Feb. 8, 2022

E127 - Tahiti, Moorea, Prune Tips, Departure Songs

Recapping our recent amazing Tahiti and Moorea trip with mom, we talk tsunami from Tonga, the food forest pool boy, crazy drives in our mango jellybean car, a backwoods pig, chumming, and our favorite memories of the beautiful islands in French ...

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E127 – Recapping our recent amazing Tahiti and Moorea trip with mom, we talk tsunami from Tonga, the food forest pool boy, crazy drives in our mango jellybean car, a backwoods pig, chumming, and our favorite memories of the beautiful islands in French Polynesia. LISTEN TO THE END for the sweetest song we recorded at the airport going home. We were crying into our masks! But first we get up close and personal about travel bowels, otherwise known as vacation constipation, and wonder if anyone else out there suffers from this too. What can you do to prevent it? Is it diet or stress? How can you fix it? And how do you deal with toilet issues with your travel partners? We also delve into how things are going living together, what is vabbing, some tongue twisters, as well as embarrass ourselves with a fun new talent. Yes, we realize we’re educated middle-aged women that still get a huge kick out of 13-year-old boy humor. Don’t know what to say besides… this is us!

Thank you to our amazing patrons – our family!!! – and to our new patron Sara! Hope you like the song, discussion, and welcome pack!

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Episode 127:

<music> Tiny Mouse and Weens all through the day. Aloha. Tiny Mouse and Weens each and every way. Ah Aloha. I'm listening to my favorite podcast Mouse and Weens. <music> Tiny Mouse and Weens.... Mouse and Weens and a Mouse and Weens <music>

It's Mouse and Weens! Welcome everybody! Hey everybody! What a deal! We've got to be seven inches away and add a diagonal. We're learning mic technique everybody. Really? Like here? Uh that's more like 12, 18 inches. I would get like there. So I have to bend over the whole time? Yeah. We're sharing covid space.

Hello! This is my sister everybody. Meet Mouse. I mean I'm Mouse. Meet Weens. Mouse.  Welcome to Mouse and Weens. Hi. We've only been doing this for a few years. We're new. I'm Mouse. I'm Joelle. I'm the mom one, the wifey one, the garden lady one down in San Diego. And I am the Weens one that got named that and it stuck. I know. How does this happen? She's tall. She's long. She's got girth. When she was born that was the nickname. Yeah. Sorry. Anyway so talk.. talk amongst yourselves. Tell me what has been going on in your world. Not a whole lot of anything besides uh running around with kids and garden teaching and then you moving in and coming back from Tahiti!

We had a big trip! I'm hoping all of our fun listeners out there... We call them wieners. Do we? Well I did once. Oh. On the last episode we recorded from Tahiti. We had some sound bytes of me snoring. We recorded from the hotel room from the bed. The soft, soft bed. And yeah, we spent six days. So what'd you think? What was the takeaway of the trip?

Tt's a beautiful place. I don't think I would spend as much time in Tahiti. We all said that in retrospect because it was a little more of... The airport was there and a little more of the industrial vibe versus the other island. We got spoiled when we went to Moorea which was very lush and very beautiful. And it was a 15-minute ferry ride from Tahiti. So folks, if you ever go to Tahiti, go to Moorea. I'm holding up magazines on YouTube here. But yeah one was a little more of the big city one was a little more of the the huts over the water. We stayed in one of those bungalows. So cool! Thank you mom! She really... She planned all of it. Yeah. It was two days before we left and your girlfriends were like, "So where are you going? What are you doing?" And we were both like, "I don't know! We're just..." I know. Mom did everything. Well it was so busy leading up to that. Yeah it was the holidays and moving and this and that. It's been crazy. Yeah but it was fun.

It was super nice to hang out with mom and chill although there wasn't a lot of chill. Mom's a mover and a shaker. She wanted to pack in lots of activities so we got to do some driving. We were hit with lots of rain. We were out there... Folks, if you remember the big typhoon-- Tsunami! The other T word. Oh sorry. Why do I keep saying that? What is a typhoon? I don't even know. Typhoon I think is the same as tidal wave. It was the same name. Kind of a tsunami, isn't it? Anyway there was an underground volcano in Bora...no. Tonga! And it sent shockwaves across the ocean. It's part of French Polynesia. Right. It's one of the islands. Yeah. And so we're in the island chain, almost like Hawaii has a bunch of islands. I was so surprised that we didn't see more damage or nothing happened because I looked at a map kind of after the fact and was like, "Holy crumb!" We were right in the path of any sort of wave. But I guess it hit California. Some people, they were more... I had friends texting saying, "Are you guys okay?" because they were getting hit, you know in Seal Beach and all on the coast of LA they were getting emergency warnings. But nothing much happened, right? I mean like some docks and some boats got rocked around that was about it. But I think stuff happened in Tonga. Right. Lots of ash and they said the people were out of their houses and things. Blake sent me something from space. You could see it from space. Right. They said it was the size of California and Oregon or something together. The black explosion. Yeah. Yeah crazy, man. But we had... I asked our lovely guy by the pool at our fancy hotel. I said, "Should we be worried? Because everyone's texting." And he was like, "No. It's already hit. It was just the crazy rainstorm. Yeah. It'll be fine. This happens every year." Yeah, he says it's getting worse.

But he was nice .He was our... He served us a couple Bloody Mary's in the morning and ended up being this garden guy. Mom started this whole Bloody Mary thing. She's on a kick! She saw some NPR thing about some mixologist and now she's all about Bloody Mary's. It was cute. Were they good? Yeah. Yeah. That's good. But he was he was cute. He kept referring himself to, "I'm just the pool boy. I'm just the pool boy." Meanwhile he had spent some years in... Five years in China, in Hong Kong learning Mandarin and teaching English to Chinese people. Yeah and English was like one of six languages he knew. And had like a bachelors in business and like government. And, yeah, now he's learning agriculture. He was really impressive. And you guys talked a lot of farm and plants and gardens. He has banana trees? Food forests, everybody! Food forests - the way of the future. What does that mean? It's taking the way that a forest grows, kind of the the ecology of a natural forest. So there's an understory. There's the leaves, and there's the fungi, and everything that falls onto the ground and creates a good uh nutritious layer. Yeah it's kind of composting. Everything kind of decomposes on its own and all the natural stuff happens. And then you have your little saplings that come up - your trees. And then you have your mid-sized trees that create, you know, the fruits and things like that. And then you have your tall trees that create the canopy with the with the shade. And if you plant it right and start it off right, it can keep reproducing. So you have your root vegetables, you have your fruits, you have your leaves that you can eat. So the whole point is to grow your own food to create a food forest that you don't have to, like you know, tear everything out and replant it. But eventually over time, have a nice little forest of your own that could feed you and your whole family! And trees and fruits and...! I just get all jazzed about this, so I'm into tropicals lately. All this travel. But yeah, so anyway, the pool boy was nice. What was your highlight?

I think, uh, well we all agreed about the airport home. Something cool happened at the airport home. Let's save that though. I liked the gallery we went to. We went to an art gallery that was cool. We saw lots of paintings. I loved driving around in a little rental car. It was a stick shift in the pouring rain. That was hilarious! Um yeah, I think just being around you guys, hanging out.

What do you think what was your highlight? Yeah it was it was cool. It was... The over-water bungalows were definitely very cool. I think that island.. I liked a lot so Moorea. It just felt very jungley. And in our bungalow which was probably 400 square feet would you say? And so they had a piece of glass cut out that we used as a coffee table. But you look down and you can see little fish. And then we got the hot idea to chum them! I learned this from Dave Barley, my fisherman ex-boyfriend and still friend. And he said, "You always chum them up!" So you put... Which you're not supposed to do if you're a true fisherman or woman. You're supposed to do it with integrity, where you only take one piece of bait and try to do it really... I think that's more of the natural way, if there is a natural way to fishing. Clay of Fish Nerds, is this true? We're asking our Podfix buddies. I think chumming is cheating which they try to do, you know, to see the great white sharks. They'll throw in a bunch of blood and fish and try to chum them up. And then all the sharks get attracted to it. So it's kind of a cheater way of bringing wildlife unnaturally to you.

What would that be akin to in like the dating world? Like bringing all your hot girls to the club? Putting out all your pheromones and taking off your deodorant and putting your b.o armpits out and wafting it past the crowd. Or your um... What was it called? Remember we were...? Vabbing! You put vagina juice behind your ears! Was that a fad? got about that vabbing and you said it worked I no we're not going to go there are we okay I'm turning red you guys oh no it's this was long times ago there's probably a better way to say that than putting vagina juice behind your ears so maybe it is a way to gently dab the feminine flowery essence in a way that a man could waft past you and go real i don't know though that's weird you're taking gambles when you do that but I think um because what if you what if like the mailman came before your husband got home and suddenly you've got George going right he comes by and drops you extra pieces of your power daily

that'd be weird oh my god no no no no how did this take a turn well I mean I guess if you think about it it is pheromones they just come out of our nether regions versus our upper regions and um you just move the nethers to the uppers and see what happens you jump them up nutters to the butters yeah you know it really does chum it chums the boys okay how's your boy situation we're we're taking a detour from our trip but oh yeah I haven't been um experiencing any want right now really well because I've got the big life change I've got some direction and we're also doing a documentary project which you have told me well all right we're gonna get back to that but we have lots of footage from Tahiti in that we were practicing camera work and uh I think we'll insert a bunch in there but we got to keep it under wraps though weans this okay it's our big fun project that we're working on on this side on the side it'll all it'll all make sense later but right now okay we're gonna we won't talk about it keep it on the downlow okay all right um download real quick we would like you to hear from our sponsors at dream dinners

Charlotte we have a sponsor for our podcast isn't that exciting tell me what you think about dream dinners I think dream dinners is really good why I like the French onions oh I know that's the um pub style chicken that's your guys favorite so how do we make it because you've helped me make it a lot oh yes I know how to make it okay so you get a tray and you put parchment paper on it you take the chicken and um you put the French onions on it then you put it in the oven and then when you take it out you can put it on again and then you put it on the plate since it's already cooked and you put salsa but do you remember that yummy sauce that they make that's what I just did yeah oh it's so good i don't know what's in it it's like magic though it's so good and then it cooks up I love that your face yeah so it's so fun for families and you love helping me cook those could you do a whole dinner by yourself yes you're only 10 years old are you sure yeah gosh see it works it's great for families the boys love it dad loves them they don't like to cook it because they're lazy but they like the food but they could if they had to yeah they're easy to follow directions and everything's ready pretty quickly do you like the nights that we sit down to dinner we all actually sit down and we talk and we have good sides that go with our dream dinners they have home fries oh yeah the mashed potatoes that go next to us oh yeah it's it's actually really easy to make the mashed potatoes because all you have to do is throw it out and then put it in the pan a little pot yeah yeah dream dinners is a wonderful trick for our family to sit down have good family time we have good conversations people get to help in the kitchen it's healthy I feel good about myself do you feel good about yourself when we make dinner together yeah it's great so everyone should go to dreamdinners.com pick your location if you are within 25 miles of the Poway or the San Marcos location you can enter MOUSEANDWEENS99 at checkout you'll get 99 off your final order this is for new guests I really suggest it for all families that are kind of losing control of dinner or have given up or are lazy like me I just you know often look in the freezer see what's available pop it in nuggets or taquitos or something that's not like very healthy yeah drink dinners is really healthy and really easy to make and MOUSEANDWEENS99 at checkout yeah so just it's it's not a big deal just go go to Dream Dinners. It's not that hard.

All right. Dream Dinners, you guys. Do it. They're dreamy. They sh-- they shaved! They SAVED my booty. They did not SHAVE my booty, but they SAVED my booty tonight because I had nothing planned and uh we were able to quick-footed dinner together and everybody ate oh so good they're always honestly I'm kind of a food snoot I don't cook it like I'm a snoop but I eat it like I'm a snoot yeah which is very what does that say about but snooty snoot but yeah they're amazing everything the brussels sprouts i had tonight wait yeah brussels sprouts uh good green beans and oh yeah the green beans weens has had to jump in and make some wings I didn't know beans greens greens home cooked lasagna last night i decided to go off on my own I have never in my life made lasagna I'm so proud of you you did it she's been saving me you guys I just want all of our wonderful listeners to know that Julianne you're awesome thank you for being my are you saying this look i have a tear in my eye this is real i mean it you are honestly she picked up all the kids today while i was stuck in a dental chair for two hours and um you've done lots of helpful wonderful things with your nieces and nephews nieces oh dade and nephew yeah so thank you from the bottom I should do some alleviation maybe and then I gotta move out. No! It's so fun. This is a fun experience. It's a sociological experiment. Yeah it's really good. I think we're having fun. It's more of a tribal way of like really living together. It's so weird to me still though that because there's a lot of people who'd be like, "Are you kidding me? I would never live with my family so it's interesting that we can and it's not really that big of a deal right yeah i wonder why that is we've got some dynamic that works I don't know why but it does maybe there's hopefully honesty enough that if somebody bothers someone else you but I think you have you're evolved enough to know how to navigate this. I probably am not but you are like yeah I think you've taken lots of steps to learn how to deal with people and deal with yourself and be okay with things because i can imagine the old us I would say something snarky and just and that you might have gotten mad personally and run off like that was our old dinner now I realize it's just because Joelle had t surgery and she's in pain because for about five days she was not so nice I'm sorry I know I realized it had nothing to do with me so I would have probably made it personal yeah it was because this thing I'm wearing this stupid Invisalign plus I was in pain from a screw going into my upper jaw and um yeah I'm sorry no it's all right but I think that is a not thank you for saying I'm a vault I'm not but I would say that I'm better with not taking things as personally because I think most humans and in this culture which is something that i studied in some of the psychology is that we put ourselves we're an individualistic culture so we put ourselves first in many scenarios we don't have a collectivist culture like asia or where they put family first or they so when someone offends us it's us they offend it's everything so personal personal personal and so i think i have always taken things personally if someone's interesting upset if a boss is upset and it's very codependenty kind of stuff too oh really i think i mean if you work you know all these things i wouldn't even know but it doesn't mean i'm any healthier or better than anyone else i just think i know how to maybe navigate where i don't get so personally offended by everything okay and someone told me this and i told you at lunch today which i was telling mary today that um someone i said yeah i just used to always think i was so sensitive and she kind of she's like the therapist lady and said people who say they're so sensitive it's often because they're so self-absorbed so when you say oh i'm just so sensitive oh i just it's like you're not kind of taking responsibility you're always going oh i'm just very sensitive so i don't know it's all about you because it's all about you how it affects you instead of being bigger and looking at the problem and being like oh how can i walk in and help the situation yeah or yeah just not taking it on like in that situation of your tooth you were you were a little i was snippy i was in pain i'm sorry i'm sorry yes but i did own it didn't i say i'm just in pain and i just need advil and i just i kind of knew yeah yeah yeah but that's good that nobody's it is what it is someone's in pain which is often why people you know it's very often not about us it's about something else can you take that same thing and apply it to driving because you still get mad at people on the road or is it lesson now that you're out of la yeah it's listened because because yeah i i would always say well you don't know maybe they're a little old person that's one time out in the world and that's why they're going slow or they're lost they're new to the city or they just had a traumatic accident and they you know or they're rushing into the hospital or they're sitting in a big pile of it and they need to did something happen to you no no oh

i was stuck on the bay bridge and i i remember i was working out a lot and it was dead stop traffic on the bay bridge and i would have these jugs of water i would drink all day and i had to pee so bad and i had one of those empty water bottles i think and i tried to put it in the right position and i had a little honda civic and or a cord and i tried to put the little peepee hole over the top of the bottle the empty bottle and it didn't work and it just went everywhere and then because i couldn't lift up enough to do it right because everyone was just sitting right there in their cars and oh did you put it in park and just it was like the stop and go stop and go a few miles an hour so you had to do something and it was a long pee it was bottles of water and i just at some point just sat in it it's terrible oh that's the worst and then i had to figure out how to clean and go to like a car detailer no ew can you imagine you're in like pets so your dog did it or something yeah i had two uh ladies out there who have been pregnant at some point i had to do a um what are they even called colostomy bags no colostomy no no no the sonogram oh is that ultrasound thank you that where you have to have a full bladder in order for the wand to be able to see the baby well enough you need to have a lot of liquid in there so they had me uh not evacuate my bladder i had to keep it full and drink all this water right they gave me all this water right before and holy moly i had to go and i was like almost in tears so the tech they came in they said you really have to go i'm like yeah yeah i have to go i have to go they go okay you can go in let out a little but not all of it and come back so we can we can do the imaging so i had to go into the bathroom sit on the toilet and just let a little out and then close it back up and a little more and close it back up and do you know how hard that is to not just go oh and let it all out oh it's the toughest thing if i could torture anyone that would be it really it would fill them up with water and then only let them let out a little bit chinese water torture oh it's reverse chinese water torture it was the worst thing ever but what about a doodoo oh no a big diarrhea that you cannot you can only have you ever had that happen where you had to hold the diarrhea oh yeah yeah yeah sure where you get cold sweats yeah have you ever had it just go out and i've had this because we're going in i know we always go to the lower hangers two more more educated women come on i know i know oh i had to run with my hands on my butt one time really did i had to hold it in there and run to the bathroom it was him on the butt nothing was i i think i was here it was before i had my colitis under control and i wasn't sure what was going on my body had changed some switch got flipped and um things got switched flip got switched okay sorry got flipped i think i have dyslexia what did i say today this is a few you said aunt bob and uncle mary aunt bob and uncle berry and you said it three times in a row you couldn't get it right that's weird say honor palmer now no arnold palmer arnold palmer why can't i say that either arnold palmer our good friend moxie la bouche uh your brain on facts is doing some voice over work and she's gonna try to work on tongue twisters it's a new project i gave her that one we'll see if she can do it do uh unique new york unique new york unique new york unique new york festival unique new york

okay unicorn pumpkin carving real fast pumpkin carving pumpkin carving pumpkin popping pumpkin carving pocket coffee pocket coffee carving pumpkin that one's not so bad under primer that one i can't do it's weird when you're nine inches away from your front teeth while you do that i will say that all right wait can we close up tahiti real quick she's got wine breath by the way you drink a little oh no it's too close you know why yeah we had a big turn in our documentary that's enough we don't need to say okay but that's a big crime documentary it's almost crime it's not crime all right but sort of we'll see what it is um tahiti good bad thumbs up it was great it was great you uh let's talk about your favorite parts and uh we have some some footage to pop in here some audio right we ran into we had okay the driving part was fun let's throw in a quick driving clip where we saw the thing we saw a pig oh should i not say it oh all right we saw a pink animal well you already said pig i can't take it back now let's just talk about we'll show you how we saw a pig hearing hearing no there's a video too there's some video and audio we can't show a video here where are we we're while we're on youtube we can take we'll figure it out nobody watches youtube do they no not really we're older past 40. yeah it's still the wave of the future though really all right pigs take one bound

wait how do you like driving in tahiti oh my god well what happens is you get pushed off the road by a mercedes and then you go to some town but then you immediately get shoved back on the freeway which is really just a road look at us now we're in some weird little village there's a river i got pushed out lots of mud and palm trees now there's a giant drink that we could fall into on the right yeah it's like a three-foot drop into a gutter if you're not paying attention that would hurt your car how do you like our little blue rental car it's like a mean jelly bean with this car wait where are we going don't we have to get back down there that would make sense but to lay doc they're lost let's follow that guy you're confident but now we're going somewhere else i think to scooterville there's two scooters up here there's this guy on my tail too there's more stray dogs this is where we should go if the tsunami hits like this is real high ground into a neighborhood this is called papa pinky here we go oh my god we're totally lost well taking the sights there's a lot of cars on block without wheels oh my god sorry about that wait we gotta get out of here i know but

i'm sorry it was dark on you guys this dog ran out right in front of the car oh my god get me out of here look at that view wait look go down that hill i'm going down that hill the wrong way probably watch out there's a chicken well tata tingle

is this a one-way road i have no clue oh my god we're never getting out of here till the end well don't tell me like a mudslide i won't do it anyway i'll just follow a car oh no we're gonna be beheaded oh that's a nice breadfruit tree don't steal any fruit we're now in the native village wow look at there's an abandoned there's a pig a huge pig mom where there's a giant pig oh my gosh why did you say mom where

oh this is exciting all right we're going to take a picture of a pig wait

whoa let's

oops where is he going into the banana trees

get some good ham bones

like we are right now where'd he go there he is stop

what if he attacks us oh he's got knuckles he's a that means it's a sheep he doesn't have necklace

pig hello pig hello he's gonna attack us this is when animals attack

no cares in the world so funny

oh [ __ ] oh there's another pig

is that the noise why does it sound like hoofing that might be the wild boar buddy that's a dog okay we better go let's get out of here the locals are restless

no this is the post oh we're on the post okay pigs pigs did you guys like that we've got more for you pigs lots of dogs okay the thing that was not in that clip by the way is that we backed up and we backed up past two men with a puppy oh yeah they were standing in this like open shack and they're staring at us watching us watching us the whole time and i was like ah so we were kind of private property passing we were in someone's driveway by accident and uh yeah that was a little backwoods weird and it was like oh people were staring at us that whole time yeah jungle pig mom was like i know i saw him i'm like why didn't you say there were people stared they were sitting right why didn't she say something oh she was just being quiet in the backseat i think because we had our camera on so so that was interesting um driving around the island was cool but got sketchy a little bit were you worried i didn't want to ask you in the moment i didn't want to scare mom but it was so rainy and we were in that little stick and i was like if we go off the road right here i don't know if we'd be found and then there were times when i wondered if the tsunami would come because the water was at exact street level like we were yeah basically if you if you made a wrong turn you would go into the ocean yeah it was right there yeah and it was very rugged so you felt yeah there weren't guardrails and safety things and yeah she's telling me to get closer so was did you feel sketchy at all going up the hill for a while and like the windshield wipers weren't going through windshield wipers yeah it was a little little you know but we did it it was fine we made our way around the island we lived yeah and we got joelle i like the part where i want i really wanted mangoes and you i said if you guys see mangoes because there were fruit trees everywhere they were everywhere yeah like you could just pick fruit all day and live yeah because everyone had them in the yards and probably well and also this one and her mother were stopped up from vacation constipation

can we talk about this well lightly lightly jesus christ david we're just talking about excitable pigs in tahiti you can't break open a door like that holy [ __ ] i got chills all over my body why are we so on edge i got shoes they're not playing oh dude are you trying to go to bed yeah i'm going to hit the sack or you're not going oh my gosh why are we so sc probably because all the drama we had a big drama moment today we can't keep talking about this anyway uh back to pigs and no vacation constipation oh all right when you go travel do you get stopped at bells no all right um i don't either and i'm curious what percentage of people out there uh friends of the podcast listeners dear listeners it's called travel bells uh wieners out there who gets travel bells who gets vacation constipation i read up on it uh they give us all the tips and tricks on how not to drink lots of water bring your own food eat lots of fiber i call it [ __ ] vegetables i call [ __ ] because i do all of that it is okay remember the second article you read which i agree with more it could be stress travel it could be your body clinches up because you're in a new environment i think that's what it is because we ate just what you ate that whole yeah and it was like four days of plug up your anuses went and mine went you were all relaxed you didn't care where we were going we were on vacation i'm very regular no problems over here so mom and i went to the prune juice store and we that was the only way to dislike because i know i forgot about prune juice but when you're in trouble that's the way to go and let me tell you folks let me tell you it is a full glass on an empty stomach in the morning stay close to a toilet for about an hour hot tip pro tip prune tip so that's basically the thing that worked because we tried you know fibrous foods and this and that and lots of fruit and lots of water and it was drinking water you remember how many waters i was drinking no you guys were crazy it was day three or day four and they weren't going and and their their appetite was also going downhill meanwhile i'm normal hungry so i'm feeling like a piggy it's being pigs and then you got all snooty because you're like don't you guys ever eat yeah they're mine the only one that's eating here i'll have some tea i'll eat some mango get me that mango we scooped up mangoes from the ride that was the story we didn't finish so we found some mangoes on the road we found them we did something like pull over slow drive-bys and i would scoop them up kind of like out the car balls out of a golf cart right like jackie chan she was yeah hanging out and getting them out of the gutter it was as i'm driving except then we forgot them under our seat and then we went to maria for two or three days and we came back to return the rental car we opened the car door and all these fruit flies flew out and we're like oh no and it smelled like rancid rotten yeah mangoes it was disgusting weird mango wine in there and we couldn't find out where they were coming from they had rolled under the seat and festered oh sorry and then we had to go back to the airport and return it and i thought we could wash it off the car mat but it wasn't on the car mat it was in the carpet so the big solution was that we were at the hilton getting a coffee we had three hours to kill and there were sticks of vanilla in the bathroom that smelled so nice so we i think mom stole this dinner we took some and we stuck it under the car seat and cracked them open and stuck them under the car seat and returned the car illegal evil and awful okay but prune juice did the trick mom and julianne were um free and clear everything's free at last and we played uh john phillips sousa marches under the door

yeah it was great it was very motivational it was pretty funny yeah but it was awkward and i have been on this listeners have you ever traveled with your friends where you're maybe not so comfortable uh going the number ones and the number twos mostly the number twos and what do you do do you a go in the same room and make no apologies do you be uh make a plan when nobody's in the room and then go like be the last one out the hotel door i've been known to do that or c do you go down into the lobby bathroom and um let her rip or d do you just clench up the whole trip and what can you do not to so if you don't have access to prune juice that was key getting a hotel by a grocery store that was good um can you do meditation things can you no i'm telling you it's not anything that i don't think you could do anything to control it feels like it's just one of those things it's just part of how it is when you travel but does that give you stress on top of the travel stress i get a little stressed with travel yes yeah what is it about it change yeah i know it sounds weird but i do and trying to think if i used to not no i think i always have it's the anticipation of having to pull it all together and then i don't know i think i might be a little bit anxious that's where my anxiety goes with like getting ready for something that's different than just sitting around so getting ready for a movie if it's new movie new people new things you have to make it there on time you have to show up you mean starting like a job starting a job does that okay and even though i've been doing it for a long time mm-hmm like that whole process of like okay it's go time it's gonna start happening here we go which is coming up on wednesday reasonable because it's not the same job it's a new job it's like planning someone's new wedding right it's a new set of clients a new wedding you have to plan in a way and a new everything like what what's it going to be like is it going to be hard is it going to be crazy are the people going to be cool is this going to be nuts okay she's pulling me back you don't have to announce when i give you this secret i'm told to get closer to the mic what's happening i just want to announce everything but um same with travel i think like are we gonna make it is it gonna go okay it's this weird fear of the unknown i think even though you know it's not gonna be that scary but maybe it's all the unknowns yeah yeah that's where i get anxiety the vast question marks how come you don't have question marks i'm just glad to be on vacation dude my stress is my daily life so being elsewhere is like huh now your stress is my daily life my stress is your daily life oh yeah now you've got maybe i'll fix your travel bells then maybe maybe vacation because vacation sounds really good right about now see yeah it's busy i'm sorry i dragged you into this sort of but well you've got a tick why is your one eye blinking because my eyes are i can't because we haven't slept at all and we have santa ana is that what it is because both of our eyes are bright red unless you've been smoking the reefer again like your dog oh more wrigley thank you guys for reaching out and saying um poor wiggly because he was poor he ate some marijuana and went crazy he didn't go crazy he had a weird tick and then fell asleep it was not we thought he was having a stroke so okay so tell me about the all right we haven't talked about our favorite part of the whole trip which was the airport oh yeah okay so it was beautiful we just we had been wanting to see some of the polynesian culture and because it was raining and because it's off season they didn't have a lot of the places open where you could go and see like the like we did and we tried to go to the museum and they were renovating it and the only thing open was the art gallery which was cool but we kind of wanted to see like the music and the all that stuff the culture the people yeah learn about the people so we didn't really find that the whole trip we saw bits and pieces but it was until we went to the airport on the flight back home that it was so cute well yeah so we it was this whole thing about cova tests we had to get covetous going in cover tests coming out you know show proof it was a lot of covered test stuff and so we're kind of like you know and worried and mom with the schedule and the whole thing and so we get there we're pulling our bags and i noticed this big polynesian family um getting together and one girl had huge amounts of lays around her neck and everybody puka shells which i apparently delays are given when you come in so at a flower hotel the flower lays um i was hoping for

so when you come into the island they give you a lay at the airport and at your hotel when you leave they give you the puka shell necklace yeah yeah so and everybody was gathered around this one girl and they're taking a group picture and they were crying and i was like what is happening why are they all so sad she must be leaving oh and then we continued on to the next little area and same thing with another family someone else was leaving with all the puka shells and that family had gathered around all these seats and with their little ukuleles and they had started singing and they were hugging each other and everybody was hugging it was a guy and a girl it looked like a guy and a girl and they had probably a hundred of these puka shell necklaces given to them by all their family it was so thick it looked like it was weighing them down and everybody was crying and they were playing this music and everybody was singing and even all the bystanders who are you know from tahiti were singing because it must have been a popular song or two like they sing like a good three songs or something and oh my god it was the sweetest saddest thing i was like trying not to cry and lucky i had my mask on because i was like you know i'm sure it was just like dripping which what do you do with that once it's in there but um and other people were kind of gathering at first i felt creepy filming but i was like oh this is so beautiful and then other people started to so yeah it was bad and they were all polynesian tahitian and had most of the women have their flower yeah and there were older ladies you could tell there was a grandma and maybe some ants and there was a baby and they were kissing hugging the baby goodbye it was so sad and so sweet and mom loved it we all ate it up we were just like here it is we found culture and the last possible second that we were in this country and it was like the most beautiful thing so maybe we could play that song as our ending song okay we'll do that okay cool okay all right but um but yeah oh oh look at my battery uh oh is my battery dying probably you need to get max and not pcs joe my battery is unplugged that's why hold on everybody okay i'm going to talk amongst myself well i want to do let's talk about sarah yes the patron shout out to sarah thank you for being a patron and joining the crew we love you you just hit the microphone i'm sorry yeah sarah thank you so much we have a new patron everybody sarah welcome welcome her to the wiener club what does it say about butternut squash oh yeah yeah yeah okay all right on twitter i'm very active on twitter wait wait should we honor sarah moore yeah sarah sarah we love you thank you oh yeah and i said we would she spells it s-a-r-a and so i was gonna sing

no we talked about this it was um christopher crust no it's a jefferson airplane but their new starship starship jefferson starship don't get me started they sang my a song that i know yeah i must someone must have been like putting their knee knee deep in the hoop

it was like the synthesizer days oh okay she's got straws right here we're gonna do an experiment this is something on twitter that i saw from our friends butternut squash um it's a username and i don't entirely know if it's a he or she have to describe it to the listeners but what we have done here is we have strung together some straws uh in our patreon version of this episode we did a little intro before we talked to you guys and it has to do with bodily functions and uh this is a little hint but these straws are supposed to be a gateway to the armpit fart now we're gonna see if it works i'm not exactly sure how but so what we do these are paper straws well yeah it doesn't matter these are avocado pit straws i think put one end in your armpit we have two strung together okay you do it too all right we're putting it in the armpit through the top of the shirt here do you close your armpit i don't know all right and now you bend the straw towards your mouth and supposedly it makes a great armpit fart noise i've never been able to do armpit farts this might be my moment oh joe wait maybe it's not two maybe it's just one maybe we only need one i'm detaching my one oh it's warm oh hey did you hear it

wait oh shoot i lost it i had it in the folds and popped out

mine's broken that was your mouth wait

wow it worked wait what are you doing different to me you got to get it in there all right in the fold do you flap yeah it's really in there it's really right in the folds okay we're nearing 50 years old folks and this is what we do

oh yeah i heard a flap are you folding it into the fold soap all right ready here comes

all right i like it

we got some foley here we got some new sounds for our documentary

no all right that's enough this is where we're gonna end it folks all right try the straw in the armpit it's highly recommended thank you butternut squash you're the best thank you but i think it was his son and it's not working you have the wrong kind of armpits she's got this sneaker this is like the ones in real life all right thank you everybody for listening you are listening to mouse and wien's conversational comedy please tell your friends this is the best way we can grow and visit us on mouseandweens.com we're available on all podcast platforms and what else we have a patreon at patreon.com backslash mouse and wings and we would love your support there we do secret videos and funny inside jokes and songs etc etc

and wayne's is gonna sing us out with her armpit thank you very much we'll see you next time bye i don't know if i'm getting this wait wait wait wait there was one

no more vacation constipation smelling it smells smokey with the fingers happening so dumb i'm sorry i'm ready all right bye go to college


you oh



mom thank you so much for organizing our wow big trip i'm recording us for the podcast what was your highlight of tahiti oh my gosh i think it was at the airport believe it or not that family i know i sat there in tears rolling down my eyes um seeing the sea turtle and snorkeling i so loved that i loved it i love it those are highlights definitely for me too so love you beautiful picture-taking i know too many we have to go through them all all right i'll see you soon i love you um we'll see you sunday right we'll be back i'll let you know exactly what's going on okay it was a great trip you're the best mom i love you where's julianne she's cuddling the cat she just walked in with her kitty okay all right love you mom thank you so much i love you

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