Oct. 1, 2021

E122 - Homecoming, Creative Juices, Intimate Laundry

We talk old movie humor, Elon Musk in a tiny house "Martian" style, and Mouse's kids with their embarrassing homecoming story. Then it's back! Guess that Weenie Tune! Learn this song's real origin and collaboration with guitarist Ishan Cooper,

E122 – We talk old movie humor, Elon Musk in a tiny house “Martian” style, and Mouse’s kids with their embarrassing homecoming story. Then it’s back! Guess that Weenie Tune! Learn this song’s real origin and collaboration with guitarist Ishan Cooper, aka Coop DeVille of “Bat Funk Crazy” and George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic fame. Afterwards we get into dream jobs, creative juices, and how to take Julianne’s psychology knowledge and combine it with her other filmmaking skills. Should we team up, bunk up, and make a documentary on the science of dreams? The topic of gratitude, boundaries, and teen responsibility comes up, namely teaching kids collegey life skills like laundry. This leads to secret sniffer talk and other intimates! On that note, should we add some water weenies to our merch? We think so! Write in to mouseandweens@gmail.com. Visit Weens music at https://JulianneEggold.com

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Voice Actor: Matt Thompson
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Homecoming, Creative Juices, Intimate Laundry

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Politics hey this is hank hill. And you're listening to my favorite podcast mouse and weans Name what's that get stuck in mind what's up what's happening. Welcome liz fast. Rated how he had to unplug and plug and siri and notifications being bonds. It's always something on this show being. You're helping bonk's mouse and wings. I'm i'm i'm mouse. I'm down here in san diego with the kids and the husband in the dog and the cat fish that we flushed kind recently and we did a whole episode about it. Forget about it. It was a while ago just in a chinese fighting fish. He was very bored occasionally. I'd come over and stick my hand in there. I know save him. Relation exercise would have little tiny heart attacks. Every time you come giving exercise all right who are you. I'm jules leans up in la. And i have a fern. Thermos dog shithead. When was the last time you saw the jerk all the old forever although it just came up because some something happened where someone was. i think. Someone's daughter. I think i was hickey with chris. I can't remember what it was but the data was like throwing acorns. This is a terrible story. I was like she hates acorns court of the seem like he hates kids. Yeah yeah it. Did anyone get it. Did she get no no no see. I've tried to show my kids all the classics end. The humor is just kind of on the dole side although they do love a space balls all the mellberg's wants that's right up their alley. We just watched all of the austin powers. That was super fun. No we went shopping last night after dinner. We are buying homecoming closed for the boys. They're both going to homecoming tonight. Putin ears and the whole thing but Dave rolled up next to my car with elliot in the back and he rolled down the window and he goes. Hey baby you want to shag. And i was like you. You said that you know everything means. I don't know. I think they do not very weird. It's weird. It's a whole new time when these boys are starting. This is the first time someone ask someone on a date someone. I'm not going to say a whole lot but it's kind of fun. It's exciting so tonight will be the big we take pictures and pindar and and they're going to belbow park. Yeah yeah it's a big. I think it's probably oh. It's like the sixtieth anniversary of the high school. So it's kind of a big deal so they're going to this errands spacium renting it out David i are going to go and drive everybody. We're taking two cars because it's a big group but we're going to sit in the parking lot and binge white lotus finally for you Very much approve of that. Yeah i mean we'll get a meal and stephan the little local restaurant. But i'm i like sit in the bar and drink while we wait. Let's let's do something productively watch. Tv show so you can these big car. You could sit in. I know. Dave has the tesla which actually has a huge screen. And if you have the right. Connections is like a big tv screen. You watch it. But i can. I can i digress for thirty seconds. One wrestler tigris. Sorry folks. Mellberg's leased raised on hilbert elon. Musk just read an article that he is now living in a tiny house in texas off in the middle of nowhere. And you think oh what a what a interesting guy. He's really trying to live. Not like a billionaire. Because he's seeing how to populate mars because he wants to learn how to build tiny communities. Are you serious. My gosh. that's interesting. He moved his whole company to texas. Right is editor axing that way. 'cause you progressive like that would not want to be in texas right now. No offense to a victim plan. Thr- apology he lives there via. But it's a rough spot now but probably a business thing i would guess a living link.

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I guess the area he's living in this kind of lake mars. They were saying really out in the middle of the whole matt damon thing. Did you see that movie where he planted potatoes in zone poop. Oh damon yeah the mars. You've heard that's pretty good. Yeah it's really good. It's very very good short to stay on topic. I'm going to tell you a story about what you told me last night. Can i talk about Toby and sam your children their last dance experience. I thought that was so funny. I hope they don't mind see. Yeah go ahead really okay. We'll see all you go ahead. Tell destroy right well. Sam is toby's good friend. They were on. Our fourteen is a roller coaster episode a couple years ago. So you can look that up folks but The two of them are two peas in pod. They've been buddies since middle school and they went to homecoming when it was last opened two years. They're freshman and sweet. Sam has a sensitive stomach. I think and they went and had big Sandwiches right before. And so sam's mom drove them to homecoming which again was at. Another venue was at the birch aquarium. Which is kinda fancy cool and the way. Toby described it. Was you walk in front area and then off to the side. Was this This food on these tables and then there was a silent disco. Have you heard of silent discos where everybody put the headphones on. Yeah and they danced and but there's actually no music you're dancing together because you're all on the same channel and it's kind of cute so they were all slow jam. What if someone has a therapy under slow jam and then. I think that most people probably pick the dance well under the rap wound. Have you want. It looks like they're cool. I saw when when i went to caboo and dumber festival and it's really neat like they had a tent with all these lights and it was all cool jams and people on these headphones driven out. It's what all the kids are doing. No there's cool jams. If you're not hearing anything i don't know 'cause they're like dancing together. People are like on the same little it's cool. it's me. I have nothing to say about that. We have to try that we do that later. That'll be the ending of the show So anyway they get there. They go through the food area. I think they have a couple of snacks They head on out to the dance floor. I think there's the traditional dance floor the dj and the whole thing. I don't know if his nerves if it was the the suites at an office sandwich but they walk through the middle of the dance floor and toby said he was right behind. Sam opposite sam. Sorta stopped bent over. Proceeded to throw up all over the dancefloor right when they got there when they got there and caught a little bit in his hands. So kind of did one of these moves holding hands of to my mouth and then win over to the garbage can and let the rest into the garbage can and then he turned around and toby sort of followed him and sam turn becker and looked at the dance floor and goes whips. Big revelation in toby stayed within the whole time. I think sam said oh. I guess we gotta find someone to clean that up so toby went and found somebody and clean it up but of course they hauled sam away to the office to check to see if he'd been drinking did like a breathalyzer test he hadn't been. He said he wasn't feeling well that morning. So i think it was a flu thing. So he went outside of toby and got some fresh air and late on this little bench for a while and then And then they got up and had a few more snacks and he did a few more silent discos and then called me their k. We're ready to come home and it was like maybe our before. The whole dance ended but I'm driving them home in fifteen minutes into the ride. How was it. they're both. This was good like okay. And then finally toby goes except that sam through a floor. And i'm thinking oh you guys are freshman. This is going to ruin your rep. You're the you're the pup- dance kid and like whatever it doesn't matter they're both so confident and i don't know if it's like real confidence or just oblivious or just they blend into the don't wait healthier there's so like whatever and it's cool and they're showing up to the dance again this year so it love the problem. Yeah it's funny. That is so cool. I think that's healthy in nine hundred tell you always remember the kid who puked in school. I remember this little guy now. Maybe i don't what was his name. He was at twin remember. David picked his nose and eight it. Oh i shouldn't say the last name. Sorry that's yeah.

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He's definitely still around leap anyway. Yeah so that's the big thing it'll be interesting to see how it all works now that they're freshman junior so i'm like i'm telling you hop on a train you can come down and see them. Mika happen weans son. I listen i know. But you other pressing matters today Okay so what's on your list right. Ready gonna play a song. Everybody this is the segment called. We need a songwriter singer. That's a bad segment which we call us. Guess that tune. Yeah yeah got can we. Okay guess that we need to. Okay here it comes we have a weenie tune. I wanna see how quickly you can tell me what song mrs ready please at my house online assay picture did you up. Put a motion. you said. come to my place. I live by the ocean. Okay what songs say that was in the beginning of the pandemic. i don't know. I don't remember names of anything so i don't know what it's called what it call it. What do you think you called it. Oh like facebook stockers something. It's called ryan's crazy lady. Okay so my ryan who. We won't say any last names but yet a crazy facebook encounter like dating thing and then she ended up like it didn't go well or something. There was some fallout and she ended up coming back and throwing a lot of bombs all over his facebook page and trying to ruin his work and link from just a couple of dates or something. So anyway i don't know like i'm bored suspended and i was like i'm gonna with what's happened in your life recently. And then he told me that. I was like okay. I'm going to write a facebook stalker song. That was it and then it is such a cute show. We hear the whole thing. I'll pick up where we left her house. I picture no guitar. Moceanu said come to my place live by the ocean. Hey you grab my my shirt. Surgery matt the spine. Fun undercover harmon. You called and that was kind of nervous but we both ended up. Getting off on the foam was checks. You want me to buy you. Who off was joking. When alaska through that you started talking tons of shit up on facebook know. This girl only saw fun bags. Hindsight's twenty twenty. She added support. It's crazy dog on guitar.

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Who is amazing. And his East young cooper. His stage name is album and everything coupe deville he has an album that just came out bat funk crazy and he's so kind he did guitar on that and heels it he plays with funke delic impede funk george clinton folks that wow and he got her through angela more of fishbone you came out here and was doing Music video with him. They collaborated on project. And so i went over and help shoot the music video called Pants pants i'm sorry. The science of pants. It's hilarious in. It's a great song it's all about Pants play guitar on it. The music videos cool and i ended up shooting a lot of the be roll. Which is b roll. Means extra insert. So i went around and shot like the hollywood sign in the game and all stuff and they put it in. His video does thank you for listening to is on now. There are things. I'm not going to do what they call. Well i was gonna say. Don't front porch it. I heard that in a writing class like you go. Okay read my thing. But here's all the reasons why it's bad in. Well there's this thing and you know. I wish it was longer and i wish it like so. This is back fortunate. I don't wanna say earning that. I don't think about it but there are things. Well no one likes their own stuff all the way. Everything is you're critical of it. I think it's a great and i love the guitar. So to coupe in it was very good. And you with your singing and how you put it all together like you wrote. All the words did all the like how the music should come in and everything It's pretty. It's pretty amazing. Well it's a rough draft. And i would love to. You know i would do some things differently. Put more at the middle. Hey hey lines. Gre- did it in a couple of days. I'd love that you care about the song thing key job your welcome. I love it. We gotta get him out there. Were so there you go guys go to jillian dot com if you in hear more songs in reach out to her if you ever want to license them to help you make a buck. I don't know when we're sponsored by dream dinners of my gosh you guys everybody to dream dinners dot com right now. I'm giving you the biggest life. Hack the game changer. That really made me feel good about family again. Dream dinners dot com or dot com to get the link and enter mouse in weans ninety nine at checkup. If you're in the local area of power san marcos you will get ninety nine dollars off your first full order and you can choose to have free delivery while we are in shutdown but dream dinners is a meal prep service. It's different than the others. It doesn't come necessarily fresh in a box. And if you don't cook it right away it rots it's already wonderfully prepared in bags and you pop them in your freezer. You pop them into your fridge when you're ready to throw them out and cook them up and you have yourself a nice fresh gourmet dinner on the table. That's real easy to prepare about twenty thirty minutes. Anyone can do it. The kids do it. Dave helps me do it. The foods are so great. The meals are wonderful. Charlotte was just saying how excited she was to see. A bunch of our new dream dinner bags ready to go for the week so she couldn't wait for for our meal time. Which is what. I want as a mom and i hope you do too. This is great for single folks and even for your parents if someone's older and doesn't want to spend a lot of time shopping prepping cooking. This is the perfect option for them. So did you go to dream. Dinners dot com. Enter mousa weans ninety nine at checkout if your local otherwise cheeser location and just go for it. It's not a subscription. you can end anytime but go to dream dinners dot com and change your life We talking about music and life in any other creative projects. What are you working on. That might be creative. Let's get your creative. Jesus flowing again. You kidding me. I haven't done anything but school. Sense school all the time and i feel myself just my brain has changed really going all well.

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It's more task oriented and the creative part has gone. Do you like that is the new. It's just a shift of focus. I don't know i it. There's no balance right now. And i don't know how to the way of my life at the moment is just really sitting on my laptop all the time in doing school stuff. All the time with occasional exercise and can we tiny bit of hangouts. That can we talk about like dream. What are you going to do with this decree. You're gonna get your psychology degree. Maybe masters. let's do some manifesting. Let's talk about dreamy dream dreams. I really do all your skills. Now that you are A pro in psychology. I have some. I i of here. Okay here's dream fantasy land. Okay right if i could just make millions of dollars or four dollars even maybe i'll do this and not worry about money okay. So i had loved the classes that were like there was the carl young unconscious. Also the dreams in the myths and symbols in that whole world and mitchell. Yeah it's cool. I mean doug all of the idea that what does your subconscious tell you. Why do we have dreams. I like all the stuff that might not pay a lot of money. Well y- yeah. Well okay so that but grounded in. I like the idea that you would back that up with actual studies and peer reviewed journals. And i like the science part of backing it so there's a little bit of we've tested this in. We've seen that. You're when you have dreams your brain lights up here and it's the same place meditate and at the same place when you are relaxed. So what does that mean like. These juices are flowing and okay point. It's an interesting world to find out. More about the thing that's fascinating. Why do we have dreams. We are all these weird people that are. It doesn't make any sense right for you win these things and we're putting our kids in school working and we're going to school in. We're very productive. American humans and then we go off into fruits ville and we put on ballerinas condensing the clouds with hippopotamus and stars. And we have it makes. I mean that is a reality. That is so bizarre. The biggest ceo that you could be this trumpian lunatic. You're writing a hippopotamus in the clouds for like eight. Hours is so bizarre. You're right. I think the world could use more science behind all this stuff because it seems like it's those people over there they're freely you know missiles and then the real logical scientists over here but there is the intersection in. How can we get that out there. That would be good to. How do you make money doing that. Means this is the question i mean. I think you should do. It would be cool. I would love to mix film with this science of fru floaty clouds and felt great. An music like all of this. If i could figure out how to do something like that. That'd be great all right. let's make aunt. I love that to you. I am your will hold the camera in the late i will gas. I will boost. Would it would have people do in the film industry. I don't know what i need to do. But i'll learn it and i will do it. Let's do long to hurry up degree. Take another two years. i go after. Raise my kids a little bit. Our no but i wanna get it over with now. Okay i could pay a lot of money and get this degree in sixteen months versus twenty four months. Do you think that's do it up. Pay a of money. Can i look behind me Those of you on youtube. Look at this lovely guestroom. This is where jillian stays when she comes here. Isn't it lovely. you can live here. You can do your school here. Just don't worry about bills anymore. Just come down and lovely offer. Thank you joe. You're rock now. The reality let me tell you what the reality might be. You'll get tired of me after a month. no. I want me before for multiple moments. And i don't get tired of you. We've lived in a tiny melrose place by the beach. Yes can i tell you a couple of my roles what they would be you. Tighten the jars of the food. Really him all. Why do you do that and put lids on every rush in. Wrap things and celebrating really. Well that's my biggest that boring.

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It takes too long. I think is what he's two seconds. No there's nothing worse than juicy drippy stuff on the shelves in the refrigerator in greeley things and then told this before. Okay that's my number one number two the cat litter and cat food kind of tossed around. Can we work on that. Do you pretty good. It's sometimes there's any random cans. No those are the only shoes that's it no. I have gotten better. Because i realized that laziness around the area of food and do attracts things like ants in rats. Yeah that's it and flies member era roommate. Who had fly issue with you. What was his name was did. I have bring fis into someone's house over. Matt you about the flies and i remember picnic. That's so easy just opened food only problem. That's it it wasn't that it was probably that i left the doors Like i have a big thing with freedom. Share air animals. Yeah yeah and i probably left the door open for the cat in announce yes that would be the other thing at your house. This is really exciting. I'm really stimulate the listeners. But freedom. So i have i always have her cat door cab doors. How can you are. You gonna put it in the doggy door. Can't coyotes though. okay. I would that a finished my segment. Yeah first of all. I love you. Thank you for offering verse. You are the kindest person in the world. This is a lucky thing that i think about. I do a gratitude list every night. Say things that i'm grateful for in you are always on the list. Living sister thinks the health of you and your family my mom her and her family i do you. We're you're on there to where you're right up there. I will say okay. I was telling mom this the other day but in all of these psychology classes. They're all different. They're all you know interesting their own way but at the root of everything. I'm coming up with the through line line through learning and to make it real simple with all the fancy words and all the studies and everything it comes down to people are happier when they are for things I would say that is the biggest bottom line okay with all the stress anxiety depression you know except when you have like schizophrenia. Big mental diagnosis for you. But as far as the general anxiety in general depression in general. It's like ride to do these things to counter that. By saying i am grateful for that which i have. And what about. Mom do that intrinsically. Is there a through line with Interacting with people and being with people you love and loving people. Because i always think that would be the bottom line that would be the baseline of everything the through line. If you will no. I would say that. Not necessarily because a lot of people don't like their family so when they're stuck with them and creates more depression and so in your world probably. Yes i mean i think that probably in your case you already have. A baseline of loving people like you already have good healthy released. Yeah but there are some people out there that may be on their own in life and yes to find the things you're grateful for and that gives you happy this and also to have the freedom to say. I don't have to talk to my mom or like if you are in a dysfunctional relationship. People don't know how to cut off the family members and they were saying sometimes it's healthier to put up a boundary. Only you make or did you like my giving tree. Oh yeah that was funny. It was allowed silverstein. I'll put that on social media posted on them on instagram. But it's it's the tree setting boundaries and not letting the boy cut its limbs off. It was good. It's true. I feel like all i do is give to these kids take take. Yeah well what would be. Let's talk about boundaries for you and then talk about some subjects. You want to talk about because this is boring. No i get them. It's just me being lazy in like doing stuff quickly for them. So that i can just get it done with like laundry but you know. They just expect their laundry to be done and then they get mad. Where's my shirt. I'm like well. Did you put it down the laundry chute all that basic stuff that they just take for granted. You know the high expectations. Because i've set the bar pretty high in you know everything's done nicely. I gotta get them college ready.

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We gotta get some cooking going. We gotta get laundry going and Toby's done a great job driving so responsibilities and then they will be grateful and they will realize oh. Mom has been doing this for us for so long and dad dave's doing laundry as we speak right now so that kind of stuff. Yeah we can. I just say though that sometimes i like to sneak really early do my own underwear still. Don't it's not weird when other people wash your are. I don't like i mean it's interesting 'cause either you care a lot about looking sexy for your husband which could be good positive or it's weird and you feel like well. Yeah we've had this talk before that you know. There's certain girl things that happen. Like for instance we still minster wrote and things of that nature and you know i'm so there's a evidence of things sometimes and Yeah you wanna keep things mysterious and beautiful feminine and lovely and so the fact that he's doing the laundry now yes sometimes run down to my underwear real quick and then he doesn't have to deal with it because you know him he's a secret sniffer. He will is he. You hope it could tony on the hand. Just kinda go up to the nose. And he doesn't always he's doing it. I think it's just instinct and catch him. i go you just snapped. You smelled your toenail. No i didn't and he'll deny but i know he's a secret sniffer. So what's as nine in their stimpy. My door this is the thing that people do that. It's interesting right. it's the whole ida friend. Who would y cameron gross. Yeah in polling iraq's he would pull earwax out of his ear like this in his finger and thumb and sniff. Big sniff do that kind of over and over and i would just be like agape mouth. Yeah but so this tics words of. Here's one that. I've noticed a lot on zoom. I do love zoom meetings and classes and stuff and it'll be someone who's talking and they might be like for example right now i would be talking and look at if you can imagine what i'm doing i'm putting my i'm talking so everyone's looking at me and i'm pulling out something from my is looking at it and then i'm like keep talking and then a maybe do the other side pull out cress from my i look at it and you're just sitting there watching like scary too because most people put zoom on speaker view right so you just speaker you don't see yourself off to the side so you can forget people are watching you. I did that the other day at a pta meeting. I did something awkward. Remember big lou. What in. I think dave came in and put his face right up to the screen. Like oh what's going on here. Making fun of people like nerds knows like the cameras on. He's he jumped back on. I'm like well. We'll play you people to be talking black boxes you so mad at me. They zoom well. Yeah and i think we're all human. We all do certain stuff. You wanna know what you what you're producing. If you're what's another thing. I do in all talk of aggressive. Do no. don't talk about my gross things. I've done under beautiful. We don't lead. Nothing happens in our underwear. No you know what. I will say that my periods since i did bring it up our waning big time. I'm a. I'm on that down slope. Not waxing girl. Yeah forty do. They are going away and they're still trying and i gave it a voice the other day. I decided that my periods were like a little old lady. God waking baby let me try adam sandler no well. I don't know just like a little old lady coming in. I could still do this. I got it still looking. Good egg lift over me. No it's not happening. It's atlanta's reason in their off signing. Yeah i know. I know but it's fine with me. I'm happy to be done with that shit right. What about menopause. And then are you worried about losing your sex drive in and dry you you try you. You know not yet. I think that's all good so far. So good But dave does a work with a couple chemical companies. Who make a steph gotcha chinese so we coconut oil. Although some people might be allergic to it i don't know how are you doing with that.

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Is this in the cards okay. It's the thing and it happens especially people on different medications and people who have gone through breast cancer. It's a real issue but there are things out there so don't be to talk to you. Dr folks talked and also those this really a member. The can i say dirty things here. I think we're gonna make you say because you are comfortable with things okay. What is the the wet blank blank. That is the music video that came out that was very controversial but Yeah and then. There was like ira glass from this america late where someone his mother or something. Who was a gynecologist talked about the wetness and dryness of and she was like. I'm really glad that this music video came out because people are finally talking about it and then have not been talking about this enough in in true. Let people don't know like they come in and they're going to what dry or what's happening here. And she was like. Oh i have so many conversations now in its normalizing would people haven't talked about forever. Good well thank you to megan de stallion and cardi b. for the so wonderful might minton our current generation. That's good i mean. Can i tell ya. Sometimes it takes something like that to swing the pendulum into like the. They're kicking down the door to be able to talk about things. So it's true all right You're at of coal rapes yet. Also little ten year old charlotte watches this in thinks. This is how women are supposed to jessen dance. Which you know questions arise not sure. What does these skis. Excuse me sneeze wet sneeze need sorry. Close it out very very great. Ending place Psychology dreams in weap- weap- Weiner came the water weenie. I loved the episode. Where you said the we're talking about body shapes and he said yeah. I looked kind of like a big water. We need i just go straight down. It's real fun to ride nasa weans. Water weenies and reconciling out to our love that. Why don't we. We're such a thrill talking about you would stick him on. Okay we'll we'll show it a water weenies later although awesome further More reasons yes. There's a whole prison water. Weenie that people make with a baggy and they fill it with like manny's or something and then they put a sock. It feels real nice. Apparently it's got a name and everything. I'll look it up. Why did this turn so you. It's your brain. You're very dirty girl. No i just wanted to patriots. I was gonna okay i will. I will look for some water weenies. I think that'd be but all right. Well we really covered a lot. We saved some lives. And we hope we made you giggle. Thank you everybody for listening We are available on all the social media platforms atma's and spell it out and on patriot dot com slash. Mass means for amir five dollars a month. You can get us to send you water readings and have cool water bottles and swag and all this stuff so some of our patients are getting this. We watch your mailboxes. We have t shirts on our mass muse dot com store and all sorts of fun. Stuff ways you can support us. We'd really appreciate it. Knowing the value us makes us value us it makes us value. Oh and we're all together. Everyone value yourself coming from an a new psychologist yourself. I i have to go okay. Levy by everybody. See right in with your with your web stories in with your Your psychology dreams and your jobs okay. Yeah online picture. Ooh did you up. We put it in motion. You said come to my place. I live by the ocean. My shirt do you have plants. Don't be silly of course you do. You might just not know it yet.

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I'm vic league host of the anthropology podcast the show where we dive into the lives and careers of some really cool plant. People join each episode. is i chat with students. Scientists and professionals in the natural sciences and figure out what keeps them coming back for more will explore their work the ways they got into their fields why they love planes and nature so much and why you should love those things to plant apologies laid back and conversational and we'll keep you laughing and engaged whether you're a scientist or not follow along for this adventure into the sciences and keeping really cool plant people. This was a podcast of the PodFix Network. You can check out more shows like it at PodFixNetwork.com