Jan. 9, 2021

E100 - 100th Episode Top 10 Celebration

E100 - We are kicking off 2021, Season 4, and our 100th episode in laughter! Join in the fun as we list some of our favorite Top Tens. You can be a part of our contest too and win a Mouse and Weens T-shirt,

E100 – We are kicking off 2021, Season 4, and our 100th episode in laughter! Join in the fun as we list some of our favorite Top Tens. You can be a part of our contest too and win a Mouse and Weens T-shirt, so be sure to stay until the end and send your guesses to mouseandweens@gmail.com! Find out the best movies, the best eyebrows, the best dad jokes, our feelings about dad jokes, and famous laughs. The in-between commentary will really let you find out what makes us tick, so be prepared. We also do a long version of Celebrity Stories That Go Nowhere, Mouse’s favorite segment. Find out about Fred Armisen, Seal, Dan Waters, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kristen Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Keanu Reeves, and Leonardo DiCaprio! This episode is important because we wouldn’t be here without you, our listeners! Thank you! We also celebrate our guests over the years and give big thanks to everyone who has been on our show: Alison Arngrim, Angleo Moore, Michele Harper, W Earl Brown, Chris Fairbanks, Chris Taylor, Wayne Federman, Ahmed Hassan, our panel of police officers, Patti Negri, Angelo “Scrote” Bundini, Laura Haver, Criag Abell-Champion, Jules Hannaford, Paul Shaw, Moxie LaBouche, Tony Gleeson, Bill Fuqua, Brian Pawlowski, Chris Osmundson, Joyce Carter, Cowboy Denny, Jen Campbell-Martin, Bachata Jen, Zo Shah, Carla, Kari, Daphne, Stephanie, Toby, Elliot, Charlotte and Sam! We look forward to so many more episodes and fun times ahead as we jump into Season 4!

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100th Episode Top 10 Celebration

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This is a president Jimmy Carter. The only podcast I listen to is is Mouse and Weens.

It's Mouse and Weens. We're just going to talk the exact same time. I'm Mouse. I'm Joelle. I'm the mom one down in San Diego. I'm Weens. I'm up in LA in the world's largest petri dish. It's not to touch anybody or have anyone touch. Oh we're so quarantined dating life. We're so locked down. It's crazy. But I'm glad that we're here to record because today is a special episode. Guess what what. It's our one hundred episode hundred episodes many hours wild. I know this is the first episode of our fourth season. And is that right. Yeah something like that. And it's one hundred percent so we've been doing this for three years in. It's so much fun and we thought of some fun stuff today that we wanted to do with you guys that has to do with the number one hundred. Can you think of any other important things that have to do with the number. One hundred means Smucker's remember what's his name. Dan Wetherby tooth. Whether you know what is it. Wilford firmly know what is handling the old who knows Wilfred Wolford god. Yeah well today. show Smucker's I'm looking at. Oh so sad right out of the gate. We have to fact check. I'm sorry no let's do it. Let's just say that. The guy with the space in his teeth Dan Wetherby. Willard Scott. Well my phone. So I typed in Smuckers and stilleto smokers super gross. Anyway I think that. What do you think of dried up raisins. I know. I think of old dried up people that are wonderful people. I'm kidding. We have some leftover fighters from World War II. I think that is amazing that these folks--  Uncle Bernie is one hundred and two years old and fought in World War II which is pretty crazy. How are they doing? Bernie is Dave's uncle and they're good. They're still rolling along but they're locked down. Everybody's lockdown. Everybody's locked down especially in congress right now. I guess there's like a storming the castle that is happening. Life is crazy. I'm glad that we're here. Yeah you know at some point in time you just gotta cheer people up with a little song. Ready? (=pause=) I don't really have anything ready but everyone could be happy. Use your mouth! Yeah that's right. We're here to make people smile we hope. Okay but back to our fun 100. I also read that when a tv show hits one hundred episodes it goes into syndication. Yeah it becomes reruns.  So maybe we'll get picked up and be in reruns soon by somebody. I know because I keep saying  "national television." We don't want to put this out on national television. I always say that by accident instead of on the airwaves of the podcast. This is your leaving airwaves. They're stream waves. What are they? We're out there somewhere floating around like Mike TV. You are in the industry.

Let's start our top ten list with your favorite well. They're not really yours. We have that too but no you had the movies sisterlove celebrities. Mine mine coming coming. You're the movie chick and so we wanted to list the top ten movies of all time. But then you picked your favorite buddy roger ebert. I love roger. Ebert west his reviews. He's just a good review. i think he cares about art and he smart. You know. nobody's going to all the time. Pick the movies that you love he's tall. I trust his list. Usually sometimes he'll have really obscure ones but most of the time they were watching this so here are a few of his top ten movies of all times.

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Let's hear. Do you agree with these. Because you see the whole list you agree. I mean i don't agree with anyone. Oh all the time. But i mean i agree with. There's i would choose my own list. Ooh i think there he's please don't make me talk anymore. What happened all right. Well let's we'll follow up on social media with your top ten list. You'll have to come up with your own but for now. Let's just read his because these are pretty cool. I didn't know some of these but go ahead. Okay start us off okay. Roger ebert top ten movies number one. Let's go from ten up. I liked it better. Go to the big as the bill. Okay number ten. Two thousand one space odyssey nineteen sixty directed by. Do you know this one. Joe stanley kubrick. Hey shit kubrick. Coup breath yet No i haven't seen it is a good one. And can i watch it with my kids. I'm big on family movies right now. I need to find things to watch the kids. I i they might get a little. It's kinda quiet. And no. I would show him there I wonder why it's so great. Big adventure it's got a lot of speech travel. It's got hal the female robot. You'll hear that the first leg smart robot. I don't know if it's the first one we also had eh. What is that show my. I robot help my brain okay. Here we go member the guy who wore the antenna things in the whole show. Any like don knotts. Who am i thinking of more. Community mr belvedere. I don't know k. Top ten list. Here we go or that road was it. The robot girl that we're like punky brewster closed member. Her that was our era and it was called If you like to swing on a star carry moonbeams home in a jar. She's singing tempo really was to did it. Yeah okay Number nine twenty eight up. Mrs nineteen eighty-four director. Michael apted bruce. Balden reading this. Because i wouldn't have known. This is the series where they did Several series of kids starting at seven years old. They did a documentary on these five kids and then they did it again. At fourteen years old they came back and recorded him and found out how their lives were and then twenty eight to forty five up in and they did it all the way until they were sixty five or seventy in half had died in. You're seeing in these documentaries. Just sort of where people's lives went. That's that concept way. I typed it on here for you to read. Weans is that's the director in and the star is right next. Bruce balden was the main dude in. I guess just so you know that's what that means. I hope and gave his right because they probably weren't any stars they were just people but yeah i don't know it was just the first name listed on. Imdb there we got. The third man is number. Eight third man. Nine hundred forty nine directed by orson welles starring joseph cotten in lead valley. So now this one. I've watched it. It's very new. Ari and i think jetway did his third man records record label off of this. It's you know it's cool. He's oh watch it. Folks number seven nine raging bull raging bull. That one i have. Seen scorsese Starring deniro and friends. Yes good six. Notorious by hitchcock starring cary grant ingrid bergman nineteen forty six and other old black and white one. But this one's great too Yep okay number five. I'm not gonna comment because we have so many listeners. The dull j vida director fellini nineteen sixty. You know if you know fellini films. They are weird and wacky. I think david lynch is close. American version arose sorta man coming in that world of kind of wacky. But you know fellini's this amazing italian to everything's very bizarre but this is known to be a favourite see fellini. Sounds like a dessert to me. I i would like to order that after dinner. You wanna bud leany. That's it okay. Yes okay four gates of heaven. Ninety seventy eight director errol morris lovely documentary about pets dying.

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You told me about this too. I think like verner herzog and he were at a bar in. He made a bet that if that you can't make a documentary on this like this terrible weird subject and he didn't turned out to be this big hit like that ready Next floating weeds nineteen fifty-nine director your sergio ouzo and saying that wrong. And i've never seen this is happening. Is director yasushiro ozo- floating from nineteen fifty nine. I say things. I don't know how to pronounce the isn't makes it exciting. It's good her joe. Okay to citizen kane director. Orson welles number one causa blanca. Nineteen forty two Rector by michael curtis have you seen casablanca. I have not is not awful in fact. My father in law bought the dvd. Like five years ago. He's a you have to see this. And i still haven't seen it. I'm i'm a horrible human being the only one on this whole list. I've seen is raging bull. So i have a lot of watching to do so. Thank you for this list. This is great. I mean it's one opinion. But i like eve's yeah so we'll look for your list to will you put together of your top ten and we get host. I will tell you a couple. Amadeus adaptation normally. Yes a is as. That's just as guys. That's all these talk ten list. Yeah we've a boy grant and they have a fuzzy jumper. My mom oh jump yes joe next right go for. You're right let's do. This is my sister's idea by the way she loves hot list. That's my list person. I'm the original mystical person. I asked you that. I said if you were to deduce your personality down to like what gives you joy or how would you describe yourself in your brain and i am a list checker offer. Yes i assume. I do love tasks and boxes and checks enlists now and the letter s. She's aries inch leagues s.'s. Right i wanted to do this one. I thought of this myself. I'm very proud of myself. Top ten famous eyebrows. She's so i'm fascinated by here frozen out of bodies all right. I know when you're gonna put probably okay number one. I'm going to go from one to ten. Because that was the way. I built it up right number one free to callow remain. The famous artist with the famous uni brow. Love her art. And i love that she rocked and did you knew she got impaled by a ride and had to paint on her back like was in a brace or something for most of her life. Something crazy like that like in a bus crash. I'm going to fact check that later. But yeah i think that's all movie about it. You could also watch. Oh true yes okay. Number two brooke shields migra from the eighties. I remember having bushy eyebrows. Feeling nicer we love her good and pirates oh rate pirates. Pirates sexy numbers. Jack nicholson jack him. Up in our last episode to as you were talking about the departed but here he is with his high arching eyebrows. Jenny is back what was his. Here's johnny oh he's very care. Kaotry okay groucho marx number four. Oh groucho obviously if. I had elephant in my pajamas. Oh yeah i have an elephant. mine pajamas. no that's not. How does it doing jokes all the time out as it go one day. I shot an elephant. My pajamas how he got in there. You're kidding. I've been thinking of the wrong if an elephant is in your pajamas. That's not a joke. that doesn't have. It was just a terrible spoke for all these years and probably said a million times. Because blake and i have a whole gag about it. And how did. I not get corrected on that. I think we both think shot in your own good. I thought it just got in there. Oh maybe this is some esoteric. Nineteen thirties joke. I don't know okay On a number. Five mr spock. The ultimate point. Oh eyebrow but his. I was thinking about this. His kind of fade out to like ours.

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We were just talking about this yesterday that we both have out outer eyebrows. We want to talk about what we were doing yesterday as we have an upcoming project. With creedence guild. Another podcast with the pod fixed network. In fact let's popping and promo real bob. Hey mouse and wings. This is skipper bob. You can find myself. Jay corey degenerates with social issues. But also friends of nearly thirty years on the creedons guild. Podcast where we talk any anything nerd culture pop culture tiki drinks pro wrestling but usually just breaks down in the gutter talk. We might be crayton's. We're the best buds you can ask for the credence. Google podcasts proud member of the pot vicks network so give her bomb guild. They are going to do a big Wrestling tournament with some sort of video game. I don't know all the stuff but we got to designer own avatars and we're going to wrestle each other and all the women. Yeah in the podcast. Land so tune in. It's so cool. Good idea in bob. I like to call skipper bob. I don't know if he refers to himself as the skipper Bob the or just but he created the program and what a nice guy created it as much as bought it but Put it together. Yeah keep saying some credit for all of your like mom. He designed he invented xbox. It's glee do. Julianne is a producer of hit. Show on abc. Mom i park toilets. No she's this. take it i'll go. That's fine with me. We love them okay. Number it was occupied me. Seguin back to eyebrows number. Six your favorite gift. Tom selleck tom selleck. Oh with his magnum way holds the naked bottom of bikinied lady and he goes rent rent where we're eyebrows when he's got a snorkel. Hey if it weren't Tom selleck and it's nergal. Call it a dork. what are you talking about. You were obsessed with him. You loved his hairy chest. His harry ways you love the show opening and our family called. Pi magnum for no apparent reason. Why did someone get messed up one time. Did you mess this problem. So it wasn't magnum p. Was pms okay next the ultimate in skinny penciled in eyebrows pamela anderson. Oh yeah. I didn't think about it until i was looking at the eyebrows. And she has kept those little skinny pencils this whole time and i remember driving through. Yeah i think so. I remember going through a skinny pencil phase with you. You are my official eyebrow placker and talked me into getting rid of my brooke shields and going more pam. Did you like it well. No they never grew back quite right. Aft nineties sorry. I wish you were bushy. No well yeah. But they grow back out spackling. I'm like a weird old man beard. It just comes back and patches. That's okay don't get mad at me. You asked me to do what i did. I did was the style all right number eight. The switzer hot one. This is the levees eugene levy and daniel levy shits creek currently but from a million things before that so good those eyebrows men so distinctive and their humor. Just pull them off. T think anyone else could do that. Remarks that's true. Okay thank shadow. Don't you'll get episode. we'll have you do it. I did this today. Here was my thing. I did today. While i was hiking with my two friends. I stopped the entire new. Tell this later. No for stopped the entire. Tell this joke okay. Well it was. Someone told me as they were at the concert so they heard it firsthand. They were at a youtube concert. I my whole point. Is i butchered this joke. But now we're remember it's not a joke. It's a real thing that happened. But i stopped him and i said it all wrong and it was like. Oh forget that. I gave the punchline without the setup but it's a real thing that really happened a guy was at the u. Two concert in bano walks out and instead of saying anything here then. Finally when everybody was dead silent a whole stadium he starts snapping snap snap snap yes and then everyone's dead silent and he goes every time i snap my fingers a child in africa dies. God and one guy yells. Well then stop steady fucking fingers and that was a true story.

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You do concerts. Thank you okay. Sorry number five number five. We're number nine. Nine favorite muppet bert. Bert the ultimate uni brow. Forget my god. We have a ernie birdsong. Actually that we create we do. Yeah i did a song that was. Burt one's got along face. One's gotta fat face. Oh can we find the joe. Well because i said i was a little earning. You were a little birtwell. Got a big head one's got skinny head. Where is that song. Is it one of going to insert it right now. Ernie took the pittsburgh we're back. Thank you bernie listening. Ernie and bert number ten the big final conclusion. Andy rooney your favorite guy in the world and really from sixty minutes. The old turtle that said. I'm sorry a really nice man but he's kind of like he sits there and he's kind of angry at everything and he's got crazy. Professors them the professors. Yeah any eyebrows. Stick way out or called. Professors are family which is also like With the latest firm unsung hero. That terrible show with nicole. Kidman in undoing. Yeah yeah in the eyebrows on good old donald suddenly does they would catch the light. It was like a whole like shadow. Over is is is talk about you though you know normal people like me normally would just be like yeah whatever and then you just. You probably didn't hear any of the dial. You probably didn't pay attention. Also focused on those eyebrow hair and makeup. Didn't get in there and do a little trim or any. How many times did you talk about. His eyebrows even looked up to see if there was a twitter. Handle that could take over called donald. Sutherland's eyebrows. I knew you would. It's crazy. I mean i don't want to be mean so i dropped it. He's he's got some good ones. They're aspiring eyebrows. Any old man should hope that their their hair on their faces as active as donald sutherland. So it's a compliment. He actually have a separate agent z. Books them out now. I want you to do your talk to dad jokes. You made me do this by the way i just want to say this. I was like what is okay. I loved to get up. Close to my mike. I'm sorry i'm a basic person and not being basic. But i love animals in costumes and i love de jokes it just i did. I did too. I just didn't know where okay so. These are her from parade magazine. Do okay this doesn't even make sense to me okay. Dramatically route ten. If they're too many are long just okay. What's brown and sticky a stick. That's funny you're good. Oh okay okay. Q guys walked into a bar. The third guy duct. Okay here do it. That was like my hindsight's twenty twenty. Oh you could not get that joke. That was the funniest thing. I posted a me but said in about forty eight hours. We can all say hindsight's twenty twenty. Yeah it was weird.

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Because i thought it was a joke inside a joke where it was. It is like is that a double entendre of something else. Yeah it wasn't. Jerry is just as saying i was trying to to deep to get a level. Okay how do you get a country girls attention. How attractor joke in this in the country to you truck tractor. Now i'm going to pull a beck where our elevator jokes why. Why are elevator jokes so classic and good why. They work on many levels but poem. Do you call pudgy sakic. A fortune teller four four. She's got fortunes again. These are also jokes. We also use these on the children's that's nice. The kids will love it. Yeah what did. The police officers say to his belly. Button what you're under a vest but it's great and i love it you me too. Was tom no good. I'll do another one. What do you call it. What a group of ipe started company but monkey business say it again agree the enron. We don't get it. I feel personally responsible for these. Okay monkey business. We're i'm gonna let you we listen to this again. You'll finally figured out wave. Asked me to stop singing wonderwall to her. I said maybe. Oh may the oh. That's funny. I don't even know when i heard this on the break of dawn. She did it instagram story. It was how do you cats like their meat cooked. Hell rear so stupid can tell another one from the same okay. What is the best time hammer. No six thirty hands down. Oh boy you're a real left out of this so dumb. I know i'm sorry. Okay good you call a bull masturbating beef stroganoff one from all. She likes the ranch folks. I remember that from. That was the only thing i remembered from all of my years on jokes so smart highbrow i like it good job means thank you i will replay this and use it. Okay all right next. We have top ten mouse and means to replay the stinger celebrity stories that go nowhere celebrities aware. Okay let's hear him all right so number one on the list. These are the ones i requested. There's a lot more but fred armisen. Will you please tell fred. Armisen story gotten okay. My sister loves these stories. That really do know where there is no great point to creep. I was working on the show last night on earth. We're shooting at a place called the mirror loma prison in lancaster. It was the big final episode. I'm going to post pictures on social media better so we were in this like outdoor area which also at the same prison the movie out of sight was filmed steven soderbergh. Lebron's that is another one of my favorite movies. Who what's that one with. Will smith where he is. A superhero starts with an h. Hich is that we're severe harper. Something like that anyway. You guys know knows stuff we don't because we know a lot sometimes when you on the spot anyway. It's outdoor work yard area where people bench press in prison there. I was all alone. We got there early with fred armisen so it was one of those standing with fred. Armisen moments where i was like. Hey i'd worked out a little. He is one of my favorite comedians. As far as he's super funny people. He's best known for saturday night. Live that that where he got his start in india india. And he's just fucking funny. I've had some of the first memes like he went into a tap class.

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And and anyway i laugh. Track class. Tap dance okay. Like he was one of those first people that brought the live video camera and started doing this man on the street stuff putting online how they started portlandia goes for doing funny weird skits that he and carey would just put on the internet. Remember last name. So i just called carey. You know who. I'm talking about from sleater kinney we're standing outside in the prison yard. I did not know what to say. Dresses prison jumpsuit. And i was like. I did the dumb thing that was like you're so awesome. You're one of my favorite comedians. I just think you're amazing and was like really nice. Like yeah i was and then i realized what i was doing which was dorking out a little bit. And you're not supposed to an you know. Did they tell you not to talk to the stars or you. Just kind of a known like he don't can always do it. But you wanna have something to say other than high leg. You just what i did. Because i like of so much and then i quickly caught myself being a weirdo and was like you know like i would put you on the level like something stupid where i was like. I just met. Chris elliott recently because it was on the same show. I go yeah. You're like you guys are my favorites. I just he's like oh. Yeah chris oh i wrote him a letter written me back at and then i realized that it was kind of like. Oh what do you say no. I used my one thing to get off of. Dorking out on him chris elliott. We'll talk about something else. For a second. And then i was just staring at him and suddenly my glasses broke like just for no reason. I think they were taped. Or there's always some problem with glasses and so the whole arm came off so just it. They went down one side of my face. And i was like oh and then click tried to hold them and then they fell off and landed on the ground in the we both went down to pick them up. It was like that. Oh bump heads moment. And then i was like oh yeah these classes you know and then then he was like yeah. Well like oh yeah. I always have peers. That i just wants from the dollar store. Say there sit on them or things like this happen when he was a cat glasses. He's like well. You can have a bunch and then you can keep sitting on him and as they come and then luckily someone else guarding. That was not a good story at the bills. I love it though that your glasses Spending easy. You're like of course and you told me because i have glasses that your dog eight and i just together you have always like. You're the the quick fixer of things. Yeah there's always. Tease refuses to wire mind getting new glasses. But then the ones that work fine. You just reconfigure. Well he's extra cool glasses guy so he should understand now. Do you call those armistice lines of glasses. that brennan is in brooklyn. It's very funny days than you're okay number two on the list. I like that celebrity story. Okay number to seal. I'm going to do this one. This one is very much a celebrity story. That goes nowhere. I was in mammoth mountain with my nowhere. Was i tahoe. Back in the day I think we went skiing. A big group of us we went to the local vans to get supplies items. I was in the in the granola bar. I'll does it have its own. I'll section and i saw seal their and he had just won a grammy for kiss from a rose. Whatever that song is bad It's exactly like that and he was wearing snowboard close in puffy jacket and he was really studying the ingredients of each granola bar and i went up to him. And i said congratulations on your win. He said thank you and that's it. Wow matt great celebrity where that really went nowhere. But you know you're a nice to say that well you know given all right. Just go to the granola. Could i could have. I could've dropped. Granola bar talked about granola bars. And restaurants have fumbled over the dropped one but then he would have been like arniston and guy all he wanted to get away from me awful. I'm so embarrassed. I love it. He did the you did the right thing daily. You dropped it and left and it's just a true fan girl.

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Quick quick ina note and the list. Yes i do. We have a list in a time. Limit here all right number three. I love my list. Dan waters now. You had to explain who. Dan waters was because i forgot. But go ahead tell the story. Well you could tell the story. I've i mean Dan wonders is the writer of batman to. Oh my god my favorite movie of all times. When i was young heather's heather's so he wrote heather's he wrote many more but oh hawk hawk i down. Don't talk to the my brain is always squishy. Fear joe daniel waters is a friend of a friend. I don't want to shut names or kanak. No sir care yeah. They're super sweet. Lovely people that have invited me over to some dinner parties and They're friends with him. And so we've kind of like five or six sit down dinners and i love. He's hilarious. I love this guy f. So and then i took my friend. Blake to one of the dinners. You came to one too. Yeah i was at one to do you have a story. I just remembered talking about the art on the walls. We did a little house tour. And i don't remember much. I think we talked more with the writer for The unicorn we okay. We're okay here's what you probably forget so drunk. I was in the film industry. I remember at okay. We're on that street. I'm not going to name the name of the street except that. It's a got a lot of famous people on it and we were standing on the balcony. And then someone. I think dan was pointing out that flee used to live in the house across the street. i can't say the other one. Yeah all the people up and down the street. It was just like oh yeah. Inc was in the house at the corner Gwen stafani lived at the one house. That weren't and i went to her house to her party so then she has moved. She since moved. That was her first. Little little haciendas probably four or five million dollar house right and then moved into j.lo's plays party at that house and that was very huge and on the hill. Wow yeah. These places are neat to their carved in. They have these cool backyards with multiple levels. And i'll hilly and all the all hollywood to their naming some of the original owners and are all time actors and stuff. Yeah it's cool. It was neat hills. Right right by the greek theater and all that. Yeah so that story didn't really go anywhere except that we got to talk to well then with those guys so it makes somewhere but i love okay but this is the moment that i wanted to tell you he was like oh i go displeased alive there because it was across the street and he goes. Yeah i used to live right in the house at there. And i think he had a couple a couple of drinks and he goes. I don't know and it was probably like ten pm. And he was like and he started yelling Us just kidding. But he's just a larry i pull. It was like a loud loud. And do you remember this. I don't where was. I think i got talking about being a soccer mom and i was talking to another soccer dad who ended up being like the head of a film like mogul company. Was it anyway. Yeah i was a huge conversation probably soccer. Well there's that but there's something else it was like one of the heads of something big and later. You told me you like. Do you know what he does. I'm like no. I have no idea you're like that's so funny because you're just talking like anyone because i'm like out here. I don't want this to sound like a pitch are very and you're just like babu you're having fun. It's like bringing him on to hollywood party rate. I'm just the mom person dobie does he said that about dead because dad when he was in that dynasty quest don't anything falcon crest or dynasty. But they went to the lorimer party and it might have also been because he was in willow About cameras are so mom. Dad was really nervous. Too tall stars and do you know not kilmer. Bao's earned monde played tennis with val and hung out with scott bay. oh they were buddies So funny and she wasn't enjoying and they all talk to our hung out with her and then dad got mad because choice to you know who that was and she was like new. Yeah so. I have no idea i would just probably the best thing for these poor actors that get harassed about in the granola know.

00:40:07 - 00:45:05

It's got to be exhausting. Yeah to always attacked deductible people that don't know you right exactly okay. But go ahead number four on our list here cuba gooding junior. This was when. I was traveling with a marketing team. Biotech company and pfizer. And we were all hanging out together at a bar and eating some snack foods and at the table next to us. I think we're in atlanta. was cuba gooding junior and so we went over to one of us might have been me got elected high. Can we take a picture with you. And he's like after. I'm done eating. He's kind of. He was nice but he was kind of put off. Like we're like okay. So then the whole time. We're sitting there eating watching him. E and then we can tell he's done. He kind of gives us like ahead. Now when you start to stand up so we all get together and the big head of marketing. He was like nice guy but big ofi guy took the camera. And we all got around cuba gooding junior and we're smiling. We're trying to be cool. But then right when he's about to take the picture. The marketing guy goes okay. Show me the money. Oh no ic and it was so embarrassing here we were cool and then we said the one thing that guy probably heat saw more than anything in the world and he thought he was so original. This marketing guy thought he was so funny. Everyone does is awful. You know Of what they got paid twenty million. I know we know what you suck it up. A little cubes. Yeah snow dogs. And so that's all right number five on the list. Kristen stewart oh great. This is absolutely very big. Why are you asking me. Kristen stewart. Because i know they're quick stories but us since stewart them quick also see. I try to stretch your mouth interesting. I worked on the hit movie. The runaways i say it probably was Kristen stewart was in it. She played joan jett. I also there was. I'm giving you more celebrity. Names dakota fanning jerry. Jones all of the band. the runaways. Do you guys know who that is. I hope so. Joan jett's original band right. They sing the hit song. Cherry bomb which most people know if he don't look it up kids. yeah. I liked that movie. Come on. I watched it in honor of you because i knew you worked on it. And michael shannon was in there which actually has more interesting stories. But i'll tell the kristen. Stewart elevators story We were in elevator together. And you didn't say anything i said. Hey look down at her feet. That was the star. I told you know. Kristen stewart i mean they have other one we on that movie the whole time. But like a but yeah. That's she was very to herself. She was very look at the ground. Easy and varying her character and kind of like off tissue reminded me of neve campbell. In scream was kind of the same way where they're kind of but she was much more didn't talk to a lot of people or move. Shenanigans got it got it all right. Well good that was Definitely went nowhere. I like yeah now. When it has a little more meat. Cana reeves joe keanu reeves is a lovely human being all these human beings. He's i especially like him. He is a very cool genuine. Nice fellow we used to go play poker at his house and my exit poker guy and okay. I'm going to make it short. Told them i was going to make a joke about poker in the front liquor. The dumb wasn't real poker. We would go to his house. He lives Okay here's a couple of stories. I'll give you two stories with him. Quickies playing texas holdem. I drink a lot. This happens sometimes. Especially when i have a lot of nerves in often have nerves at new people's houses specialty symptoms may be killed reeves. But i had met him a few times. He's a nice guy he would see me and give me a hug. He's a real. Human physique in jagger heck five hundred times and he doesn't remember me that is he's very nice hungary very gentle spirit. We go to his house in. I remember that he was just always kind of soft spoken. He got knocked out of the rounds early through the times of the in that he would just like bringing people towels and making sure everyone was happy.

00:45:05 - 00:50:04

You kind of soft spoken. And i drank a little bit. I remember going into this front room which is full of records and i was just like in there looking at the records and then he came in and i was like okay i can i do and i was a little donkey drunk so again like weird and i was like all right. I am going to use my psychic abilities. And i go. I'm going to really tap into right now. We do this with me. And he was like. Ooh i I go whole down any record from in their thousands like a whole room. It was a big forty by twenty room full of wall to ceiling records And then and then they were in. He like pulled down a box. And i go okay. Now i'm going to reach my hand in guests or no i made. I made him canon gives you. I made it. I told him to grab a record and put it behind his back in a closed. My eyes and i said it's spinal. Tap nollet out and it was finally have no idea how i did that. He was oh. He's i go the fuck did you. That what was like say kick. I was like kinda drunk cookie. Like the ha ha not like smarmy like yeah. Pick up your way but does more like no but i still. I believe that maybe if you let it go in this weird way because this has happened before everybody's got psychic abilities. You tooting over there. I'm not as mature care. Some you could cut that out. I stopped talking anyway. He's he said that was cool but that that's like making me sound cool loops but that nice moment that he was very impressed by did you do it again because you just never record just one one and done never know 'cause you got runaway. Quit winning hand. Yes do that again. I think it could have been lucky. Would that was pretty amazing. That's that's how would you know. And i really honestly didn't see it. I didn't it was just crazy so other quick story is this is probably the same night. 'cause i was a little drunk. I said i'm gonna go swim in your pool. Is that fine. He said no problem. Go and sweet sweet sweet. Here's a tell and everybody else else's paying poker went outside and it was an infinity pool and it looks over the hollywood in the hollywood hills. It looks the whole thing. This'll be nice just to sit. And i did it in my braun underwear. No problems there but nobody saw me because everybody was very engaged in poker. I figured it won't get away with. It was super dark back. There was no breeze secretly. Hoping you'd have a little cuna moment. No no i was with my boyfriend. Yeah very loyal But i did so. I'm doing the infinity doing laps. And i look up. I hear like yay people came out on the balcony housing store new to each other. They didn't see me and just kind of stayed quiet and stayed in a corner of the thing of carmen. My skivvies and i look up and it's leonardo dicaprio with his brothers. Yes they were or he lives. He lives next door. To caprio and got is our com. Do you have any better to burrow sugar from dicaprio. I wonder if he's still lives there. They have they moved. No i am sure they have for house. You know the l. a. work house. Oh we you are rubbing elbows and wet bras wet bras. Yeah to hang out by the pool d swimming. No okay no you give it to me. I don't think i would have shown those grand straight grand. He's gonna hiked up. It's good it's good stuff to back. Then maybe i had a little better figure. Okay it next you tell the story please for the love of no i love it. That's great okay. I'll do my stevie wonder story. Which was i was in a bar in new orleans. We had gone to jazz fest but got rained out and we're all disappointed but we still win out. This is with my girlfriend's few years ago and we're having a drink a snack again. All these snacks and there was a hubbub and we look through the window in in the courtyard. How was this. The restaurant was attached to a little another bar. That was more like a stagey place and we looked in stevie wonder had a pop concert right next door and You could kind of hear murmur songs through the window.

00:50:04 - 00:55:25

So that was kinda cool. Also peaked over. We could see him sitting there singing on the stage and it was like. Wow but we couldn't get in and it was like you had to have a ticket or i don't know how they do anyway. We were already committed to sitting at the bar. So we sat back down chomp chomp lunch and then the music stopped next door and then there was a little flurry of activity at the front of our restaurant and stevie was coming into our little bar. Area with his handlers. All around him. A little group walked past our table to go to the bathroom. Which is what we're sitting next to. And so when he walked by stevie and he was like hey or something like that right like a little higher. Hey and it was like wow. So then. He was tinkling. Tinkling could tell through the wall. He was in his friends teams. No i didn't listen. But i can imagine. That's what was happening but the whole time. All i was thinking was have to get his attention again. What else can i do. And then when he walked back by with his handlers again on his way back out. I sang sand sealed and delivered. I'm yours and he was like mama chain continued working. So i gotta hey in a yeah moma from stevie oh sweet he's he probably smiling. Yes good spirit right. Yeah yeah definitely seemed like that. So that was you pulled a little show me the money will give you. I know but that's okay. It was a little cooler like you. Were super fanning and. I'm sure that he appreciated it very much. I went with one of the older songs. I didn't wanna do. You know any. The paul mccartney duos nothing like that so i went cool old. I've been sweet. thanks right. that was my Okay we have on your list Jemaine clement and michael shannon you mentioned some. Oh i didn't. Oh well i just mentioned him again and it wasn't. Let's can we stop there with celebrity stories for later. Yes yes yes okay good. We're out of time with that but those were wonderful. Thank you weans for being. Save some of these great celebrity. Celebrate and i can't say the dirt stuff like i could say the fund like you can't say the chris doer dirt on you know you unless it's already out there which i don't know if i mean you know what i mean. Yeah you don't wanna go there. That's not your character to be gossipy the whole thing so that's fine. I know i try to bring it out new. Because i'm ridiculous that way. Sorry it's ridiculous. I'm not in the world you are so you get it more so i won't go there either. So they're you're making me better my new year's resolution. Okay the last top ten list that we are going to give you guys is famous laughs very okay do you have your email pulled up. Yes okay we're going to go to number one. Do you see it holden in blue. Oh yeah it yeah. Are we pushing at the same time. Yeah number one ready when two three Okay should we do this as a guest he. That was sure. Yeah i guess that was everybody. We could even give away a prize. We give away a t shirt for whoever gets the most yet. Whoever gets the most correct in the area here gets a prize sent to them. We'll be in touch with you. Okay ready number two. I guess it'd be pretty easy for anyone to the okay. When in reminds me of her. Well sh. I don't want to give any hints. We've now well okay. all right. that was number two. All right here comes number three one two three. I love these number four report right.

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Okay number five. any is super easy rate. When to the past okay number six thirty one to three okay. That's a classic. Get this win. i don't know well let's just put it out there. I didn't know this one. But now i do want you to click my god. I love that one all right. Next is another classic. Okay ready one. Two three she's classic though. This is okay. This one was different. I didn't expect this one but it was kind of cute. Okay ready this is number nine. Okay one two three destig- right this one person's also lunatic. That one is also going to be. I have the best mean to go with that member. Just sent it to you. Okay all right and the last one. This is a gimme. Everybody's gonna know this one very when too. My husband can do that. One think we have him somewhere in. That could pop that in all right so that was our little contest of famous laughs. Top ten please. Send us your answers. Add mouse in weans dot com weans. Aha we are so out of time. We did it again. Wow we went over. We did a hundred minutes. Just kidding this is one hundred episodes one hundred episodes one hundred one hundred hundred episode folks. Hope you enjoyed ed o and we have a huge list of shoutouts that we just wanted to tell all of the guests that we've had in the past A big thank you for being on our show and we hope to have lots more. Do you want to read this with me. You just bang them out as fast as possible really at guy. Remember that fast talking guy and all the where's the beef commercials unease. Remember that my god all right. I'll try alison grim angelo more. Michelle harper w earl brown. Chris fairbanks chris. Taylor wayne federman ahmed hassan. All the police officers padding agree. Angelos group in dini. Laura haber craig able champion. Jules hannaford paul shah moxie la bouche. Tony gleeson bill fuqua. Brian palau ski. Chris osmundsen choice carter cowboy denny gen campbell. Martin pechanga gen. So shaw carla. Curry daphne stephanie. Toby elliott charlotte and sam. Thank you for being on the show who we look forward to lots more episodes. And thank you everybody for listening all these all these years. It's been great. Hugh everybody we do love you and we hope that you check us out on all the social media app mouse in weans.

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