Aug. 7, 2021

E119 - Best Of: Coolsculpting Yanni

This one is a favorite! We're back with some life updates and mustache talk. Weens describes her new gig on the set of the LA tv show The Rookie and her Fishbone concert, and Mouse talks about her family vacation in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

E119 – This one is a favorite! We’re back with some life updates and mustache talk. Weens describes her new gig on the set of the LA tv show The Rookie and her Fishbone concert, and Mouse talks about her family vacation in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Warning: if you’re squeamish about pool attack iguanas or ticks, skip this part. Mouse gets CoolSculpting done on her belly and gets into her feelings on body image, curves, self care, diet and exercise. Hear the whole description of how this fat tummy blasting works and visit our Facebook Group Mouse and Weens to see the behind the scenes stomach at the medical spa. Write in with your self care thoughts! Yanni pops up to add to our conversation about car washes, massage, saxophone vs pan flute, and Kenny G. And the sisters reminisce about roller skating, the 80’s, boys with feathered hair, Steve Perry, white jeans, Ralph Macchio, Bruce Willis, and Mouse’s celebrity sighting of the hot Karate Kid villain William Zabka in the eighties. Don’t miss this episode. It will tickle your upper upper lip! (Original air date July 2018, Episode 23)

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Best Of: Coolsculpting Yanni

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Good morning. How are you? You are listening to Mouse and Weens. Yes, yes you are. This is Mouse. This is Joelle. Hello everybody. We are going through really busy times right now so we decided to do a Best-Of episode. This one is one of our favorites. It is from July 2018, Episode 23 and we hope it gives some laughs. It makes me laugh every single time. I don't know. I talk about posting my CoolSculpting before and after pictures and videos and originally I did and then I took them down. So I'm going to have to look for them again and I will post them somewhere. I have to get my courage up. I know I will post them on Patreon so if that's interesting to you, you can go there and become part of the family. That's my my inner circle safe place with everybody. In the meantime enjoy this episode and here we go!

cinema. Good morning nelson. We were for us. It's morning for you. It's we beat any time of the day it. Yes we would not know. There's no way of knowing who's alice where you're listening to weans. It is hey seven thirty. am for us. This is our earliest podcast. Ever done win. Why is that. why is this early. Please tell why. Because i don't know someone invented time to zoom off to work. Oh she's got a job folks. She is back on the dog with the weeds. Yeah what are you working on. What's your fight it's a it's a new show called the rookie and on abc My friend and mentor. type is Greg beeman who's directing and producing on it so he thought it would be fun to work with him. He was kind enough to get hooked up with the guys. And now the show big greg. Thanks greg it's good liking it. Yeah it's been only weeks so far but yeah it's cool. Everyone's really nice the in my department. Yes sir very nice. George shockley in friends and Yeah i mean they're just nice people. I don't know much about the show. I saw the pilot this is. This is the direction we're going okay. It's beautiful la on. We're looking for locations. It's beautiful l. a. Were bad things happen. Oh so it's going to be very you know there's a lot of cop shows that are in the cd dirty parts of town And this one is going to be beautiful. There's gonna be a lot of. That's a lot of pressure to find beautiful locations. Yeah does that. Cut out a lot of categories for you. And you're gonna like it because it narrows it down and i am not stuck in back alleys in so where where are the locations. You have to go to beautiful santa monica beautiful. Use a cheap on my side of the world which i also enjoy. There'll be things that have murals and bright colors but drug house. You look beautiful cute drug house. Oh kind of funky neighborhood. I heard there's some good cute ones on b-street drug houses sister. I know but but yet writing tended to. Oh i know. I no no no. We're just going back and forth. Anyway i know. I know i love you. I love you on youtube william. Tell me tell me about your trip to mexico. we everybody. I was in mexico. Everybody we win. is the first week of summer with the kids and we went down to puerto vallarta a little resort area vallarta and spent a week with the grandparents and The pools in the water sleds and the iguanas and crocodiles and toads and pictures are excused.

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Ten forgive me continue. That was it but -squitoes -squitoes got some bites. Look like it was beautiful. Post storm weather like you guys were in some hurricanes. That's right yeah. I forgot we facetime. Well we did What's up nicely. Shout out to that great app where you use wifi to call people abroad so you don't get any roaming charges heat the you just said feminism back twenty years. Did you just call me abroad. But god you would not believe the things that happened before seven thirty zing zing ab exactly. I was talking about yanni. She's something about you. Better get your yawns out your yanni's out. I was like he's on my bed right now. I made her imagine if he were secretly tiptoeing behind me. I'm talking to my favorite image. Was you saying that he was on the pillow next with is big moustache crumpled up and i called his mustache fierce because it is goals. Goals for everybody fierce mustaches. Please just wish someone would sing like someone had one of those because probably some men out there men out there if you mustache. That's kind of flowing. Kinda like seventy sam words. It's kind of soft in long. But maybe grew it out over your lips that were you. Saying menu poked a little seen through and then sing your song. That's out there a little comb with tissue paper in the kazoo style but with hair. Look maybe it would add a little trill to your voice. I don't know what never knows what would happen. When a little trills and thrills go ahead might be like a little vocal carwash scrubbing back and forth. Creating a little bubbly noise for you. I don't know he could experiment. I'd like to see that or if anybody would like to come over. We can have a moustache car. Wash competition just come over my house because by was really dirty and then just had people who came over but only in way. Peter t shirts and you came up with your long moustache. And he took a little section of the car. And then you start from top to bottom with your sons you put on a water like who can clean the fastest. But you could to your hands on your back mustache. It's a soap and suds mustache. Competition come over i had. I had a different car. Wash mind. I was thinking more of a hot wheel. Small little cars. The you attach your tongue to big track and you start the car mouth that it has to come through the mustache and down and then it gets judged to see how clean it is so a panel. Judges young has to zing zang song. Look at these ideas folks bogging around here a little coffee. Clusters to work with the coffees. Work in boy. Are you lucky that your husband's a patent attorney. We got to stamp. These solid real quick anyways in mexico is back to boring real life. Hairs was great chased iguanas around. He stood iguanas. We chased iguanas around. We had these attack iguanas. They not really they the resort so they have gone is all over. The place new will lay in your lands chair and they just randomly jump up on your lounge chair and try to eat your food and if you're not ready for it. Its really scary. Like three foot lizards trump upon your leg all of a sudden. Let's just say that this attack resort. And they had ticks hanging off of the god. I know here we go with. And they weren't just little black ticks. They were big white dime sized ticks. I'm gonna post a picture because it was so disgusting. It makes me feel every time. I think about it and my husband and kids were trying to pull ticks off of them.

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God distracting them with food with one hand grabbing the tick with a napkin. And the so gross. I know before it's too much enter but filled tick. Yeah yeah and then you have your own zone. And i don't wanna talk about it yet. It's too much. Can i just say it really quick. Because i have a great visual to go with. This weans hates ticks on a stick. Stick with lots of via of like one stick with like these bogus body's filled with blood. That's i mean who would like that. I don't maybe someone. The these things chlorinated on it or something. Why is it. The symmetry is that they're all stacked up right next to each other ready to admit i could show you a picture of the thing that there's one that fell off my tree with a lot of black looking shiny bulbous things. I don't know maybe it's some reptilian. Some bringing your brain reptiles that Is like a disease or something. Maybe i don't know yeah like bowl basing out of a limb. I don't know go to anyone have any. Maybe someone relates to this but especially it's shiny like if it's spider is looking. Maybe it's like too many Don't wanna talk about. She's getting weak in the knees. I have a great little video. I'm going to post that. I took just for you knowing that you have this thing so you have anything. That just makes you queasy. I get well. Mine is more like nails on a chalkboard kind of stuff. But i cannot handle Okay you know the little carnation cups of ice cream that come with the little wooden spoon when you take a bite of the ice cream and then you put it in your mouth at the little wooden spoon and then you pull that wooden spoon out between your lips. Richard pulled taut. And just that feeling of the woods spoon against your lips as you pull it out. Oh hey i hate it just that skeeve me out a hate it more than life itself. It's the worst worst. I've i won't find those for my kids just for that reason because they can't be depriving them of the best experience in the world especially the strawberry swirls they can save it till college they can figure it out when the good of the golden state ice skating rink katie green parties. Right didn't have those on that roller skating rink the golden gate. And that's where that's where my sister mouse. Learned how to stick hands and back pockets of boys when they oh backwards The boy cuts the boys that could wrecks or shoot the duck off world. I'm in usually had some kind of a mullet type. Era do those because they were real hot hot dogs and if they were white and then they turn on the black light and everyone glowed the weight jeans. Mama looks like andy kids to go with dashes flowing around as they skied. They did not have much is just a little bit wings. They were nine years old. Little hairless rats as i've seen them all twelve year old budding mechanics floating around like steve perry harassing. Oh lovey. not all of everybody like when you watch that movie. The hot wet american summer. What's the what's another one. That kind of These confusing but you really did have a certain air that you could really type out. Typ thinking billy dab his health that billy's abkah in Karate kid even though he was the bad guy he looked so fine he was my guy and i stood next to him in line at disneyland for real when i was like thirteen in i had feeling i'd never felt before. Maybe he'll sit on the matter with me and maybe he'll be back in. Wrap his hands around my front but no he went into different car grill. Another one of our celebrity stories. that goes nowhere. This one is number eighty four and a half and then we saw george went and then he came out of the and then he left and we saw waiting for your next door.

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You're talking about billy's yep that's a real story broke. That was as george went rollerskates. Shut up no seriously. My sister was interested in kirk cameron from growing pains. He's the best and you had all your little lake magazine. Cutouts all over your closing ralph. Montagu was interested. In yes bruce willis. He's high he's back old dad size man. You have a chance. Young is he's around and willing enable they're doing a celebrity roast on him. I think really this week or something. Like comedy central. Yeah it was cute to talk about any sorry go now is sponsored by dream dinners. Oh my gosh. She goes elaborate. Exactly where The biggest pack. The game changer. That really made me feel good about family. Mealtimes again dream dinners dot com or mousa weans dot com to get the link and enter mouse and weans ninety nine at checkup. If you're in the local area of power or san marcos she will get ninety nine dollars off your first order and you can choose to have free delivery while we are in shutdown but dream dinners meal prep service. It's different than the others. It doesn't come necessarily fresh in a box. And if you don't cook it right away it rots it's already wonderfully prepared in bags and you pop them in your freezer. You pop them into your fridge when you're ready to thaw them out and cook them up and you have yourself a nice fresh gourmet dinner on the table. That's real easy to prepare about twenty thirty minutes. Anyone can do at the kids do it. Dave helps me do it. The foods are so great. The meals are wonderful. Charlotte was just saying how excited she was to see. A bunch of our new dream dinner bags ready to go for the week so she couldn't wait for for our mealtime. Which is what. I want as a mom. I hope you do too. This is also great for single and even for your parents if someone's older and doesn't want to spend a lotta time shopping prepping cooking. This is the perfect option for them. So did you go to dream. Dinners dot com. Enter mousa weans ninety nine at checkout if your local otherwise choose your location and go for it. It's not a subscription. you can end anytime but good to dream dinners dot com and change your life. No seriously you had an experience with dr. Do you wanna talk about that. Yes sir it. I'm putting more authored laughter. Okay especially the middle. I got cool sculpting done bump up it the so okay. We i kid talk what. I still kids talking. I don't know where to go with this. No i was going to keep this totally into wraps. Because i feel like any sort of plastic surgery body enhancement stuff like this is cheating. I feel like i have but this system. I didn't do my proper time and working out. I didn't do proper eating. And starvation diet and therefore cheater and athena three children u. But yeah and my other side of contention with this is everyone should just be happy with the body that god gave them and move it along in. Stop thinking about yourself so much looking in the mirror and just be so the voices are head exactly but then the secret voice says i just want to look better because it would make me feel better which is totally fine rate. Yes in ever. Since i was twelve. Thirteen fourteen whatever. When i do a sit up ahead that role right in the middle and it's never gone away. No matter how teeny tiny was no matter. Your skinny i was a twig. Do remember those basketball videos of me in high school. I this look like one of those things. At the carla but erin the advertising like poof uc basketball moves in the long flying arms and legs but just imagine wearing shorts in little stick legs coming out. That's kind of my look. That was what i was going for with my nabi. By the way that's like the perfect model body like i was more of the What people turn meet brick. I came out like a big old chunk like the summer's eve commercial.

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Excuse my french but where you wear the camisole and like run through the flowers. And everything's fine and i was just like the big old meaty not with me. We're the the burton ernie of buddies. No you're not owned. no no i am. I'm the run. Your yeah well. Now we would always do that. I would relate to the moon you would relate to this. you would be the half million. Yeah i was always cheery matter. Oh my god no but anyway cool what. The fuck is cool sculpting please yes so is you've find that little fat pad the little troublespot. That just won't go away so mine is my middle. I've been working out for six months like hard like just about every day of the week. Like for an hour burning orange theory. But yeah and i can burn five hundred fifty calories a day and watching what i eat like seriously bird peck. Eating and i still can't get rid of this middle dude and peck eating. Yes at that one down right got it so it is a technique that they you go to one of these medical spas and it's a chunk of change. You do have to commit but they also finance it over time. So i worked it out per month. It was very doable and It takes thirty minutes per area. They deemed that. I needed for areas. Data my abdomen too. Like it's kind of a oblong. It's like a hotdog shape the sucky thing that they put here. Yes that they put on your spot. And so i need a four spots done with this hotdog vacuum and okay so imagine a big eraser. It looks like a big randy hotdog eraser. Attached to big vacuum hose. And you lay down on the chair they drawn you first of all so they like really outline your fat and shame you in front of a mirror gets i think that's all for their own show so they can charge so much as they make it like. I don't know yes. It's very new up. It's dramatic a decorative art piece. I actually posted the videos and my commentary on our facebook group so for all the listeners other go to facebook look up groups look up mouse and wings and you have to ask to be added. It's a private group. Because i wasn't going to put this a super publicly just for the people that actually know us in my care about us. We'll make 'cause. I've tendered Anyway yeah so they stick these ones on you and turn on the machine. It's attached hoover and turn it on in it since chairman narcissism. Sorry go ahead all right. Let's get get into a little. That knows like but but but and you lay there for thirty minutes each section and it just feels like this vacuuming super cold things stuck to your stomach and you watch the big tv comedy central Dumb and dumber was on and the movie. Tammy was on starring muslim. Mccarthy and susan sarandon and actually turn the sound all the way down and just watch the pictures. Because i was listening to podcasts. This sounds like it would make me punch someone Having cold arm you like having a cold thing sucked you. It would make me want to punch. Yes i did. I punched out the technician. Poor jasmine was her name. And she talked with vocal. Fry like occur dashing. I kind of don't trust her. I hope she did a good job. But anyway Vocal fraught vocal fry. You know that is was. It's more like this when people are talking like super call. Oh is it a or i believe so. I think it's a it's a kardashian. Cool thing and i like to take kardashian as from from illinois that every once in a while a hands i heard they suck up. It doesn't feel super cold. It just feels numb kind of and then they massage it. They do a hands massage and they take a double gloved hand and they need your belly like a big pile of frozen dough. It's really not this. Is i filmed. It is on our facebook group page.

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If you wanna see my fat being needed it is wild. It's crazy so yeah and now right now so this is day three. I got it done on saturday. So today's monday It's it's still and sore so it feels like a weird done a bunch of situps and it feels like i have a sunburn that just turned into like a number of my screen at seven thirty in the so. Okay wait so they frozen your fat cells and you're supposed to poop them out. Can we just get to that pressure of people to vote their on a stick. And pooping out fat cells. Yeah they massage up. That just breaks up the old broken up outta postponed tissue out of sites at a post Selves fat cells. And they just metabolize your body metabolism over and they just get excreted how your body gets through to stuff and it takes three weeks to resign yanni. I'm sorry yanni was just. How many saying. Oh that's great. And i just wanna say here or ask him where his trouble-spots where's where's his stored. It's underneath. His mustache has a very one one giant fat upper lip that is above the upper lip. It's like upper upper curb links. Take us i think so. Something like go ahead. Sorry he's been excuse. You got me yanni young model. Oh yeah sorry. Three months three months you see results. So i'm going to take some before and after pictures and Once i scrub the sharpie off i still haven't scripted off and then i'm going to get my flanks done speaking of slang stakes the calling your back fat. Your bra under brian area in muffin can really call the flanks. I don't know just you're the official back fat area and the whole point is i have no waistline and i would like to wear a dress with a belt in not look like a big hot dog with the belt on because i feel like i just go straight down a tree trunk of a body type in i have no curve and i've always wanted to know what it's like a welcome to my world. I've been water. Weenie my whole life since the name weans but really go if you slip up home but you know what. It's great because people can sit on me. It'd just be like writing the log ride out mexico. Oh pace full circle home language. it's a tillage. Yeah so the wasteland. Let's just i'm getting go downhill pretty fast here folks so i. This is my last chance. Well you know. Middle aged hormones are changing. I just know things are changing. I can tell it's really hard to Diet and exercise and keep my body looking the way it did and this is just going to be a nice little jump. Start to get rid of that spot and then incentive to keep it up like i don't want to drop all this coin and then just flip it back up again with the speaker. Yeah it's right. Did he gain it back now. I'm just saying he kept it away and kept it off okay. I couldn't spell know why. How about mama june. From a from new girl show nonni bougie. She did a gastric bypass thing. And i think gained it all back so really. It's tough yeah. I just watched intervention and a guy was addicted hand sanitizer in he had gastric bypass and then after he had his stomach. Lining was not as good so then he would drink hand sanitizer in the mess him up more anyway. I'll rooker continue sanitizer. Actually charlotte calls it hand. Sanitizer it's my favorite ham a gm the end sanitizer. Oh see 'em sanitizer. And i'm never going to correct her gonna let her sit till she's forty and hope. That was like mom was santa claus. We were the last people. No one is just telling this story. The data my friend. When i was sitting there like wait. Can we believe this out. Oh this is like a radio. No what if kids are listening just in case okay so l. Roker back to al.

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'cause he hurtled circles right back No i want to hear more about your gig yesterday to. We're gonna try to record yesterday that you had a thing going on. Oh well i was playing at. The famous spoke restaurant down off the river. So it's a it's part. You can get your bike fixed and you can also eat granola people singing to you. So did you do. A new set is the well when guitar. Dan mahoney came over this time to rehearse the songs he likes to do coverage for tips in Because it's kind of environment. I guess it's more of a background noise music while you eat kind of place so you mean but then i said just in the no. I'm just saying he uses this experience at the spoke place as like. Oh this is kind of a cover kind of joint. People aren't coming to see you to see your original songs. They just kinda wanna hear. I recognize that cat stevens song and then they eat their for granola. Why are we gonna say mad. I'm mad couple times like nobody pays attention. They were just what their faces in their granola. So now it's just become this place where people just like everyone in granola just like granola granola remember in murmuring to each other not paying attention band but now i don't care now i was like oh this is fascinating because i do. I always think about the musician at the place. Like what is going through their mind as people are kind of half listening and half clapping at the end. They're just part of the whole scene. Yeah okay this is good. Haven't but then i'm like that. Weird rogue person psych rock and make people listen to these songs and then all they keep doing his coming out. They'll be someone from the restaurant comes on like. can you please turn it down going. Turn it down. They're not here. They're here for they're here. You're the you're the granola enhancer. Wanna be the granola enhancer. I to be like the the main course drop. Their spoons woo anyways. I've four turn it up to get their good conversations. You should just do that. Slowly volume and pretty poker. I have even created a song to scare them. We can play. Because i told i told guitar dan because i i listen to my originals. Play him this time so he came over before like a few days before because we did it yesterday. Saturday whatever and so. I play it me here me mimi all about me but while you do that i'm going to do little shouts to our friends. Listeners we have forget it. I'll do this at the end. No go ahead. are you ready. Okay you real quick okay. It's it's a ridiculous but they did want them to like pay attention. Suddenly so certainly this. Oh my things at a tune but it's ok ready. ooh through dougharun me. Nope sorry with your frizzy hair in your chocolate as this mellow lonie walk through the air to be so as sega bad two offenses z. Near wig oh one time ligo here we go out a quake. That was my girls spoon. Lewis this person. Stop everything spit out that reason. Listen listen. I couldn't play the of do tired. Yes so it starts up but he does it. I don't play the guitar. Obviously i i write the songs like this one that he plays beautifully that it's called quiet and then was a.

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Here's the part where we need to. What routes doesn't make any sense but we did it and a couple of people who go some bad turns. We go make good. It's the best. Yeah who are your shoutouts. Oh poop poop every morning what. Wow sag way yeah. I haven't yet usually. I'm on the putt. Right around this time you know few sips into the coffee and but no. This is more exciting. Okay go ahead. Who are we cast. Clench. i'm clenching for you pinch in claims for you. That's great no. Who do i want to talk about here I don't know. We have a lot of fun i was i was talking with and i might do this still. I'm waiting to hear back from her. But this lady with a genealogy podcast. Her name is carolyn in it's called from paper to people. So if anybody likes genealogy she's really like kinda funny cool and does a lot of different genealogy stuff. I don't know this may not be the right target market for this. So i'm just gonna leave it at that but i like her life and she read one of my little questions on air and we're going to record a episode about old family recipes. 'cause i'm really into that. This is one of my other. Hobbies is are you on the pot. Who is that a toilet flush. Oh sorry this if you search. That's one of my little hobbies is doing genealogy family history stuff in anyway. She's funny so that's my shout out this week do dude and we also had a topic question come up. Shall we talk question. Would you like to do this. This one comes from Olivia james and she is from the podcast. Super serious social justice which They talk about topics ranging from disability to feminism to race. And they try to do it in an accessible and generally silly way all right so super serious social justice. I'm a lot. Yeah and two women shout out to girl power yen. Yom she asked. What is your favorite form of software. So i talked about The cool sculpting and diet and exercise and you know just trying to keep healthy inside out. That's mine and to look good and feel good about yourself so what is yours. I want to know about what. Geez just giving psychological torture be less analytical. Okay so i started to feel a little sick in instead of anyone's gonna relate to this because 'cause on my gosh are you kidding. Everyone will this is like your your whole stories can have well. What's my story anyway. Yeah talk so well. I have excuse my french. You don't say that together in one sentence unless he wouldn't be crucified so terrible guide for your sins people. Everyone's suck it morning. 756 sam w k european town. Hey fuck racism. That was a poster that i have my wall fisher fishbone. Hey so everyone myself care techniques are if you start feeling sick get some zinc pills good. I did start to take care of myself by instead of pushing through it. I really said what if i were my own. What if i really cared about myself. How would i treat myself in the sickness. And i said i would go to the store and i would get some zinc gumy's because i know that that works in the those things and then instead of going out late on the couch and they got orange juice in high vitamin c. Things and i said. I'm going to care for myself as if a mother would care for a child to good myself and but normally i think a lot of women probably do this. He just pushed through it and go. It's just you know you just want to get through it and continue and then again. I'm going to pamper myself and also went to the crazy time massage. Which is another form of care because a lot of people don't what do you mean again.

00:40:02 - 00:45:00

Oh not korean day. Spa this is tai. Yeah he's the ladies who like walk on your back with monkey. Toes grabbed the your back with their feet. And it's the little handstands in chinese thai. Kicks handstands on your back. Yeah they just the disarray on your back. Grab your flanks after cool. Sculpting length is a weird there's a lot of flank grabbing there. Some in inured just kind of naked with your underwear but then suddenly you're being thrust to sit up in no towel boobs and pull an arm over your head and do these weird things and pulling the lega and so you're just anyway so you like this because it's stretchy and mushy and get the blood flowing or because it's forty dollars now dan. Yeah but it is. You know how sometimes you go in and you pay a lot of money for these massages and they have nice like yanni. I don't want to but they do have a lot of his music and it's you know it's like no i'm saying i like it and saying it's relaxing honey and go back to bed. Critique massage style. Is he one of the flipping. Crew flew flew. Really good it last night he was. I have a hot tub in my house and he fills it with vanilla like whip cream and he hides in the bottom of it and then walking me goes surprise and then he plays like a little song on his very son sacks and then he gives me massage but he likes to do it where he hides his whole face cream so that stick out as little mustache because he doesn't want me to look in his eyes he doesn't want me to be distracted he just wants to be like an invisible force. So there's just hands coming out and then he massages me but i can always see his mustache just so have a frame of reference whereas faces home punching so anyway i thought he choking on her own spin whipped cream getting their own. He played pan flute. He oh yes that to know usually well. They keep kenny g. Because i know interest with him for please don't say that so loud no nothing she was just saying. Look at me. Not kenny crazy. He's back to sleep no he. He plays paradorn sometimes too because he likes to put on underneath creamy hands on a wig kinney i'm just getting. He plays the saxophone just to be like him but only in private anyway. How is mexico. Nice strip is really. It's it's i think it's time but we want to answer the self quere square quest free qua- care self care. Yes will you talk about how you would take lots of medicines for everything and but then you realize just to like clean your system out. I'm going to let the dog out really quick because he's winding at the door. But will you talk about the Who let the dogs in. Mademoiselle myself for sesame street that was you remember barkley. By the way yes big berkeley berkeley. There was a whole song. That goes in and out in and out. is this. what a dog's life is really all about i. It comes in and he goes out every time. Your dog wants to go out. Please think of that song. Big fluffy burks story. I think it's it is. We've got a call it okay. Well does joining us. Thank you for. Activating may cool sculpted abdomens. They were wanting in do. Can you do a foreign after. If you are accountable to the world we will. You will keep up your Possible hourglass fifth possible. Our you post your progress. It'd be cool i will. You can look at my little cheat body with two ships. Now we'll see how it goes. Yeah i will totally that count ability to. That's a whole thing. So i'm down.

00:45:00 - 00:47:57

Yeah countable all right but to see the the wild pictures everybody needs to go to our facebook group page it's private and then We have also. I'm going to post the little movie of The fishburne concert you went to the other night the free la because you got a nice shot up from angelo. I thought he was on stage. It was that macarthur park. Which is someone left. The cake out in the that song macarthur park. Who cares but yet fishbone concert was great. They were awesome so much fun. Yeah and into the crowd and he goes. How'd you know seat in my my deer mouse who. I don't know where you saw that but it's funny that that's the only video that you happen to watch be calling out my name. That's weird. yeah they posted it on the fishbone official page. I think fan did or maybe one of the admins but it was just a little clip of What was it called again. The fascism zone subliminal fascism. That's rascism fit yet. So the end of that song and then he talks in the middle of it and then he jumps into the pressure song and so that little clip was when he did your shot. It was just funny. I was like what he said her name. So if you wanna find weans name you have to go to social media. I know 'cause he's starting to get exposed to a lot of really sorry. we're also getting. There's a lot of really good podcasts. Out there that is really interesting. And what's funny. I love you. i love you skies. Everybody big old pissed. I okay yahoo by Hi we're the podcast discovery show. We're a podcast. That's about other podcasts. Where every single week. We have a book club style. Discussion about a podcast. We recommend the week before and then we recommend a new show at the end of that episode. And it's fun. Just great way to discover new podcast and also on our feed. We have a show called discovery. Weekly where we talk about everything else we've discovered throughout the week can be art history science food. We don't care if we discovered it. We wanna talk about it. We are live streaming on twitch. Where on youtube and you can find us anywhere. You find your podcasts. And remember there's always more to discover. This was a podcast of the PodFix Network. You can check out more shows like it on