May 6, 2023

E139 - Humperdincks and Longshoremen

We originally recorded this January 9th, but are finally putting it out now because it's a fun talk full of funny stories. Weens finishes her last final exam this week, then we'll be back doing "live" recordings again.

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E139 – We originally recorded this January 9th, but are finally putting it out now because it’s a fun talk full of funny stories. Weens finishes her last final exam this week, then we’ll be back doing “live” recordings again. Hope you like this episode! Now, will you write in and answer some questions? Here you go: Is Mouse crazy to say this about women’s sports? How do you like your coffee? What leisure activities to you have with your s.o.? Do you relate to the White Lotus mom? How about kids’ party pressure? Have you been on a silent retreat or understand them? Relate to the mom love shackles? And what is your go-to karaoke song? Enjoy the Humperdinck and 80’s celebrity musician stories and let us know about your celebrity run-ins!

00:00 Intro
04:13 Weens Living with Mouse
05:50 Women’s Sports Worse
11:45 Weens School Stress
13:39 Coffee & Relationships
15:27 Mouse White Lotus Mom
16:30 Kids Parties & Control
19:04 Weens Silent Retreat
22:38 Moms’ Love Shackles
27:12 Dream Dinners
28:16 Weens Stabbing
30:38 Humperdinck
36:05 Homeless Hoarding Volunteer
41:39 Coffee & Favorite Mug
43:29 Celebrity 80’s Musician Story
57:51 Conclusion

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PodFix. Hello. This is Sir David Attenborough and today I'd like to talk about two creatures one from the North and the other from the south they're known together as Mouse and Weens [Music] had a massage [Music]

[Music] hello everybody it's Mouse and Weens we are in a car uh for the moment to give you this little intro Julianne's doing weird faces um we have a new episode but it's actually an old episode we we recorded it in January pre-mom passing and pre Scooby passing and so we're talking about them as if in present day. but just realize this was like January 9th when you hear this episode. but it's still cute and we don't have the time right now to record a whole real episode because Julianne? what are you busy with right now? Psychosocial theory. yes and she is taking finals for her first year of her master's program and it's a lot. it's balls deep in brain farts. it's a lot. she runs through the kitchen,  grabs food, and then runs back to keep studying like. like wee willy winky who runs through the night upstairs and downstairs. and we got her for a second here in the car. so anyway enjoy this episode. we hope you like it. some fun silly stories. and then we will do our mom Memorial episode soon soon after finals. yeah soon. yay. all right. thank you everybody. here we go. it's great. it's the best way. I look like a boufant housewife. your face. ah. well? what is the joy in this? it's wonderful. are you kidding? black coffee's the best. it's so good. stop it. why do you think it's so bad? it's making me gleek. it's not that bad. but isn't there a joy to having... well explain it to me because sugar it just feels like water. it's like water that wakes you up. I love it so  welcome to Mouse and weens everybody uh we are together we're sitting around a microphone um looking out the window I'm Joelle it's gorgeous. I'm Mouse. I'm the the one with a cat named Scooby who's currently sitting in a box peering at us occasionly. a cat in a little box. he's like pouring out of this tiny box. he really is Big. yeah and I'm Weens by the way. yes she... I don't know who I am anymore. I  have no identity. stop it! I've left my home in Los Angeles I left my career and now I don't know who I am. stop it. your career is sitting there on hold. you can go back to it at any point and you still get calls and you could be the perfect blend of... don't make me go! work and film locations. let's do that. let's go... or I might just... that's what you could do. I don't want to location scout. you could work on Films as a social worker. what? I don't know. they need some help right? those actors. like put on a social worker outfit and go in the back? like be an extra go the in the back of..? yeah you could kind of counsel and just make sure the right matches are made and um do what social workers do. I don't even know what they do. no no one's quite sure. okay all right. well but here we are. um Weens? yes? you're... I'm never gonna kick you out. you're gonna stay here forever. really? yeah if that's cool with you it's cool with me. you already said there was a snafu because I'm your resident pet sitter. well we just have Charlotte's cheer competitions are starting this weekend coming up we are going to travel and go to Costa Mesa which is in lovely Orange County. right. the orange curtain - a lot of Republicans and televangelists. oh yeah? it's called that now? yep. oh boy. and they're moving to Idaho. mom said a lot of uh Orange County folks are moving to Idaho. take them! the Republican ideals. um but anyway yeah cheer competitions are coming up kind of every other week through March and I put them all on your calendar because you said well that's great I'll stay home and pet sit. but you don't that's because you're in school and you're stuck here anyway so it was like a no-brainer except that you don't go back to school till January 19th so we have this one weekend coming up oh 17. so you know where uh yeah this weekend where I'm gone out of town yeah she's getting one last whooping before she starts back in on her next semester therefore leaving the Animals by themselves but that's fine because Dave is happy to stay home with them and the boys I don't know if they really want to go to all these cheer competitions but we're gonna try to do it for family bonding forced Family Fun yay and poor Charlotte Beth she's the baby and has been dragged around to her brother's stuff everything for everybody do you think that the guys guys in general get more attention yes

yeah it's the football it's the Oh The Little Prince was born and you know yeah it's like the family Jewels are on their back oh my God insert imagery here yeah no but you know I think a lot of hopes and dreams are riding on the boys and the men and the firstborns the future is female I'm telling you put it all into the little ladies I'm just kidding I know but it's balanced and equal Yeah It's Tricky though and it is funny to watch the grandparents um kind of the older Generations not mom so much but just you know Dr Khan the professor is like talking to the boys about you know engineering and math and what are you going to do in college and granted their college age but I don't think it comes up with never heard a conversation about what do you I mean maybe and maybe it's because she's young we'll see yeah but anyway that will not be the case and she will be treated as a boy okay yeah I just I hope that I don't know so cheers so we're making everybody go so they can uh everyone feels equally supported and important and that their activities matter and she loves nobody came to our female basketball games do you remember oh yeah and stuff it would be like five people in the stands and I was so pissed even back then really why does nobody come to these I know we're interesting yes but you know the real Sports people will argue that the real sports are the men they just have different muscles no they don't are you kidding I mean I mean physiologically it is harder to get to certain levels as a woman but they definitely do then you look at the top of the top the WNBA the women's soccer like those games are great everything's just as exciting everything's exciting it's fun to watch kids now why would you say that I feel like you just pushed back feminism 20 years no I'm not no I know there's a physiological difference like yeah guys at bigger Hearts usually and can swim a little longer and whatever work out no there's muscles and stuff but does that determine how interesting they are I would say because I've had the same argument argument with my husband why don't you like watching women's sports on TV just as much as men's and he's like it's just not the same it's not the same game it looks like you're watching a kids game I think I wonder though if that could be argued like look at the MMA girls and women sorry right no I just did it I know um they're all equally interesting it's just what you're comparing it to I guess so if you're used to men's sports being like crazy Rough and Tumble and yeah alley-oops and jump shots I don't even know what they do I think it's gonna shift though I think there's here's a complaint I don't even want to go into it but there are it's you know film business has been exclusively white males so now they have a bunch of different you know ethnicities and more women and but the white men are complaining like well they don't really know what they're doing and they're slowing down the film and I'm like well give it give it a second these people haven't like they don't have enough experience like they're not in the game as long as right right so I wonder if that will be the case where everybody starts up leveling yeah which is kind of the same as reparations and things like that right like whoa everybody's been behind for so long yeah totally believe that a step stool to get up to where everybody else is and then yeah and start to change the mindset if like only male sports are interesting right right that will shift well tell all the advertisers on TV who advertise for the WNBA or women's soccer because that too determines who's on TV which determines audience etc etc someone's gotta give it's the catch train too like they're supplying demand so people are demanding one thing that does well so we Supply it if somebody would shift the Paradigm right like yep putting a larger boned woman on the cover of Vogue yeah it's more accessible which it is lots of larger phone I didn't no that was not she's big boned um at the mall Victoria's Secret says the larger models modeling them really the bras on the mannequins the mannequin sizes are very different these days it's wonderful I love it more representation like do you shop at Victoria's Secret no I happen to be right across the street when I was uh or across the little hallway in the mall in Idaho when we were looking for last minute gifts I think Dave ended up buying all the kids these little wallet inserts they're tiny like slide them in your back pocket kind of wallets they're really cool um which Charlotte instantly lost at the mall at the very next door she left it on the counter she's the most Lucy little girl um but anyway so I was waiting for him to purchase all those and I was staring at Victoria's Secrets going hmm I wonder if I should up my lingerie game because I'm wearing the same old stuff because you know what I've seen your holy underwear oh holy it doesn't matter it really I was in the silliest cat PJs that I got for Christmas and um the other night grabbing hands life was good it does not matter what is on this bed it's what's underneath that's good so I don't know anyway he liked your ex ghost skeleton what what is that yeah so Endo um so tell me about you've been working on the movie um did you get any feedback on other movie talk the Jack Black episode we just did did I get feedback yeah did any of your friends listen and go and talk to anybody been in a weird Vortex okay I don't think you're a little your friends you were a little reticent to talk about uh the celebrities you don't like that as much I was in a mood I was so fried yeah yeah sometimes it feels like detached I guess like who cares okay if I'm in a mood which I was very yeah moody Judy over there at the end of that you were did you listen back no you should hear it it was just like f it all really I know yeah oh my God this is that that's funny I was just so tired do you realize how stressful this school is yeah I do don't talk into your hands all right but I think that um I need bounce back time yeah and you guys um you guys go a lot yeah we've been on the go big time and um it gets a little much but we put off all our Christmas stuff uh all the parties and hanging out with people and hosting until the new year and then it all hit in one fat weekend this past weekend so we're really tired now but um yeah no I don't envy your position I get it you're all good well I'm not complaining I guess I'm just saying that there is I need a little bounce back time yeah all right so friends she has until January 17th until she starts school back up so please send her all the fun messages right now she'll talk to you um yeah no because you're about to get busy again that's all I'm saying so you're going out of town to see your friend yeah who lives in the Redwoods yes she needs her coffee oh yeah okay we were discussing how do you like your coffee people um all of our friends and listeners are you a drink of black do you like cream do you like cream and sugar do you care if it's a French roast first versus uh whatever this is it's like acid it's Colombian deep dark roast and I like it black it's the stuff that when you pour cream in it coagulates I know this hype yeah it's like acidic it's so good can you hand me it right now I need it I took a sip of it and it's got no cream of sugar and it's just thinking about it makes me happy oh my God and Dave and I like the same kind of coffee so it makes our household run really smoothly do you think that anything has to do with that kind of stuff like we both like the same coffee that's important no we both like the same music-ish like what is the important things that could be trite I suppose it would be where you spend free time if it is similar that would be good because then you're spending free time together like Leisure fun time like you like sports yeah like like not as much as Dave but yes I would prefer to play them I think it's more fun to go out and play Pickleball which I got into that class I'm gonna start doing it on yeah I got it she got in you got it Adult School this little tiny head in his fat fat body just popped up from a small small box with his ears back it's not like it no I'd rather play the sports than watch them Dave can sit down and just go all day watching so that's not great but we like um movies we like watching things together we're watching White Lotus oh we're deep in it what do you think it's good it's weird yeah weirdly slow but also I like it though hooks you in interesting enough huh and funky characters yeah it's cool who do you relate to the most White Lotus fans oh God probably the blonde mom who's like I'm not a punching bag and Dave turned to me and he's like you say that to me all the time what yeah because I'm always a scapegoat when things go wrong do you still feel that Dynamic a lot or no yeah I mean I'm the safe haven for everyone to dump on like all the kids hold their acts together all day at school and they're on their best behavior and they come home and kind of blah let it all out our mom and Dave same thing I think he has to be on at work and he's stressed and whatever and it's often in the car behind the wheel and if something happens with a driver or a wrong turn somehow it turns into my fault I don't I don't know how but yeah and that oh my God I would love to work on that with him but some people they are who they are what is his gripe about you mostly uh controlling probably that I try to tell people what to do and hey I won't leave him alone on the couch all weekend for 24 hours straight to help with dishes or whatever needs help with I don't know so yeah all that dirty laundry stuff it's do you think that your control stuff has to do with just like okay let's talk about it though she just rolled her eyes I want to talk about this okay let's talk about fun stuff all right but maybe you could do a little therapy all right let's go to I don't have a huge thing do you see how much I let go of everything in life better you're better I remember helping with Toby's first birthday party and wanting to jump off a bridge like that nap

I was like oh my God this new mom with a one-year-old baby there's a big big pressure on the Pinterest party you know that whole thing really well yeah mom's out there weigh in right don't we set the bar high for each other and then you have to have a perfect party for who exactly this this is the world of moms stay-at-home moms and parties and who are you impressing I don't get it friends who come to the party friends who see the pictures and it's no longer about your I don't subscribe I don't subscribe to that and even then I didn't really I just wanted to make it kind of nice that was that was back then all right well I'm glad you've mellowed out yeah I have yeah but she remembers the one time when he was one he's now 17 almost 18 but that one time when he was one she'll never help with another party no she and my mom I found out uh put your heads together and you're like we're just gonna show show up to the party we're never helping again so now it's 100 on just me well thanks a lot I hope you learned your lesson it was 17 years ago I'm a different person you still won't help me get ready with your cat again all right so let's go to your list oh my God all right you can't eat a bundt cake right now why did you grab this because you're about to tell a story I'm not gonna tell a story yes you are a pancake out of your mouth we're enter what is this troll issues okay I can't believe it no you're gonna be smacking we're gonna have to listen to the liquid in your mouth I am a mouse quiet as one no no no look at this first one I wrote on a little List look at control silent Retreat silent but deadly what does that mean silent Retreat you you don't I don't think we've ever talked about the fact that you went on a silent Retreat oh will you please tell that story because well I've been very quiet about it

wake up the kid okay silent retreat by Julianne it was in 2012 something like that maybe earlier maybe like 2005. I was into a spiritual time of life wait a minute 2005 is when Toby was born was it around the time of his first birthday oh my God no because I could have probably handled you better after my silent Retreat well I don't remember when this was why do people well go go ahead why do people go why do they even go to these silent Retreats I don't get it oh my God why would someone want to get in touch with their Deeper Self or get connected to Consciousness or learn to meditate or to relax why would anyone want to do that if they could have lists to check off I just don't understand why you would pay money and go somewhere to just sit you don't pay money oh you donate if you want to this is a what was it called not ayurveda it was I don't know I can't remember was it no God I can't remember right now but it's a 10-day silent Retreat then you go there and you set and you listen to an Indian man talk on a screen in the morning and you're all on your little pillow your sitting pillow and uh why are you laughing go ahead nothing I'm curious the Indian man talks about welcome to day two and I'm not making fun this is what it sounded like now you're going to sweep and mess sweep and mess sweep and mass I don't know what that's all I remember because you're supposed to like pretend there was a broom inside of your body and sweep away but I don't know what the mass was and and I didn't I have to say the rebellious nature in me really is the Deep part of myself because you weren't supposed to have any writing utensils or anything you're just supposed to sit from like eight hours a day and then you had a little tent on the grounds and you weren't supposed to have anything to write with or talk with him of 100 no talking no anything yeah and you eat with people but you don't talk to them nothing and I did sneak in a pencil and I ended up going in the bathroom and writing down song lyrics and toilet paper at the time because it came to me all these song lyrics like jail yeah oh my God but that's good yeah so that was pretty productive which songs are there ones I'm still sitting in the toilet paper and the toilet paper file I did one I think and they were interesting it did tap into a deeper part of your brain like it wasn't stuff I would normally say kind of like when I took Ambien and wrote in my journal and I looked back on it and it was like ah the Russian man he eludes me and it was weird like stuff I would never talk about I was half out of it wow so I think that's when people are like under anesthesia and they start talking Spanish and like you know it's gonna be something like that that's cool anyway I had a deep respect for Mom I remember that was the biggest thing that came out of it like probably five or six days in when you start to really get into it then I was like oh my God the sacrifices she made to raise us and I was very appreciative in a way that and I think I called her like the second I got out to say thank you oh because I don't think I had ever really known and I felt really connected to just how I mean I've already said this you know so you guys all moms need to hear this because man like I said were the doormats of the world and we do give up so much you know like every second of your life it feels yeah you've never always relax like I have a sick girl in the other room right now which I'm kind of watching the minutes tick by and I'm like I gotta go check on her it's just always in your mind and yeah that's good so did Mom love that you called her and said that I mean I don't know I don't know if I could express how it felt so I don't know if it was just taken as like oh thank you I can't remember but I really wanted to get across like I feel like I'm more connected to understanding how much well tell her now she says thank you Mom because it really was profound and I kind of like saw her you as a younger person and also being 20 something and your whole life shifting and having to give up so much of your own selfishness just to keep these kids going and and everything it's true like scraping by money to make it all work yep and putting up with the crazy dad and uh yeah giving up a kind of she was a music Major and a singing career potentially or or who knows but she was really happy to be a mom yeah but with that is a lifetime of Love shackles you're never quite settled um with this profound love you're always worried about your kids is that true yeah oh 100 you're only as happy as your saddest kid or something there's some phrase really that whatever you know your kid who's struggling with something is you take that on and that's as happy as you can get because you never can wow move past that oh it's a lot I'm happy yeah are you yes you did a good job Mom yes thank you Mom oh yay that's sweet that's good okay so if nothing else that came out of it yeah yes and was it awkward eating with people that and you didn't talk this is where I know that I'm awkward I ended up eating like by myself in a weird corner I couldn't sit down with people and not talk oh it's too awkward so I was like the only one that found a weird side corner interesting how many people were there probably like 60 okay yeah are you still that way yes yeah but you're so social but it's it I think I'm a drop-in drop out social okay yeah social and my own terms that's control um don't you feel that though you get energized but then you wanna sure yeah you mean I can't believe that you would say that you think I'm social I've been nothing but a Hermit since I've been at your house but I guess I'm going on the channel I grew up with who is my real image of you I feel like all of this is just a phase but you're really that young fun wild spirited girl and she's in there somewhere but it's completely well I'm also taking some of this antidepressants for this pmdd right menstrual stuff right or maybe pre-menstrual dysphoria disorders where you get really bad PMS it might be like that time of change in life or something but I tried it and now but I feel like it kind of it does cut your emotions like I wonder if it's bad news hmm Baseline I just feel like kind of just sweet that's called being married with kids that's what that's like really rare same day every day just growing older and not being as pumped about random things yeah yeah right yeah yeah it could be okay can I tell you this quick story yes but first let's hear from our sponsor we are sponsored by dream dinners or Mouse click the link and do enter mouse and weens99 at checkout if you're in the local area of Poway or San Marcos down here in San Diego and you will get 99 off your first full order and free delivery if you choose it you guys dream dinners is a meal preparation service that makes dinner time so easy I love doing them with my family my husband can cook them up really quick it's just a wonderful thing with good healthy food that recreates meal time for us it's given us lots of family time back Dream Dinners uses high quality foods they cut they prep they bag it up for you all you have to do is thaw out your meal look at the recipe card and pop it in the oven or stovetop and it's ready usually in 20 30 minutes so do go to look for your location enter mouse and weans 99 and let them know we sent you enjoy this wonderful life hack at Dream Dinners

can I tell you this quick story yes you'll like this one okay it's not that funny but I'm going to tell you anyway yes I was at a friend's house and they had some of the uh they're all from the acidic Jewish Community who came over and they're all musicians okay so it was really cool and they were playing these awesome songs and but one of the little kids who was running around I went to just like grab them and go like hey Pat his arms yeah just like he was you know running by and I would to be like whoa Pat yeah I think I stabbed him and I hope for us to the night he was like

I saw him like turn around and look like what just happened like did a bird attack me and then the whole rest of it I kept kind of itching that same stuff but look at that nail too like what is I'm gonna analyze these but that one was a weird one okay so you're not going through any changes in your nails they're really hard you also need to file them because what the heck is that a sharp sharp Point you're turning into a weird cat look okay that's because I think it broke and then I went on the sidewalk it just did that oh so really made it a sidewalk scratch it's gonna kill someone in jail nice acidic boy they're gonna think I'm anti-Semitic it was awful the poor kid was just holding inside

okay well oh I I relate you stabbed me all the time you don't mean to she'll go in for a handshake or a hug and we all get stabbed now Charlotte says it all the time too okay anyway enough about me let's quick shift go on to something on your list okay just to finish it up though do you think silent Retreats are worth it should everybody do them yes really you should do them before you throw a kid's birthday party oh shut up all right um we talked about being the photographer of a of a family Ella Fitzgerald Rudolph oh I made a list of Christmas songs that are cringy I'm gonna save it till next Christmas because yeah there were so many Christmas songs that I was just like oh my God that's awful that part and I want to make a little medley it'll be fun um okay humperding I have to tell another story no I'm just wondering can we please talk about the name

now this has been a running joke in our family that ever I'm predict I mean there's humps and there's dinks I mean and you can't put them together this isn't his real name I know he changed it he changed it but Eddie Izzard has a whole bit on this oh he does yeah okay all right like he was sitting down with his manager Engelbert habanath no no no did he like and then he says it and says another and then he goes wait wait back to Engelbert Humper yep I'll play that clip okay all right we'll insert that here yes he was a man that's not his real name he's from Britain that's not his name it's very few humble dinks in Britain he was born Jerry Dorsey and not Engelbert humperdeg his parents were not Mr Mrs humbledink they never said what should we call our sons who does not get the [ __ ] kicked out of him at school we should call him Engelbert

good that'll work now his name was Jerry Dorsey and he released he released Songs as Jodi songs such as

which didn't work because no one could hear what he was saying and then his managers obviously said we're going to change your name Jerry it's the name that's a problem and his name changed from Jerry Dorsey to Engelbert Humperdinck I mean I just wanted to be in the room when they were working that one through


foreign that's it and it worked now yeah that's some kind of the best you had a story about a humperdink we all have stories about humperdings you hung with a hump yeah I think yeah okay tell the story tell the story it was my friend Bobby Garofalo who lived in Atwater Village and he's a great guitarist any in relation to Janine no oh interesting though he was actually a football player with like uh someone some famous team I can't remember okay big dude like six five and 300 pounds of just muscle and whatever anyway but he works in the film business now and is also a guitar player and so somehow he got in touch with clumperdink yeah the the Elder I think so she's still alive even he is right I don't know yeah I think so okay somehow I don't know what the ding connection was but somehow he was playing on Junior humperdinck's album okay wait so the football player is a humperdink no football players the guitarist oh he's playing on a humperdink album yeah okay it's like our dad he was a artsy football rights okay guitarist film guy football guy and played so we somehow I ended up going out with them one night we went down to Japanese karaoke with Junior Humperdinck and Bobby Garofalo a couple other people of humperdinck's friends and then we went to a Japanese like in Japan Town in L.A they actually have those Lost in Translation like you rent a booth with just your friends and do a party oh cool okay but man Junior dink was so drunk dude you're drunk Junior drunk and he was singing but it was one of those just the control where everyone's just like whoa oh no just like hanging and like that again on the backs of the booth standing up and like jumping on people oh did he get kicked out did you guys have to shut it down no but I think he wanted to stay all night and at some point I was like I'm leaving this guy is but you know a lot of grabby hanging I love you and the dad wasn't there there was no Elder dink that was it yeah no Elder dink um and I think he tried to sing some like good ballads coming out that was it it wasn't a great story but um we got a humperding story no and then he apologized the next day and said I had dental surgery and was on some pills as well as um and The Hangover throw up by the way is always I had shellfish last night oh yeah have you heard this one yes it I actually just heard it from a nice homeless person oh who needed a blanket we did a giveaway thing and um Elliot and I went and worked a volunteer thing and the homeless person said he got food poisoning and soiled all of his blankets and so he needed a new blanket and I was like I wonder if it was food poisoning yeah or not well but you take them at their word that guy passed and he got a new blanket that's really nice yes how was that experience it was great it was really cool it was run by this group called first Saturdays so it's a Facebook group if people want to look it up it's like the number one an st and Saturdays and so the first Saturday of every month you get together at the spot downtown and you sort through bags and bags and bags of donations and you make a men's table and a women's table of clothing and then there's toiletries food socks extras whatever and um try to sort them by size kind of and then everybody circles up all the volunteers you get a name tag all the volunteers then Circle up once that's done and we kind of go around the circle and do a little say your name and say something important um so Elliott did it the 15 year old and at first he was like I'm a little nervous about doing this I don't know what to expect and I think he thought maybe maybe he didn't really think this but maybe in the back your mind you're worried that people are going to be dangerous or crazy or scary um but you know you're taught to help them shop for clothes and help them find sizes and they kind of walk by in a nice dignified line and they shop at your table and find their jeans or whatever and you talk to them and so we talked to a ton of people and you know he looks like my grandson oh really how old's your grandson oh he's this old and he's going to be 30 next week and I'm like oh that's great that's cute so I think it really humanized the homeless situation for Elliot which was great good and you get all the kids to go yeah so I want to keep doing it on what made you want to I mean I've had it on my calendar forever and Saturdays have just been busy and this happened to be an open spot and I just wanted to and oh and remember you and mom giving me a hard time about saving stuff I got rid of all my toiletries yeah backpacks I got rid of extra glasses extra jackets I'm saving things for crazy and feel it's fine I always I didn't have a problem with it I was it they had an intention and a purpose and getting the intention out your front door and out of the closet yes true and it'll continue to happen you're helping a lot of people yeah that's great and thank you to lots of residents of how way because I posted about it that I was collecting donations so a lot of people dropped off bags on my porch that I took downtown and we did the whole thing did they how many people uh probably like 10 people like cheese on our buy nothing Poway page which is super cool that's great yeah so anyway I like this because this is the kind of stuff that will be deep within your children growing up I hope so I think so because Dad did this with us yeah yeah and um it sticks did we yeah we were did we just talk about it no we went all the time to San Francisco with blankets jackets uh he was big on nail clippers I remember dad always buying lots of nail clippers and handing out nail clippers to homeless folks and where was I you're probably punking around in Walnut Creek or something I don't know you weren't around was I with you guys maybe I'm assuming what year was this I think we were young you must have been like you were 10-ish or something I wasn't punking around at 10 years old you never know look you get so angry about this no well it's we have different memories um but we would drop off food a lot too there was always uh they had little almost like bird feeders little covered uh they look like mailboxes or something and you could put fruit that was big on fruit always bringing bananas and oranges and apples and putting them in the little I like your gesture being like throwing them at people we have birds I mean a hot pot well it's a tall mailbox he was putting them in there um yeah who's mailbox in the city of San Francisco by the way I have earphones on we're not even using these I can't hear [ __ ] I've just noticed you and I'm shouting did you notice that that's good I thought because you were far away from me oh this is how you're supposed to maybe I'll leave them on them yeah no anyway city of San Francisco had a little food placement it's like they look like little bird feeders oh you would put food there for people so was this this was a dead thing he was very into that yeah Mama's right on board do you think you're doing this because of that um yeah I think so I think so so it works yeah just look at that as being those things that get passed down yeah how you raise your kids how you were raised yeah big time it's really good you're doing that thanks congratulations do it with us it's fun you've done all that kind of stuff with churches in LA and feeding people and yeah yeah but it's an important kids need to see it more and more and more for sure all right I'm looking at my list we are gonna cross off a couple things because these are 44 minutes do you care no well we're good we can go our um okay one last I know you hate it I don't have any coffee celebrity stories oh yeah we never talked about a coffee it's terrible no it's not I love it and it gets things moving in the morning if you know what I mean I did start with so in college I drank mochas lots of chocolate cream sugar all the things light coffee and then I took away the sugar and then it was just coffee and cream and then I eventually took away the cream because it was so many steps and you have to buy more [ __ ] and you have to clean out your cup better and I was just like I'm gonna learn how to drink black coffee because it just needs cleaner and like tea you know and so that's what I do and I love it and oh the smell of coffee in the morning and the first Sip and super super hot ladies and gentlemen we've got an addict and I have my two mugs and I put my stickers on them you can see us on YouTube if you want is this thing recording and it has this is the best Contigo I wish they would sponsor us they have a little locking mechanism so well it gets a couple drips you get those first drips out and then you can throw it in your purse it can fall nothing happens this does need to happen on every coffee mug it's important and there's a button you have to push it in order to drink so that's great you can't just spill out well you get a few of those for the house and the lip is just right yeah but I can't find it some of the lips like dribble like a dribble lip and it goes down you're cold I thought that was a cat or something your toes are touching my ankles

not happening because I've been sitting in another you also go barefoot everywhere you go and that's why your feet are cracking as well you need to wear socks yeah okay no one needs to see that you don't need to see that all right last story I just want to ask you about um since we're talking karaoke oh why do I keep having to tell stories because they're funny and they need to get out there and once they're recorded then I feel bad for this guy okay oh this is a long one though but I'll tell you it's short yeah do what you want to do back in I was working on the show Murder in the First starring Taye Diggs you know that show I thought that was with nope what was that one it was the lady who showed the purse to that was the other murder show s yeah the bag of the bag Murder in the First I mean how to get away with murder that one yeah Viola Davis Viola Davis um this was not that this was this and then we were shooting in San Pedro where actually I got interviewed for what it's like to be a location scout from the San Pedro paper that was the same show do they say Pedro or Pedro I don't know so anyway it was there and uh after rapping one night I happened to get up early I think I had like a real early day and for some reason I got off like at seven which is very early and movie terms and we're staying there we had a hotel all the crew that needed to stay there so I'm at the bar the whale and tail you see of course now is there ocean nearby yes Pedro Pedro it's right next to Long Beach so okay got it go over the St Thomas Bridge which actually fun fact Wrigley Ridley Scott's brother jumped off that bridge and committed suicide oh it's a very tall bridge anyway super fun St Thomas in terminal Island the prison is right there San Pedro is a beautiful Italian fishing village town originally it's it's still really neat I would buy a house there uh it's right next to Palos Verdes we are getting the phone okay well I told you it's a long one I'll just go to the whale and tail okay so we're at the whale and tail it's a bar that has beer it's kind of English you sit there it's got that really dark wood like San Diego Shakespeare's perhaps yes it's not that Hub yes it's a high-end pub with a little Irish jig bands will sometimes come a classy classy you can eat oysters and have beer wow how about it and uh so I'm sitting there and uh you know a couple of points pints pints remember that yes we used to go to just don't get off track this is a big build up but yes and then I was sitting there and there was a man you see two schools away and he had like a little uh I almost wanted to say a kerchief hat but it's not what is that sailor's cap longshoreman oh beanie and he had like black round glasses like Elvis Costello and kind of uh you know he looked like a hip folder man okay you get the vibe got it and I heard him talking in a English accent it doesn't say accent yeah that's more it sounds like New Zealand um did you like Flight of the Conchords by the way don't get sidetracked no rich I love all the Flight of the Concords and all the spin-offs really Jermaine how do we never talk about this yeah we'll get there next time we're at our time but finish our story I'm gonna hear Pub Dick in a Box no what what finish the pop story okay so he's sitting there and then I somehow you know a few beers in or whatever you start talking you see and then we were chit-chatting and he started mentioning record labels and I went huh this is an industry guy and I started getting journalisty and investigatively yeah she asked lots of questions folks if you haven't figured this out about wings over here let's see guilty it's gross and um so I was but he was very vague and mysterious right okay but he was cool I could tell he was like a normal guy everyone knew him it was fine he wasn't an Ax Murderer so I had to build myself up there to say I'm not crazy I ended up going to his house next door he lived in a loft but it was all based on this music idea right but he wouldn't say exactly what he did he's like you got to see this crazy place we're talking about houses it wasn't in a sexy hookup thing it was just like oh my God right next door you got to see this okay I think it was like real estate in San Pedro and I was like I was thinking of investing that's when before I got the Joshua Tree House oh so we went and then but I was still like is this guy gonna kill me and he wouldn't tell me his name or he was kind of vague about things so I'm like well there's something weird so we go walk up this flight of stairs into a big Loft San Pedro you see they have Lofts there it's like a longshoreman Village a weird Warehouse place is like okay go ahead it's very mysterious so then we get to why am I telling this so long it really doesn't matter all these details I think I'm in the editing brain where it's like story but this is okay so we get to his house and what I'm just kidding when you're looking at the time no go ahead go ahead okay so we get the house and the first thing I do ladies and gentlemen this is how you survive in the world I saw that he had a stack of mail so I quickly grabbed a stack of mail and it looked at his name and it was I can't remember

anyway Peter something but um but then I was like what do you do in the music business why are you mysterious about it and then I looked up on the wall and I saw that it it was a band called Naked Eyes folks Naked Eyes do you remember us remember Naked Eyes hot 80s band hot 80s band and I recognized the name it was Peter I forget now but okay he's looking at a singer of the band Naked Eyes ladies and gentlemen if you don't know who that is they sang the song dad I don't know either off the top of my head there is Always Something There to Remind me that's it okay there we go all right I'm looking it up Peter James Byrne that's it David Burns same spelling last time oh what a guy so then I go I'm gonna look oh and I did not know the name of the band is that him there he is oh my god there he is he's got quite a is it English bloke chin there were two of them there was one and the left eye and the right eye not to be confused with Lisa Left Eye Lopez oh there's a left and a right The Naked Eyes

I was like what's wrong with his eyes so you figured it out you saw it figured it out saw that I'm sure that's probably like a gold record on the yeah it was very musiciany all around the house yeah you could see all the guitars hung and this and I was like oh oh and then I said Naked Eyes oh they sing that song promises promises remember oh yeah um anyway so I was like okay and then I think he pulled out the whiskey or the something watch out folks a couple of more drinks in I was around liquor I'll do it that'll do it I said let's go out on the town now he's my best friend right right now we're like Wahoo and we're in this really cool area that has a lot of bars and restaurants and things and down by um it's like an Italian longshoreman Village if you say Longshore one more time I've never heard that word okay okay so then we go and we went to one bar right and it's kind of getting closer to where my hotel is and that's where all the crew is staying and stuff so we go have a couple more shots of whiskey and I was like oh my God it'd be hilarious I know all the crew guys right now are sitting at the bar and it's a karaoke night like you've got to sing your own song he was like I would never never I was like that would be the most ridiculous thing in the world I didn't talk like a what's her name the teapot friend

[ __ ] that was Catherine Norman nudes what's happening okay now yeah don't let me out of this I haven't had coffee or anything okay so I feel my hands are sweating do you want to go does he make you nervous are you thinking about his Naked Eyes yeah his beanie oh all right so you get to the bar and and then so I'm like come on and he said absolutely not I would never do something like that that's the most ridiculous and I go okay fine so then we kept going along we stopped in at another Pub there was a wahoo kind of time and then now we're closer to the I think it was the Crown Royal Hotel right on the water in the I'm not gonna say it what longshoreman Village it was it was right by the water that's where the longshoreman would pull in their loads there's the crown yes can you just call them that all right now but there were Italian longshoremen are different than fish oh really well they made fisherman just has a pole along shoremen is bringing home alone oh okay you would know Dave barley please weigh in on on the differences does he listen let's call him up so then we're getting close to the hotel and I was like well let's just go there at least like all the guys will be there it'll be fun we'll say hello and so we went to the Crown Royal uh you know little hangout bar loungey area is it wrapped in a purple bag yes it looks good there we go Joe I like that ah stories

um so then we're sitting there and the DJ got you know there and then I went up and I sang my my best song which is your go-to karaoke song folks what is your go-to karaoke song Jules is I never seen a diamond in the flesh Oh Yeah I broke my teeth all wedding rings here she goes please you know all the words that was good I had to sing it for someone's show that's good so my little princess Kiss by the way I'm not gonna sing it

uh you get real salty you do you get all like you own it you gotta get in there by then everybody's had a few drinks yeah I'm always last to go okay so then we're there I do that right warm up the crowd warm up my friend a little we're in the spirit of karaoke Then I think the guy recognized him too and I went up there and I go I go play this song play the what is it Naked Eyes Always Something There yeah so I think he pushed playing it was like Fram fam okay is that how it starts fam fam I don't know oh I'm thinking yeah that's different it has an opening though I'm gonna search it but wait you're killing okay no this is the best park the intro part plays and then two years [Applause] [Music] all right over there over there and he's like no oh God now you [ __ ] it Carlson he grabs the mic we used to walk along the streets you used to walk along with me and he owned it and people stopped and were watching and they were like you sound just like this song and the karaoke DJ guy was like oh my God I recognize you and he was so pumped and then he stayed up for a second song he goes my friends are in the band Men at Work do you have uh and then what was that song by Minute Men at Work uh the vitamin sandwich yeah vitamin yeah vitamin sandwich what is it hanging out their handlers too it's not vitamin Benjamin Vegemite Sandwich yeah oh man so he went up and sang that and killed it and uh it's down under yeah what's the intro to that one um they all have good intros yeah [Music]

give the guys some time to run up to the stage right that's right get the crowd to happen yeah so Naked Eyes so that's awesome I love that yeah he got up and owned it and then you killed the the day above my part doesn't matter in this I was just the mere grease no no I was gonna say the follow-up to this friendship was your friend found out about him oh and called Jennifer Martin and ruined on a boat ride she ended up calling him and like singing his song in his answer machine it was terrible Jen never and then he never called me yeah that was it yeah your friendship was killed well the mask was off the Beanie was off everybody knew who he was yeah yes the mystery was gone yeah anyway good story good story longshoreman and San Pedro Italian I like it you never know when you're gonna run into an 80s music star so keep your eyes peeled folks he was very uh upset about Tears for Fears too apparently they ripped off their sound oh and then took it and ran with it cheers we don't know what really happened there could have been a true true you know all right a lot of egos in that business we could have a get-together of all the 80s guys and have them air their Grievances and get over are we done here yes we are gosh there's no one that wants to get off the podcast more than you I just can't imagine someone wants to listen past one hour it's all good well we may have to edit some of it but no we won't it was perfect Scooby just winked which means nope we're not editing really yeah don't don't edit just being real yeah do you want to say anything else about yourself about myself no just that I'm glad we are talking and having fun before you get back to school help me Lord I think I've got we can still squeeze in Little Hours here and there but um yeah here she goes again but we're happy to be here we're happy to talk to you thank you to all our friends and listeners for always being here and being supportive and talking up Mouse and wings I really appreciate it yay thanks friends yep and especially there's the cameras on this whole time oh well you told me you have been sitting with my front back no I'm really much more attractive I think I've been at this level right now with the gooseneck uh pop stopper oh yeah mustache level yeah I look like uh who's the guy with the big mustache the curly the evil guy that throws bombs I don't know um George Martin anyway thank you everybody patrons especially um

that's it yes that's it I don't know backslash Mouse and weans you can find us us on all the social media we would love to talk to you guys right in at Madison Wayne's wherever messages and such oh we did have a huge conversation with someone after our Stephanie and Michelle lesbian episode and she had lots of thoughts so thank you so much for writing and I don't have her name top of hand here I feel like I didn't have a Christmas this year at all yeah and we got jipped on Christmas my tree is still up your gifts are still under it so we're gonna um do one last book with you oh yeah and yeah we are that's why I haven't taken the tree down and then we'll take it down and then we'll officially be in the new year so uh that's the plan folks hope everybody had great holidays and thank you again for listening and uh check us out online and tell your friends that's the best way we can grow okay bye use magnesium for a bath Mr Smiley here that's your your advice okay yep magnesium for sore muscles we're old bye [Music] hello I'm Melissa mccum McGrath and you should be listening to the Bewilderbeast podcast check this did you know that there was a pigeon a pigeon y'all a pigeon who saved a 194 men in World War One by flying 25 miles to get help after she was shot in the leg and through the eye it's not all serious stuff we talk about why you should strip for polar bears to survive a polar bear attack you will never know what you learned next but you will learn something and you'll be entertained too by the stories of real animals who intersect at Humanity find me wildebeest over at the Pod fits Network or wherever you like to listen to podcasts please for the animals don't make me call Sarah Mclaughlin to play a sad song Just Do It

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