Feb. 27, 2021

E105 - Lisa and Sam Shake Their Heads At Us

A special crossover interview between I Shake My Head's Lisa and Sam and us! We re-aired this PodFix Presents PodSix episode because it was such fun that we had to share! The six vague important questions that we were asked include (1) Is there ...

E105 – A special crossover interview between I Shake My Head’s Lisa and Sam and us! We re-aired this PodFix Presents PodSix episode because it was such fun that we had to share! The six vague important questions that we were asked include (1) Is there any topic that the two of us won’t talk about? This brings up the sneaky listeners and sex talk right off the bat. (2) Do you have any regrets about what you’ve said on your podcast? Hello editing and haters! (3) What do we think of garden gnomes? The answer takes a big hilarious swinging turn! (4) What are your thoughts on switching to Canadian currency including loonies and toonies? What are loonies and toonies? We Americans get schooled! Be sure to hear Weens quote On Golden Pond – the Norms, Loon! (5) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Find out what we both choose and its dopamine high. Plus hot dog talk, cinnamon buns, and salty v sweet foods. Finally (6) Would you rather go into the past or into the future to meet family? This question leads to family secrets, nature vs nurture, hot great grandpa talk, and who Weens was in a past life regression! Psychic medium Patti Negri, vampire Father Sebastian, the Padres baseball team, and Oprah make an appearance as we close it out too, so be sure to listen!

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The reason the muscles brings a message. Hey welcome to Mouse and Weens. This is Mouse. This is Joelle. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. My sweet dear sister Weens is up in LA doing online school today and cannot record so here. I am introducing our next episode which is actually a re-airing of our wonderful crossover PodSix episode that we did with I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam. They happen to be a sister podcast in the PodFix Network with us and it was their turn to interview us and ask us six questions. It was so much fun, we wanted to re-air it for you guys and you'll see how we we were all so excited to talk to each other and there were probably a few more questions than six. But we had a really fun time so I hope you guys enjoy it. Please let us know what you think. Reach out to us on MouseAndWeens.com or mouseandweens@gmail. We're @mouseandweens on all the platforms and I just signed up on Clubhouse too so find us @mouseandweens if you want to actually talk talk. All right, so here we go. This is I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam interviewing Mouse and Weens for the PodSix. Please go check out the original recording at PodFix Presents look that one up on Apple or any of your pod platforms and be sure to subscribe. All right, here we go.

PodFix Presents a few hosts, sixe questions, entertaining, insightful, and do we dare say educational? (laughter) We don't dare. It's PodSix. (laughs 'educational!'). Okay hi everybody it's Sam and Lisa from I Shake My Head with Sam and Lisa and we are here with Mouse and Weens 'cause we are part of the PodSix. We need to make a correction. Actually it's I Shake My Head is and sam not i. Shake my head with salmon lisa. Just because you're saying right. I'm always on paper. I'd be proof and he made it back to you saying you got it backwards. We're looking at each other on a screen. And i read left to right so i see salmon. Lisa leeson san. It's very confusing. I understand in the picture. Absolutely dicey salmon lisa and so. We've we've come together ladies to to dive into who you are most and weans. Yes we're going to ask you very big important questions from and can't wait. I ever asked me anything. So this is exciting. Some big ones coming up okay. i'll start. I recently listened to some of your podcasts and ladies that is there any topic that the two of you won't talk about boo. lets see. i'm going to name. My sister gets a little squeamish around things that her kids would be weird listening to. So maybe if we get we had a A sexual surrogate honor show slash beady. Dsm which we didn't talk about the bsn part because he wanted to do things like pony play. And if you know what that is and google off and it's it's it looks like a horse kind of but not there are other parts but yeah so. I know that my sister got a little. We did a lot of editing on that one. Being me mouse. Yeah i kind of took over the editing on that. And i put that one behind the pay wall so we cut it into two parts we have. Pg thirteen version. And then we have the our slash x. version so people can. This is because your kids. Your kids listen. Well adding no they're sneaky. They all have phones. And i have a feeling. They're curious what mom's talking about so that's my secret husband. He's not really secret but my husband does that and he says he always says he goes.

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Why would i ever listened to your podcast. I live with it. Twenty four seven. And i've known sam for twenty years. I don't need to listen to that either. And then all of a sudden he'll drop hints here. And i'll be like there's no way you didn't listen to the last episode because that's way too coincidental that that's coming out of your mouth exactly agree. There's a lot of sneaky if you think someone's not listening. They are saying ex boyfriend. Who has oh he didn't. He didn't care anything about me when he doesn't care. And lo and behold. I talked to him. He goes so that one thing you said about i i. You being creeped a little bit. A little creepy little deals like i love what fame pills like so yeah. I think that's the answer. It would be the sexy stuff and then sexy time with hubs get into too much detail because you got to honor of relationship and you know the podcast are we. What are you that podcast where we not really we talking about relationships and sometimes all pry and say so. How long has it been. I'm excited because i'm i'm single so i love to hear about married life and you know when you hear. Some couples talk about not having sex for two years. Or you know. I'm always going. Okay what are you guys do. How often do you do it. Do you get weird. You get a little saucy here and there. And she's like oh. I wanna know the mary's day single. That's my advice to you. Stay single your head has like so i guess ours. Our interview is going to be different. Because we're just gonna probably just share stories all over the place. We're going to the same right and i had a heart attack a year and a half ago and the big joke in our podcast became have been back on the bike and that was kind of like. Have you picked up where you're adult things and that was and i'm you know i've been married twenty years. I'm good without that anytime alone right. if nothing else. It just gave me one more reason to like not worry about it. If i don't know. I think you gotta be careful right. Big ongoing joke. It's true we just watched A Christmas Story last night. And they showed the scene where Ralphie was putting the magazine and on his mom's bed and they they had separate beds like Lucy and Ricky and I was like, "Oh that's kind of dreamy. That'd be kind of nice to have your own bed." Wouldn't that be? But because being single I'm going, "I would just love to wake up with someone and I love the cuddles." What happens? They smell. Like, what is it about, the-- You know what I mean? As much as I love my husband I think I learned to stop liking him very much like all the time. It's the same reason why I didn't have kids because I'm just like, "Oh god, it's still you all the time you." Same guy. Has he ever put on a wig and a mustache or anything? Have you done any role-play? He's... he's a great guy. I love him dearly. We have a great marriage. But I think it's just the whole "And there it is. There's there's that twenty years gone by." The closest they get to role-playing, Weens, is Mike puts on his lumberjack jacket. Yeah or a fireman suit. You could start a fire. Something like that. I think being out in Canada and I'm in San Diego in the suburbs, I mean maybe life is just a little more toned down. But I don't and I think I got lazy get older. I'm like I'm good. I can and metab-- not metabolism. Oh my god. What was I going to say? Menopause. So I'm just saying right is what it is.

That kind of leads me to my next question. Do you guys have any regrets about sharing parts of your life on your podcast? We've had to.... we've gone back and edited some things out that we said that might have been misconstrued, right Weens? Oh and more than that, it's bodily functions. We've really regretted what we've-- In the beginning we were kind of anonymous and so we thought we could just let down the veil and we'll be real women. Let's show them what real women do. Girls can rip them just like guys can! Thene decided we needed to come out with all of our podcast up. Because i was keeping almost as secret life.

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I wasn't telling my friends. I had a podcast so we finally came out and then realize oh no all that stuff is out there so we've had to Go back and that's also behind the pay wall so we have a lot of are a lot of functions. Nobody needs to hear that was the revelation it was so freeing to be like we get burp and fart it. We could talk about menstrual cycles. And then after a while you kinda like maybe. We don't need to talk about all that into. It's not that interesting. Yeah the bathroom door for a reason. And i need to find a man at some point. You know you guys for going back in like like like editing everything because because even though we have we have a great editor he doesn't take unless like had an argument in the middle of it which doesn't happen very often or something goes really wrong. He and take out like what we talk about. We just talk. Yeah and and like one of the biggest one of the biggest regrets that i didn't think i would be sharing on the podcast that i didn't share sam shared for me was a now. I can share because the world losses. I have fake teeth right and i never thought anything of it. I don't care right. I mean there's a logical reason i haven't stopped because they didn't brush my teeth or anything nasty like not right but it's always been a bit of an ongoing joke and one day just in the middle of the podcast. Sam made a comment about about. We're talking about brushing teeth. Well you got to brush your teeth. And i'm why don't you just screw it. Whatever whatever right and then you see. There's a commercial on tv. That say like one in five people have fake teeth. And i'm seeing them. What we realized you started the trend. You have a voice others now. Are you happy. Do you feel liberated now. I never cared either way. Just a bit of a joke but it never really a bit. It was just something that never crossed my mind to say and then when it it came up in conversation and that was always the one thing i remember and i'm always like oh was kind of funny that day. That's a secret but you know how you go going. It's not a secret. You just don't think aaron i have been friends for like twenty years so it's like why that just come up in conversation. Yeah yeah. I did that with The what was it called the fat burning but the cold. What is it go. Get old sculpting cools cool sculpting. Yeah oh. I did a whole about how i went and got my timing cool sculpted and then i put it out there and then thought Maybe this is one of those things. I shouldn't have Necessarily shared but then again. I was like well. You know what people might be curious about it. And so maybe it'll help somebody and originally. I shared the video. And then i had another podcast or watch the video and say what the hell was that because it was a close up of what was going on and i was so i quickly took that down. I act brave. But i'm not really have you guys ever had like other people who have been like really negative towards something you've said or done on your podcast. Just one friend. That's kind of dropped off after the skelly. Who you we just talked about this person Yeah that was interesting. We had to put out another version of the podcast with something edited out but you know once people catch it on their subscription they have the original version always and then we had a guy who was a. We have our little mouse on a mask and we were like giving them away as gifts promotional things and anti massacres. We've got a couple of people who were like a. You're promoting masta block a couple of those lunatic. Sorry guys you're looney. We had we had. Sam had to come to my defense lately. Because i had a. I had an angry ex friend of the podcast. Who who was mad. Because during the pandemic fixated on not getting a haircut right because i'm a little. Ocd that way and and we talked about it. Because what else right. That was what was important in my life during the time and goodness a couple of weeks ago. She just went crazy on us. Sam did and then. I had to ask her to stop. She was like so like i said so. I need you to stop talking. And i need you to understand that you're speaking rudely to my best friend so i'm going to ask you to unsubscribe and leave the podcast. I am done again right. It's just hair yoga. so was it like. Oh you guys are taking the so lightly. How can you make jokes about it. Oh well she just kept saying that She can't listen to lisa She doesn't think she's funny. And just like just kept. She would send us text to our group and i hate you and then she'd say i love you both like this weird thing sam at work and i might.

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You need to read this. Because I'm going to go crazy. Yeah i was. I was having a bit of a day. So I was like and we're done needs medication absolutely absolutely and you know what i mean. We know right. We all know that not. Everybody loves everything about all of our shows are are about everything right and and it was just so funny right is because the people who used our podcast they get to know us right so they know what our quirky things are. They know what bothers us. And that's just one thing that drove me crazy through the pandemic was that you know I. I need to get a haircut and it drives me crazy that it was cancelled one day before the pandemic kit right and just became a bit of a joke. Yeah and this girl just took so crazy. Oh my gosh well. I think it's a measure that you have made it you're successful. You have a real hater congratulations. I'm jealous we need. We need one. We can send your way push it can say you need to follow these guys now. No now we do have one of those and Joelle. I'll give you his initials G.A. And he's really... he says everything the antithesis of everything that we talk about. He always has something to say. He's almost like a devil's advocate. Contrarian kind of person and you just there's but it's kind of funny at the end of the day it's like you know how the routine response has been to say thank you for listening that's always say exactly grant. He'll have huge ransom ladies. I have a question for yes What do you. What do you ladies think of garden. Gnomes I dig them. I love them. I loved me. The movie and the whole garden gnome theme. I don't know if you've seen it but there's a whole garden gnome theme of traveling around and being in pictures and things like that. And i am a garden lady. I love gardening. Teach the school garden. And I'm a big fan but isn't an signal that it means. If you haven't in your front yard it means you're open to sandy's I all. I thought said they were creating things came. What are you reading. where can we find some. I'm gonna be knocking on doors. Julianne is going to be prowling LA neighborhoods. The crazy garden gnome lady. I'm gonna show up at some... An eighty five year old lady opens a door and I'll be like, "Well, whatever. Twenty twenty twenty. Twenty one really. Well yeah I think we need to fact check this but but I'm pretty sure if you've ever known in your front yard it means you're open the swinging so we'll have tonight cam agean. Everybody's got a gnome these. I think it's a little played out. Honestly i think i think they're cute and wonderful but so many people have them that we should change it to What would be nice like frog now. We already yeah. I don't know what could replace it. But I would be up for a replacement. Yeah porky see. Look it's real. I just looked it up. You guys just look it up. I... Aww....Stinkers! She came to visit. Stinkers is my little mascot. She loves you guys. Kitty! Yep. Oh man, this is just... this is just in San Diego you guys. I'm fact-checking our gnome thing. And it's a nice subdivision of North county San Diego and this is where the gnome thing secret message. Yes so there you go. It's real only in my neighborhood. Sorry and not to get too off the subject. But there's a weird thing in Los Angeles where i constantly am in parks and I'll be sitting there and I'll see that someone is just washing their car in the parking lot of say Griffith Park down the street or these little in. It's like a signal. I think it's a signal that they want sex that they're washing. They'll sit there for hour and a half in Scrub down their car with a little like a white towel so it must be a sign of surrender. Maybe their bottom. Maybe i don't know what's happening. I've seen it so much and they'll sit there hour and a half own. My god nothing good like that. We have nothing we need to. We need some new start ordering gnomes and white flag. We i tell you we got we got. We had changed. Mix things up a little freaky Friday swap. We'll test it out.

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Oh that's too funny. Okay so guys. Are you guys familiar with our Canadian money. No that's warned. The what is it called the horn. I don't know the horn rate. I want to say something with the bugle. i was trying to know you take this. God yes it looks like Okay so our one dollar bill in our two dollar bill or actually coins and our one. Roller are one. Dollar coin is called a loonie and our two dollar coin is called toonie. No yeah so we. Some calling for wasn't real. We have coins. All our our money is colored. It's amazing every time. I go to the states to see john. You got like your money screws me up. Everything's the same color is how do you even know paying with one hundred fifty. Nobody knows in. Canada ones brown ones pink. There's a different one. It's monopoly money like monopoly money. So my kids feel right at home. That's the only money they know how to deal with so it's not paper it's like it's like what is that. The trio pauly or something. Yeah like can't rip it. It's not ripple wow is it on watermarked with people's faces on it and stuff too. Yeah we have like like the queen and then some prime ministers and we have another another important lady. Yeah okay name. so issue's important. We were wondering like in America ('Merica) Would you guys want to d think you should adopt like the loonier the tuning like she go to cocaine for a dollar and two dollars sounds heavy. Yeah you get used to do. It's very it's very euro right. that's how it is traveling in Europe. You have the coins that you're always dealing with. Which for me. It takes so long to count out. And i get all flustered and then i don't know the language but at least in Canada i would have English to fall back on so the bonuses that i find because i always pay with cash is with loonies and toonies. It's like it's like it's like a magical surprised at the bottom of your wallet because you don't ever count them in your money so all of a sudden when you're running low on cash and you all you're losing your toonies elves and you've got forty extra dollars in your wallet you didn't even realize. Wow everybody says looney toon need. That's what name so the one dollar coin. The loonie has a loon on it. I don't know what the toonie has. I think it's just a coin. Yeah so we call it. The caller yeah. It's like who are the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. That's so cute. The loonie and the two so you just get used to the weight. So who do you. Do you guys feel like a loonie and a toonie? You guys are kinda cute. You could be... No, I'm probably more the loonie. That's it. Totally. And toonie..... funny. I like this. Go and google it guys and you can see what we're talking about right. You'll have to google and check it out and maybe one day you guys will be like, "Hey you know what? America maybe needs to change this." And maybe Katherine Hepburn is on the loonie saying, "The Norms, Loon. The loons." Yes, On Golden Pond. She could be on the back of it. You could still have like the balloon and her picture on the back. God, that'd be perfect. Glad that was... Except I said "The Norms, Loon"..... It was about to be really weird but you guys are the same age range as we are. So we're all good. It'd be like what movie was that? So glad.

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I think Dream Dinners is really good. Why? I like the french onions. Oh i knew that's the pub style chicken. That's your favorite. How do we make. Because you've helped me make it a lot. Yes i know how to make it so you get a tray and you put parchment paper on it. You take the chicken and You put the french onions on it. Then you put it in the oven and then when you take it out you can put it on again and then you put it on the plate since it's already cooked and you put the. Do you remember that. Yumi sauce that they make data. I said oh it's so good. I don't know what's in it. It's like magic though. It's so good. Yeah we dip it in the sauce then. We set it on top of a little pile of french onions there really crispy in up. I love that. Yeah so it's so fun for families and you love helping you cook those. Could you do a dinner yourself to use. You're only ten years old. Are you sure. Gosh see it works. It's great for families. The boys love it. Dad loves to cook it because they're lazy but they could if they had to. They're easy to follow directions and everything's ready pretty quickly. Do you like the nights that we sit down to dinner. Why because the boys don't go up to play video games. We all actually sit down and we talk and we eat our dinner and we have good. Sides that go with our dreamers. What goes on the side when we cook with jim. Dinner sometimes like a sweet sauce or barbecue says oh yeah oh yeah. I also like the chicken with the barbecue chips on it to barbecue. Your one's really good. What about the green beans. That comes with the old. I love the young and the roasted vegetables area mashed potatoes. That go next. It's actually really easy to make the mashed potatoes because all you have to do is bad out and put it in the pan little pot. Yeah yeah jim dinners is a wonderful trick for family to sit down have good family time. We have good conversations. People get to help in the kitchen. It's healthy. I feel good about myself. You feel good about yourself when we make dinner together. Yeah it's great so everyone should go to dream dinners dot com. Pick your location. If you are within. Twenty five miles of power or the San Marcos location you can enter mouse in weans ninety nine at checkout. You'll get ninety nine dollars off your final order. This is for new guests so please do check it out. The officer are freeing our currying. they also are offering free packaging and delivering during the purple tier shutdown. While we're in this so it's great. Usually we go together. That was the other thing. I wanna ask you about Charlotte. Do you like going to dream. Dinners with me. Yeah yeah it's fun were what is it like and well. I just sit in the car in i watch. She signed the paper recently. That's how it is but when we used to go remember going in the store. My gosh i love that i i love making the foods with all the colors like another colored paper it has. It's like a color code in. You could scoop it and put it in the bag in. It's actually really easy to make. They have like little containers. Wrote and and You could also on holidays. You could get samples to yes. Oh i forgot about the samples. They always feed us. While we're there that's right. Did you know. I even had a wine party. Who knows there to really. Yeah i got to invite some new friends and we all made a few meals together and we got to bring a bottle of wine and we had like our own little party in the store. After it was closed it was really fun. So that's available. I didn't break in confirmation. They were there they have one with. You know they didn't. They are very professional. No it is so much fun. I really. I really suggested for families that are kind of losing control of dinner or have given up or lazy like me. I just you know often look in the freezer. See what's available. Pop it in nuggets or tuxedos or something. That's like very healthy. Yeah dinners is really healthy and really easy to make and Yes so just deal. Go go to jim news. It's not that hard. Exactly there you go and weans ninety nine. Oh yeah and also they just give you a bag and they you could bring it home. Cook it for dinner and it's already. Yeah oh yeah i retired. Look in the fridge and when you re Will you always go. June dinners so recently when you got dream dinners.

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I see a tub with like four bags of dreamers in iowa so happy oh good indigenous. It's coming good meals. A common all right dream dinners dot com. Pick your location enter mouse and wings nine thousand nine at checkout. Go james dinners any else we have. We have a running joke with the millennials. We're just overrun with millennials. In the podcast face. So we're we're trying to carve out our little area here. So we're on the running joke with the millennials because i always pretend that i m a millennial in my mind i don't even know what really is i know. I know that like one of the one of our people that follows one of our supporters. The h. g. her daughter's a millennial and i always say so because of that. I'm always like well. I'm almost a millennial right. 'cause she's my friend but like not really a friend right. There's like a twenty five year difference and she says Okay does a lot. The beauty of millennials. They don't really talk. Just add sound effects. Ooh yeah right they. Just that's that's all they do. They don't know how they only text accidents. Yeah think about yourself. And your texas right Exactly so that's all that they do not me. I got another question for you k. If you could only one food for the rest of your life what would it be I'd say cheese. I mean say cheese too. It's i know it's sad. Yeah cheese. I think how boring i think it's very open mean thing. I think it really has something in it. That triggers your dopamine receptor and you get high off a cheese yeah couple of. That's a whole family of cheese. I mean we could go stinky cheese one day. We could go the hard cheese. The next canada knows about this. She's and the dopamine release. You come visit. Give you know about the smith and i think something called casein and it's known to Hit the same place. That cocaine does the same receptor in your brain whoo cheese. Yeah so good. Cheese is always a a welcome tree. I don't know what it on some pizza. we can be. Yeah would go with cheese. What i'm trying not to. I'm trying to be dairy free a really good about it except for her. That's your weakness you to put some jesus like samuel potato right. Yeah sam loves a potato. Now are you going to answer these questions to serious mine. My what would mind. We're just mixing it up a little bit. that's all we're doing. We don't play by the rules. I would be probably hotdogs. I couldn't live without hotdog. I break all the rules right. I piss off the vegans. I piss off everybody in one fail swoop. Everybody can be mad. We just went to a ski slope in idaho and all of us ordered hotdogs and it was real sketchy because they have a high case of covid there and the kid that was cooking. Hotdogs had his mask down around his chin. And we're pretty sure that we're fine. It's been a good ten days now but man. If i caught cove from the hotdog kid. I would have been so mad. That would have been a good. Yeah so good thing but now now. I'm associated hotdogs with covid. So yes and now you have a negative thought about. Yeah so now. Stick with my cheese even more so sorry. I mean that was lisa. Sorry lisa's lisa on our facebook though. Somebody put a hot dog inside of a cinnamon bun with today without being over to like. Who would do that like. You didn't obviously read all the responses because your mum said he would do that. I said she likes hotdogs. Oprah's big along spiel when she's camping how she likes hot dogs and french. Tope toast with maple syrup so it's not that much further than some big explanation. I like your mom said it would be a go your own mother own mother. We don't agree. Apparently on a lot of stuff. And i didn't know this before a weiner shoved inside of a cinnamon bun and i'm like you what i could do that too if i needed to. It is like that. It's like the yeah. Bacon with the pancakes syrup touching amish together people like similar right.

00:35:03 - 00:40:04

Yeah no i have to separate same with. How do you guys feel about salted waterman. Yes i'm okay with that. Yeah see. I'm with you lisa. I can't do it out. But i bet you. Sprinkle a packet of equal on my watermelon. I like it a little sweeter. Ooh no calories weans. We use salt on a watermelon because mom likes though they do a lot of salt. Here they'll have the fruit stands. Where generally there they call them. Mexican fruit stands with the little mexican. It's like a chili sauce and salt. And they put it on mango. And they put it on melons and watermelons. It's really good in. you could buy it. It's packaged if you're interested. I know people put salt on apple slices. I've heard really. Yeah i've seen that before. I salted caramel thing. I guess salted caramel apple. It's is they hold the salt and an apple. I'll take the carmel. Yeah colonel the spoon to the chewing did that tonight. Just a big old thing of carmel. I haven't would you rather you guys up for that sure. Yeah okay. Would you rather go into the past and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great great grandchildren. My gosh i would go into the past. I'm a big fan of my family tree in genealogy and always digging for the stories. I love that stuff i would totally want. I have so many holes in my puzzle doing the genealogy. I don't know a lot and twenty one year. The twenty whatever we will. I use you my heritage dot com the website. I chose to go with. But it's all kind of connected now that we've done the dna testing stuffy on weaned submitted. Her deny so now. She's in the database forever and ever or they could you play keno dna richard serial killers that are related to us and we've had reach out. Yeah story idea right there. It'd be cool show to watch. Yeah sure just like there's a big board and all of a sudden they connect with you. I'd watch that one sam. I like that the killer. There was an ex girlfriend of one of our weird uncles. Who's no longer with us. Who popped up and we were curious. We're like oh no. Did they have a kid together. And so we asked one of our aunts if we should follow up with her and she's like no no don't talk. Don't talk to her. So there's there's a story there isn't that funny like we are family doesn't have like we don't have we never did like the ancestor stuff. But after certain people died in our family like after my mum's mum died turned out that she had two kids. Nobody knew about and then. We had a great aunt on my dad's side and she was a single lady. She had kids because they were wartime kid. Their wartime people. Hey she was a nurse during the war scott kids. I'm like god we're everywhere. Oh my gosh careful who you hook up with. It'd be weird. Could be weird jewels. Would you in the past or in the future to meet somebody. What would you do kids. So i guess i couldn't meet my grandkids unless they were to do with this one. What about nephews and nieces. But they're gonna go the past. I would wanna find out We just found out that we have some thought. They were pecan farmers from texas on my mom's side. And then joel found out that they were confederates which i always thought wear this liberal family. She founders that we're on the wrong side of the world. We're we're very embarrassed. But oh hey. I think we're kind of connected to robert elise somewhere in the past. We're on the whole carter side. The virginia carter's which is huge lineage. Thing so i think. That's so cool though. I you know. I mean to to to see where you wake where where your footsteps. Yeah it's do you guys think that sorry to cut you off. Do you think that there's any kind of residual to you where the dna of your old old relatives is somewhere in you that you might think really like could you. From generations and generate hundreds of years ago. Could you still have that kind of well but like sometimes when you look at old pictures of relatives.

00:40:04 - 00:45:08

You weren't really familiar with her. And then you look at the kids that are born now from your brother your sister. Whatever or cousins they kinda look like the people from the past so your genetics kinda plays a part. But i think it is more social for me. I think it would be the environment. They grew up in if they have those tendencies or not. I think you're i think. I think that that's true because even like say our family i have. I have a sister. So i'm technically the middle child and but but i have a sister. That's a year and a half older than i am and she was actually given up for adoption and we grew up not even knowing she existed till we were like thirty years old and and so we didn't know anything about her. We didn't know because that's right pit. Nobody talked about that back then. Right whatever the reason was nobody knew so. We didn't know we didn't know anything about her. But we met and we have a great relationship and all that sort of stuff. But when i see her talking to her kids and i see now her daughter has has a little has a little one. That's four all. I see is my mum and my mum's mum and it's a mannerisms and just how they move and i'm like oh my god so weird because they really don't have a history interesting. I love that stuff that there's something i did a past life regression ones and i was an old black man. I know yeah. I don't know how that happened. Or what about you. Yeah i love looking at old pictures to and picking up features like the eyebrows and the jaw line and we actually had a really hot great great grandfather believe it or not to say that but he was really handsome and so it's funny interesting and you wonder how many of the genetics came through. And and you just don't know right because that's like my sam that's like my uncle. My mom's brother. He looks nothing like anybody in the family because he and he's like he's like super attractive. And it's like kay where when you're there he had a twin. Didn't look nothing like twin. Right didn't look anything like my mum. But it's like it's like where did that income from because you're the only one who got that beautiful looking gene recessive gene. That showed up interesting. I like your past life thing weans. I had no idea about that. I get very impassioned about the injustice for the african american how did you. How did you about doing that It was through a woman who i've tried a lot of very different things in my life. And i went and somebody told me about this woman and they get you really quiet. They put you to room and they just have you. You know go deeper deeper deeper and then imagine yourself at some point. I just saw this old black man like. Aw that's me and it made sense. I am an old black man in high soul. I love it. I love the old says. See you thinking something doing something like that right because remember when we went to we went to a psychic interest was so into right and i might. I'm they want kick me out. Because i won't shut up talking to everybody. They hate me but they were. You could tell. Sam was enjoying all of the all of the interest in it. Wow all that stuff. Yeah that's good. I don't get it. I don't like what i don't get guys had a psychic medium on one of your shows to yeah did raise cool. We still do workouts with their in the morning on zoom. She's after the witch workout. Yeah after our session. She said you know if you guys ever wanted to work out with me do this little thing. And so she reached out to jillian and her info and jillian invited me and so yeah we do a little workout with her in the morning and the funny thing is one of her. Best friends is father sebastian. He's a vampire. So we're doing workouts with a witch and a vampire every morning right. Guess her name. Is patty negri just in case anyone's curious and she's on ghost hunter all the time she just did. The black dolly is how does tv show. Yeah you've probably seen her and she's she's going to be on another late night. Show it's right after seth meyers. She just got booked on that. So she's she's the hollywood goodrich and yeah she's really cool so i love that kind of sad news ever visit lisa. We're going to convert your we're going to bring you in a little say on. I'll do it. But i have a short attention span and and there's just so much in the world i i i'm not gonna call myself simple sam even though i'm not going to because i don't think simple but sometimes in my mind if i don't understand it just i'm never going to but it doesn't mean pooh-pooh it you know and things always happened to the ones who are like.

00:45:08 - 00:50:01

Oh yeah. i don't know it'll happen. It's great to and sam you'd be into too harsh even being okay. I love it. I love it. It's awesome you guys are cool trip to la planned here. Let's do it. You never know right okay. Well you know what guys. Where can everyone find you. That's the most important part We are basically just google mouse in weans. Mo usc a and e. w. e. s. but masson dot com is our main hub. And we're at mouse and winds on all social media. So just find us that way. Real easy awesome are sure a fun bunch. I love it when what we should do a real show like when it's just like our shows let's do it. I guess whatever yes to yes weird stuff tell questions were sam say minor like mine are like what do you think. A garden gnomes. Well you gotta get an answer for that but you something new. Your friends to the podcast learned something new. Go diego. careful hey watch. Are you a baseball fan. I was before. I got married and then my husband killed it for me because he watches it all the time and it's too much you bad because it looks like teams just made some big leads. Oh i'm a big. I'm a big baseball. Team is not making any traits all of trades. Apparently we were in on which i think is just a lie but love it but yeah we were. I was into it kind of in college. Took single and we used to go to the games and we would stand right up of the dugout and we would call each. Each different player are boyfriend. We trying to get their attention and it was ridiculous and then we found out where one of them lived and we star in kennedy was the big guy. Back then talking. We're stockers by nature you. Oh we talk about yeah knock and we always document eventually. We will hunt you down and we'll meet you. I don't expect. We don't expect them to remember. We met oprah oprah would never remember but we met her. We found her. We found her house. She like she was in saskatoon. Wow she's doing her. Live your best life tour and and where i worked. One of the security guards told me. I made a comment saying. Hey going to see oprah girlfriend going to see oprah and he's like no but i know where she's staying and i'm like shut the front door another oprah staying in saskatoon has like not even half a million people in it right and i'm like you know where oprah staying and he's like yeah because we're sam and i were going and i might give me the goods. Give me the goods so we did we. Nobody nobody in saskatoon cared. That oprah was here. Wow just the two of us like when like when they showed her coming out of a typical oprah right. They showed her coming out of her hotel in big cities like toronto montreal and there's like thousands and thousands and thousands of people. They show her how we were there in saskatoon. She's coming out of her little boutique. Hotel i five people and she was just like wow yeah story solve as she was running late so she couldn't really talk but but she talked for a second and it was kind of cool right just to be like like just to know that that our goal was to find oprah and boy that was easy candidate. If you wanna find oprah i like that oh good okay all right ladies. This is us. We're done. I appreciate you coming on and and doing the mud. Six with us and You know and these are to great podcasts on pot fix so check us out everyone. I shake my head with leeson salmon nelson the we'd massively elena. This was a podcast of the politics. No work you can check out. More shows like it network dot com okay. Hey everyone i love. Podcasts got recommendations and said that was quick.

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