April 3, 2020

E74 – Patti Negri: Hollywood Psychic-Medium and Good Witch

We celebrate Mouse and mom’s birthday by going to the Hollywood hills to visit a good witch, Patti Negri, author and psychic medium to the stars…and to us! Patti shares her personal journey of how she learned to embrace her gifts of...

E74 – We celebrate Mouse and mom’s birthday by going to the Hollywood hills to visit a good witch, Patti Negri, author and psychic medium to the stars…and to us! Patti shares her personal journey of how she learned to embrace her gifts of communicating with the dead from a very early age. She reveals some spiritual encounters on tv shows clearing ghosts from famous houses, channeling celebrities like Michael Jackson, and conjuring serial killers like that of the Black Dahlia. Then we get down and dirty with our own personal tarot readings and contacting our dead loved ones. Mouse gets a special bathtub spell to connect to her inner child, Weens discovers that her new love is waiting in a corner, and mom talks to her mother who reveals something very personal and vulnerable. Patti facilitates some very spooky-cool and extremely insightful connections to ourselves and to our loved ones who have passed on. And at the end of the episode Mouse gets unsettling news regarding our dead father and the lies that were told. Where will we go from here?  Patti gives some great tips on how to tap into your own psychic abilities, how to deal with imbalance and stress, and how to work toward happiness, all outlined in her book Old World Magick for the Modern World. Come on this journey with us as Patti lifts the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and allows us all to peek in. You will be on the edge of your seat!

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Patti Negri  Hollywood Psychic Medium and Good Witch

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Hello you've reached Mouse and Weens. This is episode seventy four of season three and today we are talking to psychic and medium. Patti Negri she is Hollywood medium and psychic to the stars. She has a session with my mom, my sister, and I and this was a couple of weeks ago early March in Los Angeles in her home in the Hollywood hills and it was super cool. So take a listen be sure to follow all of our social media in look at our show notes to get all the links and information to reach out to Patti yourself. If you'd like a a reading so let's take a listen and here we go. Well here we are. Hi everybody. I'm Mouse. I'm the mom one down in San Diego with kids and questions. I am Weens and I'm up in Los Angeles Corn Teeny weeny and I am single. I'm here with my kitty. I love it. Hey so this is a fantastic episode. Were so excited to reintroduce kind of Patti Negri who is a psychic medium and the Hollywood hills she's psychic to the stars and medium to the stars it's awesome can Look up real fast before you watch us if you want to see what she's done. Jo do you want to...? Yeah. Well I you can also listen to our episode thirty four. It was back in November two thousand eighteen. And it's when you and mom went and how to say onset her house so that's when you first hear her but yeah do you look up on. YouTube. There's a bunch of videos she is on TV. She's all over travel channel network and her big a recurring role. Or you know guest spot. I guess is on Ghost Adventures on the travel channel. So that's pretty neat to know that she's going to and she's been all over the world she talks about it a little bit. Yeah it was. It was an amazing experience. We went to her house and Victorian dolls and come. Yeah it's super cool and I also want to say that being ond being kind of a psychic of the star. She's also my Elizabeth is who I worked with briefly on the hit. Show the rookie. And she introduced me to Patty and brought me. In on that seance around Halloween time thirteen people doing since two years ago and then I met daddy and she's awesome. She's she's real. She's down to Earth Prester. She's loving. She's kind and she really knows what she's doing. So and she totally worked with us on this on meeting up to amidst her super busy schedule. She was very kind and generous with her time. And with us to do this this recording so yeah it was just a good for you. Don't meet good good. Good people like this very often in life and I just want to put that out there. She's a solid human being as well as has this amazing gift so right. We can't wait to share harsh. I know she did really want to help to she. She wanted to give direction. And so yeah it was all. We were guided. So let's hear it. I'm so excited. Here's Patty Negri been kissed. That's good I. I knew I was different when I was a little kid. I just knew those imaginary friends. Little kids have weren't imaginary. They were real being the guy in the closet. They're always KOPF under the bed. That is place for portals to go and they. I got rid of information and it was never taught out of me. I think kids really do have it. If you have. Kids really do have the site but in our non mystical Western society. It's even our religion doesn't spiritual or mystical. It's like Oh that's your imaginary friend all that whatever your imagination yes it is but it isn't all so it didn't get taught out of me and I always had this weird little obsession with the other side of with death but it wasn't morbid at all so I was seven or eight in my little suburban Long Beach Lakewood home and I just had to talk to people you know I came up with my first chance. It was just natural. And I realized I didn't know dead people so Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy late sixties. So my little window list light verse childhood. That's crazy to seen lights instituted.

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That ever happened to you. Have you ever moments? I used to always see there would be this weird thing where. I'd see something that looks like a snowy TV screen. And I'd see a polar bear in it and then it would go. Don't that was what I would see all the time. -mercial what are you talking about? It was just something happened all the time. I I think it might have been in between link. Maybe it was in that weird subconscious pace of waking up but it would be snowy screen her and that rump up tempo drum and then wake up or I would come to but it would happen all the time and it didn't not I still don't maybe it was the ending of lost. That's freaky okay. What about you? I've had that sleep paralysis where I've been stuck there with my eyes open but I can't move anything. Have you ever had that happen And I swore one time there was like a troll man on my chest during that time and it was like paralyzed and then yeah somehow like I blinked and then I could move again and he was gone. They call that. There's a lot of accounts of old women they call it the old. Hag Syndrome and like someone's on your chest or furry animals on your chest with like you can smell the animal. Yeah it's a whole thing I remember making sure of it but then I can't remember of that really happened or maybe wanting to story but I do like what she said about kids. Having that like the site she called it in not having it trained out of you and just being open everything and not even knowing that. That's not real that that's not possible so cool. Do you have any more questions? We'll go onto the next clip. The one last thing I wanted to ask was about orbs because I don't know much about that but what was the deal with or that's just like the the light that she. I guess I looked it up. In Our free floating lights can be referred to as orbs and they are transparent Globes of late energy connected spirits so they say and they find him in photos a lot and so your people talking about a lot and photographs areas shapes sizes and colors cool so she actually might have been talking to orbs of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. I like pretty now. That's so cool. And then the next one so I became a seeker and my grandfather was pretty famous a psychoanalyst a loss of our big. Holly Hung Out with Hollywood stars of the day. Very Freudian you cannot with Isaac Asimov Carl Sagan Norman Lear Steve Allen the academic nothing spiritual religious heroes. Huge books debunking anything religious spiritual. He was an expert on all religion. So I became the same like expert because to me insist the template because if you take it down to the energy below the way I see it. It's almost all the same. There's a through line whether era evangelical atheist or traditional Judeo Christian. Or you're paying me or your boot. If the energy at the base of it whenever template of words God Jesus Buddha Universe Science on top. So that's where I work I keep it very elemental in my work. So not even to have to interrupt anybody's beliefs okay. So that was interesting. So she's very much in the belief that there's a through line and really we have spirituality mysticism and every religion woopsie that. That's Kinda how I feel about stuff that at the base of it all. We're all the same and we're talking about the same you know. Something we don't know is out there that people can tap into or not. It unifies the religions instead of separates. Just the idea that there's something Mr Cohen every religion. Yeah Yeah Yeah Stop Fighting Bitches. Just kidding okay. So the next one is we get into a little bit of celebrity Takahira and she's slapping down Tarot cards. If you can't toughen the next clip. Oh yeah they're really cool. Tarot cards take pictures on social media. Everyone could our social media here. We go yeah. Great these are. These are so hard to find. They haven't made since the nineties or out of print so I had to get weird collector. I use them so long. They've got Scotch and movie stars House. They're thinking on the girl. Can't you know you? Can you say some of the stars you read or do you work? I most the ones that you want to hear no more nondisclosure agreements.

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But I've worked with Academy Award. I worked with Academy Award winning. Best actresses I work with lots of lots of industry people lots of music famous musicians famous actors politicians. I can't some of the people who sat around the both Sam's table private clients I've clearing wise. I've cleared some of the most famous and infamous houses. The most name is murder houses to the biggest most expensive. Thousands have got famous ghosts the same as house really. Yeah tell you all sorts of people but all the people that you want to tell me about. Yeah I mean I won't even talk about confidentiality is. My job is just a waitress next door. Would they started as a video of you on Youtube? Embodying Michael Jackson. And that's how was that experience. That was a trip. That was a trip. I've given a few of them like celebrity type. Things and I wasn't sure because I think there's so much sensationalism. But this they. They had some of his real gear here and I think the mask from the mass that they used to put on his face to make the thriller mouth so we had DNA literally and stuff. We had something else and he came in and we had a look alike which he was intrigued by and then we had somebody else and somebody else so it was a little funny because often. They're a little stages to a little stagey but I won't say anything but he came in to me but he was so frightened he was so frightened being misinterpreted misinterpreted so. I believe that you know. We don't need to turn this thing about Michael Jackson but I believe he thinks he was misinterpreted and lifelike. Not saying he didn't do bad good. John said he didn't do bad things but he really did justify that. More like what? He's a kid himself and I mean he is just good tough. John like kid peeking out from him right here. And you're feeling them when they're embody Spirit York feeling. I'm buying spirit. I will let them take over my body to an extent. I'm not going to give us over completely. But it's it's interesting it's literally that's why you see people who do some kind of medium if joe concrete funny because you've got two people on you it's it's funny you will take on their traits like when you the one when Elizabeth bike. She had to leave early. 'cause I became her mom or auto. Yeah she's really good but my facial structure change to her mom. All My mannerism tangent. Her mom I mean she loved it but it was here and and usually it's really nice. I only do it if everybody at the table is comfortable and the spirit is comfortable. There's a lot of a little attached to it with my public. Chances are most of that I do. We only invite him good spirits. The only time I do the bad spirits goes through adventures and go channeled. Serial killer okay. Yeah I have had with my podcast. I'm not doing anymore. We had done. I broke my own rules because I'm really pep. How I set up my sacred area always set up everything. I wrote my own rules and was using board and she wanted to talk to her friend but we were also doing kind of George Hodel. Who's the Black Dahlia murderer alleged? But he didn't talk to the girls. We actually unwanted. Tv show crossed over on the girls. You'll never see that on the TV show because it doesn't fit the style of the show but he we were talking to her friend. We were using the OUIJA board. You get news correctly. Don't do this his fine but he would push me up against one of these chairs. I guess nobody behind me. I Heard Crack Crack Hall. I start melting down literally with a wind bloiacked out of me and my friend. Are you okay are you okay? And I'm like and I always say yes. I have my head cut five arm but I'm like and I'm like I just broke my ribs by somebody invisible pushing me and I didn't break the ribs but I pulled it pulled all the cartilage floating you again. You have to be really smart and again my beautiful towns as most of the time. It's for talking to grandma local Bob or the new high school who passed away and now he's still hangs around you. That's why you have this little obsession for that particular song but it you know but that doesn't work for television so you got the darn guys so you went during it was using Board in in just let in to munch your.

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I didn't set my words up when I when I really opened the bill for medium ship. Part of why? Run this part of why we put this on is. It's I'd be very careful who you let in like even the Ouija board you. If you're using it people just think anybody out there anybody really. You're going to bite anybody you're GonNa let open your front door of Your House and let anybody. And then they're wives going. Tell me about life really. He might be the you know. The old drug added in front of the liquor store. They dog your grandma and Yeah. This is the meaning. There's just no so in any average length into debord. Well you can. I think they should not be sold in toy stores. I should be available. I don't think they should have a completely opposite set of directions which I think you can go to a metaphysical store and they call them. Spirit boards are. God is boring to whenever state names would have put on. They will have a different direction but the old school by at the toy store wants to complete different directions interesting but it's a portal. These are Portal Tarot Card. Their portal down you know people were pendulums people get into the equipment he stuff like ghosts were eight hours on. Oculus are all that. It's it's just tools to be able to communicate to the other side but when you open up a tool which you also opened up a little bit of a portal. Just got a note cage off which is what you're doing earlier. What was doing earlier dude? That was cool right. It's thing with the OUIJA board I believe. Orange wondered about that. Have you ever played with one? Yes and you know. We had like Uncle Sam coming or somewhere and I remember it was like Sam and everybody screamed marina and that was it was scared. Yeah but you I feel like I have. I don't remember specifics from it but yeah it was also creepy and everybody was like. I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it either. So yeah maybe that's good. Maybe we had that intuition that Patty will talk about later. I know we have good intuition. Doesn't it make you wanna do it now? But then I wouldn't know how to use the portal like then I don't WanNA Open Portals Portals. I wanna leave it to the professionals like Pani I don't wanna touch portal's no portal's yeah. Yeah 'cause I've heard. Yeah that could be a bad thing. If you have a chance in your house in people that don't know what they're doing then bad stuff goes down. You have to clear it. Like hearing about her clearinghouse anyway and then the black some sorry. Yeah I want that guy hanging around. Yeah that was crazy. It's like pushing on ribs era so creepy so crew. We talked to in our Hollywood bill episode. That was just lifted up episode. Forty six almost a year ago but he knew about that. Black Dahlia has to which is right by your house right. That was all yeah a loose police and yeah and she's confirming mild. That doctor did it backwards. So crazy okay. So let's go to our next clip. This is Patty and she tells us about the ghost in her own house. You I do what we're doing now with this reading with everything I want to invite in your guys. My guides all. That's good all that's light that I just can't do it for real good to and helpful information and with the spirits only okay good and light spirit center attached to you guys my little Adrian in this House. Thank Spirit here. Likes to get to. This house was her she built. She bought it in the sixties houses from nineteen twenty one she bought in the sixties and she died in ninety eight. My husband and I moved in two thousand and one complete with the ghost but the house is filled with our stop almost all artwork. The paintings and the house were hers. They were in the dirt basement. The pottery was hers. She should I have stacks of Beautiful Lafontaine tied. I from the sixties. She was hippy. In the sixties and in her sixties she was a disco queen in the Seventy S. And the seventy and. She's so protective she. She plays the drums a lot. We'll see if she wants to do that today. That boom versus table-topping takes pictures out of frame. She likes roses. She'll pull pull roses even when we got married here. She was shooting roses out of my bocquet and people who knew go. Oh that's Adrian. Neighbors that were here here. Is that so long so good because we asked around us all the time and the bill is getting thinner literally move into that age of Aquarius. They sang about in the sixties. That's why the bail is different. It's not our parents parents of black and white right and wrong and just know. It's getting liquid so more stuff is gonNA happen. Double edged the gender identity to. I think it is. Everything is more fluid. Yes you don't have to be boy or girl everything.

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So that's why I think non political but it's so arcane the split to the middle of the stand up to the middleweight. We're not going to get anywhere. There is not that anymore. It's you're absolutely right. How's it living in Los Angeles for you? Does it get overwhelming. Can you handle all the cameras? I believe Hollywood is right. We're Hollywood because there's a huge energy vortex right griffith park halfway between Burbank and Hollywood entertainment. It'll bring it. I believe that's why Hollywood is here. Fifty miles or fifty miles that way. It brought the dreamers. The Writers and musicians actors people with three religious. I in this neighborhood. I've got a monastery about the dont`a we've got the go scientology we've got it pulls the spiritual created the right brain people and also for him but this this is what it is. I beat on it. Okay now we have where mouse got her first Tarot reading And you didn't ask for anything specific you just said I guess. Just tell me whatever comes up from General Tarot reading. So let's hear that you think too much Okay you should follow wounds right. This is my book. I'm GonNa give you guys a copy of my book but the two weeks while the moon is waxing we are affected by the. We know that it's not just the crazy for every moon. We are sixty something percent water. It's tied so every full moon. Everybody get outside being gratitude. Thank you for everything. You have beautiful family to ban everything thank you. Thank you. Thank you and make wishes for what you want because full moon as it works and I want this and they want that the next two weeks while the moon is waning or getting smaller. That's when you let go of what's not serving you. I worry too much. Don't take enough time for myself. Whatever that if I eat bread I it's always started. Diet may tend to quit smoking. Waning Moon be ten times easier every new moon that dark moon. That's when you do in contemplation whether you meditate for an hour thirty seconds of what do I want now? Not what I want last month. Not What does the world want me? You feel that what you do on the new the dark man and then the next two months of the waxing moon all getting bigger. That's when you had into your life more or less more sex more fun more time with my family more. Whatever now said you're doing you're into Saint Thirty Day cycle. You're doing what everybody consciously creating each day two weeks adding into your life what you want and need that celebration and gratitude of what you have what you want and then the releasing it not good or bad. It's no longer serving you in the contemplation and it's just like breathing and let's get into breathing. You have a tiny little shield right here. See how even you said Do you catch yourself catching holding your breath a little. I think so. Yeah Okay I just wanted to stop really quick and say that I totally catch myself. Hold my breath. I think in that moment I said Yeah I think so because I didn't WanNa give her too much information a little like I should be skeptical or let her figure things out. Yeah scientists part of you but I almost fell backwards. She said that because I always catch myself taking short little tiny breaths and holding my breath so I just wanted to say that she was right arm at that. That was crazy. Because you're a little wonder woman shield but it box a little bit and when you don't breathe really well you're obviously a fit healthy young woman but when you don't grieve as well as you can. That causes chatter brain that Causes Magi brain so in my book going to give you. Breath is important in itself will stop it adds vows into it because I do a lot of Heko work. Its magic every sound. We make actually affects every vowel. That'd be confident form function. That's why we chant. That's why we that's why there's cadence two things if you're in church and temple you're good but without giving you a lesson in that vowels always open up the head and think about it every sacred words about on men all made a very good. He'll India gone. It opens up this Crown Nation. So just OUTTA VAL thirty seconds. I'm a mind body spirit girl. Set Your Head. What you're doing because you need the psychology. Pay Your Body. Take action breathing. Deeply the spirit behind it is the sound. Is the breath going show? I love whatever that Saturday stop. The fog will up to mcclair. You will come in so you what you're young you remember something into wasn't tragic shows and DR BY A. Do you remember something that kind of pulled you Beijing when you about five or six five or six kindergarten for screen. I guess we moved to. Fountainhead heaven first grade so we went from the ranch to the CONDO. Okay the most I can think okay. Maybe I think she takes over sometimes for your just a tiny little bit little bitty girl do you ever back.

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Yeah okay so giving him Homar okay. So why do I handle any candle? Discreet I am doing ritual. I'm doing sacred space in your bathtub through a handful of salt for cleansing. Any kind of Salt Morton. Salt of you saw absences salt for cleansing. Throw a handful of sugar for sweetness. Play kitchen sugar for sweetness and a cup of milk for nurturing. Two percent whole cream doesn't matter but mothers not not coconut milk. Not Almond milk cow or go out to eat drink. Salt sugar melt cleansing sweetening nurturing. Nice hot bath so it gets homework. You're going back into the world. You get naked. Of course that's how you get in about in the back and just and shutdown that chatting left brain. Don't worry am I remembering incorrectly. Don't worry exaggerating. It's perfect whatever. It is just for a second you a grown woman. Just go I think back to that anywhere between your sister being born and moving into a condo. Just for a second because that doesn't matter so much your memory now is affected by views in between by your maturity level by your understanding level but then put little girl that's to say five year old you right in front of you like. She's in the bathroom with you a little five year old year with you and then don't remember anything. Listen to her. Let her tell you her thoughts on having a new baby sister moving whatever it is. Starting school going from Rancho most in her. You know five ish year old mentality level understanding level in her any fear anger overwhelming excitement. Worth Issues Blah Blah Blah and waiting for that nuclear. What does this mean? I don't know what this means now and hear her words for it because it's it's completely most most of what she says you're going to go. Yeah Yeah I remember. That's how I felt about life. Oh income that's how you about life. That's how I feel about like but you're going to hear she's got a couple of things wrong because it five years old at whatever. You're not even logical. You don't have to be logical because the wall is purple meaning. I'm a bad girl because they're just history. I'm not as important whatever that is. You have to hear it in her five-year-old mentality and a couple of it. Some of it you'll be like. Oh Yeah I know I have those issues. I've always worked on those but I'm seeing like one or two. You're going to go. I didn't have to hear her voice. All it is is a false self limiting belief system false self limiting belief system. So here we go. I didn't realize I thought that that makes sense. Because that's why twelve years old Blah Blah Blah. That's why twenty Blah Blah Blah. But like last week when this happened with my husband or my kid blah blah blah. It's your five year old child. Were really you could go to your new therapist and spend a year in psychology therapy which is great but or you can take one bath and go. Oh shoot God it again it. It's the easiest form of inner child work potion kind of the case. That was it. That was so cool. First of all she'd totally nailed me with the chatter rain rate that I have to breathe and use my vowels. 'cause I totally get monkey brain and I can't sleep at night and I haven't million lists in my head and that's so me so I need to start doing. I have started a little bit but I need to get good about it and the moon and the whole thing and then the bathtub thing. I did it last night. You were coaching me like you need to do it. I decided since we're in quarantine. I don't WanNa waste my milk so I used eggnog. That was still good from Christmas even tasted if I was okay. I figured it was milky Yeah it just happened. And it was weird. So I made a video I'll put it on patriotic by the way so I yeah I did the whole thing. I just sat there. I put all the ingredients in the bathtub. I let the candle told everyone. Leave me alone. Lock the doors. Lay there for a while. Got Really into that head. Space of little girl five or six years old and really did kind of channel. That feeling of that was like wonderment. It was like anything's possible. And I love drawing and I love creating and I love writing and I'm no good artists and I was just so confident about everything and I liked my friends and I like school and then the one big kind of armament was probably because I was. I remembered being on a playground and playing. I like boys I was always boy crazy and so I would play chase pin these boys down and kiss him right. That was the game and I did just one little boy and then I got made fun of for it and it turned out because he was black and so for me is just like what just flabbergasted by the whole thing so that feeling came back and but it was weird while it was happening in my heart rate was going crazy.

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Maybe I was thinking about that. Kiss no but my heart was really being fast. And tears are coming out of the corners of my eyes. Even as Ershad was kind of crazy and but I think the takeaway really was get back to that place of confidence and not let anyone knock you down and be creative and own it one hundred percent and just know that it's all good and so that's kind of how I came out of. It was really cool. It was really cool. Highly recommend everyone do the good witch spell. Very cool okay. Let's do a quick shout for podcast. Friend her podcast Naptime Nancy. Let's here do you have an obsession with true crime. Are you intrigued by the mystery? And the rabbit hole surrounding unsolved cases. And can you appreciate the snark and humor of an exhausted mother of two young children? Then you should click subscribe to nap. Time Nancy. Podcast. Throw on some baby shark for your kids or pad or partner slide your headphones on and join me as I talk some true crime during nap times available on Itunes Stitcher pod bean audio boom and other listening APPs I like everything symbol of everything best again being born into this literally when I when I was the witchy part is born in whether whoever had it I would be in my backyard suburban backyard and and know of I picked Rosemary and I put it in my mom's mullet she'd have more money. I don't know how I knew that I just knew that but stuff has attributes whether it crystal rocks and this so it's like okay. I don't have to take for our if if Iraq can ground me running my hands at their water. Could we reach the emotional? Whatever that I'm holding here doing some breath work and adding some hackers to bring that fire and passion out. Let's fix it in thirty seconds. Okay this one is the one where she is doing my reading about love. Okay love is there for your Mica Youtube get in with love? This is love fall. So you're on worth enemy with that. This is uses it you fighting with somebody else fighting with you so again. It's getting your left brain straight on that what you deserve. Want what you want you really want and create it because men pick your manifester but again that creative i. You're strong person. You're super loving person. It's close it's close and he's right here he's close. He's right around the corner. I don't know if that's the literal figurative right around the corner could be either maybe standing in the corner. Literal or figurative. The Guy in the Corner Okay. So that is cool but again. It's your direction of what you're looking for. What he wants to into it and you may or may not a lot of. It's got a working. Things are money attack so it could be somebody you meet through your work somehow youthful. You've nothing quite logical age but this youthful open your heart. Open their heart. Because that's what you're going to get here. Is Your manifester live when you smell it? Taste of feel it what that looks like. You're going to step into the power when you get out of your own way over here and this to the number one who you are a stellar and I'm going to use words like integrity virtue ethics moral poll not morality that's manmade judgment says who you are and that's going to you have to bring somebody to you. You can't make below yourself. If that makes sense like a lead. Looney has to be somebody as brilliant as you are. And they're they're they're based here and again that's GonNa bring out a whole lot of stuff in you and the other thing is I see you. I don't know anything but it's going to end up a very traditional style. Relationship Regular monogamous traditional. Little like goosebumps always kind of cool for you as important as how do you feel about them is? How do they make you feel about you after the date? Are you feeling empowered like Dang? I'm afraid I'm I'm smart. I live. How how. How do you feel about you? And how did they help make you feel about you like proud that you're really showing your real and and you will notice the difference in that because? I think that you're blinded to battle.

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Which is why you would go down here make sense. Is this kind of say that she should actively starts seeking out dating. You're wait for it to come to her. Is there seek seek out because the universe trying to get in get tender. You might meet the guy in the grocery store because you're telling me universe. Action Begets Action and movement against cause and effect. So you get on tinder and you're GonNa meet the guy in the grocery store. It doesn't matter your winters thing. It's moving the energy. It's mind body spirit. I've only ever heard of somebody who's sitting on waiting and it was a plumber. He ended up with a plumber. Not really think it turned down you know sent home in. Be The business or the mailman in the Google. Play thank higher. He's he's right. There are she. See me hanging out on the corner of Hollywood. He's quarter someone funny so there's to get out of your own way with that but again if you're already were therapists and you're always there but yes your sisters one hundred percent right. You don't like your sister is a hundred percent right favorite statement thing. I've ever heard your sisters one hundred percent right. You need to start online dating. It's in the stars do it. It's about time he's there on the corner dust off out there all right. Aren't you excited? That make you feel empowered to like? Okay let's do it. Yes for second and then go back to the reality of how you're getting. You're getting all right open up it'd be oh put it into the universe in. Papua around the grocery store on the corner. That's right boys. Go hang out at traderjoes police real quick so I can still be a hundred percent right. Okay always thanks so we so we just heard. Yeah the Tarot Cards. Now we're going to jump over to When she gets into medium ship and talks to our dead loved ones. Okay the next clip is of mom and she's channel a patty is channeling Carter billion billion. I know you're here. You hear her. Sometimes she's saying I mean when you know that's what she said. She said I talked to her. She says her name. I talked to her. I guess in the Harris he she said my name with my middle name in her little Texas accent. Something with teeth her mouth. Am I supposed to tell you this? If poor dentures okay and I never thought about it. Like what Mr Bill I on his lawyer. Ti she she shifts. I mean may she may have covered up. You may not have but that really bothered her dead her the shy person show now. She has perfect. Bassey has perfect yes. He has for a year and she loves that you have this. She loves it she to love. Love your children. She says you're a better mother than she ever left. Entrust your intuition. Don't running logic. Would you can me is just trust it. If you want to analyze it. Say I'm gonna analyze it in three hours. Was that really that or without a digestion. Or was that the wind coming up in. Just say yes. And then you're you're will grow stronger and stronger and what do you think joe? That is so cool. I mean grandma's teeth at of all things that was that was really weird. Little fact who would have known to me. That was really validating. I thought that was pretty straight up. Weird strange in the fact that mom just been thinking about it the other day and she lost her teeth at twenty. But I wasn't. We always knew grandma as having dentures ever since the beginning of the year so it was a thing it wasn't just oh she's old. Of course you might not have dentures. Like she's always had them she was really young anyway. Yeah that was balloting that was really cool and super sweet. The she that mom hears her so I love that. And let's all listen for dead love. Yeah say that needs are crossover loved ones. Do you think you have spirit guides or angels around you I do. I feel like you can kind of call upon whoever you are thinking of the moment and they kind of hang out with you.

00:40:04 - 00:45:22

That is a comforting thing in. I don't know it just you get that sense of it so you had a thing with dad right that you felt him. Yeah Hold Butterfly thing and it was when the kids were little and we'd play in our backyard and the Senate come through the oak trees and it was just very familiar. It's how we grew up. And so those moments were very very strong for me and then the better fly came by and I was like Dad. If that's you land on me and it landed right on my hand and what an flew a I said no come on if you can land a hand again and it did. It was crazy so I was just like okay convinced. So she's a believer. Okay so the next part two. We're going to hear from Patty. We start asking her questions and she uses what are called dowsing rods and yeah they were so cool. I like this part. She'll use these tools and they act as a conduit with the energy from the spirit. Supposedly Imam held them at the last thing and said that. There's no way you can control them. They're like imagine. Little Ninety degree metal tubes with other ninety degree metal. Rods sticking out of him that swivel around right. Am I saying this right? Does that makes it? Just looks like you're holding a candy cane antenna. Yeah like a little gun in swirls around and you Kinda can't control it but if hold it real still it seems to get still. And then it picks up on vibrations energy or something and it crosses. Yeah she'll tell us what it means across his on on. Yes no did I get that right opposite. Which does it it's straight. It's hear her. Tell us they open wide on. Yes and cross them now. I think by these dowsing rods. You can't cheat with them. They cross them. Yes and they don't cross on no forgive a nation we're also gonNA use them in the medium ship like with this is fake pointing to whatever but for divination they cross on yes. They don't cross on no. Did he ever friend him? How Allen Alice's down hell he's without. I'm wrong or anything you want to ask him or tell. I'm curious about his death in what happened after right after he died and his body and I don't know how much I'm supposed to be the legitimate okay. He was an tumultuous relationship that we ended up fighting with this woman over kind of how is treated and then what was happening with the body and then the funeral and then his estate said that came a whole big model path. So I don't know if we have truth or lies that were told to us. Okay are you happy with the Cross? Yes not on new. So are you here. You are here okay with your passing in post passing. Are you happy with the situation with what happened? Was there untruths involved in it with this woman homeland. God if we have his ashes Oh do do you use your family. Do your daughter have your ashes fake ashes? You think your fake ashes or somebody else. Maybe go fake ashes. What did that mean when they went? He didn't WanNa say but he did. I really wanted to not look at you. Guys live all these little nuances. You learn. So the story. Her religion did not believe in cremation. He wanted cremation. She didn't so the story goes that she ended up with a box that they don't think is her dad's ashes buried somewhere and she won't tell them ahead. Are you buried somewhere? Could what does that mean? What was heavy. Yes here across and then just very strong statement so to speak. Do you think that they could ever get hurt to tell they've tried and we haven't jumped back into the research of it? But I want to but I also don't want to drag all that back up right. If could they find out if your family researches Can you be found? Oh why is she still on your world woman not really know? She's a good friend that teaches with their hill so in her daughter's facebook friends.

00:45:22 - 00:50:00

Maybe we should ask if he's buried in the bay area. Are you bury in the bay area? He buried in Utah. Sitting this one more thing I think scientific person that he said I WANNA have. Dna has this walks distant. Feel like it's fine that June trusted and we saw this house. And then we saw in Denham. With certificates and something about the cremation place. Something different and then. She said the ashes were in her friend's trunk. Who was on to Las Vegas? I don't care as much about you do want that closure plus genealogy so that is second curtain factual thing for me to know the the resting place good though says right so again you can just figure out how to do without upsetting whatever you don't. WanNa be upset about her. Don't get upset at her. But again whatever creates within your dynamics unhappiness and dynamic maybe do or don't mean to know maybe. Dna testing dominated in testing. Trust your intuition this trusting. Your intuition her well he's here he loves you he loves you too. Oh Joe was frigging crazy. So you're firing up again Well yeah this freaks me out and pisses me off and I do want to get to the bottom of this. Like where is our dad's body buried and or are these his ashes? I just googled it. You can't test ashes for DNA It's highly unlikely. At least I don't know there might be way. But it's the bones and teeth. But but they get pulverized in the cremation process. So you can't even test those usually for. Da this is so creepy You don't really thinking about it. Well let sad. It's our dad but I know you wanna get to the bottom of it and for all the reasons he said when he thinks so. The end of what Patty said was. Use your intuition. Do you wanna start. Yeah. I don't know I'm going to have to take another milk. Sugars salt bath decide for another spell in her book. And see if there's okay for clarity. Yeah I'm right down. The middle half of me wants to go figure it all out and get answers. Half of me wants to let it rest. Let it lie. Ladies and gentlemen I know maybe during one of our podcast. You'll have a revelation. She's going to pursue the proper situation with my dad. Yeah Cisco I'm going to gather information for her book to. We'll put it at the end and talk about that. Okay so here is where we're going to hear a clip of Patty kind of closing out the ceremony. She did a little ritual with. You'll hear about that. And she also did a ritual when we opened it. That you guys didn't here but it's it was cool. She burned incense and a little bit brass or something like a little. It's yeah and then the oil that goes in the back of your neck and the whole point of the beginning ritual. She says like a really cool which he prayer chance has bringing good spirits. And we're going to open the veil now so we can connect to the spirit world and then this was the part where I cut out a lot of it. But we're closing out so it's just a real brief clip of What happens when we close out enclosed? Vail we say thank you and close it up Cheetahs. Yeah which is great because this is where the pros come in Handy. You want to open and close it. Well so here we go. Let's that I normally would be throwing popcorn at you but I don't have any salty. You should eat salty. We asked him in the back of your own also also touch iron just just touch that just touch the ground you just when we go out there you guys even this short world tiniest tickle of what this was all your center should be heightened. You're really heightened senses anyway your vision. Your clear should be brighter. Colors hearing smell taste brighter and your third iron tuition. Should you can keep it that way for days and you see his taste it as my new guy that and in everything in life so look at all the stuff that you guys are all manifest. There's like Oh yeah I got. That comes easy.

00:50:00 - 00:55:00

I could move that now. I can help you here. I can have a successful here I could do. I know this one's hard goodwill relationships harder or whatever is harder that's the faulty and if you think about it again that mind body spirit. You're missing one of those three. You're either not really believing it like life is hard. Yeah now it is. I could be famous. Yeah you can't. Oh I'll never you you. We understand the psychology. We have to take action so either you don't believe it or you're not taking action towards it. That's the part that people don't get that you're missing. That's the boundary behind it the energy behind it and it could be done a billion ways it could be done through your belief system. Pray for a church but in temple. If you do a spell working like I do you can be. All New Age could do affirmations. You could do a vision board. But whatever's that spirit magic behind. It is the battery power to account in the burning. Do a ladder not on your doesn't matter but as soon as you have all three get so look at when you're not coming together figure out which one you're missing or to your missing juicy. It's just one. See the name of your book since cute. It's very simple book. It's called old world. Magic for the modern world on Amazon yet. Tips tricks and techniques to balance and power and create a life. You love. I spent more time in writing it than writing it because when I started like thirty years ago I would buy these big beautiful books on whatever philosophy I caught it and they would be overwhelming and I will read them. I think of a simple little book by somebody like Scott Cunningham of the day in the eighties and I would devour them so I I wrote in Okinawa to get rid of half the words. I have to simplify simplify. So you can read this one or two setting you can think about. Oh Sound Matic love magic kitchen way boss. Whatever and I knew degray. It's it's it's an Amazon black put in audio book or or or print but an and within two weeks ago bestseller countries meeting loss. I've this found that you gave me with the bathtubs of how things like that for it. It doesn't I think I might have the White Bath. Salt sugar mom. I don't have the come top. Tier Little Girl inherently forget. I mean people to that. Inner child work. But then you would i. You know you're going to buy this book while someone to come and have a reading with you. Every get more personal again. Personal recessions personal private sessions. We did taste of a session you guys. He's got like fifteen minutes of like an hour and go deep in each thing or past. What his for that or not this guy of. That's what a personal session is. Now awaiting pickup. There's your there's your seances which minor old school Victorian spiritual style around the table that I throw in the mail. There we go. Hey Negri everybody please follow Patty on all of her social media because she is doing a good thing out there she really is a good witch trying to help people did you love it means. I loved it. I such a great experience. It's wonderful or whole family got to do it. And it's so fricking cool as you just heard. And she's amazing. She's just like a ball of late in you. Want to hug her and you want to be in her presence. She has incredible and she's a real. Yeah I know very good very fun and good and positive you come out of there. Feeling light as a feather with a path forward. It's great feels really good so social media you had any negri.com P. A. T. T. I. N. E. G. R. I .com. She's also on Facebook. Twitter instagram all the same name Look up her book. Old World Magick for the Modern World and that's on Amazon. You can also find her on ghost adventures on the travel channel for her there and she's done a lot of other. Tv shows so you never know where she might pop up She was on private chefs of Beverly Hills. I just saw that. That was kind of funny and then as far as yeah reaching out to her to have a session either private or group. She'll do anything and everything so you can call her her phone number really quick three two three four six one zero six four zero and she said she was on Facebook Messenger. She can do what's up. She can do skype so just reach out to her. And if this is something that you're looking into doing don't hesitate. She's great. We Love you patty we love Patti. Thank you patty so much for for wonderful reading something. We'll never forget. And you can find all of our good stuff to online mouseandweens.com go to Patriot for any extras.

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We're going to post videos and tons of pictures and things from our session and we look forward to talking to you again soon. Thank you everybody. If the ditch bad Mama Mama gas kiss. My Good Sir grew rich.

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