Feb. 2, 2021

E102 - The Fun Episode

We just let it flow in this one and laugh way too much! Subjects include the new verb 'to wife', honking practice, strategically placed jewelry, and Hollywood occult workouts with our past guest, good witch, psychic,

E102 – We just let it flow in this one and laugh way too much! Subjects include the new verb ‘to wife’, honking practice, strategically placed jewelry, and Hollywood occult workouts with our past guest, good witch, psychic, and recent tv star Patti Negri. Joelle compares rocker ex-boyfriends to The Lost Boys and we segue into Covid-19 and checking in on each others’ mental state about it all. Our Celebrity Stories That Go Nowhere segment pops up, and Julianne tells us her story about actor Michael Shannon and the legendary Joan Jett. Speedo talk reminds us of Jon Hamm, and Weens shares a story about a sighting at the Upright Citizens Brigade, along with Bradley Cooper and many other well-known comedians. At Dynasty Typewriter, we reminisce about seeing the all-women’s improv troupe Wild Horses with Lauren Lapkus and Mark Duplass and liken it to Julianne’s Don Johnson elevator ask. An odd phrase brings up our Leakest Wink story so we explain that favorite scene. Are we alone in thinking this is hilarious, along with Trump’s White House exit? Please write in! Speaking of dudes that are sociopathic and think they’re above the law, Julianne shares her documentary deep dive into the cult worlds of R. Kelly and Keith Raniere. But we end on the high note of hot memories in fa la la llama pjs and bears on a picnic underwear. Thank you to all of our listeners and patrons and if you enjoyed this episode, please share with your friends!

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The Fun Episode

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This is jack palance. I listened to mouse and we believe it on all nelson reason messing with us senate. We've lost we're here again. It's mouse and weans back at you. Yes is it back at you. And i'm sorry i mouse. I'm joel. i'm the mom one. I'm no jokes in. You are hilarious. Jokes that are really really going to finally shine. I for what you just said something. How much do merman go. Yeah we don't know what we're doing this morning. except that i think are mood does not match our interviews. Let's just do a fun a fun episode right now. Okay okay rennie. Find episode stars okay. Sister elsa means here we are on a great great sunday jerking around here on this beautiful sunday. My sister's having f- epileptic fit usually have this. It does happen occasionally. I'm joel i'm mouse. I'm the mom. Way down in san diego trying to mix it up. How do you like. I'm not away. F- i'm weans and but that's okay with me. I'm okay or if you'd like to wave me. What does that mean. Come over at noon. I'll make you a sandwich for cucumbers. Love wave me what he should. You're going to have a line out the door. I love cucumbers here and i ran out of vegan as that. Taste like mayonnaise but without the dairy why. Why don't you like dairy. Because it makes you. Have you noticed that. I thought you were going to say to save the cows and and such but no it makes you tudo. Don't worry about that. He sister tell me a little bit about yourself. Oh five foot eight. i'm brunette recently. Had my hair dyed. I do like jewels. Subtle gills What is your favorite kind. Do you like the specialty necklaces. I put on today my little silver chain with my tiny little diamond solitaire pendant. I like him demure little. But i do like this one because it hangs right on top of i have this cleared. No at this weird. I black was like permanent ones. That doesn't go away and it looks kind of like a freckled inspection. But if i wear the right necklace it covers it up perfectly publicly i was. I'm just being honest. I don't know Chris martin is going to hear this. I know brad pitt chris. Well they're all my chances of knuckles. It's okay it's just has funny things what are you talking about. You know bull. Because i am perfect tax actually no. I was with My honking team. We wear masks but we go down to the river and we try to call the ducks over to us and Recalled honks the hawks. It's have you ever seen those guys with the deck whistles. And all i do and then i was going to try the titus into our friends at the podcast fish nerds but i guess they don't have fish whistles thinking they would honk for fish. But that doesn't mean i'm gonna ask. Fishermen are good pal whose fishermen who actually. He would have an answer for that problem. I bet you they have a water slappers or a dinner on the metal boat under said know they can talk to whales and dolphins. Maybe they can talk to fish. Fish my head in the water for that. We'll tell me for real. Are you going down to the river. How your bike rides going and hikes and things are you kidding outside not much much what we do our which workout in the morning with Padding negeri who.

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She does a little workout in the morning. Patty negree we had on one of our episodes and she's an actual good witch and she's really into spiritual stuff and But she also likes mind and body so she does little workouts. It's cool and i think it's really good. It's called pace so you pace yourself. You deform minutes on one minute. Four minutes on one minute off. Your is cued. You think it's a facebook video. i like. It makes me get out of bed and get dressed in schedule instantly. Start your day. Positivity and the people are cute it's funny yes There's a there's a vampire on their tuxedos. i know his father. Sebastian nicosia's a hollywood pretty famous vampire patties is a pretty famous witch. She's on ghost hunter. All or yeah ghost. Adventures ghost hunter and shows with george noory on coast-to-coast. She was just on the late night. Show like after seth meyers. What is the girl's name to i understand. Yeah i watched her clip. Those really cool and it was crazy. The i wanna give it away if anyone wants to watch it but this lady had her come she was the host of the show had come to this haunted type place. She was living. And you know you're kinda skeptical you could tell she's like oh my god there's a witch lady but then she said there's something hunting this place i think and then they go out and both of the camera people's cameras stop working and you could tell like i'm pretty good with judging if something is a fake reality thing where they script it but it really seemed like something was happening because someone had to. I don't know what do you think ou know. I wanna watch it though. So they sent us a link. Can we will add this tour social media so but do you want to find out the name of the Of the show so people could at least go to the source. Look at it right now. What do you think of sebastian. The vampire. could you ever date a vampire. Oh my gosh. i don't know about that. I don't think so no interesting though as well with a bunch of those hollywood late night tapes. Dating vic me my call it off. What does that mean hollywood. Well that's the closest i've ever come to emperor rock and rollers going to play the whiskey gogo in the nineties. Basically people from the nineties who go to whiskey gogo mind well. They all have long black dyed hair and wore leather jackets with spikes. And here's the name. The lost boys. And i really liked the lost boys. So maybe end to jason patric. By the way big time he was the one. So it's michael you're eating maggots. Ooh what i'm talking about because you have not watched the lost boys. I have watched it many times. I just haven't since it was. And i need to watch it with the kids. I think we're talking about that at halloween time. All right what did you look it up. Oh crap they don't say your whole name. Her name is lily. Lily leasing late night with leasing. Ngo little late. Releasing a little. After seth meyer on deter. Whatever that is. Oh my god in one of the guys in the group has co bid in the exercise group We won't say any names. But it's i'm there's so many people that have cova these days that i'm that i know in your. Yeah what about you. Yeah it's crazy it's Yeah we do. We talk about this in the last. Maybe that dave's worker His whole family came down with it and it was pretty crazy. He is fine now. Everybody's fine knows it ended fine but They turned him away at the er. He had one day where he couldn't catch his breath and his fever was one hundred and six or something crazy but they turn them away because his oxygen levels are still okay and he just had to go home and sweat it out to the oldies and so you put on is he goes. He has cova needs to go home. and richard. Simmons is waiting to sweat it out with richard simmons around in short shorts and now he's better so it worked it was a good recovery for him but Yeah it's joke it's really sad. We do know people that have died from and friends of friends and relatives relatives and things sister. I was just asking you because your bubble is getting a little bigger. You have another family added to your Jobs they're not seb's their children. What are they called children and they are now hanging out with two families. And you're saying should i worry so.

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Yeah it's that whole question as a parent of what's more important this physical wellness or a mental wellness. And it is so. It's coming up to a year that they haven't been hanging on any friends and so it's like okay. Schools are starting to open up again. Vaccines rolling out. Maybe it's time we do opener. Bubble a little bit and play with a few more kids so or do you wait till you get your vaccine the real question and do well when you hear the story about dave's co worker. Does that scare you or do you say well it. Okay but i just asked you this and you said i know i want to be sitting for five days. Having on one hand. I thought yeah having a fever of one hundred and three plus for five days in a row sounds awful. That would be horrible. It would not be my dreamy. Sickbed that i always want. I can get projects done laying in bed. She wants to have a broken. Till i want to have a broken limb. That makes me stay in bed. Everyone has to wait on me. And then i can get my projects done on my computer. It'd be great sad story that that's what it would take to get you to relies. I know but what happened. Yes but i also Would i don't the high fever. I do want to be in bed. I do wanna lose twenty pounds being sick. But i don't want to give it to anybody. There's as many pros or cons. I mean there's a lot just said to my okay. This is what did said. It was like all the i said. That's so sad. Did you hear him. Our little exercise partner. Did you hear how he said he was so sick. And sh- joel says he also sitting lost twenty pounds. Now that would be well. Say it's the old dodge. I'm when flew away from my perfect weight. You know it happens. God sometimes takes a forced fast. Are you worried how. What's your mental state with cova. These days in being in la and and senior people. what do you think. I got weirded out because we went on a hike. I met two friends Last weekend. I think it was on saturday so it was the morning we go at five in the morning which is nuts but Yeah nobody be out there but we took an hour and a half or something because we went on a long run by six thirty or seven. There were tons of people out because it was saturday and didn't realize so many humans that get up that early in la but you're winding and moving in it's fresh air but they were like passing on trails and then there were like four guys who were running down the hill right next to. Is that like us when they went by with sweat and so so tiny feel. Yeah it was a lot of we went on one. That was more popular so boy they. That's when i started to go. I don't know if i want to do because one out of every five people are sick in la so started. Yeah that's crazy stat. How do they figure out those statistics. By the way. I know i mean so weird one but they good news the whole population and cut it. You know divided up percentage wise. But then i'm sure it's higher in certain areas and neighborhoods and family types and living situations. So bad i know but you know what there's always sunshine out your window with you. Just stay inside and leonard touch your face. That'll that's a good one. That reminds me of phyllis diller Days carol channing impression in her eyebrows came up one of our recent posts. I was proud to have recognized her. Eyebrow has anyone are given. Could i post. Oh sorry that's my one giveaway okay. That's my one hint. Falco could win. Swag we're still collect loans. I'm tabulating in formulating sending guess eyebrows because in our last one hundred episode you guys. This is uh not too long ago. It was one hundred episode and even this morning a couple of friends were on zoom call and they said they've been secretly watching and we never know who is actually listening but several friends are listening. And i'm so excited. And they were so proud of the hundredth episode. I'm proud of two. And i want to say good for you mouse because you do the majority of the work and i think you but please to our friends will you just give my sister a little. Love only gonna sums up here and there and You to both of us. I mean we're both too. Yeah so bottom line share with your friends. Everybody who's listening. Please do tell people because what you desperate twinkies. We want to bring a little more laughter. We just wanna be loved light. And if that's the case then make it late and make it loving right now.

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We'll use as some say. Tell the joke. Maybe you have joke. Good he not to put you on the spot. Tell a joke. that's funny her jeez comedians. Hey like oh. You're a comedian. Make me laugh at told me you do it now. Well i'll tell you joke Last night i was alone. Is that funny to you. Is that funny. How how's your house your neighbor your friend fuel weird like if someone actually my neighbor but they walked in during the one episode i know and then you have the route episode with the rats again. She's got couch. scooby wait. We can't do this because our phones or delayed your miss. It's like when adam sandler says. Please stop clapping. It's missing me up. Could i appreciated julianne. Yeah i have the coolest life. Hack that i want to tell you about in our listeners. I know you already know 'cause you have stayed here and you've had them but it is dream dinners. It is a meal preparation service but more than that. It is saving time saving money. It's the best thing that makes these great meals for families for folks for couples. You can get a six servings eiser three servings is it's the best. What do you think. I love it. Because i came over and was going to cook for your family of five and easily pulled out a frozen meal because they freeze them some nothing rats in the refrigerator and it was perfect. It was chicken marsala in garlic mashed potatoes and green beans with almonds. And i came out looking really really good. I didn't tell anyone it was a dream dinners. I just pretended like i made it. Don't tell them that but it was amazing. Yeah the kids. Love the meals. I've kinda taylor picked the ones that i know that they really like and we stick with those. We avoid certain foods in our family. So i always tend toward different meals but the choices are great. They change it up every month. And it's not a subscription service. You can get you know. Just one month's worth if you want and be done. So how do you get. This is delivered. You pick it up you go to dream dinners dot com. You choose your location you put in your order and right now during the purple tier. They are letting you either pick up. Or they'll for free. If you're within twenty five miles of how or san marcos normally you would go into the store once a month and it only takes about an hour but it's really fun. I always used to on a saturday morning and often. I'll bring charlotte with me and we work our way around. It's kind like these big salad bars. And we have our recipe cards. We fill it up with all our scoops. And it's a great thing and then you have a month's worth of meals in the freezer ready to go and you just pick them out kind of thumb in the fridge day or two before and then you just open fridge which we have for dinner and there's all these gourmet meals it's the best. I love dream dinners. Everyone should try. Please go to dream dinners dot com. Choose your spot. if you're here. Put in mouse and weans twenty to get a twenty percent discount as well and you will enjoy family time and quick and easy meals for as long as you want to do it. It's great we love dinners dream dinners. We got some celebrity stories. That's what i like better. Who cares about scooby. I have a funny cats on go to social media to listen to it. No i want to hear about more fun things. You stop me In our last episode. When you were gonna tell me about celebrity stories that go nowhere where it was the guy who's also on the runaways. With kristen stewart the other guy who michael michael shannon. Yeah tell the michael sheehan. Oh no i mean these are all the okay. There was no real great story. Except he. I worked with him on the runways. And he's a very serious actor described. Thank just don't cut me off. I couldn't even say miami. I said because you're coming. It ruined my thought. Proser just thinking the same thing could nick member the okay So yeah he's just a serious guy. He pieces back and forth. He studies his lines. I was in van with him when we drove from this set to the to the his trailer. And then we were.

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D- is so long ago. I can't remember what we talked about. That's how these celebrity stories really go nowhere. Because i can't remember. He fell off his chair in the motor home in the trailer. Remember that funny. I always laugh or was he serious about that. You know he's a weirdo. He's definitely weird. He's the just describe him to really quick. Yeah he's got like a big forehead in wide set is in a very square jaw almost like the guide jaws from the james bond movies but not that when sweaters scary scary. He's more a sharks right black. I knew him from boardwalk empire. In what else. He was in revolution road with dicaprio and kate winslet. He was in jesus son stars billy up who i was in love with and he's a cute one except apparently when his wife mary louise parker from having a baby left her. I know it's the i heard. There's more stories like that when it comes down to it. it's weird. I've known a few personal people who have left Why with baby can take the heat. Stick a little dink in the twin tint when you domas abi words so dumb. Don't make me say things anymore Dinkins go ahead. What michael shannon fell off his chair and then what happened I don't remember okay. I remember nothing except that okay. So he played cam fowley. Who was the actual. He played the manager of the runaways. The runaways movie and then the actual kim fowley who was a very controversial character. If you're into the band stuff at all he came to the wrap party and he was. This monstrous weird looking. I guess maybe that's anyway We all know what you're going to say. That's thank michael shannon. So kim fowley was there the thing and he was. I was scared of him because he was notoriously. Like this kind of creepy guy. And he stole a lot of their money. He was their manager and But joan jett also executive produced the show and i talked to her for a long time. Oh now there's the story. I was that i can't terrible. She's just a cool. She's real like she is kind of tough. But we and the director of that. I kept asking. This is what happens is i. She is the the directors flurries who directed like the Marilyn manson video beautiful people. And jack waits white was he jack then White stripes blue orchid video. If you've seen any of these are really cool. So i like jack wait so hanging out with flurries simoni and keep trying to ask jack white questions and she's also kind of a famous music video director. She's a famous. you know. This is a big feature film make. So what was it like i. I was it. Chris farley in the snl. So house. jack white so is he cute so is he just like who the fuck is this getting them out of this. At some point it was kinda turn around. I was like okay. Little veep fan girl just snuck in the jack. Wait anytime i can is. He's so great to you. Why do you love him. What's the deal. I think it was whatever you like. Because he probably reminds me of some childhood. He reminds me of john. Phillips sousa probably old childhood crash and then he's got the meter. Charms created the sousaphone So yeah that was nice. And then with the michael shannon guy. He was very nice and funny happy. Whatever but also superintendent actor. Once he gets into character he's gnarly. I think he might have been up for an academy award actually in revolution road. I think I shouldn't say he looks like a monster that was mean. I also think ted danson has a big forehead and they would be good potential frankenstein characters. That's all it's just a headship thing you know how i obsess about. I'm taking the heat for it. Because he's a great actor probably really nice guy so it's okay that he has a big four hundred. My gosh see. Look at all these films. Okay shape of water. Which was guillermo del. Toro who also did pan's labyrinth. He's the director and take shelter. Iceman cds or your okay. Anyway man of steel superman come on knives out the recent knives out movie which is very very well done. he's he plays The brother and knives out.

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Do you remember the movie that you you let your kids watch with dave. That's said you were a little scared about like. This is kind of risky but was uh yes my sister. You make me do these celebrity stories and they go somewhere you can. And then michael shannon i was. I was at the hotel. And i was doing location scouting for another film and i happen to be Shooting the pool upstairs as taken pictures and there was a large in his speedo on the phone with his feet in the water at the hot tub going. I don't know. I want to what it was like. Who was this loud. Ask guy who wears speedo and he turns around. Michael shannon does scout photos of the pool. And i showed them to the director of the producers at. I was all excited. I was a cures the photos of the ace hotel and look at the pool. Michael shannon and nobody wrote back cricket's really nobody cared. They probably went and sold them to To emc emc or something of rows zoomed in on his speedo like jon hamm style. Jon hamm ham. Look eh him have you ever did you just wait. What did you jon. Hamm was there that we wasn't with you. We went to upright citizens brigade and right next door is the frenchie bistro restaurant and can't remember the name right now. Go love that place. And you know i don't want to give it away because all these guys going out there and then went in there. I was there with luke who works on. Spongebob squarepants and living in his house right now. He's moved out his former house and I was i think picone any and jen Machado jen and we walk by. And i said oh. There's john him. Getting a drink knows guys. Let's go in and say hi and they were like they all Like to drown ham. See guys if you hadn't had me there we would have been in there talking. Oh of course. I have no shame i am not cool at all jammed up there. I'm not cool. Even though i always listen to my door stories of you. You're a good comedian. High glasses of red army embarrassment the best though so you just walk right on by him for him. He could have been eagled in him. That would have been so when we could both Give them a big hug. And then he'd be oppressed him either side of a mugging him. He's known to be a very nice guy You go he seems like and It's funny that his biggest role was madman. Which so serious. But he's actually. My i like seeing him and all that other stuff too. I know it's so much fun for kings stereotype. That's very you know he goes to ucla and then Bradley cooper aw. Ucsb and he used to go to war. He became super famous. And he's actually in the upright citizens by the way if nobody knows what we're talking about upright citizens brigade is a Improv comedy troupe. That was started in new york. Long form improv. Tina fey was a big part of starting it with matt walsh and this other matt in this other one again. Remember matt Bashar and amy. Poehler and horatio sanz in any way. It's out in la. It's been here for many years. A lot of the people that you see on comedy central and like All the like nine minutes at scott ackerman who are some other guys All those guys paul scheer. What's his name rob. He will always rates and girls in many now. Lend their voices two nations. They're like famous in that world. Now yeah yeah there you go in the one on sunset. I think just closed so now. It's how did it too that the one near you yeah. It's got to be a letter rent turf today. What about your you went to the police. We went together dynasty typewriter. It's kind of the new hip like a hip place called cornyn at the largo. Don't quote me on the name. I always get it wrong. Coronado at the largo theater is a famous place. It's kind of a hipster coup. Aimee mann is part owner baba. They have a new hip one called dynasty typewriter. Take it away joe. Did you like it to improv. With a lot of the same people. I totally liked. Yeah it was the trump Wild horses did their show. That night we were there.

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And it's lauren lap kaz. Who's pretty famous from tons of stuff rate wasn't she in she last man on earth. No i'm thinking the other person that's kristen. Schaal right right right yeah anyway great comedians. You've seen him around I just pulled it up. Mary holland. Aaron whitehead stephanie. alan and learn lucas. And they're great. It was fun and it was very friendly and happy. And i really liked it. That was for your ladies. I know girl power and You know it was funny. A member the thing that happened with They were interviewing the takeaway. Joe you're indie film guy. Does it work. Covid fucking do plas. Brothers mark s. Yeah so they were interviewing him before they did their improv and And then. I guess i had gone to the bathroom. After they were done he goes and his wife was sitting in front of. It was my birthday night. Yeah it was. It was the mouse and my friend. Jennifer madden and debbie faucet and we were all sitting in the back row. And i guess he was going to find a seat with his wife does it with his wife and she was right in front of my seat in just gone to the bathroom. Yeah so you tell the rest of the story. Because i was gone he sidled into our i o and he goes. Can i sit here. And how does it go down. And you can't sit kicked him out of your seat. I was thinking that'd be great. Juliet will be fine. Like off to the side she can stand on. Sit and talk to him and it would have been friend. Thanks joe guy no seat. Famous person. See where the priorities are. You're like Dave push me into the bear. Sorry would have been a career movement for you. Potentially who doesn't just say. Oh that's nice. I'm glad i took your seat. Now let me give you a movie. It could happen. It could start. Like don johnson in the elevator. You never know. Johnson in the elevator folks. My mom said asked don johnson for money to go to school. When i was working on his show and i did in the elevator with don johnson asked him on. Do you have anybody to help me. Go to school started laughing. Thanks mom how could he and his security he had this. Total burly like huge stocky. Really sweet security guard that went with them everywhere and then go through like but the don johnson left. We did he think. Maybe you're kidding. Did you say the comedy now. I said it very nervous kind of way. I'm sorry to ask you. I was wondering if you might be able to give me a loan. I think. I asked for a oh. It's not funny. You let me down the path you abbas a tiny tiny pika sheep went to the wolves. Dan peek as sheep. I dunno that'd be it gives me. I don't think maybe peeking out from under your wool talking about the leak as wink. I thought you got your words stuff. Okay what happened there. There's a story. Wow it's a doozie ready and hit it. We worked at a biotech company together and the ceo of the biotech would often introduce things that we do on our friday. Happy hours because we always had company happy hours. They were called ho hos. We had parties and different events. And all this stuff so we did want yawkey friday. It was kariuki friday and but we did it. No this was like a game show and it was right. Win the What was that this link. Weakest link was famous. 'popular red haired lady and yeah. We did a Aversion against remember that game show the weakest link. Was it osborne sharon osborne doing it. Is that the red haired lady. You're talking about now. thanks not enough. She was a lady doesn't matter anyway. Our ceo got up there. And did this whole intro. And he might have been a little bit residents like her dress. Slicer human kiss. It was a big deal and the yield up last. Were in for for weeks. We've finally he did his big reveal. His voice got louder the volume up and he said and now it's the leakiest wink and walked off stage and it was and we say all the time and now i can't even remember which ones rate was welcome to leakiest wing into funny to us though i've told that story and it often there's probably a few people out there are like running right now but that's okay.

00:35:07 - 00:40:05

Hey if anyone loved the joke please write to us so we know that. We're not the leaker swing something when they're super emphatic. About the to the best. Why is that so great so or no. I also love that trump not to go into major politics but i just love that he coined the term. You're fired and now. He's totally being kicked out of the white house. He's fired and he's gone silent. He's been silenced but he also is just tail up between the legs won't go to the inauguration. The whole thing is just so funny to me. And not that i wanna rub noses in anything above that higher ground but funny and it's so funny and i just love how this is all knows who this is all going down. How it's all playing out that he'll go down as the worst president in after all this ridiculous shenanigans. An awful things. He's done so so their the editorial section by mass the darkness will come to the late That's what i kept hearing on. Oh not to bring it up. But i just watched the kelly crazy. I survived r kelly. Oh is it. Oh my god lunatic. It's not even funny he's You should be not on this earth. Sorry guys but you know certain people lose some really lovely people in the world and then there's our kelly who still out there. I'm just saying chris he can. He can suck it and he's a terrible gay arable and it was all based on true is like a documentary. Reenactment oh yeah i mean. It's all the women coming out talking about how he basically was running. He's just the weird colt sex trafficking thing or something. Yeah his coke guy. he's he was doing that. He was making people. He was starving kids who had sex with a twelve year. Old fourteen year old took them from their parents. Total weirdo michael jackson stuff where he separates them and takes them and says i'm going to give you a career in music and then like basically just uses them in sex slaves and kept them in rooms and beat them and made them starved them he was. He's still out there and like spotify said okay. We won't put him 'cause people have a whole campaign. It's a cash tag new or kelly is the campaign and thank god they had this thing out because more people are seeing it because the way of the world is that you hear about something and you kind of go. Yeah didn't in. You know i don't forget about kind of didn't he have a weird sex ring or something. Yeah weirdo out of the closet. But he's a calculated mastermind like sociopath creep in. He is thinks he's god and above it. All it's these fucking co-leaders that think they're above the law and when they are and they get away with it because they're still like music business makes a lot of money off of them not rain dating him the way they should so. I hope something happens. We're seeing more accountability. These days like harvey weinstein and like kripo from the nexium hundred and twenty years. That guy got the sex sleeve. Self group nexium nobo- rainier. Yeah i just get on. Your colts need to. I've living in my la la fairyland. I watched too many hallmark movies this year. Happier it just. I can't go to dark and deep. Just my brain doesn't work for me. And then i don't sleep i can't help it. It's a maybe. It's like an addictive brain to drama. Well it keeps it away from your own world. So i guess it's good to see it on screen. I guess it's like figuring out the mind of a lunatic right like how does this happen. How do people in. It's it is awful thing because you would save from the outside. That would never happen to me. But that's what everybody says. Raise how does it great. I know the little chipping away. I mean i guess it's like any religion or anything that you want to guam onto and then Becomes part of your identity and then it seems okay. Y- are the maryland marilyn manson while him and he's a weirdo but not Manson murders and now that one was like a. Yeah that's joe. Don't do kids out of the dumps and happy time ready one two three tips to chat. Hey try do okay Say something funny. I just ended recoup note. So let's see something fun How do you I thought of you the other night.

00:40:06 - 00:45:01

hi i'm going to divulge something that don't tell my husband organic new just it. Was you know one of these loving evenings with my husband. Tally is he. Don't see that now come on. It was making love. But i had to think of you. I'm sorry you're image. Popped into my brain. But it was your bear's having a picnic moment because guess what peaches i was wearing. What follow aloma she was he was attracted to the follow llamas we both my mom bodice bless her heart view. Here's pajamas that say follow allama. Their christmas pajamas are. There's a bunch of lomas have like christmas there so door keys and they just had a moment of passionate love and i love my husband and we are very healthy and all sorts of departments and put. My lama is back on. And i love being married and knowing that i can wear lama. Jason still have a fun night. That was that was my sister. Okay so as now not. Everybody knows everything about us. The beers and a picnic moment. I was dating this guy. And i call him spiritual sex so he was this guy. I was dating and it was the first moment of like going back to his place and candles and romance and he was the spiritual guy. I met at some spiritually thing into a back then like some yoga spirit camping whatever and he was like the super hot surfer looking like puka shells around the neck but also the spiritual well dressed like okay and we ended up back at his pad. And i think i was. You know it was the kissing on the couch that turned into somehow. Oh boy here. We go his hands on him but he got to the point this. Yeah it was. We didn't even have sex to seen. Okay settled down. Everybody would put it snakes. Snakes in the gauge everyone settle it. We got to. The point of the skirt came up and But it was just like you know you know how the hands grab around the to szanto and then lately your skirt comes up a little and then somehow went back. I was like oh crap. Because i didn't expect this to happen. It was one of those really those moments that you're like whatever i'm going to yoga camp talk about cheese with you never and then suddenly you're back there he's got his hands around your unmentionable 's and then you look down and go oh crap what underwear do i have on and Guess what guys. It was having a picnic beers sharing president or they were sharing Like yeah like watermelon. Baskets bears passing bats picnic. And i got so uncomfortable about the bears and i kinda killed the vibe and of course i have to go to the restroom real fast. It'll be a and by the time it came back mood was dead. We descended up talking about the again. And then i went home didn't happen. Oh bear's having a pig until it everytime markers blocking beers what. If you're married you could do the bears picnic or the follow llamas folks. Everybody big tall. Andy's i could wear the holies. It's it's all good that was on. Its great bridget. Jones had a scene like that where it was the hugh grant character and sandy happened to me. That happened to guess. Do tell yes. I had a being smooth exactly like bridget. Jones seen totally. I mean what what about. Let's say that room for another time. I think too much no thanks. Oh let's say that in our next episode weans okay. You're the best. Thank you for making my defend. Thank you for making my life funding. Thank you listeners. For listening to our podcast. We're happy to share these stories with you only but listen. I'm so sorry it's it's okay. We're just you know friends in your ears. Which reminds me. Hey we were on. I was on an episode of friends in your ears. It's another podcast. Look it up right here. Everybody friends and your ears. And i got interviewed about podcasting casting how i got into it and it was really cute and got to meet with a another woman on there in yeah had had a great time so It's a recent one so whatever. Today's data's last month it was his seventeenth in it. Was last month friends and your ear.

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