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Episode 45 - Paw Paws and Bloody Shows

E45  Paw Paws and Bloody Shows
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We are doing a little intro here intro to the intro because we put this episode altogether. And it was really long so we're going to cut it into two parts to. Yes. So what you're going to hear today's part one. And we will be talking about weans bully on my God. Well, maybe boy, we'll see. Anyway, it's lots of back and forth. And and then we get into everybody's favorite subject. PMS ludd. And periods in Tampa on talk. But ladies, something we need to talk about it does happen, and that's pretty much it. Then we jump into a whole new subject on the next episode. So you'll have to stay tuned. Now. Investigating. Zipper. Hi, mouse and weans everybody. Look, I'm house. I'm the old sister in San Diego with all the old kids and old boobs. Who are you also got old boobs, but in their vailable? This and. I like your show. Thank you. How's how's the the boy hunting Newsday's? It's gotta take him sort of go into in a row you. Roy you. Radio. Like, it's a dry. There's like a blizzard in there with like some kind of cacti things like crawling across king for a wet anyway Inoue's this weight. No, you said ROY you were you thinking trae you from the story from the never ending still. Yeah. Member that guys. That's the desert version of that movie. Yes. Yeah. I know the kid son. Does he? Yeah. Good metron. Elliot looks like a train. No, elliot. Looks like the storyteller boy the little blow. He has. You're right. Okay. Let's got him. Glad we are a setback in. So really no action on the on the dinky front. Thinks in twinkle anything not so much. I did go to a hokey party where a hat. This gentleman is. I'm looking at nerves after swallow. He was a Agung a young brute, and he he found me on I dropped a friend off and a place in he knew the friend. And so he'd looked me up on Facebook and said, I'm not my cat just opened the door with her. I'm in the closet, by the way. We go back. So you dropped off a friend in this guy like peeked out and saw you drop them off in was like who's that? I think he was speaking at this of macgyver cat. Okay. That was big interruption. She hates when you talk about boys cat stepped on the computer stopped recording. Sorry. Yes. That's right back to the boy. So you drop someone off in the eye drops off the guy, you know, was there he we had a brief conversation. He knew someone I knew and then we sink by. I could tell you a little HANA might tip. You know, you feel it. A hot a hot hand on your tail but metaphorically, so that's what I felt but from the breath and. You got the zingy emotion. Breath was good. Anyway. So I say goodbye, I didn't have much of a reaction to own that in. Then he looked me up on Facebook neon. Devils tool. That's do say in case, you didn't know. But just kind of look me up in an started chat me up, and it was a little back and forth, like doom take them a Stocker, but I figured out your name and high, blah, blah, blah. And then I go home K. That's so interesting is acute. I gotta go to the physical stuff. Like, yeah. He's kind of he's cute. Little hesitation there. Well, I couldn't really tell because I wasn't looking at it's of dark. So I didn't quite know. And then I said he seems like in the network Tim up on Facebook. And then I thought it was ten years younger than me.

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But it turns out he's the same age. And then I beg your we did a little back and forth stupid instant messenger thing. And then stupid. That's fine. That's the way they're doing these days. I guess it's a little impersonal in my opinion. But I guess you have to do that. I see you like each other that way, then the next big step is the phone call, which is kind of where you get to know someone and just how they are which you know, you could be really swath on the text tip. But then Huckabee suave techs, I think he like if you put lots of. Jackets and mysterious sunglass emojis. This wall. Thanks, some plumbing some. Yeah. Twiddled mustaches. He's you mustaches after every comment like do you do sound fun twist? Hey, catch my attention for sure too. So back and forth back and forth. And then he said he was in Ohio. And I wrote I disclaim copies did some fun facts of Ohio for Wikipedia. It was like all the low finger league state and the totally swamp. It's funny Turks. I thought it was. And that I was like, oh, did, you know, your population as six million, and you what? It was interesting. Okay. So I guess he didn't like in the funniest thing. Their national flowers called the Paul Paul. So I put all that information. So he had something to talk about amongst his relatives. And you don't say. Okay. So first of all your cooling Wikipedia hanging like searching Hiault like that's kinda Stocker. He isn't it or? No, no. He said he was in Ohio. So I go I won't here. Maybe here some fun facts that you could you just talk to your friends about with finger lakes heard ago hurt I thought it was very hilarious national fruits called the Paul Paul. I was. Was like joke. That's good Puckett's having crickets. And then I ran into him at a New Year's Eve party which sparked it all up again. And then he called the hour and a half conversation. Everything was fine. I'm trying to bring us to the did you bring up a home imposing why just stare neck him up. Did you obviously know reduc whom I was a little offended. I didn't want to mention I who was it. For him home. On me, and my brain is squishing long week. I. Okay. And talked everything seemed fine. No one brought up Ohio. And then and then think. Now. And then like he took a picture a next picture means of tiger. And then sent the big to me that night was chitchat chitchat and then called me. And so I talked to for an hour to half. It was a very long an in depth conversation. He was like oh Harvard like you're very fascinating person. Julie. And it was like will. Yeah. I know. And then. We went back and forth on text and then dropped off the face of the earth again. And then right? See ten days later and says sorry, I haven't contact you a went into kind of a black hole. And it was like is the her name. I think he's got a girlfriend. Don't you doesn't it sound like crow friend. He just. Yeah. Like he had time to talk for a while. But then the dropping off the face of the earth. It's like she came back into town or some probably mean, it's. Acities dirtbags. Really? Oh, yeah. Every. Come on. I mean. I don't know if we're clean normal person may would probably have already. Clean. I clean be nice. And also would be face and. Girlfriend. Liz. Weightless would be nice to have hit on by Mary guys lately. Jeez. Oh, we need to go into some point when it's safe to me do so anyway, and then I just kind of lost interest in that. I went to karaoke party. And he was there to he's friends with the same kind of circle. So and then it was like, hey, no comment haven't tucked ITO in then afterwards.

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He text me. Again. It was would she do? Wait. Did you talk at the Curio key party? Well, it's hard when everyone's singing Panthera. Super loud and. No. So that's when you pull him up in your sandy. He's Danny any do do it to get, Dan. And I even asked him because I was being the bigger person. And I was like we should do. It is totally Crips in heart music. I don't know why. And I think he likes fish is one band that he really likes which I feel about the I feel nothing in listened to fish in. I I can't say that I got into it. It's real Jambi, Andy like Jim band extraordinary. I know I don't know enough about him to have a huge opinion accepted. Did not grab me. I don't know if people like fish is that a sweeping statement. Sorry. I take that back. That's not true. But I don't know. I mean, the only be my new or the ones that came on the subway New York, and it's like a Grateful Dead concert that sub agrees. I just thought it was like a weird hippie party that someone could. You're all shape that like all of a sudden in New York, everyone's just in black and in all of a sudden this big like clown train happens. This. Oh, we're that party. It's either Cirque du Soleil over fish consul. Yeah. So so anyway, I guess if you like, you know, forty eight hour songs on. I'm just kidding. I'm sure they're great. While you're sleeping. Anyway. So I don't know what to make that. Oh, look at you just wrote me he just wrote. Right. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Okay. Read it. What's it about on Nove here? Kaz this remember, okay? Now, he knows what right now, disrupt. God. Well, okay. So I had texted before we were going back and forth. This has been a four day process now. But you know, who cares? It's the fi- care. I care. This is what it said. I said after the Kariuki good singing lesson in hope you did that show you mentioning he's playing a gig. He's Qatar also playing the silver lake. Funk fest. I have no idea what it's called Silverlake show where you play guitars, and I said that was super cool karaoke. I'm sick. So kind of sounded like a dying cat, but what is? That was like that he put a mustache after that. And this is what he said I wanted to directly address this disappearing prick. So I said anyhow. It just like a little bee pops out and then a few. Anyhow, I this is me, anyhow, I didn't write you back on your last text because I think you kind of dropped off the face of the earth. The first time we talked then again, Twas a little confusing, but August was see you. Yeah. Because I'm a dork picker swamped kidding. Also, put a mustache behind known. Happy sunday. Okay. The reason I did that I was over the guy because I wanted to find curiosity always gives me into trouble as a cat were Ellison wonderland. I'm always curious. Why people behave the way the new so normal people. It'd be like fact this guy a move on. I am like I wanna find out. Why some does? Yes. Much better reporting. Yeah. Yeah. Because it's better fodder. So so then this is how he addresses the fact that he disappeared twice even though he reached out to me made big efforts to track me down twice. Okay. Then dropped up in this is how he addresses what I said. Likewise, good to see. You you sounded great. It's Kariuki sorry to hear your sick. I was sick basically all month in putting my life back together. But I'm onto that was kind of an excuse for why he didn't write back right at the end. He just threw it in there, or do you think he didn't adjust it at all? I think he didn't address it at all. Then he said on season for game of thrones. So it was good for something. I guess I think it's pretty faces to vice. And then be like, yeah. I was sick. But I watch movies anyone trying to change the subject he wants to pivot talk about the thrones. I mean, if any normal person who was like emotionally adult it would be like, yes.

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Sorry about that. Here's the reasons why I disappeared. I mean was that some normal tear you asked a direct question? But the news started talking chitchat about karaoke. So now he went to check Curio he has to him. I said the karaoke. I then I said, anyhow, I didn't write you back on your last Tech's because I think you kind of dropped out the face of the the first time, we talked then again was a little confusing. But all good was nice to see you. I guess I kind of said well told good, but, you know, the pretty direct right? It might. Yeah. That was very direct knees. Not answering. Set basically sick all month in putting link back together. Anyway game of thrones. Like, I think that's not a very emotionally mature person. Yeah. Right. See cut him off. You didn't back while of course, wrote back. Glad you're better to maybe I can remain sick for enough time to catch up to you. I haven't seen any geo t either. Like this. He. The very good audio emoji. I like that. Thanks. Okay. But he took the bait. Now he pivoted with him. No, your small talk human thrown seeing which is fine. That's good. That keeps it light. And good luck on one hand. It's binge -able because of the cliff hangers on the other I've had to take breaks because it's pretty dramatic do have access to I've a magical device that provides every TV show in movie, man. I commend I need ethical device. What is it? And then he writes, it's a magical secret in the nightmare on the mystery. Alright until it goes to who some Mike I don't wanna play this game. Then he goes everything Julianne movies that are still in production. Ella will almost. I said, ooh. And then that was also gonna to be the less pressure rate. The text I'm gonna stop that. 'cause I'm always like doing wanna leave him hanging. So I wrote like. And then. The need is right for like three days in the goes. What are you doing? And then I wrote. This is how swab I because I sometimes just go on my voice text when driving because what are you doing at are making any kind of old? And I go oops. My voice, text, I meant to say making a credible television. What are you doing? And then he just wrote speak more. Clearly, I'm at an cool the mood. She was sunglasses and then high medic conference in Vegas, guess what? Not texting back. Yeah. Leave him hanging hanging there with the sunglasses cool Vegas guy. Yeah. Good speak more. Clearly fuck off. I'm sorry. But disguise is acute. I asked that you said, he's pretty cute, right? Yeah. Keep coming back to that. There's somebody out of advocate boy. Well, dang, okay. So that it is he's he's got some side stuff going on which is fine. Maybe he's just dating in European just dating so people get busy for three days in. He keeps coming back. Are you looking for advice or you just wanted to read that to me? Yeah. Sure. Give advice. Yeah. I would play like you don't need him. Don't want him. Let him really chase. You would be the little mouse. Mouse. But just play the game. He wants to be a hunter let him hunt. You and don't give them a lot. I don't want to give a rut. Yeah. Be yourself. But don't be a lot of yourself like two little snippets women. Don't really wanna be myself. Oh, I do. I am. I. I been quite found the problem. Oh, by the way, we need to take a quick break to listen to our friends podcast. Check out. A non mom. Happy hour is the podcast that celebrates real ass human women, whether they use their baby vox or not hosted by Kelly nerds, Zillah mendenhall, and Debbie Joe Nelson, a non mom happy hour is a safe space to talk about mental health trauma, disordered eating surviving and self care. We talked about it all while laughing as much as possible.

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Because if you don't laugh, you'll cry each week is a new episode and every other week the interviewed that ask women from around the US in the world, if you like to laugh feel like you've never fight fit into most lady groups or podcast because you're not a mom or a mom who needs a break from mommy for an hour. You should come. Hang out with us, a non mom happy hour, bringing healing through laughter and community streaming basically everywhere you could possibly want to find us. Remember, always be a real s human to check out the podcast. Visit a non mom happy hour dot com. There you go deserve friends. Please check them out. Thanks. Yeah. We recorded that other stuff in spin. I know we us in between our break there. But sorry, I was in a funny mood with your cat. I feel bad. I I love your kitty. You told me later you PMS. Yeah. Everything was bothering me. That's right. Yeah. Sorry. I am much better. Now that has passed and we're on the road PMS. It's not bad. It's just like I just get bothered, and it's like a day of I get bothered by everybody. And then I'm fine. Yeah. That's it. But yours is like dudes yours is like a lot of getting bothered by people for a long time. Right. No, I think it's better. Now, I think things are changing in good. I have less time. If I don't notice it if I'm really busy. Then I think it's, but I can usually tell or get real dark and start talking about. I don't know what the point of anything is. I don't know what the point of my life is. I don't know what I'm doing how my this old and figured out everything. And when I start thinking like that, that's what I know. It's PMS really. So you don't think it's like official depression or anything like that? It's just I don't really think I'm depressed. Good. I don't think I don't think you are. I'm saying this now because I feel relating all on your your bloody show. That's what they call when you're pregnant, and you get your I like your plug comes out and plops into the toilet. They're like bloody show. It's all happening. Signed him. You're water picky. I know it's gross. So anytime period. Now, it's been like fifteen years Dave's always, oh, it's the bloody show. Because okay. This is a Baresi. But I used the old school Tampax tampons, and I was sold on them. I think just because mom always bought them for us because cardboard applicator kinda like floats out and dissolves. What do we know my tampon applicator you can put it in the toilet? And then it opens up in it like is flushable. Right. So it's this big cardboard flushable thing turns onto paper pretty much, and so but sometimes all the toilet. And I need to let it expand before flush it, and then I walk away. And I forget Dave walk into the bathroom. It'd be like bloody show. Bat wing of bloody. Sorry. Poured marriage. So gross. How do you keep it sexy after you have on a bloody shoes? Don't you just you just hope and pray that they still want to stick it in you? That's that's stuff. Stop talking like that. I don't think you'll go clean up in like two fancy lingerie night. Do you ever have those impale sometimes, you know, put on the outfit or religion a big display of I'm taking issue? Sure. It's it's exc- when you do a little operatic old lady. It's awesome. But. Yeah. Now, he it's it's fine. Everything in that department is off good which is crazy because the poor guy had to stand with baby number one. He sat he had to hold my legs and helped me push like in the in the hospital like he saw the whole thing. And it was many many many hours of expansion and contraction and he saw it all and I thought oh God. That's it. He's never or never going to have a exciting sex life after this. But somehow. Okay. Something I don't know fairmont's. Great. Yeah. Maybe you just chose a good Fairmount guy. You guys both sink. No. Yes. No. I think so. Yeah. Every once in a while, he'll snuggle down the armpit. I think he secretly likes it. See I know gotta sniff out. You dudes? It's I know.

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I have you been with people who have like a weird sent. And you just can't do it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. To icke. I remember you had that about a friend of ours that we both knew that you said he just has a bad head smell like you. Call the head small. I've never shaken that up to that. It's good because it relieves that person find their match. Love that head smells gonna be potpourri dish. That's right soak it into those Nashville's lady. Get in there. All right. So filming and you told this whole story in the last little chunk that you happen to the the camera guy. It's been texting you keep hearing buses using talk. I'm on one of those like eleven person group chain things, and it drives me as you've about going to. Like, it's an knitting party. Like, if you don't know how to knit we'll just have tea and knit. And this is the sign. Oh my God. Okay. Okay. Wait, let's play catch up because not only are you invited to knitting party tea party. You've also decided to do. Oh, God, you just tell. I don't wanna talk about that early. Okay. Vol. You're getting back into the dating seem. So now that has wrapped up I forced myself to hitch. The rookie is now raft right? Right. We gotta rap. We rent reps. Forgive me, W R E tone. How is how is the last couple of days like what they do for his awful capping? What do they do? Really? Well, I mean, I worked like a fourteen hundred day with one of the guys I was supposed to be there is support. And somehow I got the shaft in onset for fourteen hours, and it was supposed to be the big last couple days. And then a westie was just being a couple of dudes in the office. Couple of the guys didn't show up and it was kind of like where? Sorry. But everybody just kind of like take off because they're like, well, screw it. It's done. I don't know. Goes to the guys are staying for another week to do the paperwork, but they like they want everyone off the clock as soon as possible. So we don't have anymore anything to film. So they justify getting the three of us. And they just have the main die in his right hand, man. Good so good. Yeah. Feel good. Was it a big hurrah? Are you going to do the route party? What are you going to do? There's a wrap party on Tuesday. And it's so funny. They used to always have reps on the weekends. And they were kind of lavish and cool and open bar and at a cool fund, please. And now on these. Well, I don't know if it's television or if it's just certain it's on a Tuesday from like seventy nine it's like our. At one of the bars. James, and we but ABC this is like they hosted the Oscars the route three million ads for all the new ABC show's coming up. So maybe it's shown particular sometimes it's an actor. I don't know if I believe this though, 'cause it's happened on the less three shows. I think what's happening is these shows have gotten more corporate people who are like looking at all the expenses and trying to figure out a way, you know, just it seems like it's all about money, whereas before it was more morale, and you know, keenum evil, happy give him an I don't know. Because last one on Monday night the day after we earn knows on a it was a day after we wrapped the show, and it was on a day that this man on earth wanted to come not that one. It was something else. But yeah, it was like mid week everyone's exhausted. I'm getting a call from San Diego. I wonder if. Ooh, israel. No because. Okay. Yes. Okay. You want to hear okay? Yeah. Okay. No. I don't want to do do not really he won't know sh. Just hang up. We we this is the photographer guy. I don't know the text ego that you just talked about. Okay. I'm pretty sure he's in San Diego. I haven't talked to this guy since the last time. We did this really is it. Every time. We talk house. She calls. Oh, we have our. All right to we'll shoot text him and say textile via Skype. That's the only way you can talk right now. I can't explain I don't want to do this. Because you shouldn't have someone doesn't never being recorded on a parentis. Tell them really quick my sister. And I am recording a podcast to join here. I'm going to see what this might be like a Bill collector. Hold on. All right.

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All right. We're going to see. Yeah. That was the dude. So he just called in. But what's the point of asking him questions? This is weird. This is. It's weird because tough on the dating life. I'm sorry. I know. No, no. But to put a microphone in front of somebody. Okay. What are you thinking right now tell our fans is of going to kill a dating life, isn't it? I don't care. I think. What do you mean? It's already. Did you kinda wrote him off like, okay? He's playing me. Don't you? Rickie pops up and disappear. I don't care for that sort of willy nilly be. I. I'm going to admit Midi party. Why can't for that? We lead merely behavior where to look you off. With my friends and also go to a tea party. Family piecing. You don't try to stand? So. Oh, well, shoot. But we gotta find the real story. What's his what's his deal? Don't you want to hold his feet to the fire? Just ask him, would you? Okay. What's going on? You've got a girl on the side. You just want to like see where you can stick it. Right. I don't know. I don't know is a deeper than that here. Well, what would be the purpose of interviewing this poor unsuspecting character? A well if you really don't care about them than let's think of him as an interviewee that you just want to find out. What's your deal? Why are you being so evasive and? Do you have a girlfriend on the side? This is no that's too weird and confrontational barely know. The guy like it just this is what I would say. Okay. Nothing. Because I don't really care that much. I don't want to chase someone who pops in every couple of weeks, and then disappears, and he's already I'm already I'm not interested in any more would have given him a chance. And then he brewed it twice. So I'm just using him purely for entertainment purposes, you're used to say. Yes. See system. Sorry. Okay. Well, we'll just what are you gonna do? Then just let them keep hanging on. He's in the friend zone. He might be a friend. And that's it. I can't. I'm lost respect. You know what I'm saying? I mean is that being too harsh? Am I being too harsh? No, no. You're not up for playing games. That's totally fair. Invalid and in good and strong of you. I I concur. Okay. Yeah. I just don't want to deal with guys who are emotionally immature. Why would you want to deal with him as a friend? I mean, maybe he doesn't even maybe I don't want that either. I kind of I might run into he's in the same social circle. But. To keep things civil see. I wanna make it into cats. Big circus right now, I just want to see what's going on. Oh, speaking of circus. How is go after podcast? Did he ever listened? Was there repercussions from that? I don't think. So I don't think he ever listens. I think he I think most of my friends once again do not care about well except for my good friends. The people are really cool, but most of the acquaintance he kind people are not listening. I'll bet because very inter- own Kurt, you know. Perfect ten. Yeah. Good. Good smack that whole. Please look up on social media on Twitter on Instagram on Facebook and reach out show us your love, that'd be so cool reach with your arms and your mouth and your leg feeders to typing knows it really. There is like algorithm though to get found. So the more action we have on ratings reviews in sharing the better, we do and we would love that. In new weeds. They could. And.

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