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Episode 49 - Survival of the Flattest

Survival of the Flattest
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<music>? We know. Yeah. It's you and me I'm mouse down in San Diego with the kids in the family in the whole life at home. Who are you? I'm weans. And I guess I have to qualify myself every time is single person in LA who would want. If I want to change. I wanna be like a, sir. I'm going to pick out something else that I am. A real. Magna could lay. Real magnet magnate. Your vixen who you're Mito one of those a avenger dies or whatever. Yeah. What are they men? Sorry. Yes. We the nerds squirmed. Screaming Lord that was the name of my band in high school. How are you like loving your work free life right now is this great? I do enjoy it now office show that was completely all consuming of all brain space hours of the day in done. So it's a weird shift where you're not quite or at least I'll speak for myself. But this seems to be common, but you don't quite know it to all of a sudden you have all this free time. So I guess you're probably being in school in having summer break were you're gonna get all these things done. And then you sick all I wanna sleep in grinded. Stick around just not doing anything, and you feel like you can do whatever you want. Great britain. Yeah. I mean, you've had this was Friday, and we're back to so you've had a full week. This is the full seven day week. Yeah. And so on Monday could be you're like next stage. Okay. I'm kim. Checking in full gear into a project or whatever. What do you have in mind would even to do exciting? I met with the friend producer in. We talked about the might. Musical rock musical garden, girl. I think it's good. Because originally we were going to get the money in pretty set in. Now, she said the production value, she, you know, thinks that needs to be much more money for the production value. So we're gonna see if another feeders release tablets in Pasadena. She's gonna show it to them and try to get them to produce it, which is great Maeve. Boston's something I don't even know. I haven't looked it up. Boston it sounded like Boston Globe in Pasadena, some kind of you. That sounds like that. Okay. I'm I'm blasphemous theater person. I don't know all the other people would know in San Diego theater seem better. I would. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So you're just attempt been working out here in heaven gone and done much of anything. Yeah. Living in L A gone out. You've seen some things like you showed me around, you know, like some of the comedy places, and there's more comedy. Here's what have explored. But anyways of that is good met with Riester's beautiful Santa Monica at a beautiful place called CASA del mar hotel, which is right, by shutters. Oh, yeah. It has the big grand double staircase in front or something. So what we actually shot years ago six years ago? Maybe the film just go, and we filmed a scene there. That's how I discovered that was the Adam Sandler movie, and it was all lovely in innocent little loved it. Wet scene in the movie was it there. Jennifer Aniston was there and Sandler was there. In the walk up the staircase. And I don't remember the movie at all they have meet-and-greet in the little lobby area. So I can't remember what the seat. Oh, I think they just run into each other yet cool real improvement. I love that we went there were Christmas parties shutters. There's a company that Dave is working with and they threw really big Christmas parties of your shutters, which is right next door. So we'd always start there for drink and then walk across the way. And then we'd stay in one of the rooms wake up in the morning have breakfast, by the beach is gorgeous. Yeah. Really pretty and hate to talk smack. But I think it's coming to terms of when you're actually hurting someone in win. It's just like a celebrity being an asshole. But against Gary, Busey, hangs shutters. All the time in his he claims one bar still, but he'll get really messed up like fall off the kicked out of there.

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To start ranting weird things like all redoubt, you're decrypt system. And they'll be like Gary outta here. Oh, wait a second in. I do have Gaby's he came over to that's weird. He came over to the customer when we were filming the Adam Sandler movie, he was hanging out with Sandler. 'cause they all like Sam all his buddies would sit around the monitor in. They always have one TV screen is playing sports like basketball, he loves basketball. So we always have to have a basketball court nearby. But they always play basketball one of the monitors in they watch what's being filmed on another film, monitor in the UC when they were just hanging out. Remember, and then saying there was a you could tell everyone hope you see things. Okay. Anyway, China of, you know, hundred dollar movie here, can you please? In my head. He him crust over with Nick Nolte's McNulty picture when he got put in jail, just brillo pad, ranting lunatics. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. There is something about that. Right. That wild side that makes you an actor. Maybe. I mean. Yeah, you're always it's Tom leaps like who's that real dirty barfly that we can have kind of ob- revived. His job. Yeah. They're always like depar- fi lunatic. How was it working with Jennifer Aniston? Did you ever get to talk with her or? Any? She seemed really only heard that. She's really sweet. I mean, you're kind of not supposed to be super personal etter. Now for me, at least I try not to 'cause it's disadvantage if you're starred a hundred people in the crew were trying to be friends with you you just word. So you're a banana, it's like what are you gonna talk unless you have something to talk about is job related meals. Like kind of invasive you're trying to rub elbows. So I just don't Imerys natural in. Sometimes it's not natural. You know, like seeing was cool chatting with him because he loved him, but she was sort of this. She was in the height of all Brad Pitt step. I think she was married at the time. But like the next movie she did they were getting, but she was super high profile. So every time we went anywhere that they we had actually put up tennis screens. Things that you'd have tennis Corey company come in install those and put a green fencer everything he do in public. Gosh, paparazzi everywhere. Sure, you said. Yeah. Shots will get ruined by helicopters and stuff like that. There are people hiding in trees, we were like we did a scene. Beverly Hills goes on Wilshire, but in a nicer part. And so you couldn't we do that fencing. But then Radzi would either pay people to go in the second stories or on the roofs more? They just climb up the easement like the city property that be in a tree with canon. All you do see these weird flashing cameras. And so my God. And you can't do anything because you're in a public space or how does it what do they do legally? They do have rights because it sitting property. So this happened when I was on the runways movie with Kristen what's her name? Oh, yeah. Right. Kristan, you know, who's the twilight? Yeah, Kristen I wanna see Christine Stewart yet. So she was at the height of her twilight stuff in that movie in proper. See were everywhere end. They would if she was walking like we're in a back alley downtown in. They would property was right in her face in one of the PA's production system. They're young and they're trying to protect their job is to like walk the stars from their trailer to the set in this one kit or something I think he got altercation because he was like don't get out of here in push them in the net. Guys. Like, I will see you you, you know, the public property in. I think it may turn into lawsuit 'cause they like if you hear the stories of Sean Penn punching him Rory. Poured water on their Cameron. They actually do come back and sue could see if you're in public. It's kinda curare in your own. You know, so crazy. Yeah. I had was Robert Pattinson was his name in the in that stage. She was solo or with him. Well, I think so. Okay. I'm sad. I we you don't suds good your normal. I don't know why I've gotten caught up in carrying about some of these things.

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But yeah, I think when you're just in the little suburbs. You couldn't see the stories and go that's interesting and end up falling along. I don't know. It's like a little soap opera stupid when you think about it. Because then she took up with the director who's married you. Remember that story. I think it was right after that. Yeah. Where she is a lot. He was a lot older and. Oh, joe. I don't care about this. Yeah. I know. Right. Sorry. I just want to actually I wanted you to get to the the Jennifer Aniston in a white dress story because I texted me, and you're like Joel I'm standing right behind Jennifer. She has a. Say bad things. But whatever she knew she has sure she can handle. No, let's just keep plan. But like us. Yeah. We that Indian that what I used to think was a native American fled as but apparently took DNA tests. We've no native American. But my friend does d. Go ahead. Fern calls it a German pancake us 'cause she's a German thing 'cause we have German or as my personal trainer said Jersey City. You would apple you not a pair. You. Everything's getting on the bottom of big. I loved your description of eg with little legs like one of those ceramic Easter eggs. It was just a with two little chicken legs coming out. Hey, it's nice. Jennifer Aniston is one of us. That's the stars. Just sitter her part of the family rates. Yes. Reason for that in nature like maybe if you're running away from the cheater something in the U deck, your head down in the cheetah will go across you in slide down like a slope down the rear end off the leg continue again. Skis. I was thinking it was so many years of being chased by cheetahs, and you learn to tuck your, but in so yeah, Netflix over time. It's changed evolved to those with flat asses don't get grabbed onto by their ass by Chito. So. Survival of the fittest flattest funnest in the fittest. Yes. Tell me, okay. I'm gonna quiz you. What is something that has happened this week that made you appreciate your life? Go. All the time. It's really pressure full. I know it is well we went to concert last night. And there's a lot of odorous, smells, and I was bears from the mouse pits. Very smelly. I'll just say I was happy that I have a functioning shower and deodorant in time to scrub dub. And and be pretty because. Yeah, we went to a is it all from. We'd no it was like body odor. And just like dirty people that haven't changed their clothes, wait reggae fest. Yeah. It was a reggae just concert the belly up. It was really really cool. It was Stephen Marley who I think is Bob Marley's second born, son. And he's like the only one that really sounds like him and. So good. He did some covers of his dad's stuff. And like us closure is in your like, I'm gonna Bob Marley concert. This is Bob Maria. This is what it's like it was so cool. I heard they're very nice people. The whole fam- seem like it. I mean, it was just like rest and one the one planet and just super cool except my husband. We had our drinks. We had our IP as or junior beers and some girl. This is why it's super crowded there. And this girl guy right boyfriend girlfriend kind of nudge past him. And he's got his personal space issues. He does not like crowds. He does not like traffic. He like gets angry real quick and they push past him. And I think bumped his beer something didn't say sorry stood right in front of him kind of to the side. But still he was like, dude. All right, whatever. And and then they were talking in the friends we were with their kinda loud. So everybody's like, blah, blah, talking and the girl turned around with the guy, and they were like sh-. Can you be quiet, and we're like, oh my God. We're Atacan cert-. This is like you got an RS. Yeah. I wasn't talking. I was off to the side. I didn't even know this thought it was you know, they were telling Kelly's one of the girls and Mike is the other. The other the other guy. Yeah, we were there with them. And so they were all talking Dave was talking with them. And it was like too loud.

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And they turn around said something so Dave did a little shut the F up and. Yeah. And then it was like would you say, which soon my girlfriend and? Yeah, like, you just need to apologize like we're here. I this whole stupid thing. And I didn't know what was going on. I'm watching this thing happened off to the side. And here we are one love. Space. So then he realize he apologize and he's like, yeah. I was a little drunk, and I shouldn't have done. I shouldn't have done it. So he owned it Dave owned, which is a lot for him on it. Yeah. They said sorry too. I think it was the end. Stephen. Two. Yeah. Clink? So much event with couple friends who that happens at contents. I don't remember that ever happening kids during new bump each other. Never when we were all the punk shows. We will just jump in the mind. Adults. How God it was. Yeah. And then the guy that opened for him was named ginger root, and he was ginger. Red hair, and they were all dreadlocks. I mean, huge long dreadlocks. So he was ginger root. Yeah. But it was good. Who wanted to go to both of you? It was nice the lanes bodice tickets for Christmas each Christmas. They like to do an event like gift that's a experience. So yeah, we did that. Yeah. Superfund? We all got babysitters and God is probably been so long. They even to concert. Yeah. I can't even think of the last one I've been to what about you. You do tons of music stuff. Right. When you have downtime. Not. I just don't have it in me to it's real hard to find something. That is interesting to me. He decided some people still have friends that are my age in still concerts a lot and. I don't have it in me to sit in watch someone for an hour and a half. It would either have to be real intimate space where there's not a lot of people in or the band. So amazing that it wouldn't wanna miss him. But there's only a few bands that care about now. True if operation we got back together overload great. Yeah. Things like that. That are real. I went to job rigor with my friend who loves them other good. It was like. No, I have not excited about if it were the blooming group or something that was really experiential with another band that sec doing lights inflator, but it's hard to just sit through a whole show for me. I've been maybe to so many consummately fetter. No, maybe nothing possesses me step. His dead knitting circle person. No. I'd rather pop the album in and listen to at home or my car's something because. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah. Those days are over. But everyone's same thing. Wanna play the music? It'd be great if. Yeah. Yeah. Actually, you know, what I wanted to start doing was taking the kids to concerts, cause like the thirteen year old is really a hip hop and rap, but I'm like, you know, there's more out there. Yeah. Crazy. Yeah. He loves that kids. Are there any kids aren't into hip hop and rap that are that age? It seemed I think so we have friends that are boys started to band together. The brothers started a little band, and so they like all the old stuff like Rolling Stones and all the rock things. Like that. You guys would have had to really influence with your music crate. Yeah, I guess just like let I don't know. Yeah. And for me, I like quiet house. So when they're all home, there's there's so much noise from just my kids. So if I add to that it. It sounds like this cacophony of madness. I just hate it drives me crazy. So I never play music at home. So they're ninety let music either side cut you off. We didn't really. Yeah. Amaechi school. Maybe not when I was really little. I mean, we're always playing records, and my mom and dad were only twenty two twenty three. So they were still like spin in the records. We are done. Lightfoot and all that and Christmas records Christmas music was always on. But it wasn't year round. It was probably special occasion. Yeah. Exactly that. Yeah. Or there's some houses that all the time. Right. Exactly. Yeah. I think they would rather get on the piano guitar themselves. And then we'd all play in seeing that. Yeah. I'm Paul campfires out back. And and I don't remember any of this. You're too little. This was all at the ranch when were in danville. Do good times.

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Yeah. I mean, I was a little too. We moved out of there when I was four so no five, but yeah, it's just flashes of memories. But I do remember lots of music and. Yeah. And then we have fun there. I think it was happy. Yeah. Yeah. It was good. Now. I loved her childhood. I thought we had a fun just like when I got to high school, then it got a little rough. But that's yeah. Why is that was it because parents it was because high school's just read I didn't think high schools are if I thought it was just more the stuff, but I loved high school. I made all my friends and just had a good time trying to get the grades and doing goofy stuff without getting caught. And and it all worked out. Yeah. Hated high school Haiti that's sad. But do you think it was? Because what was going on at home or was it really high school in the people in high school probably home because it started in eighth grade for me them eighth grade anything that's when things are rough. So disconnect blood into I don't know. I don't want to blame. Sorry, ma'am. It was how life is. But yeah, I think it just. Yeah. Everything was up norms at that time, right? No release happy home life with a still going down that road in hung out with the people moved out early gone to Berkeley. Timey is really grateful for all of that happy. Because if you look at the good stuff, it was like, oh, I got a whole different life experience. I got San Ramon which was kinda boring to me in went to Berkeley admit all these really interesting artists musicians. So there's a lot of really cool positive things that happen total like looking at the negative crazy product and looking at no I learned how to survive in a world at early age. I met really cool people in a sort of. I remember wanting I was excited. Leave our suburban area. Like, I was couldn't board. I think or it was just crazy. I know. Well, I think that's only natural when you're that age you want atonomy and your own control in your life, your seeking independence. And so that's the natural path. And but then the big picture, do you think you would ever end up back in a suburban area and get a house and do that whole thing or do you just you need the action of artsy community, right? I think now it would be hard to bacteria suburban areas, especially if you don't have kids or when it go to what there's something. Nice about having a quiet street. But not so crammed in next to people that. Now, I couldn't imagine buying a house right next to someone else. You've got renting in. You're in a perfect situation where you're in a good spot nice area, but walkable to all the cool little hot spots. So. Yeah, you're you've found your niche and good. But I also like I mean, you have a perfect situation where you're are not right next to anybody. You have a big yard. You're in nature like that's a deal to be. You can do anything you want with your yard. You're fixing of your own place. Do like it like the space. Well, what are you doing today? Anything citing? I am going to work on in creating this little spiritual group of Saturday mornings at seven or people will come in will create a meditation for fifteen minutes, and then some nice reading, and we can burn incense in. It's like a local place at water village. I'm gonna create the meeting structure in gonna do might play in some that off. To her with all the songs attached in might work get some zones with the guitar, Dan. He's so good. I know what do you think we should insert a couple or riffing on mouse in weans funny like cover songs? Least who. Me. Bench Yara may. You. Just a cast Intel. Dell's mouse. Your rotted black banana agrees. Just come up with that. I absolutely. Say anything.

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Have you heard ready? Lose yourself came up. I said world best songs in lieu we have to do it. You had. Which that? Massa's poems. Sweating her knees. Weaker author. Heavy this vomit on the swing already weaned spaghetti. She's nervous. But on service. She of hobbit ready dropbox. She starting then she keeps forgetting what you go. Ways open about the work. Come out joking. Everybody joking. Now, you met a master. Clean show. Raids Massin way, Lassen anime. Passing rate Joan massive lanes Masson. Now. Massin massing. Flipping talent. That's what I sing. You've got this ability to find harmony in any little soggy situation. You've got such a good brain for that knack and your voices amazing sh cream. Thank you hand. Yeah. And then your buddy is like a savant. He twenty six every song. You can tell him like Rogers and Hammerstein sound of music second song, and he'll be like. But you not mouth with the Qatar. And it's like he doesn't mess up. He knows where the notes and instantly finds the tune. It's so crazy. It's so crazy. Yeah. Yeah. Has he ever thought to do anything more than cafe gigs and stuff like what else is what's his store to you know, it's like anyone else? Who's in a allay? They moved here to hopefully, get their song on the radio not radio, but in television, or whatever or have, you know, some kind of paid gigs. Do people hire him to do any commercially kind of stuff? No it is. It's been one of the things that is really hard to figure out how to get into it. I think you either have that personality. That's like I will do anything, and I'm gonna get out there hit hard every day. Al call these people in all, but you can also be frustrating bummed out. Not know how to self promote very well. Right. Those are the people that need the managers agents. Yeah. I'm one of those contemptible. Self-promotion in get it in really hard near in the creative brain to force yourself to taking care of yourself as your own business manager, but you shift around this better. I guess that's what you would you ever consider doing some like American idol type thing or it's a contest. And I mean, he stands out his so good. Yeah. It's so weird because I can't I have no perspective anymore because of just used to play with him. Yeah. He's great. So how would you? I don't know. Let's play anybody knows some connections with Qatar and getting a really good guitarist out there. Let us know. Like may have it's amazing. But he is amazing in guess, it's just getting in a shirt hit one of these just keep doing always have faith in preparation luck. Is when preparation meets opportunity. So if you're really, right? Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. Practicing knowing your stuff and then being in the right place at the right time. Yeah. He he seems like the type where the cafe gigs are awesome. Or if anyone can throw. A song and be like, hey, play this, and he can do it. So I don't know what that is like a wedding or. Church. That's I don't know. Anyway. Yeah. It'll be neat to see. What happens is awesome? And I wanted to help him out there too. It's too difficult may have made last guys who I was in the bandwidth from pigeon lab, it was cold in San Diego.

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But they called me knowing that was working on the film stuff. Another Keti get your songs on films in. I was actually I don't have a good answer for that. I don't know. So then I called Lyle workman. Who is amazing? He does all the soundtracks for super state APPA. Can he does he got his break on Donnie Darko in? I was asking him like having a wait a second wrong. Sorry. He was on Donnie Darko was Mike Andrews, who's another friend of Fred like Andrews turned into huge composer while work. C'mon turned into huge composer, his gig was one of those small films that went bigly. Juno was one of those. That was kind of indie in the went really big now your careers superstar Bush 'cause you know what I mean? Right. Yeah. You get your your name on one could move in them. Boom. Yeah. Yeah. The that's while people get in my other friend who's more roses from but Destin Cretin creden credit. He resisted duties to hang out in film stuff in San Diego with us any would bring Ross life run projects to help with sound and stuff, and he ended up directing short called short-term twelve short film, and it got some attention from the Oscars. He submitted circled around the Indy phone thing in then the give him his big break, which shooting the glass castle. Woody Harrelson name. Why and yeah. And he was like our buddy we used to go show up. I would call him to help me do like. Neuron gigs. Would you help me shoot? This thing. It's great. But a lot of it is when you're in the world of the indie thing that flips into something bigger. In that was kind of what light workman told me, I got lucky, but you also have to kind of be out there. I told my buddies in even guitar DEA whose name is Dan Mahoney. We should say his real name. But like maybe show up at UCLA grad students who are doing their films in to get in. What's kind of little higher level projects enough to hope for that? Right. So. Yeah. Just saying yes to everything putting your stuff out there as much as you can. But then you can also say yes to this is the balance 'cause if you keep saying to shit, the doesn't pay all the time, which is kinda trapped in that people start coming to you for free. Now, you're spending week on like shot a bunch of Gober della staff, I did not get paid for any of it. And with the celebrating, its employees. I think you have to. Go. Hey, I worth getting this amount. If you can afford it in if they can't they can't sometimes they really can't, but Yvette is sitting around boundary for what you could do enough. Sometimes it's worth doing it for free in turns him something. Well, that's good in your play. You can probably sell it make some money off that or what do you think will happen without? I would love to give it handed off in. If they pick it up in wanna do that's fantastic writer credit compete as a writer. Okay. Wow. Very cool. I'm excited for you. I love this. Well, keep me in the loop of all these projects. But I wanna hear what you do with your day. What does my day look like, well, I'm editing some episodes together finally to edit anything. Ethane? I'm so excited about the audition. If anyone cares, but yeah, it's super fun. It's like learning a whole new coming from graphic design, the whole adobe, suite, you know, there's Photoshop and all that. So I know how to work in those environments, but this is sound this is so different. And I also learned that adobe premiere for our little movie, we did our the summer with the boys are Ilene movie. And it's really, yeah. It's fun. It's neat. Just watching different tutorials. And figuring stuff out. And watching you. You're the first one that showed me how to do stuff. So now it feels. Yeah. I think I think I sure I'm doing it. The long way like I'm sure there's a lot of shortcuts. I don't know. But I don't know. I think it's worth doing it. But yeah, it's fun. I like learning new skills. It's exciting. Like, I get excited to sit down. And do it can't believe I'm saying that. But no this exciting you have control over something into put music and fun. Yeah. And then the other days this week that I couldn't edit I was in the school garden doing our lessons. So we had six classes I had to reschedule a ton because of the rains, so it was just a lot of back-back lessons, but we're doing a whole unit on soil again.

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So the kids are digging for worms they're learning about compost. We're talking about recycling and we're doing soil tests. So we're taking chunks of soil from different areas and testing for nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and learning about ph and all that good stuff. But yeah, it's really cool. It's a it's a whole like kind of agricultural thing mixed with nutrition and science. So it's cool. It's good brain. Thing for me. Always keep that science side going this turn into a job right there thinking about we're hoping employees well in some. Yeah. I hope it turns into a job because I do have to get the paycheck like we talked about. And I've been looking at Pertemps jobs at local nurseries because I still wanna work with plants and gardening. And I wanna learn more, but I wanna paycheck. So if we can blend that with the school garden, that'd be great. It really does need someone to lead it, and it is a true position. It's like, you're creating curriculum, and coordinating all the teachers and students eight hundred fifty kids at the school teaching all this kids four different major lessons in each lesson has three different centers. So it's like they're learning twelve lessons every year of something gardening and nutrition in science, so yeah, there's a lot going on at that. And it's cool. I love it. I just. Yeah. I'm getting a little bit burnt out knowing I could be spending my time doing stuff for money. So yeah, there's also something a remember reading it was a spiritual dude lake Deepak Chopra someone like that. But it was a no Marianne Williamson. Have you ever heard her book return to love she's running for president by the Marianne Williamson? She's super cool had a very she has the quote that says like, you know, if you shine as a child doesn't people around you will also there's a famous quotas great will insert that all onto Ono. What's happening? Talkers over physical. I'll find it would be a little fact check. You're playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking. So that other people won't feel insecure around you, we are all meant to shine as children, do it's not just in some of us. It's everyone, and as we let our own light shine. We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same as we are liberated from our own fear. Our presence automats liberates others from Marion Williamson from a return to love. And it's a beautiful, but point you should be paid for your placing value on yourself in. It's not that holy to be like eldest keep showing up for free in justifying like you should be paid for. What you feel you deserve to be paid for his very profound. What do you think? Yeah. I think well, first of all I can barely hear you. I don't know if you fall into your coats or something, but you got a whole data to deep spiral. Did you hear it happening? You can hear railing no down in drain, but literally like your volume I can barely hear you right now. You're very muffled. I don't know that was loud. I agree with that. Yeah. There's about. So I've given many years of straight at volunteer work. Now. I need the balance of not doing all volunteer stuff all the time. So that's it. Yeah. I agree. Good marianne. Yeah. So we'll see I hope it turns into we're trying to get the whole school district caught up to where like the Ensenada school district is even the San Diego unified school district. They all have garden programs, they pay their coordinators, and then of course, you see Santa Cruz will whole Santa Cruz area. Berkley all the California areas seem to have gardening as a big part of the school curriculum. So we're trying to catch up over here in powei, and we already do the garden to plate. We, you know harvest deaf. And we put it in the cafeteria everything goes, not everything, but a lot of stuff goes to the salad bar, and if it's not going to celebrate we eat it in the garden during the lessons, and we learn about the nutrition, and and that's a huge component. And the, you know helps the teachers teach it's actually considered PE physical education nutrition. So yeah. I think finally were really carrying about nutrition friend Barbara Cole does herbal programs called lean green kids in her whole mission is to get she's vegan. But it's to get vegetarian say plant based meals into school lunches. Yeah. Have a meat alternative beans as protein instead of me him.

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She's doing really well. She's overrun she lives in oceanside. But now still five to Secretario. She's getting it implemented schools. See need to talk with her in. Yes. Something out 'cause we're kinda doing similar tracks of of trying to change the school system in the way of thinking we're trying to bring in a big recycling center. So that school lunches, you know, all the milk cartons where the go, and we can take all the banana peels and stuff like that. And put them in this big worm bin, and we do Verma composting. So we're trying to get that up and running and it's a it's a learning. It's too. He has to have this. It will forever. Be in your blood in body to know how to do this. We might be moving into a culture of we need to learn how to far for ourselves as we're outsourcing all of our will. Yeah. And it's scary to think all these firms are so corporate, and then there's like the seed issue Santo Santo the worst company in the whole interior university of they are trying to put a patent on every seed that is being seated turns into I mean, they're they're basically running little farmers out. So they can own all plants vegetables. Basically that you grow putting patent on them. It is horrible crazies. So yeah, there's a huge effort to do these seed, libraries, I've been to few of them where people go and trade seeds, and they need to be kind of like heirloom seeds exceeds that you know, where you got them from. So if you can kind of trace it back and be like, oh, yeah. These are from the tomatoes that my grandmother grew in her. Her little yard in New Jersey around the turn of the century. And we've just kept him going, then that's fine. You can use your heirloom seeds. So yeah, it's important to really try to grow a lot of heirloom things. But otherwise see it serious big otherwise cut you off. Sorry. But yeah, they are trying to put a patent on Z's in. They will somehow if your seed blows over this happen to a guy who was an old farmer in his seeds. They blow over the fence. So now the blue over into the property of the Monsanto's because trying to buy up all this land. Whatever now that seed has become hybrid with the other ones that therefore they claimed it was theirs in ran. This guy's farm out. Like, he's been doing his whole life and. He lost all his with the lady to be a farmer doing that all over the place. It's a big problem. Debbie heard about this. Not that was sorta talking guess. Yeah. I think I saw well I saw a documentary. I think called seed on look it up, but a lot of this stuff, and they show this big seed storage facility in the North Pole. I think and they keep it, you know, everything on ice underground because if there ever is like a huge global disaster, and we lose our seeds for some reason. What are we going to do for food? It's kind of crazy to think about but. Yeah, that and then, you know, all the chemicals and pesticides. And they've finally band round up from they don't sell it in Costco, anymore, which is like a huge thing. 'cause everybody just buys round up, and then sprays all there's we. And it's yeah. It's killing off beneficial bugs and beneficial plants it's just messing with the whole ecosystem. Yeah. So anyway. Yeah. A lot of education out there. And we're trying to do our little part in these little kids brains and just even recycling. Like, where's this going to go in a landfill to recycling center? Can we repurpose it, you know, and they're getting it? It's cool. They're really excited about it. And we hope the message gets home to the parents. That's the problem is you know, you can teach these kids about nutrition and good food as much as you want. But if the parents not buying it, then, you know, I think you still are planting a seed in the kids brains three like the old may become back to that on their own. They're willing giving them the power of of knowledge and of choice to if they're at a lunch loan, and they understand, oh, there's the garden food versus, you know, the frozen peas, I don't know. Yeah. They're making good choices now and. That's impairing the peace not much, but just you know variety and learning about other things like these kids love BOK Choy like I had one mom come up and go on and on and on about how her family, no eats so much BOK Choy. She cuts up the stems and put some in the kid's lunch as if they're celery sticks and it's like their new favorite food. They never would have known about it had it not been for the garden. Kale's a huge thing. Kale chips? Apple chips. We have a big dehydrated. So we made like all these kale chips chips kids. Love those, you know, just different varieties of vegetables and getting kids into cabbage. We're gonna do cabbage for Saint Patrick's Day. Yeah. So it's fun.

00:45:01 - 00:50:03
It's cool. I wish we had that growing up. Yeah. It's fun. So we had. Yeah. Hoagies in coroners. We had we had a. Essays? I also was talking about this with someone that we had so many cute little cartoons with commercials. You know, don't drown food in Manhattan. Mustard goop. What was that song? Do you remember? Yeah. And like rusher teeth, yuck. Mouth. Call me because the brush sweet all these healthy school schoolhouse rock tentative, teaching us helping us in our morning Kerr tunes, and there's nothing like that for kids much anymore. I don't think, you know, the message that are healthy. I don't know maybe PBS, but then your kids grow out of watching K P B S, or, you know, Sesame Street type stuff wonder screens watching John sina. Yeah. And then like sexy pictures come up on the side. And it's like, yeah. Dad happened to me I was watching Jerry Potter, but you can watch these free online and my cat, of course, stepped on the computer. You show and it went right to weird lake Japanese animated porn where there is just a lady it a big old weird like beast Dingaan on the screen 'cause I'm just watching 'cause you could type in like watch Harry Potter free, online them. They have all these ads, but my cat step on closed at the movies on my big screen. It was just like oh. Like, we're japane-. But anyway, I'm just saying my point is that weird stuff. Pops up all the time. I know it's so scary awful. I know my poor kids. It's like, I'm sure that their ten year old has seen it. I hope so. Yeah. You gotta think that he's seen it though, you have to probably not insulate it just. I know I'm sure he's looking at stuff. I'm sure he's retouching Harding educate, and we do check in his phone at night. So it can't be the late night hours of alone in my room kind of stuff. So no screens in the bedrooms. Does it? Do. You have the toxic really talk about sex and protection. This is the time. They're doing it. Even if they're sweet, I don't know I've seen so many parents that are like. Still in denial even though the very smart in hip parents still a little bit in denial that their kid would be doing that. I know I guess I must happen as a parent. Right, right. Yeah. I mean as soon as they start getting the girlfriend, I think would be the phase that it would start to matter. But he doesn't couple of girls of thought he's cute, and I o I took him to high school or an tation. Did I tell you this? Yeah. We went on was it Wednesday. And it was so cute. It was so cool. I mean, he parked walked up, and I had Charlotte with me. And then he was on my other side. And I mean, just why'd I d- when we walked on campus. It's just so big. And he was like, I don't know where to go mom. I'm like, I don't either those just follow the people and find some signs so we walked in we walked into the gym. And it was amazing. It was his huge high school gym with all banners everywhere and the drumline is down in front two in. It was just like this is real this is happening. Big like spirit rally kind of feeling and. Just brought me back. I'm like, oh my gosh. I can't believe this is happening might like scalp was all Tinguely like you get to go to high school. This is so cool and you're gonna see excited super excited yet. And then we found his best friend. So we walked onto them the whole time. And we went to all the tables had set up all the different activities and groups, and he went up to the autoshop table because he and his buddy love cars, and so they're going to take autoshop together. So and then marching band, they're both going to do marching band. So it's cute. I think it's funnier for him. And he was pumped. He was kinda like proud of himself. It was cute. Yeah. So great. Yeah. Well, if he's involved in Bantu that specially that's nice direction at some little glue that holds you to rate. Yeah. And I think it really puts you on track to for the have to travel together, and do these competitions and stay on the up and up and get to school really early practice. And so I think it will keep him. Definitely busy busy playing saxophone. Yeah. That's awesome. After my right. I know it's so cool. I mean, he could be oca- uncle Bernie. Yeah. I know love this Bernie is mouses. What would you call him to you is my health ongoing love, I don't it is to me his great uncle in law going, but he's like ninety now.

00:50:03 - 00:54:50
Right. Oh, I think ninety eight like he's right around a hundred. Yeah. And he was in World War Two and the whole thing he's got all these stories, but he is saying sex effect the whole time he's got his playing big bands. Right. Yup. He's got his PHD in music. And so they call him the doctor, and he her doc, that's his nickname any teaches at the schools in the area right up until a couple years ago. I think he finally stopped, but he still does private lessons and yet clarinet and saxophone. So he's Oliver. As time. We get together. You gotta do this. It's cute. Yeah. Toby practice a lot. He doesn't we need to get a mistake at home. He just uses the one at school because he doesn't like hoisting it up in onto the bus in back home walking one. Yeah. Well, now that we know it's going to. Yeah. Yeah. Now that we know he's doing marching band. Well, we'll get get him. So it was just because he will. I know it's so hard to. Yeah. Did you? Yeah. You love sex phone, right? But but you jumped around on different instruments than found saxophone later. I was influenced by keep boy as that's everything might like, oh this guy named Dan was playing love me tender in. He was two years older canyon on this act suppose I wanted. Oh, so I learned Mr. Mehan my third grade teacher. He was the best. He was so excited. It was playing sax 'cause he did too. I think he taught all instruments, but he was like became a big mentor guy. He's so excited. I learned how to play let me tender, and I just called sale of you in the hut. Cross bunting to remember queer. Just exercising wins. Yeah. But man, once I started latching onto this cool songs. I was in a different world. I love it. Yeah. I just looking back at all our family pictures. There's little ones your pigtails and your saxophone, but then you many sex pictures could it be violent. And you're the big flow tickets. We heard more like you stuck two years longer and actually volved I jumped all over. Well. Yeah. Went from third grade to eighth grade. And then I stopped, but yeah, it's fun. It's it's in my brain. I can pick up a flu in look at music. And if it's pretty basic notes, I can still play like all right? Let's do it. Let's you insert. I don't want to know. Yes. You have to do it. And I did this phone. I already did. Insertive flute. I did I answered my flute my banner day it. Remember, you don't even listen to our episodes back to you. Where was sorry missed it. Okay. It was when we talked about the gophers. I was the pied piper. Leading can you? Can you put that one back in? It's awesome. Well, anyway, I think we're probably at our time. Yeah. We may be like did that. Yeah. I can't tell but. My birthday's coming up in ten days. And it's on mom's birthday. So I need to send her gift is tree Britney's nothing. Pre time. I want to come up with you. And we'll go out to dinner and have fun. That's what I want. I love you roving Puckett's, which do driver on Puckett's. Okay. Your friends who drive around. What is is cold? Oh, do you need a red? Do you need a right? Do you need a ride question, Mark? Yeah. Chris Fairbanks and Karen, kill Gareth of my favorite murder. And they're part of this new network that they started the my favorite murder folks called exactly right media. I think and so yeah, this got picked up by them. And it's great. I love them. So. I of you town. Look at all of our stuff on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, please be lovely than that Negga refund. Any would support us to Elsom, please tell your friends that's the number one way we can get out there. If you take anything that we have on social media and just share it. We would love the mean a lot. Thanks, guys. Thank you. Really you can exit. Qatar Dan's housing. Way

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