May 22, 2021

E113 - Patrick Wilson, Black Widows, Cadaver Mouth, and Re-Entering Post-Pandemic Society

The loins of Weens have been stirred! We wonder if her admiration of actor Patrick Wilson's pecs is a result of the vaccine giving her a steroid boost, or is it the fact that the world is opening back up?

E113 – The loins of Weens have been stirred! We wonder if her admiration of actor Patrick Wilson’s pecs is a result of the vaccine giving her a steroid boost, or is it the fact that the world is opening back up? We talk about re-entering society now that we’ve all become introverts. Are we just comfortable at home or is it agoraphobia? Hear the difference between our socializing these days amidst talk of hikes, gardening, loneliness, and family. We list 6 helpful tips to help us get back to our pre-Covid lives. Jo had no changes after her immunizations, but Juls can feel everything different that goes into her body. We theorize that she she an HSP, highly sensitive person, especially because she wants to save all the animals, including scary black widow spiders. We fact check these arachnids, and laugh a lot about a stumpy alligator, lizards, and snakes in a Celebrity Story That Goes Nowhere. There’s so much laughing that Mouse flashes her tooth hole where she recently had surgery, and this launches talk of dental implants, cadaver bones, and sardine spines. Help us make sense of it all and join the conversation at Thank you listeners!

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Patrick Wilson, Black Widows, Cadaver Mouth, and Re-Entering Post-Pandemic Society

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Hello this is Marx. Karl Marx and you're listening to my favorite podcast Mouse and Weens. Proletariats! Proletariats! Haha!! Yay. Why haha? You always do that. Do I? I like it. Yeah it's good. Hello! I'm Joelle. I'm Mouse. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. And I'm Weens. I'm the single swingin weiner up here in LA. You've reached Mouse and Weens everybody, if you haven't guessed.

You are a swinging single. How is it? How's your love life and libido and swingingness lately? Anything exciting..? Oh my gosh. Nothing. I mean I'm still kind of locking down so... Not because we need to but... Yeah you were asking me this before, which is why you got excited. I said, "Have you seen Patrick Wilson? He's super hot! He's an actor." I know! She's in a mood, folks! Wait, who is this guy? So I.... Here let me grab my phone. Oh my gosh. She's got a new crush everybody! So we're off of....? But it's not. It's just that there... Okay we have to talk about this. What did you watch that made you all dreamy? Little Children although... Which is from the same guy who did Election with Matthew Broderick if you remember that one, which is a really good movie. This one is weird a little bit, but there's such a hot.... =oh, rooof!!= There's a great...! What is roofy?! Why? Because he and Kate Winslet! So they're both married and they live in the same neighborhood and he's like.... Okay, it's this guy everybody. Look at YouTube. We're on YouTube too. =Rawwrr!= There he is at Comic-Con. Look at that. He's so cute. He was Aquaman. He reminds me of our Skarrsgard guy kinda. Is he? He might...Skarrsgard? He's Aquaman? No, he's in the... I don't know if he's Aquaman. Will you look it up? No Aquaman is Jason Momoa, right? He's in Aquaman. Okay, in Aquaman. Yeah. Alright. That's what I told you to look up the first time so you could... Okay tell me what you like about him. Let's dissect this because this is a boy question. Why does this matter? This episode shall be about Weens' life. Here we go. No, now, okay, she does this to me and it's always about celebrities. Like who cares, first of all. Sigh-lebrities... (makes choking noise) I just said sigh-lebrities because I'm in a hot room again. That's okay. They're cyborgs. Okay, he's cute because he's got a real nice... Aahh! You should see these scenes in this movie! Just watch... The movie's weird because it's got a whole like pedophilia weird like C story. And then there's a B story with like his... What's a C story and a B story? There's a A story, which is the story... Okay on the movie Seinfeld ... It's not a movie! On the show.... We are off to a great start. You have your A plotline. That's your main plot. Ok. And then your B story is like, "Now we're cutting to Elaine and Kramer's story on the side. And now we're going to cut back to the C story of Jerry's dad. And now we go back to Jerry as the A story." Okay got it. So, yes. The A story is the hot.... So this is Little Children we're still talking about? Yeah. Mmm. So it was pedophilia? You like a pedophile? Don't... Well, that's one of the stories which didn't really even... The thing that bothered me about this movie, first of all, it was just gnarly, that whole weird subplot thing - it didn't really tie into... Okay. They could've done the whole movie around the sexy Patrick Wilson! It could have just been all Patrick Wilson and that would have been just fine! Which would have been a hit for so many people. Yes! There's too many side stories. Okay we're going to scroll some pictures of him on the side here. Oooh would you look at that?  So what is it about him that...? So was it his character?  Is it just his looks? Look at that! Just look at his naked torso. Go! Jo! Oh back? Oh okay. We're gonna hang out there. Well you look at it. Tell me what you think. I don't know. It looks like... How could you say...? Oh yeah. Let's not objectify him. It's okay. It's okay?! Now I am here to say that I feel like you're finally coming around to the blonde hair blue eyed type which is usually my type. Although lately we've been trading. I don't discriminate. I like all of them. Well good. Yeah. Look at you. Now he has a nice high forehead. Is that okay with you? Guys who are losing their hair? Oh yeah, she's picking it apart. Here's Mouse right now. No, no. Sorry. I'm being like black and white though. Logically... I don't look at hairline. You don't discriminate. It's all about the character and the look and.... Well I don't know that guy so I'm basing it off of a couple interviews. I don't either. Okay. Now. But it's funny because you will notice things. Like you'll go,

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"He's got a weird tooth" or "His hairline. Oh he's got a receding..." I don't notice it. I just notice their eyes. No, I thought you were making a jab at me and my weird tooth! But go ahead. (she licks microphone) Ew! Stop it! I'm so excited. Don't do that! That's weird! Well okay. This is good though. All right. So you're feeling your... Your libido is getting... Do you think it had to do with your second shot? Do you think you're feeling like wild and wooly because now you're safe to go back into the community? Maybe you want to... Well I think life is picking up so maybe there's a.... But I was telling you about the second shot of... I had this weird reaction two days later that I was like angry. It felt like steroids, like 'roid rage. Really? It was weird. Yeah I told you. Why? We just talked about this. Were you asking me, pretending like you didn't know? No. No, but I didn't know it was a steroid thing. I thought you were just saying... I don't know what's in it, but...  I figured you were annoyed because you said you had an inflammation spot at the injection site and you said it was like a big egg. And so I thought maybe you're in pain. And whenever someone's in pain, everything's annoying. Oh, yeah. So you wrote a couple of texts that were real short with people. Right? No. I was like... I had a couple friends that said, "Hey are you in LA? Let's..." You know. And I was like, "I can't handle all the world opening at once. Aaaah!" And I like wrote back, "I'm not available until May 20th! I'm at school! I'm just too busy! I can't!" And they just wrote like, "Hey, you in town?" I got weird! Wow! And it was like this... Interesting. I think that's... I think that's what it was. Because I talked to another person who had Moderna. That's what it was. And they said, "I have not put anything crappy into my body except for food and coffee and I got really angry this one day and then it made me really low." And I go, "When was your shot?" And he goes, "Two days ago." I was like, "Well that's gotta be it." And he was like, "No that wasn't it. But I've never had that experience in all of my life where..." And I was like, "It has to be." Wow. Now, have you? Was this new for you or is this typical? Well, I've you know. I've... When you... Like you taking your drugs recently. You've got to talk about that. But, you know, I've.... You take cold medicine. Yeah. You take, you know, antibiotics. And I think I took steroids for some kind of.... It was like prednisone for a tooth thing or something. And I felt that same like (punching noises) little Irish boxer (more punching noises). Ooh, okay. Interesting. This is a side effect. You haven't had this happen? I mean I'm trying to think of a physical thing I put into my body that made me feel that way. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe. Wait a second. I also don't pay attention to anything. I don't get this. I feel everything that happens around my body. Weird socks I can't wear. If I put on pants. You're a sensitive person. You're a highly sensitive people. You're an HSP. Is that a thing? Mmhmm, it is. 'Cause I definitely have feelings and the jury's out on you. You do. No, I'm just kidding. Ugh, stop. I do too! But you go overboard with the animals and the, I dunno, people. Plants. "Don't pick it!" I know. No, it's good.

This is what I did yesterday, which... I can't keep doing this. There was a black widow spider on the cushion of my teak lounge outside and it was underneath there. Instead of killing it, I let it go run down the driveway. But then I have a cat and they could.... Run down the driveway?! Yeah. That's a long run from your cushions! Yes. What'd you do - herd it? Were you herding a black widow? Were you blowing it along? I was going (makes blowing noises). You were! And I had just had taken a bite... what was it? Tofu! So I had a bite of tofu and then I turned the thing around because I had a suspicion. You know how you feel something might be weird? So I took... Before I  laid down I picked up the cushion, looked under there, there's a black widow! I knew it. And then so I went (makes blowing noises). Yeah? And tofu all over! Little bits of tofu and the spider stuck there. And then I blew it, blew it. And then I said, "I can't keep the tofu in" because I knew I was half blowing because of the tofu. So I fully blew. I blew it all over the back of the thing. I didn't care. You blew tofu! And then it finally went plop! I blew tofu. Yeah and then the guy hit the ground and I went (blowing noises) so he would run that way down the driveway. You did. You blew him down the driveway. I blew him down the driveway. Because you didn't and kill him now. Now why not just stomp on him? I don't want that spider guilt and bad spider karma although... Is it karma? Are you worried about next lives? Is this part of it?

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I mean, didn't you say at a little Indian friend who won't kill bugs. Mmhmm, yeah. "Little Indian friend." Did I just do something that was demeaning and..? No, you're fine. What if she's a large Indian friend? You're taking too many sociology classes. She's great. No. And she is littler than me. She comes up to here. And yes she does. She's Hindu and she doesn't believe in killing any other living beings because of that. And also it's cool. She said that they have to spray, you know, and clean in their house. And by doing that, they know that they're killing little bugs - bacteria and stuff like that. So to counter that - to balance that - they go outside and they sprinkle flour each day because it's a food for little bugs. Really? So it's kind of for those that we kill, we're feeding those outside. I like that. Yeah. I'll do that too. Yeah it was kind of cool. Wow. But you know... Well interesting. So, but... Okay, you're judging right now. Black widows are just going to come back. I could tell you're... No. I'm just... questions. I just have questions. Yeah? No I don't care. Oh. I think it's fine. I'm just curious because you are a little obsessed about black widows. Ugh! Because they're so creepy! You hate them. You're so scared. Okay, will you listen? So I would think those would be the one you'd have an exception for and want to kill. No? Well I will... I spray them off and then I don't go outside at night sometimes because.... Well, things always happen! I went out to sit there with my friend who came over. We went and sat down to eat a burrito outside on the table and he made fun of me. My friend Blake he goes, "Oh you and the spiders!" Because I walk out like this (waves arm) to make sure it doesn't hit me in the face. Those big garden spiders are awful though. If you walk through one of their webs, oh, there's nothing worse! Are you kidding me? Remember the one we plunked in the can? That was so scary. Anyway I went... And I said... He was like, "Oh you and your spider thing. Ugh." And I'm really not that crazy but... And then I go and I sit down with the bare feet and it's starting to turn dusky, you know, darky. And then I looked down right next to my foot. Guess what there was?! A black widow. A black widow right by my foot and I said, "That's why." And he goes, "That's just a spider." And I go, "What is this red hourglass on the chest?" But unless you're sitting there.... Do you know what the number one black widow injury is from back in the day in the annals of (your balls) black widow injuries. Did you know? Balls? They would build a web nest in the seat... On your balls? Listen! Close! In the seat of a porta potty. But the outhouse, right? Back in the pioneer days. And so an unsuspecting farmer would go sit and be... Balls. All his stuff is is hanging down and guess what's right there to bite it? Balls? Penis. So there were penis injuries with black widow spiders all the time. I'll have to verify this with a fact check.

Fact check! Black widows, or Latrodectus hesperus, don't often invade homes but they do like to inhabit human-built structures like sheds, barns, and outhouses. And unfortunately for those who lived before indoor plumbing was commonplace, black widows liked to retreat under the seats of outdoor toilets perhaps because the smell attracts so many flies for them to catch. Men who use outhouses should be aware of this disturbing little factoid. Most black widow bites are inflicted on the penises thanks tendency to dangle threatening in spiders territory beneath the seat. A 1944 case study published in the Annals of Surgery noted that of 24 black widow by cases reviewed, 11 bites on the penis, 1 was on the scrotum, and 4 were on the buttocks. A full 16 of the 24 victims were bitten while sitting on the toilet. From Cheeky!

But yes I think that.... I would imagine. This is a common thing and that part scared me. But I think that... My point is, you have to be sitting in one spot for a while for the spider to come over and find you. It's not like you're going to touch a cushion and they're going to like get you right away. So I think.... If your foot is in their web they're going to think that you are a moth and that's your toe. And they will attack. Well, I don't think it works that way though. They're very smart. They can tell the difference between a moth and a toe and unless you're there for a while and they're scared. I've seen them run towards my toe. They don't run towards your toe! Come on! All right, here's another story. When I went to get my bike out of the garage alright? I've got my hot Pee Wee Herman bike. And I'm going to the garage. And I always have feelings about these things. Okay. So I went to go stand on my bike.

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Guess who was there? Wait. Stand on your bike? On the seat? Are you doing Pee Wee Herman tricks? (flails arms) Whoa! What's the song? "Bird, bird, bird, bird, bird is the word!" Yeah. No, I went to fling your leg over like saddle a horse? Oh. What do you call that? Fling the horse leg? Jump on a horse? That's it. Yes. Mom? Saddle a horse. Straddle. Straddle. I went to straddle. I'm about to sit on the seat and put my feet on the pedals, where you kind of touch your leg to the side of the bike and I had this feeling. I looked down. Guess who is there? Really? Another black widow spider. A black widow spider and he was in the attack position with just two femurs. They're just hanging out on the web. They're just hanging out. No! There was no web. He was on the side of the part where you put your leg down on the bike part with his femurs out. Femurs? With his attackers. Those are legbones. Those things were legs and whatever does the attacking part. I think they're a leg. Really? Yeah. Okay, well. Watch them in attack pose. You will never wanna ride your bike again nor will you want to go outside after dark. They come out at night. Okay, alright. Varmints? Please weigh in here on black widow spiders. We would like an episode specifically about them. Thank you very much.

They're called brown widows in my neck of the woods by the way. They're brown. Oh yeah. Those have the spikey egg sacs versus round for black widows. And I've looked them up. They're less powerful in the biting area so they are less toxic. But they are more fiddle-faddley. They run around like (makes fiddle-faddley sound). Oh! So they're like "Aaah!" A little squirrely. That's why they come towards the toe like in attack position. Okay. They're ready.

But do you think you have a little arachnophobia because you also obsessed with brown recluses and then also... Brown recluses get your balls. Sorry. Go ahead. But in Idaho. They.... Those are the ones.... What's the one that you hate in Idaho? Hobo. Hobo spiders! We heard about those for years too. Hobos. Now what's so bad about a hobo spider? Ask Mom. She will tell you. The hobo... She slapped one out of my hand because I was trying to save it and put it out. And she slapped it. I had it in a Dixie cup. She slapped it and stomped on it. She goes, "You do not save those spiders! That could kill you!" They're hobos! Ask your mother. They're hobos. There's all these hobo spider signs like, "We'll Kill Your Hobos" That's right! It says "We'll Kill Your Hobos" on a sign in Idaho. Terrible. It's a terrible place. I'm kidding mom.

Now, okay, you're a sensitive soul. You love animals. You love spiders. But you don't love spiders. Um, lizards. We know you worked in vivarium for a while. You had a whole lizard world. Can I tell you I had some lizard intuition also. What? Oh you're trying to segue into Slash's Snakepit? Why do you always call out my segues? Can't you just let them be? Okay. Let them be natural. That's the nature of a segue. But go ahead. Talk about the... Segway like Paul Blart on a segway, your favorite? And then that. My sister loves Paul Blart! And don't get her started on snorkeling. Oh, dorkeling? If you were gonna go snorkeling it would be called dorkeling. Alright, alright. But, okay.

Vivariums, lizards... You've always loved animals. Why? I... Why'd you work there? Because I think it was a family thing. Like dad used to take us there, and maybe did mom too, and then we went on field trip there. Let's to the East Bay Vivarium. And that was the place in Berkeley where I ended up working later but I think it was something to do with like an exciting trips. When we were kids we would go to that animal place in Berkeley. The alexander lund's museum that place. I remember that was a walnut creek. Come either way. This was a very interesting place. And i was always curious and you know i had that. It's a little bit pilots. I think it was probably more but it was mixed in with our childhood like going there when i was young and feeling like it was a special fund. Exciting place like to Alexander lindsay or like the Steinhardt aquarium. That was a quick attitude headed snake. That was pretty fascinating. Yeah I agree. Yeah I liked all that stuff too but you really had a pension for it though when you were little. You love lizards alligators. Niks alligators alligators or my god. I forgot about how much success alligators. Yeah I had one a rubber alligator that. I took in the bath with me. Oh yeah you're right. This is deeper that all right off. Because I love to chew on it. You ate a snail you toby hail the rubber alligators and I loved it so much and it would chew on it in the eight. It's whole tail. What I got so mad at myself because it was just a stump that was you to know. Okay go to YouTube. you'll see. She has a space all right. Sorry you really embarrassed about this. So let's talk about your shame around your teeth.

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Let's put a pin as vitamin the. We'll come back to okay.

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I'm just embarrassed. It look so dumb. She had dental surgery. I had my implant removed - my dental implant, which is my dumb fake tooth. Because I never had an adult tooth grow there. And I've had multiple surgeries. It was a whole PTSD moment because I had to go back under with anesthesia and get  it pulled out. Yeah I was scared. And they packed with all the psych like my bone loss was crazy. There's like a big divot in my jaw now where that was. So they had to pack it back up there using <whispers> cadaver bone. And guess who can't get over that? Elliot. Really? I would think Carla. He goes, "Mom! You have dead people in your mouth!" In your mouth! I know. I feel the same way. I'm like... Listen.  It's cadaver bone. It was donated. They died. It's like getting blood from somebody. It's getting an organ donated but it's bone and they're these little granules and they clean them and they're all like bleached whatever. It's just a matrix for the boned material to grow back over it. Then they add platelets and then they add this membrane. And then they close the gum back up and it's going to build my jaw back up so that it will all be back to normal. And then I can think faked it back and he still stuck on the head. People people boats will the weird part. Is this oh gross. That every once in a while granules comes out because it's not quite healed and I crunch on it. Have you ever had sardines with the little spine in them still. Oh I kind of like it. You are a cannibal! This is getting strange! trench. It's got that little crunch of a little bone and every once in a while one more game to my teeth. And I don't know what it is my crunch it and it satisfies kind of gross knowing. I'm eating a dead person's bone a little bit but it's also kind of satisfying. This is strange. We're we have learned. This is a strange thing. Do you feel like dominant over them. Slow nothing like that show really is just like a like a crunchy chip for something. Like a but it's dead person in your mouth not though we not think about it that way. Because then I'm gonna freak out. We can't think about are you. I don't think you can cause you to logical for me. I would not be able to. He would rather stay. What is your song. You had to get a somebody else's kidney. You take a sock over kidney. I might just go. I might seek to weird. It's an organ though. It's just... it's just cells. It's tissue. It's getting fake eyelashes. But it's different than that. It's a human bone in your mouth it. I could maybe take a her I long. They wanted to donate it. They wanted it to go back to good. Oh I get it. It's all I just couldn't put it into my mouth 'cause then it would do the sardine thing and it would be to the venue. Oh it's too much. Yeah I know why because what if you were going to have a big indented face. If you didn't have it I'd take it really. Oh, a dented face? Now you're getting into dramatics. Feel was a little different than I would have a big divot under my cheek pad could they not stuff it with a piece of like two toenails or something. Why did they have used bones. I don't know something else. Bone granules over tony own someone else's who would see me. This is getting weird.

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This is not intended this okay. Okay I don't want to. Would you really get creeped out though? Could your brain really talk you into getting weirded out about it? I don't think so. See? I don't think so either. You're not that suggestive. You're scientific. You're... You tell me to get a boyfriend. It's just like buying a shirt eggs. Not like lang- shirt. But I am very curious to hear more about your interest in boys. This has been a while you've been dormant for a while. And I think madonna made angry and fired up. So oh interest Patrick Wilson. What's his situation. Let's let's look he's married. They're all they're married he's married. He's a but he just seems really cute. I'll show you a couple interviews covid also joel. These are celebrities in their far. I'm not saying you have to be with that. One person is that her that you take the qualities of the. She was an actress to her car. And yeah you can apply them to real life so this is good. This is stage. One misses the plot. A of your romance. You're interested a celebrity the gateway the gateway definitely has a nice torso and Tall and you want to squeeze his packs. I noticed that you do like the packs. Well okay can we translate this into real life so what is going to be now. That you've had your saksak's mosquito in here. wait sorry. I thought I was a mosquito and I really was. I just missed aggie. That bitch no look at you. Steroids I bet you they're just said it. Funny children to out you guys were on a go. Look on YouTube. Would you could see this giant cadaver whole in your face. I don't have any cadaver holes. Stop! All right.

No, now how are you going to re enter society. 'cause we've talked about the tax. You're a little bit nervous about getting back out in real life. What's going to be your tippy toe toe in the water of reality. hurry nervous. Can we distinguish the term us from focus. You're not worried about disease. You're worried about social ok-sang on school in getting that done. Because I've created this little microcosm of time space in money so I could get this done finely cut so that's what I'm focused on more worried about the social aspects. That are coming in as a distraction as life. Oh okay that may. And I yeah. I was going to have to do a whole agoraphobia. Workup I thought maybe no there might be. We have a phobia in our family. Did you know that yeah. Where'd you hear that from me. It could just be lot of diagnosing people. Though you love popping a sticker on people being like... I don't because I realize it's, well, it's a label. And maybe people are over forty. Maybe they wanna hang out at home more. Maybe they wanna be la- social media or more introverted. So I don't know. Has this brought out the introvert. New this epidemic pandemic. I enjoy I think it has with everybody. I'm not labeling. I'm not targeting you but I think when you're single. There was a lot of alone time. And the I would imagine families if your family that likes each other probably normalized it a little bit more because you have some social interaction. It's definitely weird to be single this time. Yeah although you know. I had an I had without the school as a focus. I think I would have gone crazy. And without you guys coming to see you can't manageable. You're a huge circle. You could have bubbled up with anybody. You had like probably yeah dozen people who would have been great but speed quarantine buddies with them. Well I don't know or just like make pinky promise to like. Let's hang out together. I don't know. I could name a whole list of people you talk to you. Guys, girls whatever. Yeah but people have their own lives. They wouldn't want to shake up the time now. I mean just like visit okay. we'll be each other's people. Promise you go anywhere. I won't go anywhere and we can hang out well. This is back a little bit because happy. Yeah that's what I'm saying. I think so. Many of us were happy to be home. And just like chill and do projects at home. And we just did the interview of Steve Pieters he even said, "God put me in my room." You know. "I had to go to my room for the quarantine" as we all did. And it's like... And that's when... Did he say it in ours? No, in a different interview. It's cute because it is kind of like that like, "Okay.

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"I'm forcing you all stay home. What are you going to get done?" What he had to look at. How are you going to deal with whatever so you did school. Which is amazing. Yeah I was very it was like it opportunity for me. I was so happy to. I've loved that the world slowdown in. I felt like we're all in it together. So I didn't feel this fomo of something happening out there. Yes not was that but it was like it was more for me like I should be doing something. Like dad's always. I should be working everybody else's at work. I should be work. I do but everyone together. And like yay got my. <sings> "I've got the golden ticket." It's true I know very true. I'm looking well. I pulled up this interview or article. This is from the New York Times. And I did want to talk about. We talked a little bit before. And now but the nervous person's guide to re entering society. Right because I think a lot of us are probably like you know. We embraced staying home. We have gotten a little too comfortable staying home and now we have to kind of get back out there now that we've had our vaccines or whatever I don't know. And so what are you do. And how much of it is anxiety. How much is is agoraphobia. Is something we can slap a label on. I don't know So they're recommending experts have said if you don't want to jump into the pool dip your toe in first so you can't just jump out there which makes sense right. Have you tiptoes what. What's your latest toe dipping. Ben i dipped into a hike dipped. Yeah a few hikes with friends. And I also Tony Gleeson one of them. I think he listens. Yeah tony here's our illustrator episode and Blake. I don't think he listens anyway. So yes I've done that. And then I did a social outing to seal beach to see the Jennifer Martins right abby What about you you've done you worked out today. I'm yeah I'm going back to the gym. It's like very spaced out though, and you have to sign up beforehand and wear masks. So it feels very isolated canal unsure but it is indoors. So that's there's that. Kids are doing so nervous now not at all. I've come full circle with this. Because I used to be a little bit more nervous but I'm not I really. What mandate confident shot really being vaccinated. Feels like can't touch me now. It's invincibility thing. Which I know is kind of false because there's variants but I don't know and it just feels good to be back. It just feels good. Having that freedom of I can go anywhere now and even stop site. Would you fly right now or do you feel? Oh! You did! You just did Cabo. Hello! Hello! What's your name? Pat. Okay the the thing that does make me nervous is that my kids aren't vaccinated and this article brings it up too. It's kind of disingenuous to say you can't have any friends over. Meanwhile here we are gonna hop around a little bit. So what do you do? I don't know what is it. Where are the kids at though. What's likely years being so. Many of them are back at school. So my kids. The junior high and high school boys are both back four days a week and you know they go eight. Am to two o'clock about and I pick them up and they're masked up and they have to use hand sanitizers much as but they're not really on top of it at the school. They're kind of like we leave it up to the kids. You have to take their temperature before they leave home. They're really becoming more hands off. And I pack them at hand sanitizer. But they're boys. They barely flush the toilet. I don't know if they're using so when they get in the car. I'm always like squirt wash up. But what's the likelihood of them getting it. I don't really know. I know that younger kids were. We get reports from the schools and week. There's probably hamdullah cases to three to five her whip for the teachers. Not the kids right. They don't say who it is. A person out our school got coded a community based or school based. I've been disraeli out of this. Because they didn't want to be a hyper thing but in but just didn't so our younger because before it was kids weren't don't need to worry at all. So where are we in. Well I think they always need to worry. They will catch it and but they can. It's almost more like a flu. And they can fight it. Although there are a few that have underlying conditions usually that than it does become a big problem for them and if you have died and then they can also transmit it so there are of course concerns with it but it does feel like now that we are safer and we were the ones a little bit more more safer.

00:35:03 - 00:40:08

Yeah and then you kind of bring your kids along with it to like guess what we did. We got Disneyland tickets. You're gonna meet us there for dinner. You're not meeting for dinner to dinner the night before just dinner. We'll go outside summer but we're going to do it in. It's at twenty five percent capacity and they have it all spaced out. I watched the video. They have like plexiglass stuff everywhere. I think it's all it's out. How busy is it gonna be? Insane? It's at one quarter capacity versus one hundred percent. Thanks for getting me a ticket. I didn't think that you would want to go! You're in the middle of school. You just made a big cry about. I would talk with my god. I tried I thought about about it. "Maybe she does want to?" Then I can give it away if I need to. It was the same with the vaccine when you got it for mom and not me. You didn't live with us! I couldn't get you the vaccine. I got it for mom because she lived with us. Sorry. Always anyone misses the little duckling syndrome.

Don't wait for the anxiety to go away. This is about reentering society. Feeling anxious doesn't mean you're endangered doesn't mean something is wrong It's a normal part of entering post pandemic life. That's what this is called. A you can do calming validating soft. Talk I speak to yourself it self reassuring voice. Let's do it Weens. Give me some meditations. You will do fine. It will be great in life. What kind of world do you wanna live in? Sexxxxx! She wants to talk about boys our boys anyway. You don't have to replicate what you did in the before times. This is going to be a slow roll. That makes sense. Let go of resentment You can't control other people on the yourself. Anger frustration and resentment towards people who ignore public health guidelines or. Behave differently than you do will only raise your stress level. It's tough but true prioritize activities that help reduce anxiety. I love gardening. I highly recommend it. You like hiking together. We are the dynamic. Do I don't know. Yeah so. I think we can all do it folks. So I'll post this article in the show notes but we're entering societies slowly but surely have just bounce back into it though you did not seem to have a mental transition you can just bounce back and maybe that's I mean really staying home still alive. I'm not like out there out there. I'm not shop. I hate shopping. I do like being home. I've got a million things to do with the podcasts. I'm happy being here. So it's kind of a perfect balance So are you going to be resentful of going back out the way you used to do kind of think. It was too busy or do you like yeah a little bit but we did stop doing our big long commute for soccer. So that's done which gives me back hours and hours and hours Everything's local and quick. Charlotte hasn't gone back to any of her sport. So there's that so it's like my schedule is very short on the the apple days after worried about sport. That's a good life. I'm telling you that there was some balls studied. Where if you live within ten miles of where you work in. Everything's within ten miles like your life. Is that much happier and longer. Yeah yeah it is. I do like it. Yeah yeah all right lizards in sex life. Go I wanna lizard says. Sometimes I dressed up as lizard - a gecko - out credit. I'd court people on the corner. No you had a psychic moment with a lizard but then you had lizard story. We talked about offline that I wanted to hear online.

<Song: Celebrity Stories That Nowhere - Ding!> I worked at the East Bay Vivarium. Right. There was a guy there was like the main there were two owners who were the big owners and he was like third in command named Owen tap from does anyone know the reference "Throw Mama from the Train?" "Throw Mama From the Train" The remarkable god. Good thing but so he. I was somehow his chosen one to go to slashes show from guns and roses guitarist slash was his band was slashes snake. Pit lose playing somewhere in San Francisco and he was really into snakes. He had he was like notorious for having a bunch of boa constrictors. And whatever so for some reason I got roped into being the one that was going to go with Owen to bring these like exotic animals backstage to his show and line them all up, like put them in their containers and bring them to show him in the hopes that he'd pay thousands of dollars for all these things. And we went there and had to like sit around and wait for Slash to get off stage and come backstage. And then I just remember he came back with a towel around his neck.

00:40:08 - 00:45:10

And said, "Who are you guys?" So I go, "We're the so and so from the so-and-so's and here's your display." And he just said, like, "Oh. Yeah. Cool. Yeah." And then that was it. I think that was parading. Much it packed up and then they had like a weird spaghetti dinner with his guy back home. What was that remember. His two spaghetti dinner with awkward. It was like super late night to go have spaghetti dinner. And I just wanted to go home. It was so weird. I didn't know moving was there was another just weird story of. How did I get involved in this situation again. I got celebrities go nowhere laboratories where was it story.

Now can we transition into have you had any any leyshon snake thoughts lately house after. Don't so me now do you are there. Is there anybody that's realize you yeah realistic. That's not on the so now. That's talking here that you're kinda like oh that might be fun to know now. There's nobody. I don't talk to anybody but friends at her. But I liked it. The fire's being stoked a little. Maybe the fire Jo l. I. It's I just can't do it right now I have. I know just to focus on while the summer's coming you've gotten in great shape doing all your hiking. Things are on the horizon in la okay. I'll make sure to let you know when that happened. That's my the house lizard. Houdini moment I have a feeling. I don't understand how you think it's so easy though. Also I think that you have but you stuck in my twenty year old brain. I was all you could just kind of be like. Hey what's up and then about being a boom. I wonder if it's a little bit of la being. I don't know. But I don't come to San Diego. Yeah how easy is that. Do you think. I don't know how I know in your forties. What would you do. I go on a dating app and an honest no way. It wouldn't be scary. Don't live in fear. Not living in fear be fun. Gordon dates grab coffee. I know same song dance. I'm sorry. I just love it. I think it's well. How does this turn into me again. Though I would to Are we towards the interior of talking about nothing. It's good everything. We gave good tips and facts. It's great everyone's learning and we love each other. And I love to hear about your life and we might be helping somebody get through their stuff. You never know right folks. And we're going to create an urban garden in San Diego. Our next project. Dreamy. Yes let's find a area with no walkable grocery stores, no walkable fresh foods and... They call that a... What do they call that? Food desert! They do. And we'll plop a nice little chunk of land there and we'll get it going. Women and gardening and grants and I know how to do this. We could do it. Really. It's so exciting. Yeah that'd be cool. High five. Virtual high five. Everybody, thank you for listening to yet another episode of  Mouse and Weens, Season Four. is the hub where you can find all of our good stuff. I've said that in the last bunch of episodes - "hub!" And you can follow us on all social media @mouseandweens Spell it out. Please do tell your friends if you like us, and get them listening too. That's the best way we can grow. Also we're on Slash! Slash with a snakepit! Slash. And what else can I tell you? We love our listeners. And thank you. Thank you our patrons big time because you mean the world to us that we can stay afloat with your help. And the VIPs, you get all that good jazz. So come visit us over there. All right Weens. Peace out. We love you! Talk to you later. Bye!

<Music: Song "Ryan's Crazy Lady" by Julianne Eggold>

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