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Episode 66 - New Years Resolutions

Most people want to start the upcoming year fresh with a clean slate, a healthier mindset, and with new goals to reach. But more often than not, people's new year's resolutions fail. Why and what are we doing wrong? What can we do differently to finally hit our goals this year? We are no experts, so we decided to do some research after setting up our traveling recording studio in Idaho. Patent lawyer David, also Mouse's husband, came in to talk to us about his thoughts on New Year's resolutions and we ended up connecting the dots between his goal-setting nature and how he built his successful intellectual property law firm ten years ago.  Then we snagged a drive-by interview with our brother Chad, a program manager at Microsoft, to hear how business theories can be applied in the new year. And our mom even joins the chat! We agree on most points, but argue over a couple of them as we read off a thorough list on how to set and keep a New Year's Resolution. Hear about our own goals and what we think will work for us. Let us know what yours are too!

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David is Mouse's husband and a patent attorney who runs an intellectual property firm that he started. He tells us the story of his trajectory: going from being a biology and biochemistry major at UC Riverside (Highlanders!), to working at a biotech company with Joelle where they met, to learning about becoming a patent agent - an interesting way to repurpose a biology degree - to going to law school, passing the bar exam, and working at a boutique law firm. From there, he transitioned into starting his current firm, and he gives us his advice.

He really advocates jumping in with both feet and feels that to truly reach success quickly, you have to evaluate the safe path versus the risky path. For him, it was worth it to take that leap of faith. David mentions that if you keep one foot in your former job and one foot in working toward your new job or career, the chances of success are less. Being half conservative and half risky is when mistakes are made. Keep in mind, this is in his space of law and is just his opinion and how he thinks and operates. This may not be the best way for everyone. He is a very black and white, logical thinker, so this made complete sense to him, even though he looks back and thinks it was somewhat crazy to do when he had two small kids at home with Joelle. But he also explains how his hand was forced in a way when it came to his clients.

We segue into how this applies to New Year's Resolutions with working out. We ask questions about drive, motivation, and being a self-starter. Many people, present company included, rely on self-help books and personal growth systems that they can read, study, and ponder before taking action. But in David's opinion and experience, one learns best the hard way by just starting and jumping in with both feet. He sees self-help's worth when it comes to personality-based issues and overcoming fears or anxiety. Self-help books may work for others but they don't work for him. He believes the answers are found by trying and figuring it out. Weens concurs that after all the motivational books that she has read, the answers really do lie within. She feels that some of the stalling and studying in her case might have been a bit of laziness that takes hold in those that are a little more insecure in their plans forward. You usually just need to take action. David relates self-help books to organized religion and says that some people really need it and it can be helpful for them, but it just isn't for him.

Julianne asks if David is a black and white thinker and he quickly answers yes, but then admits that it's interesting that he chose being an attorney as a profession because law is a grey area. Joelle wonders if it really is grey though, because like debate, once you are on a side of an argument, then you have to go all-in and be very definitive. We both ask David if he ever turns down clients based on morals and ethics, like OJ Simpson! Weens loved and recommends the documentary Inside Look: The People v. O.J. Simpson - American Crime Story. David says he does have the flexibility to turn a client away, although it rarely comes into play when dealing with patent infringement. Unless there are clearly stolen ideas, he usually doesn't have to pass on any cases.

Mouse explains how her husband can just decide to cut something out of his diet cold-turkey. David concurs and cites the example of drinking soda. One day in 2004 he just realized that it was crazy that soda was served with every meal when eating at restaurants, he didn't really even like it, and just chose not to drink it anymore from that day forward. He has stuck to it. He can't explain how he did it, but that it was just how his brain worked. Just decide and do it. That's it - as simple as that. Joelle asks if he has ever felt an addiction toward something, and David says that no except when Joelle makes him drink wine with dinner (!), and that he is lucky he wasn't born with those genes. He agrees that it is detrimental to those that are. That is when help and support are needed to get through it and stick to goals.

Back to exercising: David explains how he has always worked out, so it might have been a little easier to ramp it up to what it is today. Years ago he started feeling a lot of back pain and realized that working out and strengthening his core would balance out his back muscles. So for pain and health reasons, he started making that a priority in order to feel better. Since then he has just kept it up in the home gym he put together out in the garage. Joelle gets somewhat mad at him though when he offhandedly suggests that all one has to do is just commit to a routine and run two miles, remarking that it's not that easy for people to just lace up their shoes and go do that! For her, she has found that she can be lazy, she gets comfortable not waking up early, and she procrastinates, saying that she'll work out later. She has really only found success in exercising, getting into shape, and losing weight by putting money on the line and joining a gym. Joelle lists what works for her in the multiple levels of accountability: money, schedule, friends, and online check-ins. She joined some friends in a Facebook group for accountability where she posts daily proof of working out each day. On top of that, the only gym that has really worked and lasted for a long time is Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) because people have to sign up for classes, the workouts are different every day, the trainers are fun and motivating, and you get fined if you don't show up for your class before the cancellation window. Mouse also meets friends there to keep her accountable. She highly recommends this system. Tell OTF that Joelle Kohn sent you!

At minute 21, our brother Chad comes in and we rope him into talking with us about resolutions much to his chagrin! He explains that his resolution is to pare things down at work and only focus on a few things at a time instead of being overwhelmed with a lot of tasks. He has tried to do this for a while but jokes that it is a long project to get rid of all the projects. Joelle understands the feeling of being overwhelmed with too much responsibility and decides to make simplification her New Year's resolution too. But what are the practical steps toward offloading projects?

Here's a list of how to make a New Year's resolution and stick to it. We reference this article from Self magazine and discuss the listed points:

  1. The resolution should be small
    • Instead of saying you're going to lose all your weight, just focus on the first five pounds. It should be incremental - 5 pounds, then 5 pounds, then 5 pounds - and measurable.
  2. Make the goal specific
    • A New York Times article cites the acronym SMART, coined by the 1981 Journal of Management Review, noting to make sure a goal is:
      • Specific
      • Measurable
      • Achievable
      • Relevant
      • Time-bound
  3. Put it in writing
  4. Make it a public resolution
    • To keep accountability. Could even do a podcast!
    • Measure What Matters by John Doerr. It's how Google, Gates Foundation, Bono, Intel and other companies have broken up their goals using these OKRs - Objectives and Key Results - to reach goals in the workplace. Chad is using this in his position at work at Microsoft as a program manager for Bing. It is about collecting data, tracking and measuring progress, and is also the book he is shown carrying in the Think Week part of the documentary Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, the 3-part documentary on Netflix. (It is a highly recommended documentary, highlighting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's humanitarian and sanitation efforts)
  5. Check in with yourself
    • Chad and Dave know that if they get over the hump of quitting something, like eating Oreos or drinking sodas, then it will become too sugary and distasteful when they go back to it.
  6. Celebrate small successes
  7. It's okay to slip up then get back on track
    • David fights Mouse on this, saying that it's not "okay" to slip up and that you're only cheating yourself. He even goes so far as to say that the person should feel bad about it and pick a harder resolution as punishment. Chad cites an article based on a study describing optimistic behavior with goals based on people's usage on treadmills. If they didn't meet their goal they set, they said they were going to increase it next time, which doesn't make sense.
    • But Joelle, who can't decide if anyone is joking or not, thinks that it's totally okay to have a "whoops" day and to start fresh and get back to business. It isn't necessary to punish yourself. No mental flogging please!
    • We throwback to episode 56 and poke fun at Chad's dad, Cowboy Denny, with goals of carrying a knife to be more like Sam Elliott. We teased Denny at Christmas because he wouldn't wear plaid pj's for the group photo, but then he came out Christmas morning wearing them. Apparently he had a change of heart. And Mouse got him a retractable metal straw so that he can carry it around in his pocket while saving sea turtles, a gift from his California step-daughter!
  8. Don't rely on others
    • Mouse teases Weens about not being involved in the podcast social media. It's fiiiiiiine.
  9. Stick with what works
  10. Believe in yourself
  11. Ask for support if you need it.

Julianne thinks that this list is overwhelming and that you should stick with two things and try to stick with them. Meditate for two minutes in the morning, and go for a 10 minute jog. Chad says to just do it and reset it if needed, whether it's monthly or daily. Keep moving it along! Joelle admits the list is easier said than done and that she is awful with resolutions. But she has found out that what works for her is accountability and getting other people involved in it. The example is how the school garden has been for her that last couple years with so much responsibility. It took getting a lot of feedback of people saying to offload and restructure it instead of to keep complaining about it. So she finally did and now has a team of ten people under her helping to run the garden. The program is having some problems and adjusting, but it's been a learning experience for Joelle to sit back and let it happen without rushing in to save it.

Chad admits that he has a hard time giving up projects and control. Julianne says that it's ego. Ego plus letting go could be a goal of his to work on. Joelle asks if he is a Type A or a perfectionist, but we land on the fact that he is someone who wants control. He believes that he knows the right way to do it and to get somebody else to be convinced of that is rather tough. He tells a story of keeping control of a big project and spending months on it. In the end, he sees that he wasted a lot of his time when he could have offloaded it even though it would have required more effort on the front end. He realizes he needs to get the projects and ideas out of his head and organized in a way that he can hand them off. This is his New Year's Resolution: to find an organizational system that works toward this goal.

This podcast is not sponsored by Microsoft. (The views expressed by Chad are entirely his own and are not endorsed in any way by Microsoft, says David the lawyer!) We are angling for a better Bing SEO and will wait to see!

This podcast IS sponsored by Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate! Chad's wife Janeen has supplied us with her wonderful hot chocolate all Christmas week while in Idaho. It is a company she shares with her sisters, and is available to buy online along with some wonderful marshmallow toppers. Try all of the flavors: Original, Peppermint, White Chocolate, White Chocolate Peppermint, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Spice, Matcha Green Tea, and Mexican Spiced. This unique hot chocolate is something you will never forget, based on one wonderful recipe that gives the drinks their creamy, rich flavor and feel. Consider this your shopping gift guide, when you need a unique gift for a family member, friend, co-worker, or teacher. You can follow them on Instagram @tickettyboohc

Our mom pops in with her positive message that you can set goals all throughout the year and accomplish a lot of things. She doesn't believe that they need to necessarily be at the beginning of the year or dependent upon the time of year. Joelle agrees that often she'll just make a decision to change something during a random time of the year. We talk about the New York Times article and the idea of resolutions failing because they're not the right resolution. Instead, it might be better if it was just a simple healthy choice and cutting out a negative thing from your life.  The kids pop in too and when asked about New Year's Resolutions, they instead get scolded about stealing candy! We conclude by hoping you choose good resolutions that you like, that are attainable, small, achievable, measurable that you can be accountable for. Mouse suggests finding a Facebook group, of the thing you are interested in to get involved, posting things daily, and putting a little money on the line!

Thank you everybody for listening. We've appreciated all the support and feedback back and we hope that you are enjoying us as well. If you have any constructive criticism, any topics, advice you'd like, please find us on any of the social media or email We have T-shirts (mom has one!) on Please visit our web page and we'll look forward to hearing from you soon

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reason range said about semblance the best thing we found. Hey where you know everybody i. I'm I'm mouse. I'm GonNa talk over you just a little. Yeah that's right sorry. I'm the big sister with kids down in San Diego and a cute cute husband. Who's sitting right here? Hi I am weaned. Weans this is Julian toss what you have wings. Well Nice little cottage Los Angeles Louis. She's an amazing entertainer creator producer. Director writer musician. Wonderful human being ever She's got several different. Yeah what is the name stunks stunks stinkers sounds sounds made us chow shell stinker. I think the kids think it's tinker wonder. Cat does come yeah all right. So we are here in Idaho. We just recorded a Christmas episode anniversary. Now we're talking about New Year's New Year's resolution Asian. We're only days away from New Year's and we got to thinking and talking what makes a new year's resolution what do you have to do for news resolution. What are your? It's New Year's resolutions. Or if it's a bunch of hooey. Yeah or if it means nothing. So it's variety roped in Dr David. Kahn not a doctor. Doctor What are you. What's a J. D.? Or we always make fun of these other than office by calling each other doctors juris Doctor Dr. That's it's a joke. Yeah we're not doctor. You don't pass the bar in a here. That's kind of hard type. Dr Velappan little. If honey relevance to New Year's resolutions nothing to sneeze. No no passed the bar. I haven't we have fun together. Yeah doctors I my sweet husband is a intellectual property. LAWYER IS GONNA say internal no he internal medicine in internal doctor of me. Just kidding. Oh this wine folks sorry How Brown cow? But you are a smart kid. Manza elected throw the that lucky in Kentucky. His smart kind of they always say well. I just got lucky. That means you've achieved. Yeah what's nobody says. Most people will say. Yeah it's fucking hard. I want a lot more in life but the ones I was lucky. No you worked hard. What your quick path with tell you could setup? We've had people come in new lawyers or law school people and they ask how we did what we did and I would not recommend the way we way did what happened. We were in biotech we. We talked face science a lot. A new I liked science went on in science and realize you say didn't really WanNa keep doing science my whole life but it was still interesting so I heard about patent law and went to law school in science or dealing with a lot of what was your degree in organic chemistry biology and biochemistry okay. That's already yup. UC Riverside. Yeah when you're in this. The bio science companies are dealing with a lot of new patents. People are patenting things all the time right. So is that part of Europe. We never even. I never even dealt with talk until I was on my way to Grad School J. Rey. It was a patent agent and I thought it was so such a cool way to attack a problem instead. So so you're still in science but you're on would've gone postulated a different area of law. No I never would have gone to another law. Say something really quick. uh-huh 'cause so he and I were sort of on a similar track where we did UNDERGRAD biology and then I think we both thought we go get our. PhD's but we're both with also dabbling with. Should we be doctors? Should we be dentists? Should we be this that and then I kind of veered off into graphic design in the science field. That you were going to do pre-med and I was going to do. pre-med didn't do all them cats and then I passed out and had to work in the. ICU Dave Yeah. Met a patent agent at the biotech company.

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We worked with kind of learned about that field and I was like Oh interesting. Science plus patents and intellectual property. That's interesting 'cause then went to law school really cool solution. And that's his name is easy because you don't at that point you don't WanNa go take a hard tangent and then you feel like everything you've done leading up to that point is wasted. That's why it was nice. When draw was doing graphic design it was still not space scientists? Love coming to you do because they didn't have to talk to a normal graphic design person going. Okay I've got to explain this whole presentation to worked. Sorry that'd be so mad at everyone because they couldn't communicate with her. Yeah yeah so anyway to scripts research to a boutique law all firm and then figured out how to do it on our own. Then pull the rug out from under them and took all the clients firm the whole story behind and I can tell you I can tell you the backstory but we don't need to go into that is you had a dream you saw. The ship was sunk a little bit. Yeah and you decided you what I can do is get better easy. It is better. I could do it well I can make money out of this is the thing I'm GonNa do it even with a scary Mansa scary prospect. I can't imagine looking back. That was in two thousand nine ten years ago. Yeah they just had their ten year. We had two two kids. Two little kids take a look back on. Why was I what did I think that it was not good of any issue to do that? Because you never really know you laid it out of you. You have the confidence. So can we segue into resolutions. How would you tell someone who like? Take this dream and make it happen. What were the steps? You took like. We're GONNA talk about this later for regular people like us. What did you do see? Did the background research. You have to jump in with both feet. I think people make mistakes from just from my own experience. People make mistakes when they try to keep one foot in a safe area and another foot in the risky area the leap of faith area. And it's not really a leap of faith. If you don't go in with both feet and I think looking back that's I jumped with both feet now because it was fun because I thought I had no other choice. And that's what I needed to do to make it happen. Say can't you don't think in your opinion. People can't can't be successful if they keep one job until they have the other one up and running and then they jump in. I think the chances are 'cause you can't push everything into I think that just a in my in my space just from what I've seen. It's really hard to to to to be to be safe and be conservative in at the same time time. Want everything that you you really desire. And that's chair. I consider it may not be different energy that you're putting into into the thing if you don't have to your kind of your to have your bills paid with the other job right. You're not gonNA try as hard. You're not GONNA be hungry. You'RE NOT GONNA lose me. Calls put as much effort. It actually now thinking back the reason I wanted to do it because little kids not make it. Were the got to manage the firm that we all left. I didn't pull the Friday night. He sent a letter to all the clients. And that's what set me off. Because he knew that you were about to do it. So he tried to re steal all his clients and then I even though you you're so additive clients. I can't still anyone nor could he the it's all up to the Komo News. Here's the other thing I know about this story because I know so much about your guys lives he kinda was lazy and slept them off to you in your guys to be dealing with so you already had developed this report where they came to you interested you and other David was smoking cigars man. I don't know what Johnson but I think we have got an immediate value out of seeing that and we all learn to to never do that. You know when you're done then when you're done with the the practice of law you should just retire you can't you can't expect to profit purely off the back the others and not expect something like that to not have. That's interesting. Listen okay now to resolutions. Yeah because okay one thing that I will also say knowing you both so well You happen to be a very driven person. For example we were just talking about going to orange theory and I said Oh oh this is great because when you go to orange theory you theory as a Jim the You have to pay a personal trainer kind of person. Hey for your spot. And if you don't show up you get fined and keeps you very very accountable.

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Go so and I talked to. You David Your need that ourselves starter with working out now. Do you need other people to pip. You up no say. I don't need that type of motivation. You've always been kind of Lone Wolf over over team. No thank you. Young Frankenstein can Stein faces going on over here. Well Okay but how come. It's so easy for you is a personality type that in your head you can just go. Click okay. I'm going to start working out Monday. Wednesday Friday now boom done or what would you. How would you tell someone how to do this? Working out to where example. Because why because because I've I've always I've always done it. Let me think lead paint. So you didn't need to do any self help. Books personal growth books to start your own company commanded take a faith no no God. No no you're not gonNA find the answers in their way because because those those are written I think for a swath of humanity that is thinks that they need to find answers in those books and I don't I don't I believe the answers are where I think you have to figure out the answers yourself. I mean books may help may get you like closer but I think people learn the best by learning the hard way in doing it but for the billion dollar industry of self help a lot of people are going to these books. Six and I have to over the years. I must say my dad did all right now. I'm not as much this anymore because I found all the answers. Guess guess what. Wow here it is what what is. The answers are within their within sees smart art. We didn't have to read the book to begin with now. I wasted a lot of time. Did you read the book to get to. The ants. Probably needed to the two now. I probably knew it but also there maybe a tinge of laziness to taking the action. But wait doesn't really know what you want to accomplish by reading the self help books like for example. It's if you want to start art next Google you're not gonNA get there by reading self help books. At least I don't think versus trying to overcome social anxiety. Maybe maybe reading self help books will help that but right if it's a tangible business step by step thing than self-help isn't but if it's overcoming a fear and jumping into something with both feet that might be more of a book thing. I feel terrible now because I've just downed on self-help stuff. I guess maybe win. Oh no I'm just saying from I don't know how it could work for me. I don't know what I could find in there that see and this is why David and I- jaw because I am like that too like we talk and agree on a lot of very black. might logical things. It's it's very much like well. Just do it right. You don't reminds me of organized religion. I doesn't help me that much but I can see how it could help others. But what do you consider the weaker people. No I don't think I've Leaning forward looking at them why you think certainly certainly religious people are weak. No no no I was wondering if you acquire self help people like a weaker breed modes. They need something. Uh I don't I don't have to have that NEAT bill. Do you think more of a black and white thinker. Yes we've always been that way. He answered which is really where I really judgment you can also pick a side and then go for it. That's very blessed. Ask a question in in. You probably can't even say the true true answer but you're GonNa pick decide that you have to pick what you're backing the person You can't pick a side side that you're morally more drawn. Thankfully we don't have to get into the criminal aspects but I don't I don't even like white collar defense. I think that'd be really difficult when when you have to defend it an individual or a company that you know is bad or they did something wrong and you have to go and like other defend combat yeah like OJ people versus OJ. The really interesting. We don't have those moral limits. It's not I mean we. We're kind of fortunate it to kind of pick the cases we WANNA represent anyway. I mean there've been a couple of where the company would come in and lay out the whole story. We're thinking working. Wait this. You're the patent you're infringing someone else's pen and your word. You got a super bowl. Are you infringing Penton. Yeah well I mean you're going to get I mean that's Did you know you're infringing the button.

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Yes well that's a really tough case. I mean I I turned down because you can't defend them for are you always take it and make it work so we we pass on those cases cases you do you have terms. I don't think that we would be fit. You ever turn people down for moral reasons. Yeah I know who you're talking about remind OJ OJ wanted to yeah. I guess it's kind of a luxury to be able to do that. But yeah there's no we don't have to take cases you just say we're not a good fit into two new solutions to me. Oh Yeah let's Talk New Year's somebody. Okay let's say I know. Oh you and you've had I've I've been with you for twenty five years. We long time have been through a lot together. And I've seen him go through phases phases. Were just out of the Blue Hill. Decide you know what I am. It's usually a soft thing like I'm not going to pick one. I'm not drink soda. I'm not going to drink soda anymore. And that's his rude decision. Out of the blue and make an announcement wasn't on January. I was like why. Why does soda come with every meal? I don't even like Soda. This is back in two thousand four. A stop to never even looked back. Yes now have you ever had an and addiction is something. Do you think that you've had to quit. And Stop and said I'm going to clean up and do this. No the closest thing I think when Joel may expe- drink wine every night. I think thanks you drink us. We think a lot of wine willing to know what we should. Just try and stop for that we member stop. And that's what makes me feel better but I also think that there are. I can't imagine the other side of that a table where there are people really really want to stop and they can't write telling their name awful I don't I'm Phil really the Cecchi very lucky because I think that is something that is hard wired into people. And there's there's very little you can do the chain that's when we need to get the help and the support and all the other steps and things that can you can really lean on and make yourself accountable and really get out there with. I think that's a whole all different swimming against a really strong current. What about working out? 'cause that's one of the most popular resolutions. People want to get into shape. Save get into better health What would you suggest to in for that? Not that you're an expert or a man running the Patriarchal Society that we live in. Yeah Aetna just husband. I've I remember. It was like three years ago and I I my back was hurting and I remember thinking I was talking to. It was like why I'm just seeing you said like workout so much more and it's all about creating the routine gene so I'm just GonNa sort. We can early but I don't WanNa go to Japan so I'm just GonNa Build the gym that I use in. We had a little area garage. Did that got all the equipment and so you started off like run walking or running a little a bit jogging adding on. No I just run a couple of miles okay. But for the average person they can't just throwing some shoes and go running the expert at all in this. I probably I might run a couple of miles and then just do see that forever. Money was does your brain candy now. This is how this is okay. Let's play your therapist. Suli okay. So that doesn't work for you. Why for mead? Yeah I Fall off because I'm lazy. I think I just wake up and I. ooh That doesn't sound good. I'd rather do this and I'll do it tomorrow. I'll do it later. I put it off. Procrastinate orange theory because someone's I knew accountable for money accountability yelling at you the whole time and I usually meet a friend there so I have multiple levels of accountability money schedule friends and even even joined a online Little Accountability Group for Exercise. All a whole bunch of friends. And that's why I've been posting pictures you have to post. I evidence every day that you did you work out but yeah it's crazy so anyway all right so we're different so really give advice but we took our grab or oldest son and Fort to say yes and everything and I thought we'll he's not gonna go to all these campus.

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I'm just GONNA try work. It show him how to work out for a week and I think he went with me three times and and he did it he well I mean he the first time same time third time went running yet he he did great and we went that If he hadn't had you again he's you know exactly so. He needs accountability. He needs a schedule but he's not as much of a workout. Could either right we go just say or AH Elliott. Mental has taken to look at this week. Nobody's choosing to go work out their kids. That's different hi guys yes. We have a New Year's resolutions. This is our New Year's episode. All right our brother off. Janine has just stepped into the room. We're down here in the basin. Jason and Idaho. We're talking about new New Year's resolutions. We're kind of interviewing Dave about how to choose something and then just like do it and kind of stick with it. Do you have any advice On New Year's resolutions Chad he's shaking his head. No have you ever set one tim until about noon. The judge great reverse air really. So have you stuck with one thing and we want why did you send a resolution solution. What are the typical resolution? I serve resolutions around here. We'll stand in. This isn't interesting here. Just stand here really quick. Sorry about this another perspective because we have this guy who's just very one track. Mind Mind I WANNA hear another. You don't think he has one track mind. I actually have been working on every to say this trying to they do less things so just try to pull out some of the lessons dream these also Larry measuring during this. I'm trying to do this and I'm trying to do this. And that get over one that they need to focus on like two or three. That's that's I'm GonNa they do that. That's my new year's resolution. Simplify pair things down off lead things get people to help things. That's what I need. 'cause I feel I like that too. I feel overwhelmed all the time too much stuff on my plate you've been trying to do the Hula. Getting there and this year is going to be my definition for ten years. Yeah long projects the projects all right. Well good so how are you going to do. What are the steps? You'RE GONNA take. What would you advise someone to make make this work? So Pope Books. Would you like to hear list. Most of advice on how did set of resolution stick to it here. Jesus team pointless clone now. This is trying to simplify the lowest. You Guys Self magazine Real Simple. Oh who self magazine. All right Number one small goals set small goals. Can't be some big overreaching goal. I'M GONNA lose all my weight. Just you know five ten pounds second. Be Specific about your goals. If you're too wide ranged that's tough so maybe what it would be a way to be more specific with yours. You could say I'm not GonNa do task A. Anymore. I'm GonNa find someone else to do that for me. Take it off my plate. Whatever it is to be measurable right right? Yes Soviet scientist the measurable in terms of what year. It was the the way I think about the measuring is that it's almost an incremental measurement. Right you can't stand to lose twenty pounds. It's GONNA lose five pounds five more if I'm more or fat more. It's an incremental May. Look at stuff that I set my resolutions on if I were to set the last January first that'll be one I it's it's I thinking about incremental perch. Yeah so you just hit on something. I pulled up from the New York Times smart. You are smart. You just said smart do do you know this is an acronym. It's an acronym smart shooter Alley. This should be smart statistic measurable achievable relevant and time bound so a smart. Go home he smacks so okay.

00:25:03 - 00:30:02

So small goals make specific make a measurable. That's good write them down make them public. That's interesting. What was accountable? podcast about your very best book I was reading about this is about. It's it's called measure. What Matters Okay Book that was written by 'em Guy's name is Jong Door It's how Google Gates Foundation Shibano Intel and all these companies kind of set their goals based around with the they talk about breaking up in very very specific three goals. Max Ax make it It's really call it really. It's an okay are based system. It's an objective in a key result if you want want to lose weight. You're saying that this is what I want you to lay sway. Then the key results are you things. Like I'm a clerk intake where I'm going to exercise expand and so many do these key results layers up to the objective. That's very cool. I won't let that up. Yeah I like yeah. This is very logical for us. We're trying to do as an organization even within the company at Microsoft for Soft Microsoft use. A what's your role. I do a lot of compliance work for the big organization thing Chandler Bing yes. That'd be fine the way. Have you seen the documentary. I'm Bill Gates yes fascinating. It really was one of the books folks that he was reading about the six part. It's really good. And the folks that he carries with him everywhere he goes in the retreat measure. What matters were those go into that? Yeah it's amazing. What a guy? I really didn't know that much about them. The humanitarian stuff announced. I thought was absolutely amazing. Amazing to help purify water. Well he wrote the Bill Melinda Gates Nation. You hear that all the time money they put that Internet. It's really incredible and they seem to really love each other. That was nice to document. Email shoot news making public December thirtieth. I'll do maybe we'll talk about. Oh that's a step four. Don't joke about let them Chad. Six check in regularly so we should talk. I know that if I can eat right for three or four days then I don't want to bet right an Oriole does not taste. That's right yeah I know that they taste good so can push their in have like five whole sleeve of oreos tobacco. This Aubrey's about this if you if he just stopped drinking soda right for thirty days and then a few weeks after maybe like six weeks maybe months if you then go back and try a soda says in tastes so syrupy in nasty if you keep drinking it after that yet it starts to do you start to remember them. So that's a relationship that's right. It's for the Orient. Really you're codependent. Break up with them just not yet all right let me just get through my next to your comments on these check in regularly celebrate. Celebrate small successes when you do it. All right It's okay to skip up slip up. That was a slipper and get back they get back on track. It's okay to make mistakes and be like Oh eight that sleeve of oreos today but tomorrow's a new day. Let's get back on it. Don't just give up. Oh yourself now but I don't agree I think you can definitely have like a whip. Stay and then be like okay. I can start because then if you throw in the towel you start start going in the downward spiral right. He skimpier one workout day and give up in tobacco resolution. Wow let's go was rian fascinating article where they were talking about people's and uses of treadmills and they were they were surveyed and said ain't gonNA use it now forty five minutes a day right treadmills treadmills and they went back to do we. Didn't you know they didn't do it right like were you do not only use it for an hour and a half. Oh Yeah to double down For Forty five minutes with you and they Dell yes so the small yeah attainable in the.

00:30:03 - 00:35:00

I don't understand why you wouldn't just start anyway. All right it's okay to slip up and get back on track. I think no. I'm not saying saying you don't get back on track. I'm just saying it's not okay. It's okay and I know what's the point. If you flog yourself twelve times. Then get back on resolutions right. It's incremental. Yeah it's your. I am never going to my shoulders. Shoulders have been so bad since surgery. I can't do a push up right now. New Year's resolution is not going to be right thirty yes can be so they have to attain in real and not be so. I'm going to change the world. I'm going to do this. Amazing the thing. They're they're small incremental. Okay because you're back to your dad like that's a pretty decent resolution carrying samoyed there. You go there anymore. PJ's I'll never wear that stainless-steel steals draw. We got him to do that. All right so stick with. Don't rely on others. We also have so. Make your own thing. If you're relying on your sister Mr to help with social media on the podcast some really get successful. Sorry you rely on yourself. That's great stick with what works and believe in yourself you know and if you need to ask for support albums overwhelmed though. I'm with Chad and that it's too much even this lose. He's too much to stick with two things and try your best to do meditate minutes in the morning instead of saying I'm GonNa Twenty Five thirty minutes is the pick one thing. I'm going to meditate and jog two minutes in the morning and ten minutes on the Jug and see if you do that for three days Jason Great you just the resolution. Yeah wonder do yeah. Just keep moving along and don't don't give up stick with it reset and I thought we did it. What what about you? Can you hold many resolutions in in your mind cause no I'm awful at them here. I am talking like I know I don't I'm off. Let them unless I have the accountability and a lot of people involved in it But when it's something for just myself it's tough. I have to get everyone involved. We'll even watch like last couple years. I've had so much on my plate and I finally was able to offload but it only with everybody telling me just do it. Just do it. Stop complaining about it and do it and I finally did it. Yeah the gardening thing right right. Yeah it was like all on me now. I have a kind of little team under me. That are amazing. And Yeah we had to get ten people in place in no it's all kind of renting and it's good really else's Oh this is the thing so that makes egos one of your resolutions. Nations can be perfectionist. Are you kind of say Taipei. No okay control. It's just more probably I. I believe I know the right way to do it and to try to get somebody else to be convinced of that. Yes rather tough so I don't I know but then you spend yourself down in a snowmobile back. We'll whole because you're the only when they're doing it. We have this perfect work that required about we had to buy four hundred thousand dollars worth of specialized hardware and we had no veterans and so I spent months trying to figure about how to go. Find this to go by was talking. Specific teams were doing this and I was on this okay. So here's the right way to do it and I had to plan about trying to buy this us. Four hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment and at some point there was because of the certain is a certain level of expertise. There's things that other people can do. And so I bought this equipment and it showed up in my my office and the next thing I know I'm using a hand held scanner that you see at target to inventory these things and as I'm doing something at some point I should have offloaded just because I I probably make too much money. We use and he'll scanner. He's shooting his laser gun the whole time. He's telling the story and it was it was. It was a pain in the buggy and I shouldn't have done it but I had no idea that nobody who had I shouldn't say trust. I trust them a lot of people which is more four of the effort required often that versus just to see it through and it was Through our decision I just did it. They shouldn't have been told that a few times.

00:35:00 - 00:40:06

Well this is good. You've been enlightened in you see the error in your ways and maybe you can change from that going forward resolution but it's it's a learning thing that can be applied to future choices. The thing I learned from that is I'm not organized enough to be able to hand off things easy way That's rather other Deli. Delegation is very hard learned expertise. And I didn't have. I don't have the expertise to do it. I didn't everything that I did was. I was in my head so I couldn't just hand it off somebody who was going to be multiple hours working with somebody to try and get them up to speed with it. Didn't it was in my head just because it wasn't was an organized so the New Year's resolution for me it has been the same win for a decade and a half is trying to figure out an organizational system that works. I can't find one that works for me mm-hmm so in my case I just did it. And it's kind of flooding a little bit but then they're we're having a figure it out and kind of there but I'm kind of not so that's been kind of fun to give up that control and learned to be okay with it. It is that something that could work for you. Okay and if I guess thanks Chad. No thank you A. Hey that's great though like all this this in the business side of it to seeing it from Microsoft perspective and in your brain. That's good. Yeah right right. non-official views expressed by endorsed. Anyway way by the way how do we rate in the being search and when you type in mouse and winds can you okay. Well you know being in type in mouse a man right. She's looking for instead of hit. Return tolfree rings so Engineering let's give Janina showed. She'll be our sponsor right. She sponsored us all week with free hot chocolate blue. Yes Chad is married to sweep Janine and she and her sisters have a company called ticking boo hot chocolate or chocolate. It is the official ticketing boo hot. It's really the most amazing of it is so good. There are multiple flavors you can buy online in it. Yes tikettyboo hc hot chocolate or Good and amazing stuff. There is chocolate peppermint, peanut butter chocolate, Mexican chocolate. And she goes to trade shows. It's available everywhere. It's on The best hot chocolate. You'll love it. I'm still going. I promised a thirty second spot. Just kidding. Right now help me get ranked on Bing. Just kind of uh-huh competing it's usually right up there all right. Well thank you. We love you. I know sleep well. Happy Road trip mom just popped in. I'm old Tom. This is fun. You're not talking. Oh jump in. We're recording come. Say Hi to get close to the microphone. All right Dave thank you for coming in and talking to US I love you. You are uh-huh inspirational you really are. I think it's near inspiration. You owe the. You're able to just pick something and do it or cut something out and do it and I want to be more Mike you but practically I like my steps to and he fixes lightbulbs. That's right GonNa stop until the Yup very difficult install on very expensive kitchen hood. The man stuck with until it was perfect by honey. I love you all right. Mom I just WanNa talk talk about New Year's resolutions at all New Year's resolutions. Let's see no because I really honestly don't believe even them. I just expect the next year to even be more positive and Lots of things accomplish a lot of things. That's why you've never said okay. This year is going to be the year that I I I probably did when I was really young. So is it a naive thing for people to do New Year's resolutions do well you. I'm probably the worst person the ASS because how many New Year's resolutions have you been able to keep over your lifetime.

00:40:07 - 00:44:55

Yeah I guess they're not really ever New Year's resolutions. They just is kind of something clicks and then I do it and it doesn't matter if it's July or September you make it happen and that's Kinda how I am well so I was looking things up and in a New York Times resolution. They had something that kind of struck me as true which is a lot of resolutions fail because they're not the right resolutions and that a lot of it is just about choosing a more healthy. The thing that you're going to do that year and like taking something out of your life that's bad just like one little thing like okay this year. I'm just going to cut down on the sugar. I'm not gonNA eat as much sugar sugar this year or whatever it is. Have you ever done that. You've got it absolutely time but just throughout the year. Yeah I just don't do it around New Year's yeah well I may have but it's not you know dependent upon the time of year right. Okay so yeah I see a small child. This is the worst. Yeah everybody's walking in and people are trumping on the bear stairs and we've got lots lots going on action night it's bedtime. Stop it David pouncing outside anyway all right well. This is true too far. Back to our Idaho. Basement podcast ask Thank you mom offing in here. Well Jill's does ran off to the bathroom loan. I'm going to close it out because we are at time and I've got to say that this library has never been more colorful an Bun with Joel. Bring a little library room of of MOM's basement so it's quite lovely. Oh and Elliot just came in Charlotte just came in. Hi family. I didn't just come in. No you've been here for a bit. We are finishing finishing our little Christmas vacation in Idaho. We're going to drive back tomorrow. Back to San Diego ant man's GonNa fly back to La Tomorrow. We'll we'll get ready for new year's and it's GonNa be a whole new year kids. Do you guys have any new year's resolution do you know what a New Year's resolution is no okay. No one's saying anything. What's what's your New Year's resolution tonight? Eat Anymore of Indians Candy. Get away from there were no she hit it. You can't have any more kid. Is Bedtime Dude. We know more. Move You all right well. This has been the chaotic Carter Hanson. Zain Khan Eh gold. podcasts called Nelson Weans straight from Idaho Falls Happy Christmas happy holidays Happy Hanukkah and happy New Year's and I hope you guys do pick resolutions that you like and are attainable small achievable measurable well and you can be accountable for them. Also I suggest fighting a facebook group for the thing you WanNa do getting involved posting things daily. That's it worked for me with my exercise and Putting a little money on the line if you have to pay a little fee to do the thing you WanNa do that always helps me. I love you mom. I love you too baby. Christmas and I love the listeners out there thank you everybody for listening. We've appreciated all the support and feedback back and we hope that you are enjoying us as well if you have any constructive criticism any topics you hear advice. You'd like if you're going through Issues will give you our answers what we might do. That could be fun. I'm pleased rightous on any of the social media or What else? We have t shirts? Yes I own one. MOM has a t shirt she worked today. It was very cute. Look good we have a v Neck and hand around next style. which style did you pick? I have the v-neck - a medium - and it fit beautifully. Good! It looks really cute. Nice crispy new New Year's shirt for you; Mouse and Weens. So that's on Patreon. No, that one's on I'll put the links on all our social media. Just go to our web page And we'll look forward to hearing from you soon. All right!

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