Joelle: Yes that's so cool. So what is the process of writing a book? Pretty straightforward? Easy? Difficult?

Moxie: It is definitely complex. The actual writing of it is is one thing, but then you have to have it formatted the way that they're expecting, which can be very very very particular. And you get your various processes of revision. My bibliography is like fifty pages just listing all the sources. I spent an entire weekend just doing the bibliography only. Twenty hours it took me to do the bibliography, discounting all the sources formatted correctly, and then you've got your back-and-forths. And it doesn't matter how many times everybody reads it. There are still typos. Don't know how they get past seventeen people proofreading.

Joelle: I love finding them in books too. I feel like I should be paid or something.

Moxie: Yeah. It's not.... it's not as good feeling when it's your book. Let me tell you, it's awful.

Julianne: Can you...? Can we back it up to? How did you...? We found you through your podcasts? So how did you come to create your...? Can you give us a little snippet of how...?

Moxie: The birth of the Brain On Facts? I just I have this brain that's loaded down with ridiculous tangential knowledge and I can't stop myself from interjecting it into conversations I worked at a grocery store, and the customers don't necessarily want to hear about the prehistoric ground sloth that redistributed avocado seeds, and that's why the pits are so huge.

00:10:13 - 00:15:09

They just want me to bring up the damn avocado and let them leave, you know? So when my husband got me into listening to podcasts I thought, "Oh. This'll be a safe way to vent all this useless knowledge." The problem is a seven-page script each week just puts more shit into my brain, which then of course gets scattered all around for an interesting book. So some of it did fall neatly onto the printed page thankfully.

Julianne: That's great. So you've always had this kind of brain to find facts.

Moxie: Why? When I was a kid, I was a serious serious TV addict. Like Mike TV all the way. And so that was the punishment, when I was acting up was to have TV taken away. Except I was allowed to watch the news and educational programming, and that is probably where I developed my love for a well-crafted documentary. School that's a good idea. Now you can get some ideas for your kids Joe I know mine currently just play video, so if we don't into education. Yet don't don't take their electrtonics. Take the charging cables and just watch the hope. Fade from there is is the ballad. remotes lock him into the car and take the keys I mean you could also get an get little small padlocks and put it through that hole. That's in the ground on the plug. Plug? It in. That's Smart, oh. They might on combust though okay speaking of that just because I happen to bring that up. Do you have any information about spontaneously combusting because I'm fascinated by that? Yeah, spontaneous human. Is Fascinating and you can spend hours debating whether or not it's real whether or not it's even possible. There is the theory that an article of clothing catches. Fire begins to melt the subcutaneous fat, and that the than the fabric that wicks the fat up like fuel, but it's bizarre, because nothing else in the house is destroyed, and yet there are, there are a number of supposed- incidents, but no clear consensus, one way or the other depending on what day you ask me, you know I'll either four or anti spontaneous combustion. The Way Ladies and gentlemen. This was a spontaneous question. Fact that she just had that sitting in her brain means something right there. I'm sorry, does this? Does everyone not just immediately? Combustion. Is there anything that you are soup? You have so a vast array of subjects on your on your podcast. I mean it's just incredible, so is there anything that you are most excited about or something that you love doing? You'll have these topics. We just can't resist like everything that comes up. We have to get more of. I am I'm fascinated by it? My I called my upset well-traveled corpses. These are people whose bodies covered more ground when they were dead than they were when they were alive like Elmer mccurdy, the failed train robber in the eighteen sixties, whose body eventually made its way onto the set of the six million dollar man where they thought he was a dummy. A. Perron of course went through three other countries before she was finally buried. Back in Argentina WanNa Pastrana who was of A. Woman woman from rural Mexico who had hypertrichosis she was covered with thick hair, and shells had a condition that made her gums and lips very thick gave her a. Sort of Simian appearance for lack of a better word, so she ended up on the side show circuit as you do back then and was marketed as the orangutans girl, the bear woman. Claimed to be a half breed of humans and monkeys, and all this stuff and one of her promoters married her probably to keep her all to himself. They had a child, but unfortunately Juliana and the baby die pretty much after childbirth and he had them stuffed. It just gets sadder from there. So. It's either that or the the mating habits of. Spotted Hyenas because the spotted hyena is freaking fascinating. And you're listening to my favorite podcast, Malchin weaned. This is my Tricia oh! Feel stopped by to say hi. Hi, much Russia will from accord, looking at West, Hubertus Black and white fluffy kitty. See it apparently Russian Kitty. UH, well! When we rescued her, she was quite small herself, and it just had a litter of kittens so I figured she was a little thing. That other similar little things came out of so she was aimed mature Ska, rushing nasty doll. The Russian. Nesting dolls actually are Japanese, but that's neither here nor there yeah. Bonus facts. Just quickly because I have what is the point of the Russian nesting dolls? Where did that come from? Do you have any idea that the original concept of them as Japanese so the doll inside another dull? Originated in Japan I.

00:15:09 - 00:20:04

Am a Little Spacey Right now on how it jumped onto the mainland and got to rush to look that up again with the lightning strike in the memories the point was it a kids game. Was it just something interesting issues? Vote I think just folk art. Yeah, you know, and it's in. It's amusing and cute. I imagine people regarded the same way we regard them today. Look at this cute little thing that someone. In. All my guess spotted hanging spotted. Okay. spotted. Hyenas are a female dominant society. The females are even bigger than the males. A male cannot rise up in the rank below even the lowest ranked female. You're a a male cub has a little bit of rank. Thanks to his mom until he's grown up and then he's right back to the bottom of the cute. Remake the female hyenas have a clitoris which is not like a human clitoris. It is like a pseudo penis, and in fact is so confusing. To researchers that they have difficult even telling males from females when they have one anesthetized. The pseudo penis is that convincing. But it gets wilder hold on. because. That's also their birth canal. What so they have to get a real penis inside the pseudo penis, and then two months later give birth through it. Can you imagine this sound I heard of it Yeah Yeah Bas- basically trying to squeeze a baseball down guard knows. How? Interesting. Interesting marriage night. What would you do? Oh, it's. It's complex to be able to get things positioned correctly. I felt bad for the little. Chihuahua on the in the great shame, but this sounds even more difficult. Findlay definitely be sympathetic to male spotted hyenas, because they also they don't get very good food because they're on the bottom of the pecking order, and as just not a good scene for them. Any. No I went to Africa I went to Namibia traveling and we were camping one night, and we were with a group of about seven or eight people I didn't realize how many hyenas kill humans. They really are. We are slow. Yeah, but they were. And we don't have have teeth. We don't have claws. Yeah, WE JUST SORTA! Scream and fall down. and. In a really good. There are these smart, too. I mean with the pack mentality out, imagine they. They have like leasing to their intellect relative to to other Savannah Animals, but I mean they they maintain, and they'll take on lions and stuff and there. Are Not to be messed with. Okay, can I now segue into? We listened to the coolest two episodes part, one and part two on twins. And identical twins being the first in my right on that. I. Don't remember anymore. One one episode was about twins and then I. Think I got into conjoined twins in the second episode I can't remember what I wrote last week. As soon as I do the new episode, all the old episodes go F-, but it's in your brain. That's great, so if you're on jeopardy, wear emerge. Yeah, so, what did you like Joe on? What was your favorite story? I love to the secret language. I thought that was fascinating, and you played the clip of those of those two sisters, which was just Kinda Spooky I dunno I look I. Wish I could have found that her quality. That's just one of the reasons that sounds spooky because you have children's speaking weirdly, and it's all grainy and slightly distorted, so it sounds creepy. It's just the best. There was on Youtube. Can you give us an backstory of that? Well those particular girls leave those that was grace and Virginia. Of, 'cause twin language. Some parents of twins will experience this. Is the twins seeming to develop their own way of communicating? One to the other that. Seems unrelated to the language. Their parents are speaking. and. It's uncertain INSCI- whether how this is coming about is this a helped them? And developing their language skills is letting them speak a different language, a hindrance You know things of that nature, but Let me find out about I. Think it was grace and Virginia. Because remember one thing that sounded so I'm sorry if I just cut you on. It was that they. That researchers had thought that they. They discovered like these twins had this language that they created together, so the scientists came and studied it, and they thought if they reiterated the language back to them that they would be able to communicate, and that turned out not to be true. It turned out that The girls were just. Very poorly mimicking the German that their grandmother spoke in their grandmother.

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BABYSAT them most of the time so. It was just gibberish it was. It was basically German from the grandma in English from their parents from their parents created scientists like uttered, it back started just giggling and laughing, and apparently it was just kind of a failed experiment. Yeah, so that the scientists might have thought they were responding to what was said, but they're like ha, ha grownups talking silly, and that's about it. All right. Can we answer the clip? Is that something that you were able to find? Send it over to you. Okay all right. Let's insert the clip here because it's. It's wild here we go. The Room. I'm on my God. It's so easy. Yeah I would love to hear from people if anyone wants to rate in about twin language, if any appearance of experienced it, or or what else have you found Moxie any? Can, I I don't want to. I'm sorry, but the one that was the craziest. I can't remember the names, but the twins who ended up they had such. A sad story ended up going to the asylum for twelve years junior offer gibbons. which is a wild ride? Can you give us a little bit of it? That was this. This is the the main entree. This is the the main dish of of twin stories because June and Jennifer. Gibbons were born in. There were born in the Caribbean and their family emigrated to Wales there there were of African descent. wheels is a pretty white country. They're born in the early nineteen sixties, so school went very badly for them to the point that there are teachers. Allow them to leave school five minutes ahead of everybody else, so they make it home safely. So. Twins already tend to be very house because. There were roommates. But. Being ostracized at school made the girls even closer, and they just began to withdraw to the point where they even stopped speaking to their family for the most part, they would only speak to their younger sister. They had a few older siblings and one you sibling. And they would lock themselves in their room for days on end the family to leave food outside the door. They began writing these really strange dark twisted stories they would play with dolls and make up tragic backstories for them, including the the time and manner of the dolls eventual death. Don't give my daughter any ideas. She has one friend and they they've gotten into spooky dolls and things lately and unlike. That's. Perfectly, normal! That's all perfectly normal. I, as I recommend so often people definitely. If you've not familiar with at checkout, the Youtube Channel Ask him where Titian, which is run by Caitlin Doda is a funeral director out of California. WHO ADVOCATES FOR? Death positively how taking back? Of the end of life and post death process as well as natural burial and her third book is. Will my cat eat my eyeballs, which are answers to questions? Children have asked about death, and the answer by the way is yes. Oh. Wow. Oh Gosh more podcast right there. Yes, Oh, my okay, so with the twins. They were rating their somber stories, and then didn't. They get institutionalized. Isolated a started then leaving the house always together now, and these were like you know very very tight friends, but if you've ever had a girl, you were tight with. You will know that you will fight viciously with that person at some point or another I have five sisters I. See Sisters. You guys know what's up, you know. If this happened one time I pulled out Or. She pulled out a piece of my skin from her fingernails that came out like a long accordion from scratching me for taking her purse, but that's another story. Sorry and I think it was a pen. It was hidden. Let's say. Okay. So, so the girls they're teenagers now and. getting them out of the House seems like it would be an improvement, but not so much because they started drinking and smoking weed and shoplifting and setting fires, and that was what landed them in the Broadmoor asylum, not the best place in the world, right? He this was in the eighties. Yes, so this this would have been in the mid seventy s so if you have ever seen that that expose documentary about the of the mental hospital on Long Island where the the patients were all just. Like sitting around half dressed and unattended and whatnot, so just combine that with what you think of like Dickensian workhouse, and that's broadmoor.

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I saw a picture of it was old brick kind of fenced-in Greg. forboding. Said they were stuck in there for twelve years and. How do they get out who decided to release them? Well, they became friends with a journalist. One of the very few people they would talk to, because while they're in hospital known lower that were they not talking. They would go into seemingly catatonic states where they would be like stiffest aboard an entirely unresponsive for hours or seemingly days on end but they did open up to this London. Sunday Sunday Times reporter, who had come to try to talk to them, and they became fairly close with her, and I think she may have. facilitated then leaving Broadmoor. They weren't being freed, but they were being transferred to a less severe institution like sort of moving to a minimum security. But the twins confided in this reporter and it was Marjorie Wallace. They had come to a decision. For one of them to be able to have normal life, the other one would have to die. And, they decided that it was going to be Jennifer. So they were in the van, being transported to the lesser security facility. At Jennifer just collapsed and died. and. Her cause of death was determined to be acute myocarditis inflammation of the heart, but she was relatively young, not in bad shape and. It just doesn't make any sense that she would suddenly drop dead. kind of lending credibility to the belief that. She just willed it to happen. Or maybe she and June both. Will attack remember this part of your podcast? Where they said there was no alcohol, no drugs. No, there was nothing no sign of anything to any tax. Cause any cause of death dying. Basically and so, what happened to the other twin? Did she bounce back and? June led A. Fairly normal life, she didn't get any any additional trouble with the law. She was a fairly reclusive and stayed. Pretty close with with Marjorie Wallace who wrote? The book, the silent twins, which is Kinda the definitive source about their life so I recommend everybody. Check that out. If this story is interested, you and you want some further reading. when asked if she was still writing, she said I. Don't see the point in writing books now I can communicate by talking, can I? Wow. Interesting. And a the epitaph on Jennifer's headstone reads. We once were to we to made one. We know more to through life. Be One rest in peace. Do you think she died of a broken heart because her sister like they decided it was her. And you hear these people who die shortly after the other and and broken heart syndrome is a real thing. Beat speak, but it's because of the stress that the loss puts on your body but yes, you can absolutely die of a broken heart. That's why you hear often about older couples passing pretty close to one another, either that or if the wife goes I, the husband doesn't know how to buy groceries or where to get his medication from. Yeah Oh my gosh. That's I love that you also had that. Just at your fingertips broken. Heart Syndrome answer for that. I wonder seriously I think about it though if she if they somehow made a pact that she was gonNA, die. She was under that stress of okay here i. go maybe and maybe. We'll never know I know and then that the psychic connection part was cool to where they would be in separate wings of the word in catatonic states in the exact same position even though they couldn't see each other, so they're sensing something. They're feeling something. Is there something to that the psychic ability I mean? Are there facts that? Pearl any it's. It's sort of like saying are facts that prove there are ghosts. It depends on who you ask you know is because the girls seemed to have that connection where they had been because anytime, they were separated. They will go catatonic and employees would find them. You know in the same physical position. Despite the fact, they couldn't see or communicate in any way they would like. Take turns eating. One of them would would do the eating and the other one would go hungry, and then they would switch and. You know. They lived very much like one person who had been split between two bodies route. You know it's really impossible to say if they had any sort of. You know psychic communication or anything, but it's really hard not to think there was something going on.

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Route will be I've looked up some videos US nate and there were a few other stories on Youtube and one was Two twins from England in one of them had gotten into a severe car accident and was in a coma, and the other one was. Would you know lay in the same position at home as the brother in the hospital, and they he would you know feel when he was His fixating and things like that. So that's something on YouTube. You can check out, but also what was the one with the guy with the face in the back of his head? Okay, at what the headboard Edward More Drake, I slept so funky, less and Edward More Drake. Did you Do you watch American Horror Story? because. I haven't seen any. We googled it. As as we are listening to your podcast, we googled it. We saw all these images and just FYI I. It was right before we went to bed and that's not a good thing to do. But I slept like. More Drake was this This man, who supposedly had a conjoined twin or a a parasitic twin. But just like part of their head on the back of his head, which is a thing that can happen except according to reports, it was a girl which is not a thing that happens only identical. Twins can be conjoined because it either happens from the two eggs, fertilized eggs, colliding or one splitting. It just doesn't happen with with fraternal twins so. No, that was not a thing. Let there is Ah Bust that looks like a preserved head with another face on the back so that makes people really think he really existed, and supposedly the face just tormented him was saying things to them all the time and you know doctors at the time. Nineteenth Century couldn't possibly remove it. And eventually he died by suicide because he couldn't stand this little monster voice talking to him at all hours, but he didn't exist, because he scientifically impossible, so rest assured I love it in someone I think. We looked at up at it with someone who had carved the face. Yeah, he was like Madame Toussaud's sort of Manitou. Two sods type of model so really looks the part. That would spawn a really cool fiction. Story I love that idea. Okay? Any and you see that character pop up such as when he did on in the freakshow season of American Horror Story, Oh okay, and then Harry Potter right with a with WHO I forget which professor was. My Mom China. Think of is professor. Quarrel from Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone when meeting voldemort Romania voldemort tried to get into hogwarts, but he never succeeded, so we attached onto the back of professor. Curls head in that, too is under his turban the whole time. Yeah suits as cut kind of almost a reference. Right there? That was the only very potter I saw was the first one. Okay. Yeah. I know it's an invitation and everybody else's life, but I was like. Yeah, it's nice fine. To make my kids are deep in it right now. If I called any of them in, they'd be able to name everything. Avatar the last Air Benders on net, you can shift them over. There we go. I like sat on like one of the best shows made in the last twenty years really. It is practically perfect in every way, the writings amazing direction the voice casting the acting the the world building. Everything about it, okay? What is your other favorite show also? Beyond! That is a game of thrones or was until last season. Well what's funny was was the show runners. You know the the the David. Were rushing game of thrones to get. It finished because they wanted to get. To be put in charge of Star Wars, however, in rushing game of thrones, the cocked up so bad. They Lost Star Wars. The ended up, they ended up with with nothing. And ever do that to your fans. People worst idea ever. I know it just the was. The last season was so just inconsistent, and it was like. Did you read this before you went? started filming. You? Girl, the main author George had stepped away from, or they ran out of books to read a book, so they're trying to create stories themselves and they weren't. He gave them the outline of where the story was going to go. Because he he knows where it's going to go just needs to actually write it and be patient with him. He's an old man on a green screen computer, and he still only hunt and peck typer, so that's why it takes so long and. After, I think season, four or five, they ran out of original material. Just the show writers and then season eight. The wheels came off. Guys. It's always disappointing because you're there till the very end to have. It. It taints the rest of it. 'cause like I. don't even want to go back and re watch the good seasons now I know that.

00:35:03 - 00:40:01

I know this crap is coming. Why did they do that? Really is a problem. you know I am just so happy that you came on. Is there anything else that fascinates you that you WANNA? Talk about before we go. There is nothing that is not fascinating. If you stop and look at it now, if you stop and look at it, everything is fascinating. It's like ever stop and look at something small, and you just let yourself look at long enough, and then the details start to emerge, and what do we say? Things are too small to see with the naked eye i. mean you're still seeing it? You just don't know that you are, but that's something. The current me the other day Like I've challenged myself to do some episodes on things that sound like they're too simple boring to possibly build a show around like Mutt like okay. How am I gonNA make mud interesting for half an hour, and the more I looked, the more I found because you have the the Haitian mud cookies, which the poorest people of the poorest country in the western hemisphere there the cookies are literally made of mud, but they make you feel full. They make you feel like you're not starving to death, so that's helpful Mud, spas and scammy health resorts, and it all just just branches out from there. There's places in the south where there's a particular type of dirt called. Kaelin clay that people traditionally eat because they think it has health benefits and Supposedly pregnant women live in that region will crave it if they have a mineral deficiency. And it does computer yeah, and and and you'll find it in your cosmetics and a lot of other products, Kaelin Clay and that was that was what the active ingredient Kopech Tate anti-diarrhoeal medicine because the Klay binds you up. So it was just a suspension of Kaelin clay. Way And then something some people just like it. Some people have their grandma aided. Their mom made it. They eat it. Part is just part of the culture for that region. So and gentlemen, mud is interesting. We have. The world everything in the world is fascinating. If we stop and look at it. Are you doing podcast every week? Are you releasing? Weekly weekly approximately half hour show. It's so much work and all the other writing and the research and hosting Oh. We can barely edged care stoves afloat. It's the best case scenario. Twelve to fifteen hours of one reason is because I also do my own editing and I cannot stand the little noise. Your mouth makes when you go. Out So gross, just the little, the little click when you open your mouth when your tongue comes away from your gums and I have to go through my track and dig out every last one because it's we all have that that that sound were were missing phony about that. A sound just cannot stand and that's. That's one of my that people chewing with their mouth open. It's gross. I probably do I found that when I listen to my audio check every time I think I'm funny go. So Gross. And I. I do the tongue click, but it's really loud, just a big fat and then. It sounds like a milkshake in there and use it. You see it though that those are really easy to find because I used to use. tonk click as an editing technique, so you make a mistake, you the tongue, click, and then you do the sentence again correctly in a scripted show, whereas doesn't work as well in a conversational format and because the tongue click is basically just a straight vertical skinny line. You can see where the mistake was to go and and dig it out. Speaking of clicking your tongue in then I think were almost out of time, but do you know anything about Echo? ECHO location will echo location is amazing, and there are even human beings who use it there are is it will location is the sending out of sound waves to be able to interpret the sound that returns to find things in your environment. Be It a bat, echo locating for a moth, or in this case, a blind human being. Being, riding his bike down the street therightseat blind people who have taught themselves to use echo location to an amazing degree of success to be able to safely ride bikes down. The streets of I saw in an interview. They asked the blind person. He has some light and shadow. Please don't everything that blind necessarily means all black, just as deaf does not mean total silence, and not everybody in a wheelchair paralyzed from the waist down. Thank you very much. But. They asked him to identify the object next to him, which was a light diffuser on Pole, and he did a couple of different clicks. Because you've got the click at the very front your mouth. And then you click on in the middle. and he was able to like. There's a long skinny vertical part, and then it's very wide and flat above me. which is as good, a description as a sighted person would have given for the light diffuser and he did.

00:40:02 - 00:42:55

With echo-location I heard about a kid who would be able to ride his bike. completely blind by doing that, so he would just click down the street and be able to make his way to school and back and I think that's what it was very good, so something becomes heightened when one? Oh, my Gosh! About the sense doesn't actually get better, but because because you're you. One of your inputs has been removed you. Your brain can focus more on the remaining inputs okay. That's interesting. It's the it's the reason we turned down the car stereo when we're looking for an address right. Yes, that makes sense now. I. Get it. Just could. I love it. Oh my Gosh, moxy! How how do you do it? This is amazing. I'm learning so much. Just, stay stay open to the new information coming in I love that. Thank you so much, Moxie. We will stay open. That's a great place to end, and I'm going to be more open today looking at the the the small things. There, we go, so you guys find Moxie Lupus? She is on your brain on facts Where else can people find yours? Where's your best place to find you well? one central point would be www.YourBrainOnFacts.com, but you can always look for the show on your podcast. Listening app of choice, probably the program you're listening to this fine show on as well as Facebook, Instagram, it is YourBrainOnFacts. And over on Twitter it is BrainOnFactsPod, because it was one letter too long to put the actual name of the show. Oh, Twitter - causing problems these days. But yes, we can find you everywhere. You're wonderful. Thank you so much for this terrific conversation, all this information, and we'll talk to you soon. You're awesome! Bye Moxie. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Everything from this episode is on www.mouseandweens.com We'd love your feedback. Please consider rating and reviewing us on Apple podcasts or Podchaser. Also please share and tell all your friends because that is the best way we can grow. Follow us on all the socials on mouseandweens.com where we have been posting donation sites and causes that we believe in. Our private Facebook group has behind-the-scenes photos, and our www.patreon.com/mouseandweens has commercial-free episodes, full unedited episodes, outtakes, and more bonus content. So we hope you become part of the family and join us there. Thank you so much for listening! Bye! "Mouse and Weens...(music)"