March 5, 2021

E106 - Anatomy Lesson

Bras! One of the most important tools in every woman’s wardrobe is the brassiere to hold up the girls! We discuss what type we like, common problems, the cost of bras, and what it's like being fitted in person versus online.

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E106 – Bras! One of the most important tools in every woman’s wardrobe is the brassiere to hold up the girls! We discuss what type we like, common problems, the cost of bras, and what it’s like being fitted in person versus online.  Lingerie talk gets wacky, Weens gets sultry-nervous, and stressed by this after back-to-back family birthdays, Joelle gets her panties in a bunch. So we take a breath with Sesame Street and work our way into a quick chat about the Elmo Netflix documentary. More Mouse knicker twisting, then the elephant in the room: why did our parents use the cutesy names “dinky” and “twinkie” instead of the anatomically correct “penis” and “vagina?” Luckily, our mom is visiting San Diego so we pull her onto the mic and quiz her about the family history of naming privates. We also keep her in the hot seat asking why she got remarried on our dad’s birthday, and find out her fun nuggets about horses, cowboys, Robert Redford, her reggae phase, cbd, drinking, and the story behind the broken ankle. Was it a case of our dad having a walk-it-off football mentality or was he being negligent? We hope you like this one as we air some of our family’s intimates. So many questions answered, so many laughs!

Song credits: Mouse and Weens theme music and “The Penis Song” by Julianne Eggold
Promo: Pop Up Film Cast
Mentions: Boobies & Noobies, The Perfect Package Podcast

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Mr McGee don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry because all I do is watch Mouse and Weens. Don't get those ladies pissed. They are She Hulks!

We're here. Woof. I'm going to turn down this light. We have a video going. We're on YouTube. Check YouTube you guys... little jerks! We need better content though. Often it's just like the video right now. Let's try it. Seriously. I'm going to do this and you guys have to go to YouTube to what down. It's not how she happened upon pitch teens sick. You really did now. That's what it looks like skin skin shirt under my hair shirt. I'm Lutheran my gosh. My eyes are not good. Hey tell me about you. We have to do a big catch of. It's been a long time since we've recorded live. We've got many things you can show the public. Compare what this is. The third wall sorry psycho claw. How many walls there's a fourth. I need this. Your dog just busted down the door. This is too wacky. Come on okay. Sorry than go ahead amongst yourselves. This movie called amongst yourselves is a really good movie. Yeah yeah it's all about hair shirts. It really is because it kind of trade hair to weave shirts together. She's getting ready for our upcoming interview. How how impromptu raid. I do colonel like a schoolteacher. Hey anyway a sexy schoolteacher go to YouTube. Sure she's pushing you to. there's nothing. is there yet but someday there will be. We need to do more on YouTube. I think I put on a laser because my sister has a believer in. Its five times too small. But i wanted to look dolly Tfrom the movie nine to five anyone else. Remember Dolly Parton from the film "9 to 5"? She's so cute. Mom just sent us a video of her evolution of style. She wanted to talk about her style. And I think it's because mom has always liked her and maybe emulated her a little bit. Yeah. She was very eighties fashion-forward when she was a designer, at the height of designing women and the whole thing. She was really cute. So good old Dolly. Boobs! Yeah yeah, and that's also why she reminded us of mom. My mom has.... well you inherited her... I did not. Look at description though. You wanna see on youtube. They're making a weird. Because i'm wearing your. I've cut a watermelon in half and you turn it to the side. You guys have this ready. Geez she's going real slow. She's turned into a right. Like a mannequin. Kind of looks like a pug dog where you expect there would be a knows. There's not it's just kind of a flat wall with a weird button. Indentation that real boobs. Let's stop talking. I know who is our target audience. Ladies do not necessarily sometimes you were a baroda. Nineteen fifties eggs. Have you tried any of these specialty bra. No detail things The third love brown. I kinda liked them. Dave is a client of dave's he had some patent work for them. But i like those because you can just order them. And they show up. They are not officially sponsored. If they wanna be a they can. But i like those third love breasts and they all under you describe him. Well you just like you get half sizes they have this whole fitting thing but the thing they talk about which. I never news an issue until i saw the pictures was like when you wear a bra. And they come out either sides or they come up over the top like they do that little thing that you've got going on here see because rats or they have the gap where hanger downers even though you have a nice big cup holding them up the big gasoline i get. That sometimes can hold a small plug in there. So yes not funny anyway. Brooke bras are. Are you a padded bra and in person you know. I figured out that. There's a place called called julius on melrose. sorry. I'm not even in the microphone. Hi guys there's a brush up all right. Sorry it gets still wanna get nervous about to do an interview on hop film cast pop up film.

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Gaz everybody pod fix network. What the guy's name again you do tell keith is the main guy in. He has derek coming on all the time and then he brings on special guests tonight. We're going to be the special guest later. You realize it's five thousand degrees in here. Is it. I thought it was just me. Yeah and it's hot okay. Back to brazil so padded. Julius on melrose and you go in there and they fit you and they come with a little lady comes and follows you in and she touches your sides and your back gently and comes in with a measuring tape. So have you. Sounds like she's loved it and then this is my most action. She said in a long time and they're about two hundred fifty dollars. Each i bought over thousand dollars worth of brassieres once. Oh yes so. The girls would fit properly. Because i've spent my life being tortured by brassieres you know. Yeah i have to say they do need to be upgraded or updated because even the third level ones that i love. You know where you are in every day. Yeah and eventually that underwear pops through. Don't you hate. that is not for had. Do you get the holy under we scratch. Sometimes you area where you scratch a lot. And then we'll just be a hole where your nails i cooked into the part of your discredit. Yes i guess throw them away like i was someone was with itchy. No it's not but it's in the front part. Oh you scratch you wait wait. What's equating dirty. Why is this happening because you did it. No i mean sometimes you just have to either adjust or it's like a little it shirts to something where it's over time or maybe that's the action area that gets a lot of rubbing i don't know but sometimes there's a little hole action area. What are you doing. I mean if you're wearing jeans that's is. There's lots of stuff going on there. Doing you always say you're so busy rubs a holder. I don't know something might pop through. It feels funny than your extra adjusting really. Could beans about the frank. Yeah ooh am i alone. In this everybody can fleshing grading really something might come through that little hole feel like i'm floating on a different universe. Well all right. I guess i'm alone here with this. Hey guys right in. If you get fleshy grapes in the crotch region like like i might get back to bras. Let's stick with bras. do want to ask. That place is great. It's worth paying the money. If you can get fitted never have to do it again. I don't have to get abroad in can go third love online. Nobody has to touch you. And it's like forty dollars. I like the touching your pain to get touched. It's not that it's are you kidding. I've tried on so many brassieres folks so many brassieres that get them a venture and be done with it forever. Will you try this though. Okay because if you don't like it you just send it right back and they even take old bras and they give them out to impoverished areas in women that don't have them yeah they mail out or ones that don't fit if they have to take it back even used a little bit. They will and send them out nice. Yeah so i. i'm definitely in need of one. I'm wearing this weird razorback. Read one her pink show at girls. It's just a strap but it is A weird fit and has to go with all my shirts right now. Why did you just close your eyes. Because it's dry it feel like a minute desert really really hot and it's dry right now. You noticed there aren't blowing okay. Let's not talk about breath. Take a breath. Has anyone seen sesame street from the nineteen seventies era. What was your favorite one I like that There was a alligator who was a king getting jewels. Who's cool. He anyway brings right. He had rings. Jewels is really psychedelic. When i look back at some of those cartoons they did their real funky too. Have you seen the becoming elmo yet talking. Please watch that why so. Why don't you tell us about it. Well it's the guy that played almo and it kind of shows his whole life story and why he got interested and being a puppeteer and being a young kid. I think he's in baltimore or something traveling up to new york on a field trip and he took a trip yes teacher was okay and he went to the sesame street workshop and he got to meet all the puppeteers and he knew them all by name and he would ask them about what materials they used to make puppets and you get the seem to this and make the is do that. And he was super into it and it was really cute because he was at home making his own puppets and doing like little street. Fair puppetry i dunno to see the passion on someone and he was so innocent and sweet and into it and then talking about jim henson and the whole message behind it and showing the kids interacting with them and love talking celebrities.

00:10:27 - 00:15:00

Don't get mad. Why i'm just waiting. It's hot. I can tell. My stories are boring because you walk away nimmo off camera. It was so loud. Moms screaming in their love. You mom but it's super loud. You're gonna hate that later. Watch the documentary. Everyone it's on netflix. Like the idea. I was trying to slip out. And you're supposed to keep talking. I was doing a supportive. Podcast can we talk about your anger today. What is going on. How can we what is going on. You really been frustrated all day. Let's get real real talk. I have a lot to do. That's it would you doing. No february's crazy month for me. This is the end of february. You got something more interesting bird. Alway can good dig around. I get it put a breath mint in. I can't with his breath. It's mixed with milk not real but it's cooking now. Whatever you call it starring. I'm doing this because i was getting poppy blooms. I did a chucked them up. Kind of show is this. What is happening. Please continue with. My exciting story was exciting and loved. You loved it. Yes man okay about why. You're so upset february's a rough month because you have two kids birthdays and anniversary a- denny birthday the cowboy birth is very hard to get him. She sent him puck. I i'm trying to think okay. Who cares who's birthdays but anyway two kids you're right. There's like six events within anniversary two weeks and it's just a lot like every other day is an a big event that you have to make a big deal about your dad's birthday which has passed and your dad to and that's a sad day on saturday we have got married. Yeah yeah. I don't know we need to bring her in and ask her about the she home cooked because we need to do tweet talk. Oh now i can leave thank you. Oh my god. This is so well. This'll be some fun editing. Well let's hear from our sponsors. We are sponsored by dream dinners good at dream dinners dot com and enter mouse and weans ninety nine at checkout. If you're in the local area of power or marcus and you will get ninety nine dollars off your first order and free delivery if you choose it or you can go pick it up. It is such a game changer. You guys dream dinners has really changed our family meal time with meals together. We sit down together. I feel confident that they're healthy foods and the kids can even make them. My husband can make them. It's a really fun wonderful service. I've been using it for three years. And i finally approached them and said let's make this a business arrangement because i talk about you all the time anyway. So here we are. You save an average of two hundred dollars a month off your grocery bill if you sign up for jim dinners which isn't a subscription service. It really is a ad hoc you can choose it monthly Whenever you want to stop you can stop. So there's no subscription You only have to come in and pick up your meals once a month or have them delivered. Bet you will get a good bunch of meals in your freezer that you can tho out and use as you see fit this perfect people who have likes dislikes allergies and you can insert special instructions for your meals and it really will change your lifestyle. You guys please do try mousa. Weans dot com. We have a quick link to give you your ninety nine dollars off or you can go to dream dinners dot com. Choose your location. They are nationwide. And if you're in our local area inter massa weans ninety nine and give free delivery and ninety dollars off your first order all right and let's hear from our friends on the projects network. Hey this is keith. I'm derek pop of film cast and we just got out of seeing an exclusive viewing of silken danger. Oh man it was awesome. The action could not have been bigger and when kiefer sutherland peeled off his skin to reveal an older kiefer sutherland. Underneath it i couldn't believe it. It had that the twist ending the m night show. I always wished he had.

00:15:00 - 00:20:06

Yeah it was. Like emanate shamlan. And scooby doo and kiefer sutherland. Peeling off skin. It's all the things that anyone could ever hope for two movie also corn the band and the vegetable took lots of it sitting around man tune in every tuesday public film cast if i signed apple stitcher spotify and of course hiding and And hear more indepth reviews about great movies like this kiefer sutherland. Classic projects go. Check it out right. We are bringing in our mother. She is Our sweet mother were all staying together in this house because mom has finished her snowbird stint bet. She has one more vaccination to undergo. So she's hanging out until she gets her second shot. And then she will head back to idaho to be with her cowboy and her horses he just hauled them home yesterday and Tell us the drama about your horse. Oh unless you don't wanna talk. No he is a six year old very super healthy. But the travel to idaho compromise him and he got what they call colic but the vet there were two out to my husband the video. Hey can you scoot over a tiny bit here. I'm gonna justice. Mike hold on everybody there. Inge photo bomb. I okay now. So the vet. He had the two vats on my husband pulled him through tonight he still at the vets and they will call me if there's any issues but they don't expect which was really nice. 'cause i was very sad. Yeah so for non horse people call it something where their intestines twist if they haven't passed their out if they haven't Pooped yeah there's that word pooped and They can twist in causes them great discomfort and they can die just like yeah within hours emergency. What happens to his intestines There's no blood supply to their intestines. So yeah so. He thinks we think he's going to be okay. Sorry about that. look why. I just can't my granddaughter. Without map quest very good. She remembers all right. So we brought you in here hanes hop in to ask you here. Do you wanna share my seat. We wanted to ask you. This question came up on a previous interview with kelly reynolds from movies in newbies It was about a romance novel and said we were talking about all things romantic and parts in places and somebody mentioned the word twinkie. Oj's a talk and we were curious. Where did that even come from. Because we are asked that question and we didn't have an answer twinkie. Yes so why do you called girls have twinkies and voice of dinky mind made up name it. Yes the genital ether so When i was a little tiny girl. Grandpa carter would go. Do you need not instead of pee or urinate. He would not urinate does that. He was a urine about. Obviously my family didn't okay so he would not you want to go t- instead a party. And then t in. My mind sounded a little bit like twinkie. That's how it came out and then had a dinky it just twelve okay. I had a song that went with pinky. But that was with grandpa. was that my own. Doing name is king. Edward the short i can. Can i get back to you on this. I have that the or court. Sometimes i talk about most time small. My name is king. Edward the short. That's not off the words waiting. I wouldn't call it. Dinky king edward then think. Sometimes i'm told that most time. I'm sure vinke i named is king short. We've never asked this question. We just took it for common knowledge. The rap songs dink's tweaks winks going through time. We're like any at the. I don't like the word. Faa rt either. So we need to right where they actually know when we were little we call the beep to we have to beep in into but never ever.

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Would you say the f. word art i remember can tell you a time. Sorry i what would you call it dainty to a little kill nowadays. Everyone just calls them by their anatomical word penis and vagina or generically across. Sometimes she walked on your. I know that you walk when a little boy is very sad. Grandpa would say. Are you walking on your pcp. What does that mean isn't it. I don't know data cowboy thing does denny see the to. This is danny were talking. Yes p p yeah. If a guy if a little boys pouting the cowboy would say are you walking on your pp. Do other people see yes. Cal people person. So when you're said you step on your own dink. That's yeah walmart literally unless you're really swell or you're crawling out now it would make sense. If you're sitting on the ground soaping. Yes there you go but you'd have to have an ankle or a. He'll getting complicated. Well there we go. Thank you netzer. D- i don't wait on. Why toying because it sounded like t t but were you into hostess a desserts at the time. 'cause there's a hostess twinkies and then there's the ding-dong which is what was that other family called the more that we grew up with dowie's ding for. I didn't even know the the more chicks when you guys were babies. Yeah yeah but it was just made for so he just said it. We pumped out. We had twe- said read them. You cry guess. So but then i also called you. All sorts of baby names to You know little words rolls off. My tongue really easily peanut head peanut pie squirrel squirrel girly. Yeah you code meals. Yeah well good all right so now we know. Are you disappointed. No i mean we're in let you get one more little stores. You can sit with us on of this until the end. She's weirdly at the bottom of verviers screen here all right mom. Let's make this a very eventful. Mother daughter talk. Can we sure now that we've gotten the genitalia out of the way. Can you give us some advice as women in our midlife. yes in. You're a woman in your post. Midlife escape at the anniversary. What oh well. I had a question that you're anniversary is on tense bro. Yeah your dad's birthday at it. Had to do with sabotage. No not at all our bus by has been me am i got married happened to fall on your dad's birthday but the reason three hundred and sixty five days of the year but there are three hundred and sixty. There's only so many weekends in the winter however Alright we already on saturday so everybody kicked come so that limits. How many saturdays are and my Maid of honor's husband had to go to spring training and so we were doing the whole invitation around his exit and he left the day after the wedding and all of my friends at that time we were all in the same group. Mama sabi her What okay because he was with the Braves at the timers of baltimore or Orioles i know cleveland in cleveland indians. Yeah so i guess yeah. Spring training starts in. And the be worried. Coaches had to be there wary so and it goes. It had nothing to do with your newly. But what happened was your aunt and uncle came up. One of them. Wanted to celebrate your dad's birthday and the other one wanted to come to the wedding so they parted company and split their time. Oh so aunt. Mary came to the wedding an uncle. Bob went and saw your dad views birthday but now that many years past aunt.

00:25:05 - 00:30:14

Mary said bob really wanted to be at the wedding that he was feeling. Sorry for your dad on. But it had nothing to do with his at all. Nothing now you guys also invited. Robert redford yell wedding yellow because danny was his tennis. Betty in reinsured ski skew. Wasn't you know danny ran hits Sundance stables the summer program with all the horses and then he ran his escaped program in the winter in skied with barbra streisand's. He's got the hanbury's up. Yeah we did company cowboy. We went up to the gambling cowboy in have flooding mirror. See other morning. And i was going and i same spot. So it's easy to drink a lot. Now robert redford. Did not come to your wedding. He wasn't able to allen the country And that it was nice then he acknowledged and it's been how many years you guys just celebrated six anniversary towel one at the ranch hands. I mentioned that we had gone to the winery for lunch. And he goes is Is are you on your honeymoon. And i go no We've been married. Twenty six years equals. You're kidding you guys act like honey mooners. it's so cute. That was cute. Yeah you went to a winery to celebrate on the twenty six. 'cause you are staying in temecula right although wineries right right right and the waiter noticed that you the ranch hand ranch hand during while we walk around in the ranch and we're doing our horse stuff and we don't even realize it but we're always holding hands heads his arm around me and we do everything like oh while oil cowboy. The different than real. Is it like more hardy. I watch a lot of old westerns and those fairy romantic. I mean besides killing each other multiple. Don't count the women they kill each. Oh but they always honor their mother. They always were in love with their Floozy attending girls. What are they called. Moore's monitor all they are like miss. Kitty was madame. Okay oh yeah billions. There's something on maverick. That show i ever likes kitty. Country music or western. And what's wrong with her. What's lost her country roots. I know what jim. We didn't listen to a lot of you. Know what if you stuck with me. You wouldn't have any other choice. It drives you crazy. Yeah sorry into but you listen to. Bob marley listened to everything tired about your reggae phase. When you're splitting up a dad you got really into reggae. Reggae was new. The news like a chimney without. You're going to join a reggae band right. We're you smoking we is. I have never had marijuana life really. She was in contact tired at a concert. Once that you had to chaperone us to yes. Well it's a little secondary smoke a man. Oh i did not like. I don't like anything. I'm out of control. We got us. Cbd oil yesterday and they give you through some armies okay. Thirty five dollars for gumy's oh did we buy them. I thought they threw him in l. We bought him okay and tried them and put them in the bag. And i was going to try it out for. Trimble aches and pains. I have one half of one. Gummy i could not stand the taste of ilya. Didn't do diddly squat. So i gave you all the rest were they. I gave him to. You brought hackett took last time. I was given to wrigley. That's why really what the kids gusau. No there okay. Yeah yeah yeah. I remember now. Dave hid them somewhere. Yeah okay so you know pop for you never. I just want to try it though. you'll see. does it be your heart race or do anything. Weird the cbd oil or the. I'm you know. I honestly don't know except i put it on my shoulder before. Go to bed at night. But one day i put on my knee and i told you guys via text while i mean it really did take the pain out to what my tax good old she just.

00:30:15 - 00:35:07

Dinky and twig is a bbc chilean sitting on the floor with her head. Poking through under the microphone is such a weird video. I liked it because it looked a little bit. Like the girl in kill bill looking. I'm lining up my mom. She scratched me. Oh my gosh well no. I've never done any drugs. Spirit sad but now. I'm to the point where i would never do it anyway because i would think you'd just wanted to try once for fun. What about the first time. You got drunk not remember that i do. We had gone to a bar. At the end of speedway in tucson. I was a junior in college. And i drove to the bar meta bench. People and i had gin and tonic. Why one jannine tonic. And i had a little volkswagen bug. And i had to drive back to campus and i remember negotiating speedway like. Oh my god. It's it's it's crazy. I'm not gonna make it and it was like three miles and i'm gone zona right. I'll never drink again. Well i've had moments where junk. But i'm not driving but i was. I mean it was. I haven't question on your thirtieth birthday. You guys had a big a dress up party. You had to dress like the nineteen thirties. I remember this. I was hold. What i've been fourteen so no fourteen thirty. No we were has seven something. Yeah we were out that condo on felton. Yeah but you had a cast on your. How did you trip and fall on to get that casts drunk cue on where you do okay. We had gone to one of my clients in damn villain. They had redwoods step for interior design for silkwood. And there was a redwood Railroad tie well. It wasn't redwood that a railroad tie. And i tripped on it and went like tea cup over what they call that. Yes brown anyway. I broke my ankle. And you're you weren't drinking. no no. I thought that was the exciting now. And your dad. We had a little brown dots brown. I knew it. I've been using my intuition and dotson came up to his waist. 'cause he was so tall him as like a clown i fell. I knew i broke it. I heard it crack and he goes. Push the pink. Come on. we're late and i go. I don't think i can walk on share. you can. and he didn't realize it was broken. And so i to the car. Wow god goddamn. We went home. And i couldn't put any weight on it so i had to go up the stairs on my bottom It got to the top of crawled to the bath to take avail thinking man. I really sprain. This crawled embed next day. It was three times. The a pro bowl drove myself. Takaiser chimeras your husband and it was broken. Yeah and they put a cast on at the worst part of the whole thing was gave me a non bearing cast. So i had to use crutches while i had to fix you guys dinner. Where was your husband am. I would sit there and fill your plates up. And i'd have to get your play to the table right with crashes so i put it in my teeth perry to the table which was really hard young asking this question. Baba wa wa. I dunno early do ya. was it a weekday. Did he go to work. He didn't realize it was bad. He didn't wanna drive. You didn't want to. He wasn't ingredient He had some selfish issues. But i don't wanna best de too much nice. He was sweet. He just you come to terms with the those qualities narcissist qualities in the nice. Well i think he was taught as a professional football player that you push the pain. When i went over my handlebars my bike and i had the green stink factor. He thought it would be fine too. So i had to sleep with my hand on this pillow. I couldn't move it at all and the next morning was totally swan and we finally went and got an x ray and it was a fracture but i think as a parent i would do that too.

00:35:07 - 00:40:06

It'd be like oh you'll be fine. Let's just put it on ice. Give you some you strains and sprains. Yeah we're both boys fell on her third risks. When we went snowboarding. And i was like can you move it. Okay okay you know you can awaited. Wait it out. They do get injured. So i don't know i'm being devil's advocate. Because he's not here. That's very nice of you. I'm in the middle. So i can say whatever you're the weirdest little middle it's like. There was a lot of injuries a lot of issues that come up in the course of being a parent being a spouse. Just kinda think you guys are both covering up to the fact that someone was negligent. Well okay i mean maybe but you were there. i don't remember in. i felt a little counted. Hard part was kari. You guys and we'd lived with really steep stairs in that condo fountain. So i was scooting up and down on my bottom all the time. You'd send your crutches down to the bottom really and they were bounced down and then you work your way down. Gather up your crutches at the bottom in the same thing. But that's just anybody gets he can't be there. Twenty four seven yeah. They didn't have the boots they have. The they give you that little rubber stopper like i'm playing a non bearing cash and then they change you to a walking cows walking yeah or posterior splint. Or whatever has our time We should probably close it up but thank you mom for our little ad. Highly dinner big lips thick on holidays. Okay i know it's very much a last minute interview but thank you mom. Many mysteries resolved questions answered is twinkies stinky's twinkies. We now know. I could have named them virtually anything. Wow i know the possible. What would you name them now. If you could pick different yoohoo and he i did. I did hear somebody calling a whole something like who. Yeah who keeps calling it that. Whoa you just blew covadonga. She's got her shots. No one else does want wanna tell you that ms charlotte's in their drinking green smoothies like it's good that the one that was our other referring. Yeah i'm trying to get her to drink and worse by. We're still doing our recording. I'm trying to get her by getting home. Go to trying to give people that. Go to youtube channel six. Stop thrusting your pelvis in the microphone. She zone youtube. You know that our audiences mostly women no stereo hussy here. We're like mom said what they were in the day. That's not back to kids five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. I'm trying to pound it into their heads and But she knows that she can bypass that by drinking. Green juice whitbread law the ingredients and seriously she doing so big glass which she did. Yeah she's got covered. Good thanks for being a good grandma you went and did all the grandma errands picking up and queue we recording so anti told me all the things that they did. Yeah key entire scenario. where did you go. she's got. I can't stand these genes anymore. They're tape set of starting to pass off the circulation of artery. Because they may have to sit in between the dog in your cheers this question. I know they're professional recording mouse and weans thank you everybody you can find us. Mouse showings dot com. I'm so sorry we're at mouse and wings all the social media we just joined clubhouse to go find us over there at mass Any other shoutouts mom would he listen my very favorite podcast in the entire world. When i drive from california. Back to idaho. I listened to the episodes. Oh you know what if everyone else went away. We're glad that we have you Us and you'll always listen to her episode. Do the best. yeah. I'm excited to hear the next one and mom is our patron as well so if anyone would like to go to patriotdepot dot com backslash weans join for your five dollars a month he will unedited episodes.

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Joyce Carter

Joyce Carter is our sweet mom who passed away January 2023. She was a regular on our show and our #1 fan of course! Joyce grew up with two older brothers, moving around the west with her mom and dad, who worked for Southern Pacific Railroad. They settled in Tucson Arizona, where she spent her junior high, high school, and university years majoring in music and part of many choral groups. She met our dad at the U of A, and they started their young family, raising us in Northern California. There, we learned the joys of music, nature and art with our young mom staying home to raise us. Later, after self-taught decorating, Joyce became an interior designer in Danville and started her own business, Silkwood Interiors. She ended up divorcing our dad as they grew apart, but married Cowboy Denny and found her second chapter in love! They moved to Idaho in the 90's where she became a wonderful horsewoman in competitive reining. She also spent 27 as the designer for a home building company Skidmore Inc. Joyce helped design, build, and decorate over 400 homes in the Idaho Falls area, winning many awards. She also took up watercolor painting and produced many, many wonderful pieces of art. Our mom was a fun, energetic, sweet, warm, loving, creative, talented, and strong woman who taught us that we can do anything we put our minds to. She was our Third Musketeer in our lives, with all of our girl trips, our get-togethers, snow birding in Temecula to be closer to all of us in San Diego, and our many talks and motherly advice. She loved to travel, to be around her grandchildren, to cook, garden, build, ride, sing, paint, play piano and guitar. She leaves behind such a void, as everyone she met was instantly moved by her connection and loving sensibilities. We are honored to have had her on our podcast recordings so many times and are glad to have shared her with our audience so they could get to know our wonderful mother. She will be so , so missed.