Sept. 12, 2021

E121 - Mentalist Jim Eggold, Psychic Mom Story

"Think of a name. Write it down. Tear it up into little pieces." Can he read minds? Is this magic? How does it work? Meet our Uncle Jim, a professional mentalist. Our dad's brother gives us insight into his profession in entertainment mentalism,...

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E121 – “Think of a name. Write it down. Tear it up into little pieces.” Can he read minds? Is this magic? How does it work? Meet our Uncle Jim, a professional mentalist. Our dad’s brother gives us insight into his profession in entertainment mentalism, as we delve into the differences between this, a sixth sense, psychic abilities, and meditation. Hear his intelligent take on mind readers and mindfulness, and then hop over to our mom who gives her story about a recent psychic reading! These heartfelt conversations bring up two very different sides of the coin, all rooted in love and family. Please take a listen and write us with where you are on the believer to skeptic spectrum:

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Mentalist Jim Eggold, Psychic Mom Story

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Ruining wants you to listen to my favorite podcast ways. Weeds up close and personal most again. We ne- how are you well. I i'm mouse ngo and the mom wife one down in san diego. I'm joel's julianne also known as weans in la. Do you hate your your nickname. Will someone just started talking it today. And they were like weiner while. I hope they do call you weans again. It's a little much anyway. Today we have a fun special couple guests for you guys to listen to. We're going to do a deep dive into Psychics and hypnotism environmentalism and. We're going to talk to our during lovely uncle. Jim he is. The brother of our dear departed. Father and were also going talk to her. Mom who has not departed but she will call in from Idaho. So you get to see those Weans any other setup love everyone who's listening in there are some people that I just wanted to give an ear hug too. And that's you who's listening right now. I know yeah. And also I need to. We had our our road rage episode last time around and i wanted to give to shouts to. We have Tony Gleeson who wrote in a funny story about a woman who followed him through a parking lot also and was hanging out of her window and throwing stuff out of her car trying to hit him in his car as he was driving by slowly. So some crazy road. Rage and Keith Gawla of PopUpFilmcast. He had another road rage story. So we appreciate hearing from you guys and getting the feedback. So we're all in knowing that we're all in this big podcast boat together so it's gone so thank you guys And let's hear a quick word from our sponsor at dream dinners. Please try dream. Dinners for real for real. I've convinced quite a few people and they dig it and they're like. I wish i had started sooner. So okay let's hear our ad for Dream Dinners and then we're going to jump right into our interview. All right. Bye!

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It's Uncle Jim! How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing well. Thank you for coming on. We wanted to talk about psychic stuff today and Julianne brought up the fact that we should be talking to Uncle Jim. He is a mentalist as we have seen at her birthday party and everything. But give us your take on mentalism. What is mentalism.

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How does it work in the psychic world any. This mental ism is unlike Let's say magic is the main distinction mental and focuses on effects that have to do primarily with the mind the premises mental. And I'll give you wanna get prefaces by saying that. What I do as a mental list is for purely entertainment purposes very important to distinguish that from somebody up like psychic crew in may cases is getting paid to. Apparently I say apparently with some emphasis reveal things to you. Our relationships In any any number of life she's So I might as a mental list for example might offer you a choice of a couple of books had few flip to page you. Pick a word on that page. You're in the audience. I then try and see mentally determine what that word is than. I will mean that word and it is in fact. Were that you're looking at. You did that to me at jillions. Birthday party yes lose my mind and for all intensive purposes. It's magic you can read minds so you're saying there's kind of science behind it or is it the farthest that I'm going to go to say a I'm going to go is to say it is a form of entertainment on Because every effort is made to project a mental Sort of Ending to it. I another thing I do. I will have somebody us. Ought to yet when I did Julianne's birthday where I tried to tap entity psychic energy of everybody in the room and a focus all of their energy on you for example or in Julianne's case Julianne was holding pitcher focus and focus and Juls hand begins to feel warm and suddenly this pitcher which is real glass. Pitcher Julianne can attest to shatters. And actually I see it in a plastic sort of protective gainer number one to show that they're no outside influences on it and number two course to protect dear Julianne. So that's one of the types of things I do. So there's no you're are you a mind reader. Can you thoughts or your. You can't get away his secret line. I know I'm. I'm going to say that I will give you every impression that I am reading your mind. Yes I believed it. I was hook line and singer in again with the emphasis on. Yes want I want you to believe. Yeah absolutely and I make such in my presentation that you'd worry that in fact I am reading your mind I may have. You jot some a name of somebody. You're very close to honor card. Probably did district show as well just as small business card on one side and you said you you fold it. I feel attempting as I tell the audience to try. Get a sense of. Bruce person is you're talking about I then tear it up small pieces. I put those in your hand. Jackals hand. I begin to get an impression. I have you pretend for example that you walking down the streets you get to the corner and when you get to the corner on the other side of the street you see. This person back is slightly turned. They don't see you but you recognize them immediately and so when you you slowly walk up to them gently put your hand on their shoulder and you say it's so wonderful to see you again Susan or whatever it might be and in fact is a person that you're thinking okay so these are all again naturally oriented things and is my job to absolutely make you believe de we do. What is the background of your mental. Sim training how. When did you get into it. How doing it. Yes probably fifteen years or so i. It's not my regular occupation. But i took it up as as something that I just found very moved often. It is a movement from the start with sort of magic.

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And you like those kinds of things. You're you know just banshee coins in things. Well the reason. I moved into mental at fascinating simply because there is a mental aspect to it and it very much involves Interaction with the audience. It's not use it. They're gonna show you something. See the coin vanishes it's more. You have books in your hand. You have a choice. You pick the wild Animated you pick a word. Try to figure out what that word. Cnn usually successful doing that so it's the audience interaction. I love about what people are talking about a year after my birthday party jam. A gold wonderful still. That's two years. Why like it too because it does make us all think a bit about you know got our fi primary senses but it does make us kind of thing about the things like intuition for example. Probably had experience where you're thinking that somebody's gonna call you on. The telephone comes out of nowhere. You're not expecting this call and suddenly the phone rings. And it is in fact. That person that you're just thinking I've had this habit of my daughter maritime so god as jeff later i was just thinking of you. You know when when you make the call. So i mean i think there are things that occur in our lives that are outside the realm of our basic five senses. And it's a matter of kind of looking for them. Carl Jung had a term for two. I'm sorry now it's escaping me. The one word though but anyway it's okay but it's where a supposed- Coincidence is very tied to reality kind of what happens it. It's like yes synchronicity. Thank thank you. More than sort of a coincidence may stop now that of course it's difficult to to of scientifically proved but so i think there are these things particularly between people editor close family members. And all that. It's like you finishing your your wife and her husband's sentencing that kind of there's a integration. There almost two minds working like that. So yeah so. I believe in those types of things. Do I believe in inside. You'd still if you want to get into that. I i do not Believe in psychics and of course you'll find many individuals out there who will sing. Let's absolutely a fact and what what with psychics do if if you wanna make it. Quite general shelter process called cold reading and anybody. Who's listening to this is welcome to google. What is cold reading exist. It's me looking at you. it's looking your hairstyle. It's looking at your kind of emotions or your motive response to things. He addressed Animals are very obvious that. I'm gonna get very obvious example. I'm going to be a psychic and you come to me and i happened to notice that simplistic example. They get more sophisticated than this. Of course but i notice you're not wearing a wedding ring. Okay so not just something that i noticed in disclaimer. I say. I believe that you are looking hard for relationship right now and they go. Oh my god. How did you know with simple like that. It's the gentleman who's can ask calluses. All over is hands. see now. i don't you as a. You're not in an executive position. I see more working with your hands. Do something manual with your any work is now fill in the blank and so those are very obvious. Examples second thing happens is people And i don't wanna simplify 'cause a really good psychic is kind of adapted.

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Two things happen one. You start volunteering information to me in a way that you kind of unaware of Surges conversational yet then psychic quote unquote will pick up on hat and then start to offer more information feedback based on what you have shared with them and then again it just becomes a sloop where they all your my god and my son is whatever and then you know i it just sort of continues that way. Not a cold reading can be very very More what's the word sophisticated that i describe it. That's the essential nature of so. It's they're getting feedback from you and they in turn are now making and often quite vague daniel. I think that they related psychics to Poker players to like you. Just start to kind of they call him poker tills and you'll look to see the reid rule subtle. Don's yeah sure. that's exactly right. it's trippy. They look they're looking for tells in what you have the same now. A second aspect to psychics. Today is that you'll see individuals. I won't name names but there is one it'll give talks on television for John Edward Long Island Medium! are a again ghetto revealing aims here a precarious position legally but Whereby look at... my god. You look at Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram. Look at every social media platform. You can find out more about a person on these platforms. Then the person could possibly tell you in a short period of time that are commercially well-known mediums and. What they will do is actually have a staff. That will comb through your. They're gonna show and get the names of the peak or are going to be hanya but little details about the little details that no one else could know that you think they just got lucky with Again carrying in grandma's. Lock it in my pocket right now and yeah they are. They're going to be ways that they have either discerned from what you have stated or through other methods a prior to meeting with you now if you just walk into a psychics Psychic on adore. You want can you start talking Again the cold reading this loop by disgust where they will start out the conversation again looking your motive responses what you worry. Hari addressed worked Type of your hair. Something that is formed service solid pressure up. I found the most fascinating thing that you said was that you do believe hypnotism israel pointed suits at advance. Hypnosis knows israel anybody who would like to just don't try to convince people in that but identify hypnotism myself. It takes a courses a number of and like from the world. Famous guy though. You gotta give yourself credit. You've really known this. This particular individual would do what we call the corporate shows and then to describe the points you were talking about how subconscious mind really can define how well we do in other words own self image which is in the subconscious mind which is Maybe one thing how on outward you might see very successful. I'm gonna do this on the inside. You may be saying your subconscious mind. You may have had parents who told you that she worked at mountain. Anything you things get embedded in conscious mind and so they become limitations to what you can actually do so when you're able to work with yourself in with a self-hypnosis type of thing we can do but anyways it real yes and i invite anybody there. Who's listening to go to If they was sore see more information go to a stanford has done a number of studies on it There are specific brainwaves. Associated with word hypnosis. Actually all of us twice a day at least once right before we wake up once right before we go to sleep tech guy the twilight very but we are also in hypnosis.

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Some guys have estimated up to seventy percent of our days can be and in a hypnotic type of trance. And i'll give you just one example. I and most people can relate to this. If you've ever been in your car and jonah highway and you drive ten fifteen miles. Angie suddenly realize you don't recall any of that because you are focused on something else. You may very likely misdirected now. Many times you go by your Damning smother time. I missed my exit and of course the common term for that is highway at notices but very often we are or or if you're in an office setting you've got a group of people rounded takes time some time to look around at all the people you gonna find people working. Then you've gotta find people. I don't know if you could see me on this or not but who are looking off into happening. They are so entranced in something. They're actually in a mild hypnotic trance. There's sort of unaware in a sense of what is literally going on around launch. You come home and watch television. You're watching a movie and you can more. Shell you're crying now. You're rational line would say now. This is just a technology box. These are actors decisions and yet it draws in our subconscious level. Draw out emotions or you talk to get somebody to sitting there. Your kid go. Hey johnny johnny's just like focused johnny. Yeah eighty two third time. It was like uncle mark. We call them tuber because he would to watch my are like that days like that activities on and they're gone. Yeah but that is that would be an example of being a hypnotic trance so when when the people have come to places like colleges and they put people up on the stage and they do hypnosis. That is real. It's yesterday's is mine. Who's susceptible to it. That's an interesting question very good question. A hypnosis follows your susceptibility in a sense to being hypnotized follows. What most of you know isabelle curve. And so i want most of us are probably in the middle of that. We can all be hypnotized but it might take a while longer but for a stage performance. Of course you want to get things going staff as you can so you look for the best at one end of the curve. There's probably about ten percent that will go into a hypnotic transfer early rapidly and so those are the ones that you work on. These calls suggested ability tests their experiments with the With the mind that can allow us to Using your imagination if you get very creative and focused in use your education while you may be one of those people who's more easily like that we could do even right now. Wanna do it real quick. No okay okay right. This is just what we call a. This'll be an experiment in your imagination. Okay a once you put your hands out straight in front of you. All right arms out straight with your palms face each other and about Let's see about all ages are okay palm. Say seen each other arm straight. Now start with three deep breaths okay. Deep breath in and xl slowly second deep breath in and exhale slowly a third deep breath in. And this time. As you exhale if you haven't already close your eyes and keep the clothes now it's time to use your magic nation. I'm want you to imagine for a moment that there's a magnet on the palm of your right hand and a magnet on the palm of your left hand and ask you can view this. I want you to see in your imagination. I want you to see those hands. I want you to feel those magnets hauling. Those has their tracking. Magnus feel those magnets holding those hands. Closer and closer and closer and the closer they get stronger the magnetic colas and they continue to pull tighter and tighter and tighter closer and closer closer in a minute. They're going to pull so tightly so close that those fans are actually going to touch and windows hands touch you.

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Just tell me. My hands are touching a strong strong. Magnetic pole is pulling tighter and tighter and tighter until your hands are literally touchy one another. Are they touching. How did you do. I'm touching i'm okay. You're touching now. This is an interesting observation year. Julianne mine aren't touching. I'm trying to keep pushing back out. No no well no. This is interesting. Some people have the opposite. Cairns done the same thing. I will try to say usually attracting magnus. They're attracting manage with some people and they think of magnets snake of two magnets coming together and push each other away in cairns done the same thing so in fact you're exhibiting the same type of response but if in your mind you envision magnus as asked pushing away and that'll be the exception most people when they take maintenance will think of the attracting up in my eyes and until he can. Just get your hands on i. I think she's asleep was crazy. Because i felt the that yes like they were trying to push apart but then it really was weird. Yeah now that's weird thing is that is something that we call a Suggest ability test for those individuals. Who would wear tans tends to move fairly quickly consistently delight touch other people will be like juliana. You said you felt the opposite thing that there will be people whose hands just stay like that you know. And so the What this would suggest is that dwells probably chicken better yet. Now we don't we don't get hit those now. That's one of those states. Days gone by In hypnosis does not sell the three so insurance. If i may was common questions i guess. I sleep in hypnosis. No honestly sleep. You're a totally aware of everything that's going on around here. He s being set. Okay but we use the word sleeping at knows because people associated with it and number two of 'em bieber so relaxed their heads drop forward out there chester off to the scientists. Somebody's sitting next to number two guy. Get stuck in hypnosis. No you can get stuck in hitler. Virtually impossible you right now. And i left in a few minutes should just get bored. And you'd wake up. You're gonna botch business. 'cause you're not getting any stimulation for me in terms of giving you suggestions or something third thanking you made me do something ordinarily to give up a secret Anything that i would be willing to do right now sitting. You're saying no you cannot do that. You cannot make anybody say or do anything against their fundamental moral or ethical beliefs and of course as i preferred some individuals say In the old nick. So if you have no moral beliefs. I'd love to have you come join me here on. Stage are for some of the variety. Does it work for stopping smoking or overeating. Things like this. That's very helpful. Used in a number of realms it's used in extraditions overeating hanging control Yeah eight variety of things where somebody's put into by a hypnotherapist related is not going to be the same individuals doing shows stage usually or they may do both but they're hypnotherapist and so they really study the methods and techniques used to to do that but yes. And here's the reason why they were our habits our emotions all these things are embedded in one subconscious. Mind you make a conscious desire not to eat that second piece of cake in yet you walk over you pick up that second piece of cake and you eat it okay. So it really. If there's ever a struggle between the conscious mind self conscious minds smart though always always wins out. And so it's a matter of trying to get into the subconscious mind to try. Shut down the conscious. Mind for a moment.

00:30:00 - 00:35:04

And get into the subconscious mind. And that's where you want. Leave suggestions that over time. Well i helped him conquer in addition and then if you're skeptical about it as the recipient does it work question excellent question. If you don't want to advertise you'll be okay If you're skeptical about it. And i can't reassure you then you will and i don't go into line explanation going to resist one. That just wanna resist. They just want to say he's not going to hypnotize me. Okay now that's like you sitting in your chair right there. And i say joel. Can i hope to your chair and you go. I'll be damned if i'm getting this year a michelle. I'm not yet now. So there's nothing really i can do at that point Get outta the chair. I can assist you have to want to be. Menu may be resistant for other reasons. Or maybe a deep seated fear of nelson's from the movies in all it knows is not mind control. Okay i said this is not something i do to. You is something i bring out of you. I'm simply like a guide that brings this signals out. You put you into helps into state but it knows it's something that you believed being nephews within you that's due to you and why are you interested in In this field is it from You have kind of a scientific background in medicine background more. would you say more than i. Just wanna know I'll all limited vandalism is surely for entertainment he knows this on the other hand israel and So it fascinates me the so much our intake that i can't give exact figures but really just a minute amount of what we take in is taken by the conscious. Mind about ninety eight percent or something i if this is wrong so making correctly but vast majority of the information we take in goes directly into the subconscious. Mind that's kind of filter but it ends up in a subconsciously. All of our memories again. Our emotions our habits all of those things that come from so conscious manner giving jappie get outta bike today. You're how old you can't say jan but you you get out of by and you start rioting you kind of a little oddly enough i then then you pick it right up your ability to get back on that you may not have written by twenty five years your ability again that bike and ride it now. That is the type of information just one. That's being better you subconscious mind think about driving you drive today in cycle. My god When he started learning. I mean oh you got that the switch you know nation you've got the Switched gears you've got that steering wheel. You've got camera you've got The mirror you've got that windows as side renault's and thing all of these things in your mind and think how it wasn't you. I learned to drive now today. You'll get an car and you turn on your on autopilot. Yeah no you just go. You just dried to be heavy. Traffic richer still wear lights. All these things are not around. That again is something that is is become so deeply embedded in your self conscious. Mind that she now do it without been added to think provide less so so what should our motivation in life emotions are habits are really dwell if you will in so conscious mind none just minor. Conscious line is nice for analytical. Thank you know you're reading something and you got to follow along in by the way if you've ever done you got the end of the page and you have no idea what i just read. We are now. That's that's what you slip into the hypnotic. A sort of a hypnotic transit sorts Read but you really somewhere else here. So then taking couple psychology classes in. It's all about being mindful in the present moment and trying to get out of that wandering mind and bringing it back and it's one of the hardest things to do a monkey mind.

00:35:04 - 00:40:03

It has his abboud nicer where you got all thoughts jus- clothing and constantly past regrets. I should have done this or that. And then it's the few joe. What if what if Ability to to stay in the present moment and you interestingly The brain waves of people who have meditated a lot are not dissimilar from you individuals who are hypnotized Only you kind get this thing of the hit not from the movies of course you sympathize person just kind just very profoundly relaxed yes and yet very where that's names but it's interesting to me the similarities between mindfulness practices meditation and the state went z. In when you're in hypnosis all about focusing in bringing down about stillness it's not letting go you know they will say so. Often i last verandas once said about trying to compare mindfulness to city on the edge of a stream in watching your thoughts just float by on that strange go inflow why but she stay just focused and relaxed and you just allow those. You may notice some or you come back. You're more you. Come back to yeah. She's out driving folks pullover this podcast. Just kidding anyway. So there's an interesting correlation between or similarities. I guess. I should say between mindfulness meditation. And i tell you gem quickly my favorite quote from joel yesterday. Because she was very very busy. I said you wanna take a few deep breaths right now with me in you can relax. She goes. i don't have to breathe for five minutes. I'm like i have people who don't have time to breathe. What would you i would say. Take the time to pick up a book on mindfulness meditation. I think it is one of the you know. Our culture is designed for productivity. And it's designed to make us feel if we were to just sit and meditate for awhile in a sense that's almost feel guilty. It's like my that. I you know i'm not being productive. I'm not you've got allies ideas and things racing around in your head you know things you're ultimately actually more competent It to live your life if you're able to stay in the present moment i'm sure it let those monkey brain thoughts wash dream. Let's just let him go. There's meditation two guys trying to come back to reading. And if you actually try. Because i have and i am not a phenomenal meditate. I need to more off mortgage early. But i have noticed in discovered as many people. Do how quickly your will go to something else Simply trying to focus on nebraska. Now and i heard someone on a ted talk. I had to watch it for class and saying kind. Mindfulness because what we often do is beat ourselves up for not meditating correctly there i go again all. They're trying to get back to the breath. I'm such an asshole. I can't do so much. go ahead. The she meditates asshole anyway. But you see part of the self off denigrating part of those thoughts that we have producers thoughts. You're not it's not reality. You do wanna be kind yourself because it does I wanna say take effort. That's not the right word is at identifies too much with the productivity that we do in sutton but you have to be able to allow yourself to simply realize that your mind has wandered and come back to focus on your breathing. What lies in different types of meditation. I lay one. We simply focus on your breath because you can do it anywhere.

00:40:03 - 00:45:01

And it is a very simple way to come back to that crescent is to just follow your Joel's already falling asleep. I could tell you just from your voice. I know a wonderful calm voice. You know you're actually living this meditative life. We might do us in our hearing. You spinoff insomnia podcast and we could tell stories. Jim will you be a storyteller forced to all i'd love to okay so what about. Fbi using psychics. I'm going back to the psychic thing. So there's nothing to it. I mean. I know the coincidence. And there's a another emotion out there another sense. Sorry expense but are there any lot that at all police asia Bi and i understand that and again. I don't want to paint with such a broad brush as to eliminate the possibility of some people for whatever reason having a little bit more of an intuitive sense about something or potentially even you know. I don't wanna say seeing something or visualizing something but these are not the people that are these are not they are going to be view and far between either mazing. I'm gonna sorry. We have mom waiting in our little waiting room and soon lease. Yeah so. I want to bring her she. But before you guys joe i do. I say i will stay. I just wanted to let jim go. I wanna see joycean. Yeah go ahead tell people to if they're interested in finding out more about you and potentially booking you because you do a lot of shows and corporate events where should people go while they can just go to. Www dot jim. A gold dot com. That's right and it's called mysteries of the mind is titled sean just entertainment. It will make it the party of the year if you get I can't tell you real are still talking to the state because you are amazing your notch and here he worked he even worked his famous son into the act. The pictures of the stars. Do you wanna say your famous son is our cousin. Oh well if anybody's had the opportunity today. She put me in a bind. Year was here. He say word repeating he is. He plays a position on new amsterdam hospital. Drama on nbc. And which was recently chosen. I might add why the hollywood critics association for the best drama. I'm on a broadcast television. Had they've separated now finally as he should broadcast from Netflix streaming your. There's no comparison because you're allowed to do so much for unscrewing venue Then you can do in broadcasters you'll be rare You know whatever. I gotta let you bob here but anyway so i say that is a proud father. I will tell you brian. Serious gas-rich enough. Okay oral how are you. I just saw your picture with ryan which one is that. I don't know you guys were sitting. It looked like out a basketball game. Or something mature. I'll set all sorts of stuff floating around you know you'd never know you know the social media. You don't know what you're going to see where i'm just glad to know that you're still liden. Everything is working and listen. I'm gonna let you guys chat aride dog. I will go if i can figure out how to turn this off. Do this level naturalism. Can't turn off. Zoom jim thank you so much for giving us all that great information and your opinions and i just i love them the whole room. Everything about it so so cool. Can we just tell you. You're so cool. It's rare the coolest very sweet of you. We ankle jim. And you know how. I feel about my nieces. You know that this is gonna be a rough follow app man or no.

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Are you kidding. You're going to surpass me by wages. What just waylay here. You start talking. Joyce's can be unbelievable right so if you hear clicking noises that's be trying to figure out how to turn off my head. They're wanting us karen. Hi and stu and we'll talk again. Mom look at you. You're all pretty up on his saturday. Yeah i was repairing a fence before our moms pastime on your pissed off what happened get over by a muttiah hour and a half no. It's saturday i just have a lot. It has a lot to do. She doesn't have time to breathe. We just talked about psychics and mental. Ism we wanted to. Did you hear a last episode. We talked about how you recently went to a party psychic and you had a wild reading and we wanted to hear it firsthand. Okay now do you ask you something. Really quick how it all came to pass. Yes i want to ask you first of all. How did you go into these parties and psychics in general because we met with patti nagy. That's previous episode. And you believe you're there. I totally expect miraculously snuck nap. Totally an i asked you until uncle. Jin just debunk some stuff. So now i'm spinning a little bit. But i'll tell you this warning. I had a. I had plumbing issue side apart. The plumbing and i was talking to my dad's and i go. This is no crime. That's the one job. I never wanna per dad has passed onto. Yes those now. He's over on the other side. And i take it all apart Pouring out the water and outcomes mikediamond earring that i lost seven years ago. Who writes and i know okay. This is cool. Thanks dad hauled away. I mean i had just talked to him two minutes beer. Just run their right there. So i think that too i feel like we can call on our loved ones and their around bit but maybe we are just hoping. Anyway i wanna hear tell you my series real fast. Yes real fast is whatever makes you happy joy. That's right whatever you if it works too. I remember wondering what god was. And i said what's kermit the frog and then i started thinking maybe i could pray to with the frog because comfortable and so i did the whole time. I was in new york. Anyway let's go. you're so cute Remember that shirt. Shoot me on. I think i gave it to you. Thank you you. Give me all my clothes. And at some point. I'm going to be an adult shop viewed on you. I take this moment to plug our new t shirts. Kids real nice and then on the back hold on. Let's see little hump day. It's hard to see. Joe what does it say just mouse in waste. What are we called. Mouse and weans podcast. We have a whole bunch of designs on mass dot com slash store. Go check it out. So i went to a birthday party. This random lady came. Who was a neighbor of a neighbor villa. Very low key but she had sparkles in her hair like. Can i ask a question. That's did she know you're going to be there. No there were twenty of us and she just. She was invited as the entertainment for the night but she did not know me nor another guest list. Now she was just kind of hanging out was a two doors down from my friend and Ended up. she mentioned to my friend. She was a psychic the psychic mike brands. She's all about witches in halloween so she goes. Would you come to my birthday party. So this lakers sure sure. Okay so she stare. She looks burberry typical neighborhood. Nice affable woman but she had glittering her hair so i said to her. Oh glitter in your hair in she goes. I'm the good witch. Am i got all your entertainment. She goes yeah so we ate mexican food.

00:50:01 - 00:55:02

All of us than we ran. They divided the group in half their return of us at the table at a time. And she's just real low key. Easy golan has a little piece of paper in front of her and she starts drying is she draws a little cartoon airplane with propeller on it. And it's going downhill. And she said oh she goes. It's not a good way to start the party. But i see this airplane in somebody has had something going on in airplane was not good and my other friends says oh my god. My brother just died in a plane crash go and that was a propeller plane. What she drew gets up. She called smyth friend she says. I'm so sorry. Sometimes of stuff just comes up and she said oh let me think his name is kenneth and my friend goes. Oh my god we call them kenny. That began the party and every single thing from then on was applicable to every single person at the table. Now she read in the paper that this guy died and his name was kennel. No it had been four or five years ago. Had no idea not. She couldn't have looked up on social media. I'm just saying this to be the other side of it. Because that's what jim was just talking about. She didn't any of us. She had just moved to this area from minnesota so no. She didn't know she had no very few friends. Here in the valais she just knew this neighbor. Okay so she's just kinda going. You know thinking drawing on her little pad and she's bounced around different people at the table and then she goes. Oh she got this makes me wanna sit up straight. She goes a very pretty southern woman. In a hat is really stepping forward. She really really really wants to be of the party. And backing out joel. You had asked me to go through some old pictures to look for the datsun that your dad drove so i have been going to some old pictures and i saw grandma and grandpa in there and how cute in a conjured up memories okay. So she goes this woman. She's in a hats and i go. Is it a like a straw hat. She goes yeah and it's matching another hat. She kinda like that. Oh my gosh. For years my mom. And i every sunday morning would could on matching hats like in the color. They wouldn't necessarily be exactly the same shape but they were straw. Hats in tucson going to church with our massive gaps and knows how she got sets definitely what she saying and then she put her two fingers to our temple and she goes the vivian out of the blue. She pulled that out. I had never said her name. I said nothing about her. And i'm like how did you do that. She goes oh. She's very very much in the front. And she wants people to know out once and i remember one of the other psychics. We saw that graeme. Mccarter wants you to know about her. So this is just as. I oughta valid later. I thought okay. That's just one more way that she sledding. You know how that she's a strong woman that she can push through the bail and talk to people and i thought about. Yeah and didn't she say something about. She loves being with you or something like that. She said to the psychic that night she appreciates always being included in everything. That i do so i am. I always am talking to her constantly so now overwhelmingly cool. And how do you get the name. Vivian i mean that's a rare name that is out of the ether. So that's got to be out of fifty two. How many letters are the off that.

00:55:02 - 01:00:04

Yeah twenty six okay. All lower case fifty now jane. Yeah it's such a ran down. Letter z or cathy or and or something like that finish and she pondered it she was. You watched her lips. She's gone to within. I mean able just went crazy because she had nailed every single person. Really humble about it there as saying you know i've done. This is a little kid. And i decided you know. Put it out there because it might just help somebody really. That's that reminds me of patty to she was saying the same thing. She's always had this gift and turned it into this thing. Greens do you believe. Where are you on the skeptic. Belief skill hang him so influenced by whoever is immediately in enemy. That's what i realize about myself. I am no. Here's really what i think. I'm finding taking all these classes. Is that i really do like to back things up with some science. So i love. The possibility like gem was saying he. He's very open to the idea. That is possible in then you would wanna do tests to confirm it so i kind of like that but the thing is like i've listened to probably over a thousand near death experience videos and people things that i don't know i feel like i'm pretty attuned to when people are acting when there's bullshit ary happing but when you hear someone in there so passionate about their story and like i know that they think that they saw something or so. I do faith that there is something out there and nat p. Certain people can tap into some summer more attuned to it than others. Maybe we all have that ability and were blocking it. I think we do. I think we all have some capability to get our heads somehow more than others you know. Most religions are based on faith if they if you really ask each and every scholar and religious arena. They usually say it's about faith. And i think that applies to what you think about the afterlife or people live passed on before you. I think it's just yeah. I assume and i know two people that have passed over and come back and i know their personal stories and how they told me about it and there was no reason for them to like fluttered up on my behalf and so that's interviewed steve. Peters we just interviewed who has the movie out who was anyway. Jim and tammy faye bakker. Yeah pastor but he died four five times total and he told us about his experience like. There's too many people that we know that this has happened to. So something's going on and it's unexplainable but still out there. Science will confirm it at some point. It's just catching up to see in the we bring in the aliens and you know our species so far behind alien species. They've already got this all figured out. And we're little tiny babies learning all this stuff rate. We all believe all this right implode before we take your about. No we're going to set our earth on fires. I how viral fires. Mom air amazing. I think that you are very attuned. To that and Have always been connected. Why honest since. I want to live my life in a joyful place and to me that's just another way of adding joy now that you don't have to fear doubt that there's a whole 'nother plane that is waiting or as an and i've heard just really positive things about it so to me it just act sat One more layer. Yeah have joy and excitement and thrill and yeah. Of course i wrote rose blooming. So mets are ruled. This is where it's at. This is what you've arrived at a place where you're really enjoying life and that's great however you do.

01:00:04 - 01:05:07

It doesn't really matter what we believe right. That's right whatever. Ways joy one of the key ingredients in. Where are you at my sister in your beliefs. I believe that there is a sixth sense. Like you said that we probably all have it and some can tap into it right away and some. It's squelched its way down deep in there And i think there are some charlatans that have the ability to read people and these human psychology to manipulate and Make some money off people. And it's a blend of of all of the above so i kinda think it's all in their smattering of everything. But i am so curious about the near death experiences. We shouldn't may bring on an expert in that he's really done a lot of research gills. You have for sheriff sister. We call her the professor. Yeah but even to get someone in her field who can speak to it from a scientific study standpoint and like the brain chemicals and what's dr member of the doctor who died in came back and now she speaks. She was a super atheist doctor. Lady who an ansi something. Yeah yeah so that would be anyway. We'll see i wanna dig in deeper. I love it mom. You're the best you'll sweetest grandma. Grampus sitting on each of your shoulders. They look wonderful. I love it. And i just had the talent you just. The propeller story had just needed to add this one more thing so the lady was feeling adly because you know her brother and all that and she goes wait wait. I just want to let you know that. Kenny is standing next to an older woman and she goes her. Name's elizabeth and this. My friend and her granddaughter are sitting there and they go. That's not what we called our. No the psychic goes. Her name is elizabeth. But that's not how people knew her in the granddaughter goes that's my grandma who just has to weigh recalled. We called her betty This is kind of like how would she know that right. I'm more confirmation really big africa of expect. Miracles in they happen. Exp- ed incredible journeys at a little round table. 'cause they haven't they have happened in your life right. I mean life works out for you mom over and over. I just really think it's wonderful and look at you. Two you tour miracles living the way. Your role your thoughtful. You're like the best. Thanks mom already number one fan with pissy attitudes. Would you like shirt or water. Give her shirt. she waited to have for you. We'll give you a shirt. Water bottle ruled on packing. I'm a okay. that's right. Patriotic dot com slash mouse. Weans everybody you can get bonus material free swag check us out on atmousphere marines everywhere on social media and please write in. We wanna know. Where do you stand with this whole psychic skeptic. How much do you believe. I really wanna hear what people think. I put a pull out there. We'll see if people right back that yeah give us some stories. I love all the psychic stories. How how come it's true. All right we love you up you too and thanks for putting up with moms repenting always love you. We love our family dead alive. Who found spanish cage. Did you know that the pod bakes network home of perfect package.

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