March 25, 2020

E73 – Costa Corona Birthday

Costa Rica during the coronavirus outbreak? Weens finally safely returned home and talks all about her gorgeous but dicey girls trip. Even though there is a lot of laughing in this episode, we get into our feelings as we talk about how...

E73 – Costa Rica during the coronavirus outbreak? Weens finally safely returned home and talks all about her gorgeous but dicey girls trip. Even though there is a lot of laughing in this episode, we get into our feelings as we talk about how everything is going in our two very different lives. Weens is happy doing a solo quarantine in artistic solitude, while Mouse is juggling a full family household and attempting homeschooling with lots of unknowns. There are fun stories, dumb jokes, some tears, and a few nice takeaways. And being Mouse's and mom's birthday, Weens writes a special custom song to celebrate this weird year! Joelle's pals also add some nice sentiments, so listen until the end! Hope everyone is hanging in there and we hope to bring you some solace and smiles.
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Costa Corona Birthday

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Hello you've reached the mouse weans podcast. This is episode seventy three of season three. Today we're going to be talking about the corona virus everybody is we are also talking about winds trip to Costa Rica. And we'll give you a cool itinerary of what she did while she was there amidst this outbreak and kind of our feelings and thoughts on the whole thing plus me at home doing all the homeschooling stuff and I don't know just the sense of No control that we're all feeling and There are some tears shed there's lots of laughs and there's even a birthday song at the end because today happens to be mine and my mom's birthday our mom's birthday so weans wrote a really cute song. It's at the very end and it's the best so hope you enjoy it. Go TO MOUSE. And WIENS DOT COM for all the show notes. And here we go. Winter said the process season you. Oh my gosh we feel so good to be back. We're back we're back. This is mouse and weans. I am mouse. I'm the mom down in San Diego with the kids homeschooling currently and working from home. And were all up in each other's grills how about you. I and no one's grill and at home. I'm the single one in Los Angeles and I'm currently residing with my cat and my apartment which is Great. Yes love it. Are You living at it? I kind of hate to say but I am a isolated. I dig this because I just wrote a song today. I've been listening to the Great Gatsby audiobook. Actually throughout the nate. So I can't really say that actually so all of it except ahead dreams about little like men like sexy with men and pantaloons. I really did like Straw hats really. That's crazy why. Why a great gatsby? What spurred you? Because I haven't read it every it'd be very upset about but you know what he screw you guys but just getting love you. I have never read the Great Gatsby. Have you yeah I did but I'm trying to? I mean? I saw the movie recently in the book way back when but I can't remember character names or I mean I remember the story I guess but were you feeling Like peer pressured into reading it or something. No I just I have time so I want to read. All the hits classics read. Good you could read To kill a mockingbird toby read it for nine bucks movie. Let me give you the first line. Everybody out there is the first line They call me a have look at you that some highs stuff. Oh Oh no that's the moby Dick Ishmael. Oh how wrong Arab name. No a would shit aspect. What were we talking about right before we were doing definition friend. Berates me for adding Dork into the name. The title of many thing Jason Saddam Orcas Day Dirk. And I think it's funny and then what did you say I had before we started right before I said. I think Dort just means Dick. I think it just as we were saying Dorka. Sending two favorite words Dirk is in Ding Dong. And we're saying we should have a club. Hey if we change the whole like why. Are Those really funny words. What's the origin of Doric? And he said don't they just mean they both mean Pena's yeah it's it is as true origin? English one thousand nine hundred sixty s originally. Us perhaps a variant of dirk influenced by Dick. That is Google. What is this not translation Google definitions? So here. We are talking about penises and we. Can I just tell you on on the film set several a couple of months ago? My favorite guy in the world. He was saying that he was snorkeling with his family. And I said don't you be darkly I thought it was talk to? We talk about your favorite in the film so no we cannot anyways so right now. People are going through it. So let's talk about that.

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I'm trying to be light. I mean a lighter mood today. Finally because it's been a little rough man how we have so much to talk about honestly okay for our lovely viewers out there. Thank you so much for being here in listening listeners. We have not spoken really right. I mean you got back a few days ago. We've texted tiny bit spoken a little bit. We didn't talk for quite a while kind of sense. This whole apricots started and yeah. So let's do some ketchup. You where were you Costa Rica right so I posted a couple of things? That's not the best time in the world but you know I do what you do. I know you had this trip planned with a couple of girlfriends and it was. Kinda to celebrate the end of your shooting the rookie and you knew the rookie. Everything wrapped up and you could take off and he did but it was kind of right when everything was stirring up in La. So what was what was the scene like the scene was that you know a couple of my diehard friends who are very into the news in smart people they were like. Don't go. It's a terrible time. It's about to break and you're going to possibly get stuck in another country with no healthcare if something does happen it's a and then I being sometimes not so smart said. No one's going to challenge this fixation going but you know I said it nicer because you asking me to and I was kind of telling you. Let's don't go. I think you should wait. I'm like I err on the side of caution I miss conservative. So yeah telling you to wait too. I was Kinda surprised you went I. I didn't think he would. It's like well I had the two ladies and one of them's nurse. Marianne and Debbie Debbie and I were both kind of we were sorted the planners of the trip and we both I told her I said I don't know if this is the best idea we could get stuck there. I said I'm not as worried about the virus because there were only twenty cases there all the time so and there were already like one hundred and fifty here in La. So I said well it's probably going to be very clean over there. Open air probably be safer appear but I said but it might be that things are going to get a little crazy and we don't know what's GonNa happen flights back if they're gonNa Start Corentin people because it was a Saturday to Saturday trip and then Saturday the fifteenth or Fourteenth Fourteenth Saturday. Because that's the day we went whale-watching and that was my last day out. We went Dave Organiz it as prebirthday thing and we went out to dinner Mike in two days. It's your mom's birthday. Yeah ow darn it. I have all your stuff but it's I have two corn team my stuff because can't be received by. Let's find you just said calls turn it. You are a door to door goes big as a Turkish dangerous. Don't say curse words We say God darn it where we have a thing called turn it go of US got well we we celebrated already. We did our celebration altogether the week before it which we didn't away and we'll talk about that's going to be our next episode. We're going to release it. After the fact we felt it was more apropos to talk about current events. We're doing this Dork. You know I I like to. I heard of saying secretly like that. We're do apropos. It's appropriate I. I'd rather say sometimes remote goes apropos. I don't know well. Don't keep sorry so anyway back to Costa Rica. So you decided to go amidst all the warnings and he'd and yeah but I. It was the same way I felt when we went to Iraq and it was during the war with the film group. It was the Gulf second one and I said it feels like we're going to war and I told bet to Davis and it feels like we're going off into it. Maybe we won't come back so once again it's like I can't have a frigging relaxed vacation ever. There's always real wanted to go to Hawaii originally and we said Costa Rica and then I'm like here we go again. We're going into it. Yeah it's like I just can't stay away from adventure death row data around the episode about your Iraq trip. Because I've never really hear what happened.

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I mean that was a long time ago but can we do that taff. Ak47's under the we wouldn't shotguns into a mountain we went to checkpoints another by the skinnier teeth. Anyway next another episode. But so yeah we went. We decided Marianne was a real Like let's go do it. She's the nurse. Yeah Okay and she was saying. It's not as bad as we think. And and it's fine you know at the time. I guess whatever I'm not going to get into. Should we listen except you? You did some recording. Should we listen to the recordings together? Yeah let's listen to us. We three ladies talking in the car. In Costa Rica. Think here we were probably driving from a beautiful beach. Area called led her tougas churches with sea. Turtles Lay there on the Pacific coast. Yep Guts right Tortuga letter to and we were driving two and a half hours over to the lovely area of Monteverde which is the cloud forest in Costa Rica. These are some hit places. You might have heard of him. Where in the car? What's so funny? I just hit things things you might have heard of you. You've said that before. I've got some pizzazz. I'm a real jerk. Intake is dick daughter playing clip. Go HELLO EVERYBODY. We are in beautiful. Costa Rica can you believe it and we are here in the middle of crazy. Pandemic Woo Boo. We aren't about all the news and decided to come anyway. Due to our favorite adventure pep Marian Smith who talked all into it which is good. I mean we're Debbie Faucet was also very willing. I'm a little more in the nervous. Nellie side but then Debbie has. He's pills called off and to tell him immensely. So right now I could go anywhere. It's great but What is your feeling about. What's going on in the state of the world will do a little quickie about what? How do we feel about being here? What's going on here versus what's going on at home. Take it debra load jewels and Joel Will Masson weans otherwise known as mouse and Wiens Nelson Weans as Julian said. We had some reservations about coming here and Marianne talked us off the ledge. I was probably a little bit fearful because I'm a little bit older and of course all fearmongers talk about if you're elderly and they said Debbie you're not elderly come on let's go so I actually bought health insurance in case I got sick and got stuck in the hospital here. How dumb as that. But it may turn out that I get trip interruption coverage because we're cutting their trip short so how not dummies. That might have been the best thing I did so I think they're treating it here. Precautious -ly but they're also saying you know let's get on with life. They are shutting down some activities. I think that might be in part due to lack of tourism as much as maybe the virus itself Nobody's Harris like eighty five percent. Cancellations coming here yeah. The hotel was almost a ghost town. I it was you know but Life goes on and I think we will overcome and I don't know what to say is going to be back in America because I've been trying to ignore it. I just think that we made the best decision to come. I have no regrets going home early. A little bit bummed because I think probably would've been the same difference but we made a decision based on where everybody's comfort zone was so which was partially me and I'm sorry I was looking at all. The texts and everything from France and from the president was shutting down borders. We weren't sure if we can get out friends stick together and friends. Don't let friends drive. Fearful what I feel like personally cut the trumpster. I'm so sorry if decision and it was. It was a three way decision. And it's got we're going and you know it may be the best decision because two days from now. Maybe we can't give it. We just don't know that's what it comes down to. So that's I have you. As the word that means everything wonderful here with the Costa Ricans. They taught us that Purina. What does it mean pure life pure life we love it? We love it right. What do you think Marianne? Oh a Marianne I came along the trip because we had it planned prior to Knowing about the virus in and we made a decision. I'm a go getter. I really don't live license any kind of fear which might make me a little bit. More risky in May Get more accidents for some good. I'm spending twelve.

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But she's pulled it off man okay but So I I gave. I didn't WANNA waste The plans I felt like we couldn't recover. And I know the virus is not harmful or or There's no high casualty rate to people that are healthy. I mean I I know it the symptoms. I know that this is something that they should. I feel like our world should have focused on anyone who got sick to be isolated. Stay home follow precautions for difficulty breathing. Go to the emergency room and we could have put out an announcement to tell the world do not use hospitals. Enlisted really really is an emergency. It's easier to work on the people that have symptoms rather than try to control seven billion. People this is a time to come together and share our resources. Dont hoarding the toilet paper. It's like the guy in TV. Said you took all the sanitizer in the guy next to you has none. And then he's sick very interesting a human behavior study. So we'll come out of this with TANS and hopefully. I know what the virus started with Dan. Look at that guy he just blew past every tell you one beautiful moment to walking on the beach imply. Guerande and coming across a leatherback turtle tracks of a Mama Turtle that had just laid her eggs and the beauty of following her tax to where she dug her eggs and then her tracks out to the ocean. Just fading into the Water. It was really it was a pure. Vadim and made it all worth coming and on that note signing off purolator. Wow that was as we're opinions. I know Gosh so you guys are driving long. Was it just beautiful. Did you love? It was a nice weather tummy. Costa Rica I've never been I keep hearing about it after these virus talks. Well I just am curious. It was pretty right. I mean was. It was a beautiful experience. We went from San Jose over to the Pacific coast side. So that was the beach. The JUISTON it was a four hour drive from the San Jose Airport and then we stayed there for two nights and that was very bitchy and beautiful and eighty five degree weather. Not a surfer's it's a hot spot for surf and just say Surfin Surfin surfing serve Affari. Let's GO JERSEY. Surfin picture of Brian Wilson. Right now I don't know I say surfing surfing but yeah so that's happening there. That was a very beautiful beach and you get in waters so morbid squishy and then we went to another beach. That was close to there. That was Oh forget the name Playa Poncho Conn show something dude. What does he do It was all show beach shells. Joel's shells and then I was trying to enjoy the beautiful show and be. They had ten dollar massages on the beach. They had little like Papa. Ten by ten tents that pop up and then one guy selling like booze in a coconuts stick a straw in it and they sell and then like financial stick on it and then a lead couple eighties revenue down and then Little stands and that was beautiful and shells and dorling snorkeling. That was right when you text me. That the president of Sokolski Rico. No It's good that you did you attacks me and it was trying to look at all. You kept sending me stuff which was very sorry. I was in a place I was in a moment place and I felt very maternal third. You you're my little sister. I had to warn you about everything that was happening. And so I kept sending you things I was finding. Sorry like Probably seven or eight things a day about what I can look back. I was trying to lay off but also wanted you to be informed. I didn't want you to be without information. Because they were talking about shutting. Anyway go ahead. I know well that was rape before my massage. Shutting down the borders of Costa Rica. The time it was the exact time I was about to get a massage and I got the news and I'm sitting on the beach and I went out and I go okay and they had just gotten there to massages and I after the Corner Pin.

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When did you have to start taking a trying to after this? I started taking Debbie's climate at the second like after this. I said You'd better give me some of those pills. Because at that point they were shutting the warriors to everyone coming into the country but they said the US folks can get out although that started to change as the days were passing. Here's what happened. I bummed out everybody because I said they said okay. Let's compromise. We won't go home tomorrow since we've only been here two days we will go home and we will see but those are interesting by the way really. Have you ever tried into exile demands? Who We know it you. I've had one was a I. Don't even know. Yeah once yeah. Reptile brain hits me and I go right to Joie de Vive. I'm like rail here. We go laxed. And it's time to dance with the picture with the bartender dude. You sent me that picture. I'm like you are not six feet away from him. You are cheek-to-cheek what are you doing? He was handsome young man. He was put call happen now. No okay really do to you. I Hung Tangle with their Tangling Times Guano Lizard Tongue colonus down dumb stupid. That was the stupidest thing. Can we get their sentence? Okay so to close out the story. Nothing happened there was no good thing going But that was right after the Shell Beach. Was that picture because we went to a restaurant right down the street and we had changed the tickets. Come back Thursday. I got less anxious. We looked at the sunset and I did a cheek to Cheek. Dance for the local restaurant or he was cute. See was Raffaelle by the way to kiss him. No he was really sweaty. That was the only. Don't get around any fluids no liquids coming from any wars in didn't touch the didn't we shook hands. That's right you know what I think. I have a cheek picture with him. Come on remember. I don't remember that part. Nice Little Shadow. We have a couple of shots actually. In fact let's enter our Promo here of our good friends at book of Lies Co Passbook of lies podcast. These girls are awesome. They're sisters like us and they say like it is and we love Them. So let's listen to a book of lies here we go. Hi I'm funny heartburn and I'm brandy leaks and if it is of lies the pot where we discussed liars cheetan thieves and dirty rotten scoundrels so tune in for new. Esso's every Tuesday to hear about another low down dirty liar and learn how to spot them. So that's book of lies. Podcast finest on your favorite podcast player or on twitter at book. Allies pod on Instagram at book allies. Podcast IN ON FACEBOOK at book of Lies Podcast. And if you WANNA send us an e mail send us one at book of live. Podcast at Okay Bye okay book of Lies. You guys you love them. They're awesome. They're so good. And we have a couple of other shouts really quick. We Have Kristie K. From Unpredictably S podcast. They are two moms that go on adventures and talk about whatever comes up. And they're awesome. They've got lots of fun. Podcast episodes to listen to you. So please listen to unpredictably US Kristie. You're the best and our good friend Dana. We Have Dana listening and thank you Dana. These two are patrons so you guys if you want to be patrons of massive means that keeps US afloat. We appreciate it very much and Dana. We know you're gone through stuff we are to you with all this quarantine business and you know what? Dana is on the frontlines. He is working on site with people that need it and we appreciate him so much. So you guys shout out to Dana Dana for supporting us and we love you and we just should people know. Patriotic is where you pay for. A couple of our hidden saucy. Episode on is a paid Website that helps dot com.

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That's talk of course I love you. I love take the little. Oh can we talking about how God come on? It's just a tiny bit. We have to go to pupil. Bbc store had a little moment grown women. Yes okay so we were in Monteverdi folks Montafir and we decided we did the night hike. First night we were there. I'd pre-booked This at home folks pre-booked and we did a hike. We met with a guy named almond. And how do do you spell almond nut Joe Spell? It just assumed is Almond. But maybe you're saying something different. I don't know maybe I just know that. That was his name. Okay trying to analyze and then we went there overnight. Hike and he pointed out there probably ten people on this couple of Frenchies. There were a couple people from London. There were Oh man who you know. I just forgot about that. Just sorry kissing bartenders. Seem turn Angela's with Frenchies. She was open. Air Opener will say that. I think things would have blown south hopefully right so we saw a lot of things in actual tarantula. That is the kind that you see on the movies such as the Brady Bunch episode. Where they go to Hawaii where Peter Brady gets on his chest. Those are the Common Tarantula that you see on films but this was in a hole in the ground in the wild it was crazy. Blue like that wasn't a filter. That was real is blue real but I think that might have been the flash. It was just a Harry guys that you see with. Us Leagues so awful. No Yeah I'M GONNA look it up. I think it was Plattsburgh. We had a friend Phil Rude. He's our buddy commented on what that was that you saw too. Where was that? So that wasn't on the hike when you saw the little we went to these zip-line we went to zip line It was really cool the next day and I have not experienced zip-line in my life. So it was you do ten different ZIP lines and start to small and they zippy down and the one towards the end the more risque one was the one where they call it superman so you're instead of what seeger risking like. You're just stripped off like spreadeagled. What can you imagine doing making finding twin gals Harry Tarantula hang with your Bagel long boobs pancakes flapping in the wind. Common Watch out almond proper environment in nature so anyway they swung down the line for the Superman where they hook you. They Hook your back onto the line. And you put your arms out okay. That's the superman part of catching zippy down. That one actually really hurt. Because it's a long zip your above the tree tops. The it was kind of scary. You had no way of if something happened. You're Shit Outta luck you fall hundred fifty feet too. I know we did this in Puerto Vallarta with the kids and it is scary. You kinda yeah do your zips up ten about and at the end. That's funny because we had a little like new thing to where we saw these exotic animals we got to go in the cage and feed them and stuff like that so the tourist things but then so my favorite one because I love stomach dropping things like the ones that we have been to together at the Amusement Park. Someone's drop casts so like the Tower of terror. Whatever the new one. Do Your Thrill Seeker. You'd like that Adrenalin Rush. But I'd like to stomach drop. I don't think there's Zip across those are that wasn't fun to me but then when there was a Tarzan Swing. You swung down. Maybe it was eighty feet or something and they hook you up and you swing out to the ground and that was the one where your stomach goes burke and also I did the thing many. Don't embarrassing you tooted.

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No I cursed in the Teresi way where everybody else because what? Jesus shit add hallway down in these nice little fringy couples and things down below. They're just like it's embarrassing. I don't know why it happens but right like the snowboard time every day. We go snowboarding or even softball when you'd have like a bad hit when we worked together. Biotech are you. I don't know why seeing it only comes out moments of panic or you know I don't know I just don't get bottled up because you have to repress it all day and then I suddenly in some moment of Tarzan swinging. It just comes out anyway. So I'll pose devoted ag Voglio book vote. I have video of my two girlfriends doing it. So I'll put on there and it's really fun. That was so-called right. Yeah we post links to to where you want to get a little itinerary for anyone who wants to go to Costa Rica. We can like give you a little. Okay good 'cause I want some day I would love to go eun the kids that have a great time. It's fun in. There's so much to explore that we didn't get to explore all the time in the jungle. We were going to go to Arnav. Which is the big that. Vote that bad rap. Who knows about the volcano? Wayne you sing. Sometimes it comes out okay. Have you done that way? Saying I thought you were going to stay on the edge of the volcano. Not One of your hotel rooms or something. Yes hundred make it happen. Came back early and when we came back we got. We went to the airport. And they had El Salvador was our connecting flight which the close the borders of El Salvador so we had no connecting flight and then they had one flight out of Mexico where we can connect in Mexico and go back to fight while inflate and we said we'll take it we'll buy so we pay five hundred bucks each buyer flight to out of Mexico otherwise we'd be stark and and then we next day they close the borders of Mexico to thank you. It's not even your the when the comedian from I'm sorry overprotective big sister over here. I'm sorry I just I had to send you the information. You got US home every single time. I'd send you something you save. Lien's privates picture of Debbie Downer to like. I know I'm killing your vibe. I'm every tax where I know Debbie Downer I know. Hey Joe let's okay so let's throw in the guy who's talking about Costa Rica. You WanNA throw in his. We'll do that and let's get you ready and start okay. So I am here in the Costa Rican Airport San Jose with my good friend David. And we're getting a perspective of this crazy crazy corona virus from someone who lives in Costa Rica. So what were you saying like the economy? And what's happening here? In this cases in this case we are going to be broke because our our economy the fence around forty percent of that the reason in actually we can imagine that in two weeks maybe three weeks. There's nobody here at the airport in the streets getting there to reason or getting occasions here and that's really south because we are really worry were because we've For us the economy from Costa Rica depends really really healthily from the Americas. Are you worried yourself about the virus? Krill Chrissy is curve. Maybe the only forty virus maybe my personal case for economy. Because we don't know how to pick a cab economy layered on this as a big problem for us all right. That's that's that's our guy he'd married guy you'd mind. W is not as sweet. No Kidding Kid. Great now you got mad. Let's talk about that. We yesterday. You were really really really upset by one person. For whatever reason it happened to be off day for everybody else everybody just kind of went off social media. Nobody was responding to texts. I was having a Funky Day. It just me hard all of a sudden and it was the same day that I started having these symptoms of the sore throat. I started having this weird deep cough.

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I swear to God. It felt like deepened my lungs. And I'm like holy fucking Shit. I went to that one grocery store I caught it. I touched that cereal box and I have it. I HAVE. I have it and I was convinced I had it and I would Thomas Deep Dark Rabbit Corona Hall and nobody understood. There was no one replying to me. You weren't replying because sorry. Hey none of my friends who were playing like it was like a news overwhelmed. Hey where there was. Also you had your zoom call with your girlfriends that had been going every day right where you guys check in with each other and she I yeah and that day we were on a off day and it was fine but it was also the same day that I saw the video of the kid from a new Amsterdam who was a CO worker of our cousin who came out with his news That Ryan is the Star of New Amsterdam the TV show so this was his co star. That got the virus. Daniel Day Kim and he I saw that he announced something and so of course. I'm interested because I'm just interested. And he said you guys should watch it so just go to the Daniel Day Kim announcement and I think he's on facebook or whatever in yeah. He said he was pulled onto a medical show and then at the very end of the video. He finally says it's new Amsterdam. I was like. Oh my God I knew and so. I'm using the video us but you just. All you wrote was fudge exclamation point exclamation point. I think it was like I didn't watch it. Go manner when you hear about some terrible story but no one back to you and you are back towns close to home and I'm like going down the spiral and I- i- tax dollars aunts and uncles a text Ryan texting everybody. Nobody's writing back. It's just like an off day for everybody with reason. Everyone's going through their stuff. But that just sent me into this panic with these symptoms and I fucking lost it. I found. We had like two weird masks these whatever. They're called ninety five virus mass that some construction workers left behind when they built our house. And for whatever reason. Because I'm kind of a pseudo hoarder. I saved them in some cabinets. I found them. I dusted them off. I wore it while I was cooking dinner and the kids are like mom. What are you doing? And I'm like so now never know like I might have the virus. I'm not sure I just don't feel one hundred percents. I'm just going to wear this just in case and I'm trying to worry the kids but they were like and everything got really. Solomon quiet and Dave is just like he was kind of waffling somewhere between understanding and then like what? The fuck is your problem. He was just a little. Like come on your so dramatic and you WANNA be a part of this thing and you're isolated. No one's talking you so you're trying to be dramatic and he reacted that way and I was. I was really feeling it. I really was pseudo. I don't know if it's a panic attack or what but anyway I Yeah kind of I found finally talk to you and you talk me off the ledge. I broke down crying. You're my one person that I could talk to thinking weans that I know that's rough. It's just it was weird. It's like what do you think it was it just being just overloaded and all of those things came together. Yeah and I was. I was twenty St Paul. I think it's just being control-freak person. I'm type A. I'm the I'm the one that holds everything together Ray. I'm like the MOM and the though worker the volunteer. In like I got this. I got this any crisis I got it. I'm here and that day. I just didn't have it. I don't know everybody was offline in it. Just hit me that. I don't have the answers. That kids kept asking me mom when we go back to school because with my three you know High School. Middle School third grade. They're all very social and wanting to know what when what's going on what's GonNa I don't have any answers. That's hard part so I just it just hit me. I didn't I kept not having the answers it was like I don't now Dave. I think he'd been a week right. Yeah because I took him on a school Friday or Monday. Anyway in that really Was a lot for control person to not have any control. It was a lot and to not have any answers and to not have any feedback. Just like knock me down and so that night I hung up with you. You regret you let me cried out a little and I got out my feelings and then I went and I was just like you.

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Just go to bed and you WANNA like curl up with your person and just like feel comforted and so I wanted. That went up to him and asks like Dude. Just this is alive. What's going I? And it was very much like lackadaisical like no big deal come on settled down and I yelled at him and was like basically fuck you know. And he's like well fuck. You just turned into that if that bottom line couch sleeping yeah yeah. He's good. I mean it's just a really tough time in all these emotions are coming up and and I I can see it from both points of view. Ray I was in it and I just wanted someone hug me and tell me it was gonna be okay. That's all I wanted. And he was like in a different place. He just didn't see that I needed that. He didn't understand it and he okay. But I'm just GonNa say something for all men out there who might be listening. Yeah wouldn't stuff like this is going on like we don't need information as women. We don't need to be talked down. You just WANNA be hugged. That's it that's all we want and some guys. Just don't understand that it's crazy. Yeah yeah that was it. That was all I wanted. I just wanted to cuddle. I wanted to be held I wanted to know is going to be okay. Got It you and I were together. It's all good and I didn't have it and it became a fuck. You Fuck you and I went and slept in the guest room that night and that sucks and and he didn't realize it till the morning and we H- Popeye's and I was like well. Yeah and he was like. I'm sorry I didn't know and 'cause I call them a robot he's like. Yes Dot Com. He's he's very logical and I get it so we made up. Everything is Okay and we're back on track. Everything's fine but pack and and now I'm happy it's weird like goes in these cycles of just wherever you are with the information and I don't know I'm sure it's feeling this too and and we're not that hard hit here in San Diego. You are more in. La like you know people personally like your two people removed from people who've died and there's like trauma center set up down the street and it's crazy where you are and I'm not. I don't know it's hard. I feel like we're oh pretty pretty princess sitting on your cloud like worried but but it's it's fairly close you know scary and I don't know so are hurt my heart. I'll speak for me. My heart goes out to anyone. Who's dealing with this at a personal level? We're all dealing with this. Because it's affecting everybody but I I make my heart hurts literally. It's squeezing like I feel like I can't breathe very well. Knowing the people out there are really hurting. And there's that so yeah. I'm so sorry for anyone affected by this and You know we'll get through. We will because we all bounce back whereas strong group of people in it does bring a good sides of humanity bad too with the toilet paper but good sides to you know so now. It's hard and it's just so much and I think I think a lot of people have are having these waves of emotions that get into a panic or they could super emotional. It gets super protective or they just want it. Want COMEDY RELIEF. And then they go back to looking at all the facts and getting overwhelmed. It's just so so many musicians and coming up for everyone. Yeah the back and forth JAL. You're just such a sweet person. You just want to take care of everybody. I do I really do. And it's here we go. It's hard it's hard to like. Be that person that has it altogether for everybody and I don't know and I'm trying to and I'm trying to be positive and trying to be fun and entertaining How those things but yeah you know? There's a lot of unknowns so it's hard it's hard trying to put on a face for the family and kids that are asking you every day. When are we going back to school? What's going on? That's really when you don't know. Yeah and so. I'm sorry I'm trying to think you create these like little daily routines. I JUST WANNA keep it routine so that they feel like it's a little normal P. recess and we go to lunch and we get a three in the bell rings and I make a big.

00:45:02 - 00:50:23

I make a noise when the bell rings so it feels normal. You know doing a great job and you know it was cool when you said you go. This is my wheelhouse. I could do this. This is really what I'd love to do. I could give structure. I can teach them like cool subjects and it was neat to hear you get really excited about being a good teacher to them. Ix Yeah Oh sorry. This is just so it's scary. This is really fricking scary. And and there are so many unknowns. It's hard to I mean. We're quarantined were not supposed to be going outside. How and when it was on Costa Rico. Hearing like it's turning into martial law we might have like we're sending in the National Guard soon. You might not. We might have a curfew where you can your house. And the new starting to think of you know World War world word to ration lines. Are we GONNA BREAD LINES? And I know I know yeah like I stocked up on lentils. I fucking cooked millet today. Because it's from Africa. We did a whole study on. Afrique asked the kids what they wanted to learn about. They want to learn about Africa. I'm like okay well mill it and I did. I grabbed all these weird Greens and like lagoons off the shelf that I normally wouldn't in. It's cool have my one twelve pack toilet paper. I didn't hard but I did share. Somebody could reached out yesterday. It was like come out of toilet paper and I left some on my porch and they came back got it. So yeah. We're but I got to. That was big news. I did order a longtime ago. It's been on Amazon wishlist. For five years I remember seeing that five hundred dollar ask cleaner saying who's going to buy that for you got it. It was two hundred dollars at Costco is my big forty eighth birthday wishlist moment and I I did it and raising time because it came like one day late and get all COSTCO DOT com. So I know I called for the day. Yeah you know. And I'm I'm not like red upstairs anytime after. Go to the bathroom than I don't know if he's toilet paper. I'm saving trees. It feels I. I'm so squeaky clean. It's great. Will you tell the kids about that too? So they because sometimes kids have a harder time things out of their short talk about it. I know oxy clean emir. Good friends and we. That's good. There are solutions. You feeling because my whole family here. I worry about you a little because you're alone and I know you're just back so feels good like right now. But what if we're on quarantine till the end of April or something? Are you GONNA be okay? I'm going to be written a lot of love songs. I know all the creations. I can't wait to Aidid really you are. You're not GONNA get enough. People have enough friends and we do facetime and phone calls and zoom meetings times so I feel like I have friends. That are doing Acheson Griffith Park which is hurt. Yes I heard that. La is awful. People are like six wide. There's GonNa shut down all the parking lots and because people aren't listening to the rules and the whole burden park go over say where go in case there's weirdos listening but but yeah there. I mean we were trying to stick to the social distancing within you start talking and you start going to moving a little closer but So I don't know just the six feet apart thing definitely. I could see people squeezing up together after. Pass people on some of the skinnier trails. And everybody's out there. The parking lot is full fulfull. Yeah and because nobody. There's nothing else to so everyone's going into beaches nature and nice rate. Isn't it a cool awakening a little bit? Like I mean you see families together to. I've never seen families on trails together. Have to tell you the kids. It really is kind of cool there there. I should say loving because they miss their friends but they do zoom and do xbox video games and do all the live stuff but they are digging hanging out with mom and dad. I mean Dave's working from home. He's upstairs upstairs office. I'm downstairs doing school and we have lunch break together. We have dinner together. We do feel like I think they're all out in the hot tub right now. They're waiting for me but I was recording. But it's it's cute. We're doing lots of stuff together. And they're they're happy it's weird. There's a positive lesson it's like we have stop working so much all the time and being away especially with the kids I think but anyway say although I really do want to shift some things this time of shifting maybe to create more of that and I hope it's something that doesn't just go back to normal.

00:50:23 - 00:55:04

I hope we don't just go back to crazy workaholic. Culture after the news. Now I know I think about that too. Yeah I'm sure it won't be well in with the economy. Everyone's GONNA BE I. We have to make up for stuff. So we're coming from a privileged point of view. But it doesn't it make you might get back. I want to grow my food. This is what people might start doing because they're starting to do it now is Carson's grow your own food like be more self sufficient totally. I started this whole thing with home. Schooling and garden videos. Because that's what I do at the school. I Volunteer Garden Lady and yeah so I started this whole thing. I'm like okay guys tune in today we're GONNA learn how to make compost and all this stuff. Yeah all of a sudden Lord Ingalls Wilder. So you've always loved this little fairy this global my. We'll have a really prepared I used to do you know. Did I ever tell you this I used to? I used to close my eyes and pretend like I was Mary. The older sister from Ohio apply on and pretend like I was blind so if I ever got scarlet fever I could get around the house and I could still do everything I used. I used to prep and plan for becoming blind older. Know what happened when that happened but I am. Yeah that's already don't go blind. Yeah it's it's all good okay so everybody we love you and yes. We hope that you're having fun or at least getting through this positive silver lining looking for that. It's a crazy time and we're all in it. It is kind of Nice knowing we're all connected on a global level now and hopefully we can Come through this. Just fine support out there. He say caller has a call. And we'll talk to you bring you on the show. I know we'll be your friend. Do please call in and check all over social media. Everything's at Masson. Weans spell it out and our big mission. Sorry you're trying to do stuff you gotTA. We want to help people who are lonely. So if you're lonely reach out to us we'll hundred up to you. This is the big poker for sure for sure. Yeah my we WANNA be your friends so okay plug all right. That's it that's the plug at Masson. Weans DOT COM PATRIARCH DOT COM? If you feel like supporting I know this is a tough time. So we're not expecting anything. It's out there extra stuff on Patriot on I don't know give to your local charities. Help PEOPLE OUT GIVE TOILET PAPER. Put It on your front porch. Good nextdoor DOT COM and be a helper click help. There's a new button new feature and if you're somebody in your neighborhood who can say. Hey if that launch you be my neighbor. Yeah if that little person next to me needs to go to the pharmacy to get their medicine but they're afraid. Be that person you know I did it. It's cool. We have a sweet little lady lives up the street and she doesn't really have a whole lot of people and so we're that person for her and that's nice so beat out. It's awesome and as Mr Rogers because I love Mr Rogers as d you as people his mother. His MOM said In Times of crisis when everyone's freaking out look for the people who are helping so maybe we could do that. As we're scared ourselves we can Look to reach out to others. It gets you out of your own fear to be. Would YOU BE? Would you be my neighbor A little out of my mom's twinkie March twenty fifth day she exists did too big A. She was berthed on my mom's birthday today day. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday. Mom assist per mouse a simple lifelike blind. Mary from Little House on the prairie now. She's got her dream. She's quarantined from the one.

00:55:04 - 00:58:22

They bobby sanitized tissues. This feeds into the great control issues but they were much cleaner than the dirty water day. Happy Birthday. It's my mom. Assistant birthday earned they birthday my mom Idaho most the viruses in the snow along with a crap load of potatoes before she kisses her cowboy husband so sweet she soaks. Zam Elliott Mustache Incor- bleed. She kills the germs and also removes classmates. Meet Vegetarian. Happy Birthday to sorry both High Joel. It's Cari Happy Birthday. Bet You'll never forget this birthday sheltered in place with your family. I'm thinking about you today. just wanted to tell you that you are the best workout partner. Gardening Lady podcast hostess with the most. Is Your tenderhearted your silly in your this. The greatest friend girl could ask for you inspire me with your adventurous spirit and always willing to try something new. I hope you have the best day. I hope your kids and family shower you with love and attention and I can't wait to see you in person in the very near future. Love You bye. Happy Birthday Joelle. Such an amazing friend. I love you so much. You're a great mom who gardens and schedules. Intense plans for her kids during the pandemic. And you're also that fund mom who gets us to do exciting things like going to the Korean day SPA and Bollywood dancing. I love you in La and I can't wait to toast you over zoom on your birthday. Happy Birthday Reynolds Hijo. Well this is Daphne and I want to you the happiest of birthdays. You are an amazing mother and friend and just all around person. We have so much in common. We do the same work. We went to the same school. We have all these touch points. That are the same between the two of us and even though I don't get to see you that often I think about you a lot and ask myself what Joelle do in all sorts of situations so I hope you have a great day. I love you so much bye.