May 22, 2020

E78 - Raskob Ranch

We remember chunks of early childhood stories, but is it all lore based on old photos? Who was this woman Dolores Raskob we used to call our godmother? How was she connected to the Empire State Building construction? Rockefellers? DuPonts?...

E78 - We remember chunks of early childhood stories, but is it all lore based on old photos? Who was this woman Dolores Raskob we used to call our godmother? How was she connected to the Empire State Building construction? Rockefellers? DuPonts? Astors? FDR? Is it true Joelle saved Julianne’s life? Why was Weens always crying in pictures? We go right to the horse’s mouth and call on our mom to clarify! And being sisters, we can’t help but battle to find out who was the favorite daughter. Listen, learn, and laugh with us...or at us!
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Raskob Ranch

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Hello you have reached the mouse weans. Podcast this is episode seventy eight season three and today we get together and talk about folklore in our childhood Are these stories that were real? How do we remember them? Why who is this godmother person? What is her connection to the Empire State building? We have a lot of questions. So we get our mom on the phone to Give us the truth and ends up being a big competition between sisters at the end. So take a listen. And if you guys didn't already know my sister is an amazing musician. You've gotta stay till the song at the end. This one is so good. Go to our website. Www DOT mouse and weans dot com for olive are links in show notes. And please just follow us on social media and tell your friends. This is the number one way that we get out there. We appreciate everything remember. You can go on patriots dot com slash Maosen Weans to listen to this episode Ad Free and we hope you enjoy the show. Thanks for listening here. We go next Washington. We have another guest. We're doing lots of guests during this quarantine. We've decided it's a fun way to go. I'm mouse I'm the MOM went down in San Diego. Who Else is here? Raise your hand. We're on Youtube. Also we're doing video who's me. I'm the MOM jeans. I birth both of you joy. She's here live from Idaho in Weans high. Also here representing the Idaho Dude. She's got a cool shirt. Says Idaho across the chest and goals entirely video? A everybody looks so nice we are. We decided to come together because wins and I were chitchatting about our childhood and we were Recalling Symphony memories and wanted to get mom's firsthand Coin of view on some of our good stuff but yes. We're going to go into some old story. You guys are great. This is the family that I loved it. I remember you guys from when I was a child. Also which brings us back to the point like to stay on on topic Mom what was it like being delivering that young tot a at the ranch house okay. We knocked the lawyer her house. We delivered you at the Ranch House two. Oh yeah you were there. Yeah you were in Arizona. Do you WANNA directness. Stay into banker. Hurry I've been writing very ran in my brain. Okay go ahead all right so what my notes were about was your godmother Duress Cup. Yeah need to tell you the whole story that goes with her. Yeah Yeah So. Let's set the scene. So it's about nineteen seventy seven. I X Five. Seventy five okay. You're I went to the I uber's Zona. He then went and played soup pro-ball and he was playing against the Oakland Raiders. He had occasion to go out to the East Bay and so he called Pro Bowl means football with WHO but pollock New York jets and I was in Long Island and he called me and he goes this really pretty town called Danville California. I think you and I should live there. So Dat precipitated our whole new to Northern California. We were living you know. Little tiny apartment Your Dad wanted to get out of the apartment. 'cause he's big. It was a little tiny apartment and we might could live in the country so we drove around out in the country and we found this huge house on top of this mountain. Amway decided who ever lived in that House. Probably have other places and so your dad took up to the top of this mountain and dropped me off on the front porch and he went down the mountain and left me there and I was super pregnant with you. Julianne like you weighed eleven pounds nine and a half ounces.

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So even at and how big are you right now? I'm shrinking five. Q said I was a very large so left you there during with the European. The CORTEZ KNEELING. I not on these humongous doors. That were like ten feet tall. All hand carved from the Philippines. And I heard this little critter patter pitter-patter and the door opens and on the other side is d rats And she goes yes an go. Hi My name is Joyce we wanna live in the country and do you have any place that we might be able to rent from you. And she looked at me and we sat down on the front porch together and we start talking and it was a solid hour of her just talking and visiting with me and she goes yes. I had a little house down on the flat on the ranch. So I said we'll take she goes. Well it's kind of really rundown and I said that's fine. I'll work on it. Whatever it takes to get out into the country so we went home. Your Dad picked me out actually. I walked down the mountain. A little ways met your dad. Then we really upset about the next day and she said I would like for you to come back out to the ranch in your husband's so I did and instead of going down to this little crummy farmhouse. We turned right onto this nice driveway and she had just built her daughter. A House with daughter. DidN'T WANNA live there. And she took me into it and said what do you think of this house? And I burst out tears. And then she started crying and then we hugged each other and she goes. You can live here and it'll cost you two hundred dollars a month and that was it. So that's how we ended up on the ranch. Was that cheap at the time or was that on. That was real affordable. She could have gotten Heinsohn money for because it was on. Have HUNDRED SIXTY ACRES. Two hundred and thirty acres was what it was really a ranch on the top of a hill and I remember it was surrounded by a race track horse stable at the bottom and everybody country very fancy. Actually it had a swimming pool for racehorses so they had a ramp that they could put the race horses and it had a quarter mile track for exercising it had round pans and hot walkers and the whole thing and she bought that ranch for her daughter enter daughter decided she didn't want to have anything to do with forces and in the meantime her husband passed away so she was honest huge ranch with all this horse facility and nobody to help her with it so who was her husband because he was kind became as sky so backing up. Her father in law was John Jake Scum and he Bear family was from Delaware. Ask where the dupont and the astor's and they All live together. They took the whole state of Delaware basically and they were all the huge magnets that bill all the US steel and all the big buildings and the way that he got into it. Family were Germans. He was a secretary. He went to work for Dupont as a secretary it he was such a financier that he invested all of his money amp. Dupont's money in all these really solid investments and ended up making millions and millions of dollars. So that's how he got into the business and he ended up building the Empire State building himself in he was one of the principals in. Us steel He is probably a hard job with one. Perk did he have a lot of nails and a belt. I'm just kidding. Sorry themselves he dead though he built it he. They said that he took a pencil. And put it on. It's a racer end. And then lean back in his chair and decided how tall he wanted the building and his architects Sarah and he said. Can you build me the tallest building in the United States? I wanted this tall and the architect went to work in debt that it was right before the Great Depression so after it was all done nobody moved in.

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And so they called it the empty state-building instill the Empire State Building and then turned around any filled it up and The came just humongous -ly rich and he ended up being that of the Democratic National Convention. And he himself funded. Alfred J. Smith who was the running that the guy who ran against Theodore Roosevelt. One set the right Roosevelt Franklin Delano. I don't remember what Roosevelt it was anyway. Fdr Yeah the whole point of this was he became Rich his parents were the astor's in the Dukan so they all lived on the same highway. In Delaware they keep from huge Catholic nationalize. The he robber was one of thirteen. Children did the concept fifteen children. The Astor's had twelve and they would get together on Friday night in a barracks and they would have pillow fights and the Nannies and the butlers would wait for these kids in there. A bead like thirty thirty five kids with pillow fights and they would fill the whole barracks with debtors kids. We all separate go their merry way and the and this is a story from D. They would go the maids and the Nannies in the butlers would go and collect all the feathers back and pillows to the next Friday night. Oh my gosh up. Acutest to sell up the ends of the pillars very well. They were just make him to wear when they started beating all the feathers with fly and now one at the best memories that Robert Brass Com. Hab 'cause whole life pillow fights in the barracks isn't that cool and then they moved to California they. The RASK COPS FAMILY HAD SILVER MINES IN NEVADA. That was one of their big Investments so Dolores de was raised by Form on the railroad the Southern Pacific Railroad. And her mom was a little French lady. First generation barely spoke. Let's just say D- Dolores reminded me of Kind of like Meryl Streep or something. She has that real angular face kind of that like Faye dunaway yet kind of like flatter features with a real aquiline nose. Yes you're right a very pretty very Fit in she her dad they. She was raised in a box car. The railroad with just pulled their trains off a siding in the forman. Hire all the Hispanics to work on the railroad and Asians Chinese and they built the railroad systems and de was just raised in a train car and her mom wins this little French lady and she cooked in a little tiny What did they call him? Hot-plates she only had hot plates to conscious but still dead French cuisine. So D- was super fluent in both French and Spanish. Because all of her friends were the kids of the workers who were laying the tracks and So she was very very humble raise. Very frugally know many at all and she went to work in a little Nevada town and I think it was tone upon Nevada and she was hurricane a hardware store and she was on a ladder reaching screws nails or whatever and Robert Rask. Cobb came walking in. He had been at his silver mine and he walked into this hardware store any looked up and saw her and he goes. I WANNA I want to get to know her. And she flounce down and she was always very Quaffed secure vary yeah and costs and they kind of hooked up and she had no idea that she was Mary of billionaire thrown that they ended up getting married in the royal the Wyan hotel in a wok.

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Food THE PINK HOTEL. The old one. That's where her wedding was and they came back to California her. I remember setting the table with her many times at the ranch. House her fancy she had a Butler peon. She had table that seated. Twenty and be helping her put down her silverware. It was all hand than from her own silver mine in Nevada and it had their initials and the RASK COBB. Silver Mine on the back. It was like Oh. And all of her hall aware was from her Silver Mine and then Faye. When they moved to California they wanted to get involved in charity and they were very involved in Catholic charities. Anyway so Robert went over to holy names. College in is that it must be Piedmont maybe to the bay and found little children. Were not being taken care of for disabled children from third grade to eighth grade. So he built down their own school and funded everything. And that's how dean was always involved in the Catholic Charities True Holy Names College the Holy Names University and it's listed in Oakland. Okay so right on the border there and she must have given millions of dollars to them right. You know it was interesting. He did the whole building and then they do fundraisers so I don't know how much he did out of pocket but then he passed away. Empty ones stay role involved. Anna so she was always finding close to give to them or doing fundraisers or having black-tie advance in on that note black-tie when time we had do this big fancy black tie in San Francisco and I was engaged to Danny. I think I was engaged. And he has the cowboy yes he would slick and so's style and he had his black hat and Tuxedo shirt and warning code on and so cool and we get to this black tie affair. And he has an occasion to mean back in his chair in reaches over and whacks the back of this chair to sit him for any kind of woke and then as it proceeded he put his selfless on the table and she reached over and wack this tables in case kitchen almost off what that and then they served burst part of the meal and I think it was a salad and he started to each re. I mean to eat and she reached over with four to get like a lack Oliver sanctioning off of his salad plate and he took his work the back of his work and whacked her hand. And I'm going. Oh my God all black tie in just gone but she ended up loving the ground. She walked on. She just thought he was the best thing ever but how we made it to that meal and she sort of a herself to you almost like a daughter and you kind of like. She was like almost like a mother. Figure right because you were new and with the baby and me little me running around. I think she did not have good relationship with her two adopted daughters they were real connected to her husband and not her and I never heard the real story why they didn't have their own children but they couldn't for whatever reason am I came along right after he had died and she didn't have relationships her kids and I think it was kind of a perfect match. And and why did they lived in a pretty? We were all pretty isolated up there. So why would she live there? Why did all this well could? She had out racehorse that she had got or her daughter and her husband. Help the silicate that and then she stayed there for. I don't know two three years at then put it on the market.

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And that's when she moved into town and that's when we all knew. Fountainhead is when the ranch was that devastating to your were you happy to get out of the country. It was pretty. I mean it was just you and your sister in me most days. That's an your dad would go to work come home. We have one car. We had a moped. We didn't do match. We did hikes and I took the to view down to needed. Holzer's corner the old schoolhouse and then walked back. And so I'm Kinda glad to get to go to town so you were quarantining before it was cool. I didn't know any better. I loved it. I had chickens. And you guys my other two chickens Oscar cow and it was great. I think it was pretty good space to raise your guys him. It was healthy. We were outside all the time. Yeah we get visitors at all. His family would come right. Dad's family are And I would make a lot of spaghetti because as about all we could afford and every now and then Mormon missionaries and one time. I was nursing. You and I had the world's biggest foods and day were Extra milk so I shoved like towels down my shirt and waiting for you to wake up because you were always hungry. Anna the door and there were these two here and I had all this towel stuff now. My shirt and I had forgotten because I just walk around with it and they couldn't go walk not a whole lot of his law. That's cute down in desert. Our neighbors and it was good. I liked it. I liked living there. I liked raising. You guys yeah. It was really cute. How did how was it not having to cars though I mean you John? We had a moped we got after we were there for quite a while because if there was an emergency. I didn't have any way to get you guys to a doctor to Urgent Care Center. And it Kinda Got Kinda freaky when you guys were real active and so we got the moped and your dad would take that to work and come home and but we had so little many that I didn't spend any time new bopping around in the car because it was gas money so I didn't use Orient Mitch. I go to Mukalla him by you. Guys some neighbor can make addresses sound like little house on the prairie that it really was kind of that. These are my favorite memories just being out like climbing the hill like Babe Carey in the in the opening scene of little house on the prairie. We had these big Grassy Hills and picking wildflowers and going for big hikes Us sewing clothes. We had huge live oak trees and the lambs would come down real close to the ground. So you guys could climb onto the branches. You didn't have to go up at trunk to get to call Tori. Yeah Yeah and I just sat at your feet and would play all day in hike and climb and cook just a little domestic. Hey Mom the way you're sitting right now is so cute because the plates behind your head make like you have little mickey mouse years on do you. Are you seeing that Jillian cute? Yeah we can. We can turn this into drinking game every time. Mom looks like Mickey Mouse take a drink. Right sorry derailing go ahead Ma. Yeah and what did okay? I have remember the DOOBIE brothers coming over. Sorry when he decided to put the House on the market. The doobie brothers came up because stay Needed a studio house and it was super quiet out there and I don't think they ever put offer anant but they were. GonNa use our house where I raised you guys as the studio and then these big mansion on the hill as their actual house house but they ended up selling it to another big race track firm and they turned it into a killer.

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Horse Place I mean they really upgraded everything you remember the Doobie brothers. 'cause that's always fun. I thought he put me on his lap. The main Dube. I don't remember Larry. I remember flea from the Red Hot Chili peppers coming over. No calling on the phone on time three. You did he really. That's so funny. Really sure wizard tree tree was my buddy. Flea was her buddy now. Oh it was flea from Red Hot Chili peppers. Oh I'm sure worries for another time. You guys asked me to put together a playlist so I have. It's two pages long and there's no stopping me. I saw the famous for your funeral. Well that too but I was actually going to put my own site can have a car. 'cause we had a conversation about your get all that okay. I was thinking about part of out celebration. But whatever to our two pages go subs. And then we'll be listening to Gordon. Lightfoot everyone says and then we will be listening to Gladys Knight and the pips just for two our better. Yeah leaves please leave really specific instructions so we don't mess this up. Yeah we need help. We could dress up like the DOOBIE brothers. What if we got really into it and I just like Michael Mcdonald? I had the white hair eyebrows chest. Yeah we could do a whole spectacle we could do the Nine Hundred Seventy List in surfing her mother. I'm sorry go ahead. Mom Do it before I die so I can laugh at you. Yes yes that would probably be used as with molly. Sorry go ahead. Keeping up with what's going on the world can sometimes feel like it's more trouble than it's worth. The News can be scary and make you WANNA scream or there's just simply too much out there to keep up with the goods podcast. It's the amateurs guide to world events. Where each episode? We take a closer look at a collection of stories that slip through the cracks of the regular news cycle so find sort of goods on whatever podcast. App You use and join me in my attempts to learn a little more about the world one story at a time. I have such weird little flashy memories from that place like sitting on the side of the house by the big air conditioning unit in jumping spiders jumping onto my finger inviting me and Bingley are and then losing my first tooth Bike for the first time and learning how to whistle on my sixth birthday. I remember sitting on a log or Iraq or whatever it was no. I know what it was it. Was that big propane tank. We had front. I was sitting on that and I taught myself how to whistle out there. That's cute and it was on my birthday so very proud of myself and do you remember your pictures of you in underneath an umbrella. You're dressed in your little raincoat in. You're cry because I stepped in a puddle than got wet was so sad. That was always crying all my pictures. Are you guys laughing in me crying? Why IS DEAD FROG? Everyone of the background all the adults laughing and crying front Harry Larry by the way Harry leary came all the way from Lake Tahoe to Danville. I can't even talk about. It's another sad animal. Death story new mother continue. I forget do any more stories on your list. I have some photo memories. We'd like to flip through the Photo Book and Have Memories. I remember Dad Bringing home a big laminated board from school where he worked as a PE teacher in running a hose down it and making it into a waterside only so we had our we had to. We had the mudslide. Actually went down into a ditch. He dug and filled with water so it was real mud but then he made the other one that went into a big baby pool of some sort and I just remember being traumatized like staring at the picture of Julianne because we realize the best way to slide down the water slide was bearskin.

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But you would wear. You had a little t shirt on. Jillian and dad took a picture from behind. Since just you sitting there on the top of the slide in a t shirt with your bare but in the way it was like squished and it made like little baby. Cellulite I remember just staring at that picture. Like he's always been like that steering but picture fascinated. What were those dimples? So many of them. You have always been like that. You're obsessed with people and like here like pockmarks on their legs or dimples on their butts or like weird veins in their fingers. Always what's to no I kill I can see all AJI? Maybe yeah I can totally remember. Everybody's hands I remember grandma and GRANDPA's hands grandma. Carter's or GRANDPA all the grandparents. I just remember their hands like staring at. Yeah the veins and any probably stand by this. This is what I remember my whole childhood staring in the Knicks face. Her nose is way to stop my whole childhood growing up. Her mouth was turned down like a disgusted looking down her nose. Face stink phase just a yeah like at horrifying doing face my whole childhood. Anyway I have one last story. Okay tell we had chickens jury member those chickens. Let's talk about the chickens. This just came out the other day and Jillian didn't believe me. Yeah talk about the chickens. Okay so we had chickens and we had a dog run. And that's where recap the chickens and any time. I got a chance I go. Lay down on the Chase lounge outside and you guys. Would you know dental around and play in the dirt and collect bugs and whatever am one time I had my toenails painted Brad? And they came up. We had strawberries and they got the strawberry plants mixed up with my tones. And they start picking on my toe nails and huge. Oh well started crying that they that they were gonNA eat my toes and I didn't WanNa Scare. The chickens are just kind of like move. Mike need a little bit and I wanted to run in hockey you. But you were devastated. I have had a fear of things nibbling my hands and toes and I think it was because shelby that live down. The Hill from us told me a story. We're just four or five and somebody like eight Salami and then fell asleep with their hand off the bed in Iraq came in eighth their fingers off go. I could never sleep with my fingers or toes off the bed and so maybe there is a connection there. The chickens I was like sure she stuck her toes in Salami. Now it's over. I don't know it doesn't pass down that story to me. Thank you so I still can't sleep with me. Answered toes one of those early fears that you can't get rid. Is it true that we had two roosters and we had to kill a rooster and it was Kim and dad running around with a dull ax? Yes Academy but they probably thought it was funny because they were well. Why would you do that? Because research were pecking on each other all the time. Trying to establish dominance and to me. Eat it though. No yes we did they gave you one of the dead ones and you plucked feathers had to stick it in a pot of boiling water. I thought it was tough. You put it in the oven remember. Everyone's saying it was tough. I doubt if I picked any feathers off of it might have been delivered to the kitchen and said why don't we tried clicking Nelson? I had no idea what to do with that. I WOULD IMAGINE. That's probably how it went to emily vague memory. I don't remember ever Shuki feathers off of anything really okay. Maybe I confused it with Little House on the prairie. I'm really Laura. Or THE COW. Jury member going down to see him time. Yes Julianne Remember that. I want to forget because we eat them. Yeah well we never heard that real story that worth it.

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One day there were packages of beef on the Front Porch and Oscar disappeared. That same day hung. Oscar was so we swap the talker. I was at the cowboy. Make it stick as mustache and frame. He said that's the stock you're GONNA have to edit and he's walking out the front door planning bring him in here and tell him grabbing his mustache drag him over put that lasts who around him. I WanNa see you. We just poke your little head in the corner. He's wandering this way boy. Okay this'll be the best citing. Yeah Ben Down we go see your face off no torso. That's not exciting shirt down the yellow shirt on denny. Keep going no come on area. He didn't flip offer anything. Oh it's cute. He was standing there way. Did he come in from work or was he coming in from the barn? He said he's covid Nineteen Nice Right. Now he Came down the driveway when you and I were talking. And then he went out to the barn and the horses with horses. It's really pretty spring day today. Nice lowers are starting to poke their heads up and a few of them if bloomed and so. It's a nice life in Idaho. Mom You did a great job raising me. Thank you so much. I don't know about this. One kidding the same couponing and all the Joel Good. I like this she pause. Let's talk about me for a little bit. Mom Who is an easier baby? You didn't sleep still was more fun though you but then Sore Fun was. I A better hugger. You didn't love to cuddle more than this one. I know yeah sure. What did I do better than her? Anybody pointy down. I'm up just hear different everywhere I'm going to say that you were an entertainer You were -tainer. Even as a baby like adoring. Would you laugh at me or with me? Well you knew that you could get a reaction. I doing cute little things even in her high chair. You little little like that. Sort of like a trained seal this is. Nothing's changed much. It not getting paid for it. You were all. We'll get down really at throwing ball. Good Sir all concerned like don't really go very far life. That's good baby sister. Do you WanNa know anything about yourself. You worked rate. Apparently grace I saved your life. What time when you fell in the bathtub at the ranch well you titled. In and to see what I was doing. And you titled Right over the edge of the bath TUB head headfirst and I hold you up like like atlas held up the world and I screamed. You were heavy. You're crying a wet nose by little mousy arms hanging on and I thought if I drop to you would is certainly so. He should reenact up photo website. Now Oh my God that means I have read naked and dripping and wet ahead you naked though you clothed you Kim. Toddling in in your clothes and mom came running around the corner and it probably wasn't a big saving act but boy you made me feel like saved her life. I was a first responder. You made such a big to do and I was. Oh proud of myself. I it. It her life and we're going to stick with that story so we you owe me one got that.

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Yeah Yeah No. I've here net from about that age on us. That story and now we could finally perform my highchair life. I'm so glad I was saying. Thank you thank the high chair for those of you. The only have audio is her blinking and banging her head in a odd odd way while sticking her tongue in and out of his tongue Internet school high chaired weans kind of like a little frantic frog licking at fly. What blinking when did you can we? When were you the most angry at my sister? Did you ever scream at her really came out like look like a bad kid? Ear Old Jimmy tons in our life and still are open and she's looking up at the ceiling. She's so proud of her so I never really did that. Was she ever a little sticker that one she pulled some vast wins. I KNEW. Berry off a little shady. She you guys are both really easy to the one. Time in fountainhead. You decided you were not going to tell me the truth dowse. You're about five years old and I remember the wallpaper on your wall knee and no Shuli and say something. I told you I did. The you know mean Mama rotten stare and all that but honestly Juliana. I don't think you ever told me of after that. You might have pulled some shenanigans but you never use words to tell me Feb so it worked. What did you do to me? Charlie did this in Elizabeth with her eyeballs. Going right do so scary. The book stricter and she was just a marker of what room you're in. She remembers that wallpaper. That's why she was fountainhead. Because you're remember the walk for about wallpaper. I do love this purple pays. When I do that I see what's happening. You always tell the story that I was in the little cubbyhole under the stairs. The little cutout luggage space or whatever Swearing and all my dolls. I tested out on my swear. Words was that me. I'll give you this. That was at the ranch. And you allie now laws. It was in the hallway and I had taken all the luggage out turned into a doll house. And so you to would crawl in there and I heard you saying both of you were doing damn and I went through doors and you both look like you were testing it. Like you'd never ever said those words before but you'd hurt trying it out and you both got in trouble now always got in trouble with. Alli we the two of us to get. Yeah she would push me. You know push that I put soap on your tongue. You deserve that. She was not there but so I took you in and I made you stand up on the stout at your sink and I said you can't talk like that you were just being. Sassy I think an Iot read in Doctor Spock or something. Try The soap on the tongue and I thought well that's really okay. We'll try it. No you be such a good little kid just stood there with your arms next to your side and I said okay. Stick your tongue out and back your tongue out and I wrote some soap. You go so what do I do know? She's saying with her tongue out.

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Oh no I just poured too lodder over your tongue and I said while that was really gum Joel saw so stupid but that you had done something to wear I think yeah she don't good. Julia real good thank you keep. Keep them coming mom. You're such a good mom. We had a good mom. Yeah we had like one big spanking to teach us the one big lesson and that was it. We're pretty we're pretty OK. I worked up. Yeah but there's never a lot. It was always like one big moment and it was very talked about like okay now. I am going to Spank you because I said that. If you do this there will be a spanking. And it was only one or two in her whole life late the carpet on fire you Johnny Warwick. Did that was alleys okay. Brother but was it wasn't me right may way wasn't me? I didn't I wasn't there so I just heard the story that I do know that you pooped in the hot tub enough nine okay but now it's been love  . The leave needing but I was waiting for my turn. I was right. She's talking. I'm sorry I have to close it out. Appropriately some Mouse and Weens. Thank you everybody and we will talk to you and thank you. Mom Love You love you. Let's let's she could do it red button. Are you going to do it? Zoo back into the and held your picture of Sarah. Shy Close Your eyes

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Joyce Carter

Joyce Carter is our sweet mom who passed away January 2023. She was a regular on our show and our #1 fan of course! Joyce grew up with two older brothers, moving around the west with her mom and dad, who worked for Southern Pacific Railroad. They settled in Tucson Arizona, where she spent her junior high, high school, and university years majoring in music and part of many choral groups. She met our dad at the U of A, and they started their young family, raising us in Northern California. There, we learned the joys of music, nature and art with our young mom staying home to raise us. Later, after self-taught decorating, Joyce became an interior designer in Danville and started her own business, Silkwood Interiors. She ended up divorcing our dad as they grew apart, but married Cowboy Denny and found her second chapter in love! They moved to Idaho in the 90's where she became a wonderful horsewoman in competitive reining. She also spent 27 as the designer for a home building company Skidmore Inc. Joyce helped design, build, and decorate over 400 homes in the Idaho Falls area, winning many awards. She also took up watercolor painting and produced many, many wonderful pieces of art. Our mom was a fun, energetic, sweet, warm, loving, creative, talented, and strong woman who taught us that we can do anything we put our minds to. She was our Third Musketeer in our lives, with all of our girl trips, our get-togethers, snow birding in Temecula to be closer to all of us in San Diego, and our many talks and motherly advice. She loved to travel, to be around her grandchildren, to cook, garden, build, ride, sing, paint, play piano and guitar. She leaves behind such a void, as everyone she met was instantly moved by her connection and loving sensibilities. We are honored to have had her on our podcast recordings so many times and are glad to have shared her with our audience so they could get to know our wonderful mother. She will be so , so missed.