March 30, 2021

E108 - I Called My Ex and Have a Story

Joelle fights fashion but wonders if she's missing the shopping gene. Julianne reports on our NYC Screenwriting Challenge and explains her method for writing scripts. It's been a fun collective effort with us,

E108 – Joelle fights fashion but wonders if she’s missing the shopping gene. Julianne reports on our NYC Screenwriting Challenge and explains her method for writing scripts. It’s been a fun collective effort with us, Derek and Keith of Pop Up Film Cast, and Phil Rood of The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood. There is some scolding about being late, a story about compost, and the time Juls met Mouse’s crush Chris Martin, the Coldplay front man. Then the main course: we hear interviews with three of Weens’ ex boyfriends! Now all good friends, Dave, Matt, and Blake tell their funny quintessential Julianne stories including Mexican pet stores, wild horses in elusive Idaho, Valentine’s Day mind-reading, apartment sax, and film school projects including frogs and nudity. It’s a fun one and we give big thanks to these guys and their SO’s! ~Please be sure to spread the word and share this episode with your friends. It’s the best way to help us grow! Thanks!~

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I Called My Ex and Have a Story

00:00:06 - 00:05:01

Hey this is hank hill. And you're listening to my favorite podcast mouse and weans in post. Took kinda wait for him. Is that gonna make she just everybody. Welcome to mousa weans. Everybody i'm mouse joel. Someone married one down in san diego. And i'm wins and i'm the single one in la. There's a reason why i'm single. Which will later. Oh you're wonderful and beautiful. We're on youtube. Has her long beautiful neck and her hair up in a nice bun and i was just saying. I look like pat from saturday night. Live squish your shoulders. Way up get your neck right into your chin Flare out your bottom lip knee. No i don't want to know when we're gordon. You can't let this. We have some good ones of jon. Favreau you can do a good jon favreau. You've yeah she's gotta do year. Puppet was just doing tony clifton. From man in the moon. Yeah it was what i was going for him get really do ugly faces kinda like we do that a lot. We'll just send each other. I will do like a glamour shot. And they'll be like yes. Check your head back in your neck. It's so fun try it. Everybody and there's there's all these instagram model girls that do it too. Which i really love. When there's the people who are real pretty princesses that just have fun and be funny and do all that kind of stuff. We need more of that in this world. You guys please. That's right. Amy schumer i really do. She went on. I think oprah astra to come on and she goes d modifies not put on makeup and just sweat. She's like of course doesn't care. I know love that. I know it's a refreshing. I'm tired of being pretty being tried to be rich. Show no but you know what i mean like. I don't i described to the whole thing and the trendy clothes and the whole thing. In fact miss sweet friend We're gonna go to cobble together at spring break. Yeah and we were talking about. She's like oh. Have you shop for new clothes are you. What are you packing. And this was at my little luncheon with the ladies and survey everybody was weighing in. Yeah yeah kaaba. And i go you guys i. I haven't even tried or looked. I went on stitch fix i was like. Oh 'cause carless said something before you should get a little dress or something. I had quit my a stitch fix Subscription i'm like oh yeah. I think i quit like last year. The last time i bought clothes for myself was two thousand eighteen. So i never shop. It's not in my radar. I don't think it's important. I don't know. I just wear this stuff too and i just feel like less of a women i don't know. Do you ever get that. Yeah on the time really from sometimes fifteen. Twenty years ago where ridiculous. But you're always you always look cute. You always have like bright colors and different shirts. Like i think you get bored easily. Do pick out new tops and things like that. Don't you whereas. I literally have t shirts from high school like still in not that i wear them. But yeah you haven't well. You're also a keeper of things. I wasn't going to say hoarder. I was gonna say a keeper. You're an archive her. Yes well i what throw it away. Why fill up landfill. When it's still perfectly good fits you can still wear it aware stuff from high school. I mean not alive. I can if i needed to. I wore my prom just to A mom's night out thing. Well i couldn't zip the back that it was after. I had a baby too so it was kind of like but that now now it's not bouncing back now. I'm now i'm old but well you'll go back to the gym work. It's it's the whole thing.

00:05:02 - 00:10:02

Anyway i just am. I'm feeling joe. L. a. wing with it. I'm struggling. I wanna be women. I wanna to be feminine. I wanted like shop. And i wanna find joy and shopping and get an all this stuff and i hate it. I hate going shopping. I get tired. i'm like dude. I find the chair. I wanna sit in the corner. I don. I wanna play on my phone instead. I have a million other things. I'd rather do with my time but i feel like i have to shopping. His trip did was bitch. 'cause guys if you don't know what that is gals also because i'm sure i think it might be for guys to but you basically type in all this information they give you. It's real easy. My friend blake got this for birthday present for me. Want in you. They have you whittled down and they get a sense of what your style is and then they send you a box of stuff so maybe like shoes a hat. They put together. A compilation based on your. It's probably like netflix. Exc gives you a subscription box. And they have you sent pictures from pinchers like outfits he likes. Hone in on your style. Yeah yeah And it is good but some of it you send back. But i did love it because i don't have to go shopping. Someone else picked up for me. It's a little bit on the trendy side. I guess like depending and well. Yeah it's all pretty trendy they're not going to sell you stuff that's not But i don't know. I feel like i'm missing gene or something. I'd have that same gene. Do do you go through this too. Yeah what is it. 'cause our mom is really cute and feminine and like sharply. She's took us shopping. I remember having to go over year for school. Yeah getting lost in the clothing. Rack at mukalla's cry not knowing get. That's my first memory. Will you worry a little wild child. You around in height and stuff like that. They'd get lost in the i. I realize this about myself. I had a friend who was the crazy one and i would tell all these stories about how we always would get me in trouble. He was the and then after. I hear all these stories about me. I said i was the crazy one on this guy. Poor unknown friend. That i won't mention but 'cause you were the wild little girl. You're the crazy like runaway. Get in trouble. do this do that build. This destroyed that now a little bit. You have this tainted memory a little. You're the one saying it. I'm just all right. But now i have to defend myself jumped on that one i i told mom i said i'm sorry. I think i was a crazy kid and she said no you. Weren't you lovely. I will go with mom's opinion. I was lovely with a little bit of fun side. The fun side would like to light things on fire and buried things. I would say things and you're like you're taking a specific time. And i was rebelling teenage angst or cove. It was not my whole childhood. I was also butterfly catcher true He were andrew. Releaser of all I would release animals from feed them and things like that which leads into this amazing story that we have coming up. But i i wanna i wanna prep. The audience are lovely listeners. Thank you listeners. We had good feedback from our last episode which we talked about exes and You know bad guys in good memories of x.'s. And things like that and this time we wanted to get. We wanted to drill down a little on some specific stories. namely weans excess. So we we. She actually called some xs up from her past. there might friends stories. Yeah see you have this great ability to stay friends with all these guys you. You know a ones who i think we were. You know. there's the ones that you just really like. As people in there som- net came and went. That were not as boyfriend but these guys are all cool and we just remained friends for years. Yeah yeah most of my ex's are francia so yeah it's so how did you prep it. Because i think we'll put some of the call 'cause you were late and i said six o'clock please and you and i said joel this time. Can you please have everything set up and ready at sex tape schedule. I have. i'm scott ruler. And then guess what i tell you what happened though. Here's what karen okay. My day. This morning i woke up at six. Am are had to call home depot and reserve a truck. I had to get there within thirty minutes or they give the truck away. So i have to get to home depot by six thirty three truck.

00:10:02 - 00:15:01

I'm about to tell you. Oh i get this pickup truck. I made sure it was open. I pick up dave on the way home and we go deep into escondido which is the neighboring city and we go to the magic. No mountain meadow mushroom farm. Because we're picking up a load of compost. They give away tons of this. Great organic compost usually for free. If you scoop it yourself but they also have a big loader bulldozer thing and they'll dump it in your chuck play for twenty five bucks. Oh my god. China you live squeaky. She opened she. Did this in the bath. Tab i'm in the bathtub in the door opens and no incomes. Anos bear spray. Oh gosh i'm sorry. Grizzly spray in the eyeball. Sorry anyway so we do this whole thing and we get the loader compass we drive back. We go to the school garden. 'cause i'm getting school garden soup backup for springtime planting and we're unloading Wheelbarrow full of compost all morning. Finish at eleven o'clock got to lunch. Have a beer come home and take a bath. Get all the compass off me. And that was such a cozy bath. And i was just relaxed. And i put on my robe. And i had my heard tied up in a pillow pillow a towel and i laid in my bed my new silky pillow and i was just so cozy and happy and i was like playing on my phone. I had plenty of time to set up for the recording. And guess what happened. I fell asleep. Ladies and gentlemen if you sit her down she'll fall asleep. This is a woman who doesn't sleep. Because you're always moving. Dave cosmas shark. Because if i stop moving i sleep So i have to keep moving but look at this hair. It's like. I just got it cut in colored but it's like a frizzy and short listeners. It's frizzy and short. it's bs and it's not purple. That's the light anyway. I'm so sorry. So i fell asleep but i had a big morning. And that's why well in the time that she fell asleep. I decided i would reach out to a couple of my ex boyfriends. Who are friends and so brilliant and it was probably yeah. It was perfect because everybody was around and was able to talk. So i just on the microphone and and yet dave barley and we're not saying last names anymore. Oh i'm sorry. Oh okay well. This is allowed not up here being a mean person and talking about but we'll set it up when we get there when i hear also really quick to i know what else you've been working on which has kind of crunched. You're the reason why you're so tight on wanting to record quickly is because you have all the school stuff you put on the back shelf for second because we're doing the screenplay thing talk about that. How today was a big day. Yeah so with the. We were on the pop up film cast. Can you set this up. You're better this year. Yeah okay so. Part of the pod fixed network. Everybody could check him out. Paddocks network dot com o collection of great podcasters in We've swapped on shows and got to know the guys at puppet thumb cast so they heath gala and heads as last name properly and i'm not sure gala gala keith. Derrick derrick puppet yep and so they. I guess did this last year along with bill rude. Who has the picture show with austin filtered and they did. The new york city screenwriters challenge and every year just in white. Okay sorry nyc And you submit a screenplay and they give you three topics right genre A location and a like a thing or what is the. What are the the way Are tell you what ours were. Whatever kinda agree. It's and they give genre ours was fantasy they give you a situation will say and it was a transformation and then the character one of them had to be a castaway so we were assigned to a group and that group Of strangers were just online them right so that you had to have twelve pages and you can only have eight days to do it. Yeah is that right. Sorry i had milky very near bubbly so take it away. Not so you worked on it. Like crazy i can. This is editor in break. I was like okay twelve pages. It's not too bad. I could probably get something in three days. And then we'll have tempted to schoolwork and then go and hang out with my sister because it was her birthday on march twenty fifth and my mom's birthday on march twenty fifth.

00:15:02 - 00:20:03

My mom shot joel out of her new ler on march twenty fifth her very birthday this laying there on a day bed in it was me. She calls me her best present ever. What does she call me. The biggest baby ever almost killed her. I hadn't pounds nine ounces. They had to do an emergency. C section. Anyway not have been an emergency knowing that. There's a giant watermelon. Shooting out of a cornhole come take that out at a technology. I'm at yeah. Like oracle and doc had to a run in order a portable x ray to to prove that you would not fit through the pelvis areas so they had to go. Do an emergency c section pelvic region. Bose anyway happened anyway. Screenwriting screenwriting so took it. All up say is our deadline. We still have 'til midnight tonight and they still let you re submit. So what happens you. Any more changes occur. I'm done. I can look at it one more time but you are a great help in this. I did it because it was in my brain in the in then called you and said what do you think. And he said i like it and then we kind of went back and forth on some ideas and then i just kind of knocked out the rest and then you're great story. Is that confusing. And it was a good partnership. I'm happy in my role of being the final cut. Person and editor type screenwriter. Whatever noise in the edit. Hey so what how. What is your process. How did that story even get into your brain. What were you thinking. What do you do because you've written adventure screenplays. So where do the ideas come from. Well and this was folks. This would be about a few but the global short stories and things and a couple of features that never went anywhere and the garden grow play. That was play said that it was a similar process because the same thing with that is i tend. Well it depends on what i mean. I don't. I didn't know how to write twelve pages. It's a weird number. And i didn't i haven't i was thinking big like feature film ideas and i think that might be. What a goto. Just because that was more familiar taking classes for feature films. And having. I don't know but i did a short thing so i have nothing. I will say that. Just twelve pages. Kind of baffled me. I didn't know how to do it. So i still thought kind of big and i'll just sit close my eyes and then think of like okay so maybe it could be set on a islander tropical island and this thing could happen in the maybe that character. Okay wait that doesn't make and just kind of run the whole story through my head of a beginning middle end and just kind of close my eyes and think about it for a long time and maybe take a break and think china you got the assignment and it really took you twenty four hours to come up with the story. It was pretty quick right. Yeah probably and. I think that's quick but i don't know. Oh it's normal green. You are a great storyteller can have a great brain for that. So you do too. We've done this. I was just telling joe because she you downplay yourself. I get very angry at this. You go. I'm not creative. Your creative bull. Shems i can do. Were pushed i suppose. I've never really tried. So maybe the next time around when you have more school going on i will try and Yeah i mean if we make it to the next round so we just submitted it. I already submitted it. And i'm not going to touch it again. So we have 'til midnight then it takes them a while to read. There's like thousand fifteen hundred people involved in this and so they read for a while. And i think the next round if you make it to the next level it's Turns into three pages weight because dental five pages you have to do in three days and then the next round is twenty four hours to do one page which is so crazy. But i guess it's gotta be good so that sounds the same guy won the whole contest last year and the year before which is to be. He might an hour like and there's only two women out of all seventeen years. They've done this. That have been winners so we also have to change that ratio. Weans come on change. I know there's there's some flaws in my writing. I don't know what i'm doing one hundred percent you know but i learned it'll be interesting to see what the feedback is on the on the Judging that i think you're great.

00:20:03 - 00:25:03

And i loved it but i also was trying not to be like. Oh you're great. Everything you do is wonderful and give some constructive criticism to so. We'll see where it goes. But we're gonna do an inaugural round and the nice suck. What if i missed the whole thing up down you'll find all be your sounding board in the we'll just it who cares. It's a fun thing that we're doing this all for fun. Finding we're tack eight davis along the way and they're going to record the process to and so were. Yes endear eric and keith. We've all been in communication like okay guys. How you doing did you get. It was really nice to have that support in that group. And it's so exciting. I love being a part of a team instead of. Does this week of your art. A freelance group kind of kind of chuck in. Yeah kind of it. We didn't check in and really get you know. We didn't talk stories. We didn't talk like okay. So where are you. Let's talk about ideas. We just checked in like go guys. How're you doing. Like oh i think i'm getting close so in now mar. We're going to record our first podcast on the pop film. Cast tomorrow with phil and those guys and We're gonna talk about So we'll talk more. I think yeah. You can't make it tomorrow. And you're bummed out about it but you can make the next birthday thing With joe i'll get that out of you know drink milk and beer. What's hat who it's t- oh maybe it was the beer from earlier. It's coming back up now. It's just my normal little afternoon. Tea at desert pips or whatever t-. Pg tips yeah like like chris. Martin of coldplay is that why. Oh he's so cute. That's what i was watching. I was watching some interviews him when fell asleep at a dreamy. Certainly now do you. Is this normal. That's a question. Is it normal to be obsessed with a particular. It might be my friend. Jennifer martin gerard butler and she's married happily and it's that little hall pass like wow if that ever of a fantasy but still secretly. It's like you to call me. What about danna and her korean actor that one guy she loves. Oh yeah yeah his name but okay so now on the topic of okay wait you have to tell real quick way so the obsession is just fantasy and fun. I think of really not even fantasy. It's just fun. I don't know. I like the music i think he's a nice person. And oh i mean really if if push came to shove and i would meet him. I wouldn't know what to say. I'd say hi thanks. I met him for you. Yes i was so nervous. I don't usually get this dorky except for temps high Wait we call my sister and he was so sweep but he was like no. Yeah you guys met at a record. Store behind directly was going. I was shooting location photos for the runaways movie. Only wait a second. There's some connection. Don johnson there Mediating her his daughter. Yeah but to the runaways. Movie i was thinking dakota fanning says thinking dakota johnson. Forget it but i was shooting for that movie. And i'm like oh hi. I'm location scouting. Can i take a photo with you. A one and then all offer you. But i didn't know what to say. And i was trying to like get him to like. What movie are you working. I was like a feature film. Can we call my sister. Like i didn't even knock normally would have talked about in the bed. She loves music soon. If i'm a normal person. But i was so like nervous for you. I was like this is the guy that i said. If i ever met him i have. It was like a prayer. Almost roy said if i meet cooled martin in my career really do good nervous johnny nervous. Now he's really chilly. cold martin. They call him sexy burt. Oh that's good a rap name. You're mad still. I could tell about the fact that i said someone called you crazy. They didn't. I was making a no. I know no fill rude. Teases me i am now. I'm just turning it up to eleven. Because i think it's funny that people think i'm a real stalker because some you're not she's normal. She says a fan awoke. How many videos do you watch a today of his just here. I don't know if they pop up on youtube you know. How youtube is. It just keeps feeding you. How many you don't have to knowing to three fis done a lot of interviews.

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00:30:01 - 00:35:01

He did some conscious uncoupling like chris. Gwen of and that's wonderful. I applaud you boy. Did they miss out. Okay here we go. Make sure this. I guess i would. I came to mind was when we were in mexico downtown somewhere and we are at some little a pet store if he call it a pet store but there were these little mice tend to reach out a little cages and you wanted to feed themselves and so you grab one of the bag of food they were selling like ripped open the bag. I'm like what are you doing. Good in the bag open are gonna make pay for it. We're going to get arrested in mexico. And he said well. I'm gonna feed them. Looks like they're hungry. So i should to walk out of there with you because i don't want to go down here in mexico get arrested. I want to continue this fishing trip. So wanna be mexican. He'll get my ass kicked the fishing chip over the over the girl. They didn't see what you are feeding them. Member also remember near cats. Okay sorry go ahead. The mere cat. Yeah but that was another guy get mad at you because you were feeding the mere cat popcorn and the guy was with next to us. He's like son. That's something didn't you say like that's something that's something you don't do. He's at the kid said dad what is she doing. He does something stupid something. That's something you don't do or so us on op corn lane and then we and then you look over to the right and there's a sign please do not see any of the mir catch human food a okay and then. What's the story of the idaho the famous story when you were writing in that stable or something and i was writing. Denny's pride horse and you wanted to run yours. And i was not comfortable on it when they started running so i just wanted to walk them and member asking you hate julian. Please just walk yours because every time you run yours. Mind wants to take off and followers. I think i'm gonna let mine run a little bit. Get some energy out said. Please don't so what do you do you start. Running years of mine takes off running. And if you remember. I didn't know what i was doing. So i clinched down with my knees on the horse because i was scared. But that means they should go faster which. I didn't know that. Remember everyone's screaming at me any shelby. Everyone's job god pan american classic and then he yelled at you but that was the one where you the horse went off on. Its own and went through the door. Oh no that was another one to lead the horse. Yeah that's right. Some local girl had her big gulp and she was like. Hey this is started. you have to see it. I have to picture but they were trying to get through the stable door and how to lead a horse in there so powerful but he basically nudged me to get through the door. And i nudged into the girl in my totally like shoulder. Chapter knocked out of her car am so sorry. I did not notice animals going to turn that way and be strong and not me on this strong. I respect when you get up close to a horse. Think what my ass but you were the one that also pointed out that. I think you don't want to touch the horse there too. It's a wolf spot. It's a sensitive. That's there wolf. Spy i was i felt that. Yeah i think so. I think you were telling me that. There's a vulnerable part of the horse. You don't wanna touch. Which is like its underbelly. Because that's where the wolf skin gets them. There wolf spun. I don't know i was doing. I know you're not supposed to clinch down to go faster. That's one thing i'll never forget. And then danny d. You said if. You're gonna ride that mayor all i remember to al gotta retrain them against take two weeks and then he called you city s given jackass to rise. You give them. You'll after that al thank you. I'll sit this one out. The guy got my gut my little. Whatever home. And you know you got your stirrups your big old belt but i think he also denny also called city boy if i remember right. It's and i think you got you to night. Plan the liar's dice to laughing at me. Pretty good yours. Yes you got me pretty good over there.

00:35:02 - 00:40:01

That'll get you back from throwing into the bear. No problem right. That's a story for another time. It was so cute tells really quick about dave. We've talked about a bit but remind everybody davis he's great. He's a good guy he's We went out. I don't even know what year was. I wanna say like two thousand. It was after dad was sick in the hospital. And i kind of moved dish back to be with dad a little bit and then just kind of hung around. So he was so david i reconnected. We were old friends from back in the day l. sobriety and since the primis guys they were all fishermen together right. And i mean that was marks. Connection of that was a boyfriend. I had said that whole crew all friends with each other like shawn. He is an mark. And dave and david acted. Yeah this is a punk rock episode so we talked a little bit then but dave was great and if you can hear i totally think he sounds like adam sandler yet and he looks like him. They called him happy. Happy go maria. Yes so this is like so wait. Which came first. Did you like dave first. And then you liked adam sandler like adam sandler i in the. Maybe that was why you like dave. Now i know sits incident looks like someone. Yeah it's probably dave and chris martin like did you choose dave because he looks at chris. Martin or martin. Because i think they're just yeah. Happenstance that the yeah. That's true those are so funny. I love david. he's hilarious. He's now got a little kid little dave and he's selling lizards. We should give a shout out to his comedy. Mom d be reptiles on instagram. He is one thing that i will say about dave's. He was very meticulous with what he did so he was doing back then and he was breeding like geckos and reptiles and he is very good about getting beautiful colors out of him and you know he always was very clean and organized and a good businessman and diligent and so all of his stuff is very good product. Good quality stuff about his website. He came up to idaho at christmas and he brought a big cooler full of crab that he had just caught. And that one over my mom's like danny and he said that was he messed up the horses so he kind of he didn't get it back. Yeah speaking of the idaho thing we hear from another ex boyfriend this one is matt matt. i'm going to play his his idaho one and then we'll hear the other one. Okay sound good. All right here is matt. I did forget to mention this wouldn't end I'm sure the rest of the ex-boyfriends can all be happy about this. Is that If you were brought up to the great land of idaho with To meet her mom. Who's absolutely wonderful and her and her stepdad We'll just give you an eye and can be really honest and you're not coming back one time you're one time wonder you've been up there once so if there's any ex-boyfriends out there that have actually been up there more than once. I'd like to hear him. I'd like to talk to him. Because i couldn't get past. The one you know cowboy. Danny taught me to to rope. A cow told me that how to eat a steak with a knife okay. He told me how to stay away from all the candy in the garage and the cookies. That you know julian's mom would make it looked like a buffet for the salvation. Army out there fifteen miles of cookies. I don't even know. I mean most of their square footage on that ranch is actually just the garage that they can put the cookies in there. I mean screw the animals you know. Screw that downstairs area. Which is really rad. I mean that garages. It just keeps all the cookies cold brilliant so again. if there's any axes x guys out there that have been there twice. I want to know. Because i'm gonna put you on my podcast which i was like. Does he have a podcast. He should spur. he doesn't shed. He almost was the radio. Vin scully of the padres. They were like auditioning to be you know. What do you call that. A baseball announcer announcer. He he got to the final level like they just they did open call thing or fifteen hundred people showed up and he got down to the last couple of people and he got to announce a game and padres stadium rabbits. Yeah he also was in the Seaworld he was one of the chilean Announcer guys for the the show with the dogs and the cats and he's a great guy.

00:40:01 - 00:45:05

He's an actor. He's a professor and he's a playwright and he has several books out matt thompson. Yeah and he's our voice actor for some of our characters. Yeah in the very beginning Let's hear his other one too. Because i thought this was interesting. This was his his valentine's day story about you. All right yeah so One of the great ones was Valentine's day twenty something sometime in the twenty first century Yeah so it was valentine's day. we were just. We weren't together. We just as really said we were just having fun. So i understand that. That's that means having fun and not being serious. We've been friends for several years before that. So valentine's day came around and i didn't get anything for her and she was working in an office some production office and i said okay. Wh why. why aren't there any flowers. Oh you want flowers. No yes are we we dating no so then i finally got flowers and then i didn't get flowers and then she was mad that i didn't get flowers but then she was mad that i was asking her to get the flowers And then i said are we dating or we just kind of now. We're dating dating for this day. So we're just dating only for valentine's day and then we stop dating went back to just having fun so But the best lane was when she said. I'm a woman dammit. Oh okay. I got that part but i understand also why ended up divorced. So what's up with that story. What was going on with the do you remember. Is that how it happened. Kind of i will take responsibility for that. I was kinda terrible at that time and probably did the thing of like no. You don't have to get anything and will he should know that. I really want something and then do you want something. No forget it okay. So you don't okay. Well yes i do deal want. The flowers are not sure. It was something where i was just like. Well he should read my mind. This is it. I know after seven years of marriage. I've realized i do have to kind of spell out what i want. And luckily he's kind of taken notes over the years so now he knows like go overboard even if i say i don't want much get the get the jewelry. Get the flowers. Get the nice card. So i got all those nice things. Would you like to see my lovely urine two days ago. A beautiful little set. While this i put on another bracelet on top of it but look at this. It's my In it's really pretty. It's like a heavy duty stuff. Yeah and then matching hearings. He can see and then the not really look at that. How brady not a nip slip. That is my steam burn. I tried to get wrinkles out while i was wearing the clothes and look at this. Well it's like what. Yeah it looks. Like a big oblong awful Yeah and i have to go to kabul in a bathing suit with this huge thing on my chest. No i'm so mad at myself his blistering and skins coming off. I couldn't sleep the other night because it was all raw anyway. This is the last minute stuff. I do too where you just go. It was four interview for the film. Guest you are okay. We'll talk about your late problem later. Oh i'm trying to get better. It's covert i'm blaming it on covid. There's no hard times schedule i know. Okay and the last one is Lake talk blake blake for many years. I wanna say twenty five years and He has been a good friend. Ever since we went out. And i want to say two years. I am so bad with time in days and everything so i don't know but i think it was two years and we lived together in this crazy oakwood apartments which was like he was going to san francisco state and i was going to san francisco city college. We're both doing film. And so all we did is like film projects. Stay up late and yell at each other. Just like we'll sign this office tickets. You have anything the only just taxing the new one is thinking of is when you were playing exploded at what when you were playing your socks owned oakwood. What happened It was you know eight thirty. I earn so on a sunday night and usurp playing sides fun.

00:45:05 - 00:50:08

And i said i think that's to lao. Look we're in an apartment building. He said shut up and then he continued and then the security guard accent door is like. Hey man you can't player sexist way tonight bro. And i was like okay. Yes sorry like. I had to take a away. Even though i was pleased to say something about blowing your sex bro. He took the blame. It was my saxophone. I played and he didn't want me to. That reminds me of that. You just said to you of the tiktok girl who was like apartment building gotta show. Yeah and it's the The pink panther theme song. Which i know i know. That's the only your co two probably was me because it looked like we're department is so funny and i love that and then the Data data that the tequila. That's what got toby hooked aren't saxophone. When he's in fifth grade he went toward the big school and they played that and then he plays sax now up until sophomore year. He's in the merchant banned all because of that song. So you know what made me pay the boy. I was in third grade and he was in sixth grade and he played a love me tender. And i love this guy's name is danny and i'm like i'm going to play the saxophone and be cool like that off these impressionable fifth graders. Why isn't there more guitar and piano. Because these other instruments are a little tough to to get out. I don't know. Saks has some comebacks though. Sachs's pretty cool all right. Kenny g. let's hear the rest of blake here. Something about blowing your sex bro. You're in mid story those it okay blowing stupid sach phone gorgeous saxon. I appreciate that apartment building sunday night. One i feel like everything else is like you know weird too weird to talk about the box of this. What else though is there. Anything like that whole fucking. I mean the amount of movies that was shot in. We can't can you tell them naked guy story from the top okay. I will so we lived in apartments which are right by san francisco state and then we lived really close to the bluffs in the ocean and it was just like weird vast space of bluffs and so i had this great vision because we were in film school taking film classes and my vision was that you're going to be a guy who's like a corporate guy on a suit like i want you to be in a monkey suit and then i'm gonna get you like pulling over on the side of the road. You ditch your car. You run up that hill and we're going to have this beautiful view of the ocean below and you rip off your jacket. Idi rip off your shirt on the way up and by the time you get up your naked. Put your fist in the air. And like but then you're so many. It was freezing. You're like what are we doing. This is stupid. Ed and then by the time we got up there. You're just with your like angry and my word good. We have the. It's pretty ridiculous. 'cause you're smiling half the time so stupid. Yeah i know was like cake off. A monkey suit was it. Yeah but that's a good concept. Turn enough if you put it to a song down at aren't like a marching song. I had a vision. Well you have the footage you can still want. Thanks thanks for showing up. Oh my god. He's okay so your guys dynamic is like a little bit of oscar felix tight rate you have one of the groups and you're like the energy i come on and that's kind of what goes to and then you'll finally get them over the hump and then he'll be fun and have fun. And you made all sorts of funny projects and saddam projects that are sitting. He's an archive or like you. So he'll pull things up from thirty years ago. Whatever it is just like you save. That would be a weird slide. Show of like bizarre people in the neighborhood and it's hilarious though he saves every he's got a great sense of humor and yes he knows comedy and timing and i know he never could. He's on it was like amazing. It was like groundhog's day that he spoke on the show and then he goes on to tell a story about another film.

00:50:08 - 00:55:12

You guys did with a frog. That one went on a little longer and we may need to but it was hilarious to where to say it really quick what happened. It was a chase scene. Was my assignment for this film class. So i had to think of something something chasing something and of course the last night as usual i was like oh i got to do something. Quick to mike. Okay we'll take our frog. We had a pet frog. And we'll pretend like the frog is chasing blake and blake will fall asleep and have dreams about this dog that chases him but the frog really wants to kill him and it's real in real life so he keeps talking to a therapist. Are breath barbara. Okay i'll try to keep it short but it's happening again. The dreams he's trying to kilby cut to the frog cage brown. And it's just like this frog on a log. Suddenly it's me point of view chasing him down the halls and then he's running down the halls and it's like a chase scene. Br but doing the little thing down on a skateboard like from fraud. Porno you think of that. I was six feet tall chasing old grown frog. But it's the dreamland him down the hall. And then i was like oh we got to throw a body off the things like why of a come on. We have to stuff. Some of your. What time of night was this in your in the morning. So we stuffed his sweat suit so it looked like a body and put. My mom's hair was had the pieces of mom's old wigs like threw it off the balcony. Then we cut to him. He's laying there with blood coming out of his mouth with with our pet frog on his chest. Like own i. Maybe i will find some pieces of that clip to play because you were like an house our film career. Yeah they went for a and also a had show that in class. So i figured out how to edit in tristar. Let's hear that. Because that was funny though. So i decided over here. Those were the days. Brazil hong so film careers. Turn out great and as you can see. We're both very successful filmmakers. We could also go back and re-edit and release that. We never sat one. It didn't get a wide release. I believe shut it in a class. Yeah and i to just like slack jawed stairs but the best thing was i opened a a ripped tristar with the pegasus jumping through. So everyone has. I remember hearing people go. Ooh in the third and everyone was like sorely disappointed. You're like never start big and then go small bad idea. The most deflating feeling everyone was like oh and then just dead silence after and then it was over and think nobody to say what a great experience and it got you ready for the screenwriting challenge because same of thing with the deadlines and the parameters thirty years getting paid so get entered the contest. Oh my god well weans. You have a good bevy of expert. Friends have great stories about you. And i love that. You're still friends with them. So that's great. They're very good people. These guys yeah yeah. Good very good what we will wrap it up. We went a little bit long. But it's fun to talk stories. They just fly. But i love you and thank you for doing screen writing For us. And i'll see if i can show up around two. It'll be good but It'll be fun. Yeah until then. I hope thank you all of our listeners especially our patrons we so appreciate you Finding value in us. It makes us really wanna show up and do this for you so we appreciate it if anyone else wants to go to. Patriotdepot dot com massa. Weans we offer lots offense. Swag we give you a behind the scenes videos and bloopers and personal videos and let you choose the topics and and all that good stuff so Joined the family. It's really fun and were over on facebook. We have a group. That's pretty chatty. That's fun and all the other regular spots instagram clubhouse at mouse in everywhere and you tell your friends who love for you to pass this on math. That's the best way we can grow. And we really john thank you. Thank you a massive housing lanes thousand williams housing.

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