Nov. 9, 2021

E124 - She Podcasts Late

Coming in hot! It's a sister fight over Mouse being late to record. But the schedule with family and the new job are hard to juggle, man! How do you feel about late people, rescheduling, and windows of time?

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E124 – Coming in hot! It’s a sister fight over Mouse being late to record. But the schedule with family and the new job are hard to juggle, man! How do you feel about late people, rescheduling, and windows of time? Weigh in on how we plan to resolve it. Then hear about our trip to Scottsdale for the She Podcasts Live conference. Lots of takeaways – some predictable, some not so much! Weens also gives us an update on explains the IATSE strike in Hollywood and what it means for her job and for other cast and crew. And find out some favorite costumes and special effects on tv and movie productions that Julianne has worked on, plus haunting plans and what is this uprooting we speak of?

Intro voice Nate Bargatze (Balboa Theater, San Diego 10/22/21)
Intro theme song and outro song “My Man” by Julianne Eggold

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Ep 124
Hey this is Nate Bargatze and you're listening to Mouse and Weens.

Mouse: Woo hoo!

Weens: Hello!

Mouse: Okay that was really awkward. I was trying to be really excited. Sorry.

Weens: We're both not, right? Are you?

M: I mean it's just we rushed to get here. Hi everybody. This is Mouse and Weens. Thanks again for joining us. But yeah it was a rushy around day. I'm the mom one who drives children around from one activity to another. Today it was gymnastics and uh and getting dinner. I have to make sure they have full bellies so that I can sit down and record so they don't come knocking at the door.

W: And she rescheduled three times today.

M: Okay now not coming out of the bat. I did the first one for you. I was ready to go. You were freaking out about your day because- You're Julianne. You had originally-

W: We had planned on 1:00 which was fine with me.

M: That was always gonna be fine. Do you remember your freakout today?

W: One o'clock did not work for you. You said, "Can we do it at 12? I have to leave at one." So you changed it to 12.

M: Oh yeah you're right! (laughs) Yes okay but--

W: We have talked about this.

M: I know. I only needed like 10 extra minutes. So I had 35. So I just like said, "Can we start a little sooner?" But then that was when you were like, "I have just back to back... I mean every minute counts!" I was like, "Okay we'll do it later then." This is our problem. We need to go to couples therapy for this because I don't want to step on your toes, maybe you don't want to step on my toes. We're sisters, for those of you who can't tell.

W: I DO want to step on toes!

M: Oh.

W: I just want to honor time time frames because I get latched onto a time and then I plan everything accordingly. And then often you will arbitrarily cancel and it drives me-- and and most of los angeles is like this.

M: Okay I'm so sorry it drives you crazy. I try so hard but I do have three kids, three different schedules, and every day is a little bit different. So I have deadlines all of a sudden. I'm in a new world of uh I work now. I have a job. I have a jobby job. I have to be there at a certain time and I clock out at a certain time and I pick up children at a certain time. Different worlds but the same. So I would love to hear from other podcasters: what is your schedule? I want to know if are we the only ones that are loosey-goosey, all over the place? Or should we be tighter? Do we like it this way?

W: I like routine. I'm getting old. I like it to be---

M: I know! What happened to fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants Weens?

W: Not anymore! Just... Well because what happens is I'm so freaking all over the place that I like have this vision in my mind of a time. And it works. And then I plan everything else around that one time that I have to be available to be accountable. Maybe I'm like hyper-accountable because I used to be kind of flaky. And so I realized other people have to wait for me and I don't like jerking people around. So I try to be very precise and on time because I also realize... But then what happens is I'll like anticipate that time coming up all day long. I'll be like, "Oh 2:00 I have to do that thing. Oh at 2:00 I have to show up. At 2:00 I have to make sure I'm there."

M: And then you can't focus on anything else. You are you getting a little old lady going to the doctor's office.

W: I'm like the little old lady! Well yeah, I try when it's personal to... If other people are involved I try to honor them so much that I don't want to screw up that. I kind of obsess about not putting the other person out or screwing up that then but they'll just cancel on me.

M: Then you get so pissed. But it was only like one ten minute adjustment and then this ended up being... Well, okay. I had to... I was a little more late on this end because I have to feed my whole family. Otherwise they're knocking at the door, "Mom what's for dinner?" So what do you want? Like this is... it's fudging hard to plan and have a family and have a job now. Honestly I'm... Yeah it's a lot, man! I.. I wrote an email - we're trying to figure out a girlfriend's birthday and celebrate her, we're trying to figure out how to fit in a Friendsgiving, I have another trip coming up I have to squeeze in. Everything's getting rearranged and uh, dude! It's crazy! And I I said, "I wish I could go back to the days when I just had a little baby and that was my one job and we would say, "What are we going to do with the baby today?" The naps, the play, playdates, and the occasional going out with other moms. It was so easy! Now they're all--

W: Also you were very mellow during the pandemic. You liked your Little House on the Prairie life.

M: I did!

W: And now you're back to craziness.

M: Yes, although it's always been busy. It was just a different type of busy. Now this is like a physical driving busy and before it was uh just schedules busy. This is a great episode. I am so glad we're here talking about time management. Anyone else dealing with this? Please write in! I don't want to feel alone. I honestly... I wonder if there's something wrong with me that I can't um... I don't know. There's also more traffic these days. Okay let's stop! This is boring. Oh my god. Annoying.

W: We don't have to talk about this. But yes, there's something with you and time management that might... We could look at this. It's not the first time this has happened. I will just say it's historical.

M: You know what it is? I'm also optimistic. I think I can get across town in 15 minutes because that's how it always was. Except more people are moving here. There's more traffic. So I need to give myself more driving time. And I have to think about people needing food. Forgot about that.

W: Yeah that's understandable. That's good! I think the first step is admitting. Very good job Jo. All right. Give yourself more time.

M: Now you could also be adjustable maybe knowing that I have a crazy schedule and kids with needs and drivers that don't drive themselves yet. And so maybe you could be like "a window." It doesn't have to be 1:00 exactly. It could be plus or minus 15 minutes because we know that to meet Joelle at 1:00 exactly is tough.

W: I'd be willing to do that. And we've just communicated. So I can do a window. It'll be like a delivery window.

M: I like it. I'm a plumber. Here's my crack. I give you 4 hours. I will be there at some point during these four hours Sorry that's how it is.

W: That's all right.

M: You know what I think about clocks and schedules? Bahhh! (puts both middle fingers in the air!)

W: I know this about you.  When did that happen?

M: I don't like people telling me what to do, man! This is a new revelation! I realized I'm um yeah, rebelling against people telling me what to do. I like being in charge.

W: Yeah where did you find this out?

M: We went to Scottsdale, you and I, on our big road trip. And we went to the She Podcasts conference. This is a conference for female podcasters.

W: But um yeah we got there. We had our whole thing. But Joelle really wanted to go into this vendor area. So it's a room and you walk in and you're basically walking into a sales pitch at every little station. I mean they were very sweet. They're all really lovely and wonderful and--

M: But to walk over and get the t-shirt or get the sticker you have to exchange some information. You talk a little, you know?

W: Yeah so there was like a a podcast hosting thing like Burberry or Berry? Blueberry. It was hard--

M: No it's Blubrry.

W: Blueberry?

M: Yeah but they took out all the vowels. It's like a cool way to spell it.

W: Okay so that. And then like microphones--

M: Yeah you were calling it Burberry because you worked there and sold scarves or something, right?

W: I worked at Burberry in New York, yeah, at the advertising agency for them. That was Rich-- Richmond, Lipton and Green. That's what I had to answer the phone. Um, now, you walk through these little boothy areas and each little booth has a different service for podcasting. That's what it is. So Joelle-- We keep stopping and I, you know, didn't really necessarily want to go except they had some treats. So I was going for the chocolate and maybe a cup. I was happy. But I also felt guilty. But um and you-- Did you just toot?

M: No that's out of a squeaky chair.

W: Oh. So and then... So Jo... I'm just going with the flow. And then as I'm going, I just start to like ask some questions. And Joelle meanwhile is just like, "Oh! Well!" Again, knows everything. I didn't know that!

M: Yeah so for those of you... We're going to pull back the veil a little bit. For those of you who don't know about our podcast, I'm kind of the behind the scenes, the I.T. person you know, figuring out all the systems, posting all the stuff. Weens is a great editor. She originally did all our editing. But then since school kind of... And I wanted to learn too, so I watched over her shoulder and learned how to edit. So I've taken over editing. But, okay, wait. So back to the conference. So sweet Weens is walking around the vendor--

W: Sweet wiener.

M: Sweet wiener, walking around the vending area because everything's new to you. And this is why I kind of wanted to get you there too - so you could see like we're not alone sitting in our rooms on a microphone. It actually is this huge community. It's an industry. There's people with vested interests that want to help us - who also want our money! But they do... Everybody's... It's such a great community online. Everybody's so supportive. They're really... I haven't... I've maybe heard like one or two kind of backstabby things that have happened. We had a questionable thing a long time ago but uh, it's super supportive. People are there for each other. It's kind of like independent indie art, rise up. You know we all want each other to win. Um so but you were starting to get a taste of that. You were walking around talking to people. You were picking up cups and candy and then shirts.

W: Yeah!

M: But you were like, "Oh this product sounds really great. Tell me about your service." And I was kind of like, "We're on a little bit of a schedule. I want to get over and see this thing and do that thing." We were trying to record. So yeah, I was sort of pulling at your sleeve and--

W: Oh, but I didn't feel the pulling! You didn't pull! If you pulled, I would have gone. I'm standing there awkwardly going, "Hi. We're making eye contact and I just stole your cup. I guess I'll ask you about your product." I don't have good cold distant snake-like thing that you do, where I can just say bye.

M: "Thank you. We don't need your services" and walk away

W: And eat their Reese's and then you just blow up--

M: I did no eating! I really didn't go for that swag. I did want to talk to a couple people about editing stuff. It's like a dinner party. We need the code word to signal cut the convo.

W: Yeah

M: Let's scoot. Let's go to the next thing. Because you're so sweet. You're... you're the eternal interviewer and you wanted to know everybody's story.

W: Aaah.

M: You were great though! No, everybody loves you. It's so fun to talk to you and easy to talk to you. And that's the personable part of Mouse and Weens when we're together so--

W: I love you again. Suddenly I love you. Keep talking!

M: You're the human side. I'm the robot.

W: So I point to the end of the row. There was this beautiful couch. It was this oversized Alice in Wonderland multicolored patch couch and it was so cute. And it was meant to uh--

M: It was very Instagramable.

W: --emasculate you, the aggressive mouse over there! And uh so it was such a cute photo. And then I could tell she was mad! You're like Mom. I could see it the second you have a snerk in your eye and that's--

M: I was just ready to go!

W: You just wanted to go. And I was like, "Let me take your picture on this couch. It's what it's meant for. It's so cute." And you were like, "I don't want anyone telling me what to do!" And then I took your picture and you were just flipping off the camera and you were really mad!

M: I was so ready. It's... it's an embarrassing picture. I'm sorry.

W: Yeah okay. And it was real. That was real pissed-offedness and I had no idea why!

M: It's like uh sitting through a long church service when you know--

W: --that you don't believe in God, as you don't either? Heathen!

M: What is happening right now?! No, you know. It's any situation where you're stuck and you just want to go. And then someone's like, "Oh wait. Stay stuck one more moment." And you're like, "Baaah!" I just broke! So that was that. But then we came together and we took really fakey selfies.

W: That was nice. But I think you said, "I know everything!"

M: "I don't have time to breathe!" Well we never did get to our recording. We missed... I only went to three sessions. I didn't go to a whole lot. But I did spend time with the ladies at Brilliant Observations which was a great bonus. I knew they were going to be there so I was kind of hoping we'd see them and hopefully hang out and get to know them face to face because we know them online. I listen to their podcast. You listen too. Not as much.

W: I'm single. You're married. No, they're awesome. They're super wonderful people. It was so nice to see them in person. I know.

M: I know. So we really bonded and I got to ask all my behind the scenes questions like, "How do you guys do it?" Because they really are a lot like you and I are: one that's more the back end of things and-- Yeah anyway... So the dynamics are really fun and and we wanted to get pictures with them and maybe even chat with them and record it if we could. But alas our day just frittered away.

W: But it was good. We had fun. We... This is the conference in Scottsdale Arizona called--

M: She Podcasts Live.

W: Yeah. The ladies.

M: Yeah. And Jess. Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar run that conference. And Jessica used to be a host on Brilliant Observations. So it's very intermingled. Everybody knows everybody. And Amy, one of the co-hosts on Brilliant Observations, gave a really good talk on, you know, the sins... the top 6 sins of podcasting and then the top 10 rules of podcasting.

W: Do you remember a couple?

M: Be authentic.

W: Bad audio.

M: Bad audio! Yeah. No, the authentic part really struck me. Because like us being uh anonymous the first year, Amy, she also has a whole side business where she consults people in marketing. And she didn't want her clients to know that here they were talking about this dirty thing and that dirty thing, as we do! And she thought, you know, she might lose clients from it. But she finally... She slipped actually and told her most worrisome client about her podcast. She listened, loved it, and then asked her - paid her! - to launch her podcast! So it all works out. So being authentic is a huge uh... a huge lesson we learned too. And I... And I do kind of wish I could merge my stuff. Because I have the business Facebook Jo Kohn and then I have my regular Facebook which is Joelle Kohn. And I wish I could merge them together because I really am all one person and I could just share in one spot everything. But I don't know. In the beginning we were just, you know, I guess coming from a place of fear. Like, "What are people going to think of us? They're going to judge."

W: I like how you say "we" because I was not a part of this.

M: You were worried about this. True, but you were too... You didn't--

W: I'm very confrontational today, huh? Pow Pow. Sorry.

M: Yeah, really. How's that period? No, I'm kidding. I'm not going there.

W: No it is. It's probably... It really was. Remember how I was crying on the trip because I was stuck in traffic going to your house? That was the start of it. Yeah I can't take it though. I think it's pandemic thin skin. Yeah. Still I haven't really gotten out.

M: Well yeah. It's a whole big... People--

W: There was a whole article, I think New York Times, about the impact this has had on people who aren't realizing it as they go back into the world. I mean, that's why I think the film business did the striking. Everybody is seeing what it, you know, the nice parts of the ease and comfort. And now people are going back into traffic and flipping out and going back to the grind. And they're not taking it! Some people aren't going back to work at all.

M: They said that the rudeness of people to waiters and flight staff - flight attendants and things - is through the roof. Like I forget the number - you know, quadruple whatever it was before - the incidents that they have to, yeah, take note of. Uh tell me more about this strike. I want to hear about this and what's the status of it. For those of you that don't know, Weens over here - Julianne - is a locations person in tv and film and is part of a union and uh took the whole pandemic off really. But now things are starting back up. So what happened?

W: I think everybody went back to work and they aren't taking it. So the IATSE, which is the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, they were asking for better wages and more turnarounds. We only have an 8-hour turnaround. Which means you only get, well--

M: Yeah, what were your average days like when you were on a big film shoot? What was that average day like for you?

W: Films - 14 to 16 hour days.

M: 16 hour days!

W: And often 18 or 20. Yeah.

M: 18 to 20! That's only four hours to eat, yeah sleep, shower, do all your stuff--

W: And drive home. And a lot of times you weren't close to the set but often you're... You know, if it was like my location, you know everything. You're the only person that knows all the ins and outs of your place. So you get there early. You have to open it. You have to actually open fences and let people in. The whole crew. So you let 100 people, 150 people, in the actual location. Then you're there to make sure everything goes well and the company starts filming.

M: Everything's smooth. Right. Security shows up.

W: And yeah, whatever needs to happen. Firemen. Policemen. Yeah everything. Neighbors. Anything that goes wrong. You're making sure it stays afloat. So a lot of times, you don't leave until you're way into the day, until you're almost about to wrap, which you might have been there four hours before you started filming. And they always film 12 hour days, oftentimes 14 because the director might, you know, need pickup shots. So you go into 14 hours, sometimes 16 hours. That's why I am a little bit of a disgruntled employee.

M: Yeah.

W: And I'm just burnt out. But with the other... Like most of the guys... This whole thing happened because the streaming shows like AppleTV and whatever all the streaming channels are, it was like the wild west. Nobody knew what to do with it. So there's never really been great rules put in place. It was kind of kind of like the internet. It comes out, everyone uses it, and then they start cracking down on it. "Wait, they're getting all this stuff for free. Wait, we have to..." So there hasn't been a crackdown. And now these producers and things...

M: They're just able to work people without the right

W: People. Yeah. It was getting really nasty. So now they're asking for like 10 hour turnarounds, which means you can be off the clock and have 10 hours until you show up the next day for work.

M: Good!

W: So hopefully that will stick and... Yeah. Because before--

M: And that was the negotiated resolution right?

W: I think they haven't... I don't know if it's all released yet. But that's what they said - that they got what they wanted and they're happy with it. And now all the union members you know have to thumbs-up it too. But the head of the IATSE said, "It's a good deal." And the producer said, "We're happy."

M: So good. Wow. Crazy. If you decide to go back.

W: Yeah

M: I mean, yeah. So when you guys are waiting for your Marvel movie to come out and you're like, "They said it was going to be released this summer! What's taking so long?!" Please be patient, because the cast and crew they need sane hours. Well cast probably isn't the same. I bet they let them come in four hours and then leave, right? Yeah, are their hours crazy?

W: No. Well they have trailers. So even if they, yeah, they have crazy hours a lot of times they'll be in makeup for four hours and there's some other... Sometimes if they have a lot of makeup they'll be there four hours before everybody else. But they get to sleep in the trailer and you know it's not ideal. They're also getting paid a lot of money. A LOT of money!

M: Oh yeah, yeah. What's the craziest makeup thing that you've seen when you were working on tv or movie?

W: Uh let me think. I guess the Aquabats were so cool with their costumes and makeup. They were super fun, a super show, and they had just really fun 1950's crazy, you know, whatever, floating eye in the sky. And like weird gerbil creatures and like a giant potato bug. Those kind of things. And so these... It was really fun.

M: We had that huge ant, and you let me bring the kids to the set one time. And I have a picture of little Elliot - little tiny Elliot's head - with this huge ant, uh, set of fangs, or pinchers or whatever, over him!

W: Yeah! And then I remember um we shot the Inception movie over at Leo Corillo Beach and there was the elevator - the scene with the elevator - on the sand. And that was just like... I guess that wasn't makeup. Sorry but that still was really cool.

M: Yeah.

W: Yeah I loved Inception because it was all so exciting to work on a Chris Nolan film. And then I turned down the Batmans because I was in New York helping Rachel with her grandma who had Alzheimer's. But um those would have been fun too.

M: What was.. Wait. Inception was... Who's the actor? I'm so bad.

W: DiCaprio.

M: Yes! He... You sent me a picture from way far away and you zoomed in as much as you could. And you kind of like circled it and you're like, "There he is!"

W: It's Leo at Leo Corrillo Beach! I know! I always... Joelle loves the celebrity photos so I always make celebrities... Yeah it'll always have to be sneaky. I have to pretend like I'm on the phone and then I'll have to take a picture and I tell Joelle, "No you can't post this anywhere."

M: And I don't. I hang on to them until way after. (I ask) "Can I finally post the um Nathan Fillion at the craft services?

W: Yes.

M: Oh great! I've been waiting on that one.

W: Yeah and I think I gave you the Always Sunny in Philadelphia guys too or something.

M: Oh?

W: I worked on The Mick with um the main lady from Always Sunny, which i forget her name. Kristen Johnson. Anyway my point.

M: Point is you are going to get some sleep now if you ever go back to work doing that. But you are too busy!

W: I'm gonna move in with you!

M: Yes! Move in!

W: I'm starting to get nervous because I'm like, I'm making a huge life change right now and I'm starting to get freaky. Like anxiety. Yeah because I either go back to work or I don't. And if I don't, I'm gonna start... I'm gonna have no income and to start... It's gonna be nuts. But then that will push you forward into a whole new direction.

M: That's right. I know. Get... Face your fears to make the big change. Right. And then uh see what comes from it. This is fun! Any change you make is always change-backable.

W: You can. That's true. I forget about that.

M: Yeah. It's not life and death. Like it's very gray. You can make new changes and new decisions.

W: Don't I bounce around? Because I'm always bouncing from place to place and I was just... But I have a whole house that's settled in. Everything's like in the right place. (sings "Everything's in the right place") Do you know that one?

M: No. But um--

W: So what do you do when you are gonna uproot yourself again?

M: What do you do when you're gonna uproot? I... I would say lean into it. I would say, "Adventure! I'm gonna make a new room. I'm gonna unpack my things in a new way." It's a chance to clean things out and start afresh and--

W: I'm gonna be doing this in your house!

M: Great! Do it! I could use a change too. Let's clean out all the closets.

W: Really?

M: Junk a bunch of stuff. I can digitize all those photos that are in that one closet.

W: But imagine at the beginning of our talk and how... What if...?

M: Hey you know what? Every day... You're family. If we have problems, we'll hash it out. It's okay. You just have to promise to squeeze those lids shut on the food.

W: That's it.

M: That's it. Easy peasy. Yeah!

W: Wow. Thanks Jo. You sure what's happening?

M: Let's do it!

W: Really?

M: Yeah! Mouse and Weens forever!

W: Mouse and Weens in the house! Oh do I have to use normal deodorant? You also yelled at me at the conference because I'm using patchouli. Like weird, natural...

M: Oh those pits. I love you but you're very hippie and... And it's natural. Great. There's no aluminum. I think aluminum might have something to do with how it works because it's... It's cute. No you're good. I loved our hike. I don't smell it. You don't smell.

W: It's very earthy.

M: Earthy. Yes. Natural. Okay, musky. Like a little skunk just ran by from the earth. Just kidding.

W: Wait a second!

M: Wait, wait! Can we insert some of our clips from our hike here? Because we recorded some pretty funny stuff.

W: All right. Let's... Okay we went to Camelback Mountain, which mom has.. She was very... When I talked to her... Okay, well I don't want to say...

M: No, set it up. Go ahead.

W: What she... I said, "Hey." So we went to Scottsdale. I said, "Have you ever been there?" She said, "Yes, oh my god. Oh, well." It was really beautiful. We went to this Camelback Mountain. She said, "That's the only mountain that's there in all of Scottsdale." So we went to the only place that came out of the earth and was different than the hot flat rest of everything. And boy did we uh hit that hot spot! Everybody was there. It was what..? Seven o'clock? Yeah. Yeah nobody would be out. In L.A. there'd be two people in all over this park. But it... What happened...Yeah so and loud voices of people: "Wow, yeah, yeah, all right."

M: So let's listen to some clips here. Also at the end of the clip, I'm gonna play our Dream Dinners. So here we go! Everybody buy Dream Dinners! It's my favorite thing ever! Okay, here we go.

(----Video footage on YouTube-----)
M: Hey, we're in the car with wind. 

W: She says, "Doesn't it look like one of those butt plugs?" I was like, "Or a nose?! Where did you come up with that?!" It's just like, why does your brain go straight to there? And you're like, "Well YOU know! You're the one that buys all the sex toys!"

M: Look at that! It looks like the end of the vibrator with the the little dilly dally that goes up the rear.

W: I don't even know what you're talking about.

M: And then she claimed not to know anything about it. 

W: I don't know anything about sex toys. Anything.

M: So I had to remind her about her--

W: This is what she did just now, folks. She goes, "You were the one who did like a shopping spree with your little cart all revved up 'zoom zoom!' and went through the aisles pulling down paraphernalia!"

M: Yes

W: And then we're talking about there... I did do that. It was because they put me for panic attacks on Ativan and I was out of my mind. And then I went to the doctor the next time. He's like, "Oh by the way, don't go on any shopping sprees. People are known to get married. They sign contracts. And don't do any of that stuff on this stuff." And I was like, "Stuff you could have told me YESTERDAY! before I spent $600 at a sex shop! But one of the things I got for some reason were these little clampy tassle boob things. I was like, "Oooh!" I never wore them but I made Jo try one. It just hurts so you've got these big national geographic ankle shooter boobs and it looks like a weird bird beak stuck to it. That's really like, "Ow!" There's like a little ostrich ball at the end so it just just didn't make any sense. Anyway you have to make a left.

M: Wait why are we stopping?

W: Because I don't like people crunching behind me. It makes me uncomfortable. It feels like someone's creeping up. I'm gonna have to get my (puts arms up) and do it quick like "whatcha!" (air punches)

Video 3:
M: And here we are in lovely Scottsdale. I would like you to notice um Teats Peaks, with two little nipple tassels on the top! They're ostrich feathers! Look one's a little bigger than the other, as we all are you know? It happens. Very beautiful. Welcome to the potty in beautiful Scottsdale.

W: This one has a gross brain.

(Man walking. We overhear) "Oh I'm sure."

W: Yes, me too.

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I think that's the best effect and then they'll do the jump scare noises oh the freakiest one the guy had a buzz saw they had the rail

i'm going to post the pictures that came around i think last year of they had some haunted house somewhere that would flash pictures of people right when they got jumped scared probably with a noise too yeah they had their ears covered speaking of flash pictures ooh what about our red light in scotland you tell that story oh no i i don't know what's going to show up in the mail but we were zooming down one of the highways trying to get to the conference before the b meaning joe yeah i was behind the wheel i was in the big old suburban and we're trying to make it in time for the pajama party at the she podcast live thing this was the big kickoff party everybody shows up in their pjs uh weens didn't get the memo so what what were you going to wear for pjs you had like she won a pj suit of just like underwear and a shirt yeah mine was okay but it was all wrinkled i ended up ironing it and didn't even go anyway oh wait wait i have cause i'm so late i had my sloths oh yes all right go to instagram i think it's an instagram igtv it's a sloth sexy dance pajama dance for you someone revealed that they were watching it and they actually got excited it was like your sex night um with your husband when you were wearing your follow along my father llamas you never know what pjs might uh they were christmas llamas with little scarves of these christmas

no he just doesn't care anymore he says whatever take it off this is mary no so we're going through this light we're going through all these intersections and yada yada just talking and in california when a light turns yellow if you have time you will slow down and stop as i usually do well i was committed this is a heavy ass suburban going nice and fast it turned yellow if i had tried to stop i would have been slamming on the brakes agreed yeah yeah so it made sense to zoom through and i know or remembered from driving school and all that that once you're in the intersection when it's yellow you're fine as long as your front wheels are in right and then it turned red kind of as my back wheels were crossing the other crosswalk but

there was a big flash of light right as i was saying because we made it through and this huge flash of light and it does the thing with the old-fashioned cameras where it goes splash right so we had a few pre lights flashing in our eyes and i think that made both of us go huh with open drop john like oh yeah and then boosh the big flash and that might be the picture that shows up in the mail is wiens and mouse sitting there going

because we were both like oh [ __ ] yeah you know there's a million lights here i see all the cameras all the time that happened but they do it anymore slash you blind you no they never crashed i think they don't use them because there's so many discrepancies i think they got rid of them here i hope they do too mom had to fight one in arizona i think and she got hers thrown out but you have to go back to that court to fight it anyway i wasn't gonna tell dave he just he teases me about anything that costs money and then he hangs it over my head for years it's a whole thing so i'm like you know what he doesn't need to know i'm the one that gets the mail i'll just grab it pay it out on one of my credit cards he doesn't look at the statements it's my credit card we'll find out if uh he listens to the podcast what happens but it's not a good test because i actually i did tell him last night oh i was laying there and yeah at first he goes joe l joe l joe l oh the shame and then i'm like okay buddy mr run red lights he's the worst i'm like you totally would have run that no i would [ __ ] yes she would have and i know you get red light tickets and he's like actually i'm pretty professional at getting red light tickets he gets a lot and i think he does the same thing he quick pays them too so there's some couples there you're a very speedy couple be more honest with each other i'm usually not but anyway that one's for the books we'll see if it shows up if it does i will definitely be posting that that'll be our new cover photo okay best part of the conference that you loved and okay can you tell anyone anything first of all about that and then what you want to tell them about podcasting there's a lot of people who ask me how to get into it yeah i don't want to tell them that you know everything because then they'll ask you no i mean there's so many resources out there there's a million facebook groups everybody's so nice and kind and they'll point you in the right direction so yeah if anyone does want to start a podcast you're listening to this and you think wow i could do that listen to these bozos i can do what they're doing uh i will put you in the right direction paint you i'll point you in the right direction um but i would say takeaways from this really were kind of when you're doubting yourself and that little inner voice is saying why are you doing this just give up i mean it's stupid you've only got this many downloads blah blah blah blah all the self-talk that we do that talks us out of something impostor syndrome right i who am i to be telling people what to do look around and know that all these other people are doing it with gusto and you can be too and there's all these supports for you and your voice is important and we all have something to say and we're all important to be out there in the world and so get your voice out even if you're helping i don't know 10 people with whatever your skill is if you're going to teach them something if you're going to make them laugh if you're just going to commiserate with them um talking about movies whatever it is get it out there and it's easy they've made it so easy for you now you can i will say though i just heard a podcast of two ladies and they're doing well-known they were interviewed on brene brown they just wrote a book about friendship and the whole concept was how difficult it is to you have to make a lot of effort and friendships and um and a lot of people in this culture especially say that you do uh they think it's a quick easy thing like you should just have friends and your primary person family and your partner you know all the friends we put secondary here in this culture usually but anyway point is they said they showed up every week they set a schedule they stuck to it regardless and renee brown was saying that too that their motto was the train will leave at this time and whether you're on it or not it's going so show up and do it every week and they finally got traction after like eight years it was a long time i think that's it yeah it's it's that slow build for for podcasts that are really independent and you know we're not out there we never have bought followers we're not gonna pay a producer or an editor probably ever i don't know i mean [ __ ] i know we're stuck doing this but hopefully it'll get out there and the people that need to hear us and be friends with us and get something from us will find us and then tell their friends so if you are one of those people do you tell your friends that's the number one thing that i remember from uh from the podcast conference is you know talk about podcasts tell your friends to listen just talk about it talk about wherever you are this is who you are i'm a podcaster don't just say oh i do the silly thing on the side to own it like which is what we both do so we i know and you do too in that leading cause you want it yeah yeah remember we were like oh it's just a hobby remember we had dinner at the conference with the lady who was um i don't know anything oh the yeah advertising yeah right the way i introduced it was like oh you know small potatoes we're we're nobody but uh yeah she was like wait yep yes you are so right self check we're gonna are we doing stuff with her yeah we're already in that network i might what impresses you joel what makes you want to say i want to know they do have impressive stuff i reached out to the manager of it and i i'm like i want to find like-minded podcasts so we can all share audiences because i think that's key too is if we find podcasts like brilliant observations we're kind of the same type of podcast we like having fun and talking and we get a little real but mostly goofy and so their listeners should be listening to us our listeners should be listening to them let's kind of put it all together and grow together same with lisa and sam i shake my head with lisa and sam they're of that um the girls at book of lies like all these kind of female pockets and we love our our dudes at pod fix too um yeah and they're super supportive too and so many great duo's there so i don't want to just exclude all the guys but um but there's something special about women rising up and lifting our voices because societally we're pretty quiet this gender kind of takes the back seat so it's nice too so we can get some ladies around yeah yeah yeah and they are they have women but yeah we need to uh represent so yeah that's great yeah yeah so is that your takeaway was to uh show up for that train was it a accountability thing or yeah i think so that's why also i was taking my one o'clock appointment very seriously because also i thought we were setting like 100 like we are doing this we are kicking it off this week but i understand things happen and i could be flexible well i was telling you every single time i changed it but i would change it like 15 minutes before this is the story of my life in los angeles too because it's been just a little buggy lately with uh i'll do the same thing at like five o'clock i have to do the thing where i take a walk around the lake with that person and okay and i'll niche out everything and then people have been cancelling like 10 minutes before and i'm just like why it's not a big deal but your brain maybe i'm more of a ocd type that just kind of latches on to like or maybe a number i've got a doctor's appointment at four o'clock next week wednesday well this is good though this really is a flip of the script because we as a family i speak for me and mom i guess you used to be like julianne are you coming to this dinner and i was like well i think so but i don't know and we stopped thinking you would make it we started planning on she won't be here if she does show up great bonus but we're setting our our bar here she won't show up because you used to not show up you waited until the last minute to figure out the best plans or or whatever was going on and so it was always yay bonus and we finally got that figured out we were like yeah this is great no expectations and um and now you're the one that has expectations for other people so you've really come full circle wings i have to hand it to you and you are you do what you say you're going to do if you say you're going to be there you are there which is very good so thank you here we go adulting who's going to write a book called adulting in your 40s nice probably already exists there's so many out there i know queens you're the best i'm sorry i love you how strong but you know love is hard sometimes what are you gonna do love is a battlefield love is a battlefield did you ever get into pat benatar's i don't know but her cousin was our pe teacher really high school her brother yeah mr benitar that was her oh brother forget it i don't know anyway i would like to say thank you to all of our listeners if you do want to tell your friends we would love it and we do want to grow right we're not just yeah potatoes we do want to grow and we want this big [ __ ] we are we're big potatoes really big like the one on your head nice fun we are on youtube we're on instagram at mouse and weens you can find everything at uh please use dreamdinners99 if you're san diego and get 99 off that's a great thing support our sponsor anything else wins no i think uh i love you yeah right in you guys all those people listening thank you for listening yeah thank you for listening this this does jazz us up all right until next time bye-bye you're so hot you're on fire

but you can't tell me as cold as ice cause you're a liar

you're so bad

so now we're live

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