May 9, 2020

E77 – Things Are Getting Hairy

Well, Joelle’s well broke and we hear about the stress as she watches her property’s plants slowly die, a special kind of torture for a gardener! And Julianne catches us up on her frustrating hair moment and hasty Corona cut.  We segue into...

E77 – Well, Joelle’s well broke and we hear about the stress as she watches her property’s plants slowly die, a special kind of torture for a gardener! And Julianne catches us up on her frustrating hair moment and hasty Corona cut.  We segue into talking about HAIR during quarantine and the special problems we are all facing – roots, greys, colors and cuts! We interview our good friend Carla Reynolds, a local hairdresser with some thoughts, tips, and tricks during this do-it-yourself time. Should we use boxed color? Try new colors while at home? How can we deal with these roots growing out? How are hairdressers feeling about going back to work? Trimming  kids’ hair? After some more awful 90’s references (apparently we’re stuck), we pivot again into what is fondly called Culture Corner. We have two fun clips with Julianne’s friends: Matthew Stevens reads us a very hip poem of his, and Chris Osmundson gives us a book recommendation complete with character voices! Hear the grand finale song as Julianne sings us out with “The Magic Store” that you may remember from The Muppet Movie.
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Things Are Getting Hairy

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Hello you've reached the Mouse And Weens podcast. This is episode 77, season 3, and we are calling it "Things Are Getting Hairy" because we're going to be talking about all things hair - hair, haircuts, how to color our hair. We're gonna be talking to a hairdresser named Carla Reynolds, our good friend. She is a pro and she has great tips and tricks of what to do what not to do with your hair, so do take a listen. We also have some more hairy friends. We're going to be talking to Matthew and Chris. They are part of a new segment we're calling "Culture Corner" in which you can learn about movies, books, poetry, things like that. So take a listen to that. You may also notice that we're going to have a little bit of a different sound. We are adding advertisements because we're changing platforms over to Spreaker. They're helping us get paid which is wonderful. So we're excited about it. You may not be excited about it because it means you have to listen to some commercialsf . If you hate listening ads - there's going to be I think a minute in the front, a minute in the back, and then a minute right in the middle - you may want to consider moving over to for five dollars a month. We will be posting our exact same episodes Ad-Free over there. You will also be signed up for some swag. You'll get shoutouts, you'll get extra bonus features and content, sometimes videos. We're posting things over there more and more. So if you want an ad-free episode, go to and sign on in. All right. Let's get into our episode. Thank you guys so much. We do want to give a big shoutout to "Unpredictably Us" podcast. We love them! They have been so supportive. Kristy and Athena. They're two women going through life's adventures and seeing where they find themselves. So they're are a lot like us and super fun, cute, and have great stories. So check them out. "Unpredictably Us". We'd also like to thank our main supporter on Patreon, Dana. We appreciate you always checking in and being the number one fan. Thank you so much. You're... you're amazing! We love everything about you. So there. All right. Let's go listen to our episode. We hope you enjoy the show. If we talk about anything of interest, we'll put it in the show notes over on You can also listen to transcription - or rather read the transcription. So let's get into it. Here we go.
Yo, yo, yo! Nobody's knows "yo, yo" anymore. We need to bring that back now. I'm so stuck in the nineties. It's embarrassing. I said "snap" the other day and then you say yo, yo, yo. I said something else too. It wasn't "word" but maybe it was close. I referenced Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince I think. So I'm the Yo Yo Ma. Get it? I'm the MOM? Oh that's a bad joke. I'm sorry. That was really bad. That's dad joke territory. That clearly puts you at least at forty six years old. No but I also laughed. Thank you. You're my sweet sister over there. That's Weens say hello. Hi. She's in, no, not San Diego. Where are you Weens? I'm in Los Angeles right now in a closet and I am In the beautiful town of Wouldntyouliketoknow in Los Angeles, just in case there's these stalkers out there. Somewhere running along the Los Angeles River. If you want to come find me, follow the Los Angeles River. It's long that's the joke. Where are you? Poway California currently without a well. We talked about this last night. We did a live Facebook Instagram with our last guest Ahmed Hassan which we're going to put out as an extra episode on It's fun. It was good. Yeah. He did landscaping, gardening talk. But yeah, we discussed our well issue. Well?! We've been without water. It's super hot here in San Diego. What did he say? He said you're screwed because we have to traipse hoses all over our property to water everything. So that's what I'm currently thinking about, which is very boring and domestic. But it's a real issue. All this landscaping we've put in, and my garden, and our trees and they're all drying up and dying.

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It makes me wake up at night and want to go out and water everything. It's awful. It's because we... Isn't that proof that we are in a desert? Especially you in Poway. We live in a desert and then being stuck at home, and this is like our whole world right now. So it's... We can't even get away from it. But it's out there. I was just over there and there was a lot of yelling at children to water things. I'm sorry. Where did you find the water then? You're on the city water just with the hose? Yeah, yeah exactly. And it's just expensive and we do have property with a well. We bought it this way. We got the the motor going again. Everything was great. The pump and then an earthquake cracked the well we think. And so they have to dig a new one and it's expensive. Dig a new one? Dig a whole new one. Can you just throw some cement down there, no? I know. You'd think there's a way to fix it. But I guess it's all like silty, or I don't know. That's the Weiner solution! Just throw weird stuff at it like my toothpaste in the hole in my wall in this closet. I have a patch of toothpaste. I put in there about a year ago thinking, "Well I'll do this temporarily since it looks bad. And I'll come back with that caulking stuff. Whatever you call it very soon. I said very soon." You're later toothpaste. In a whole I get it. I have the gene to that. Yours is always a little more band eighty. You've always have a tape thing talking about duct tape last night. The Ghana go weans plan of life. I duct tape everything things when they should properly be mounted privately and whatnot and I'll just have piece of duct tape in the car and I'll get moving because boy a lot of safety pins on your clothes to as long as you've been alive undressing yourself still. Well you do though. Don't you safety pin thing? So and then heck yes hair him. Continue sorry please. Mouse continue mounts in the front row. Mouse your latest hack that you you're painting things and taping these than you get frustrated and then do something real quick on your own when maybe you should seek it professionals. Hope if you are you talking about like haircut mo well I will tell you a quick story Friends and fans. I was stuck in my house. You see there's something going on these days I've been in my house for a while and I got really sick and tired of my hair. I was trying to grow it out. I thought this would be a great time to see if I have long gorgeous. Hair like the cartoon tangled it got to certain point and I started to look like a witch. I can't stick with it because all up to do yes. I haven't even seen that. I remember seeing hair on the front cover. I figured it said tangled. It would be a nice tie in but Now Yeah so I cut it basically by myself. I just chopped it one day. Because that's what happens in these crazy times and I cut it. I'd take two sides. They took one chunk from the left. Half EPA over my shoulder in the mirror and I cut it and then he took the rate half from back behind yourself in front and they cut that one and it's not even is yeah did you. Measure did come out where their fingers in between the fingers grab detract. It really done anything I certainly did. If you really looked at. You would see it. They'll be like one nice and even and and then one about three and a half inches and then goes to do job terms you up. I had all the tools out and we were going to. Charlotte was going to do what I was going to let myself. Since I did such a bad job I was going to be the first haircut but you were. I die what happened? Yes she She finally got my kit well. Let's let's hear our little chunk of interview that we got this week This is my dear friend Carla. Who is a hairdresser? And we are all in the stage. Where were freaking out about our hair? Those of us who are older. Our our roots are showing if we color hair people with highlights. It's all fallen apart in. We're all hitting it at the same time so I wanted to talk to her about it can we? Can we play that right now? Good okay all right.

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She's such a cutie to here. We go hi Carla. My Gosh. We're dealing with bad Internet connection here though with our with our dumb zoom calls. All these people on Wi fis we had is all being dwindled down our boys currently or both playing each other on fortnight xbox as we speak and I just went outside and Elliott be forever but you are our resident hairdresser beauty expert and I am thinking of you more than you know right now her because her. I don't know if you can see this. I'm putting this video on Youtube to ask. Those roots are starting to show now. Now what do you tell people that are dealing with all this? What's the what do we do help? Well I mean in reality if you can't get well obviously can't get it done but I've actually been providing like touched up kits for some of my clients have gray hair in. They're freaking out like I need it done. It's driving me crazy. All Mix mixup enough color for them to provide enough color and developer for them to do just like a little touch up like their around their hairline in there Arlene South But if it's someone with highlights or something can't just be masked with like a root color it's like just told out just wait. I mean you could try something on your own but then you're GONNA be end up paying a lot more money in the end to get fixed. I know that's what I'm worried about. I keep seeing all these ads for hair-color but then there's news all the box hair colours flying off the shelves like it's the new toilet paper you can't buy anywhere so yeah but what are your touch kids like because. I think I might have to hit you up for one. He's still only offering him too. Yeah I have I have enough. I'm only off cram to people that I think we really honed in on their new their formulas. So then I'm not having to like make up something new and then just pressure fingers and hope that it matches well like it's it's more for people that are Consistent in their color so it's easy for me to the SLOP together. If it's something that I actually had somebody the other day that wanted to do something new and I was like. Oh no no no. I'm only providing. Love up what you have. She's like why wouldn't kind of go darker purple and stuff which is great fun. I'm like but this isn't the time to you. Know for me just to blindly formulate for you. Yeah no no. That's Kinda Kuku. I don't really have enough supplies on hand right now. Just give everybody enough for their entire heads. It's really just to get you by until we can figure this thing out right teeny bit. I now now. Do you expect a lot of people are going to win? Everything Kinda lifts in you might go back to work or whatever. That is what it's going to be like could quit. What do you think all the issues are going to be the hair pretty. It's so funny because yeah it's going to be super busy. I mean people are already texting and saying okay. Well can you get me on my book for X Y and Z? And I'm like I don't even know when that's going to be here and we don't know when it's going to be safe to go back in your in closed quarters. I don't I don't think it's just GONNA be the second they lift the stay home orders that ranch gonna go running back in some people I I know I won't feel comfortable doing that So yeah well and you have a big reason why it's not comfortable because she's got a baby in the bed you look. You're sitting in your due in August. So yeah by the time summer rolls around and they say things might open up by then. Yeah you're not going to want to risk it and you didn't being looser chemicals. Bother me that much there certain chemicals. I can't be around being pregnant but doing color and highlights and stuff like that doesn't that doesn't bother me as much I it's not like huffing it in you know there was a thing. I saw somebody on facebook. Posted the hairdresser too. I think and there's a petition going around the hairdressers want to go back to work or do what was the deal. And then I sent it to you and you're like Oh yeah I've heard of this. What's going on with that? Yeah it was a petition for Kim was called. It was like one guests at one time or something like that and it was petitioning saying you know if we have one person at a time.

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Then we're not exposed says many And I don't know that was a little silly. It was like we are essential and and maybe my mind is just so different right now. Because I'm pregnant. I feel like you know what it's not worth the risk so I don't feel as essential or maybe it's because I don't want to be his essential because I just really want everything to be more clear whether it's safe to go back to work or not but yes. This petition was say citing. We should be able to go back sooner than later. Kind of like in the first wave or whatever as long as we're taking all the precautions So the petition was to get us up and running earlier right right. Yeah God I feel bad because yeah a lot of people. This is their bread and butter and luckily like me. We are heavies that we can kind of lean onto for for this substantial. Yeah so it's not super dire but but still yeah. It's a tough call man awful or I mean because I have a lot of friends. Stylus friends that are. They are desperate to go back to work But they also have the underlying fear. They're scared they're like I need to work. I need money but I'm also like scared's my health and the people love and so it's right because hairdressers it's an intimate job I mean you're kinda hovering over them washing their hair and things like that. You're right in your face and I always buy breath a coffee and it's very you know you could work up a small sweat. Maybe maybe not. But there's a lot of contact I mean you're in and again I'm I'm in a studio space so it's a small space so it's not. There's no way to have six. She'd apart from each other and I mean sure I could wear gloves. The whole time wear masks but also in a closed room at sounds awful to me. I am yeah I already going to the grocery store today with that mask on. I already get a little claustrophobic wearing it anyways. I can't imagine what for eight to ten hours. The mask on. Yeah who wants to do that? No I know. And that's when you look at the nurses and doctors and just like bow down. 'cause y'all bruises they get around the and the ears in the whole thing. That sucks well now. Do you have tips for people who want to get through you? Mentioned routes spray in now the phrase really great is because I mean if you're not going out but once in a blue moon is go to the store wherever you can use a spray but it's also great. I know I do understand for the people who are still working and still seeing people or if they're on zoom constantly very self conscious about their gray hair whatever it Those routes sprays really are great. Is there just? I mean they wash out there there. They you can match it to your hair. Color really well and Other kind of a good hold you over. Yeah you got me one one of my visits and I swear I love it in fact I used it for another zoom call and unfortunately I don't think I shook it well enough and so I got these big Dirk Brown dribbles right down the and on my nose. These weird freckles. I was like Morgan Freeman interview. No it was bad so I had to change everything my face really quick but if you use it currently it is great stuff. I really like that. Is there a brand that you you do have to watch the quit? If you put Sunglass near hair which dyke in constantly putting glass in my hair I forget to wipe them off and I'll put them on and then I'll get like a ring around my new thinking that it's to a couple of times to learn. I like a brand called. It's called Watercolors and I feel like it's great because it's not sticky like I. I don't feel like my hair doesn't feel gross or sticky or like. I still feel like I can kind of move That's a good one like stuck together or anything. Yeah could well and people can get online. Can you order it? -Tino or is it all just run into beauty semester find Orion? It might be better getting through your stylist. There are some Immune speak to your stylus but there are some online options right. Now that Stylus can give you a link to it. It's typically the stuff that we would go pick up for you but If you get the link from them you from your stylus it'll be Depending on which beauty supply place they. You can order products from them. And then it'll get shipped straight to your house and your silence will still get like a commission. That's because like I said it's helpful to yeah election incomes to totally. So would you recommend people stay away from other box stuff then the do it yourself or are those root touchup kits.

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Okay no I definitely would say. Don't do it I mean you just never know. It's like one. Kit Fits all like it doesn't make sense. Everybody's here's different your makeup of your You know what you need whether your hair holes too brassy or doesn't cover gray well it's like one kid's not going to be the same for everybody so that's why. I say go to your silence and ask them if they can do something with some kind of a up kit because they have your formula. They know exactly what you need when I do my my little bowl of color. It's not just one strip of one to of color. It typically is like okay. This box box box. I'm doing a little bit of each one of them to make up your personalized color. And you're very good colorist to your pro. You've how long have you been doing this? This has been like forever right in July. I think it'll be a seventeen years. Yeah look at you. You don't look a day over seventeen. How do you do IT products being sued? Oh my gosh stuff it no. You're well yeah so stay away from the box stuff and I mean probably we maybe do more damage that costs us more later so we should just find a way like a stylus are GonNa have to fix it up. Yeah Yeah it's GonNa be a lot of work well. Yeah so I'm I'm getting very close with all my hats and my spray which is probably running out so in. Then I'll hit you up for for some touch-ups perhaps but but yeah and then I heard something to. This was a nail person but my mother-in-law told me that a woman went to get her nails done. People are getting so desperate about their beauty routines and about getting found out there. Real hair color with their nails really look like what they look like. Without makeup. This woman went to a nail shop and worked out with her nail eighty two per her hands through a mail slot so that her name lady could do her nails. So you know I've seen some really funny memes on how they've had like hairstyles like an umbrella with I hold cut and like these long bigs rate. I know it's kind of funny seeing how people are taking care of things themselves and I think it's kind of fun for some people. It may be the box die thing. I would definitely say. Say like steer clear from but haircut. I mean that can always be fixed like an easy. It's an easier fix so it's kind of interesting. People become like at home hair for their husbands or their sons daughters. Or whatever I'm in have. Boat Elliott is going crazy because his big thick hair is falling in his eyes. And he's going nuts so he's like mom. I need a haircut and I'm like Oh God I only did this once with toby when he was little and it was a botched job so I mean have to figure out a way I was. I was saying there's tons more videos on youtube and stuff okay. They're pretty straightforward on how to walk you through it face time and I could show you exactly like how to do it or good. Cause I'm about to order a flabby? Get back cutters from the eighties. I would totally say. Don't do it but this is the time to do it because I think it'd be hilarious. You don't see was either that or family. Buzz cuts will all go G.I. Jane. Charlotte's like no. Did I tell you to Charlotte had the biggest rat's nest in the back of her head? It took me like thirty minutes to work it out. 'cause I thought she's brushing your hair, it's fine. I haven't been on top of it and Oh my God, I felt so bad! I mean dreadlock was awful so yeah. Those are nice. It was tough so tough. Well I love you Carla. Thank you for loaning your expertise and take care of that baby. We can't wait to remotely see you again. Miss you!
There. Oh the hair. Yeah, so the update...She's cool... okay can we just? I totally cut you off. Get excited! Excited. I like the excitement. Go with it. What I like Carla all I... She's very professional and also super cool and she's smart and she's laid back and she would be a great person to gossip with. ha ha. I know it's really crazy. How close she gets with her clients too but she doesn't tell me anything. She's very much like a counselor. You know these people rely on her and tell her everything and... Yeah and she's up in their business like she was saying when when she's hovering around people and sharing that same space and so all these concerns. It's a it's a whole crazy thing but I'm a yeah finally just went and got my little kit from her.

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She put her color in a ball for me. A little paper bowl and then she put the developer and a little. You know like a ketchup container you get from takeout like with the little tiny lid and a little tiny bowl and she let me borrow a brush. Little tiny bowl? I added a kind of lilt to give it a little oh petite nece which sounds like the bill that keeping so then. I brought it home and the next day I think it was Charlotte and I played hair shop so I I cut her hair trimmed. It at the bottom. We took off a couple of inches is dramatic you saw. Would you think she looks like little older? Maybe would you think of her? I mean it just clean. I've loved her hair. I've of it long because the colors hair crazy when you have that really long little girl here where it looks like Straw. Yeah and it gets like the beautiful ends written. I like that. Yeah but in order to maintain tangled and she got this. Yeah like I said she got the big dreadlock and so if she wanted the white parts off. I don't know why she wanted him off. But so we saw. It's all kind of one. Color like blunt annual. If she's trying to be like Carlos Daughter Hadley cute because Charlotte said she goes. What's your favorite color instead? I think you know blue and various she's a blues and Greens and what's yours. She was black. Elliot said that's because he had the black I know she loves. They're so cute. They're like little you know. Best friends are so funny but yeah is. The inclusion of all colors in white is the reflection of all colors. And my right I think so. Yeah Continue No. Yeah so she has her low haircut and then I did Elliot's which was hilarious because well. Carla's sweet and posted a video to her personal site where she showed moms like us what you might want to do to get your kid through to the next haircut stage. And it is smart. What she does is she if you can imagine so you pull a section of hair out between your first and second fingers nice and flat Like little alligator chop chop and you get to the ends. And instead of doing a blunt cut straight across parallel to your fingers, instead you point the tips of your fingers. I... Sorry. This is... How can I explain? You just like cut straight into the ends of the hair to thin it. Does that make sense? Can you get what I'm talking about? You do great exactly you're part where they pull your fingers up and then they put the thing that chopper part at the knuckle part on one side of your hair. And then they go =schwicht, schwicht= were they go towards the other side and lightly shave up? Is that what you mean? No I don't know what you're talking about. I'm talking about the shape of a T. So the points of your scissors are right in your fingers holding the hair. Do you get that? I was there already. I was at the T and then pulling it across to me off with their version which is more of the share part. Oh okay anyway. I think it's just called thinning. Like you just thin the ends and you chop him straight up into the hair and just like the movie B. Imagine a briskly if you were to dip your hair upside down. It'd be a mustache and you're putting your scissor bleed into imagine a man's mustache up towards the nose. Yes totally different cash dodgy just going to say it's like eating a little corncob with who know that right made no sense going back and forth on the courthouse close cub corn on the COB. Anyway so I did that. Around the whole edge of Elliot's head to get a little less thick at the ends and then did up and over his ears and pulled it out. The problem was I didn't pose hair straight up. I put it down into that and so then when I let it all go. I was like great. It's all makes thin at the ends should lead nice and flat. It looks nice and flat. It was nice wet and then dried and dried up into this perfect bull cut that it wasn't bad at the ends because the ends are nice and blended. But I just didn't given any layers or thin it out enough at the top. So as yeah. Does this mushroom thing. It's awful so I have to go back and fix it.

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But he doesn't know it's bad he's like oh it's fine but I'd like to looks like he kicks it back was head and David. Hi both laughed. Oh poor kid. Looks like the never ending story kid. The one that's a blanket over their head and then they read the drill. You he does but it's not the true kid. It's the storyteller kit right. That's the only thing I remember. I'm yelling that he looks just like him so anyway. Yeah they call it the. Luckily you cut school pictures. Excuse my God damn it. I wanted to get this one in. It's funny that it's good that they're not taking school pictures right now. Okay uneven. I'm trying to do a fist fight. But it was worth it continue closet and then Julianne Julianne. See there. I go again Charlotte. Her name is Charlotte in my life. she dyed my hair for me so that was interesting too but she did. We did the root kit and it came up pretty good right along the part we focus there which is fine but if you flip it over on the other side of the part there's no silvers hanging out so whatever but that will get me through. I feel fine. Yeah that's nice. This is yeah. That's a lot of people are going crazy. And then didn't you put out something to some of our listeners? That were asking about. Our high maintenance are you. High maintenance are low maintenance in the middle. So where do you sit in? What were some of the questions like? Do you wear high heels in this quarantine right right. Yeah How many times you shave your legs a week and are you putting on makeup every day so we should post that. Could we put that summer for people to yeah all reposted and see where we are pre all at a twist to it that? Kurna virus some post Colonel Virus lack in enduring. So we'll see if the numbers change. Maybe this Lamelo people out me. People won't be as high maintenance now that they don't have to be and they realize it's nice not worry. Make up a nice not having to do. Your skin can finally breathe. Yeah I think so. Yeah I'm doing different things like yeah. I'm taking less medicine Celsius. That has any changes to my skin and things like that because I can be home. I don't care if ever breakout or something. So ah, poor Carla though. I am thinking about her because since we did this interview. Few days ago we've had some states start opening up with You know this whole corentin thing so I was just reading online. I'm like what are hairdressers thinking about now? And I found this article from buzzfeed about this hairdresser in Georgia. Now that the state is totally open. She had all these tips for other hairdressers. And it's crazy. She shows these pictures. This is from her personal social media. I'll post this too. But it's crazy what she has to do like she's wearing a mask. Anna face guard and she sterilizing everything that crazy. She gets Super Hot. She's made rules like we can't talk when I'm washing your hair at the bowl. We can't talk when I'm blow drying. It's too hard to talk through all the stuff She doesn't turn on the air. Because it might circulate particles through the air that might land on everything and she can't tell us everything she has to have. Three sets of stuff shifts has to change apron. She's changing stuff all the time washing it. It's fricking crazy and people don't realize it. I don't think because she said as soon as the governor stopped talking asking like saying okay. We're going to reopen the state. Her phone started blowing up like she got. You Know Fifteen appointments right away. And she's freaking out and she feels all this stress and she feels like she has to go back to work so oh. I feel bad for this. Industry is going to be crazy and I mean it's great to have a job to put yourself right in the middle of it all right now. I don't know I don't envy anyone going to so I hope Carla. Stay safe and does what is in her heart to do. Also can I tell you? I have a lovely therapist. That's what we doing what's Angeles and yes boundaries boundaries. What a word some and you can say no and you can only take one person a week if you want and don't feel obligated because it's your safety. It's role friend. Is that also reference from Echo? The day say girlfriend grow even be out no. I don't think I ever asked me about anything cool. I'm never ever saying anything. Cool or hip me either. Ever got made fun of the entire last two years on that. Tv Show because even the old dad's new more than me.

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It was embarrassing quoting things from the nineties. Someone who's listening to the song do pad but it was the beginning. Part goes this Most popular song in the world right now. This guy has yeah. I just started singing Taylor Swift. And you're like Oh what new song is that. I'm like. It's like five years ago Taylor the phone to any of your film people lately. Are you know here? You know what this is a good episode to plug in our beautiful friend. My friend Matthew Stevens is a fantabulous poet also renegade also has a child named wild also has a filmmaker life name. Zoe also is a filmmaker. Also work with me in the location department of the hit show The Rookie. Fantabulous. I'm not even going to set it up. Because we're just going to listen to it.

Good Day. Now, we are here to introduce the new poet and author Matthew Stevens. Continue. Podcast voice on. All right. This is a poem called Raised Eyebrows.
It took a look one sideways glance to cast him in the role of meat. Puppet blue boy male parts painted in tortuous pattern of purple and black lines not a bit of. Flab he was a star and the air was fishy and the street. Bricks made sane people hobble and hobbles collapse and the line for the wrestling match stretched down the block around the churchyard the one with the ancient cocked wall the one where they sat in Vietnamese takeout and she said this is the only thing to be cocked to today. She was also a star. The mayonnaise on the bond me was very rich. Homemade lemon bright coalescence the brilliance of constellations removed from the opaque ceiling of city. Light to a far away. Place the Northeast Kingdom Fife of frozen lakes white wicks untrimmed and the feelies. They love that ban. They sat with eyebrows. Raised and new glory. Glory and the Glory Glory. They were pretty sure they knew that much at least.
Matthew Stevens. Incredible.

 Don't turn it out because we're back. I love poetry. Yes his. He's great. No I can't yeah poetry to me as a whole new world. I have to jump in and I like it up. You could get into the hippie. Does the the the hip cool deep thinking style and you can also you can get into poetry salmon? Do a lot of are you cool with that. Have you think so poetry Sam? Yeah have you done one before? I just did place cluber. People snap when you're supposed to clap. Does that happen? No but I didn't go to Marian Williams storytelling where you do five minutes of story. It's almost like the moth even turn to that were you and She has a really cool storytelling things. I did that and did a five minute story once and it was a really good experience. Because you're nervous new might pull a subject out of the hat and then you have to talk about it for five minutes. I can't remember what my in was but who we see if there's a good experience practicing podcasting in front of a live audience. We should do that sometime. And her husband is Paul Williams who wrote the Rainbow Connection and the many other things We've only just begun and the song that I've been singing with Charlotte all weekend. Which is done to Dan? This is Kermit. It starts when were kids. We show up at school dirt anyway started. I think he should can this closing song. You please call the magic store in. It's the muppet movie. Grand Finale Song. A medley put a little bit of Rainbow Connection. They put a little bit of moving right on. No not that one anyway. Yeah Wonderful Song. Let's hear this out. Yeah I wanna hear the whole thing in to give major Kudos to poets out there and two hairdressers out there doing their thing and oh you know what wait I want to do. Oh sorry but now that we're into the culture area of life with Matt Stevens fantabulous poetry.

00:40:08 - 00:45:02

I also want to introduce you to say. But you're GonNa talk about your other Chris because we were messing around with the idea of putting that in this episode. Is this the time it's the time? Yeah Okay we're gonNA hear Chris Osmundsen. Did I say it right? I think that's Joel. Yeah he is a great guy. You set them up. Tell me how you guys met. What's the what's The sitch? He's fabulous. He works at a store called knifed records and a place called atwater village. And it's a really cool unique record shop that has you know you can get old cassette tapes. There you can get your old pioneer. We're put I don't know what the gold terms to say about old stereos. Pioneer steer records right the old. Sabrina Records Beastie boys right you and I went over there. What was your experience? But we got the big. Mca Mural on the wall there. I know it was very cool. Out in Royal Beastie. Boys didn't what they recorded Licensed to Ill, they recorded "Check Your Head". They recorded the third album after that, which I can't remember the name of. Yeah and they filmed their "Pass the Mic" video right there on the staircase on on the little shed but barrel and it was so fun and I snuck in. Yeah we didn't see a whole lot but now it's different offices. It got bought out by another company. But they're keeping as a to Beastie Boys and the companies and they're cool. and I think that Extra Large shop is still in there, right?clothing. He was over. I saw some sticks. They kept a lot of murals inside so a skate ramp in there. I think it's gone now but anyway. It was very cool. So that's right across from Chris's work at Jack. My records and Chris is apparent in very cool guy and he knows tons about music and tons about everything. It seemed like right. Yeah just the sweetest guy in the world and he has two lovely kids juniper and Hazel and a lovely wife named Suzy who's event and he's just a Red Dad and a cool person. Ask a lot of questions on Art Culture in whatnot. Dj's a lot so next time he does DJ session. We're doing zoom days these days but I'll plug that to cool all right. Yeah this is just cute. It's just a cute little thing. Quitting his right from home during quarantine. Okay here we go wrong kind of some kind of book that you recommend this time We are deep in awe. The first we need the Pooh books right now. And that's my recommendation if you've got kids if you don't think it's really always a fun world to dip into like doing voices when I read it to to Hazel sees. Been making videos of me doing that so I can listen to. The back with is kind of crazy making error. Kager in your picnic with that need you. You're taking your piglet home talked about this in putting myself on the spot Lit is like a very high pitched. And it's like you know even if it's not written that stumbling through his words you gotta you know. He's always a little timid and not really knowing what he's GonNa say doesn't show up in the first book during much so I don't have to do much tigger but tigger you know like blustery. Got The list. I mean all based in the Disney cartoon. You know we're back crews so cute. It's the best all your friends. You've got good ones. I was privileged to meet everybody over the visits. And then especially at your big birthday party in November so I love and you have wonderful friends to Carla and all your other pals and your pals are good listeners to you've Cari listens a lot and Melissa and who else Stephanie. Yeah that's yeah. Yeah shouts to sweet friends and supporters into our and to our podcast pals of which I want to do a promo for the ladies out. I shake my head. Let's hear that real quick. This is I shake my head was Lisa and say okay. Four thinks people need to know right off the top Lisa.

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Tell them twenty years besties. We're almost fifty Samantha. Just stuff that. You're almost fifty. Whenever three we podcasts from my car. We're sitting inside your car right now. Four from Canada. We're from Lord of the prairies. We're from sketch. If you'RE UNSURE. If that's a real place just google it. Yeah but we also bring you a new episode every single Friday we do. It's about an hour long but you know what time goes by quick because we're just too crazy women bantering talking about topics talking over each other all the time. We argue disagree but we always go back to laughing we do. We just wanted to be the least stressful part of your week. Exactly so you can listen to pod BEAN. I tunes in any other podcast. You Ha- social media. We're on twitter facebook and INSTAGRAM Yay. Lisa Sam you have to check it out. If you like this kind of silly banter lightheartedness just trying to make you laugh and smile and relate Join and I shake my head. They're great so there we go weans. We did it another episode in the CAN. They love it. Yeah thanks for being with us Pals friends and loved ones. And I hope that you do que. During this crazy time anxiety levels are apparently up. This week. Says my therapist Do you feel that sister real faster? I'm okay it's status quo. I just stressed that my kids are not completing their school assignments. They promised I thought. Oh everything's great independent. I don't even have to do anything any more than I got a Zillion from teachers saying your kid did nothing last week. Can Non like no so. Are they displacing it or lives needs? I think are doing it not knowing how to turn it in. It's all different software. I can't even get into too much but anyway we'll get on top of it. I just have to jump back in and be apparent move floating in and videos and fun stuff and now I have to get back to my roots. Mom let's get it out with the route. Levy guys as used for our last little song to please right now. Yeah and everywhere and @mouseandweens on social media and Yeah please consider supporting us on John Dot Com in. I know it's a tough time for everyone. There is also lots of charities in need right now and I personally love Meals on Wheels or Jewish Family Services. Both of those are delivering meals and helping people get to their appointments. And things like that so if you have that in your town please think of donating.There Weens. Okay. I'm only doing this if you're saying it with me. Ready? I don't know it. Make it up please. I'll clap. No. No no. Voice stuff. I don't know the voice stuff to do. Make something up. Please be ready. No. I hear when you drive me in. Just Okay. No come with me reading. You have to stop. I won't keep going ready bone bumper bomb. It starts kid go. Okay Bom Bone. It starts kids boom boom. You have to do the bump bumps shows up at school friends bum bum. You're clowning fool. Them then loves you. You stand up Holler. You've got a little matt the store.