Oct. 15, 2021

E123 - Vikram Baliga of Planthropology: PodFix PodSix

Meet Vikram Baliga, host of podcasts Planthropology and The Plant Prof, and fellow PodFix network pal and professor! This is a special re-airing of our PodFix Presents PodSix episode from January 2021, where we ask Vikram six questions.

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E123 – Meet Vikram Baliga, host of podcasts Planthropology and The Plant Prof, and fellow PodFix network pal and professor! This is a special re-airing of our PodFix Presents PodSix episode from January 2021, where we ask Vikram six questions. You will hear all about plant people, whether almond milk is bad, where he stands on the men are like waffles women are like spaghetti issue, and his favorite C + C Music Factory gear. Learn about a dad moment he wishes he could do over, what his perfect day is, how he feels about Facebook, and what his day in the life looks like. We definitely weigh in with all of our opinions and stories too, so listen in and let us know how Vikram handled the Mouse and Weens hot seat!!

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Vikram Baliga of Planthropology: PodFix PodSix

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We are reassuring and episode. That was originally published on the pod fixed network. This is our pod. Six questions that we mouse and weans asked vikram beluga. Sorry mispronounced it. The whole time of plant apology podcasts. So take a listen and hope you like it and please do go. Visit the pod fixed network for the original airing by your attention. Please leave now and we doesn't league two three. I'm he's late. I'm like naven johnson and the jerk. I just can't quite get it right. I'm sorry that's all right. We'll figure it out. Okay hello everybody. It is mouse and weans. I'm mouse joel. I'm the mom. Went down in san diego. I'm weans. I'm up in l. a. and i'm in the film business and look we have. We have a guess very special guest. We are doing this on. Behalf of pod fix presents. We're doing a pod. Six with the one and only vikram malinga of plant their apology. We we good good. I'm happy to be on with you all so happy to have you. Thanks for doing this. You were catching up. But will you give me a little bit of a backstory of who you are and what you do. Yeah yeah so. I hope the planet their apology podcast. Which is a word. I made up. Because you know what. I am. A lecturer at texas tech university. So i teach intro horticulture classes on a planet nerd But i also run our teaching and research greenhouse here on campus and so and yeah just a nerdy plant guy. I love it i love it. There's also a plant girl right there. You guys will have. that's good. That's exciting guaranteed planet lady. That's why i picked you. I said oh my brethren fellow gardener guy. So i wanted to know that was one of my questions. We can jump right into our questions. Because i not Why are people like in why plants. Okay i i like to think. Plant people are like a very positive like kind of nerds right. Like most of the plant people in superintendent but generally just pretty pretty laid back. I don't know that. I know people that are like super high strung about stuff. It's just like i don't know something about being around nature and all the extra oxygen. I don't know what it is But i always love plants so my My mom and i lived with my grandparents when i was young and Did you grow up there in texas so you did from. Yeah i'm from texas and What area i'm in lubbock texas. So that's why did nobody knows where it is. The on it's going to someone out there. Might you know it's funny because we're like it's not like a super small city. We have about three hundred thousand people here but but it's just kind of in the middle of nowhere. We're five hours from dallas and austin and the mountains on one side and nobody's everywhere in texas is in the middle of nowhere state but yeah so i grew up gardening and did a year of engineering and college and i was bad at it and so when they were like. You probably don't want to be an engineer. I just decided picks light so plants. There you go. I got that same advice. I was going for being doctor. And i got the you know that you might not be the best doctor. Why does she has asked out. Yeah just because. I faint when i see people with wounds. No big deal that you know. I had the same experience i was. I was biomedical engineering. I was going to med school. And all that stuff. And then i in turn to the doctor's office and had a similar like. Oh this is not gonna work for me at least figured it out before years of schooling. Yeah although i i did. The whole pre med track and i was animal. Physiology was my jam. I thought you know. I love dissecting animals and all the big systems and i thought that was so cool. But then gotta know cam and all this other boring stuff in my grades and trying to balance partying and boyfriends and didn't quite work out so the cat was not not my jam but and then engineering.

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I don't know that's that's tough. That's so much physics and math in. Oh yeah it was. Calculus was not for me but what plants are. Plants are fun. I've enjoyed it. I've i've done it for a couple of minutes now. Three degrees in so. I guess i'm committed at this point once it. What's your university ring. So i i went to texas am. I did my undergraduate texas a. m. and then my masters and phd were both from texas. Nice yeah and you just graduated recently this december. You can just got it done. Got good for you. Huge big dissertation and all that it only took six years my my district a phd programs older than my son. So that was interesting. Equate the two. You can call your bradley. Then that's a good idea bradley. I wonder how he'd feel about that. We'll find out junior. That's good i know. There is something about plants. That's just. I think people are very optimistic. When they're growing things we tend to. I don't know just see the basic elements of life right. there's dirt there's water there's nutrients and there's sunlight and that's all you need right of this. What i was. I was telling my students actually just this past week semester. Just started and i teach Like an intro class. So it's about. I've got one hundred and ten ish students and they're mostly all non majors. They're mostly freshmen. And so they look like they're twelve years old right. I'm old enough now. That i cannot like. I'm just like your children. Your children babies. I know it's crazy. Are you really old enough to be here. Are you old enough to teach because you will so they know you. I mean i'm thirty. Three and a and i was thinking about that i was like oh i still feel young. Then i'm like oh no. I'm like these. These kids were like to. When i when i started college in next yeah. That's i was shopping at costco. And i saw the sign that said if you were born on this day or earlier in your two thousand you cannot buy no this year or later. Your two thousand. You can't buy alcohol and i'm going. It was just two thousand. We just had your two thousand years ago right and it doesn't seem right. No somebody's talking about nirvana and it was like. Oh yes ten years ago twenty five. Yeah no yeah okay but anyway you're saying to your students about the water. Oh yeah like. We were just talking about the basics of plant science. And i i a. It's funny because i have a whole presentation of the beginning of the semester. That's just like why should you care. Why do you care these. Most of them are again just taking it needed science credit and they don't want to take just basic chemistry or biology or whatever and so you know i nerd out about it but i was like okay all these things that are like super simple. You see plants grass all the stuff. I'm like they're literally taking like like radiation from the sun and turning it into sugar and like it's the basis for everything on our planet. And so i i think i've gotten at least a couple of them. I'm hoping to win some more over by the end of the semester. We'll see and i do a similar thing. I volunteer at my kids school in the school garden and when my lessons is okay everybody. Let's point at something anything around here right now and we'll talk about how it's connected to plants and so they'll point at the building and go well a building you know so we talk about the would comes from trees and how does that get there. And it's it's amazing. When you think about it that you would build itself. It's in the we build a out of it. It's crazy it's so cool when you break it all down like that so you won that also trip me out This was from like a some kind of self healthy your spiritual thing but how does an acorn no to be an acorn. I mean i'm sorry. Excuse my french. An enquiring punchline when something is like heavy and people are listening. It's like a weighted thing that i'm supposed to be saying something profound or a joke. It's too much attention. And then i trip it up every time so i'm sorry. How fast and how does the cedeno to be tomato versus in Acorn knows how to be an oak tree in all of that is in this tiny little thing that that is. What trips me out Does that how do you explain that. I mean so. I'll take that one step. Further every single cell of a plant from from the roots to everything else has all the dna and all the genetics necessary to be like to make like a whole new one.

00:10:07 - 00:15:00

Like like not even just the seat every single cell so we do something called. Tissue culture will like take just a few cells and put them on a petri dish and grow like clones of that that main plant. And so like it. It's fascinating. I i make this illustration like if you cut one of my fingers off and throw it outside in the dirt. You're not going to grow in you you know in you podcast host. But you can do that. Wow if we could. Oh it'd be something right you can do that. You can like police often. Just like throw them in the dirt and sometimes get a new tree and it's pretty amazing. It's it's a trip. And i realized it was succulent and fakest that you could just pull off a little piece and they keep going and oh i had another big question. It felt like a good one. Can i come back to a fibonacci sequence. You are you familiar with that. And can you explain it. In a way for a layman. Layperson man pressure backroom. I don't know how. Well i can explain it but you. I don't know how i can explain it. Mathematically not a math guy but like if you look at life from animals to plan answer a lot of cacti or a great example of this because of the way that like the the needles and stuff arranged on the plant but you kind of see the same pattern repeating over and over and over in nature And i you know. I don't know enough about it. Probably to speak super intelligently but it seems like it's just a pattern that for whatever reason on this planet seems to work and so you see it repeated over and over and over across like all forms of life and it's it's really weird and that also will mess with your head a little bit if you think too much about it. Yeah maybe that's it never made sense but it was talking about leaves and you know there's through. I don't know that it's repeating sequence in nature that you'll see and then they tied into the golden ratio of seeing in. That may be a whole different trip on the side but things tight end but yeah nature basically having asymmetry to it yeah. Here's my favorite one. I love the name escapes me. Right now. the broccoli family twisted a little a rubenesque romanesque romanesque. Thank you yeah. And so just we love growing this for the kids in the garden and having them look at it in the just symmetry nature and the repetition the spirals and so. Yeah it's cool. i love it. I should look that up. I'll do so. I have a second apology. But i also have a second podcast. It's like i don't know if it's like one of those things getting tattoo right you get one tattoo and then you want more tattoos and you end up with thirty-seven tattoos. I feel like podcasts. Are the same way like you can get started. And you're like oh i need to. I've got an idea. I should do this other thing But have another one called the plant process. And i talk about whatever interesting thing Like his popped into my head that we some to make myself a note to talk about the fibonacci sequence this winter. Because if you explain it maybe i'll finally retain it because it's been complicated to me a little bit. Yeah it also can i ask. Can we keep asking questions. I just want to ask. What is your favorite. What subject do you like to talk about when you talk about your world. what do you love So probably the two things that i think are the most interesting. Our food production like how how to feed people and water conservation because up here where i live in texas. It's super dry. Oliver water comes out a out of the and at some point. We're going to pump it all out. And so the things that i talked my my research was so my. My master's research was in olives. And i looked at Like an oliver in an olive orchard. How'd you save water. And then my phd was in urban water conservation. So in the home landscape. How do you use less water But but personally. I'm more interested probably in like urban farming In that kind of stuff. How do we take all this space. That's concrete an largely abandoned and figure out how to feed people from it whether that's like an old shopping malls and like doing like a hydroponic system and that kind of stuff or empty lots and cities. How do we turn them in the pocket parks and community gardens and that kind of stuff. So that's that's something that. I really like to talk about something that i'm really interested in. Can i ask you guys both because you probably know more about but does the city do they love to let you do that do they. Just like to give you space and say sure. How hard is it. It depends where you are. It depends where you are.

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I think some cities are more a little more progressive about that Something we're working on that here in lubbock A plot of land double lot that was about maybe about half an acre was donated to our department. There's a community garden on it. That a lot of our students were a part of the The woman that owned it said. Hey i would like to make sure that she's older. And she wanted to make sure that it was like maintained and kept up and all that so she donated it to us. So i'm kind of in charge of that Project now this community garden project but what we're kind of hoping to do is to put together a how to guide of how to turn an empty lot into a community garden and then worked through the city council and stuff and try to say okay costs this much to set it up this much to run it. Here's what you need You've got these abandoned lots. That are a money pit and nobody wants to look at him but we tournament a little park or we Grow food on him. And so that's how to booklet for other people in other cities about that part of it too. Like how do you take this city government and the so there is a Sort of a coalition here in town. That's looking on how looking at. How do we create more public greenspace and all of this. So we're gonna work through this organization and work with them to put together this guide and then see if we can sell it to the city and if we can then we can start marketing that to other cities and other places where some of the stuff is struggling to get off the ground. Because i think like why reinvent the wheel right if you find something that really works. If you've got a good and like good dollar values excessive they care about right. It's kind kinda the brass tacks if you say you put this much money in. It'll save you this year and you get this much output. Here's what it does. The property value crime rates xyz. I think it's something that you can sell to a city council and celtic zoning board right it helps if a candidate runs without as part of their platform to and can appeal to the voters and get reelected and and the residents feel good about of everybody feels good about it. Yeah see i would think it would go opposite that you get someone like my sister to take that pamphlet to her city camp but you're going high level we're trying to source ochre trion. That's so cool. Yeah we're trying to do the same thing with school gardens because a lot of schools. I think it's great. They get one excited volunteer. Who helps put the garden. And you get the proper grants to build it and then you give about five six years and then that person graduates with their kid and then the garden oftentimes goes abandoned so trying to get the school districts to pay for the people to run it. I think is like a lot of the missing puzzle. Piece of these gardens is a the manpower behind it or woman power so the woman power in all honesty is probably more fact. Our hunter gatherer. We're on the gathering side of of the spectrum and this canal appeals in even just just the ability. I think to coordinate stuff like that. I i've worked with through through through a previous career. I did work with some school gardens. And our master volunteer master gardener association here and like there are a couple of years that There are a couple of men that tried to run these projects in. I think our brains just don't work quite right. In general i the older. I get the more i learn about this. I'm like the my brain just doesn't work right but now there were. There were a couple of women in the group that took it over. And it's great. It's it's doing great interesting. Say that. I think there is this famous study. And who knows if you guys agree or not. But it's the multitasking. I think harvard did it. I could be wrong. It was harvard or stanford one of the biggies and they did a test where it was a man in a room where a lot of things the baby. The fake baby needed. It's diaper change in the microwave with go off in the turkey was in the oven. They did this. Senate controlled space in. The guy could handle two of those nine tasks in the women could handle eight to nine and it was across the board like big study. So i believe it sir. In my family for sure. Yeah so maybe it's one hundred gathering goes eight point eight point be. You're gonna take down that buffalo and we're going to handle everything else. Yeah well what do you think like. Yeah no i to lecture wants. That was like men's brains are like spaghetti known. Sorry men's brains waffles. Women's brains are spaghetti. I think it's based on a book and our brains are this is connected to that and that goes over to that but then you need to do this at the same time. It's all wigley wag like the noodles but then men. It's a waffle. There's a square. I'm going to deal with that square and this square over here. The square right in the center square is sex square. Everything leads back to that. Kind of makes sense will know and i can just tell you from my own life trying to do.

00:20:04 - 00:25:05

I'm not tagged it's funny. I've listened. I listened to show and i was like. Oh i've got to be careful there but old even like even like doing my phd. I had to be like really mindful about compartmentalizing. This is the thing. I'm gonna do is if i tried to do too many things. I'm just gonna go hide for a while. And i couldn't like my brain wouldn't go in enough directions to make it over. Question may ask another these questions. you're really asking. I'm sorry. how much time do we have. Could we go for two hours. I mean editing. Okay no no i won't. We are sponsored by dream dinners dream dinners dot com or mouse weans dot com. Click the link and do enter mouse and weans ninety nine at checkout. If you're in the local area of power or san marcos down here in san diego and you'll get ninety nine dollars off your first order and free delivery if you choose it you guys dream dinners is a meal preparation service. That makes dinnertime so easy. I love doing them with my family. My husband can cook them up. Really quick it's just a wonderful thing with good healthy food that recreates mealtime for us. It's it's given us lots of family time back dream dinners uses high quality foods they cut. They prepped bag. It up for you. All you have to do is thought your meal look at the recipe card in pop it in the oven or stove top and it's ready usually in twenty thirty minutes so do go to dream dinners dot com. Look for your location. Enter mousa means ninety nine and let them know we sent you enjoy this wonderful life. Hack dream dinners. My one question about your. It sounded water conservation but a someone told me not to drink almond milk because the entries need too much water. I think it was a way for the dairy industry to stay. It was a conspiracy theory later in these almond soy etcetera. So almonds do us a lot of water you know i. I'm i'm not one of these people that's gonna tell you not to use water. 'cause i think that we we get into this a lot. Actually where like especially talking about the landscape like oh. Don't put water on your landscape like you're just wasting and i'm like well. No you're not. You're getting something out of it right. There's it may not be like a dollars and cents return but you're getting like a tangible like landscape doesn't click. Wrap your happier. You know it makes the the quality of life better in general in the city. All that So yeah meanwhile almonds do use water in quite a bit of water and unfortunately the places that they're grown right now are places that are also struggling with water. Availability it's always a problem right like it it. There's people that don't wanna drink dairy or don't want to consume dairy like my wife anymore. She doesn't really drink any dairy but she started drinking almond milk and so it's like yea it costs something but you get something out of it so i think toots in the house. I i'm just saying deary. It's pretty valuable valuable thing. Good way to spend your money in your your resource more methane in the in the atmosphere. Let's let's reduce that. And so no. I mean yeah the it can be an issue because maybe we're not growing almonds in the right place. Maybe we need to find somewhere else to do it where there's plenty of water to do it. It's just all in palm springs right. Sure it's all those things get complicated. Joe did you wanna ask questions. I'm sorry have been to. Oh sure well no. That was a very expanded version. Thank you plant people in plants. I love it and the fact that you're so passionate about it comes through and your podcast so dig it in your yes. You juliet good sucks. I don't what i love plant. And i want well. There's a lot of anti lawn stuff where people get really angry in los angeles when someone has a lawn they go yeah cans drought city. I've found myself doing it too though. Because i get it but you're kind of like a long gives you satisfaction. Put a little money into your lawn. Who cares. yeah and maybe maybe we reduce the size of size of our lawns right. Maybe like i think you get. The stereotypical like your homeowners. Association wants you to have like a grass lawn to trees. The trees work. They're not right. It's things you do these things. Well maybe maybe we get away from that style landscape and you have a little bit of lawn that you can use for your kids you dogs or just to enjoy. I really enjoy going out and walk walking barefoot in iraq landscape right. That's outside but i'll go walk barefoot. My lawn we just be a little more sensible about the the amounts of things right so like reduce your lawn and then put Seating areas in your yard or have like flower beds or another thing.

00:25:05 - 00:30:11

I'm really big on his multipurpose landscape. So like us edible plants as landscape elements right so you reduce the size your lawn. You get some food out of your landscape and we're just being a little bit smarter with our resources. I don't think it has to be an all or nothing kind of thing. You fill joke because you have a very. She's got about an acre and a half and you have some fruit some lawn. Some we inherited this property already done and we just kind of added to it here and there but our big plan is to take out that lower lawn which originally we kept for the kids like great. We can have birthday parties here soccer games. It's like a big big lawn and we did that in. The kids are known teenagers. The middle kid wants to quit soccer after all and so my dream would be to create a co-op garden on the bottom of our property. Who that all the people could come and plant a little plot and we have a farmers market down the street at the winery. We live opposite a winery so it could a really cool thing. Dave doesn't like it. I doubt the hoa would like it so in reality it will probably end up being lots of meandering paths in more Bushes and flowers and trees. But i love the idea of the edible landscaping putting in some citrus grows. Really well here. Avocados grow grapes grow so doing that kind of thing. And her we'd my sister is like a jamaican band soon. We're worried about her skate. I got i got really excited. When the laws changed and i thought i'd try to grow some marijuana plants in but then we went to colorado and i got an edible. It's been years since like college days. And i forgot how weird it makes me feel. I don't like it. So i am band in the plan. I would like to say. I'm not a we'd farmer so sorry judge into those who are. Yeah yeah we have a weird. Yeah i get paranoid. I sit and analyze everything secretly in a corner. And i sort of joy marijuana boy that is not an official question. We're not gonna come on the spotlight. Don't i'm in. I'm in texas. And we don't know you don't get the california delivered to your door service over there thank you. I don't think any of us really smoked. Whatever okay moving on. Joe you want questions yes okay number two. We can go quickish if we want. or not. But coolest gear victim that you are using these days like either tech stuff or video game stuff. Or what's what gear gets you going. Oh ma'am so my son's just now getting into video games and we bought. It took like six months finally got a switch and intend to switch and that's been a lot of fun that's been something we can all kinds of do together. Why switch so great. Why was this big push for am not a video game me so part of it is like like i'm not gonna call myself a gamer. But i've always played video games right. And i've an xbox and you know for his little five year. Old brain duty probably wasn't appropriate. You don't get there but so you know. Nintendo has all the mario games and stuff like that and so it's stuff that he can play and he can do and we can kind of take it with us where again wherever you go and Yeah that's been fun Trying to think whether gear. I'm you know. It's funny. Because i tend to be kind of a gearhead i. I'm a musician photographer. And i do some of those things and so like like oh new gear but then like this year when i had time to spend time doing these things just didn't i just didn't do anything. Oh i do have an answer for that. Actually i just remembered so. I bought a a woodworker too and i bought a cnc machine which like stuff for me. I like design on the computer in. It does all the hardwork for me. I have spent a lot of hours making sawdust in in ruining our garage. Engine neat hobby. So it's almost like a three d. printer kind of thing where you style it and then it yeah it sort of the opposite right so it's the same idea. Where does all the stuff for me but instead of printing carbs and my wife is the education coordinator science museum and they just got like a big maker mobile maker lab that they can load up and take school so they've got a laser cutter a three d. printer a little cnc machine. So they're doing all this like super cool hands on maker education kids and it's totally the way the feature a i think so. Yeah i think so yeah. The three d. printers are awesome. Win corona virus just broke out. I used to work in a biotech company and one of the scientists still there. Dmitri use the company three d. printer to make the headband. Yeah to hold. The sheet looks and ended up using the glassy overhead projector sheets as the protectant mask thing so he was cranking out mass forever shields everybody in science so they didn't have to deal with the masks and all that but pretty neat.

00:30:11 - 00:35:00

I mean that's cool. I like that so a machine. Cnc it's like seeing futre actually don't know what it stands for computer something. I don't know because i was thinking. Cnc music factory newton. Cool when you guys were saying here. I was thinking why she asking about ring gear. He lives in texas. My god talk about that. What kind of music do you play not unofficial question kinda kinda just whatever. I probably play mostly like folk kinda stuff. I i play the guitar and bass and enough piano to embarrass myself and a piano song. Oh good lord okay so called place favorites. Quite so i do. There's a muse song if you've heard you've heard news called how cash. What is this phone called. i don't know about any new song is. Yeah no and. I'm super embarrassed because i really like the song. But there's a really cool piano solo right in the middle of it and i wish i can remember was called off. I'm gonna look at because it is at one of their hits for when it comes to you just text us. Raising supermassive black hole starlight hysteria or psycho. I'm going to google it to now. This is this is compelling audio by the way yes drinking and editing. That's is fine. It's all it's butterflies and hurricanes nice. I like that sounds like a diving bell in the butterfly. Did you go see that movie. Oh french al's so cool. All right we have the questions to you to number three. I do okay. Creepiest thing you could say to a person passing by you on the street. You smell different when you're awake. That is so freezing creepy. Right had that queued up by that. I had that ready to go. Yeah i have a. I have a friend who. That's like his favorite thing to do. If you're like he can sneak up on you. His favorite thing is like whisper in your ear when you're awake or fine. What if he ended up in the bed between you and your wife site Is she's trying to steer it. I'm not going to let her it to the bed Vikram best and or worst dad moments because oh man. That's that's a tough one had plenty of. I'm trying to think of this year. Oh i remember yeah okay. I've got a good one. I think one of the worst dad moments so we unfortunately have not been good at controlling screen. Time in our son was like look. He took his kindle. And you sitting on the toilet. And i'm just like playing on my phone i think i was like scrolling on talk or something i look up and i'm like where's bradley. Like he just been sitting there. This was this was a while ago. And he wished he'd been sitting there for like it least half an hour and i just like totally forgot about his own little world and i was like. Oh buddy are you. Done us like yeah. Oh i need to pay attention to what's happening around me but you don't want to you know bother a man on the toilet their sacred spots. I've i don't know who it was. Because i was like what i looked up and i was like i think actually started talking to him right. I was asking him a question. I looked up and he's just gone the screen time. We just gave up. Because joe has that problem mousy has that problem to rhino. I just did something on instagram about it today. Though because i we went up to the snow the mountains have snow on them from our recent rains. And i'm like we got to get these kids off screens. All they do is play video games. Let's go to the mountains. We're gone so we get up there. And i run into a friend from college who i haven't seen for fourteen years last time i saw her. Elliott was in my belly. She recognized me with all my mask on and mcgeer and she knew charlotte's name shoe elliott's name. She knew toby's name. She was asking about the podcasts.

00:35:00 - 00:40:03

Her name's kathleen and it made me realize she only knows that because of social media Which is a screen. So there's good and bad and anyway it was kind of a little. We gotta balance moment for me so anyway. That has nothing to do with kids except that well watch. Have you guys seen social dilemma. yes i have. Yeah what do you think. Honestly it didn't surprise me because like i've so facebook came out my freshman year of college. And i've kinda watched it develop over the past fifteen years or so and i guess it was my end of my freshman year and like it seems like a lot of people. Don't think about it but it's not a secret that they're like manipulating us right. And it's almost unfortunately like the price of admission anymore. Is you just you just kinda deal with it because it's for me at least currently in my life. The benefits still outweigh the the price on paying for it. Right doesn't mean clearly. I am but you haven't fallen down any cunanan rabbit holes or anything like that good that's always a. I just saw the cattles. But she was. He's part of on that's why she was a major conspiracy. You've got that look on her face like you. Just wait you. Just wait come to the. Yeah so i. I thought it was interesting but like i have some friends that work in the in the tech sector in they were like. Yeah you know it's it wasn't necessarily on purpose but this is the way it is. Joe did you feel that to it. Got a little bit extreme in that. It's saying this is the downfall of society. Nothing is gonna. You know we're not gonna make it past ten years from now we're going to destroy ourselves. I don't know about that. I do wish that some of these you know tech giant's would get a little more of a social conscious and try not to create so many algorithms that group like-minded with like minded so it just keeps fulfilling whatever i talk to my. Sorry so no go ahead. Mark zuckerberg like hated by. Apparently i talked to my friend. He got a facebook and he goes. Just look at sasha. Baron cohen's website and learn more about mark zuckerberg and you'll probably want to get off. Facebook do interesting that out. I know. I wanna see the new movie to. He's dude. Yeah yeah he's a very smart guy weans. Let's see number five for you aren't you ask that one okay. Are we sticking to these questions for sure. These are the pod fix. You don't have to. I know these. These are from my head. If you have something better swap it out well proudest moment as a podcasters segment response guessed what you. What do you like to hang your hat on. ooh do you have. What big lumpy heads were. Let's see so one of the cooler things. I think i've gotten to do well for one is. I've just gotten to meet a lot of cool. People like virtually in person. I mean i you know. I started at the end of two thousand nineteen so i haven't gotten to do like a whole lot of in-person stuff but right before the pandemic kit. I got to give a live presentation. I'd been doing it like four months and they asked me to come to a Like a live show or life panel at Our local comecon. Which i was like. It's an ernie plant show. Whatever they're like no just just trust us plants in Fantasy and sci fi world building in like lord of the rings and avatar in a whole bunch of different other like universes and how plants or something that kinda ground us into those universes because it's something we understand in the we recognize. That was really fun. I was like. I have no idea what i'm doing. I just started doing this but it was really cool just to be asked to to get to do something like that. That's cool now. Are you the master in that universe of plants. Do you ever get follow up questions or every now and then. Yeah yeah every now and then. That's amazing how cool i think planes a fascinating. And yeah and the plants and avatar. We just watch that and it was so cool. Just the way just was thinking of that are talking to each other and what. I was thinking of avatar. Oh good see where psychically can. I say it because i felt stupid saying avatar. But you said before we sister. Yeah well he said it. He talked about the planes spaced out for one second because cat was grabbing on with her claws to my knee assist.

00:40:03 - 00:45:03

I told you all right. Let's see describe your perfect day. I love playing this game. Oh man described my perfect day. Actually this one's not too hard i would. I'm so busy. My life is so busy I would really like to just go rent a cabin in the in the woods somewhere in the mountains in literally like sit on the back porch of this cabin and do absolutely nothing for a day just like staring into space and smell the mountaineer and pictures and like just like not talk to anybody outside for my family. Don't like answer my phone just like the phone at home in. It's sad that like my perfect days. Like i just don't want to have to answer an email but that's kind of it like i just wanna answering email. That's right. i know it was tough. Getting a hold of you. You are busy dude. I can't imagine balancing all that you do. And i get it. That sounds frigging dreamy. I keep telling. Juliana often wish i would break a leg so i could just lay in bed with my computer and get on my projects. I have so many photos to sort. I would love to do a million things on this podcast to get it more organized. Yada yada yada you get it. But what can i ask. Can you quickly like bullet point things that you would be doing in a day. Because i don't know exactly what you're so i teach so i- i lecture twice a week and i. It's a tuesday. Thursday lectures to the right an hour and a half long. And it's nobody's happy like by the end of it time to talk so i do that. migraine houses about twenty thousand square feet. And we have on a normal in a normal semester which this is not we run about five hundred students through here a week for classes and labs and stuff so i coordinate all that I work with different professors and graduate students to get there research. Done we manage about two and a half acres of horticultural garden. That's around the facility here so between like managing my staff of students dealing with classes dealing with faculty doing the podcast which actually got written into my job description. Which is kinda cool. Congratulations thanks i thought that was extra for it. Well yeah. I'm just not getting fired for doing during the day. So i'm back and talk videos job good on talk by the way we gotta go to victims. It's under plant their apology. Or is it the plant plant proof okay. Yeah and it's great. It's he's got good little. Hey look at those. Check this out and you've got your sense of humor in. There is great so she hit so it kind of like data day. I you know it's never the same which is nice. But it's very like lots and lots of little things that i do that sort of add up and that's not including like family. I have you know. I a small light side hustle. Doing my woodworking stuff. We have a family business. We have a little peach orchard. I stay very busy unfortunate. unfortunately i like it. I like being busy. But it's it's a lot. Yeah well if you could cut one thing what would it be. I mean they all sound great. It's lock them in the toilet. Not i was actually thinking about that not too long ago because i was like i got home and i was just like burned out. I was like. I can't really think of one thing that i don't enjoy like i enjoy all the things i'm doing. It's just much. Yep well balanced. We gotta work this. This is a everybody i think. That's the like enlightenment. Thing is to figure out how to balance your life. It seems to be the hardest thing. I'll figure it out. Let me know. 'cause i know and it's good to be a jack-of-all-trades too. I think we get caught up in doing only one thing but it's great to kind of have lots of fingers in lots of pots in. You definitely do literally plant pots on that note. I know thank you victim. You are just an inspiration. I think you're amazing. Everybody go check out the plant proof implant their apology podcasts. Two of them. How often do you put out episodes. You're kind of weekly or plant. Apologies usually biweekly. So it's like the first and third tuesday. And then the fifth tuesday if there is one and then the plant process weekly every thursday. That's right there. I can't keep that up seven days ten days. I don't know. I mean the plant pro. They're pretty bite-size. I pretty much. Don't edit them whatever comes out of my mouth ends up on the feed and they're like ten minutes long or less so that's that one's pretty low stress but You know. I interview people for the other show and so it. It tends to get a little more involved right. Good good and then you are on all your social media at planter apology playing off and we can also find you on the pod.

00:45:03 - 00:47:27

Six sorry pod fixed network and we're glad to be connected to you part of the products family. This is great. it's awesome. That is so cool. And then what. Can i keep you on the phone to. We have more questions plant questions about professor. Because i'm trying to get into a class. I asked this without with shutting it down. I mean let's let's Let's close this out and then you guys can keep talking but this has been the pod six for the podcast network. This is mouse. Weans with victim. Belinda and we will see you later. Thanks very much. Don't hang up okay. Listen while you're driving thank you for subscribing mouse in windsor. Threaten your help with your help. While you're cleaning you'll be nelson waiting. Thank you and this is. The irrationally exuberant ivory messerschmitt. Run von looks like a carelessly basted turkey with the head still on but the head got stung by a bee. It's allergic to fees. Or you await junk. Yes i was. Just mail your are for thinking about how much i love you. More than that or mood at his friend is the story of the time. I found myself in front of the frying pan at torri in the morning drunk of course wearing a bloodstained suit and a backpack full of potatoes. This is the story of the time. A grizzled old hobo. P- asked me if i was okay. The irrationally exuberant is a podcast but also art find it at the irrationally. Exuberant dot com. I tunes spotify or wherever you get your podcast. This podcast of the politics network. You can check out more shows like it. Politics network dot com.