Aug. 22, 2021

E120 - Road Rage, White Lies, Sticky Barbies

We talk the why, what, and when of road rage at minute 20. Find out about anxiety and control as we talk about bad driving, bad drivers, and stories of our road rage moments! (Did someone say dangling side mirror?!

We talk the why, what, and when of road rage at minute 20. Find out about anxiety and control as we talk about bad driving, bad drivers, and stories of our road rage moments! (Did someone say dangling side mirror?!) But first we catch up on figgy neighbors, types of podcasts, psychic phones, sticky Barbies, punk roots, and parental bucking the line. Is it better to be a strict rule-follower or are we entitled to nuance those rules? Should we protect friends’ and family’s feelings and fudge a bit, or be 100% truthful about canceling plans? Are you in a coupling with an introvert and an extrovert? Write in if you relate!

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Road Rage, White Lies, Sticky Barbies

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This is the from fast times at ridgemont high. Hey your kid brother. A good looking kid. I when you're not going to the earth one then phi concepts wanted to listen. The mouse and wings is my favourite park cast. I got lots of tickets free. Just click on it. Soclean's i said i said hi. Hi everybody it's mouse in weans. We're here again. It's been a while. Oh my goodness. We're rolling a little on the busy side. First of all. I'm joel mouse. I'm the way fee. Mom went down in india ago. Wife wife me man waif. I'm not wife i'm single and free 'em weans of in. La you were gonna say something. I cut you off. go ahead. no my stomach rumbling. I'm sorry. I heard her background noises. I need my fig newton. My morning a figure doing a pause for fig. Hey what interesting. Because i okay. My next door neighbor. Ernie who you've probably heard about. Now why do you. It sounds like you're saying not it's earn d. Because i found out that was his real name. I've just been calling him ernie. He's his whole time. I like earning. it's cute. I just found out. He's good at well. We'll call mirny anyway. Ernie dairy was again with his. I through the pots. You know. we'll we'll show a photo but He puts seattle i through his pots. And hello julianne. And i look over. And he wanted one of my weed slash flowers to plant in his garden. So i dug it up for him i gave it to him and then i stepped on a fig ladies and gentlemen i had a fig on my foot this morning big so you said fig newton i love you. Oh that's good speaking figs. We have a million of them popping up in our little orchard up in the upper part of our yard. And i looked up what to do with fix because dave marash problem i know said i love figs. We need to grow them all. I'm like you don't love figs. He said yeah. I do i do. I'm like how do you eat figs. He didn't really know he's like well. I've had them before. And i looked it up. It's mostly as a topping on pizza salad with shudo with weird stinky cheeses like. How do you like your figs. what are you do. I just talked to ernie about this and he said you put sugar on it like jam. Oh okay you're not. Well no what do you mean squash it out on a piece and sugar on it and that's as far as our language because then you knew we had to record and you can side good girl late okay. So let's get onto our Topics and whatnot. I know we have a little fun schedule today. We're going to be talking about road rage so for those of you that are hanging in there. You can skip all this bs. Small talks and go to the road rage. Part or are you can hang out and talk with us and get to know us because we're hilarious rent. Listen and she said you guys are so cute. There was a lot of like small talk in the beginning. And i wanted to know what we're getting into so it's funny because there's different camps of people. Hey listeners right into us and let us know what camp are you. We wanna know if you are the type that likes to be a fly on the wall and hear conversations and be part of this like friend talk. Which is my goal in podcast. That's what i love. I love just listening to people. Chat jewels you go to learn things you go for Improvement and learning and interesting stories domestic abuse crime. I heard dirty sex. Yeah so we have different kind of like what we like pica. So that's why ours is a blend of all these things so there you go folks background. I don't know. I shatter domestic abuse. Absurd email this morning. That was like she finally left him or something and it was a fundraiser. Anyway oh really people do that. I didn't look harder into it. Is that someone you know or was it just know something. You know these phones. I'm telling you they pick up. Everything and i am getting surely sick of it. I was even thinking things in it. Pops up on my phone. Stirring your brain. Get out of my.

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They hadn't mentioned anything out of my mouth and they like marketed marbles to me or something over member chew things were i just thought it weird and like maybe i wanna live on the lake by like where there's a woods in my backyard by an ocean. Suddenly there was like real estate about woods in notion well. It wasn't that specific they're employing psychics to To get into our brains you never know okay. Now go back to what you were saying. My friend sister. Also mom has a good psychic story. Shoes went to a psychic on mom to tell her story. Okay all right after a future episodes because we promise all these things and then i forget some writing notes down well mom. Let's do a whole sakic episode for those of you who don't believe fine. Listen anyway because we give you some science all pull in the part that is the debunk side and we'll also poland the funk side funk debunk folks we're gonna do it okay it's you probably are learning lots about this stuff because catch us up on what you've been doing school. Yeah let's do it. We'll do a quick catch up. You're right in the middle of talking about where we're going with this whole thing road rage. You're saying oh yeah no. I'm just saying that's coming. Let's catch the first and then we're going to jump into that joel. Yes you're my me. A beautiful flower. Your face is glowing green all saturday night live. I like squishy my head down someone. I know's brother just died. Oh gosh that's ends right down. I'm sorry we'll we'll bring you back up because she said i. It's sad that i have no one to share stories with anymore that shares the same childhood. I called you. And i said joe. You're my only sibling and we have childhood stories to share. And you said yes so. Let's share jobless stories. I know it's true. We only can relate to each other. Nobody else has had our exact childhood. Yes and i don't want to alienate now. I know that people Because i'd like to also ask. Did anybody sing the song. Nine to five on a fisher record player because my sister and i did also we had a little area garage that our parents converted into play area. Like one fort worth. And that's where the magic happened such as barbies. That's right hanging nine to five. What do you remember. I remember our male cat Marking our barbie house sweat and we didn't know and so i always had this weird smell of cat urine that we could never quite place and everything was sticky. When we play with it was ashes. Yeah right down to the slipper that we used as the car. Because we didn't have enough money to buy the barbie car so we push him around and slippers and they would sleep in kleenex boxes. And i think they're tables. Were their little pizza. Box holder uppers. You know those little plastic round things. Oh yes box. Geez that was. That was our barbie houses very ghetto. It was built with the plywood. I think dad made it dad built. I didn't notice the difference. Did you will. yes oh no. It's when someone else had. Yeah when you go over to you. Know cindy garrisons house. And she has the little elevator with the little string. I was so yeah. That would remember. Someone had that afghan dog boy. Did that get me. We had that it would be like a dead rat that we pulled around here. Kids your decapitated barbies. Reused the hair. Put it on a stranger's barbies. I started cutting their hair giving them mohawks and holidays hunk phase. Sorry goodell in joa. We are all a little bits and pieces of who we are. Don't you feel like you're still a little bit of a gothic heart. I'm your fancy sweatsuit. Sometimes i do rebel. I found myself was doing the other day. Oh it's all this back to school business. So i'm taking the kids back to school and it's like standing this line. Do this thing. I go here you have to do this. And i'm kinda like tom. My kids like elbowing them like. We don't have to do that. Don't worry about it and they're like mom it's the rules i'm like yeah but i mean they mean well but we could. We could actually do this. I do this little bucking the system. And i don't know if that's being mom or dad mom but i think it's my punk side coming out punk ciders an entitlement side. No way our whole family has had that are like we used to sing in popcorn into the movies. Even though you're supposed to buy it.

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Yeah we were the first sneakers. Yes i yeah we do. Yeah little work arounds. We'd fudge the age upper down to get into places for free or get the meal for free right at the restaurant like just twelve. Even though you're fourteen shrink down look little. So that's yeah i. The question is is a better to teach the honesty. Or the sidesteps. As i know. It's hard whenever that happens. And they catch me. They're like mom. That's not the rule. I'm like yeah but this is one of those kind of like a white lie. You can bend it a little bit. Can you can you that is beckon elaine. Well it is interesting because Do we. I enjoy sometimes skirting the system. When i know that i can. You are a skirt. Her for sure. Well and i am a professional scooter. I should that. But i do try to my best to be honest like in situations that are human situations. I would rather be honest instead of like the white lie stuff. I don't think yeah like what. Give me an example with friends. Saying why i can't make the birthday party is because oh i can't that like i can come up with in. I used to be like that. All these elaborate reasons. Instead of just saying i don't want to drive in traffic. That's three hours to get there. Yeah can we. Can i take you out separately. Another time clean and easy and it doesn't do that whole like paragraph long of here all the reasons. Why but now do you find that people try to talk you into it like well. Just leave it a different time because it doesn't feel like a real reason or do they respect to like you do that kind of i mean. I think it works better than it doesn't work. It works a lot better than i had been doing it in the past because that is too much of a gray area where then people are kind of confused and then they just go well. Why don't you just try this. But if you say real clean like i'd rather it's too much on the day. I'm sorry i'd like to take you out. Another time malone. Yeah yeah yeah that makes sense real clean. Because i'm on the other end of a couple white liars often in it's just so much horsh it and you're just going yeah to everyone so you're like but what about the situations where you have to protect people's feelings a little bit like there's nuance there. You know 'cause we had this when we just did our big trip to hawaii. We have this huge house that we got to stay in. And i really wanted to bring you guys and i wanted to bring friends. I mean we knew there are going to be lots of rooms but it was dave's client and we didn't want to abuse the relationship you know and overrun it with friends. So i mean that was. That was the real reason. And also that dave wanted to just kind of have the five of us but it also feels bad like saying. We don't want you there because we want to do our own little family thing a little bit. Okay but let me tell you a secret about knowing you okay. I knew that you didn't want that. And i guessed it was for that reason because like you didn't ask me you'll invite me on every trip or every family thing except you talked about hawaii and the new quick changes subjects or mike aren't people like it's an and i knew that but then finally i was like is this a i think i just said at one time i was Man let me go and it was the day before. And i know i'm like i wanna come with you and you're like but the reason is we can't because it teves client like all came out and i was just kidding. I know that was well. It's i mean it's also like when my husband's involved too you know like he'll have opinions about how the big event should go and i'll have opinions about how the big event chicago and often they're different and we have to find that middle ground as a couple and then laid out there. That's her story guys. Here's what we're gonna do. Friday night saturday night and it's hard. Does anyone else deal with this. When you're in a couple and one of us really social and one of you is very introverted and wants to stay home. And then finding that middle ground dude. It's the story of my life. We've been married. How many years like fifteen sixteen. Let me throw a austin dave. Dave and the kids are coming up to magic mountain on sunday. Which goes right by my house literally Two seconds off the freeway to come by and say hi. Tell dave to stop by and say hi. Oh yeah no no. He's and it's not because it's he's a he's a weird driver which is kind of the perfect segue to get into what we're dealing with today.

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The roadway the husband rage at first it was going to be just the boys. Like i hear you now. You're but okay. Sorry go ahead all right but you could tell you my my train of thought i was going to drive toby and his best friend and sixteenth birthday. That's what he wanted to do his party. Then i'm like no you know what the last two times. We did. a big amusement park. I drove and i've got this side project. I'm working really hard on trying to get down. There have a deadline this whole thing. And i'm like dave should be goodness. This is a perfect opportunity. Guys bonding rollercoasters. It'll be all good. So i said dave. Why don't you drive. Toby and sam and you can bring your laptop. You can do work perfect. Well then i'm like. Although dave might wanna go on the rides in which case he needs a buddy so he should just by elliott our other son so then it's a guys trip the for them but then i'm thinking well shoot aunt and just wrote that's you and she wants to be parted toby's parties. She just asked what they're doing for his birthday. So then i wanted to invite you. But then i'm like but is that gonna be awkward. Because then she'll be the fifth wheel she have a buddy on the right. I mean let me help you. I'm not going okay. 'cause then. I was spinning out. Then i'm like well shit maybe charlotte nine should go so that julianne has to go. Oh and then it became a whole see. Joe you think too much about everyone else. Just let them do their thing and but also you don't have to cater to everyone's feelings just do this is where it gets real complicated. You get stressed. Then he said and you're very concerned and lovely in worried about other people's feelings worry. Fuck them sky. French mom so sorry scott that everyone. It's i know the f. word is not very interesting. It's it's a hard one. I also don't want to send my kids into counseling in the future. That's my whole goal in life is to do everything right. So they don't need counselors. Guess what they're gonna. Anyway your stress is going to They might want to talk about me. Everyone's talking shots fires widely. Here's what my therapist would say. 'cause i'm encountering it has nothing to do with my parents by the way i enjoy it. I like someone. Oh yes someone listening to you for an hour who but it doesn't have talked mostly about school anyway I can't remember what it was going. Say something about. they're gonna get screwed up anyway. Oh the anxiety you could pass down anxiety and also control issues. If you're if you try to control the outcome too much that is where. It's not great for all praise right right right. I know it always boils down to that man even the frigging road rage. We are we are going to take a quick break and hear from her sponsor. We are sponsored by dream dinners good a dream dinners dot com and enter mouse and wiens ninety nine at checkout. If you're in the local area of powei or san marcos and you will get ninety nine dollars off your first order and free delivery if you choose it or you can go pick it up. It is such a game changer. You guys dream dinners has really changed our family. Mealtime we make meals together. We sit down together. I feel confident that they're healthy foods and the kids can even make them. My husband can make them. It's a really fun wonderful service. I've been using it for three years. And i finally approached them and said let's make this a business arrangement because i talk about you all the time anyway. So here we are. You save an average of two hundred dollars a month off your grocery bill if you sign up for jim dinners which isn't a subscription service. It really is a ad hoc you can choose it monthly Whenever you want to stop you can stop. So there's no subscription You only have to come in and pick up your meals once a month or have them delivered but you will get a good bunch of meals in your freezer that you can throw out and use as you see fit. This is perfect for people who have likes dislikes and allergies. You can insert special instructions for your meals and it will change your lifestyle you guys. Please do go try it mousa. Weans dot com. We have a quick link to give you your ninety nine dollars off or you can go to dream dinners dot com. Choose your location. They are nationwide. And if you're our local area intermezzo means ninety nine and get free delivery and ninety nine dollars off your first order all right road rage. Weans we're talking about it so as we were saying the last segment we can boil most things down to anxiety and control. Would you say. Does that come up to you. Yeah that yeah so. I was looking it up because we have a fifteen and a half year old.

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Who just got his permit and toby dear. Toby is driving around. And i'm like pretty easy breezy. You know yes. She's a yellow lights. You stop at the yellow lights. It's crazy i can talk him. Great job toby. Next time you know stay in your lane. Don't don't merge over in the other car dave on the other hand full out grabbing the wheel. It's a whole thing. So i gotta talk about this. I'm like why is he like this. Why am i like this. You've play into this. How do you feel about you're driving vaccum is getting using that word lowered today. Say because it's stupid. i'm sorry No it it's a very Dumb word. I am on the side of the road rage. Probably a little and you had said something interesting. Here's where i will blame. Our parents watch out. You said dad would never he would always at that green bike get the green light. Go go yeah. He had to hit the green before it turned yellow. Or whatever yes. And i'm the same way i had no idea where that came from. I thought it was me and you told me that. It was shocking. So i must have been absorbing. There is yet. Dad was all about the shortcuts and keep moving like if traffic stopped on the freeway. He would find route b and he'd get off the freeway and zoomed through neighborhoods. Get back on the freeway. Even though it would have taken the exact same time to just sit and chill and traffic. He had to be moving moving moving yet. Yeah when he was on the freeway and would start talking and would get deep in conversation and thought he would slow down about forty five people would honk and zoom past him and flip the bird and mama be like john speed up but he would just get going in his brain and he'd forget the road so yeah interesting that too but okay you have. I auto-pilot i'll get myself pointed to point b. and not even remember the trip which is freaking. What are you thinking of just my to do this. My millions of things. Or i'm listening to a podcast and kinda zoning out and i just go on my little route. I do my roots. you know. i'm so it's hard to drive with you because you don't really hit it what what's heard to drive with me. I'm so good at driving. I'm so melo. Remind you of the time on the i five freeway when we were driving from northern california to la in my sister had just gotten her license. It was the most terrifying trip. I was asked to be dropped off and ectomy up on the way back. It was so bad i was learning. There's the nuance. This is what we're teaching toby too is when you merge into laney you don't have to go quick turn quick straight quick turn quick street. It's a slow move in a slow move out. You know so it was that. I'm sorry i was sixteen. I didn't know yeah. We did one of those. We've through four lanes of traffic. Because i overcome also scary sir anyway. She's better now. Although you not take those yellows now let's talk about the road rage because yes we did a little psychology on this one of my classes called social psychology and it talked about well. One thing that i thought was interesting is that you look at other people. And they cut you off and they cut across four lanes and you say what an asshole and then you're enraged about them yet. If you did that. I think they call this like. Oh gosh fundamental attribution theory or something. I can't remember all these and then you do something like that. And you're like but i just needed to get off or yeah i was just trying to get in front of someone i had other things on my mind. And you really give yourself a break. And so they're saying you need to also think of those people as maybe they're having a rough day maybe they had to go to the hospital but we never do. We all do you. As all i think about that all the time. Unless they're like they've got trump stickers and flags hang up their car then. I don't give them any breaks but no i do think there probably lost their new. Their car probably sits in the garage for eight months out of the year. And this is like the one time they're going out to the doctor's like we live in a neighborhood with a lot of old people i am. I am always. i'm great. I'm always cutting them breaks. I honestly i really do. Think about all the reasons. Why oh that poor person. Like i'm always that's different things soup. Pathetic so dumb on her any any agreem- you are a to which means you're helper so everything about helping others thinking of others. When she talked about doing a prayer thing or doing meditation you were thinking of everyone else being happy.

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You don't even taking their sadness away. I know fix the world. Come on and so easy guys all right. So let's get into this. I looked up some Facts online about road rage. 'cause i'm really seriously curious. What how do we pop out so differently and deal with cars and driving so differently. Did you know that studies have shown that some people over time have learned Anger by just getting behind the wheel like they just morph into this angry person behind the wheel. Did you know that. have you heard of that before. I didn't know that. My i'm blake really. Oh my god it's crazy. He'll be like a real empathetic animal lover and kind of mellow and he gets behind the wheel in half. The conversation is yelling at katya. Believed that fucker guy just harvard. I'm like about this to what what is it. That's not a great theory. But also my go to saturday deal org limb who was friends with ramdas. He's a very spiritual guy. He leads a buddhist meeting on saturdays. At i go to once a month. And he's like the most mellow like everything in eastern philosophy and then he gets behind the wheel and has road rage. now he goes. That's my place. Where maybe you just get it all out okay. One theory from blake is that he's a nice helper person in all comes out when you're in your little microcosm in it's arbitrary yelling in your own car all the things that you can't address in your life and you're scared to say to your neighbor. Shut up with your gas flower. Leave so all comes out with like that. Yeah that's my theory. I think that's kinda true. We need that balance. We need the in in the ing and get our moods bad. And if you're a person who addresses more things in your life but for someone like me. Maybe or someone like blake like you. Don't say anything to where you really need to say. Something isn't what it all out to this random honda but cut you well. Where's mine going then. I think mine goes into my dreams. And that's why i can't sleep at night angry. I don't really see you as a you're you don't have pent up huge aggression it life or things as mom says you kinda mosey through life right mousy mosey yes. I don't know i. I've got to have it somewhere. I think the anxiety control stuff comes out subconsciously in my dream that they do have control. That's a big backyard. Things seattle so. This is a very much control and anxiety based thing road rage Studies have also found that people are using drug and alcohol. Alcohol and drug use is very very linked to aggressive driving really uh-huh It's caused by environmental stressors so like crowded roads of course and psychological stuff so stress and youth. They link it to youthful. Most prone are the young males under nineteen which of the hobie or my gosh. I'm so worried. But he's so mellow when he drives. He's so chill and he does his full stops and he's very much a rule follower. I would stick a boot on his back tire. Why what so. He has to drive twenty miles an hour. Why a boot. I don't get it one of those boots that they put when you don't pay your tickets and makes you go really slow or put a spare tire and when you can only judge fifty. Oh it's like a what do they call that. A regulator something. It's gotta word driving when around. It was the best someone took on instagram. They just had a boot but they're still cruising along. Oh they were dragging actual physical thing on my god. That's funny okay. Sorry yeah no. Toby was always my kid. I'm like he's the daredevils. He's the one that doesn't consider danger and he'll jump off of high playground equipment and i'm like oh shit when he drives it's it's all over but he's so careful in good and sweet and i love her in the car he is he will. He's like mom. You'd never have to worry about me. You really don't worry about me which is so nice thank you. And then there's your next one eliane we'll see you know. He's a rule follower. I think they're all going to be good drivers really. Do you've done long as they don't take after their dad. Because i do notice that toby will be like coming up behind the car and go. What is this guy doing like. He'll start commenting because he sees dad. Doing it and mites. Yeah i've been telling for years. I'm like don't model this behavior. The kids gonna pick up on it to let he can't he comes off late. Yeah okay back to this So signs of road rage.

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You feel disbelief and you consider revenge which i think is hilarious. So the disbelief is. I can't believe he did that to me. And they're saying that a lot of it is like you think that they're doing it to you. There's like personalization like he. Cut me off on purpose. there's also the catastrophes ing like you could have killed me like all these huge thoughts right and so that leads to The feeling of revenge have you ever had the feeling of revenge like you got to get back at this person. How many we'll have chased you home or have you chased him. I okay my one experience was i had all my kids in the minivan and they were various stages of little kid like five three and baby like kearsey right. So they're little in my car. And i was at a t stop and there's this big hill that comes down that they had to install a light at because so many people were zooming by so fast they finally put a light in well. I think it was fairly new. Some woman came barreling down the hill. Didn't stop at the light. And for whatever reason i didn't go and my was green i waited and looked and sure enough out of nowhere. She came zooming by. She would've t-boned our car right into the car. Seat and probably killed us was going fifty miles an hour and we are at a dead stop so that incited rage. Just the fear for my kids. And so i followed this lady and she did a right turn and i followed her and i did a right. Turn and i-. I signalled for her to roll down a window when we got too late and she did and looked at me and i think because it's woman to woman i was like look you came right down that street. You almost killed us. Did you know that you ran a red light. And she goes no. I'm so sorry. And she had an accent and like so then. I started going okay. She's new to the country. She doesn't know how we drive or something she's like. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry i'm like fine. Don't do it again and not zoomed off. That was it. That was my one confrontational thing that i started. Now i've been the recipient of road rage. I've had a lady. Oh i know what it was. I was at a red light. It turned green. I was looking down on my phone. Chill by the time i looked up. She finally honked behind me. I zoomed through the light and it turned red on her so she couldn't get one of those fast turning my and i went into the target shopping center. Oh this is so stereotypical. I'm such a jerk. And i'm just looking for parking spot again with all the kids in the car this lady because she had big old scary truck found me in the parking lot and was following me around. Cut me off the aisles. I would go to the end of an island. I go to turn do my you turn down the other. i'll look for spot. And she would pirker car right there and follow me and so backed up and she followed me screaming at me. I could see her through her windows. She finally rolled down her window. Screamed out her window and the kids are grandmom. Mom what is this lady doing. And i'm like. I don't know she's crazy i left. I didn't go to target. I didn't do my errands. Doesn't either left. I got her trap somehow to where she couldn't follow me and then i zoomed out this other way. Dude it and guys will do to. I've had a guy do the same thing in a parking lot. I don't know what it was like. He wanted to spot or something. Which i think is real estate. Remember you also driving zooming home and all the ladies on your street yelled at us. Lower dow chase you couple tires. Someone waited in the bottom of my driveway for me to come back out of my house. You're speeding in this particular again. I live by all these old people. So if you go over thirty miles an hour day. They shake their fist to you okay. Two hundred talk of the town. This is turning on me isn't it what. Yeah your view near were you bucked the line. You ripped i. Can i say this. Publicly secrets i know she replied. No i bumped a bumper of a truck. No it was the mirror ripped off. You ripped it off. I was there. And i saw hanging on there. I don't think you're remembering the i remember. Everything correctly seemed to stories just to okay. We're turning left on a light over. In little italy. In san diego and joel thought i would just wait. What was it exactly trying to get you to the airport. Yes we're late to the airport. And waiting i bumped his bumper i out of the line and it hit the side of my car bumper. I saw hanging review mares. Maybe that's in my mind but that was mom.

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The biker drunk up in hillcrest and he knocked my rear view mirror off and it was hanging by the wires to that story because that was angry. Baker where he went he was drunk. He ran into my side view. Mirror after i picked up from the airport and knocked it off. It was hanging by the wires. I think this is what you're thinking of. And he continued on and mom had gotten sick. She had a fever. She was like delirious. She jumped out of my car. She ran after the guy of the bike. He was like this drunk gay guy on a bike and she grabbed his back. Tire pulled it so that he fell off. He stood up and just walked away like stumbled away. Like you're crazy and she grabbed his tired and she's like i am hanging onto your bike until you come back pay for this beer. You knocked off my daughter's and he walked off in the city and she had his bike says she like carried it back and she's like dwell pop trunk. Were taking his bike like mom. What is happening right now. So we may trunk through his bike in the back and called nine one one and we slowly cruised and we followed this guy down the street like stumbling any finally turned into someone's house like walking in and and the cops were like you can't keep moving. You have to sit still so we can find june. Get a report. And i don't know i don't think we stuck around and give the report but did you give it back. No i had this bike for years in my garage like this. Random guilt bake yes. I finally abandoned like left it in the after just to just drunk partygoer all right then. He dessert i. If you're homeless guy. Phil bed although my got stolen by homeless guy and i was very mad about that. Oh wow joe and mom mom she's can be very scary folks very sorry mom with her. I remember being a little kid in the car and mom got. She's trying to get over to get off an off ramp on the freeway and somebody wouldn't let her over and sh- so she missed her exit and so she sped up and did the same thing to the guy his exit. She just followed him forever until it was his turn to get off the freeway and she blocked him and he would speed up and she would speed up and he was down and he couldn't get off the race. Ma what are you doing. And she flipped the bird and the whole so she has it. Enter to a little bit gusto. Which which i guess. We'll do okay. I'm gonna tell you some stats. This is interesting. You'd better hurry. Because i have seven minutes. My gosh because so fast sixty six percent of traffic fatalities per. I'm sorry. I have this big tooth in and take it out. It's the beaver from fox. And todd. i know sorry okay. She's got weird to on folks to sixty six percent of traffic fatalities or cosby aggressive. Driving thirty seven percent. Aggressive driving incidents involve a firearm. Did you know that. Yeah that's what i was saying. Mom was lucky. Those are the days when i know and had a gun. Imagine about forty percent of people. Have guns that i hope they're going to the hospital. Yeah half of recipients of a honk gesture or tailgating. Respond back aggressively. i'd like a hong. It's been a long time years. Give her a hawk. Would you mind folks in seven years. They have been two hundred eighteen. Murders and twelve thousand. Six hundred and ten injuries attributed to road rage. Wow two percent of drivers admit to trying to run an aggressor off the road. Wow so scary The term road rage was coined by. Ktla radio show after string of freeway shootings freeze in the nineties folks. Freeway shootings and road rage increases seven percent every year. So yeah it's crazy what to do. If you are accosted by someone with road rage you ignore them. You don't make contact and you stay calm and just carry on. Just pretend like it's not happening. I had a when you have a moment. I was driving near suburban and he can tell you real fast. Yes do i know the story. I was pulling out of the hendler house and they have kind of their own late. They've really nice house by la hoya shores. I'm pulling out making a right in your giant giant huge boat lake suburban. I'm not used to driving it. But i made a right on the green and someone was coming from their late which also green. But they needed to wait for me. But they didn't. And i zoomed out. Because i saw that he was trying to come and it went really fast. And he was in a bmw and he went up the la- shores road towards nerine got in front of me stopped dead stopped.

00:40:02 - 00:45:01

His car walked out of his car and came to me. He's like you stupid bitch. Do you realize what you dead. You can't make a writer. It was yelling at me. And i just rolled my window up and look forward to win. I know that's what you have to do. I let him run it out. And i was like know i was. I know. also. I wasn't in the wrong by the way so but you can't. Don't you have to wait if you're not. You weren't the right of way he was right. It was a light. And i was making a right. The right always get surveyed away. He was making on the was wrong but he thought i was coming out of nowhere from driveway. Probably even though it's an actual late that's true some of the lights. You can't see what they're doing on the other side so you don't yeah. He came in he was like the skinny workout. Like fifty five year old guy who is just raging like the psych myers. Skit right yes thrown pills. Yes yeah it was like that like he was livid at his face was red. And i just had to go. Okay yeah like what are you gonna do but say what do you want to punch me right. I know like what is going to happen. Here always gets me. What is the next step. What did they think they're gonna solve like what's going to happen here. And then you probably then zooms him off and he was probably told people for the next week even though he was in the wrong honestly whatever. You can't screw rationalize with them. Yeah royd ridge. Road rage road rage. Don't mix all right so okay road rage. Think i'm a great driver. What's wrong with everyone else. We suffer from that a little bit They have a bias toward their own illusion of control. Which when mixed with anger is dangerous. So yeah you have control. You think you're better than everyone else. Road rich okay Ways to fix this. What do you do. are you a road rage. Or how do you fix this. Oh there's so many fun online tests guys. Go look up some online test to find out if your road rage. If you do realize your got a problem what can you do. Get some therapy. That would be great Also you have to learn to change your cognitive thinking so really do use empathy and Forgiveness and here's another all humans yes what well they did an actual study that i remember where You imagine if you're getting road rage e pull yourself to a bird's eye view and imagine yourself. I guess it was just like watch yourself and everyone else and see that you're all in the same situation like if you're in traffic but you're like technique is just to detach yourself from you in the sexual vehicle and see your zoom out from your body and look at the big ant colony big picture. Is that stupid. If you get road rage. I like that. Yeah so change your cognitive thinking. That's a good way. I've also heard technique is to when someone's like really slow in front of you or doing some stupid move in front of you and you're getting mad. Think of them as sweet cow. A big big fat cow like sweet mu is and a happy little grid and and go. Oh look at that. Big dumb cow. Walking front of me america q. That's supposed to help victims victim. Cow students okay. Consider other drivers may not be malicious. It's not personal. Avoid blame and punishment human error. Let go of the struggle julianne when you step into your car. you know. There's going to be red lights. There's going to be traffic. There's going to be delays. There's going to be inconsiderate drivers. You have to accept and tolerate. You have to breathe deeply in a slow pattern and speak to yourself in a friendly voice with reassurance validation such as oh that was a close call. You're safe and all is okay. That person made a mistake and we all make mistakes. Focus on com safe driving everybody. You're welcome from mouse in weans now on my husband to do this and we'll see if it works over back. He will not damage. I'm going to have to enroll him in one of these road range road schools ago. Yeah all right well good. We have some homework everybody. I hope we helped some of you out there. And i'm going to go out into the world and i'm not gonna put my makeup on in the car anymore. I'm not gonna look at my cell phone. I'm not gonna piss on off. Because i don't wanna get shot. How about your. are you going to change. No i still like to drive one hundred. And i'm still got people off and say they're terrible drivers.

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