Feb. 18, 2021

E104 - Dating During Covid, Ickrolled, Ellen, Gift Giving

What's the biggest meme that Weens will forever associate with quarantine? Find out and learn all about hydration with Mouse's larger than life water bottle. Or should I say Walter bottle?! We get updates on Hollywood starting up filming and Jul...

What’s the biggest meme that Weens will forever associate with quarantine? Find out and learn all about hydration with Mouse’s larger than life water bottle. Or should I say Walter bottle?! We get updates on Hollywood starting up filming and Julianne’s job situation, and then we dive in to another session of Joelle Bugging Julianne About Online Dating. So many thoughts as we have an in-depth talk about relationships, being single, and finding a forever person. We talk about shyness and Jo’s science insecurity, and then jump in to Ellen’s underwear. That’s right, Degeneres fans. It’s time for another undie giveaway! Hear about the panty sending mishap as we segue into misinformed gift giving of Pearl Jam and wolf items. We end on sweet memories of our dad and get philosophical about happiness, finishing on the tv peeker Mr. Rogers.
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This is Buddy Hackett. What are you doing? Go listen to Mouse and Weens. It's the only thing you should do. I gotta soak my feet in epsom salts.

Weens: Oh my god. Hey settle it. Cool your jets.

Mouse: We are getting very goofy. What's happening? This is kind of like when you don't sleep for a long time and then strange things happen. Yeah. That's how it feels.

W: It's your fault. She just-- Can I just tell you what she did, folks?

M: What?

W: You said, "Are you ready to..." We do this all the time. "Okay, are you ready?" We'll say, "Are you--" We'll call each other like, "We're going to record at 10:00." Joelle's always late by the way.

M: No I'm not.

W: You do not honor the time.

M: I do.

W: And then you'll call me at like 10:15 or 10:20 so I always give a half an hour.

M: Oh come on!

W: Hey settle it. And then she'll call. So just now, we've been dicking around saying, "Are you ready? Yeah I'm ready. Are you ready to record? Yeah I'm ready." And then we'll sit on the phone for like thirty minutes and dick around. And then you just said, "Are you ready?" And I go, "Yeah I'm ready." And then you go, "Okay. One, two,.." And I was like, "No!!! I'm not really ready!" I say yes...

M: But I could hear the water running in the background. And I knew she was getting a glass of water or washing dishes or something.

W: I was. But you know. So then I had to quick run and you go, "HA! HA! I caught you!"

M: I caught you!

W: I know. That's what happened folks. That's what just happened.

M: It's the little things. This is what has come of our lives in quarantine. This is great entertainment. We're glad that we have you here with us. To witness the behind the scenes dorkiness that happens.

W: Who are you talking to?

M: Our listeners! Because we are starting our episode here. Hello everybody! Hello. You've reached Mouse and Weens. We're not home right now. Please leave a message. No. I'm Joelle. I'm Mouse. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. which is why we're phone calling. I want you to enter me. Go all right and there is julianne name is weans because she looks like a big pink. Weiner would take pack. Take just kidding. She's a tall purple home at a dork. Just kidding what movie was that. From the moment it was our father who in heaven. And you're thinking that right you every time you know. His joey piscopo tele from new york. They used to call him a joey. The door from new york. Oh yeah and then it turned into permanent purple helmeted dork. But i thought it was a mel brooks reference or something. Oh it might be something like that. I'm going to google. It asked me when i type in purple headed dork of our bedrooms. Can he do you think but it in her. Promo helmet dork. And then she's going to show you the picture with purple purple helmet drink. That might be good. It's just really a purple helmet. There's a naked guida piano talk about something that's important to me. Okay all right. During this whole cova time something happened to me. A my my friend who will remain nameless. And casey wants to has been sending me a picture of a large african american man but the gigantic dork. That is in situations that he's the covid now. My whole covert experience. It's going to be synonymous with this naked black man. Does anybody else know what i'm talking about. It was a mean that came up and he's sitting. It looks like on the edge of a bed with his legs can spread like his hands on his knees legs or spur. Kind of like the thinker rodin. Yeah about that except for a gigantic penis. It's yeah very okay. So has anyone else experiences. Please tell me. I'm not alone. I just wanted to know she. I only know of it because you sent it to me and sadly my sweet little daughter was couch and text from ant man come up. It's so exciting. It's usually like a kitty or something funny. And so she's looked over. My shoulder popped up because you were trying to pass the joke on me like oh look at this. Oh no. I know what it was. It was like newsflash term out covert or some and this is before he actually caught it. And so everybody's like. Oh wow great click and then that pops up so that's okay said that's been the thing it's this guy he's turned into the local mean of covert of. Yes it'll be some trick thing. It's like being rick rolled except it's it's don rolled Do that actually sounds better.

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Just kidding but yeah y-y'all openness thing and he's there but now it's turned into like the last one i So it's been all throughout covert like a mask. Will you'll open something. It'll be him sending there with a mask on his dinky like hand sanitizer but he'll be the guys squirting sanitizer or when it was dude with the fly on his head the debate you look at the fly in the naked black community as the flying showed me to you. Were like legit this fly in and you show me the regular picture. I'm like i can't see it. And you go you have to zoom in swipe zoom and i was like dink so bad in. This is always my certain friend. Who is sending this to me i will. He'll remain nameless. He listens but yeah so he'll send like shit again. It was like one of them. Was you know. The giant hornet from somewhere in china. You and i was like oh no look how big that isn't. It was a guy with the giant hornet and you saw how big it is compared to his hand and you look closer and the hornets cut the same dinky stupid. you know. you can't be a part of this because you've told me i can't send him any. Yeah i have no one to shove this off to know shoving dink's anywhere please of this. You can't shove this stink anywhere. It is an also. I am a technology not with anti whiz in. My kid's accounts are linked to mind somehow. Because it's all in the same phone plan show. And i know how unlinked them i don't know exactly like call that company i know. I think everything's unlinked now but first time everybody was getting everybody's tax and so i was like a board michigan. Don't think you're really mad. That one was right over my shoulder. It was just so big yes What was that like birds and the bees talk with that guy knowledge. And don't worry that's not what it's really lay. No not not dot explicit joke. That wasn't real. It's just ant man you know. She's lonely off the land. Just kidding just it is the worst though that thing. Oh you're it's hilarious. The more creative it was jaws. I got a whole video of where it was like to see this. It's crazy this whole jot. This new redone jaws thing and i watched the whole sequence. And it's the bar you know where he's like back and he looks down like he had just seen part of the shark and then it comes out of the water that guy with this kind of movies. Oh and then there was one like the bass masters and they were catching big fish. And it was like you have to see this. This fishes train pulled out of the water that yes career. Imagine that guy. How is he feeling right. Now as you proud he has passed away. He was lights. Sweet man named walter. Something nine two thousand six. He had done that for money. Like took a couple of naked photos for money. New gotten a couple of magazines and somehow how he is resurrected naked meam of covid. Who was like did one porn thing to help support his family or something or rant. And then the ca okay. That's the lesson anything you do online or you know salacious could come back and find you even after death. You know we could do though if you guys want to see some of this Search you could search like you know whatever but we can also put a where we can then you could see a couple of them because they're very creative people really made this a thing okay. Lord too much cats microphone. Hey tell me tell me if he thinks about yourself Well i don't have a whole lot going nor does any rally days yeah. I'm looking at my huge water bottle. I got a giant water bottle for christmas and honestly giant. it's so giant. If i put it on the floor it comes up to about my knee and about as thick as a Like ah joel fire extinguisher. Looks like fire extinguishers what it looks like the cove newer dinky talk. Dinky talk was the first sex.

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Sorry let's take that out winner need to keep going with this. It's okay okay. It's just a water bottle giant water bottle but it has tick marks along the side Tells you what time of day you're supposed to hit your water mark. It's kind of cool. So they do. Yes so it's keeping me hydrated a seventy amherst to start drinking and has a ninety m. You're supposed to drink that much and it's huge. It kind of puts it in perspective. How much we're really supposed to drink water. And it's a crazy amount and i can actually do like. This is what we're supposed to be drinking. I don't remember that question at christmas. That came up. About how many gallons of water we sweat when we're hot and sweaty like in a hundred and something degree weather or something like that. Yeah it was a crazy amount. Thirty gallons was it thirty. Got it wrong. Because we chose like ten and i thought that was too much. It was like one ten thirty and it was thirty on a really hot day. If you're also exercising or something you can lose thirty gallons of water that makes no sense. Loose studies online hammer nutrition. And the nih showed that sweat is proportional to metabolic rate and can amount to three to four liters per hour ten liters per day which equals a two point. Six gallons per day so national geographic brain games for kids is lacking in facts. There we need to fact check that. Go back to idaho looking moms game closet and then we'll figure it out. Yes so. I switched it around this hold. Thirty four hundred milliliters and one hundred sixteen ounces in so don't they say you're supposed to drink eight eight ounce glasses so one sixteen divided by eight fourteen point five so this is fourteen and a half eight ounce glasses of water. That's what you're supposed to drink crazy. But we're getting and i'm actually thirsty all day and i keep drinking and my p. is nice and clear and healthy and with this. I'm also donating blood and plasma and platelet. Mpp and i need to empty jug just to hold it all know but i'm trying to stay hydrated because last time i donated blood it was real thick and it took forever. They're like you need to hydrate more so this is my new year resolution in this bottle is great and is from my friend. carla said. Thank you carla carla. Who is also a patron. That's kind of her. Thank you alexander. Jodi carla megan enjoys full subscribing you during your housing for your words beds and things. G long backslash mouse and weans we love carlos. She's a superfan and carla hit her four month mark she gets free swag for mouse and weaned. So she's getting hot hot prizes. She doesn't know this yet. But i'm gonna give it to her today so if anyone else wants to join patriot dot com slash nelson weans for five dollars a month. You get all sorts of stuff and Secret secret recordings in an edited episodes and stuff like that but could a patriot. Dot com so weans. Isn't that sweet. Moms ended up to what we know. I mean yes we're on. You don't have to do that. You you birthed us. Birth this fun and had to deal with her for. Oh no oh we have We have some plans for the future to to find out more dr family. We're gonna do a deep dive getting some family history. Which is something. We don't know a whole lot about one side of the family a mum's side and so much more but wiens. What are you up to. We heard about ernie in the beginning. poor sweet ernie ernie poor. Sweet ernie's ernie's losing it. We love him. But he's how are your other La adventures any. Anything else house work. What's going to happen with that Does anyone really care for. The film is opening and shutting constantly. And i got a couple calls and the shows have already the show. I would have been hired on which. I did not take went down ship weeks later because of govan again so keeps happening that they keep trying to push it and then close it and it close it and people are getting sick and it's all crazy so ms must go on near. Glad you've made those decisions to say. I'm going to wait it out and then sure yeah. It's just a time in life. Where i'm taking a break in doing school. I never really had that much of a chance to sit down and do and i. You know it's time to just sitting inside for a little bit risky out there.

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Yeah exactly now. I have been pushing you to try to do online dating while in covid because now craze you could chat in get to know people. And she's why you're upset but you haven't quit complete. You're trying to live vicariously through my wink. No i'm not. I just want you to find someone that matches up with you that you could enjoy a relationship with because like i said in the last episode. It's wonderful to where your follow lama. Pj's in a sexy night and not have to worry about up. Pj's it's fun. You know this you've been long term relationships catch us. Take a break you have been. I know but. I think now is a great time to get to know somebody without having to be physical. Cause but all the school steph. I'm very focused on something else. I know you know. Do you want me to fail. Does mouse weren't weans to fail. You'll be right back after a word from our sponsor julianne guess what what we are sponsored by dream dinners. You know about dream dinners. You've stayed with us. We've had great meals with them. Let me tell you about it. Dream dinners benefits. You and your lifestyle listener through less shopping healthy home-cooked meals most in less than thirty minutes. Everything's already prepped for you. You don't have to do any that washing the shopping. It's all done for you. It's great you can modify the menu that you choose According to your family's likes dislikes an allergies with special notes in the instructions. It's really easy for people who don't know how to cook and for those who do but they want a break from prep in planning. That would be me. I get so tired of trying to think of meals so this makes it so easy. You just pull out a meal at the beginning of the week. Put it in your fridge. It's ready to go. Open your fridge. Pop it in the oven or on the stove. Top twenty thirty minutes. It's the best and we've had great meals. We've had lots of chicken dishes with really interesting sauces. There's a pick cada arsala. Kids love this pub style. Chicken with the mashed potatoes garlic mashed potatoes salt and pepper fries. They have on dean green beans. I mean all sorts of stuff you get sides. It's great really steph. High quality food healthy. You will save an average of two hundred dollars a month off your grocery budget. The average cost about six fifty her serving which is so much less than if you go to takeout restaurants or even some of the other boxed meal. Prep services you'll save about twenty hours a month from shopping and prepping and you only have to come in and pick up or Once a month and because they're not a subscription service. You can get them as often as you'd like so you can stop whenever you want to anyone. Who's within twenty five miles of the powei or san marcus store here in san diego. We'll get free delivery packaging while we're in the purple tier usually. It's a twenty five dollar charge but it's free this month and you can enter mouse and wins twenty upon checkout when you choose meals and you'll get twenty percent discount so everyone please go to dream dinners dot com. Choose your location and you are welcome to fail. Maybe just a couple. Could you throw a couple of hooks out there and see what you can or what purpose it takes so long to nurture. That whole thing's shot just friends. I time just a cute chat. Someone cute to look at. Wouldn't that be fun. See you approach it so differently than me. I approach it in the way of if you meet naturally and you. Friends neutral cheers. Can i just tell you what happened. i was a part of this group. Therapy session right Something my therapist through together and she goes. You're all like minded people and maybe it'd be neat to have this group thing and then we shared stories and stuff like that and then when you had it vies me to sign up for matt. I'm not gonna blame you. I did at the beginning of covert whenever we had that episode where we talked about two different dating sites said all. Try it out and see what it's like. Yeah so i signed up for match dot com and then for hinge. My other friend said. Try that it's great. It's in they were into it. And i go okay. I'll give it a shot. There's nothing else going on right now. And then i signed up for match. And then i was about this and basically we were just like weird trolls. You know we set our and did that on the just troll then never really talked to anyone who just giggle and laugh by the way i made so find about that guy who played bongos. Who had glasses on the back of his head and he was like he was just kind of one of those guys that you know i would imagine drinks a lotta monster drinks and had glasses on.

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The back of his head was showing his muscles and we were laughing. it says in big quotes underneath. I play bongos. He was asking to be left. Okay he was asking for it. But you know what happened two days after. We're making them what he reached out to you. I was doing recording. And i realized that i needed bongos my lost my bongos. I couldn't and i couldn't find him anywhere. And i really needed drums on the song that were like live and i was looking everywhere and i started to get really pissed and thought someone's stolen and then even called angelos we angeles singer fishbone even over knows i. Did you take my bongos. And angela accused. Poor sweet angelo we. We're having work done on your house. Easter thinking maybe and it was terrible and secretly behind a curtain yet. Chris chris martin. I call them chris martin or like this is a husband of a friend jennifer mark and yeah so then i realized and then i go it all clicked in. If you like an epiphany moment like a moment where you believe in god or was like this is because we made fun of the guy who played bongo. Bongo irony behind the curtain to teach. You might accused everyone. Don't make fun of people who play bongos ladies. Data serve well now. Did you lose your sunglasses. And did you find them on the back of your head. Because then i would believe in god. Oh my gosh all right so here we go you let match go or you hinge. Go but you hung onto match for a while because i saw the guy from group therapy. That was the moral. Of is that i i was just thinking i go whip it. You know you have to sit down with these people. My theory is that you meet these people and you sit down and everybody's putting on their best selves. You know who they are in the thing was. I know all about this guy from that group therapy but the way that someone presents himself. They look so real. Life is crossing over into online dating life. In you know too much well they know too much going to labor but you know any sort of twelve step anonymous program and then you meet people real life where see them online and or in my skews histories people who get divorced and then they pop up on dating sites and then yes so i get it. It's tough so when did you know. And i like the guy. Did you reach out and say here. No but i guess the point is. I know their inner worlds and another presentation world in that. Got me on that. Last weirdo person that i dated was like the whole presentation versus who they really are So then that on topic ovid on top of. I really don't have a whole lot of extra time to do that. If i'm gonna have extra time going to hang out with these guys because me know. I just think of it as like online shopping. It's so fun just to click around and two people and just see and it's like a big social experiment that you could. But i know it's your time and your effort aimed your heart. I know also were very different. Because you when i asked you i remember one time i broke up with a boyfriend or something and i was like. Just get a new one. It's like picking out a shirt pain it was like. Oh i think i was the rebound effect. Just have a fun little date which will get your mind off You can like you know and we're young and we're not getting any younger so just go out with somebody and try to get your mind off. I don't do you think it's weird what i'm like. What do you really think about. tell me. honestly this'll be. I don't think it's weird at all. I think offer real joel honest us but yeah i wish for you to find just because i love you and you're my sister. I hope that someday you find a true love person. Who's a forever person. I really do. Because i think. It's pretty sweet magical. And even though there's bumps along the way and it is work and you do have to give up some stuff and there's pros and cons. The pros outweigh the cons. And i say that right. The pros outweigh the cons and So that's it so. I just secretly hope that you do find someone like that even though i know that i'm being silly when i pushed free to do that. And it's kind of basic to be like. I need a man and i'm not complete unless married and that's the only way to live life. I know there's a million other ways to live life. I get it i know but i guess i just know my experience. It's like If you saw someone just eating spinach for the rest of their lives thinking this is fine. I'm sustained everything's great and you're like yeah but there's this great stuff called ice cream.

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You should just try. It's wonderful in no and just like not when i get it wants it. No no it's not. I was gonna say you're eating. Spend the rest of your life because you're with one guy true it feels good and it's fun and you know all of it is true. I think that we are. I mean all the research and everything about how you were not supposed to be by yourself sewer social creatures all on that in the studies. Come up all the time like you live longer. If you have a partner and your heart is better you have less heart disease you could reverse aging if you're fucking but Yeah case studies does daddy. No it's great. It would be just got to be the right person. I'm not going to be with the kuku. I know and i get it and i met dave organically through friends. And we're friends. I and we played softball stuff before anything happens and we broke up. We dated other people that was more like foresee. Dedi meet up. Meet up date and none of those people worked and we got back together. And so i get it has to be right place right time but so i know but i asked you i said what would you do if you were in my shoes at one point. I think we were once again. You're pushing me as usual. And i was like okay. Well let me ask you what you. I'm just curious what you would do. If you were my in my exact same position and you were me. What would you do on your like. I would just get out there and just meet guys and treat it like. It's fun and going to have coffee dates in a free coffee out of it. Those assholes appeal to anything. That might take that it kidding. You know i was trying to appeal to anything for you like go. Get a free coffee. Maybe that'll work. Just kidding. just kidding i know you're kidding about that. But it was more that it sounds fun in late. And i don't know if i'm that fun and light i guess. Yeah it's everybody goes through differently and i see it as a huge job interviews like if i had to leave the house. Committee dress up have a. It's so sad. The way i think about it but also maybe i'm just not there right now and they can really just focused on other things. Yeah i got to get it. I i. i'm i like dressing up. I like going to the party. I'm a little more. The extrovert i guess in the picture and i see it as yay i get to meet someone new. This is exciting and it could lead so la in. I don't know so there's all these different things because previous life like before covid. I was working so much then. Once i got home i did not wanna leave again and it would be you know if it was just walking down the street. I could handle that much. Because i didn't want to get my car and didn't wanna feel like to go anywhere. This was your one mile radius dating. Do's utilize my one mile walk. Yeah my location scouting and you're working fourteen days and driving everywhere and you're fighting traffic and like all of it is madness and i don't i honestly don't think designed for it which is why i want to get out of this job but it's too crazy here with all the elements that you fight so once i got home i was like i'm not. I don't want to drive anywhere if i'm not getting paid for it. I'm not driving unless it was to escape to your house or a friend's house that was like getting out of rate the big soul medication feeling. I get it walking distance guys so is the bake shop guy who was rich on the streets. Even if you. I think i would have hung out yet at the coffee shop. Like twenty four seven and joined a little local club. Which you've done you've done stuff like that. So the potential is there. Just you know whatever hasn't happened yet or maybe won't and that's fine but yeah i love it your you had all your local dudes and you did and you did date and you did do online. Dating wasn't i've done before. That's why i'm saying. Yeah i did all of this but it was with a different mindset i did it in the mindset of just having fun in who cares and that's when i didn't make discerning decisions i would just like that cute. Let's try that. It was very shallow. That was a phase of being shallow. 'cause i come out of a big long tenure very deep lake. Let's make it work and be with this guy forever kind of thing and so it's all phases so now i'm at the school face.

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Yeah what about you you phase. what about me. I think you are perfect in every way. And you don't need to change anything and thanks although i will say the kids and i are always plotting and we often see guys on tv and so we think that you should be with Adam sandler guy. Jed appetite guy Who are some of the others. Jason segel guy Will farrell guy. It's funny 'cause. I just saw jason's not just but couple of years ago. He was in the neighborhood almost went up and talked to him. Because i worked with him on the muppets. When i get and i didn't i do. Maybe you need a shyness class. I think you're actually shy. It's a weird. But it's i shy kinda really. Maybe you don't go up and talk to people. And i don't know if it's out of fear for being judged like a. It's not cool that just go up and talk to people or if it's like you really shy. Well you're worried they'd reject you or i don't know what is it. Do you think you're shy. I was like he's a famous person and we also work together. So i didn't know i should be more outgoing. Your worker. you're you're a pure. I know i know in. Oh and crew like caste system. Is that a thing. I always have steph in my brain about power dynamics. Probably i can see hollywood sometimes. I've always had that. I always feel like. I'm not a nobody wants me at the party. And i don't think so at all and your frigging talented. But then you're always like no. I don't know people aren't gonna think that like god get it out there. It's so good whatever. The project is so. Do you have that insecurity at all. I did when i was doing science. I it wasn't my true love. Even though i did it for seven eight years whatever i would have to present my experiments and all the stuff and stand in a room of other scientists judging my work and putting my results and talking about it what my theories were on it and it was so scary and that was the one time i was like i hate this. Everyone's smarter than me in the room. I don't know what i'm talking about. I don't belong here. This is the one i need to do. So that i guess you get over it. No i switched. I became a graphic designer in science. And then i'm like. Oh now i can now. I do know. I'm the expert here. And i can do all this stuff. And so what okay. So that's why. I think that's a lot of so like in the guide department and in the work department I kind of think if you're not lined up with something that feels like i don't know if i was lined up with guys who were super Shouldn't say that because some of them in the case and the case of a couple like if you're not lined up with someone who is supportive and doesn't have issues like jealousy or power struggles with you or if you just have guys comfortable with himself and totally loves you and super supportive. And then you don't have a lot of the issues waiting and whatever if you're in a job that you really do love and you're not you're lined up with thing networks than it should just you naturally have confidence in it in. Don't question it and enjoy it and then you know it's right probably yeah. I thought about that with acting. I was always trying to push myself to do acting because it felt like it had all the elements of the things. I wanted in the way of like. Well you get to learn about yourself and your feelings and you get to study other people's so it's all the stuff. I love character development and studying people and facing your fears like going up on stage is a fear. So you're facing it. And you're jumping in it in your. I'm sure yeah the perception of like fun. The coverage fund. Those people are having to stand around and have fun. Yeah instead of fly over the world and you're gonna get to you know do all those things that i love travel and meet new cultures and people and all of its great and but then when i really thought of it the reality of what it is. It's that it's a ton of auditions as a ton of rejection. It's a ton of getting in the car. Driving around in la looking hate it so much coming back to that. Oh do you live there. I know i just i. So how do you live on a farm but still be close to a city. That's my whole goal in figure that out. Dannatt ask ellen. She did it. don't they. Have a big compound somewhere in the hills. You have to be a millionaire ellen degeneres. I'm not a fan.

00:35:03 - 00:40:02

You gave me all her socks and underwear. I still have them right here for our. We have to give them away. If any fans of allender out there We have says if you like. Ellen let us know because i met a lovely person. It was someone a coworker. Sister who works for ellen and she gave me all the swag that was like not perfect enough to make it on the shelf so we got them all and And i just don't like. I should not say this because i don't know the woman ray but there's something about it that i feel creepy about income. What is that you love her. No no i when she was first on the scene with her talk show. I'm like this is refreshing. Great and you know. Lgbtq rates and that's wonderful and. i don't know i'm indifferent to i. Don't have any thoughts or feelings about it. i would like to show taping. I thought back in the day that'd be fun. We'd signed up to try to go a couple of times but now why didn't us was before you're working there before but I don't know now. All i know is a trayful of socks and underwear from her which leaves so funny because we did. Something on this podcast. We tried to give him away. Like maybe a social media contest or something and we had a winner and so i contacted the winner and it was like this. I think it was like a girl in some island contributors. Yeah and she was like her. English was real off and on and she was so cute. She's like i would love ellen's underwear that would make my life complete. If i had elon's underwear please send me ellen's underwear so at first i'm like. Wow she's got a real big fan over here and then i'm thinking. Is this some weird thing where someone thinks. This is used underwear. I'll really wear these newer. And then lenders and i had to keep going back to new. I think she really is just a fan. And so then. I looked into shipping prices. And they didn't shift to this weird little island. It would have been like thirty dollars to send her ellen's underwear and i spent like hours during a figure this whole thing out with this person and i'm like what are we doing. I was looking at couriers to ship this on to like a little boat dove to all i finally had to rate. I'm like i'm so sorry. It's not going to work. So i still have those under our list. That would make her. Life can send it for thirty dollars. Wait. a minute was a nigerian print. Wonder getting myself into some weird financial scam. What's going to happen with a nurse address under your name on it. Oh no was it gonna start eating. I would have to send her my or next. I don't know. Oh god i don't know i don't know so many questions so got to weird okay. Denver she she. She's very black and white guys so we still have a lot of ellen things to giveaways ellen degeneres for some reason. I don't vibe with. I don't mean to knock your dreams if there's anyone out there too also wants her underwear okay in lots of different sizes can be able to make your life. Complete women's boy shorts there two x. L. we have women's boy shorts three xl. We have girls underwear size for. See how weird this sounds. We have more women's boy shorts three. Xl these were from a friend who worked there my friend while she was a co worker. That is a lovely person. Amanda and who. It's her sister who works for merchandise arcade. We have socks. We have boys. We have boxer briefs to xl these acute these. I've been tempted to keep. These are women's boy shorts in In a large they've got like a kink cammo print on the american. Oh those i feel like. I bought those for you guys. You're really because i. I thought you guys love ellen. So much at the warner brothers gift shop. They have much ellen cups. I like big money for these dumb socks and boxers. Ooh i ended up getting wanted to give them away. Not take them all right. I'll those them. the wake. pink cameras are off the market folks. kind of like you think i like ellen the same way that. My mother-in-law thinks that dave still loves pearl. Jim like he loved. He loved pearl jam in college as we all did and so she caught wind of that and so she would get approaching shirt and it was like. Wow thanks mom. Cool and then a pearl. Jam hat cool. Thanks mom will. Then the years go by and it's been many years since pearl. Jam was new on the scene and she twenty five years. Yeah and she loves She doesn't do this as much anymore. It's talked about ten years ago because he finally was like mom. She would go to thrift shop.

00:40:02 - 00:45:01

She loves going to consignment shops in thrift shops and finding treasures and sushi kept giving this berle stuff. She'd find albums and for years. He's like god. I'm not that big of a pearl jam fan. But i don't want to break her heart but finally came on. I just got to let you know. I don't live pearl jam as much so like our wolf shirts that we now. I know that was sweet. Dad was really into like nature and the discovery store and actually these are the hipster shirts that people were now but there were those really bad nineteen eighties like wolves howling and stuff like that. I know dune You know what do they call that from santa fe moon. Yeah the type of spray paint painting to or it's airbrush. Yeah like sparkley stars in the backbone and things like the tip now but back then it was ironically yes so now a roenick but we rejected his bid of it. We're we're opening gifts with him. Which is so sweet. Though you've found it and we have a new copied it for me. Thank you because that's one of our last kind of older memories teenage girls with our dad before he passed away. We put it in this christmas. Yeah sorry go ahead because you going to tell the story but poor Was kinda weird. Because then danny walked in just sitting there and he was so sweet about it. He was key realize dad was funny dude and he's lafayette to her current wife's ex husband who has now passed on on video but it was. He was very good about it even if he was uncomfortable. Yes yes. Dad gave us each a wolf shirt from the discovery store. In for whatever reason i felt emboldened to be like thank you dad. But i don't really like wolves i probably won't wear this show give to you to take it back or and then you were like yeah. I don't like wolves either. People who pack shirts terrorists just asphalt. Kids soci- dead and he was like okay. He was laughing about though he was like. Oh tell me how you really feel like you. Don't either alright. Great and then. I think he gave us like nature. Sounds cds to go to sleep too. Isn't he liked which is totally relate. Because i would do that to you guys. I was always buying you just movies every year. Because that's all because. I didn't know what anybody really liked. And that's all i knew people like movies like me always get you. Dvd's every year. that's fine. no. I didn't realize i think i thought they were like music and movies. Because that's all i knew that's good people like hey can't go wrong with that. I like that. Yeah wolves wool shirts. Maybe we should do some mouse a win wolf shirts in the in memoriam of dad. That'd be yeah let's do it. Wasn't that sweet. Nice to see dead and we were having such Sometimes i remember bad memories more than good the traumatic more than the happy. And so it's always good to have archived tabby. Because i'm like. Oh yeah we did have happiness to and i just. My brain does that and i hate that. That's the case but all onto things. That are crazy. Isn't that a normal brain thing to remember trauma like down to every detail and then you kind of forget you're fine. Do you have any trauma memories. Nope let's not talk about happy. It's like picking out a shirt. Happy happy abby. No of course there was always good in bed reminds me of a song was coming. Yeah i did. I can read your mind. All right to be predictable. We but i think mostly happy for me. But that's just how. I think i don't know my memories are are weird too. But that's okay. It's all good works out in the end. Okay what we let me ask you this. Do you think happiness is a choice. I don't know wait do i. I don't know. I think it's natural it. Just kinda is that way. I don't know well. Okay what do you think so. When people are generally happy. I would say you and mom are generally happy right. I yeah it's not put on it's kinda phenomenon is i have studied this for years and they wake up and they are generally happy about life. It's i wake up. And i'm like all right new day. Cool okay. what can across off my list of things to do. It's going to be productive day. It's great right whether it's people that are like i don't understand that what do you say. Do you think that people's brains are just different. Yes that some escort more tone in than other squirt. You like that word for word.

00:45:02 - 00:49:57

I knew you'd get chuckles. Dumb jokes and dad jokes. Oh happy yeah it. I wish i could relate more. And i do try to. I don't wanna be like stupid pollyanna like everybody want to gag themselves. But i don't know. I can't help it. I'm always since the beginning of time you've been generally happy. I think so. Yeah unless something really bad happened unless there's like a break up and you wake up happy and then you go. Oh yeah that sucks and then you know but those doldrums are few and far between. But then i know depressions real thing. I know like postpartum depressions real thing. And i don't want to minimize that at all because it's just interesting 'cause well happy. People say that they have to quit. Go but i know that it's real. It's out there which is cool. Seattle even have to say that it could just say okay understand completely. It's it's it's interesting. I think you're great. And i think that all he's having you must really is like mass now. I know i think it's great. I think that you can't be around all the time. You're probably just like oh enough. I just can't no great. I think no it's joel Your world is better. Maybe because it's happier all the time. I think everyone should hang out with you. You should invite a bunch of depressed people over and let them hang out with you for few months in in your house. You know what this reminds me we are going to do. It may have already happened at this point. I don't know when we're gonna put this out cut that never mind. Hey i do want to just say that. I think you're great in. I love you things. You are perfect. Just the way you are like mr rogers said you can sit there and your towel and your naked underneath with stringy hair and zig on your forehead in your perfect just the way you are. Yeah perfect just the way. You are. Remember having his it. I remember sitting in a towel naked on the floor watching Mister rogers didn't have as it yet But he said you're perfect just the way you are and i thought he was kinda pervy. Thought i could see me through the tv when he was talking to me. Is it true story us when we lived there. I remember sitting in front of those under the stairs. So you had to be sitting down those crisscrossed with a little worried. You think he was perfect i did. I thought he is seeing me. I really thought maybe people could see through the tv. One of our patrons is maybe we should interview her. She is Mister rogers second cousin. Her mom how cousins with him. Yeah we love mr rodriguez so mexico's but it'd be nice to hear more stories. Just love confirm with tv clervoy. Vp ker just kidding. How could you talk about that way. Weans wrong of Said all right. let's cute. oh yes what. You are perfect justly. Thanks goodbye oh oh crown could by crowds. Thank you listeners. Thank you patrons. Thank you pass. Guess in we're so glad we're here and we love you and appreciate you very much then identified. Listen while you're driving thank you for subscribing nelson windsor. Threaten your help. While you're glading you'll be malsin weenie. Thank you. hi i'm austin rude. And i'm phil route and we host the picture. Show with austin and phil. Rude clever name. Each week we watch a movie and bring our discussion to the mites. You can hear my opinions and austin's wrong opinions about everything we watch no your the wrong one. Get out the picture. Show with austin and phil rude download wherever you get your podcasts. This was a podcast of the projects network. You can check out more shows like it at politics network dot com.