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Episode 56 - Cowboy Denny

E56 – Cowboy Denny
Hear what happens when we Southern California liberal girls have brunch with our sweet stepdad Cowboy Denny, a born and bred Idaho guy. He married our mom 24 years ago and is quite the conservative gentleman with many opinions! A skier and horseman in the 70’s at the Sundance resort, Denny became friends with Robert Redford and Paul Newman, so we hear a few gold nugget stories. Get out your notepad to hear his How I Met Your Mother story, how to be a real man, and a rancher’s thoughts on knives, guns, and paper straws.
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Cowboy Denny

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<music> invasiveness they were you good. It's mouse and Weens. I'm mouse lean Joel the end weans with her armpit real close to my rentals again once again down here in San Diego were sisters from Southern California and Weens is the hot Hollywood chick took. Oh Yeah I'm the married chick with sniffy cat around the door and sniffing the door. We just got carpets cleaned today but it's very exciting. She's walking with his fancy PAS. If you've ever seen the cat with the little fancy pause because the carpet's wet and the walk shake shake shake. It's fun. It's good entertainment but how are you lease was good update and then we're going to get into our topic of Denny keloid anyhow boy Denny. Everybody needs to know about cowboy. Yes He is a meat tuten lover of our mother. Mother Lover Says are he's Stepdad and he's been in our life for four four years but he just has so many things to say that we west coast Californians. Go we shake our heads so we're going to hear some sound bytes from him in a bit we'll get into it but the catch ah how are you. I'm good thanks how did how did your everyone's waiting on pins and needles. How did it resolve with your meditation lady? In Our last episode we had a mean girls episode and we talked about grownup mean girls. This is one of them so what happened. I have officially left. I've handed over my meaning. <hes> I choose to leave it because also it's on Saturday a in it's really early. It's seven a.m. to eight p.m. So <hes> and I go to another thing early in the morning like this other meditation type thing so you do. I'll leave my Saturday open for someone else to take over and I think it's partially because I really don't want to be around this woman and I talked to some I'm out. I can't believe this is all around like lovely meditation well. That's my an if I were to really fight it to stand my ground. They have to get other people involved in say okay. Let's take a diplomatic vote on if we want lights on or lights off anyway but I it's so dumb dumb well and I'm probably controlling but I was the one they asked to create this thing thing in I created a certain way which was to not turn on surgery lights during a meditation meeting because it makes more sense to me I I would love to go by is it's awful yeah. I'd love to go to meditation with like blaring yeah fluorescent lights that makes no sense and I ran into someone last Saturday because I didn't go last week I was I was camping and I'm someone said they went and they go. Oh Yeah we'll just so you know the the lights are on now through the whole meeting and I just said Okay and that's when I got pissed and I told them you're not gonna fight it. It's just it's not worth it and this woman wants to control me or control and so there there you go I helped to launch it and they could do whatever they want with that. She could do whatever she wants care. It's not worth it for. I'm not getting paid. I was doing it as a nice gift to the community and I thought it would be nice and I just don't wanna show up every day and have to deal with her with that pit in your stomach that feeling and I could tolerate it I could. It's not that I'm afraid of her or it's just it would be going into it like why. I don't want to fight it. I don't wan to have to deal with it. I don't want to have a diplomatic medic meeting about it. It's just like here I didn't I did my part. Whatever so would you start a new meditation thing or find just a new group or no you just want your Saturdays back and yeah that's fine? Put your energy somewhere else. Yes that's good. That's nice positive and I'm glad you were able to kind of stick it to the lady. Teller did voice my opinion vote so then he text message good because can I tell you already know the quick version but also she would always ask what what it was. I doing after the meeting and you know oftentimes I just didn't want to hang out with the energy was weird with her. She's really just loud and strong and it was just I didn't want to hang out and she's like just kind of glomming strange woman yeah so oh I always had a reason not to do anything and then one time I was I volunteer once a month for the last couple of years at a church where they feed the homeless and one time she goes.

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Where are you going to go on feeding the homeless? It's a volunteer thing will can right. She said where is it and I said the church name and she goes. Oh well can I go and it was. I guess 'cause it is open volunteer anyway so she took a bus over later and showed up in within twenty minutes she was saying there's a man who has who has an animal in here. You can't serve you can't have an animal with food and ended up you know two times of the she came the next month and I was like Oh my God I was so it was like Oh aw shit this woman out of your she's starring problem. She was talking. These are all sweet volunteer people. They've been doing this twenty or thirty years. That person had becoming your twenty or thirty years. Everything was fine. This is a church that is helping homeless and she decided she goes. That's a health violation. That's a Hellfire and she was telling people and they came back to me and go. Hey your friend is talking about health code violations going yeah and you're like she's not my friend followed me and so lo and behold they get an email last month or sorry last week that says <hes> we are being taken in and we're having to testify with a health violation or whatever they do for that and to shut them down. She tried to shut them down. I don't know what's going to. I don't know what is the process with us. They got an anonymous report right but I I don't even know all the details he the guy that is the person that asked me doesn't even know exactly but they there's one person who who gets the information and dealing with it and we're kind of all a little in the dark because we're just volunteers but yeah it's gotta be her and I wrote a text and I said hey it's really sad that you know you being bothered by. One thing I brought you in has a person that I knew and now thousands of homeless people might not they're going to skid row feeding people. I went with him. A few times. We go down to skid row and we'll feed like hundreds of people. This is in L.A? Yeah in these are people that really are hard up. This is these people need help and and one knows one lady who was it was such an innocuous thing. This guy sits over by himself and he's eating a plate of food. The food is all L. Clean. It's amazing people. There's a group of ladies who prepared. It's all done yeah. There's this guy has one. It's a parrot that he has on his shoulders. It's like any system The secret's out. It's the Parrot Man. So anyway this is-- So I wrote and I said that's sad that you know your basically your control issues might shut them down. Now thousands of people might not be able to be fed. Yeah so there you go. It wasn't even just delayed. It was that in that's what got me incensed more than anything and I think you need to get her going on well. You don't need to do anything you need to walk away but if she could put that negative energy where she's a shit disturber and put it toward her favorite political critical candidate or be an advocate for something positive instead of just running around ruining stuff for people out of control. I don't that was something that you know what I tried to look at it from her side. Is it really something that like if I were removed from knowing these people and how wonderful they are might just taking sides and is it really this big health pro in it's like not really when you look at the circumstances the guy's sitting in the corner in his own little world with his own and it wouldn't <hes> disturbed all the other wonderful things that they do. Were this person's not even they're. They're down in a row and different buildings. I'm saying this one tiny little microcosm of thing could take down a whole operation that Oh yeah right so looking being at the short-sighted part of what you may have destroyed what I just being like one parrot and there's thousands of people now that can't get their food yeah yeah and it was yeah. She sucks aw I'm sorry. I hope there's Karma you know. I really hope that it comes down. You look like you're sad. You're really getting sad about it. Because I'm really thinking about it going yeah you know and I really did try to empathize with her too overly looked at both sides going and well does she have a point? Is there something that they needs to be up to code? And when I look at it it's like it totally was not that big of deal for what else is affected by this. They are sweet people and a lot of them are in their seventies and eighties and spend all this time preparing and do all this clean up too. That's crazy. I'm sorry sorry sounds like you did the healthy thing for you. Get yourself out of the situation and state your feelings and then be able to move on and put your energy somewhere else so all you can do and keep volunteering with that group and you know reminding them.

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Hey she's not my friend. And this is my last comment: "You win. The homeless lose." Block. Good. But you know, I don't want-- She goes, "It wasn't me. Call me. Let's talk about it". It was obviously you. They've never had never had issues you. She walks. Here's suddenly there'd be shutdown wasn't me or are you addressing me yeah question work. You couldn't be like this is like the nosy neighbor. We have a few of these that just have nothing to do in their life and they just love to call the cops or make a scene with H._O._A.. I it's like a thing it's the same situation you had to deal with yeah. We're you know we're dealing with. I know we're volunteers. Dealing with we're control people so whatever enough going on I guess I know and this is a town full of your areas but mine is I have all the nosy neighbors and retirees randoms and and Oh and then my latest <hes> retiree issue I got t-boned by an old man strung out on some sort of medication Jeez yeah came out of nowhere when I was making a turn in in my car and Charlotte was in the back it was fine and it was kind of an angle and it was a slow rate of speeds and nothing happened to us but he dented in my two passengers I'd doors so I've been without my car for three weeks and in Yeah frigging came out and was like loopy right yeah he was standing in the middle of the street left his car door wide open and it's like a big you know four-lane <hes> not highway intersection now big street and I'm like Sir come over to the side. Welcome worried you're going to get hit and you know he shuffled over and he must have had a disease. His legs were like horribly horribly swollen and purple and he was his eyes were opening and shutting like he was falling asleep. Just standing there you swaying. He finally got his papers out of his car and he couldn't <hes> he was trying to give me his registration instead of his insurance. He didn't know what was what it was really weird and it wasn't shock it was like or could have been a little. I mean you'd think adrenaline would wake someone up and make them more alert or shaky. He was just like weirdly falling asleep medication probably for what something yeah I I did tin giant probably yeah assessment <hes> Yeah Joe Right now. I know what if somebody had been on that side I I don't think it was that hard that it would have done anything but in the air eggs didn't go off so it wasn't yeah your car so huge right. You're we have our big suburban. See we fly anyway so that's been my update. I've been dealing with no car which really bites but but speaking of cars. I'm all about the segues today. Do you like this segues. Yeah that you were talking about cars. I thought you pay a segue but speaking of cars trucks suburban cowboy the Cowboy D. He's a beautiful gent. He sells-- He works for the commercial trucks in Fleet Division in Idaho and he's like one of the number one salesman. He's he's very good at his job and he knows exactly what's going on. I think we have a there's a commercial out there starring him. I'll post it somewhere (it is on the Mouse and Weens Facebook Page and Mouse and Weens Facebook Group - please like and join!) but he is a piece of work too. We we love him and then we slap our foreheads no pretty loves her mom and he's sweet. He's just a good super loyal to her and he's very gentlemen like and she just loves him He's a good dad character like he's a good caretaker. He wants to come in and fix things and he's a very good-hearted cowboy. He is a good-hearted cowboy yeah. So how how do you want to do this. Should we like let's launch in two. He also likes to Razz me yeah. I'm in. This happens a lot. I'm the I'm the one that people pick on your the front of the joke off well. You're one of those girls. I think that can handle it and guys probably get like, "Oh yeah. We've we've got a tough one. We can give her a hard time and have fun." Joelle, the smart one, will just disengage or hit the volleyball back depending on my mood. Sometimes I'll get overly sensitive like oh this.

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I can't go into it but I cry. Sometimes at the most inopportune times like someone will just be making jokes and when I barely know and then I'll get all sensitive about getting teary eyed like, "Did they mean in this? Or do you think they meant that?" It'll send me for a loop and I don't want to be all--  I'm want to be cool and cazsch but I dunno everyone's sensitive flower woman cash but once in a while you are you. Get sensitive too though like you can take the rousing up to a certain point and then you're like or like when your husband buried my face in the snow. I'm sorry I couldn't breathe. I know and he said I don't wanna stop. What did he say? It was the big joke for a while. It was like I'm gonna put you touching the snow or you. Touching the stove or is the nose hit your Snow Day my no I couldn't do it was wrestling chasing her in the front yard and Idaho which is just a huge lawn in the summer but then in the winter it's just all snow and that's where we play with the kids and we build snowmen pointing. He's slam me chasing you and it was just this big scream fest running across the snow and then tackle from behind Chevy. Your face in the snow is great knows time passed that Anyway Cowboy de yes he areas. Let's launch into it in here one of his quips but we're gonna but we also wanna do soundbites of cowboy because it's so funny sometimes terms of give you wisdom. That's just one word wisdom yeah so we'll take over time. We'll have little clips from probably from this record yeah and this is like at a brunch it was his birthday and also Father's Day right or close to Father's Day or was it just Father's Day? It was his birthday last year and we got him to L.A. Got him on tape after a couple of Bloody Marys because normally he won't talk. And Elliot's, Charlotte's, and his birthday are all within the same week so we were kind of as a triple birthday. All right. Ready? And start. in life in vase that we all know men on the Parker say the real men on a parking only real men. What if you're as-- I guarantee it. I guarantee Sam Elliot owns a pocket knife. John Wayne owned bargainer. Okay so those are the only two real men in the world. John Wayne and Sam Elliott and they own names? I got one yeah. He's almost stabbed after twelve Bloody Mary's. He's waving his pocket knife. He's eating steak with his personal pocket knife. Now you're going to go home with egg in your pocket. Is that a real man? Don't depress. He just wiped-- (ohhhhh! He just wiped egg on her dress!) And this is where we get in fistfights. (Happy birthday egg man!) Right. I'm not gonna do it. I'm gonna take the high road. I am now a grownup. Because you're afraid you'll lose well. You are carrying a giant knife waving it around right close to my eyeballs. Penis Syndrome. Uh-huh tiny knife. That's true well. What does that say about you? I've got a big one at home. Yeah. He is actually-- He's given all the boys a knife. He gave one and Toby and Elliot and then he got into leather making. He does like leather leather sheets. Lezer sheefs. Yeah he-- It's really cool and he has all the tools and he started using like-- making belts I think and his buddies saddle things but his claim to fame the sheaths. Sheaths. All right. What's next? What are we going to next? We'll see. Okay ready? And... Focus on your menu. Do you know what you're ordering? I do. However you, you're gonna take-- We'll all be done with our breakfast before you decide what-- I'm just looking at you like-- Oh thank God. Someone else is talking. Chicken fried steak eggs over hard and some wheat toast. Give her another hour. This is not true. Yes you did now you gave me no. He got no choice can be. They're going to cold owed sweats. Can I just do. I'm just GONNA choose. Just don't get any more flack over here actually. Could you come back all right okay all right. Let's <hes> I'm going to break tradition. I'm ready to choose now okay so can I do the eggs benedict without the ham hammy mammy always he's just one is the accepted to like. Oh are you still doing the vegan thing?

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I spinach tomato sounds good. Thank you quick decision thank you I appreciate that. I'm getting some support for the from the females in the room. Thank you appreciate that I know this is a constant joke in our family is my <hes> taking time making decisions on the menu. Yes this is hard for her and he has dialed in on that and this is one of his ribbing points of view which a lot of ribs ribs and I'm just in the background like go who's Paul Stern's counterpart. I just giggle on in the background Howard Stern. What did I say? Paul Stern. That's from Neurocrine right. No that's Dave's client oops scratch Howard Stern's counterpart. What's your name Robin? I'm Robert in the background tweet tweet tweet okay yeah. I love the that was the breakfast scene right. Yeah can imagine what this does is cool cowboy bar in Temecula and we kind of took over the whole upper backdoor. Yeah Back Patio is fun right next. Will you tell the story of how you in my met. The story is going to vary so this is a Saturday night in Danville at a dance. I censor someone behind me. I turned my head over my shoulder and look the ghost. Excuse me can I help you well. Can I just hide behind your hat. She says there's a guy out there. I'm trying to see his with that girl. I looked at her. I can save you some time. They walked into server. Shoes are checking out some guy behind. Yes so I says look. Why don't you just go out there telling Polo and then come on back and we'll dance and that's that was that was some dude out there that beard all right? Let me tell you something about women. She knew being well that she was trying to pick up on you by using that. Yes you did okay now. Tell Your No. I'm I'm a woman you wouldn't have guessed from these stripes socks and the regressive adulthood look but I and I know that that was <hes> chooses using me for shield checking out some okay now. Tell your version because I know I'm rick or your wrangler. Though maybe she was checking out more than just were you showing some less so then we dance when the dance was over. I asked her she wanted to go. Get some pie and went to place in Danville had some pie now. Ask Her if she wanted to go ride horses the next morning. No one's ever asked me to go have pie. Hi this is exciting. It's a whole new concept. No your mother was there checking out another guy okay now. Tell the real story mom she. She's not gonna let you. She's not can ruin your version but we'll find out the real. Give you an embellished version. That was the abbreviated version. What's your story mom? You saw the gentle cowboy while he was cute. I can't admit and decide if you're going to hide behind somebody the it should be him but she had just admitted she residing now is but she also wanted to say that to us you would get on her side and you would become known detector we just bond and it also makes more checking out this to know what I was doing is making sure that he was connected. Somebody else so that I could go dancing because I had already yeah. We parted company yeah so we spent the evening dancing then we went out for Pie. Was there Awkward Pie Talk? No very nice. And then the next day we're not rode horses. I think there was a team roping went to and then we went all word answer. That was a Friday night Saturday night when square dancing Sunday I am corrected three. He dates in a row. That's where I screwed up liberal rules which was what two days in a row shouldn't ever date. If you don't wanna get married never date the same woman twice in a row broke the rules Mom it was all from hiding behind your shoulder and scaring you great deal.

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And how many years have you been married twenty four better close. You and you're very happy right yeah very nobody else put up my routine for twenty four years. You're you're a tune. It's very strange. I've seen it it what happens when she leaves when she leaves the for to come visit us. She says that you are like a crash test dummy while your stuff just goes right when you walk in the door drip drip drip drop drop drop when she's gone. I live like a real man - me and the dog. He starts throwing lassos. It sounds like (fart noises). I go through the house and raise all the toilet seats. And then he doesn't-- We have five bathrooms and I go to a different bathroom each time when I'm done I leave the toilet seat up. And he's got montage music like (music). I'm probably not absent whenever she leaves to see you girls. And when she comes home, I'm more working like a bastard the night before she comes home, cleaning the house up, putting all the doing. It's each doing my laundry picking up my underwear off the dining room table. See Me and the dog we lived like real men when she's gone. It's like Animal House. You're a rebel flinging toilet seats up and then you have to run around cleaning up before the parents come home before she comes home cleaning. But that's what I wanted to like paint the scene of there's-- He's got music with him like montage music (music: bound bound around buffalo where mass in my boots and my underwear on the floor. Go take a show go to bed) But I'm cleaning all that shit up doing laundry before she comes home. Wow. Do you know this about him? I do indeed. He's-- Yeah, pretty much. He's like a more of a Tasmanian. I'm high maintenance. Okay my name's but what makes you that way? Plumbing. What does that mean? Boys-- Real men do the-- Real men do not pick up after themselves and real men carry knives. Geez. Denny. I love your theme music. It was so important for me to say desperate joke teller. I love their little love story. I think that's sweet and so innocent and this is what mom always wanted was like that country fine. He broke his rule with the three dates yeah. Do you think that's true? I don't think people really like go on dates anymore. No. Right. I have yet to experience inset really haven't been one Vegan kid who story for another time. We're GONNA make that into a bonus episode which we're GONNA put on Patriae on getting started. Do you have to pay for to hear all right anyway yeah living like a real man with his knife and his dog by the Square Nancy. Yes quite to step into the next one. We go <music>. So how is it hanging out with Hanoi. Jane and your liberal buddies back home never met Jane Okay well. That's what they call me Hanoi Jane. First of all, no one knows who that is anymore. She's like one hundred and four and second yeah. We might be a little liberal older than we are. Sorry about that turning seventy tomorrow. Oh Wow happy okay tomorrow R._O.. Seventeen there's Richard Mind is when you have nothing to do. You lose track days. It is tomorrow today on the post on Facebook facebook today when you when you cowboy days all run together it was hilarious <hes> she she got his birthday wrong and post it on Facebook and everything it was it was pretty funny. He forgot his own birthday yeah and he just went along with what she said like. It must be the eighteenth. Aren't they cute. They really do let what is the Hanoi Jane Coming.

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Is that coming up to get into it Jane. No No. I know Jane Fonda Yeah I got it. Just denny would say that every time I'd bring up some liberal comment just like normal he would go all your Oh my God. This is the thing in their Idaho's very red states so when we come over from California it brings some stuff up in the last time we hung out. I had to say look. We're just not going to talk about it. Let's just avoid politics whole subject altogether because he loves like poking and any little nuggets stick yeah his barrel shotgun. It's not a big gun guy. He's not a big hunter. I like that yeah yeah. There are some ideologies that are do not line up with our California Lib. There's a lot of Davies. These colors do not run which. Just good I'm all for America but you know we have our differences yeah good America Yeah No. He talks about a SIM stuff coming up all right. Let's get to my friend had a great hat by the way all the Republicans it's red hat says Make America Gay Again. sweet gay friend he goes while I was. I was driving to U._S.. But I had to take it off. In certain places see anyway data affairs Said who you the one is going to college. I got to be fans with actor Robert Newman. He was very good. What does he oh? He's at four plenty. Mary's that's what it is that would be Robert Redford Paul Newman. They're two separate people argue for with Paul Newman so I met them Oh and by the time Paul Newman Joanne Woodward isn't tired married life so I was engaged to be married and Newman was there at the not our mom right so at the ski shop the Rental Department we had a village though after the day was over there was only two people left in the shop. The Paul Newman. I looked at Paul says fall. You enjoy been married Info long time. What's your c should secrets to success? He thought for a minute and he says well he says we've always addressed our marriage like a toaster. He said when we got married we gotTA toaster. Oh straights broken down to three times and every time I go in to get it fixed and tell me it would be cheaper to buy new toaster and I tell them no it toast bread just fine and that's what are my favorite deals with Paul. Newman Robert Redford was Paula Jones land or married to the same people and marriage live not that didn't have problems every time they had probably just fixed it. However Paul told me one time he got so manager win that he'd gotten his Porsche and drove away and was never going back this Paul Paul Robert Okay in he says I yeah two miles away from home and realize he had nowhere else to go back and apologize? That's so cute I do on Woodward. Were very very nice beef. How sweet the Paul Newman in Robert read the Robert Newman Barber new mystery? That's crazy. I know that always like I'm trying to put myself back in those days I I just did a project for Davis dead that showed the Butch Cassidy and Sundance kid and they were good looking back in the day. They were looking for post humans. He was so oh Houston's posthumous supposed sorry about that. He is other stories to we have to get the what was it. Let's let's do another <hes> Paul Newman every year in the summertime well all came to read for ski resort twice a year they came during the winter escape escape and they came in the summer so one summer they came and there was fall and Redford and I were horseback ride we're sitting out the rug about fifty yards little and a car came by slammed on his brakes scriptures shop stopping.

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This guy jumped out and started hollering one. We realize what he was saying. It was a guy who has whoring mining he recognized Ed Nice me and are sitting between Paul. Newman and Newman's comment was I guess we know who the star is around here. They wrote away and I wanNA wrote down to talk to the guy it was a a roommate. I did two years before that in college. Recognize me from sitting in between foam neum. I like that's why Paul Newman very cool. I always buy salsa also because I know that all the proceeds go back to charity. I know and I loved him in cars and Oh it's so funny. The kids all relate to everybody from Disney cartoons now wherever we see like Tom Hanks something serious. We're like look there's woody the voice of Woody and they're like Oh okay part of her family all right anyway. What is Oh? I like these next clips. We were talking about which we're going to play okay. It'll be a little insight into the mind kind of a Idaho Ian Cowboy. How would you putting how they're putting putting putting it was actually known as putting real coverage? Don't eat moose that was that was that was a fancy Moose. I don't move for this one. Don't eat moose weep putting also some great life advice from the good so Denny. Tell us about your leather working in leather. He's shaving. Can I say what you're doing. You're taking your tiny knife. He's making a toothpick with his knife in the straw. He's like cutting open the <unk> yeah knife because you never without toothpicks so you can turn me have a straw. Pick a whittle anything into toothpick. What do you think about <hes> sea turtles choking on plastic straws trade up? I think that <hes> Straws you get in here. They're ourageous paper. The descent rate and ten minutes now Gimme a straw real man's have thick plastic straws is that a real man is what decides that what discerns that from the other straws us by the Sea Turtle Deal Nets was sea turtles or an issue. Do I think I mean now hard it would be to get that in a sea turtle's nose? He's putting the plastic Straw knows this guy a bloody mary. What are the percentages to get this and the sea turtles knows well? Actually there's a statistical I go to McDonalds. I get a plastic Straw. I go to a fancy restaurant I get a paper straw conscious. They're trying to save those poor little sea turtles than why don't they go to paper Straw McDonald's. That's where most straws are the plastic is McDonald's so so why hit the restaurants where he asked for real strong but we came Valentine's Day. They started with the paper Straw fifteen minutes later if you don't suck it down, it folds in half. Yes this is our environmentally conscious. <hes> at least use a little bit he knew about the paper straws that he is a maybe he'll be the next advocate for McDonald paper stress. Yeah that'd be good. I really do hope to feed a better paper. Straw honestly honestly true kind of I mean it's a step in the right direction. I just posted this thing in Vietnam. This guy took a certain type of grass that grows just like a straw and they're starting to sell it in the very that's great and yeah it's a natural the real problem on extracts my friend Will Not Barbara Cole not yeah plus extras <unk> plastic lids bags. She's really good about it. You will thank plastic from anywhere yeah good Yup <hes> all right so on then. Let's do a little let's do this. Let's do a little. I think we should do some cowboy wisdom just back to back who good cowboy. Oh and really quick disclaimer. He doesn't drink think like hardly at all like a beer like on special occasions the fact is especially bottomless Bloody Mary brunch and they had to wait an hour for us to get there and he met the owner and they were talking and drinking thinking and getting refills so this is a anomaly.

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The slurring. He claims he was not drunk just having fun yeah. Maybe that is true. It was great. We loved him. He was Loosey Goosey. Never talks this much. great guy good heart good cowboy ness and without will leave you with some wisdom ready. Don't eat mousse we pudding real men on a Barkan always carry a knife because you never without toothpicks pick up old. What about guns? Guns? Buy nice ones. Cowboy rules. We are going into a realm I did not want to go. Next door neighbors in California were gay guys. Best neighbors I've ever had. I think they're grand. That's their choice. I'm fairly added date while I was in college. zoolander dude. Chicken-fried steak, eggs overhard, and some wheat toast.  now harda would be to get that and they see turtle's nose paper Shaw isn't covered Gavitt good. You give me a real strong what fifteen minutes later if you don't suck bound Nick foles in half we done yeah. I've given you a years worth of podcast data. That's embarrassing. Wisdom. You guys could take that out and make little fortune cookies. Little cowboy hat shaped fortune cookies with the wisdoms in there <hes> we love him. Yes wonderful dad figure in our lives yep absolutely and it keeps things fun. Lots of poking poke poke poke. We have a good time all right. Well thank you for listening and we will be posting all of our show notes on our web page which is You can find us everywhere on social media.

Please take some time to go to apple scroll down and find the stars and do a quick rate in review. If you can says write a review we would appreciate it that really helps with <hes> visibility and all that jazz so we appreciate. We love our pals and everybody out there.

Let's do quick too quick shoutouts on our Facebook group. We have today....scrolling here. Let me-- Let's do it. Get this going. Do you have anything you wanna talk about? Oh How's your music album going really quick. We never followed up with that. That's fine you could go to my if you want to hear any of it. It would be at and it's got dashes between it too. Oh it does? Well go to and then go to the tablet says the freelance in the new songs that recently created set. You know it's going to be more a little bit more like a demo. Album not only had a few weeks to do it. Yes all right. I know who to shout out. I'm going this is going to be a pointed kind of shadow Brian Lee. Oh yes we have Bryan are this is the story and then Chad and Janine. You know who you are. We love you and we hope you like this episode.  Chad's dad all right. Give it all away Chad and Janine. We love you and they've been there for many fun Christmas. We love it and the kids all right. Everybody have a great week and we'll talk to you bye bye

<music>...tobacco's two hours later he was in as he jammed Queen's cavalry gene the Competition Looks Rough Two hundred twenty nine teens all young those boys with me finish purgatory to have he said you won't play it safe. Denny said hell no no with a smile on his face cowboy. So then he jumped up off that it never even ridden in some greased the saddle some rear end was slipping stopping so the the horns the parable entertained terms and created a fuss competition while they were eating their Denny said wanna let me play because they came in second in the came Freeman first cowboys and all the other boys Moan that son of a gun didn't got the silver buckle and smaller one and he also Wanna sat with six hundred cash sent it home Fedex that work that he turned fifty seven as he popped his Corona. This guy was in heaven. He said a blew into town. Install all those Arizona Boys Mongols and went back to Idaho Cowboy. Do the best as you open that door. Let's.

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