Feb. 10, 2021

E103 - Mental Health Checkup and Wrestling

With the stress of being a busy mom of three, and the isolation of living solo especially during shutdown, we talk quite a bit about our anxiety and depression. This is a re-airing of a livestream event hosted by the Victims & Villains podcast.

E103 – With the stress of being a busy mom of three, and the isolation of living solo especially during shutdown, we talk quite a bit about our anxiety and depression. This is a re-airing of a livestream event hosted by the Victims & Villains podcast. We were honored to be given an hour during the 24hr awareness-athon during which we talked about mental health, parenting, genetics, lifestyle, and what has worked for us to get through tough times. We go over antidepressant medication and anxiety-reducing tactics, talk about suicide trends, fatigue, and finding purpose. In this episode, we also laugh a lot (Weens falls off her chair right off the bat!), we talk a bit about Glow, Marc Maron, Love Fraud, and trivia questions (email your answers to win swag!).The stories continue with nose and boobie punching, women’s football team tryouts, Survivor auditions, stunt driving school, and starring in the Sega Fighting Vipers video game. Why does the pierced nose logo look so familiar?! And the fun highlight – we watch our avatar selves wrestle other podcasting women in the Cretin’s Guild Championship Tournament via their WWE 2K19 video game! How far does Mouse make it in the rounds? How about Weens? Do we get crowned Champion? How ’bout those outfits? For visuals, watch on our YouTube channel or the original on Cretin’s Guild YouTube. Thank you to Victims & Villains for hosting, to our listeners, to our amazing patrons that keep us afloat, and to our wonderful community of podpals. We love you.

CALL US IF YOU NEED A FRIEND TO TALK TO (858) 206-8746 and to hear that YOU ARE LOVED. And keep the resources SUICIDE LIFELINE (800) 273-8255 and CRISIS TEXT LINE 741-741 at hand for professional help. Getting the proper psychological and medical care is a priority because YOU MATTER.

Host: Victims & Villains
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Mental Health Checkup and Wrestling

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Hello this is Joelle from the Mouse and Weens podcast. I'm Mouse. We are doing a special re-release of a livestream from the Victims & Villains podcast for their Awareness-athon. That was a couple of weeks ago but it was a fun talk we wanted you guys to hear it. You can also watch this on YouTube posted on our YouTube channel. We had a huge audio mishap in the beginning that I ended up remixing into a song. But you do have to see the video for this because. It was hilarious. Julianne fell off her chair. Just be sure to go to YouTube after you listen to this here, okay? All right. Here we go.

Is that any better? Hey everybody! Let's try that again. I'm Mouse. I'm Joelle. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. I'm Weens and I'm also in San Diego right now. I'm normally up in LA in the film business but we're here instead. And I just fell off a chair. I hope no one saw that. I think you did it gracefully. You just fell backwards. She's wearing a fur coat folks. This is the fur coat. That is my sister's closet. Sometimes it gets chilly back here in our recording room. She also has a Larry King trenchcoat. I know! Larry King. See here's the trenchcoat. This is what normally comes out when we're recording and it's cold. He passed away today. So I've done that with glasses on and and I got called Larry King so. But here we are. This is great.

Okay so what's happening? Let's talk about stuff. All right so you wanna tell me about I guess mental health? How are you doing in these covid days? You're pretty okay. I'm doing okay. I'm really busy. I have three kids so they keep me running around. And I'm... I don't know Life is businesses usual kind of. I guess it means I'm an introvert.

Oh no! Sorry to cut you off, but Phil Rood just saw me drop out of frame. He was on! Oh Phil, don't hold it against me. Oh it happens all the time. It's okay. She's our slapstick comedy part of the family. That was so... I was saying... I even came in and go, "I'm going to wear your graceful coat." I wanted to look like, sort of like Lady Gaga. I put it on. Look at this. And I was going to be really graceful and I said I might even carry myself like this and go, "Oh interesting. Interesting question. And what happened?" It doesn't work. never read. We're talking about cohen. And we're glad you guys are here to because being introverted has its benefits. I realized like you can really hunker down and get stuff done and fun with friends and zoom and stuff like this. I don't know if we would have ever figured out how to do this. So cool. and then We've got our good pals at Victims and Villains. I know this we were able to do an episode with them. So thank you josh for hosting if you want to go back to their catalog look up the movie Rebecca and we did a review of that with them which was really fun and it was. It's good to be part of the podcast community. I have to say this is like the best. I dunno hobby job. Whatever we want to call it to have during covid because it's very busy very busy. My sister's been very stressed out now. She has a nice life. she's been doing okay in this covid time but She's been very stressed about all this podcasting. Now you guys. This is serious work. it's the lie you know. I've turned into audio file. I've noticed like good sound versus bad sound and I wanna make it good now like before we were just there a phone out in record and now like i take time. I've learned how to edit and all that near busy with school so you aren't doing as much editing anymore. So little more has fallen on the Mouse's lap. It's okay it's okay. I like it. It's it's pushing me to balance family and podcasting so good I I'm doing okay. But yeah I do wonder if I should hire an editor here and there if I should get someone to do social media. I'm trying to talk my sixteen year old into getting interested in this but he thinks that mom is a dork.

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I don't know why says unfairly. Hey look; ladygreenthumbsboss. I can barely read. Oh my god. I know. We can get out our glasses. I have extra reading blanket. Don't it doesn't work for me. You guys are also young. All your whole twitchy kids out there. But they know Pink Floyd. Because I saw something about Pink Floyd so you guys are cool. That's so there you go. How's my mental health. You ask yes not as good. I was getting their tummy about covid times for your house your mental health. I think it's starting to slip folks. It's officially starting to go south. Now explain your situation for those. That don't know us your up in la. I'm up in la. But I live by myself. She if you want. It's been lonely lately now where it's so covidy where we are so much. So everybody's super lockdown and they're telling you not to do anything so even morning hikes with my few friends even the world save. They're telling us. Just stay home and trying to do the right thing. But then you start to go a little wacky. My cat can only talk so much until her voice gets hoarse. She's got a whiskey voice. She meows and goes 'rowr'. Sounds like 'Bette Davis Eyes.' So so. Yeah I mean at some point. I don't know if anyone else out their lives by themselves and as in super lockdown right now. But I don't know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. This is the nice thing vaccine. Certain a rollout. We are somewhere in the line to get them being somewhat related to the healthcare field. I used mouthwash. Can you tell visit. Okay she has a rotting tooth. It's not i just went to. The dentist was going good so hopefully once the vaccine. Start getting into people than we can start of things up right. Yeah oh phil says. He couldn't hike at the beginning of coat. See it takes away some to not be able to go into nature. I think that is the biggest cure. i do. think you a rhyme have time Yeah my kids. I think are really suffering from not having exercise or p. e. or going out as much and seeing friends i mean it's they really have leaned into this whole video game world hardcore and tv and movies and they're turning white. They're getting pasty and basement. Trolley no-fence tony. Basement trolls out there as a mom. It's kind of like. I have to force my kids to go outside and get sunshine vitamin d. Do you guys related at the vitamin d. Because i went night my face in the sun and he said oh this is it really does lift the spirits for ten minutes of that but then you think about this adds up and in really snowy areas right now in seattle washington fails of those light. Therapy things are going right now. The high spectrum ultra spectrum light said. Think erect sit erect. It's always awkward word to throw out there so quickly. Yeah okay. I want to read some of these two so indeed. A lot of work Yeah so you guys relate to that. It's I think going to be great. The schools are starting to open up here in san diego in a couple of weeks in the kids back at first i was like. Let's just wait it out. Let's stay home. Be virtual but now. I'm kinda seeing how introverted my kids are turning in like not having interest in anything anymore. My socks Yeah my soccer kids used to be all about you. His buddies and soccer going out and running around and now he's just like on. The couch with human beings need interaction. I thought i was way more of an introvert than i actually am. Because i said oh i have all this free time. I'm going to write off. I'm going to finally finish some of my projects. And then i realized just too much alone time. You need people. I think to to feed off the energy. It's very nice to be here with the right now and with you right now. She has amazing breath. Guys would have no idea beautiful lititz well so part of the reason we did this. Podcast is to provide that feeling of friendship for people we wanted. Just people to talk and be in your ears. That's kind of why. I got into podcasting. Because when i was a new mom and i didn't know anybody in this town i Found podcasts. And i really got interested in people's life stories and the almost became like my friends know weird way and i love that feeling of connection. Even if it's audio. But so. I like the at least with the podcast. We can kind of provide that for you. Hey and call us guys. We have a phone number two and you can leave voicemails get up.

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It actually rings on my Oh this is exciting. Yeah why do you want the phone numbers. We type it in here. Tape it in the chat and then our good friend so you guys six. I love this for. We're friends in your ears as you said thank you. We love you guys thanks. It's we really do want to be a resource for people so if anyone does want to ever reach out to us and just have a friend talk to we We left that. You know what's interesting. I just read a little bit. Can i talk about suicide. Ooh sorry guys. But i read a little and it was japan at the start of covid just wondering because someone had posted a statistic that two hundred percent up suicide rates. But i don't think that that's it. Seemed to be a lot of inconclusive. Evidence except japan had a fourteen percent decline in suicide rates at the beginning of the pandemic from like march in four months and then during the second wave that hit japan it was up by sixteen percent or thirty four percents. I'm sorry something higher during the second wave and I think they said initially people were happy to not be working as much. There was not as they related to like no bullying in school and second wave people were injured exhausted and i feel like i talked to my therapist the other day said what is the general state of everybody that you're talking to. Because she sees her businesses you know many therapists right. Now are totally overwhelmed. By how many people are needing them and she said that the general state is just people are starting to get a little even with a little shred of hope with a lot of people who have are excited about biden etc. There's a little shred of hope but just the fatigue is major right now and you're a little more of a chipper person. in general. I tend to ride the line. So when it's so i'm dipping to. Yeah yeah we've we've talked about this a bit that you've had I am a little bit of the ups and downs in. Who knows if it's anything with a diagnosis. But it's it's yeah big ups and downs and maybe more so now. So i wish i had a little more moutainous seems kind of yeah see. They're saying look at everyone's saying exhausted. Yeah so yes yes yes. We're all feeling definitely it. Just yeah been too long. We have nothing to compare this to right. Yeah i guess mystery of our lives. What do we have. That has been so bizarre. I mean there's been other things in weird various. I know i'm thinking back to so we were born. I was born on speak for myself. Nineteen seventy two. And she's getting rid of the for folks hugging my shoulders and going through the scare of the russians. Right the whole. Uss are scared of. We talked about bomb shelters. We talked about. What if there was nuclear war. Where would we go. You know there was a bit of it. And i think our parents sheltered us from it so it wasn't like we got sheltered a lot. Yeah right yeah. So bomb sheltered and yeah. We did a fall of me. But i don't know and then it kind of went away in did that so it's not been another under your desk if you got hit. What are you gonna do under your desk if you get hit by a nuke right. Yeah i think we're going to go to the underground parking lot where there's lots of cement blocks. That was the big plan but reagan saved us. Remember his leg and don't get me started. What was the dire straits video with the reagan. Puppet head oh phil. Anyone fell into myself. Oh you guys. We just interviewed. Steve veroni the drummer for he was in dire straits or drummed with dire straits. He was the deer andrea and drummer for a couple of albums. he did. He's he was heartbreakers. He was a heartbreaker for twenty two years. So we filled common all lead paint in the schools genesis. Yeah and yeah. That was the reagan weird head. That was fascinating. When i was really strange. Yeah i think mouths open to big whenever you see a puppet who was like distended. It's always like kind of odd saw but anyway the what was my point. Where was i going with a center. Now steve running. So we're at the final stages of editing matt and we'll get that episode out Hopefully tomorrow i think so. So is my sister's questioned by the way. Can i tell you that. I research and i did. I wrote a lot of questions. And then he shared them with you in one of your questions which was not a question was your name.

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Rhymes with beef aronie. I was on the phone and my husband. And i said yeah. We're interviewing steve. Veroni and was like what i were interviewing st for oni. And he goes. You're interviewing beef aronie. That's working well. There's a backstory folks. And then it gave me be i so i went to albertsons and i bought some for owning cans so now if you see okay. I saw it in there. I got inspired. I remembered all the chef. Boyardee raviolis is that the now we saw. No one likes it like okay just getting you might like yes. This is true. Begetting goes so the corn syrup in tomatoes flushed. But we did not bring up the beef. Only to steve no good. I'm very glad about. He played with two of the four beatles on one stage. Has that for pretty legendary and aaron. Hatton i'm going to keep going with this. I should you really you really should. And yes. He wasn't incredible drummer. yes. He was on stage with. Eric clapton at the unplugged mtv album. The retires from heaven right. here's from heaven. That was the big where his son fell. I didn't realize adds the stuff that keeps me up at night. You know. I wanna do. I wanna see if this will work you guys. I'm going to try something. Bear with us weans. Maybe you can fill us in with a little story. stream-of-consciousness story. I'm going to try to bring up our lives in either razali together wrestling. We're gonna look. Oh yeah we're gonna look for disney else know about this. You guys are probably part of it. It's all female podcasters wrestling match our good friend skippy skippy skipper. Bob of credence. Guilt are avatar. Of creedence gil. There they are. They're watching it right now. My gosh yes. Is there a way to show. The i'm gonna try to do. This guys. today was a massive learning experience for me to figure out how to do twitch. So let's see if i can do this. This is once again. Incredible to okay. So let's do a guild. These guys are cool. Yeah so creedence gold. They are with us there. another podcast. and they are part of the knicks. now fix network. They do lots of video gaming they love disneyland. Disney stuff and they're cool doesn't love disneyland not like disney get it. Some people are like oh our corporate disney or. Hey secretly did didn't do it. I think so all right so this might be hard to see. I mean they're right. Now you are. Yes joe l. I'm going to bring the mouse. And you know wet skipper bob. Who's on the bottom left. He was really excited about your suit. He really liked it all right so ooh i'm getting really beat up joe. I'm in the yellow and black. Oh no okay. Where am i how come i'm not helping you. Let's see you. Are you blue hair somewhere. Okay come on just get up. Mouse got smacked in the face. No these are all podcasters. You guys are other female podcasters. And i think some gamers and stuff like that and it's just this huge everybody in the ring and see who comes out on top. It's a championship. And i wish i could hear them. You just stepped on someone's face. Yeah this is not. I remember this because one time my sister. This is what happened when you were doing homework with your friend. And i wanted to come in and play my operation ivy album guys. Remember that bandit all anybody off by they turned into rancid right there kind. Yeah the guitar sheets strong and then pick up. My sister did not want me to play any music and punch me in the nose and pushed me out of the house and locked the door and my nose is bleeding. She is abusive. Ladies and gentlemen i. It was time in life when i was just very frustrated with me. You going through your thirteen-year-old nece and you thought me in the nose direct. I know well i've never had such. I'm very sorry i don't know. I think we have a little bit of a lag here. I don't know what we're seeing live or not want to see if there's any comments at say can you see it. Yeah here we are. Oh okay i'm hanging out on the on the ropes here. I don't know you know what weans. I had a funny memory the other day. Do you remember when we were looking at the san diego women's football league that had just started no and we decide. Oh i just knock someone out of it. Go don't get her pumped up she'll punch your nose. Pull out your hair.

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I'm really sorry about that. Thank you we've gone through this like three or four times. And i think i've apologized each time. Maybe not shaking. Oh we're shaking shaking. Thank you We were going to tryout for women's football. You don't remember driving down by san diego state and we went to the field aware am i fell out of the ring she does. That mean. i'm out or can climb back in. Oh wrestlers this anyone see this. I wonder yeah yeah. This is what they're seeing. It's on yeah. I'm just milling around my yellow suit. Said boots for you guys and everything. She really got excited about her. Let's talk about your stiletto heel excited to dress up. I'm sorry continuing. I just wanted to say that we went down to the field in. We had our timing off in. We missed the try outs. Oh this is our survivor. Yeah and all the sleds were still light up. Lay out on the field and they had equipment out but everybody was gone and so we did a big u turn in the parking lot and we drove off and our lives could have been so different. What if we had tried out for women. We were gonna do it. We're all geared up in. How old were we remember. This is under. Remember these memories. this is during the nerkin days so okay yeah this is also where my sister made us do a tape about how we wanted to be on the show survivor. Yes and she did. She peeled out energy. And i was in a black jeep. Wrangler soft and worked The biotech company that had a big gravel field and We had to show cool. We were and how adventurous we were in that. We could do it on survivor and they had never had sisters before. So that was our angle so we were these superstar sister's doing all these dumps stunts were climbing trees and jumping over fences ridiculous and i tried to do like a doughnut in the parking lot with my jeep and i just looked like a dorky. Mom drives circle to do it. How do you guys you know. I almost signed up recently. But i've decided not to but on the last hit show the rookie. There was the stunt coordinator. He gave me a tip on the best school to learn how to do stunt driving in looked into it his name was rick seaman's driving school right and you've talked about this on past episode. Oh it was so exciting looking because you learned how to drive backwards at high speed you learn. They put the fbi. Trains you to You guys you put on certain. They're called sliders. So you know how to squeal and chase after someone and you learn how to go with the slide in so you got to do high speed. Oh it still sounds so fun doing that. It would be fun. I don't know if you don't wanna kill yourself by car this point. Yeah you made it this far from make it through all this i would. Yeah i would worry. I mean you would be like another child that i worry about. This is the thing about turning into a mom. You just worry. Twenty four seven and But you also have dreams about me showing weird videos kids or something you wake up in. What is that about. Let's talk about that all right if i could be. Diagnosed with mental illness would probably be anxiety disorder. Right would you say. I'm i'm bordering on anxious but kinda keep it at bay until i go to sleep and that's when my thoughts start racing and it's just like what. Am i going to do tomorrow. How am i going to deal with this. And then gil like oh. I should've played with my kids more. And i let them watch too much tv. And then i go to bed. And then my dreams kind of manifest with that too because it turns into Monsters are getting them. Or i leave the baby seat on top of the car and i drive often. I forget about them or lately. It's been the julianne over here is going yeah here. Try these cigarettes. No big deal and everything. Come friday some deep seated stuff. Let's talk about her mental illness right now. You okay look. We have around one winner. It was the girl with the great abs. Oh i believe it's from disney podcast really. I looked at everybody If you go you guys if you wanna see this off to the side or whatever go to the cretans guild youtube channel and there's a hype video and you can watch the video and it shows you which wrestler is from which podcast so Yeah so cool. Figure that out to the. I'd love this try. These cigarettes fill rude see. Let's talk about cigarettes. Have you ever smoked before. Have we ever talked about this sir. Mother listening guys now on the blue haired one in the front row.

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Yeah look white. Lips look at the big letter e. also put away all white streaks down my face i wanted to be exotic streaks. No one could say it man. I can't see you to zoom in mckinney. sat leland close okay. But you put white streaks on right now. Oh kency's like warpaint but white. Hey i don't smoke cigarettes and Look at paul. George came on look at this whole crew all right. Something's happening here. We don't hear the audio but okay round too. I think this is year round wings. I saw the blue haircut. I think you're in cigarettes out on people all right. Tell me about cigarettes. No i don't mean to know about that. You have a secret. Fear that i'm going to hurt your kids out of irresponsibility. A maybe deep down you do. Maybe this is interesting. Look i wonder. Don't you think that might be where it comes from. Well yeah but. I wonder why you have that feeling now after all these years. But you have proven myself. I know how much you love the kids but there. I guess you're the you're my my other half year my cool aunt side mike when i just fell off the chair when i want to be cool and like you know you're the call you know but with the cool aunt comes a little bit of the can. Try your first beer with me now. I would never. I would never her not with those kids secrets. You don't have to kinda like aunt. Julia was with you. Know this a safe respite for the kids. Which is healthy. I like that they have that with you. You're like a more of a peer But i guess maybe deep down. It's like ooh is she going to teach them bad things or i don't i don't think logically the show deep-seated unconscious stuff maybe. Okay we you know with them. Never never do bad things with those kids know. I'm against it all okay. I can't your healthy. You're over here than i am. So oh my goodness well look at this. I love these outfits. See this girl's mickey mouse head. I think she's another disney broadcaster. Really yeah i want to go back and look at all this. I think they'll keep it up as a video so now did anybody out there. See glow which is i love so much and did anyone get into marc maron. Merck marin if you guys are podcasters everybody knows look at every parent is afraid of their kids so many kids that two scenarios that could play out. So you're not allowed movie shows. I think the dialog is amazing it was just such a great character ensemble frigging love it and in fact they were filming their third season. Am i wrong was four season. Maybe we need to tell people that you work in the movie. Business movie and tv. Yes so she knows a lot of the inside scoop here folks that we were at a studio down the street from my house and i saw that the globe production offices were there and i walked in and they were starting to get ready for their next season. They had just built the whole wrestling ring in the studio right next door. I was so excited. I tried to talk to whoever i could talk to you. They were just setting up so they were super pre-production mode but all for not they had to stop so. I don't know what's going to happen. Hey weans yeah. Do you know about dream dinners. Oh tell me yes. This is my favorite thing to do for dinner. I approached them. Because i said i talk about you guys all the time anyway. So let's make this a business arrangement. I would like to talk about you more. Ooh i've been using them since two thousand seventeen and i love them. You have had many their meals. What do you think well. I do know that it comes all prepared. Which i love that idea. So how does that work. It comes in a bag and he put it in the freezer so stays fresh. Don't even have to worry about it rotting in your fridge. Which so many people do with other companies you freeze it. Yes you take it out. You cook it so easy. It's the easiest thing and it's good fresh food that has been chopped for you. they're doing all the packaging. Usually you'd go in and package it up once a month which is really fun. It's like standing at salad burden filling up all your bags. But they do it for you. They are offering us and our listeners. Within the area free delivery if you live within twenty five miles of the power store or the san marcus store and twenty percent off if you use the code mouse in weans twenty you guys. It's the best life hack. It will save you hours cooking but it also tastes delicious. It's like gourmet it.

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Really is all the sauces. I would never think to put some of these sauces together. It's takes twenty thirty minutes on average and it really is a great way to bring your family together of their mottos family dinnertime. Let's get back to that. Everybody in this does a great way to do not have to cook a huge dinner every night. it's so great that tees gourmet. That's what i loved about it. Yeah i know. And they're really healthy. You can modify whatever your family likes. Doesn't like has allergies to real easy to do swaps. No i love it. It takes only twenty to thirty minutes on average to make dinner and it comes out so nice and the kids can help and dave can get into. I often will leave a bag out for him and he will have. Dinner served and everyone is very proud of themselves. It's great it really is great. So dream dinners dot com to choose your location. And if you are in san diego near highway or san marcos enter mouse in winds twenty in yoga. A discount as well. I don't know what's going to happen you are. There's we get that arm up. You guys run you guys. Look at those. I chose some nice ham. hawks look at. I chose one knee ban. Now skipper bob my good friend over there. Who's in the corner. I wanted to be offset if you notice. I have one patch here and then when the patch ooh go we'd go get excited. Did you shave your armpits today. That's what i would like to know. Well they look a little. My avatar about yeah. I'll bet you let them go for few days. Maybe a week just to scare people a little bit. I did that once. Member my experiment. Yeah i wanted to see what it was like to grow. All the hair wigs in the she did this in. I was probably a senior in your freshmen. In highschool probably and i remember being at the dinner table. The family dinner table and she was going through her hippie phase and she's wearing a tank top or something and she leaned across the table to get. The joel screamed the salt and pepper. And there was. She's still get so. It was an experiment. But i was like i made a big scene. And how did you react to remember. That was dramatic for you or no. I just didn't know what it would be so traumatic for you. I just thought you there was a scene in what was it. Kramer versus kramer babysitter. Put her arms up and drew barrymore's like or it might have been et. What was the. Maybe phil would know to look it. Okay they love glow that's awesome. Yeah glow was a fantastic I need to watch this then. I need to get into. We gotta get into it. I watched the first two or three episodes when they first started going on the road and they stayed at some motel. And there's like a pool scene. I just remember. Marc maron laying on a on a pool bench and thinking. I wonder if he was embarrassed to get into a bathing suit. Or if is in shape or if he got like if he worked out see him jogging. He lives in highland parts. Yeah in that the police where they shop that we've shot there before it's Called the pink college well and it looks pretty much like it did in the show and there's a lot of famous music videos done at that pool that it skateboard videos. But it's in so many movies. I just saw it with shiloh booths film where he in his father was a honey boy so it was in that and that same pool. Okay down and think it's fan is or something little outside of burbank. So is it. Is your film crews to go away from the main scene like hollywood know that like is it cheaper to go outside of the area. It's hollywood bizet. Just yes i mean. Overall it depends but there are iconic if you want an iconic hollywood place like the chateau miramonte or you know they charge a fortune and but overall hollywood experience is that it is always crowded part. Find parking in busy so you want to but you know you should there. You figure it out and everything's film friendly. They're just really expensive. But once you get out outside a little bit then you have bigger streets and so it's And you were saying with kovic to that. The city is really pushing to get the film industry back up and running because they make a lot of their money from the permits and and the whole industry right that the unions are trying to shut it down because it's not safe like sag screen actors guild and the icees and who else was it are trying to stop and say stop making us work. We don't want to and people are getting sick. I haven't gone back.

00:35:01 - 00:40:00

I have got got another call today. What was that for the rugrats. Does he know it was It's a alvin. And the chipmunks live action with andy sandberg and john mullany in john malini and mike me. I echo joe should. I tried to finish school or they go back to work. I just said that. And then i get that job call and she was like go meet. Andy sandberg about our podcast. Go tell them about massive. We great mom instinct to finish school. Finish school god. Oh look at. Its bubis at new ways perper. Thank you kelly. She was talking behind the scenes today. Because kelly had i think one of the first thoughts this morning doing the livestream how we had to call her right to sa. This was not easy to set up. I know we live but it was still difficult. It hurt our old brains to get all this figured out but we did. We did look at this crazy girl on the screen of that. She's like the undertaker. Yeah and how does the program no because all you do is pick out your outfits and then the program. This is wwe raw raw. It's the video game knows what moves to give you kind of creates a character for you depending on what you choose so maybe the long black leather trench coat. Someone got spooky. Her except with the word trench. I do do yeah. I wonder if i should wear this trench coat. In honor of larry king i would. I don't wanna show my armpits. Now you've got me self conscious. I'm gonna reach for it. Oh boy oh she's gonna fall over again folks. This is a big big move in honor of larry. Will you do it. I'm really high sweater on boy. Okay wait let me get. My little look at that lady has flames. This is well right now. What is something. That i would recommend a cool little docu series that i just saw called love fraud. Has anyone seen that in. It's about this at dirtbag. Male is a con man. He cons women out of money. Not even that much money but what happens in the docu series. They find a bounty hunter. These women aren't gonna take it anymore and this is a true story. It's a real. I think it's four part. Maybe five part series on showtime love love fraud. And it's about this guy richard. I wish i knew his name because he's still out there doing it. I don't wanna give it away. But you basically are following the trying and he's suspended leafs follow him and basically hire a team to go. Check this guy down. So you're seeing it in real time the injustice. That's so crazy and so this is like a dirty john. Yeah we love these stories because the justice part of it that's the thing we gotta catch these creepy dudes and put them in a sweet women who are like. I want to be in love know. We talked about this a lot. If anyone's interested in this Go back joel's hannaford fills reading remind we did an interview with gills hannaford and she wrote a book and did a podcast about it fully twice where she did some online dating and and this guy completely a destroyed her. You have to. You have to listen. Because i don't want to give it away but Yeah very interesting. Okay weans we are watching you. You're now in the ring i am. Yeah there's eight of you in there. Looks like really. You're picking up somebody in black slander. That might even the disney. I called the knee crunch. Is that it i. I don't know anything about rush. No this is called. Tickle my finger you. You flipped her. You're back. you're standing. Has christmas colors. I think you're going to I think you're gonna win. This kings twinkie. Did a guess twinkie punched preferably by you you know. Can i talk about you. Used to punch me in the movies when they're just starting to grow and it hurt like a mother you know because the little nerve endings were all tissue. Did not like him. Yeah you punched me there and you knew jealous would aim for him and i had one bigger than the other so it was like a little little bag punching bags pooh-poohed i was so sad hurt and i'm sorry do why. Why are you going for in. Got someone in the corner. Look at that. Oh you're lifting. The girl in the blue vest i saw someone just hit me though. I should have studied my characters better. I don't know who they said.

00:40:00 - 00:45:04

They're gonna george foreman me but that is a guy who was luxury. I'm imagining the air. Fire grill the grill. He's gonna turn me into rescue. What's that pressed one. Tam wrist weiner baguette Tell everybody why. You're named manet binney. What's the frequency in which they pushed together. Oh what's guys. were you conscious here. Which is called the why lord help my brain. This is also what's happening. I blame the disease of cova us. This is a lot like mommy brandini. Thank you for. Christ sakes excuse my friends. If anyone likes cray stay understand. Just tell you weans laid out. You're lying on your back. Like marc maron by the pool. Okay again. it's been a while that's funny. We were gonna tell the christmas one. Oh now that'll take a little spanking. No she has been long different to watch this. Gosh look at this okay. What does this. How how ho whole should we pose this tour our listeners. all right all right movie trivia time movie trivia. Who says how how how okay. Oh you just slammed the christmas. I'm sorry their christmas but not so. Sorry i'm going to punch your left boob. I hate what moves the other. I'll slam it. Took out of the ring that are in your arms are out. You're earning out this cocky and now the best is coming in. She got me okay. Set river will will look at the year. Oh i know that one do you. Okay all right there family favorites. You're laid out. Nice tweak shot you're right in the middle of the ring. I'll read you know you're away i'm coming back. Watch it folks. Would you ever russell if you had the opportunity. Yeah really now just blow. This reminds me about your commercial udon. Oh yeah i was gonna look it up folks sega video-game commercial i played the lead sega lady and i wore stiletto heels. I wore an outfit much like this lady. Which is me myself but And i had to jump around in a mosh pit as lead video game. It was called Fighting vapors remember that ninety s live or say about to throw this way is hanging onto the top rope. She's hanging on like pure tasting hoisting. Thank you is voice. She's up high turquoise she's got purple hair a blue vest. Oh she just whack. Oh no she whacked you right in the kisser. She is not coming to an all right. So inga video game. You're an actress. So i was the lead sega video game and i happened have a piercing at the time and i put a safety pin through which was my idea to one of those. Big safety pins like a big baby diaper. Like a baby diaper. I don't know why. I just was trying to be like extra punky because they wanted a punky character and then they ended up the avatar that goes. Sega has a safety pin and his nose. And that's what trend folks okay. It's down to you and blue vest. Blue jays roundhouse kicked you your allergy. Oh here we go you guys mind. We exciting means you're gonna win everybody. Vote for the we all right. She's pointing around. She's turning around. And you're putting your long armpits on the rope. Oh no mayor is the winner. You are done for weans. Congratulations close there. Oh look at the league pech. Meltsa means guys. Yeah man we both got knocked out around to get purple got it. It was all that smack talking. I was doing on social media through some some graphics up. sorry well we love other podcasters. So i'm happy if they if they win gusting gradually mel support each other's Well i'm wondering. Have you ever felt really disappointed like when you didn't where have you felt the most failure nearly life okay. Have you ever been suicidal. No i really haven't and But my heart goes out to people who felt that way. Because i can't imagine that that kind of lolo. But no. I haven't felt it. How about him. Have you had moments. Oh yeah really yeah. Yeah i think we have different brains. I think mine's squirts less juice squirts.

00:45:05 - 00:50:06

Serotonin now what do you think that attributed to that was it. High and low kind of thing is it seriously just chemical was a lifestyle. We talked about this a lot. Yeah and you said. And i've asked you. I said what is wrong. Why do we have different brains. How did we come from the same. Because you and mom are pretty like dip boo. All any checklist. I know no. It's good it doesn't make you. I hate my it off. When i i can see it from other people see that. I'm just pollyanna boobs being so pollyanna but it really is built in. I don't know. Yeah so i might be a little more on the house my breath. It's good really good My dad's side of the family. I think they have a little more of the addiction. Depression little more. Running in the vein. Would you say yeah. I think so. We have had some agoraphobia in the family on that side and some alcohol grandpa passed from things like that. So addictive behaviors and different Yeah permutations of mental illness pregnancy. And i've talked to a few people during this time that are not doing so well with alien nation. When you know i don't. It's hard to drink. I can't imagine st- yeah. Yeah and then. Right having to cope all the coping mechanisms. Now what would you say something. That lifts you up. That can get you out of the doldrums. What are things that you've tried That help or is it. Something that kind of you have to ride out and you can't really help it too much. I think the hard thing is when you get in that trap of feeling like leaving your house. Because if you're i tend to get an isolating mood when i get sad so i don't want anyone else to to rub off on anyone so then i don't wanna it's reaching out picking up the phone calling friends i think going i feel like it's friends people that you like and getting out of the house going outside and for me. It's interaction with other humans. It's hard i could do it by myself. I can go hiking. Could but there's something about just sharing in a conversation with someone like were You know phone call and that just gets me out of my own head. Yeah and then you're reaching out and especially if you can help someone else. That's where i you know sometimes and think about me too much. Why what am i doing the so if you could be available for someone else. that's right. yeah. I agree out of my own head. And we talk about A lot of sociology things in caveman theory and The fact that we are social animals than we do need our pack of at some level rate so yeah maybe being reaching out. I'm going to our phone number up again if anyone does want to call us honestly for real for real for real We will pick up and talk to you in. I'm a super available person if someone needs to just talk. I like to be there. If someone's feeling low also and it makes me feel better to be available for anyone who's feeling funky and i really will take your phone calls in taunton. So it's eight five eight zero six eight seven four six. If you'd like to talk to us real. I've just friends we'll just kind of you know. Help talk through or pick you up and then definitely check out the suicide lifeline. Crisis text lines Suicide life on eight hundred two seven three eight two five five and crisis text line. Seven four one dash seven four one and these are great resources I used to work for a crisis hotline. Did you know that yeah. I think he told me what would happen. It was just a lot of people calling in. I would refer them to the proper channels of more help. Because i wasn't a professional. But i was just an available person to talk and it was i opening. I really enjoyed how many people will do all did it. It wasn't often. And i only had a few shifts a week but there are few and it was important. It felt important to talk to them. And you're a good listener. You're good do you feel like he would ever be good as a therapist or i wonder. I think my patience has run thinner and thinner. The older i've gotten the more kids i've had so I think a rabbit keeps popping them out. I don't know maybe maybe once the kids are out of the house. And i kinda like can breathe a little bit you put on. I think this could be the difference between you. And i to when you have. We're going to on larry king another time. We love you but if you have kids you're gonna put a lot of energy into your children. That's your center focus. I would imagine it might be hard to have kids and then be helping a ton of other people to a man.

00:50:06 - 00:55:03

I dunno i into your lot. But yeah i did get kind of burned out because i really maybe overdid it with working in the garden at the school At the elementary school. I run the little garden program there and it got real big and and it was a lot so you know we have eight hundred kids at that school so they were all coming through four times a year getting science lessons and and planting stuff and it was. It was really cool but it was a lot. So cohen came and it was kind of nice because i was getting really burnt out stops and that was that with that with the suicide rate in japan. A lot of it. Was you know. Japan is i think number six country of being like one of the richest and also high suicide rate and productivity where to stop and be forced to stay home was positive in the beginning. And there's something to be said that everyone needed a break. We're so can i get into my sociology. Guys speaking of reagan in his crazy ma. Okay i know some people like reagan fine but there was the queasy time of capitalism. Everything started with like. Let's make this a country built on capitalism. We started working like crazy and we work work. Work work work. Work all the term and allow a lot of the anti in the medication and in big pharma. Can i tell you. i'm sorry. I'm not going to go on a rant except that there's a lot of a over productive americans that need to take a break And also fit figure out a way. I'm not gonna say anything more. Because i'm going on a tangent. No preaching no. It's good. now. How do you feel about mood-altering medications and you know chemically balancing medications chill. I was not a fan of them. Until recently i started taking a tiny bit of lexa pro this past week and a half at the urging of the therapy. I just said you know it was after christmas. I got so sad. I think post holiday blues or totally real and play into anything that you're predisposed with and man this frigging cova. Dan just being going back a lot. And not having hyper and having time off with no purpose no school. No you know so. I'm so proud of you that you are going to school though. I think that's a great purposeful thing that you're doing with this time but yeah during that break. It probably felt like you're idling lot. But but the lexa pro has boosted your mood. Defeat work is only taken a tiny tiny tiny tiny. What i've done in the past is i will sometimes get the blues and not quite know how to get out of it. I do have a lot of tools now to get out of it but there. It's just rough right now. So then i ended up going to the doctor. I've done this a few times. And i've said i think i need to go on antidepressants. And then i'll get some in that. I won't take them because i just want to get through it on my own and Okay so phil saying he did anti-anxiety meds. It was a big help for me. Once i got on them game changer. Yeah so i think. And that's what i talked to my therapist abou is because i've been resisting it for three years and i said do you think that i have depression. Or what is this and she said. I think you might kind of ride. Low like some people write a little bit lower. So i have to do reverse like i. Don't wake up and just go. I have to wake up and go. What am i grateful for. So that's why have gratitude listening to say. I'm very happy to have a house to have friends and family tips so but times like this. I haven't done this i think. The last time they took prozac briefly for six months was five years ago. I was working on that show all the way with bryan cranston more he played. lbj was a period where it was just low and i tried prozac for a little bit for about six months in it. Lifted me but it also felt it goes just kind of like me like like kind of having too much fun. It was weird. I was like. I remember jumping in the lake and swimming and it was kinda supposed to be working. I was like yeah. This is great. So maybe maybe take the edge off. Anti-anxiety i think i was seeking anti-anxiety on top of it was just too much. Yeah and i said how could i d. I always want to figure out how to do it on my own. How can i do it more. Sunshine more exercise vitamins b vitamins. All the other. sometimes. I think and i've talked to other people it's just sometimes i think it's a brain chemical thing and if you could you know i'm not a doctor. She's not a doctor exact honors. If you are feeling like us to talk to someone do reach out.

00:55:03 - 00:58:37

Mental health hotline. Yeah and find therapists in consider that you find a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Maybe the can prescribe meds but who can also talk to you talk their plea plus medical therapy We had a podcast with a artist. Who dot with real different Mental illness and he had a lot to say so. You could look that one up. It's called Craig able champion and that was an interesting. Yeah so too. And i liked that. People are talking about this because it does. It's normal and then see gaming. Podcast so anti-anxiety. Men's have been a huge help not for everyone. Obviously yes and i've talked to. I had a friend too was an architect in new york. She's a good friend and she was calling me three in the morning my time and could barely breathe was going and it was because they put her in a higher level position at her firm architect firm. I guess you call it and She didn't she wasn't good managing people. she hated it. And she was having panic attacks and just said you know. Go talk to a doctor. And they put her on anti-anxiety meds and she said it was a world of difference and got her through that time she figured out how to change her life. Like what phil's saying you know. He goes outside meditates. Sleep better so meds help to get. Bso sometimes she said it just took the edge off she goes. I couldn't get out of my head which was just. It was just looping and looping and creating so much angst that she couldn't even figure out okay so it takes the edge off. My sister is giving me the harry. Carey risk sign ended up my fake watch because we are out of time you guys but we had that flew by. We had so much fun. Thank you Victims and villains for hosting this. I'm joel i'm mouse. This is julianne. Weans were mouse in weans. We hope you look us up and do seek us out if you like a friend to talk to. We put our phone number in there. Five eight zero six eight seven four six amp. Please define the hotlines that can help you in the proper therapy and Yeah and resources that you might need and we love you and you matter and Yeah thank you will be good again. Thanks everybody for showing up so nice indo chats and everything thank you phil thank you. You'll see gaming podcast and wait. Who were some other people. I want to thank everybody. I wins all right in our the big hook gardening lady. Okay we gotta go yes. Thank you guys so much up next. Sean davis so enjoy your next a chunk of ours guys. See if seeing us out means if we can Just shut up around home. Can I just sing like this. I like to do some math. Fomer man hey mouse and weans. This is skipper bob. He can find myself. Jay in corey degenerates with social issues. But also friends of nearly thirty years on the Cretin's Guild podcast where we talk any big nerd culture pop culture tiki drinks pro wrestling but usually just breaks down into the gutter talk. We might be crayton's but we're the best buds you can ask for the credence guild. Podcast proud member of the pot fix network. This was a podcast of the politics network. You can check out more shows like it. PodFixNetwork.com