June 28, 2021

E116 - Matty from Nooks and Crannies on UFOs, ESP, Botanicals, Bonobo Sex, Orgasm Boxes, Indigenous Groups, Racial Classification, Brains & CTE

Hope your brain sponge is ready to soak up some fascinating knowledge! Matty, easily the smartest Nooks and Crannies podcaster besides co-host Evan, serves us up a verbal pu pu platter of stories and information as to why humans do the things an...

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Resources in this episode - Rough timeline and links:
  01:00 Intro to Matty and Sociology vs Psychology talk.
  04:00 Skulls, phrenology, eugenics, ranking and systematizing races 
  08:00 Indigenous peoples. First Nations, Native Americans
  13:00 Sanitizing history books, what was taught on Canadian & US indigenous groups
  15:00 Residential schools. Listen to Nooks and Crannies June 2, 2021 episode (#73.5)
  16:00 Ancient alien theory, Stonehenge, pyramids. Matty on Our Strange Skies ep 20
  18:00 Erich von Däniken's Chariots of the Gods & Alien Theme Park Jungfraupark
  21:00 Nazca lines
  23:00 Ayahuasca, Iboga & psychedelics. Book Breaking Open The Head
  26:00 Archeoethnobotany - hemp in history. Fibers, seeds, omegas, fish oil
  27:00 Ad for Dream Dinners
  29:00 Primate sexuality, Bonobo sex article
  30:00 Leakey's Angels Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey & Matty's prof Birutė Gaidikas
  35:00 Puberty rituals in different cultures
  36:45 Anthropological theories behind monogamy, polyamory, matriarchy, patriarchy
  39:00 Human sex drive and obsession. Physical, hormonal, trauma-based
  44:00 Psychological disorders, book Selling Sickness, mental health, big pharma.
  46:45 Medical training, exceptionalism, sexism. Women's emotional hysteria.
  48:00 Orgasm doctor Wilhelm Reich (hear N&C ep 40), crystal boxes... hey Gwyneth!
  51:00 Matty's two UFO sightings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:03:00 Julianne's UFO summoner co-worker Robert Bingham 
1:05:00 ESP and psychic tendrils
1:06:30 Horoscopes, history, gravity, evaporation, barometric pressure, full moon
1:10:45 Matty's concussions and medical anthropology
1:15:15 Plaques, concussions, Alzheimer's, APOE4, brain structure, and fMRI
1:17:00 Disability politics and uplifting documentary Crip Camp
1:20:00 Medical gaslighting, Kelly Nerdzilla Mendenhall - podcaster, author, advocate
1:21:00 Matty's family life, podcast summary & man crushes! (Peek at Aubrey Marcus)

E116 Summary – Hope your brain sponge is ready to soak up some fascinating knowledge! Matty, easily the smartest Nooks and Crannies podcaster besides co-host Evan, serves us up a verbal pu pu platter of stories and information as to why humans do the things and think the way we do. He has thoughts on ancient alien theory, having under his belt 17 years of college, multiple degrees in many social sciences, a touch of ESP, and two personal UFO sightings! Yes, he gives details on his spacecraft viewings, down to the unfortunate interruption. He explains his beliefs about horoscopes, Newtonian physics, and ancient people’s understanding of the cosmos. We ask about indigenous cultures in Canada and the US, talk history books and racial classification, and learn about puberty rituals and practices. We find out feelings on hemp, ayahuasca, and iboga as we chat about psychedelics and cultures. There is lots of laughter as we hear about primate sexuality amongst nonbinary, self-loving, sword-fighting bonobos. And we learn why there were a bunch of sad non-orgasmic naked people sitting on crystal boxes in the 50’s! Hear the conversation on why people, anthropologically speaking, fantasize about partners or have obsessive sexual behaviors. This leads to neurotransmitter and neurology talk, and we find out about Matty’s many concussions and CTE, and talk disability policies and thoughts on healthcare. It was a wonderful discussion and we loved learning a little bit about his family too. Hope you enjoy this insightful, funny dialog with our friend too and let us know what you think!

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Matty from Nooks and Crannies on UFOs, ESP, Botanicals, Bonobo Sex, Orgasm Boxes, Indigenous Groups, Racial Classification, Brains & CTE

00:00:00 - 00:05:09

Please visit mouse and weans dot com show notes for all resources listed here and thank you so much to our patrons This is frederick nici. You're listening to my favorite podcast mouse. and wiens. what was frederick. Msci sound like not biz a brief. All right everybody well. I am mouse. I'm joel. I'm the mom one in san diego i'm weans. Mla in a in a closet months. But i'm in the closet. Can you tell physically in the closet. And who do we have with us here on zoom. If anyone wants to go to youtube we have the lovely and wonderful. Let's hear the voice. Let's do a guest. This voice Welcome to most wins. Mattie here and i'm joined this time by most wins it's mattie from nooks and crannies. Ooh so ed you hear this is great. This is a long time coming. We've been Chatting and and listening to each other for how long now years right. I think i might be one of the original listeners. Actually i listen. I'm like oh. They got the factor. Then i'm like me on the show. Perfect i know and likewise long right back at you. Yeah you're shows great nooks and crannies. Everyone and you know how everything so many interesting subjects. I have listened to a bunch. And that's why i was excited. I had so many questions and joel said like pick four. We can't we only have our no look dismal. Twelve topics so really. Did you do that. Well i was sending all the links. You're sitting me. You had the the orioles to stuff like oh we could read this and then will that might yeah it. Was that meant to overwhelm you. But i figure you can handle. It met once getting into bonobo sexuality that is so impressive. Page just based on those four topics. So let's jump in so so we know i'm going to give you a little intro because you are currently taking college courses finishing your degree in heavy switched from sociology psychology. Yeah okay so but it's not all of these plus anthropology. Yeah and it was a better program at the. I got into because you fast in online. Most programs are better than sociology. So that's the old division right. There like sociology. Better than no like okay. So we rank. Sociology slightly. Had a psychology. 'cause they're very suspicious psychology and anthropology but this is the three way like pissing match that we could and this is the rivalry. Aso anthropology were the oldest disciplined. So we feel like trump them so yes but back in the early part of our discipline. We're measuring skulls and ranking races. So it's nothing to write home about but we still got them by like sixty years and by the way that was nuts and have you heard of the krahn what is it that was kinda after that where they ranked Humans from you know the dark skin tone as subhuman going up to superhuman and it came after the schools and then that was like. Oh we'll then that became the doctrine before the enlightenment period. Yeah for sure because yeah for sure like it would be like lecture three when i was like giving. Ta lectures apology. I love going like radical political because like some people have this knowledge of like phonology and eugenics they say the fields of legitimate science. Back in the day Where they would so phonology is measuring the bumps on the skull and then eugenics is sort of like everything else but it's Basically concluding a people's behaviors in their characteristics based on physical appearance or physical dimensionality. So it's pseudoscience because that's not a valid thought basically. There's nothing like really interesting scientific about it. But it was the dominant Belief in social sciences for like starting in like the eighteen seventies all the way up until pretty much like the nineteen thirties.

00:05:09 - 00:10:04

I was thinking about it today. I think world war two was what finally put a chi- bosch who Like jackson these sorts of Theories and yeah the racial classification schemes. That was an attempt to try to like systematize the world right because they're encountering all these new people from different parts of the world through colonialism. And what have you but it's It was the value latent or moral because they were ranking the different people. So is this kind of strange but like you know. African americans or people from africa would be ranked lowest and then above them often was the irish. And then it'd be like the chinese. It looks so very interesting political reasons because the people who are making the schemes were like americans and like the eighteen eighties and they had all these irish immigrants and they hated the irish immigrants. Then you know the italians would be like right down. There is one for all doing it too so good. Yes that's the root of all of this is like a color scheme in a skull skull shape score it was skull like measuring so smaller brain was linked darker skin smaller brain kind of thing and argument for it. Yeah and it was also got to like what they believed. The potential of people were so they'd be like african americans or people from africa because of their physical body. Proportions are better suited for physical labor. Now that's obviously a justification for slavery right so there was a lot of political Like meanings that were ascribed to these classification schemes. So it really depended on. Who was doing the classifying right. So maybe like it was a british scholar. They might break down like the indian from india. India population. And maybe they have like job. You see up near the top like above hindus and maybe below muslim. i don't know But they would be like a reflection of their colonial beliefs and desires essentially. So it's kind of just reworking A plan after what they already wanted. Yeah systematising racism. Yeah basically in canada to yeah. Oh yeah who's more egregious. That was one of the topics it's like. How do you rank racism right. So what i wrote was like I like colonialism takes different forms depending on where and when it's happening like who's doing it when it's happening and where it's happening right so like the british experience in india is different than the british experience in north america for example so in canada when it comes to our indigenous first nations populations While we had like outright massacres and things like this are murders or Things like this lake. It was more of a cultural genocide. And that doesn't mean that it's any less severe is just different. So in canada we tended to displace people's Take their language away in different ways. We had the residential school system. Which was a novel. Canadian concept that we had like state-sponsored but religiously administered residential schools where First nations children were literally snatched up from their villages and taken off to some residential school. Hundreds of kilometers. Is it indigenous. People being it or Oh yes so. We use the term so in anthropology the term is indigenous because that just means like native to that land or whatever like the original people and then first nations is like a catch all phrase for all indigenous peoples in canada. And then we also designate new it So the people. You call them eskimos but in you. It is the proper term and maty which are a first nations French sort of nixed. People i suppose And it's a distinct group in canada. Take and like so in canada like our history. Textbooks will paint. The picture is very much like america. This way where we have a selective representations of our history and we kind of erase certain elements our history or to make it like sanitized essentially. Yeah so often yeah. He published your recent episode. Which was great. You did mention that. were you know. Textbooks will have a paragraph and it's almost like more of a slap in the face to only give it a paragraph versus. Just keep it out or something. I think that was evans idea. But yeah yeah yeah. Yeah same with our textbooks here because you don't learn about native indigenous people here. Until i think it's junior i just took a class in native of indians.

00:10:04 - 00:15:03

It's so funny. Okay that's the other thing is what do you call the people so you say indigenous because they told me like some of the natives in the class said. Just ask them what they want to be called. Sometimes it's native sometime. It's just indian. But always ask was the but i'm so worried about saying the wrong thing. That's what i did lake. So i happened to grow up in a very multicultural place so like i got to ask like the uncomfortable questions when i was in like great five so when you get away with it. So but now it's adults just ask they. Might you might be surprised. I might be like oglala right. And you're like where's that front. And then you get to learn about their people in their history. Once truism i found an anthropology is people. it doesn't matter where they are in the world. They love chocolate themselves right. So he just turns out totally universal. So i think in an america you guys are like native. Americans or something is is but like indigenous because it's kind of academic in like signals to like my anthropology background and then because in canada you gotta be like first nation may t- in you it like it's like you as a company And but before we were calling them indians as well. Yeah okay and indigenous say applies to maybe any landry. I mean there's native to any area so that yeah exactly like the indigenous people in russia and siberia versus like. Did you know there's indigenous people in finland. No i guess not make sense. We all everybody's been somewhere so i just after taking this class. Of course you know you hear about the genocide and the massacres and it's always the it seems to be. Well what i learned. So it's the your first. It was spanish here and then it was russians. There's a lot of In russians weren't as bad as the spanish like grabbing people and putting them in indentured and then they would. It was called indentured servitude and convict leasing and i don't know if it was similar but like the. Us government was all for the secret. Militia gangs going out and getting rid of people off the land and it was very government funded and they don't want to put any of this in the history books at all so they teach a nice little sanitized section in junior of high school. And that's kind of it unless you choose it and college to learn about shame like we have lake first. Nation studies all through high school for example and even element you school. But it's how it's portrayed so in candidates like oh we just did for trading and we traded fishing stuff. News is cool. Combine man like really like. There's no mention too. I just i can only imagine. They were getting smallpox and stuff up in canada just like they were in america. But i mean i imagine that happens in canada and you can only imagine because we don't talk about it. Yeah i'm sure there's not much documentation kept of it. You know or no. No and joel d. Did you get anything in school No i mean it sounds a lot like you know we had thanksgiving with the indians and everybody brought their vegetables to the table and we all got along talks blanket and then there are some battles because it was like whoa wait. This is our land. We worked it out and you know they got their reservation. We got our land here. We are and then. I remember you did a mission project right because that was where you build a mission out of sugar cubes and that was the spanish. And that was like oh. The indians loved emissions. Yeah yeah it was actually where they captured them and made them work for free and great. Yeah yeah everything was very sweet. And then no mention of the chinese brought over for the railroads right the chinese and remember julianne going in northern california. We'd drive out to the hills in like dr camping. Trips and stuff and dad would always point out the though there are tons and tons of fences just made of boulders and very old and he said oh yeah. This is where you know. All the chinese came in they would help landowners. Divide up their land in this and just watching the miles and miles of boulder d- fences built. It's just boggling to the imagination and then there's no mention of it so yeah yeah i don't even remember. I know i know matt. Do you have box in your childhood clocks in your childhood. Like i do i remember. Yeah you okay well. Did you have something to say about that. Because of course link derailing off this. No i mean. It's a pretty heavy topic thing i'd say on this. No i mean it's the twenty first century folks Wikipedia where you're living right now and learn about your local unfortunately probably heinous history that surrounds you and just go educate yourself and it's a.

00:15:03 - 00:20:25

It's a good thing and for any canadian listeners. you should find out where the closest residential school is to where you live and go learn about that history absolutely. Yeah yeah and here. We have one called the sherman school and we have one called the carlisle school. Sherman's go. I think was nevada. Carlisle is in riverside in knows where the same as what you're talking about where it was a school set up to basically take the kids from the parents and make them white like get rid of your language. Start wearing these clothes and they basically captured him. Beat them into submission. Same saying on your awful. Yeah so no we. We all really should know this anyway. So note i'm thinking of. I just went on a couple of websites to thinking of stacking rocks. Here's my famous segue Stonehenge aliens someone was good. Saiki joe someone on it took a ufo with like a had strings and it was holding up the stonehenge rock and placing it. And they were doing this whole depiction of how it could have happened. And then and then jillian listening to your professors. She recorded one of her professors talking about about the pyramids being built. And is it possible that it's alien and so. What are your thoughts on aliens in ufo xxx. We have a pseudo expert here to his hand has ever face why okay. I don't know if the episode still but you have to. Ufo show ran christoffersen buddy of mine and podcasting is called strange skies And i went on there and totally debunked the ancient alien theory tour to but then the second half was all about men in black which i totally believe in But no okay so like the nutshell of that forty five minute. Discussion was the ancient alien. Theories is racist actually when you look at The theories around like oh who built this or that structure Takes stonehenge for example. It was built. Why white people. In england right Most of the ancient alien theorists will say that stonehenge is used to communicate with aliens. So it's almost like an interim locator one to one relationship whereas For brown skin people or black skin people Their pyramids and stuff were built by the aliens almost as if they're not capable and then this theory yeah. I know. no one thinks about hypnotist totally racist and that's why all the ancient alien theorists are all white guys right. He's likely couldn't crack it in. Academics probably like jerks who got fired from their tenured positions become ancient alien theorists. Because they have. I have to tell you. I went to switzerland in the middle of nowhere. It was one of those trips where i just closed my eyes and pointed to. I was in europe. And i just said i don't know where i wanna go in the train thing did in. It stopped on interlocken switzerland. And i go okay. And i jump on a train. It took seven hours. I get there in where. I'm in a youth hostel and i go. What does this thing. I'm seeing in the distance and just walked over. And it was eric van. Akin who did the chariot of the gods was a famous and he was a. He was ancient alien. Wait like german right. Any built this fucking museum. In the middle of switzerland that nobody went to it was like in the hills and it was. You sat there. I was like me and to other people's and there was a whole it. It was like yeah. It was like the people was only open for like five years. One hundred percent talked about it on the podcast. Yeah yeah totally. He built it to himself and the guy was such a pretentious snob that nobody wanted to go. Because can you explain it. I've tried to explain it and people don't believe me. And they tune out basically a guy like crazy Narcissists built a shrine to himself switzerland. But it's like it's a it's a geodesic dome and you go in and you all of a sudden they go welcome. Please sit in the theatre in these. Sit you down. And then they're like here. Are the nazca lines. And and then they have like little figures that Like you touch and you get to play with things and then you sit and watch a video and then they walk to another section. It was the weirdest thing it felt like a cold. I i thought i wasn't gonna come back. It was so odd back at the entrance. Did i miss them. It made no sense and it made less sense when i left except federal. Yeah so what He was trying to explain the aliens or it was just like interest helping build ancient technology. Kind of yeah. Basically like He basically was you know the the tv show ancient aliens right or whatever it's on it's like the show that everybody watches around this theory it's been popular for ten years or something It's good that you don't know 'cause i'd be worried that if it was my favorite show down this wormhole though because my husband i watched like three alien shows in a row documentaries now are like ooh.

00:20:25 - 00:25:10

Let's find out okay. I totally believe in aliens. Aliens make sense and I have some stories probably about share But when it comes to like aliens and archaeology From an archaeological perspective. I used to study archaeology It was actually eric down. Can you got me into the discipline. Like when i read his book. When i was fifteen i was like i could probably do that but then i quickly realized that like once you start learning about archaeology and like actually how the people figured out how to make a pyramid. That's kind kinda crazy With like like they had metal but it was like bronze right like the softest metal ever. How can you build like perfectly chiseled rocks and we'll them up on logs and organize a crew of like fifty thousand workers and they weren't slaves either. There's evidence in egypt. They used to think that they're in slave labor. They weren't these like constricted labor once a year you had to go volunteer on the pyramid or whatever and they give you rice and beer basically but anyway But once you start learning these. Archaeology is more interesting than the ancient alien theory. Because if i did everything like that's born chair very it's actually more interesting to figure out. How did they that. Like the nazca. Lines is A pretty simple little like you draw like graph like a line down the line cross and then you just draw the shapes that you want can you. Who don't know what that is yet. Like oh the nazca. Lines are blake. Basically if you were in a spaceship or a plane And you look down on a chile. Chile peru up in the highlands They're basically of monkeys and birds and things like this and it's like yeah. It's it's pretty. It's very impressive. Engineering feat right And then if you go down to ground level what you see. It's it's a bunch of like white or gray colored rocks like about this big like both sides. Baseball golf ball put down over now. This is the thing. The nasca lines weren't just like built in like say even like five years which would be pretty fast archaeologically. they're built over a span of thousands of years. So that can. I mean a few people take iraqi t fuel. People take rocks each day and they find. Yeah exactly and that's a beautiful thing about archaeology. it's like how would i do it if it was me. And like two of my buddies and we're all ripped on iowa oscar we make and have you tried iowa. No that wants to scary. I i do think the botanical. I'm more afraid of powders of any sort but No iowa it's like. I don't need to see the serpent gods like i just. I'm happy to see a couple of mushrooms and go camping with my buddies some. I can't remember if you know. But i've researched it all. I was writing a screenplay on the amazon and so it was it was before it was like super popular. I have to say that. Because i thought it was so fascinating and i was like discovering it but then i read a book called breaking. Open your head and it was like writer from spin magazine. If you've ever heard of this finding where. I think he was just trying to figure out. Like what are these drugs from. Each of these indigenous tribes like there was a abobo route was from africa and that was the one that they're now using to help cure get people. Off of heroin and opioids. Successful would do the worst time ever. Oh it's the worst that's why you can count on it because ukraine's vote and and you never wanna do any kind of drug again. Basically and makes you examine your soul on like it'll take you back to your infancy childhood but like infancy. Okay what are these things that are growing on our earth that make us look at our soul. It makes no sense. We've always used them. That's one of the things. Archaeology that i find interesting is called ethno botany right. it's and arco ethno. Botany is The cultural beliefs people ascribed to plants. Anarchy odeon the past right and you can see Archaeologically some remains of various products like hemp for example cannabis has been used for at least nine thousand years really is one of the first domesticated crops like a. Now you might think matti you're quite the potash and it is true. I am but like every pothead. We'll tell you this always been used for ten thousand years you archaeologically there has been finding so you'll find little seeds of it inscribed in the sides of pottery basically and that's how they can tell.

00:25:10 - 00:30:01

Yeah sorry yeah. Yes because we signed our damn declaration of independence on that hemp paper versa. Yeah that's why you can still see it right. It's still lasting. It's like a three hundred year old document. It looks like basically new show one and world war two uniforms as well. That's why they preserved so well but the soviet nam doesn't and we got rid of. Why did we get rid of. It is the thing i think. Cotton was the big money making product. And so there's kind of tried to get rid of hemp but people have been fighting for that saying it's not just because you get high. It's because it's really good fabric. It's really good rope. it's really. They made it illegal in the twenty s. Basically 'cause because they didn't see the difference between farming and and smoking and now in canada it's legal to grow hemp. Now it's legal to like crow cannabis and smokin sophist legal now But hamp has always been legal and It's as a great little industry for us to grow it all through manitoba and we sell you are hempseed so all those throwing on your salad comes from us. How's it going berry those in her famous green smoothies the now absolutely brain dot and something. I've been doing this fish oil. I think everybody just started to do it. And i. i've been like anti fish. But i feel like my brain saying thank you. It's oh you're so much more relaxed your mind calms down. You're just in a little bit better mood. And it's good for flexibility move around. I tried to get vegan ones too. And i just i don't know because it's got like dhea h. Or something that you just eat a fish oil in. Have the weird purpose for an hour. Tough enough on the cat. We are sponsored by dream dinners good dream dinners dot com and enter mouse in means ninety nine at checkout. If you're in the local area of powei or san marcos and you will get ninety nine dollars off your first order and free delivery if you choose it or you can go pick it up. It is such a game changer. You guys dream dinners has really changed our family. Mealtime we make meals together. We sit down together. I feel confident that they're healthy foods and the kids can even make them. My husband can make them. It's a really fun wonderful service. I've been using it for three years. And i finally approached them and said let's make this a business arrangement because i talk about you all the time anyway. So here we are. You save an average of two hundred dollars a month off your grocery bill. If you sign up for dream dinners which isn't a subscription service. It really is a ad hoc you can choose it monthly With you wanna stop. You can stop. So there's no subscription. I'm you only have to come in and pick up your meals once a month or have them delivered but you get a good bunch of meals in your freezer that you can go out and use as you see fit. This is perfect for people who have likes dislikes and allergies since you can insert special instructions for your meals and it really will change your lifestyle. You guys please do go try. Mouth means dot com. We have a quick link to give you your ninety nine dollars off or you can go to dream dinners dot com your location. They are nationwide. And if you're in our local area intermezzo means ninety nine and give free delivery and ninety nine dollars off your first order and that was word from our sponsor. Okay now that we have you here net. Tell us what you know about now. First of all. How do you pronounce it. Bobo bobo yoga the nobel but nobody novo sex sex. We this article. We will link this in our show notes along with everything else. And what is the connection between Oboe and sex. that's it. yeah honestly you guys. Somebody sent that to me. I'm like oh. Yeah i can tell you talk about this. I have a lot to say on priming sexual behaviors so out here in british columbia. There's two universities. Right university of british columbia in vancouver and then this other place called simon fraser s right nothing. Burnaby at sf. I took a two courses undergrad. Primate behavior courses taught by an extremely extremely famous primatology. That no one's ever heard so back in the late sixties early seventies. jane goodall got santo by the leakey's right. So is mary. And like richard leakey or Louis leakey and mary leakier the parents and they sent out janko to chimpanzees.

00:30:02 - 00:35:11

Diane fossey to study mound girls and then my proof baru galdikas to study a rang attacks. She's one of the three angels of like the leakey's founding scientists and primatology essentially found the first Human the first ones. Who did it. Yeah like no. It was So the paleontologist once you've found the fossils where the leakey's and then they sent out Goodall fossey and galdikas To study primates so that they can make that connection between the fossils and also human behavior by studying primates in kind of fill in the picture of the past right so when jane goodall was studying chimpanzees she crossed the river one day and saw these different looking chimpanzees and they became known as the bonobos. They are a type of chimpanzees. Sopa no goes and shimshon have sex and produce viable offspring that can also produce offspring So they're not a different species They're not lake Mules that way like donkey horse. Yeah exactly and then they're sterile rate so But they're different in all other ways from so chimps are psychopaths right. They will rip your arm off and beat you to death with your own arm and then rip your eyeballs out just for fun dot kinda crazy right and when i was reading my notes about intercourse and and sacks because different I actually thought. I'm chimpanzees are more like humans than bonobos are but nobles are so chimps are the violent ones. Bonobos are the free love hippie dippy wants right. so they're having. The women are in charge matriarch. Oh society i think so. Or it's more like neither men or women are in charge sneak. Algerians i which is even more interesting because our matriarchal animal species around right. It's actually not as rare as humans. Want a patriarchal humans right so not only are they having like straightforward heterosexual sex right male female female male They're also having all sorts of gay sex right. They have sex for fun. They have for practice. They have sex for communication They masturbate as well They might voice. Yeah they there's oral sex as well. It's it's just like a sexy ass time just on this other side of this one particular river in like believes the congo fire over there right. It's that is more resources more sandwiches. That's right. I think i read to. I like when they said there was penis sword play. I thought that was a sentence. That's right and also i think aren't the dna is closer in chimps to humans or is it almost exactly the same because that's our closest living relative yet so i would say that like the degrees of differences are so minute when you go that far into the past. We're talking like when the homo species. I- komo's sapien. Homo erectus hubbard outs. Someone on says all the homos right They so homo sapiens accussed. They broke off from the line. Like i can't remember the numbers of used to no but it is something like sixty million years ago fifty million years ago or something like that like or play twenty million years go a really really freaking longtime ago So the difference between bonobo chimp orangutan chimp mount guerrilla trump and humans is. It's so tiny but there is some difference so so i'd say if you really cut down to the numbers yet chips. Our closest non. They're pretty ba- novas a pretty dang close in are they split where more like apes. That's disappointing. Yeah we're more. Like chips were violent. We're out goals. We don't have sex for fun just to form strong social bonds with like our neighbors like that's just not something. Humans would be rockin. What i loved reading too. I remember reading about these guys before. The ladies would like to dissipate any tension they would go and like just hey and they would start like caressing one of the other bonobos to calm the situation down or rub their genitalia up against them. Like let's just quick have sex instead of fading link. Let's make love not war right. I'll try that on my husband tonight when we fight over. Who does dishes. And i'll see if it genitalia. It's like they like to teach the juveniles. How did you think so. They do it in front of them to show them. This is how it's done like totally. Yeah that's what. I mean with training and practice and there's actually a lot of cultures around the new guinea bike all over the place man even like indigenous groups Maybe they're not doing this anymore. But they would routinely there'd be like called puberty rituals right. So when a boy or a girl hit puberty they had a series of rituals Much of it was like Seclusion like you'd be taken away from the main settlement to like like a bank palace.

00:35:11 - 00:40:16

Basically where you learn how to have sex and it would often be like the men taking the boys out and they would engage in mike homosexual. Sexual activity Same for women in command new guinea that They would teach the boys how to do. Oral sex on them and be their training. Yeah and that's the best case scenario because there's also cultures where it's like you'd be like tortured out there sexually and it was just. It's just part of their culture and their beliefs practices so as an anthropologist. If you're out in the field and you happen to learn about this because often these sorts of practices are kept secret and away from like some white dude from university right. I don't want to be talking about like you know borderline like sexual assault but if you do find out about it it comes into this debate ninth policies cultural relativism as basically. Like how much do we judge another cultures cultural practices right. When do we step up and say like that's wrong. And i i need to put a stop to this or i don't want to participate in this any longer versus like like just a normal practice. They do great lake. And where's everybody's line that they draw like. Why is it certain things and not others. Yeah exactly do we have a position analogy. Say something exactly. What would we be without our societal rules. Like think that was my other question monogamy versus what are we more like. Are we apelike. I mean what. I keep saying apelike bonobo we should we all be revenue junk upon people and making a gallon -tarian societies. I dunno. i like okay. So often martell like students like put yourself in those apes genitalia rubbing shoes. But like would you wanna live in. Just like a freewheeling bank society or would you want like maybe one or two partners or maybe one and then there is also like sexual differences. Like this patriarch matriarch right like patriarchal beliefs and like male dominance and stuff and that's historic and it's well rooted in our society it's hard to unlearn and all that sort of stuff however there's also like a chit not genetic biological where i believe in. It's not really believe is just sort of more biological that it's easier for men to have multiple partners or women want like single partners like there's a lot of anthropology around and it's actually believe it or not like feminist anthropology where they're trying to figure out what is like without any value judgments but what is the more natural lake so in a lot of societies they think that like it's not paternalism but like monogamy with one male and one female partner. I is almost like without like actively being chosen before a woman. It's more security. They can also. There's also other societies though where having sex with multiple male partners is actually part of the cultural practice so that multiple males that that kid is their own so that multiple meals have like a responsibility for that kid. Native americans both ways chocolate. Exactly think they're just banging each other but is actually a a really legitimate and valid reason for and then sometimes it just banging each other. Because they didn't have tv and screw on. That's true someone was coming to me saying that. What is wrong with me. I constantly think about sex. A man who's been married for many many many years and i cannot just stop thinking about it and what. I'm not having babies. They don't have kids together and what he's like. What's the purpose of this anthropologically. Why do i have to wake it and have weird stuff. Come out and then. I'm fine and i have to do that every day. He's like i don't wanna be obsessive isn't just having more testosterone. Is there reason why guys are so sex driven if they don't i think whenever it comes to like psychology and like abnormality is the we often like Criticize you for using that term put but like sexual abnormalities like that where you have a compulsion i think sometimes physical sometimes. It's like Hormonal like the endocrine system like different testosterone levels or something and then often i think it's like product of abuse maybe and Whenever i urge applauded episode about my psych treatments that So i know a lot of like.

00:40:17 - 00:45:10

Be very heavily repressed. Where like you sort of know things happened or various experiences happened but is fragmentary remembrances. Right so i imagine some of these people. They may be have history trauma that they are aware of. Or it's so far repressed that they're not aware of or it was just like a just a one-off but but it was impactful nonetheless. Manifestos way or it was just like shady parents or something. And that's the person so much of the seems to come back to getting dopamine hits and for so many of these disorders. It's like how do we stimulate the brain or get that dopamine by addicted to something Is interested in biological psychology or clinical psychology. Because that's what they get into so they look for the cazalet in in the body whereas like Social worker for example look at causality as being in your social environment and then anthropology. We don't really look for. Causality is more description on mutually informing process. So does that feel more legit like that's based in actual science and other things are theory theory theory. No ours can actually go more towards theory because like yeah we describe the stuff and then we analyze it. So that's when you actually are cherry. Picking your theory and that's fine. That's just academics but No it's just different. I think it's more like Lake what you're describing. What is the point of inquiry So the thing is anthropology. We don't do anything in the mind. Even though like my research like the philosophical underpinnings of my work boys. I essentially phenomenology. So that's actually very much about consciousness and existence and what it means to be alive and stuff but I was kind of rare that we well. And i'm thinking about okay last quickey. Sorry joe i love to tell you. No good no obsessive. Thinking is an interesting one. I have a lot of people in my life that fantasize and a lot of them are with partners. I've done this. Where you could go off in fantasize about a future partner or it's almost an addiction to fantasy see. What is the purpose of that. Especially if you're with a partner. Why are we fantasizing so much about other people or why do we spend so much time in fantasy land. Does that something you could speak to. Yeah like i've heard psychologists say like once it starts impacting your life like if it's impacting your ability to like drive a car or something because you're just fantasizing about george clooney ever right or hyper thinking about like dead celebrities like just doesn't make any sense right That's when you'd probably get intervention from psychologist but as an anthropology guy. I'd be like that's normal. Like to think so. Being a marriage and then think obsessive someone else is healthy normal yeah but obsess like it starts getting. Yeah that's when it'd be like and just ask you. Why are you obsessing about other people and then you just tell me the reason and then i would write it down and take your name out at the accounts. Therapy was asked why questions. Yeah yeah yeah. And just like psychology. Actually it's probably like any addiction to right like you have to meet. These criteria has to impact your life is one of the criteria the dsm whatever. The book is and Then it becomes an addiction that you need intervention for maybe. Yeah but then also like once you define something as an addiction or as a disorder in the dsm is a number five or know why. I just three us. There's i have a book called selling sickness and it was written by a couple of like uvc actually And is all about the invention of various types of illness whether it's social anxiety disorder or it. Yeah it's like how is it invented and what you find is that every single psychological disorder is actually technically invented is just some of them are like invented for shadier reasons than others like summer just like we had to like figure out what depression means. Can i say this. Because i just found this out the other day. The him They are funded primarily a pharmaceutical companies. Frequently don't trust it folks. I mean there might be a little nugget. They don't know how to. I mean you have to diagnose it this way to get the drug so exactly so but then if you can also break depression down into like thirty six different types of depression and and then so loft could be used for all of them.

00:45:10 - 00:50:00

That's pretty handy right because Doctors physicians like most people go to their physician for mental health. Lake diagnoses basically like nobody has like a psychologist. Like i go to one hundred and fifty bucks off like it's expensive. I can't afford that So like if. I need pills for my mental health. And i don't actually take any. I don't judge i just don't have any need. I react viciously badly like side effects to them. I think from brain injuries Which is fine. I'm happy with all this. Keep it together In not screaming neighbors but no it. Most people go to their physicians for their mental health. Diagnoses so Yeah the physicians enjoy. Having different diagnostic categories. They liked diagnosing. They like being able to like fit patients into cookie cutter mold right because that's what they're trying to do. You could take an gives. You probably gives you certain power to be able to say. Here's your thing and medical thorny name too. Yeah it's like exceptionalism as well because they think that their knowledge base is more prestigious and more advanced than you. So when i go in there with like captain concussion who most people with if this amount of brain injuries are like clearly stupid now right because he hit his head so many times right so. That's like the quiet assumption. I always get but then like i have read everything about traumatic brain. Injuries like more than most medical professionals. Because there's just too many illnesses to know everything about everything right so when i go in. They realized pretty quickly. That i know what the fuck i'm talking about and that they need to come correct because if they don't come correct i'm getting a new doctor. Also i mean there are specialty to study that. Because you're gonna give a lot more facts about your own issues -actly exactly and so that's something that i had to learn like And i learned this one. I was like in my late twenties or something. I kind of grew up basically. I'm like okay. You don't have to go in there with like screw you attitude to every other going counter. Chill these guys are overworked. They're trying their best. And then i started having better relationships with my doctors going probably true neurology really well. They've got the biggest god complex over. I'm sure right that's exactly. Yeah yeah yeah and then for women like it's way worse right like nobody believes you hysterical or emotional as well like women are so overly emotional. The imagine a lot of these things. It's just in their heads. You know you know how to have was it. Yes wandering uterus. But favorite lecture as well as Addition into the medical history. Because that's also. What medical oncology does. He had orgasm doctors. They would go come to us and we'll help you but only in the doctor setting we'll help you have this orgasm and believe it or not. We've done a segment on that. Actually one of the only things that evans ever like research excited time everything else. It's okay. We told this i got this. I'm like just hit record and try to keep up delirious. So did he figure out to them. Yeah well it was like this boxx crystals and it was. The idea was that like people would sit on the box now. I thought you're supposed to do something into the box or something. So this is by the way remember. You would want it to be No it was like the fifties yeah should have in the nineteen o five to nineteen fifties only fifty percent of all women orgasm now by the way i mean. This man who Apparently had a lot of sex but Only he was talking about how good he was in in the bedroom So let's say something So this man believed that this box that he only he knew how to build. can gather sexual energy from the sky and transported into the box. And if you sat on it then then get up in your body somehow. so it's like a reverse. Yeah like an enema of orgasm documented shirts. He wasn't rubbing it around or anything well didn't work It was just a bunch of sad naked. People civilians crystal boxes. What's his name. Gwyneth paltrow by inspire.

00:50:00 - 00:55:01

She sold them for future future segment on noticing crying. I'm taking gwyneth. Paltrow down next. leave out of it. would you oprah. I'm going after okra going after only the biggest ones. Yeah this guy. Apparently he eventually Took this box in converted into a tube and almost like you know those guys would hold a stick trying to find water in like your west rats. Yeah he had that with like an orgasm tube and he like pretend that he was walking around the earth sucking orgasmic energy as the sky and if he sucked the orgasmic energy out of the sky then that would produce rain. Chris wow right was guy who actually did it. Though wasn't there a doctor who actually was giving He was like. Here's how you do it. But i only can do it and young episode like thirty. Two on next thing is like forty minutes forty minutes. I got so drunk. So tell us your. Ufo's stories if you're up for you know for sure insertive. I love it. I didn't hear the the first one. I don't think i heard this most recent one. Okay listen to. I wanted to hear them. Life okay cool here this the live one all right so i'll tell you the first ufo story and we'll tell you the most recent one. Okay okay all right so this was probably like seven years ago as oh Camping with My muslim buddies. And that's important. Because when i go camping with them i don't drink like excessively all might have a couple of beers so i wasn't like hammered The world was not spinning We do smoke a lot of weed but as we've already established i already smoke a lot of weed. So and as medicinal so it makes me leave the more clearheaded normally. I'm quite blurry visions with concussions So as pretty clear headed it was about two in the morning. I was lying on the logging road. That base the cabins in boston. Bar with my buddy johnny right and we're looking at the stars stripped out on some shooting stars as you do and You know we're seeing satellites and some meteors every star in the sky. And as. We're just like whoa. This is awesome man. Can you believe we're here. Look at god's beauty and stuff. Because muslims rate so they like to highlight that And all of a sudden we both stop talking at the same time and without saying anything to each other. I look over to the right horizon and see this dot right and it's like that big it's like a pinhole kinda like halfway down a pencil. Rates like circle and solid. It's like yellowish white. Right from the right horizon goes all the way over right to are like right over top of us and there's a tree blocking that pathway. It goes up to the left down and then continues on to the left way. So it's not up in the sky with all the stars you're saying it's it is yeah. It looks like a big. It's almost as if a planet was moving thing. It is far but close but like far not lake satellite. We see them all time. I'm from dc right. We have beautiful clear skies. Like i've seen all sorts of shooting stars and things like it was going in a steady trajectory. But like slow like this and that it has stopped this tree and goes and then just keeps going right down and left for people who can't see looks like that's so we watched the documentary phenomenon last night. Joel watch it either links this morning. You probably didn't have time to watch it but do watch it. I don't know if you've seen it already. But it all talks about how they move like that. How'd they just like these people say they. It turns on diamond shoot. Yeah and what i found interesting is that we didn't say anything to each other but both of us is locked on this thing immediately. We were talking also. We both went dead silent. We watched it and silence and once they was gone. I looked over the guy. I'm like dude. did you see that. He's like yeah man. What the hell was that. I'm like i don't know. I still get goosebumps. And he's the other like we can all the time. He's seen the woods this much. These guys are afghans as well like they've seen beautiful stars in their own home country He's like anything like that. Like did you see it. Make that movement is like and then behind us. This is the kicker we hear like that. Not a bear. But a cougar cougars. You guys are from california. You know a cougar matt ryan lanes. Yeah same thing cougar mountain.

00:55:01 - 01:00:05

Lions same thing. They'll just kill you right. Yeah it don't warn you so we put it into the cabin right and we like lock. The door and now is the end of the experienced away. They don't growl because like what does he want to say. Yes would be a silent hunters. So why was he giving you a growl. That's weird. I don't know and it came tumbling down the hill and it was forced to thank goodness and We booked all right so that was the first one missed a couple of questions. So do you think the fact that you and your buddy. Both locked into it and watched it in silence. Was there some sort of like a telecommunication thing. was there. some sort of harvest okay. Yeah it felt like that. Yeah and i have. Espn so this. Establish that yeah. I had always have. We need to talk about this too. Okay and then. So how did you know for sure. I mean yeah i mean. I've always known there there that it's going up and down. It look like a meter. What is a meteor. look like. That was my credit because the satellite. Israel's slow you had a mere looking shooting star it's like it you'll see a flashlight and then it'll be gone like halfway across the horizon like a little street yet and then it's like that. Yeah and then a satellite looks like just a solid ejector. It looks even smaller. It's like a little tiny tiny dot. We've seen enough satellites now unfortunately. Yeah you'd planes as well. I know what a plane looks. So you're saying as shooting star is a meteor yet at meteorite. I believe is when it enters the atmosphere. Okay right all this stuff. I was into biology and all that stuff. I didn't do anything physics. offer me. Okay all right. So that was your. That's crazy choking sanction story just my buddies and they all believed us because the look on our faces. We're like okay. These guys all you so much. This new movie to they did have a ufo reporting collection agency in a big program that they they shut down in nineteen called blue book while they had that roger blue book too but then it was like in nineteen sixty nine they finally shut it down so now whenever people have you have a sightings. They disappointed to their local police. And then it goes nowhere. So there's no central collection Project anymore so more seriously. The best thing that trump ever did was like open up those archives. The only good thing he did in his presidency was let us know about like. Where do you find him. Read them. And i think you can just like not even the dark web like they're just on google like you just Do you know how to get on the dark web. No actually i'm too. I don't know what am i gonna get like yellow powder and then get coming over here. Okay all right story number two all right. Your story number two happened last year. Actually i picked up a paper route right so i wake up at like four. Yeah four in the morning. I'm a paper. Boy is six days a week now. Four in the morning till like six thirty now. I picked up an additional paper out. So it's like it's a lot anyway. This is his beautiful photos and stuff in the early morning along the coast action lives. And yeah yeah. That's where all the sunrise pictures come back to. Why paper out okay Okay so. I was getting ready for. My paper wrote Having a smoke drinking a coffee in my life right because it was just the start of the paper out so it was only a week. Three right and it was like. Oh man why. I'm up a surly and i'm just like my life and i over to the two o'clock position on like if o'clock right has looking at two o'clock and i see a band of i believe it was seven lights in a convex or concave sort of arrangements or like a like a c. But with the butt end pointing off to the right the moon yeah the crescent. Moon seven Lights right in an odd number and a contract coming out of the back of it and this thing was moving like probably like an inch every thirty seconds at most now. This was one of those things where it seemed like it was close right like it was just over top of a house in front of me but that would made it like two inches tall right so it must have been really far away but seemed like it was a big craft and it was moving silently but pretty quickly lake. If it was far away it was moving really fast like moving an inch in like ten seconds probably a lot. I don't know but it or it was going surprisingly slowly or something. I wonder if your brain is trying to like compute. Wait if that's an airplane at can't go like this and stop so it must be something close by zuno with both experiences.

01:00:05 - 01:05:02

I didn't compute anything. I took it in. I was like. I'm gonna stare at this and remember the lake. It wasn't a there was no thinking actually like out caffeine. We just went silent and watched it same thing here. I was just like. I went from my life and wanted to like that. And because in that documentary they say you know. It was like a weird to let the could've happened. I could not look at it. Yeah i was like poof. Just staring at a normal. Does that happen with anything else in your life where you. Yeah that's the espn. We'll get to that right so much looking. So as i'm looking at this thing it's not always it moving this low pattern but it also is wobbling like on its access like this like ten degrees wobble and then it would do a pivot around at center access as well. Like ten grease so it was like wobbling and moving for me and it was just like showing off almost right and then because i'm almost forty. Am smoking a cigarette drinking coffee four in the morning. You know what. I gotta do read. I got a russian citing the bathroom somewhere else. I was going to crap my pants right. And that doesn't normally happen to me like this but who cares crannies. This is inside running as fast as humanly possible. So i took it back outside again and of course. Now here's the kicker on this story so before almost got even by mountain lion. Mehan johnny So eight months prior. I sent a message to rob the guy from our strange skies. My buddy from podcast as you have osho. I'm like i've seen a ufo like one ufo Actually come on the show right. And i was eight months ago three hours later so i was at four at seven. Am this other ufo. Podcast who i have. No relationship with named ryan sprague. He has a pretty big show Somewhere in the skies. I believe is a show And i clipped up. The audience enter to him but he reaches out. Like i saw your reply to rob just now. You wanna come on the show talking about your ufo story. I'm like dude. I just saw a second one at four o'clock in the morning today to coincidental. That's crazy. oh i love it. I mean right what it name. I think like most people have esp. We it's just matter of whether you want to turn it on or not. Like i think is just an animal instinct kind of thing but i think. Ufo's tend to show themselves to people who are in one way or the other may not just be spe- are somehow receptive like they have technology to fly across the galaxy. They have the technology to read our minds. I'd imagine right so they're probably like that pot smoker from probably believe this and like maybe that's why you see a lot of sightings california abc or against you like minded. We're all just sorta like whatever man i worked on so i work on the movies. I used to just say past tense and There was a security guard because we hire guards a lot to guard. Equipment will remain between scenes and whatever but this guy was you know. He's probably in his mid sixties. And i just sat with them for a second just because i happen to be sitting there. And then he had the most calming presence. And that doesn't happen to me very often. Worry just go. You kind of melt in someone's voice and he was a weirdo. He was his true weirdo and then he told me after. I sat there for half an hour. Lake you much like and then He goes away also summon. Ufo's now and then. He told me he had died when he was seventeen of a heroin overdose and went into a spacecraft and happened to see jesus also so i was like this guy is out of his fucking gourd but he told the story and then and then i went on youtube. And he's summons ufo's he's he's very open to it. But i could tell there was just like this presence to him that that calming spirit. It's usually someone who's really grounded and connected that all connecticut that and i'm like this is totally legit. Bingham is his name. I being ham. And you're clear evacuate clear but i mean it's the same thing if i think he might be open enough to receive information like you're saying you know. Yeah maybe an. And like. I don't know i think it's like so my espn is like it runs in my family. It's tends to go down the maternal line My sister has it she sees Or visual stuff whereas myself. it's Intuition and empathy based so.

01:05:02 - 01:10:01

I can feel other people's feelings i can also put psychic tendrils out so i can get people to phone if i need to talk to a certain friend. I'll start thinking about them and within twenty minutes their phony me and they're like i don't know dude getting a coffee and i just started thinking about you. I'm like i know. Can you use heavy users on girls. No it's Funnily enough like if you intentionally try for me. If i intentionally try to deploy it it. It doesn't work like correctly so it just has to be a good spirit with comes from the background. It's it's back here in the back of my head. I get a whisper that and then. That's how many usb takes form so. If i listened to that whisper or the other channel. I suppose i get is through music like al. A song will come up. And i just listened to that one particular lyric or that one verse. I i know who to talk to. And what they need to hear what they need to talk to me about stuff. Well we described that more. How what do you mean so said through lyric. The thought comes to you or is it like that same whisper. The back of your head is a whisper. But it's the lyric is whispered so for example. It would be a lyric of youtube song. That says you know. Call your mother or something. That's like specific direction tola. Oh it's lyric or do you the just then it takes more. It takes a meaning to you right both. Oh okay what. Signer you scorpio meteo. Oh make sense yeah. Do you believe in all that Also one hundred percent horoscopes. Yeah hundred percent. That's one that. Like i believe in it because of our archaeology and anthropology. Okay why because now a lot of people would debunked and safe for the exact opposite reason. Think for one thing. Half the people debunk the other half are too stupid understand. Okay so let's settle down people experts. I'm going to deal with the folks from india who've been doing this for like seven thousand years. I think it's a lot of it comes down to lake gravity So if like the moon and the sun are and the rotation the tilt of the earth newtonian physics terms that we would use The ancient peoples had either a partial or darn near as full and understanding of the cosmos or even more sophisticated than we do Just based on site and feel noticing through experimentation. So i think a lot of like what horoscopes And like your birth sign What influences that is the position of the solar system and the different heavenly bodies because of the gravitational pull it has people why personalities are somewhat categorize. Because i mean. I'm so much scorpio. I know i want all fluctuate when i talked to you. I'll be like yes. And then i'll go back to my Astrology teacher who's like all the stuff of your body is eighty percent water and the gravity. He goes it's all bullshit because your y he goes. Gimme this argument. Wait astrology astronomy. I'm sorry astronomy so sorry. Yeah yeah he's a very small client basis. Astrologists that goes. It's all bullshit. So what i would say to that. Astronomer is So you're telling me that. Gravity works on all bodies of water except for the bodies of water. That are in our bodies and then he would say then. Why doesn't a glass of water white doesn't that get pulled by the moon. It's got to be a large mass of water. That's actually affected. Why well it's called. Evaporation does so okay. Let's say that. I'm like just evaporation like the other thing that for me like i get crazy. Migraines with barometric pressure changes like that is the biggest trigger for my migraines and like they're different than the other headaches i get and i can tell when weather is coming in basically probably had so many head injuries. But it's also like i can feel pressure changes and his water pressure. Essentially is in your body and your viewing the and whether it will cause it will the moon or the planetary. Not that i've noticed. But i imagine if i started tracking it or pay attention to it. I could probably notice things but like the barometric pressure thing is like. Oh why do i look out the window. And all of a sudden like oh. That's a crazy storm rolling in from across the water.

01:10:01 - 01:15:04

Yeah so i can actually see it and it's like every time that's wild. I feel like i don't sleep. Oh and there's a full moon. I think there's introduction there for me and you and mom. We've all at contract that and i tried to say no that's okay. I tried to get excited. But the other night i had no clue. It was a full moon. Honestly legit. I was nobody said anything. I wasn't looking at any calendar in everything was closed my windows and turn into a wolf. I turned into a wolf very hairy. I started plucking everything stick. No it was a was up until two in the morning and kept going. What the finally opened the window. And i was like. Oh so. I know it's not psychological that you it was a seed planted. So matty you mentioned that you get You've had concussions. How an water to. What like thirty something right. You're yeah how did tell for our listeners. May not know you. What's what's the background. That if you want no paper round. Yeah yeah we gotta so the will. The reason why i deliver papers is because that's stealing sort of job can down with the all these concussion symptoms but I'm thirty eight now. I know i don't look at it. I know i look like twenty seven. I that too. Yes so Got my first one. When i was fourteen and by the age of nineteen ish eighteen i had gotten like six And at that point that. That was when i got my first major motor vehicle accident and That's when the symptoms stayed and never really went away and then every subsequent concussion i got afterwards and yes they are like easier to get but these are like the when i say that number like over thirty. It's like full blast. Concussions would give an able bodied person. A concussion kind of level After number five or six. When i was like nineteen eighteen nineteen yeah the symptoms stay permanent and then every subsequent concussion just out on certain new symptoms or make pressing ones. What was happening that you were getting so many just by like normal kid behavior where you yeah because of your first one Yeah like that's something that That's pretty pretty clever of you. There star gold star scorpio so Yeah lake your balance goes for example and also like my spatial awareness like knowing where like the is. Yeah you both become hyper aware. Like like i keep fixated on the fact that this thing in front of me. That won't hurt me. Is like all i can think about is like this thing in front of my face. I says what's not to walking into a wall. Yeah so it's kind of both which is weird so there's also Ptsd sorta situation. Like a hyper vigilance is what they also often. Call it in the trauma therapy. And this is what. I studied in grad school. So like is one of the ways. I took like a primarily negative experience trying to do something with what. So how does that even work that you formulate grad program that encompasses it. Oh medical anthropology. Is the discipline that i study. So it's like the Socio-cultural dimensions of the healthcare encounter And then i use my own experience. It's called in anthropology reflexively using your own experiences a research tool or a methodology To you know get closer with to my informants. So i interviewed athletes with history of concussions and i also interviewed medical professionals of various types with who treat athletes with concussions. And then i mobile. I'm my own experience. Okay so our dad played for the new york jets in played football. And yeah i know right. it's But we were thinking so. What is the injury that you get from other concussions. That the see. It's called exceeded. Ct how how likely is it because you. He had a lot of mood swings. We and then we wondered. It wasn't diagnosed back then. Two thousand so. I think i'll capture words Okay so cte. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Full p. it's a postmortem diagnosis. So like after. I leave this earth. Go to a different plane. my brain. I'm pretty sure. I think boston actually dropped me from this study. So i have to sign up with toronto i'm gonna donate my brain to sign so arvid up and learn about it Because right now the only way you can diagnose ct it's nc t is basically Patches of like plaque.

01:15:04 - 01:20:06

They call it like black tarring on the interior. Think off the brains. Yeah is exactly like alzheimer's. That's exactly it now. Alzheimer's is the genetic research as saying that it's triggered by An illegal called the a. P. e. three four or five. I can't remember ill That everybody has in their body but people for various reasons. You get alzheimer's such as those with a history of traumatic brain injury That gets activated. And that's what produces it doesn't produce the plaque but it inhibits the body's ability like the the enzymes in the body's ability to break down that plaque in the first place the plaque is a protein starts building up in the brain and it builds up on. So there's two levels of the brain. There's the gray matter then. Underneath is the white matter like the interior of the brain. that's often where c. T. and the damages from alzheimer's exist so we don't have scanning technology to get down there level. Yeah down on the white level but the one that will be the one that allows us to do. it is functional m. f. mri and but it's very expensive and not very common and that's why you sign up for studies so that you can Get that kind of stuff. My doctor says is like a. Because i asked my current doctor a couple of times like dude. I got see thima. Like i know you're not supposed to diagnose it but like i got fucking c. T. pro look. I've forgotten who i am. Sometimes i forget where i am in the house like i get confused really easily prone all the time and i'm prone to mood swings any sort of stressors will send me over the like. I'm pretty chill cat right. Yeah yeah i. I'm i get crazy mood swings. I could use here with people in the backyard if you please release honestly. It's like if i heard people in the backyard. What what is that shut up. I wish i had don't bottle it down and So why make sense. It's a little chill to do the neighbors But it's also like is also like the politics being disabled person because like without gained any sort of specific spot just in generalities as disabled person. Society expects you to be a productive member of society. Even if you are disabled person they will consider you lazy if you don't do something like the paper route like it's just the way it is and this is disability politics and this is really what medically apologies all about. This is happening in canada. Though with your great healthcare says yeah. Yeah because i know that happens here. It's like a you know in order to get your welfare check or you're like it's a work to welfare programs so you really have to and i can't work because i have three kids and anyway but knowing that was Clinton oh yeah you're right right thing to think about too is. How often do you hear. Disability policy discussed on the national state or local level. Never never really liked the biggest silent minority in either of our countries. Like because it's not the case in kennedy there And like i don't know like it's impossible to get on disability in canada's well and then if i do Believe it or not six hundred twenty bucks a month and you're not allowed you know that i'm getting paid six hundred and twenty is the max disability amount and is not allowed to work. Oh that's because if i work than they carve it off the disability. That's so backwards right. Yeah nineteen fifties policy right but his faith in canada. I was about to move there during the i know now. I don't know. I can see what was i gonna say. That felt important camp crip. Have you seen the documentary yet. Not yet but i've heard amazing things about you and i won't say watch it and i hope that we all watch it and get really pissed off about the good politics everybody who becomes a permanently disabled or chronically ill person becomes a disability advocate. You just everyone. Does they become radicalized. And they're like oh my god. I had no idea because nobody talks with disabled people. I it's true. It's this weird thing and even having that documentary sitting in my queue for a year. It's like oh. I should watch that but oh it just seems really. It's kind of like you. Just put it to the side going. I want to think about that like it's not happening to me. It's sad i don't wanna go there and it's we need to look at that just like our history and everything else. So yeah yeah it takes you talking about it and then you interviewed Kelly nerd silla mendenhall.

01:20:06 - 01:25:00

And she's a great advocate for it and you know wrote a book about medical gas lighting and that. Wow yeah yeah you want me to bulldog kelly from the delhi like she'll she'll she'll fuck you up but she's got a completely deteriorated spine so it's probably easy to push over kelly. Only she's from flint michigan as well so flint. Were you talked about the water and that fucking place. Excuse my french does what made her so strong. Yeah yeah she she was from non mom non mom's happy hour member of my tank top that i wore your torn. Yeah well you are amazing. I think you are just a walking encyclopedia and beautiful. Human and a wonderful dad to his daughter is the sweetest little advice. I feel like. I've watched her grow up really from the time she was a baby. And it's it's so sweet. She's and she's going. She's those smarty to like her dad. So did she's learning spanish right now. She counted to a hundred on the playground on the swing. She's like why don't they five five six seven anti just want all the way up to one hundred. How old is she almost four. What is teaching her. And he does too and teaching on the side. Yeah she's very odd combined. Honestly it's It's the most fascinating political experiment. My life i just don't know screwed up are you. I think i've seen a lot of facebook photos. You're not married are you. I am married. Yeah my wife works in politics so like for political legitimate political reasons. I have to be extremely careful about what. I post on social media. I can't take her in social media posts or rather not or like sometimes when i post the podcast for example I have a certain thing on facebook. Where i'm like not the probably don't need to see this podcast. There's nothing heinous in the has nothing on but it's also like it's probably the easier this. Yeah here you i know. We are in the closet for a whole year. Just because we want to talk about toots and burps and farts and That was dumb. This is this is joel coming up on nooks and crannies like so often now. I don't know what's how everybody poops. It's great i mean. Let's talk about it. But i think more it was like the sex talk to and then i have kids who are just like they think they're moms and angel anyway. I know that was a whole lot of ss. I'm sorry for whoever edits this. I also have my news says anyway. Super soaker sesa friendly mattie. You're the best everybody goes. You tell us a little. Bit about your podcast. If it in a nutshell yeah sure. It's some it's hard to describe a social science variety show very political in also sometimes totally critical. We'll talk about poop. We'll talk about cooking and we'll talk about politics No to episode of the same have a lot of guests on and Generally every episode is Chopped up Made up a bunch of different little segments so even within the episode The topics change all the time. So it should be fresh and interesting and easy to find. Cd's type next crannies everywhere. You find podcasts. Except youtube as of had too many concussions to video work oh are you okay with our video do you wanna be on are still or should we talk about the other owners only find. Oh yeah no is fine. Like i'm. I'm surprised. I used to be really phobic and like really shy and insecure about being on camera but enough ladies told me i'm attracted yes. I know i'm trying. I'm trying to find the celebrity lookalike. Julianne an ira celebrity. Look let's see. I said clark kent when you were doing that thing before theory i mean say denzel washington george clooney. If they had a baby that'd be a lot of male celebrity crushes next time we come on. We'll talk about all maddie's straight up like that was not a male celebrities jalen hall. What do you think. I'm more of a like i. I like christian. bale. Chris bell's hot as hell but if i had to pick like a weird looking Always kind of had the hospital. Edward norton weird. I just thought about him last night and said what happened he was. He's hard to work with. That's why we haven't seen in your mind and you were talking about joe rogan's buddy. How about twelve times in that last episode. Marcus i was driving. And i had to pull over. Look them up. I'm like okay. Yeah he's very handsome.

01:25:02 - 01:27:11

Joe rogan joe. Rogan comes aubrey. Marcus if you feel moment tonight patchy this. There's a lot of good looking hockey players to. yeah there. we go folks all right. We'll leave you on that note matty's man crush panties for more hot tips for social psychology for good bumper music between two. I always loved that. And and evan and you you're just great so nooks and crannies everyone and we thank you for your time and we just love you and we are mutual fans back so much time. Crash wants to feel the same way. Naive a thousand massive passing lanes mouse wayne's housing greens. Yeah everyone toaff host of gravity beard a podcast featuring interviews and discussions on a wide range of topics in each episode. All either interview a special guests. We'll convene are typical algonquin roundtable. Brilliant minds occasionally. We'll even be joined by the host of one of your favorite podcasts. Then every other week my buddy adam stoute's five for an installment of this week today. Whatever we do each week we promise. You'll be entertained. He could find gravity beard on pod. Bean apple podcast or anywhere else quality podcasts or sold you can always find us and other indie pods and the underdog. Podcast me on facebook. Ross never the politics network. Come check us out gravity beard. It's what your ears would to be listening to. This was a podcast of the podvig. Check out more shows like it at the network dot com