May 1, 2021

E111 - Cabo Mexico Vacation

Come escape to Baja California Mexico with us! Traveling with the family, Joelle recounts her recent Spring Break week in Cabo. She has some tips for parents who want to travel with kids, especially teens,

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E111 – Come escape to Baja California Mexico with us! Traveling with the family, Joelle recounts her recent Spring Break week in Cabo. She has some tips for parents who want to travel with kids, especially teens, and talks about timeshares Vidanta and Cabo Azul. Mouse recounts the things to do while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, especially the fishing and Flora Farms adventures! There are deep questions that Mouse has for listeners too, such as when going on a resort vacation do you take the hotel shampoo or leave it there? What is your sex life like during a family trip? How angry do you get at flight changes? And do you think our kids sound like spoiled brats?! We also talk about traveling during coronavirus times, needing to take a Covid test to get on a flight, and generally getting back to real life now that everyone is getting vaccinated. How much is worrying about the virus, and how much is anxiety transitioning back to being busy, especially in crowded LA? Can Weens just stay forever in her virtual college homeschool cave?! Listen for a Sixteen Candles trivia question, and weigh in on whether you’d be interested in a Beastie Boys whale watching cruise!

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Cabo Mexico Vacation

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Hello this is david attenborough. And today i'd like to talk about two creatures one from the north and the other from the south they're known together as mouths and we elson winston unless it means. Would you look at that here. We are once again. It is a brand new day. It's tuesday and i'm here with my sister. Welcome everybody you have found mouse and who wins here. We knew with my sister to. That's right. i am mouse. I'm joel. i'm the mom. One up in san diego up in san diego down in san diego south. You used to correct me on this. I'm weans i'm up now. You've confused me again down. i'm up down. John me by mexico. I'm at the border threatening away. Mexico this is true and you know what used to get so mad at me. Because i wouldn't do my ups and downs rate but northern was all right but the world is spinning. We're in the middle of at see one time you explained it and it finally made sense to me. I was like oh. That's how you see it. But how did you see it again. I didn't understand now. i can't remember that. We are spinning at dizzying speeds in the middle of the universe and it was hard to navigate. What up. His own is hard to defecate down. Were when i saw. It is a as an orb spinning in space. But i understand the concept of north south east west but ahead to look at it. Topographical okay so you see the surface of the earth and little people standing on it just a globe that spinning around in space a giant ball. Imagine a ball which i know you do spinning outerspace crazy. We're going very fast. You know right. But what's north and south in what's up down at that point. How has your vacation just got veteran's next goal mexico. I know i i haven't talked to you. I've been dying to talk to you but we both decided. Save it for the podcast. If dying by the way that's quote from sixteen candles you good. What does that went. Starting sister retired out you. Don't you know my plight. I watched movies. And i instantly forget them. So unless i've seen it twenty times and then it's like a cultural phenomenon. I won't remember. So i have no gone kusak and his buddy in there waiting for the news from anthony michael hall about his date with the hot cheerleader girl in they go i think. His name's lane lane myers among. Maybe they go where donning that was a big line. but it's the wrong line contest. Anybody wanna phil. What is the line phil. Rude would know this right or any a key. Join in anyone. If you know this line we would like to know okay. How are you first of all. I wanted to hear about life while i was gone. Anything exciting happen in interesting. When i've noticed that when i do the same thing every day which has been doing schooling in sitting on my computer Which is often and a lot of the time that someone can go around the world and come back in you feel like nothing much has happened. Manana the person will have all of this richness as gentlemen. Leave your house Yeah you're gonna have all these stories. You can't do that much 'cause then you're excited to come back home and get back to the boring routine you know. It is that weird balance. But i do love traveling. I felt like a new woman. I felt like i was back to real life. Like it really didn't feel like cova times at all besides masks everywhere. Hand sanitizer everywhere. And having get you know swabbed before you get back on the plane. Yeah it was weird they force you to force you. You can't get on the plane back to the us from mexico unless you have a negative cova test and it had been taken. Yeah it had to have been taken within Think three days of your departure to make sure you don't yeah so the really see it was really good. I i liked the whole shebang. Because i was nervous about it.

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Sorry ma'am continue. Thought boy would. I be a bed therapist golden. I know i was nervous going into it. Though i really was like i was trying to be cool like yay okay. I got vaccinated. everything's good. i've got my two shots. You got your one right that was did you get your second one yet not yet. Okay yeah. I wanna go half. You're not on the left side. Only the left sides risky. The other sense. Conservative can go ahead but it felt good. I was happy that i did. It went for it in once. Everything was in place and we were packed up and ready to go. I i was. I was in it to win it. It was it was fun it was what was the nervous part because the logical part says. I've got my shots and fine so the new again. It's going to be a weird carrier. I'm going to catch it and give it to my kids or something because they're not vaccinated and that they would be the one percent of kids that catch it and something bad happens versus just being like a cold flu and then they get through it so i don't know it's not logical. Just weird mama bear brain that i probably need to crack open. Is there any relevant to. There's this article someone who's telling me about which i didn't read about coming out of the cave and how people aren't really respecting how weird this is going from what we just went through to all of a sudden the world's kinda back to normal. Yeah no. I'm really trying to stay away from the news and not get caught up in any hype of anything. Besides i see what our county numbers are and talking about the variants in that you know the variant has been detected in san diego and this can happen in that so it's just like oh boy. Are we going to see another big second wave. i hope not. And i don't want to catch it and i don't wanna be a carrier but really from where we were last year at this time. It's so different. I feel so much safer and more calm and like kohl aspect to going back in the world in in that like do you have caves syndrome. Is there any party. That feels like you're coming out of a cave in you. Need to make not with little tiny tiptoe. I've been for a few months because the kids have started back up at school. A little bit and start back up at sports a little bit. So i i caving in twinkling just fine I spent twinkled at all. And i wonder if i'm psychologically one of the people that's like this because i was talking to blake and he'll you're hanging out with other cave people to you. Maybe need to people who are out in the world already back at it the thighs. It's too much it's like everything just instantly started up again and life is very busy. Here in wild freeways are packed. All but yeah. I was gonna say you hit traffic. You don't want to deal with ears. You don't necessarily love your job you don't want to have to go back to your job ever staying in your college bubble again it. I went to college with a guy who stayed there until he was thirty. Oh who he was. What was his name bennett. Rana who is in it. He's a lifer here is like our laszlo. Lived in the closet of sarah's lows another reference from the movie real genius. The guy who lived in australia. Who i thought looked a little bit like a callow stone. Our last last guest. we're giving. We're doing a book giveaway by the way. I'm going to post that online today. Maybe by the time year that it'll be done but you guys check all his whole interview. He just has a thing that he released called seeking software in the time of selfies in. That's his book in many as a podcast that he just dropped. Okay joe yes. We have so much to talk about race. Let's get into my trip. Can yeah i do not. Don't excuse my french. She's got an agenda folks while the producer. Finally the table go. I'm coming to the table. Let me get my peace out. I'm nervous southern to say no to the million viewers out there where you went because not everybody knows kabo right. Okay so kabo. San lucas is in mexico. It's the by tip mexico. You're such a jerk and we bought timeshare. We bought into a timeshare there few years ago.

00:10:01 - 00:15:01

So we have this this timeshare. Although our homebase is puerto vallarta so we went there a couple of times this time we switched around and went to kaaba. Because we have good friends carla and her family. Hi carla that also had a timeshare kabo turns out our resorts right next door to each other so we get that we planned it for last spring break it was going to happen last april and before covid and cova came. We postponed till december. We're gonna try to see if we could go there and didn't work here. we are. We went and it was great and we have three kids. We brought the kids with us. They have three kids brought their three kids with them so it was a whole thing about how. How is this all work. How are we going to. Yeah and then. Her sweet husband had a business trip that he had to go to right in the middle of the vacation so he had to leave and plot twist they have a seven month old baby. So what should. He invited her sister out from indianapolis to come only stay in kind of be the baby helper and enjoy the second half of the week after her husband left says she would have a helper which she ended up needing because The baby was constipated most of the trip and sounds like me travel bell little baby travel bells like weans and he didn't sleep super well so she had kind of a rough go and then she caught a little bug of some sort and italy. Meaning the sister. 'cause the baby's a boy yeah she meaning cartilage. She ate something. Bad in had a bad night was better the next day so Wasn't anything bad but yeah it was interesting because she's not vaccinated. Her husband is no. She's had one shot that's right anyway. We're a big big crazy medley. But it all worked out well But the airport was pretty nuts. Yeah i was surprised how packed it. He's leaving. this is traveling with kids folks. If you're gonna travel with kids just be prepared for. It was prepared that it's a lot how it used to be. It's really busy and you know spring break. Yeah that's true. It was the okay. This is my thing though. Everybody's been holed up for over a year in so everyone's now got the green light to go back in the world and that's why it goes from zero two thousand in my mind. I now or whelming. I guess but having been through it you see the protocols. They put in place That most people are supermassive up. I mean it was like double masked at the airport and hand washing stations. Everywhere you go. They just say it's busy out there. Everybody's vacation that's my point. Yeah yeah that's true. I know rolled has gone crazy. And everyone's on the freeway. I think on the beaches and like yeah. We're doing it now so it's just gone from. I know world. I've just. I feel okay with it though but i think that's just because i've done this and i've been out in the world and thought really clean and safe an maybe. It was like you last when you went to costa rica and you were trying to explain the same thing to me and i was all freaked out our switching roles but no. I'm not freaked out about that. It's the amount of people it's not even about covid. It's being there are so many people just like world. You want everyone to go home and stay in the house. Yes i did. It was so peaceful line but y you know this is all where you can't complain when you choose to live in a city like in race for it to be quieter in no traffic but it was just such a weird miracle. I know i'll never forget. I am saving your video of on the freeway when there was known on the freeway. You look at this. Look at this. It was this old. It's like when they shut down times square for movie or something. It's so weird. It's crazy and it was really neat. I think i'd like to move to the country at some point. The okay. don't worry about it. Let's go back to your here. We go all right. Well traveling with kids. that was kind of So i wanna give advice. And i wanna help people out there who are going to do this. So by way of my wild and crazy stories. I hope the people learn something. Okay tip number one. We didn't let the kids bring phones. How the whole time. Well except for one exception the fifteen and a half year old bring it but it was kept under wraps. He really didn't go on it at all. It was really just kind of a communication device. and he. He's so cool. I have to give him mad props because he his turns into his.

00:15:01 - 00:20:01

Yeah he's turned into this little mini adult. He's very respectful. He super sharing he shared a bed with charlotte in the old days. He would have been like no. I want the whole bed for myself. He's just coming around big time. And i love it. I had so much fun with him and he just hung with the adults mostly and the kids but he was great so he really didn't show off his phone or anything. We made a deal with them. Like you know you can bring it. But just don't let the kids see and be all weird about it and so is great and so the kids. We bought them a whole bunch of books. They didn't even ended up reading the books but they had all their hunger games and all the stuff ready to go but they played Just like card games and went on earth. They did some activity books and that was so cute so it was so nice not having them addicted to screens the whole time and we do you think foster is it because there was so much to do. Okay so you're you're at a resort with a pool and yeah it's a big hotel basically so nice room with the tv and had it was like a three bedroom suite so it had master bedroom. Sorry main bedroom. I don't like to say master bedroom anymore. Because it's got original lord. God okay i just i never did anyway. That's easy The two bedrooms and then the main room like the living room the couch and stuff like that and all these pullouts but they watched tons of cartoons and did their thing so they had their fix when they would come in from the pope but there are pools and their water sides and they had a ton of stuff to do. We went to don threshold problems. I know i know we went to the dont'a hidden san jose dot kaba. Which is the coast a little bit from like the tip of kabo the very south tip and they did a great job in the next door was kabaso. That's where carlos family stayed which was gorgeous. It was so much prettier than ours. If anyone's going to san jose doc look at kabul now the bad part about them was they did not let the kids really throw the football and the pool. We went and bought a football and totally kept the boys busy and the dad's but it's more of an adult t place. It's real pretty so they had like one small little children's area but it was like for the little little kids so that part was kinda lame so they kept sneaking over to our resort. Now the sneaking. Let me give you some more tips cowl. Hide the wristband on your wrist when you go to resort that is doesn't have a risk then because then they know you're sneaking in from the other one so we got real good about my big bengal bracelets to hide my wristband. The kids would all stick their hand in their pockets. Yep the towel of the arm linda. You're teaching your kids to sneak family now. It was just the whole reason. We went to play with his family. But yeah it was done rule but get it. They probably don't wanna mingle germs. Or have people do out there amenities without paying agai- it makes sense but still meant to be broken and it was so dumb. It's like we're inviting a whole family of five people over to have lunch time by their yourself. So why wouldn't you. Yeah you jerks hirsch timeshare. We had to go to a little mini tiny breakfast thing. Talk to them. But it was really nice. They left us alone pretty much you. I worked for a time share company. Did i rob. I was like thirteen or fourteen in. Would you like some property in angel's crest california and we'll give you free dinner at the velvet turtle young turtle this is where you meet dink dinner at the velvet turtle it just sounds like the regal buehler's continue. Forgive me. i love it. Yeah we were dodging timeshare people because they did want to sit down and talk to us about our contract but they right now during covid allowed to sell anything so they were real. it was like timeshare light took. are they going to sell. I don't know they did some weird thing our contract we have to figure it out. I think they tried to like downgrade without telling us so that they can upgrade us because we had like the highest tier package. I dunno know this whole thing. We have to work out lawyer dave's on it he's gonna takeover but also everyone. Yeah yeah so. That was fun we did. All the settling in and the kids were good. They highlights cotonou room. They played a lot of hallway. Tag now parents out there. Do you let your kids play hallway tag. I you the old me would have been like no quiet. Everyone's trying to take a nap or having sex in the room. Leave them alone. They don't wanna hear kids. But this trip i was like who cares. Runaround they were you know running all over the place Hide and seek going in elevators.

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And i kinda was okay with it. Would you have been okay with it. You would let that happen. I don't know. I can't tell anymore like to leave my yeah pretended in noam and then just go hide somewhere real parenting style. Sort of way to deal with it. Yeah yeah so we kind of let them run all over they they got real comfortable going between the two resorts but in mexico. I'm always like i don't know they're big enough. We so we got kind of loose with that but they were good. They're good and we would always check with each other. Did they make it over there yet. They're here okay. They got kicked their son mexico. What is it around like. Once you leave your resort is it. Well i don't know as a parent you always hear the worst case scenarios in the news right like all the drug cartels kidnappings and this happens. That happens child trafficking so in the back of your mind. Always keep an eye on those girls or you know watched the kids. I wonder kabo if it's it's already it's so touristy there and i do feel like it's fine but then yeah there's that little voice that this is a little risk spit you know. It always works out. Knock on wood where someone got cuffy But what i mean were. They like often their own. These children ever know they always around us to degree or within the resort. Like one pull over and they would run. I mean they're like ten eleven. They're ten and up so ten eleven twelve all the way up tips shen. Yeah so. I think back to. I was at that age. And i was running all over the place to everything by myself. I thought because we would get kicked out of the house in dark out. I know and we never went on vacations like this. Oh my god. We will go to like one motels. Grandma's house and grandma jeans turtle that was the big highlight disneyland with the allies filming because they traveled. Yeah you good to go to disneyland the tagline from that got the sweet amenities from that but yes these spoiled so spoiled but it is fun. Basic spoiled kids are no they never done. I don't think they do i. Also they would ask me. Can i get this in. It's like a eight dollar pen or something like a little turtle on the end all these turtles journal. And i'm like no eight dollars for penn. That's ridiculous so i try to keep it down earth and normal but they were getting a little willy nilly with the smoothies. They go to the swim up. Barred order strawberry. Smoothies and willy nilly. Yeah so they had their time but it's only going to last a week. 'cause now crackdown now. That were home. Yeah now they get nothing right soup portage so you kayaking right. That was a good highlight Yeah we. I wanted to talk about the hotel more. I want wanna know from parents. I really do if servers the hallway tag. Do you let your kids go out by themselves. sneaking between resorts. Would you be quote that and the kids getting kicked out. They got kicked out for playing football and kicked off the water sides because they weren't listening to the rules so that i'm like am my dot jerk family. That has those loud kids but then again it's our vacation. We pay so much. Should they be allowed to do things. Yeah and ruin everybody else's vacation. Yes i know. I couldn't tell i don't think we're getting stink guy but maybe we were. It was always their other kids going nuts too though where you the only ones there isn't one other kid that sidled up to toby. He was like his age and so he started throwing the football with him and it was just a football game just like three flies up or whatever so it was fine. I don't know think old people just are curmudgeon. Want wanna complain about stuff. And they didn't really complain. It was the resort people who came and kicked him out. So i dunno. It's like a fine line between what's core was not any and having fun or was it just your kids. There were a couple kids but not as loud as ours. There were six of us and they're loud kids. The carlin family has some lungs on them. So you know. It's a lot of yelling and they're playing a big competitive game. I don't know right but that's why they have kids. Pools adult like the resort manager. Should look at that and go. Oh we do need a place for teenagers to go or something. That's called the cone of silence stick on an airplane to more. Oh and then. We traveled with this sweet baby who degrade on the trip there but on the back i think it was travel bells. He teething and he found his voice. It was so funny he would want something and he would.

00:25:02 - 00:30:01

I'm going to pull away from the mic care. He would be like look old. Do this growl and and just kind of a little wine. Yeah but he was great. I mean everybody understands. But i took walking him up and down the aisles but poor carlos but she's a champ. I dunno it all worked does find. I just feel bad. Yeah overall no deaths or injuries. Yeah good now weans. I have a question for you. Yeah first of all yes. Let's hear a word from our sponsor real quick here we go dinners. We are sponsored by dream dinners. Oh my gosh you guys everybody go dream dinners dot com right now. I'm giving you the biggest life. Hack the game changer. That really made me feel good about family. Mealtimes again dream dinners dot com or dot com to get the link and enter mouse and weans ninety nine at checkout. If you're in the local area of power san marcos she will get ninety nine dollars off your first phone order and you can choose to have free delivery while we are in shutdown but dream dinners is a meal prep service. It's different than the others. It doesn't come necessarily fresh in a box. And if you don't cook it right away it rots it's already wonderfully prepared in bags and you pop them in your freezer. You popped them into your fridge when you're ready to throw them out and cook them up and you have yourself a nice fresh gourmet dinner on the table. That's real easy to prepare about twenty thirty minutes. Anyone can do it. The kids do it. Dave helps me do it. The foods are so great. The meals are wonderful. Charlotte was just saying how excited she was to see. A bunch of our new dream dinner bags ready to go for the week so she couldn't wait for for our meal time. Which is what. I want as a mom and i hope you do too. This is great for single folks and even for your parents if someone's older and doesn't want to spend a lot of time shopping prepping cooking. This is the perfect Option for them. So do you go to dream. Dinners dot com. Enter mousa weans ninety nine at checkout if your local otherwise cheesy location and just go for it. It's not a subscription. you can end anytime but good to dream dinners dot com and change your life. Okay dream i really do love. It means we gotta get We gotta get more people signing up for this. They've had some sign me. Thank you you guys Mousa weans ninety nine. All right they deliver they. Do they have small serving sizes too for like one person. They'll give you three servings. It's like what if i decide to have an orgy. Yeah perfect for threesome. There you go orgy of friends. I mean gather guys sorry. Okay perv right now parents. I have more questions weans. I have questions when you travel. Do you use the little hotel gym. Do you work out. Siemens a usually stay at rat infested. What's no. I'm just kidding It would depend but probably not. Because usually if i'm going somewhere like to be out on the streets. Yeah so often hiking. You're you're walking. You're doing exercise out. And about. But i don't usually go to resort places like i don't go to places where your self contained in the place where you have a jam in your casual. It's usually places like in europe or somewhere else for your brain. You're getting up in the near out doing things on the day. I would say overall. I don't think i've seen a lot of resort places research research. Yes so that was me to kind of i was like we did the kayaking thing which i chose out of all the activities we could have got jet skiing in this napa. Let's do kayaking. 'cause at least it's a workout. If so cool it was so great we got to go down to actual kabo itself. We kayaked out to the arch. They stopped at a little beach. We got out and we got to snorkel and fish. It's pretty cold but it was still great and their little jellyfish floating around which is kind of ringling. You don't want that. Yeah but we were away from them a little bit you you see him when you kayak you like squash with your orange kissing toby. He was my partner and he was trying to pick them up on the or. Do you think you're going to pick up a jellyfish on a slippery or no. The it was cool as was like a little scene from nemo or something and coal snorkeled. That's what i said. We went and saw the fish. I wasn't listening to index of thinking jellyfish but also when your family goes snorkeling it's called dork link. That's what you're doing. You're thinking of your great joke though whole time. Were you trying to formulate something. I just sat myself on the hand.

00:30:02 - 00:35:01

You're cool no you. I have check yourself. You sound crazy. Okay now we're go. A but kayaking was fun than we did. Some fishing deep sea fishing which was not really a workout a little bit little bit advice upwork but the guys they're they do all the like beating putting the lines out and when they hook them then they pull you over and they're like capable it in see really. Don't do a whole lot of work. I felt kinda bad like did you also feel bad. Clubbing official with the head. No we didn't cleverly veg- they just put them in a nice little tank. Yeah charlotte was so cute with the fish. Though she got real attached to the chum to all the little anything but they were mostly dead but then she started doing puppet shows the hilarious and then we i think we each two and they're mostly mackerels in these red snappers and so they weren't that big maybe the size of my arm for my finger to my elbow And toby did catch one. I forget the name of it but it almost like angel fish is cool but is too small we threw it back and then we don't need an rock fish to the no. It was like it looked like it was beautiful white with pointy fins on the top and bottom real pointy. I have a picture of it. I put it on. It's on instagram already somewhere anyway. Yeah i do feel bad for the fish but then again it's food and for who. While we gave him to the fishermen we were going to take him back to the and see if they prepare them but we weren't sure if they would so we give them to the fishermen and it's nice knowing that go to the local economy. Someone can make money off them or eat them and the best part of the fishing trip was this dog. This little street dog that lived the docks. It was the cutest thing total mexican street dog but had one floppy eared. One year that stood straight up and it would trot along and there's the guy either that works at the dock and he has his cart and he brings the gasoline to all the boats and he brings you know whatever the guys need. he's like a service guy at the dock but he's really interesting. He looked like he'd been through a fire or something so he already had this interesting look and he loved the dog and he's telling us all about this dog and the dog when we came back he waits by all the boats because he loves to eat the fish heads. So you'll throw a little fish out to him and it'll be flopping on the dock and he'll pounce on it and then rip its head off and then there's little taco lady that scoops up the body that he left behind rinse it off and puts it in her bucket and wow the craziest thing gets food poisoning right and you wonder where this came from exactly. No it was. It was wild. It was like the kids were just slack jawed watching this whole thing and then the guy the little car guy. There was one fish that the dog wouldn't go after and so the guy was trying to like bring it back to life or do something. He put the fishnets he sucked. It's is out and then you throw it in the ocean. I don't know what but just yeah sucked. It's sin and i don't know i think so. No he sucks something in these spit it out and he threw the whole thing in the ocean makes no sense. I know all the kids. And i just went. Oh what and i was like. Did we just see what we saw. It was the weirdest thing. I don't know what the point was. If anyone knows why you would suck fish head. Real quick and throwback. Please tell me fishermen. Dave what does that mean. Yes but yeah. It was good though toby nine jamming for the trip. Because we both get seasick. Charlotte did not but because she was standing backwards looking in the fish bins the whole time and all that gasoline smell comes up and then She got a little bit sick so she had to lay down for like ten minutes and then she was fine. But you can tell ya. And then dave fancied himself a pirate he just like oh get your sea legs and he stands there legat and proud of himself. I'm like shut up but it was pretty nice. Yeah everyone should go pictures fishing on it. Yeah it was really really cool. It's a really clear looking ocean to is gorgeous. You can look down and just see for days. It was pep. That real aquamarine blue so pretty and kind of community all the boats pull up next each other. Everybody knows everybody and you kind of watch. What the other guys pulling in and troll over to his way and we didn't catch get boring because you went for a week. Was there any time because it was kind of self contained. Was there any time where you're like. Oh whatever now. It was a lot of time so if you like pull time. That's good. I just brought my phone and i would do posts and stuff so i felt like i was still kind of working towards podcast. He stuff so that was my busiest. Is this just a different experience. What do you like about.

00:35:01 - 00:40:02

The resort style. Vacationing is because the kids are tell you. Kids are all interacting and playing in creating memories number one. That's it that's why we do family vacations memories number two. It gets them out of their daily routine doing stuff. I don't have to cook. I love that that is huge. There's no agenda. I don't have to drive anywhere. do anything i love. Just being off clocking out is sleeping in like whatever. I just Vacation so key. We need those guys. So we'll some people would go like. Let's bring the kids to germany and we'll take them to museums. There's that too. Yeah i wanna do that. Originally yeah. We want to go to england and sweden. I'm just wondering what the difference is between. I mean i would imagine. It's just self contained unit. Just think about anything when you're at a resort. yeah but verbally. We did plan our excursions so we did that. We did the kayak fishing. We also did our. We went to this place. Called flora farms okay. Everybody stop what you're doing gun. Internet look up flora farms. It's amazing if anyone goes to kabo you have to go here. It's a twenty five acre organic farming community. I owned by family. It has residences there. People can rent homes or whatever these cute little heads that are made out a. Hey it's really neat They have livestock all organic which they use for food. They used to supply all the restaurants in kabo all the fancy restaurants and the fancy chefs but then they started their own restaurant which is now on site so they have this gorgeous restaurant there They have a farmer's market. They sell a lot of their wares. It's a wedding grounds. They have spa other. They have culinary classes. They had little shops. Oh my gosh. I died and went to heaven. I came away from that place that day. Going dave if when if and when we retire. This is what i wanna do. I wanna buy a pod land in a weird spot next to tourists because you know. It's there in kabul but it's a little ways away and you can see the value right next to is just barren ugly deserty area but it's got a little strip of green running through the middle of it because there is water down under there and so if you can irrigate that valley grow it up into this beautiful lush thing where you're growing your own food and you're on animals. And there's like an income stream with weddings and events and yoga retreats and it was so so-called. I i loved it. I love to sit rigas place for i looked into real estate. Once people live their nicotera. Tim yeah yeah. It was amazing so everyone needs to go there. If when although i kinda don't wanna tell people because it's like cool secret spot but i think it's getting out. People are learning about it so called but so that was that was so. I feel like we had enough excursions to break up the lane by the pool. Stuff where it didn't feel like that and then we'd walk across the street and get dinner out you know a little taco place and i went to the pharmacy across the street to. We didn't do a lot of shopping. But i did at the pharmacy because i pick and pop my ear on the plane coming in and it was draining. I couldn't hear out of it. I still can't here out of it. Yeah it's a middle ear infection. I found out it's full of fluid and hurt second mother but while i was at the pharmacy i picked up. That's the other thing about mexico. Folks you can get cheap prescriptions. That aren't prescriptions. You just go and buy them big. Tuber retin-a for my wrinkles. I guess yeah stuff's expensive so i got that what else. I wrote some notes. Because i didn't forget anything. Oh sunburns sweet. Little charlotte and her freckles. I'm gonna posted a picture but if anyone has any fair skin kids. Tell me if this is a normal thing. I got her a long sleeve. Rash guards and a hat you know. I'm like cover up. Nope she's ten. She's trying to be cool with her eleven year. Old twelve year old friend and she stripped down her bikini and got sun burnt The poor girl. she's so fair. And i don't know what to do. It's like you. Try to teach them about wrinkles and skin. they're so little like getting saying you can't There's nothing that stays on all day. Sunscreen well i try what i can get that zinc stick which is the white stuff. That's you know surfers use and all that get her to smear that everywhere. It just rips off you know. And they're playing in the putting things on and off and towels and even those heavy duty sports ones that are. Waterproof like yeah. Yeah i don't know so if anyone has a good one that they love please let me know because god. It's a fight and usually she's so sweet and goes with the flow. But she fights me on the sunscreen sunscreens. Just get so mad about it like mom. Because i think her friend too dark.

00:40:02 - 00:45:02

She doesn't have to worry about it as much. So it's hard that parts of The boys and their personalities they got super competitive about stuff for a while. And i had to leave this really nice dinner because they were just squabbling. The whole time yours. That was kind of yes. Well as elliot and then carlson. Who's elliott sage. And it feels like they're just like brothers. You know a little married couple. Yes the bickerton. Call them that. They're like little old men and they were going at it and they just wouldn't stop and so i kind of ruined desert at this nice restaurant by leaving but i also was like you know what it's just gonna bring me down. I'm going to go for a walk. It was so great. And i went out to the beach by myself and i laid on this little beach bed and watch for wales which by the way is my dream to see a whale breaching and people were like oh. Did you see the whale trump. Did you see the whale breach. This has been going on for fifteen years where i look away. A whale will jump. And i'll look back is there's no well and it drives me frigging crazy. And that's all i want life. I dream about whales. It's a whole whale thing i'm like. Oh and is with the beastie. Boys i would always just miss like a free concert or someone had taken like sale. Oh that sacks yeah you should know the beastie boys i feel like yeah you would have already were million times where it was like because you know especially with warren and we addition boyfriend and We would like miss them. They'd be playing in a festival. We just left yes miss them one ago or whatever. It was always from their recording studio. Yeah the yeah now. It's not going to happen in years of this listeners. Out there if If we should start a gofundme me for a whale watching beastie boys cruise s let us know. If you'd be interested i would love that. You're wales are am sorry i just know no wales in beasts in ad rock art wonderful things. I guess is he. Your favourite beastie boy always yes just because while he was you know it was the cute little new york. Boy that i've always venus. That goes back to childhood being friends with robbie grandma in the guy from found. Buddy would love these little hockey robbie. Anyway i'm gonna find a point as Who knows why. Because i like all these little brown eyed doesn't matter. Mca was the sweetest one. I think and Apparently the didn't you watch the documentary on them not yet. I think it's on apple. Tv need to watch it before. My subscription runs out have a freer and crip camp which is amazing bigoted or can't create closing up my travel talk that all right parents one more question do you okay. Two more three more. What have you left behind in hotel rooms because every trip we leave something usually. It's cords this trip. Guess what. I left behind him. So sad elliott middle always gets it now. My new soft headband earphones. show out. it was love debts. But i instantly came home and ordered another one already arrived. So i'm okay. But i think i left to enter the pillow. I didn't check under the pillows for things. Someone's going to have a nice gift that they're going to say what they don't have word on. We shall behind some tennis shoes so we donated tennessee's and then we left behind a nice tip for our housekeeper because we also stole all the little shampoos. Do you take do clear out a hotel room when you travel folks listeners. Weans yeah you paid for it right. I usually shitty shampoo and stuff anyway. So yeah you pay versus. What they such a cheapskate weirdo. I even bring extra baggies with me to their to there. So i can fill them up with the little shampoos. Bring him back. It's because this you know what i'd do with them. mostly. I either travel again with them. So they're tiny little shampoos or a pack up the little sanitation packs and give to homeless. So we really yeah. We do little activities at the school. We pack this small. You're okay my jackets. Thank you in a tiny bit of a hoarder. But that's okay. We'll yeah and then okay. Who else traveling things get delayed. You miss a fly you fight your played what planes don't work plane. Can i just tell you. Okay talk about your period.

00:45:02 - 00:50:34

What i know you wanna say something or you're saying if that's what gets delayed will in case you got pregnant new trip anyway go. The plane is late. Oh which brings me to my last point okay. Planes planes often don't work or something happens or they have to check it or they don't feel safe to fly. Which in my book great. I'm happy that they are checking the plane. And i don't want to fly off. Well we got on our return plane after our cova test all negative. Thank you and like the power. Just shut off. It was super hot. We're all finely our seats. All the luggage was put in the overhead storage bins. The baby was settled in everything was good and then the power shut off so we had to deplane go to a different plane Which everybody grown grown ground. But i'm like fine you know. I'm glad they're checking. We get on the next Lineup you know. We're trying to get on the plane and it's one of these airports where you have to get on the bus. Which drives you to the plane out on the tarmac. And then you walk up the stairs like the president right and the kids went ahead with carla through their little security check showed their passports got on the bus to go to the plane. They stopped dave and i. Because we're in an emergency row and they said oh you have too many kids to be emergency row you and they were trying to like change. Our seats are get off. Of like i don't i didn't dave lost it. He was like we just eat plain. Our kids are on that bus. They're going up the stairs right now to get on the plane. We're here. there's no problem on. The last played wiser problem on this plane. He was so here. Here we are in mexico. And i'm thinking do not piss off the airline people that tsa any of it like this is. What's it in a time of cova. Everyone's under high stress and i might hunting. It'll be okay stories. I'm trying to calm him down. Which is making a matter the whole thing. Oh my god and does he get like explosive man man he gets real calm. Its intent at first but intense and then he starts sweating and his face gets red and then he has a little break. But it's not bad. But i know that behind the scenes he's boiling and if anyone touches on or push he might explode. Yeah so it was girl that was like the rule is if you have this many kids you have to sit with them. There can't be two parents away from all these kids and they're too young to be in the emergency row and this whole thing so anyway it worked out like somehow the manager came over was like no. No there okay. So let's on and hopefully it was. Maybe they could read dave's mood. I am go postal. He was really. Yeah so he got on that plane and missy like that before just quick diversion exploded. Ever think now he's usually really calm but then vents to me and then take it out in words like with letters and actions like mr lawyer. So i'm surprised. He hasn't written a letter yet because oh they also We paid extra for these seats going there and we didn't get them. We got moved to the bat. The regular gave us free drinks so that called him a little bit and then and then the whole thing with changing the resort. Contract like yeah. I'm sure there's gonna be some letter writing there right now. We have to sit with the common people i would do. It was it was two two extra inches for his knees and one row back. And we're like what you're not gonna give drinks but you'll give row eight drinks not row nine or whatever it was and the lady kind of roll. Their eyes was like okay. We'll give you some treats for these draft. Mike sixty dollar beers here. He's good but anyway if anyone deals with travel stuff how do you deal with it. You just calmly see or do you write a letter or do you forget it move on. I'm always curious how other couples deal with help to think of the days as a donkey because there were days when we had to use a donkey cart traveled to mexico. Yeah this is true. Keep it simple. She's how many it takes like fourteen hours to drive to kabul or something so i wonder how long donkey take. It'd be a while. That was what we had to do. Ladies and gents ladies and gents we used to take donkeys and carts horses and carts just By the way not to put a damper on this whole thing but airplanes. If you've ever seen the sixty minutes episode on what happens with the mechanics working on ladda people don't speak Okay i'm not going to. Well let's the truth. There's a lot of people that they the manual and don't know the english language in read the manual on how to fix airplanes because the airline companies are trying to save money so they go fast track a lot of people from india to go through the airplane maintenance programs in half do not know exactly fixed the planes and they did a whole sixty minutes on it planes or having issues and they're like me now after i flew not before good address address that in a future episode.

00:50:34 - 00:55:05

Let's do deep dive sixty minutes style. Yeah right. I sound like a jerk. This whole episode. I'm going to sound like a big snotty. She's not later gentleman. I wanna say goodbye sister. We grew up with no money. And i'm the cheap one couple all edge. You're the cheap of the bid also. It's life you. Everybody chooses their path. I've chosen a path to destruction the path to resort. Everyone know dave turn out to be a nice well. Earning lawyer dude. But when i met him he was wearing a backwards hat and ripped shorts. I mean we were both like we'll science geeks that we didn't know where would end up. It just worked out so yeah but you also chose the power hitter. You know what you're doing do i. I don't know. I think it was just luck. He was cute. What can i do know okay. Last last point being talking about husbands when travel with kids folks. Do you still find time to make whoopee. Do you do you now. What what do people do. And they're all in one room and there's two beds and all the kids have gone asleep. Do you we. Well know in the hotel room if you're yeah but you had like five rooms. Yeah we know everything was. It was like being a house where we stayed so for us. It was business as usual. Little things happened. it was all good. Did you hump more helpless. You brought it up. Maybe more really. Yeah because of talking about my sex life on this. Except i just wanted to know about romance in general you feel all romantic when you go travel so you wanna like kiss and hug and pat and thing where you extra heavy. I think i don't know. Yeah plus there's like some beer flowing margaritas and dancing. How much did you drink a day on average four or more. Oh yeah we always had a bucket of beer at the pool. Yeah but it feels like you are over the whole time. It's mellow it's not like. We got wasted or anything. Although one the last night we had to finish all the beer at the store. So it's like you have to eat everything last day so we have leftover night. The last day we went over to carlos and she had a bunch of beer. So i got a little tipsy that but yeah it was all good get tipsy otherwise like you to but then it wears off. You know. it's it's not like crazy. Yeah so i just. I'm always curious what people do on vacation if you have to hold back because you're in the same room with their kids and even though you wanna feel romantic reduce sneak off for do what do you do. Do you use the like kids club and send the kids off there. You can have a night to yourselves. Do you suck off. The eyeballs occurs. Fish anyway. I have so many questions. I'm always curious how people travel so right in if you like to discuss an We'll be posting stuff about this book. Yeah it was a great trip. I'm glad i did it. I feel like help. Get rid of some of my coatings eighties. And i encourage everyone to safely. Get out there and travel to youtube means. Do it do it mexico away. Yeah all right yes. Let's close it out. And thank you everybody for coming and taking this lovely journey to lucas sister. I would sing some nice kaba song. Maybe you can do a nice closing song. It'll be playing under this right now as we finish talking but we do wanna say you to everybody for listening we really really appreciate you especially our patrons thank you so much if anyone wants to join our little patriot and family go to patriots. Dot com slash. Masson weans where. We posed an edited episodes videos. Outtakes you get swag bag. You get shots and all sorts of fun stuff. Even songs is written to you and For amir five dollars a month. That's nothing so we really appreciate you. You're keeping us a plot. Said thank you to jody. And alexander and megan and carla. And joyce you're the best Anyone else who wants to talk to us. Where on mouse and wings dot com. That's her everything you can find us on. All social media at mouse and weaned spell it all out and do please tell a friend. That's the best way we can grow if If you have anything to say right us we're everywhere massa.

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