mouse and weens

part comedy, part life. A podcast.

Two sisters, in Hollywood and the suburbs, telling stories of life, love, and pubic hair.
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We are Southern California girls, living different walks of life, documenting our stories and having fun. The younger one is single and working in the entertainment industry, and the older one is a stay at home mom of three living in some fancy 'burbs. We might talk childhood memories and teenage adventures, discuss dating, marriage and family, get deep with philosophy and psychology, or go behind the scenes with entertainers and celebrities. Hopefully we will see each others' perspectives although there might be disagreements. But whatever it is, we are real and won't blow your typical smoke. We hope you enjoy the podcast!


  • WTF is your podcast actually about? ​Thanks for your support. It is about nothing and everything, it is about our lives and our stories, and it is to be random, fun, and entertaining while you do more important things like mow the lawn or drive in traffic. 
  • Why all the farts? Because we are bleeping out things we don't want to say. And we have gas. Girls can fart too. It's funny.
  • Why are you anonymous? Mouse has a bunch of kids whose futures will be negatively altered if their gross mom is revealed. Mouse also works at a fancy elementary school and cannot handle judgy eyes. We will "come out" soon.
  • What does Weens do in Hollywood?  Weens is the funny one. She works in TV & movie locations, and her passion work is as a musician, filmmaker, writer, director, playwright, actress, humanitarian, and animal lover. She does not want to be anonymous, but her demanding older sister set this up so she has no choice. 
  • What does Mouse do? Mouse is the nerdy one. She is a stay at home mom with a background in science, biotech, and graphic design. Her passions are volunteering in gardening, science, and nature at her kids' school and in the community. That, and teaching her kids to be good people and to wipe properly.

​​We really want to connect with you and start a community. If you relate to any of the topics that we discuss, please reach out! We'd love to hear from you!
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