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Episode 43 - Love Stories

E43  Love Stories
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Hot in Hollywood doing her thing. What are you doing? Thanks for calling me that. Appreciate it. I haven't been of. Oh, yeah. I was hit on recently. Oh, we happened. All right. This is our love episode. We're get to our topic of love. But I want to catch up real quick. But wait. So this ties in! Tell me! Tell me what happened? I wish he would have kept talking. I can't tell you now because it's what I just told you off the year. It's a sordid story about someone in the workplace. Did someone. Let's see what else I got picked up on by a guy who does not have Whoopie with his girlfriend of many many years. She's got some kind of problem, and it was long hugs and long talk about how he can't do it. But he loves her emotionally along talk about he could probably have SEM side. About how things are really nice and great. Oh, lordy. And Wong is said. What do you do that you you just ran out? Yeah. I just made that would. And I don't think is attracted to me anymore. Really? He just killed it right there. And then it's all you have to say everybody do that noise with me. Ready? The run with your Fred Flintstone fear. Right. Yeah. To make this out of the foot underneath and that's down came out. So I turned that into story 'cause it's like. Kick off awkward, so you stay friends with this person. Or is it gonna fade away? You've got a lot of these people. You have a lot of friends that have tipped the scales at one point or another confess their love. And then somehow you still keep them as friends. How do you do that? What happened? I don't know how many of those. I think that a lot of I don't know, you know, who you have friends that are maybe. How do you say this in a way that makes sense who are adult people who kind of our like kids? And so when they have any person mammalian Mammalia. Humanitas next to with boobies. Grows. Why would I say that kind of stuff? I mean, I get it. It's like kind of arrested development young boyish brains that yeah. Have a friend who's a miserable. Couple of just I think throwing spaghetti at the wall. This is a phrase that I like to use because I think many guys do that. They just a little wiener goes. And it goes. And it goes deter. I think whoever's receptive. Fair. And then so cast a wide net of flirt and whoever flirts back they hone in on him like the old pink torpedoes out looking for submarine to sink. Pink twinkie submarine descent. Is getting great. Well, you know what? I mean. I mean, I think a lot of times really it's just who's gonna let you in the side. You're so sweet, and you like pay attention people and actually listening care. So I'm sure that gets like turned into sexy girlfriend and a lot of people fucking talk a lot. That's what I wanna say. True. I am getting so tired of win bag people. That are just like blah ball talked. Hey, guys out there. And there's a lot of wonderful ones. But ask questions and breathe. Check your audience. If there is glazing over there drooling stop fucking phone asleep. Yeah. Yeah. Your story. So great and like be interested in other people besides yourself. There are fourth God. Yeah. It's exhausting, and so many people do it. I deal with it at work every day. Just like I'm going to talk about my stuff, and my problems in my work thing, and my thoughts, and my feelings and don't check.

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In at and don't. And when you do finally start talking they often just like go back to doing their own thing. And we'll to new out. I just listened to ten minutes of your drip story. I have that too. I finally get a turn to talk. And then there is go off into never never land in their their phone. And I'm like really this is how it works. This is the non-reciprocal reciprocate. That's it exactly chapter in our book. But and this is the man's planning phenomenon to I m sorry, I'm like, you're right. You off to another. Explain it away spleen. So what about this Valentine's Day of sued? Woo wordy. Last day. But will we talked about it on our last episode that I kind of wanted to hear some of your past stories because we don't know much about the X's. Then it got me to thinking that. Maybe I haven't told my story at either of how David I met and our little love story. And so without tines day coming, but then now it's gone 'cause we had a busy week. We will talk about love stories and how people met and all that. But yeah, I, and then I collected a bunch of stories from our podcasting friends. So okay. This is perfect because we are podcasting friend from deconstructing damsels is going to give us a story too. So let's hear a quick promo from her podcast. Deconstructing damsels podcast all about will man's books and the heroine rocks. I need we all love to love story. We pretty much all have a crush on the hero. But what? Why are we talking about her? What does she does a story that makes it of mazing? What makes her fantastic what makes the story too? So good listen to begin Shuki ambles, and I'll tell you sometimes our guests. Sometimes I'm by myself other times, you could have my fiance all the time, and that could be kind of fun to especially as newbie for him the podcast available on most pod catchers. And if you'd like to be guest or you'd like to follow me on Twitter, you could find the at gambles podcast for Instagram Twitter. Facebook at pet damsels podcasts at emailed up com. Hope you listen to. Sweet. I know and she has a really neat story. She has been through lots of different medical complications. She has great podcast. They talk about romance stories as you heard, and she tells us about her guy that she really feels like he saved her life. Like, he it's super sweet. So do you wanna just jump into? I can tell you a story really quick. She says that she met her guy spin on. Okay. Cupid in two thousand thirteen. He was a really good empathetic guy. She had to defend against her parents. I guess and she never felt like she had to justify her love of him. He's got a great sense of humor. She's deeply in love with him. And she even says that Jason Momoa doesn't do anything for her anymore after she's met him air. Do you Jason is you do right? I have no idea. No, really the Akron guy from game of thrones. Yeah. He'll take it. I don't know who it is take a few. He's a big Hawaiian guy and all take him. She says that her guy is even tall mo- phone person. So anyway, he watches over me watches over her. She says at night via Skype to make sure that she doesn't die of cool is that and he's had to call EMT's because she's been unresponsive and he's noticed it her hero. Can you imagine all my God to let's see he had someone on Twitter called nine one one because he couldn't do it from Germany as he was watching her. Well, my sweet and what a great guy, and he pays attention to her insulin dosages and stuff like that. So it's like the ultimate, you know in good and bad times. And how does it go? What are the wedding vows? In every. So I just think that's sweet to be to find somebody who really is in sickness and in health and we'll stay by. Learn you know, that's good stuff. So that's very encouraging would, you know, do you know, when did you ever put the guy to the test of he bailed when I got the flu? Oh, yeah. Just people in the past like, you could tell they wouldn't be there for that thing.

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I would always ask is that. Of course, they're never going say feel like if I got cancer. Would you stay with me if I got hit by a car and if I lost a league? Yes, if I got no like burn victim in my face of. Why were you? Politicals? Do we always gonna say? Yes. Anyway, I know that's good. I didn't know everyone. Did I did that all the time? I keep saying if I got if I walk through landmine in my arms and legs both got blown off. Would you still stay with just talking torso? Would you? And then you could hang out with Frank Krantz. That's right. Kevin hurt. Well, we saw the upside we saw the upside we brought the kids and everything it was so good. Everyone needs to go see us. And I love you thought it was so really good really really uplifting. Very cool. And funny kid was it up citing it was. I don't know. Why talk. Sometimes. All right. What's the next one? All right. Well, let's jump around. Let's do your story. I wanna hear your offense story of one of your exes of how you guys met. Which one do you in here that we talked about the defense story, or what about the one that you had to meet as an experiment? Okay. He does not know this, and I've never told this person. And I've known him for many years. Don't give me a little find out. Oh, shoot. Okay. I'll make vague you. And I worked together at the biotech company. They'll give it time line. I'm just kidding. You had a friend who was a saxophone player if your member this was at eight in gentleman. Can't remember his nails and he went to a weekend seminar like size him and ours. It was called PSI like synergistic healing, something this and that and it was kind of like, a landmark course for you were supposed to, you know, face your fears and go for your dreams and all happened in weekend, and he recruited me. And I went because I was all about that stuff. Like, yeah. Sure cove fees. That's who you went with. Okay. So I went to this weekend course, and basically I thought it was just going to hang out with this guy, the friend, and we're in the news, just like, thanks for coming by those left with you know, it's like fifty random people, you don't know. And it was a whole weekend like eight hour days both days it was like three days to do a half day on Monday or something. Anyway. So were there they do all this team building and things and then they partner you off with someone. So you choose your partner somehow. So I got partnered up with this guy. Dave who's like, you know, forty five he's this little doughy sweet man, like smiling, strain, and we had to like go off and write down. What are it was like three fears that are big t- that are somewhat? I think he had to take him as the big fear in whittle them down to what's tangible way could approach this. And so you sat. And did that one of mine was like, you know, being in love with the super hot guy or some. Someone who is really handsome, and that would be scary to me. And then I can't remember what the other ones weren't. And so you had to whittle them down. Like, okay Woodard couple of ways that you could actually do this like tangible way, we wrote those down. And then the leader guy was like, okay, guys. So we're going to set your watches for an hour and a half, and you wrote down the tangible ways to do that. So everyone stand up, and you're going to get in the car and go accomplish those three things now go what go go now come back with the or like. So you do to do this so awkward. Yeah. Like fifty Premo K. I guess we're going to go off buddy up and go. So one of my things is like, okay. Where am I gonna find this guy that I have to my tangible way of like how to approach it was just ask a really cute guy to go on a date with me, which was terrible. Twenty five and I'm like, okay, I all day like. Where where would you go from there? Like, I don't know. I guess I started at whole foods. I'm probably someone would like shop at whole foods because he'd be healthy and cute. And Nick, maybe. And so we went to whole foods. Oh, so weird ahead to a song Cuba, and he was like buying his pineap- and like. If he's checking out, and I'm like, oh, and I was in cold sweats. And I've got weird Dave with me. Like, oh chaperone.

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Weird beard like Pam like this weird like investment banker. Untucked like weird. Bald on top it. Anyway, he's like put it weird to chaperone. The guy probably thought it was some king. But I went up to like. Hi. Hi, just thought you're really handsome at. I am just trying to be more bold in. I just wanna see everyone of go out on a date. I was so nervous. You blush. Were you like oh my God. I'm blushing. Bushing right now, this is so I was my hands or clammy really to just cranking. Look good. So then he was like, oh my gosh. That is the sweetest thing. I've ever heard. I think that's awesome. That you did that and I'm so flattered, and I think you're really beautiful. Sure, you're awesome. But I'm in a relationship. And I was like who he thinks that I did. Ran out of the street. But it did feel good was was Dave flap enough you like running to he don't Dave kinda does he'd looked a little bit. Like, Fred Funston did have very flat. Open to two hamburger patties on the sidebar. But he kept up with the. Here's listen. Let your lips cheeks. No. This is getting way too. Okay. Anyway, do you want me to just stop there? No there. What happens then you got a guy? So I had to go accomplish this big goal in the next twenty eight twenty minutes to do it. So that failed and then so I'm like, I guess, you know old day where do we go? The reason I mean to this Dave guy, by the way, he ended up screwing me out of some money. I don't feel bad business later Jerko. Yeah. Yeah. I I have to be nice enough. I had a lot of good except we start. There was a startup film company that was a part of with him. But I should let it go. Anyway, side note to Dipper. So that's why I'm talking more shit because. He deserves that I also disburbed in a taste all the then I'll addressing. Okay. He had to deal when we had to like to be vulnerable. It was head to roll on the ground with a happy face going screaming at the top of his lungs one of his favorite songs, which was like going away going on. Soda got seven women. He was rolling on the floor screaming. Willing. No. Because he had to like get out his exuberance for something. Like, find elation in a moment. Think about is the face. Rolling around on the floor. Okay. Anyway. So. That's my best friend. And I go in and get weird doughy chaperone. And once by the way, that is the funniest part of this whole thing. Like, okay. So I ball guy who's cute, Mike? There's a cute one. Okay. I think I found my guy we've got ten minutes left report. But Dave he's kind of like one of those guys at just sorta has loose lips and stares off into space a little bit where you're like. Okay. I'm gonna go do it. So okay. I'm gonna go walk over there right now. Okay. And then I was like, and he was just kind of staring. It was like, okay. Should I go now? Okay. Like, okay. Anyway, it was just like it was imagine like you had your best friend, and you're like, oh my God proper. But then you just have this guy who's there? That's your beard, or whatever you like, you're sounding board. Anyway, you want your girlfriend send you out the war? Yeah. This is I asked burglaries like weird friends anyway. I gotta get off that. But I am mad anyway. So there was and I walked up to I said, hi, basically the same thing.

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Just cut to I probably said this same thing. Like, I'm just wondering if you'd ever want to go out sometime in I think that you seem nice it had to go to date when he was like. Wow. Oh, well, okay. But sit down, let's talk. Let me get to know Yunos it. I can't I gotta go. Oh, okay. Here's my phone number. I'm sorry. I'm in a hurry. But I gotta get back. Your your my experiment who he knew that was it. And then he ended up calling. And then we went out a couple of times in there wasn't that make out attraction. So we just became friends in the we've been friends ever since. And he's married now and all his well. Look at that. So there you go in the moral. The story is people. Did it help you in the long run? Did you feel like okay? Yeah. I can do this. I have not done anything like that sense. Really? To yeses just one happened to be busy. So right here we go. This is good. There's a reason why we're doing this podcast. I guess right to remind you of those feelings and those successes so that you could go out and do it again. Let's do it again. Like, you're up here. Doughy Dave this time, and I'll send you out with more gusto promise. Let's do it. Let's do it. We can even I could secret record it making me ting. Are you serious only when you're showing up in March or whatever come up there, and we'll do a weekend of God, we're gonna well, then I making you do something like sing karaoke vulnerable song, get glassy? Aw, Whitney, Houston this. The worst your fear is that the nominee. Why do people cry when they sing? Because that happens me every time it's hard not to. And why does that name the it's called? Tweets. You're gonna say some shitty. Okay. All right, fine. I'll do it. If you do tears. I'll do I don't care anywhere. The older. I get the less. I care about show. Like this like, I don't care if I embarrassed. So it's all good. Well, I just snow like whatever, I don't even put the energy into more just because like. If you're in the land of cuckoos landed free to nuts, but we'll find someone. I think that'd be. All right. Do you wanna hear my story? Really quick. Yeah. Okay. Now, let's do mom straight. We have mom telling her story while quick mom met her cowboy Denny. This is our stepdad second second marriage for her. Yeah. So she told the story she was in town last weekend in I down and got the story because I knew we were going to do this. So all right here. It is. Well, I am here with my mom. She came down to San Diego from Temecula, and we spend Valentine's Day together. Didn't we you know, my daughter bought me a beautiful facial with massage. And then we went out for Greek food. And now we're home it's wonderful with chocolate. Which, but we were talking about Valentine's Day, and I told her the theme of our sewed is how we all fell in love how we are significant others, and I just wanted to record your little story because I think it's so sweet with you and Denny so we heard the one about dad back in college university of Arizona. All good. But now, this is this is the love the second of your life. Yes. When the more love, I don't know. What do you think I of the mature love of my life? Yeah. There was a guy that I was dating who took me fancying at this church. What year was this? This was in nineteen ninety five and how long have you been separated from three years? Okay. Yeah. And so this guy took me dancing at this church hall thing. And I knew where it was all and. I stopped dating that guy. And then I decided that I would go I saw the lights on. And I decided I would stop at that church because it looked like a dance. And sure enough it was I walked in. And then I was worried about seeing that original guy. So I. Hid behind this really cute cowboy who had a cowboy hat on. And he leaned back. I don't even think that he looked at me. He just leaned backwards any because well little darling who you in from.

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And I go, whoa. This guy's got the lines. Anyway, he asked me dance. But he didn't just say will you dance with me. He goes, heavy checked your dance card. Do you have a place for me? And romantic cowboy and I said, well, I got to see if this other dude has got a girlfriend with them any goes, I can save you the trouble. He came in with that girl, and I go. Wow. Okay. The guy's observant. So anyway, I had other guys that I had promised answers to and he had to wait. And finally when I got around to dancing with him. He was fantastic dancer. He had you at one step two step that. And he on my gosh, he dated a professional dance teacher who taught him about a frame and rhythm and the whole thing. So she had done all my work for me. How long before you did he her? Oh couple years. I think before long enough to where he knew that. He always tells young men if you want to always have girls waiting for you learn how to dance because still just think you're wonderful. So anyway, we danced and then we walked out in the parking lot. Can I just explain what your face looks like it is so scrunched up screen T, little happy smiley and wrinkly? But you have great smile lines right now because she's thinking about her truly do like him a lot. So then we went out into the parking lot. And I was going to part company with him. And he goes well. If you're not too busy. We could go out and I go. Oh, okay. And I thought oh, jeez. He's gonna ask me to a bar. And that's so not me. And it goes, I'll take you out for apple pie and ice cream. And I go home I like this guy. So we went to a little cafe in my hometown damn ill. And then it seem like the more. He asked me out the less. I accepted dates from other guys and then September it was Labor Day. He said why don't we have picnic in of vita, France? And I go Kay. This Surrey forgot this was probably a year after we had started dating. Okay. And he said I'm going to go out and buy some stuff for the picnic, and he was gone for a while. And he came back, and we went to the city park, and we were all cozy. In and everybody was kinda anticipatory and weren't you'd like it's not suspicious is like lonesome cowboy awesome wants to invite all his friends to eight. He was lesson. Lonesome? He had a lot of friends in California. So no. But that's not typical. No, no. He was not a party are working nicer. Did you know? No. I did not know what he had up his sleeve. So anyway, I was getting up to go to the bathroom, and my girlfriend said, no, no, wait a minute. And I go what do you mean? Wait a minute. I mean like we don't accompany each other to the bathroom. And then all of a sudden, they go look up, and I looked up and there was a redden white by plane pulling a banner behind it that said choice will you marry me? And then I mean, it was so romantic, and he was dressed in a really stiffly starched white cowboy shirt, just look so handsome, and then he handed me a rose of rose. And he goes here this this was in case you said, yes. And I opened it up and NFL he had taken a horseshoe nail and bent it into a circle. And that was my engagement ring until I went and picked out what I wanted because he knew he'd never get it. Right as my temporary ring it turned my finger green. But I still haven't love it. That's that's my story. And then how much later was it until you had the wedding. Let's see September to February. And we got. Married February eleven and we had a big Grange hall in danville and invited all of our friends and a lot of my friends were athletes. And so I hired a guy who taught line dance lessons, and who danced with all the women whose husbands or significant others wouldn't dance with them.

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And we had hay bales. And it was really fun. That's on the table. And and that was back when Miley Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus is big right? Boogie, and that's it. Everybody was doing line dance. And and before Vattel began I surprised him by sitting. I sat him in the king's crown seat and I sang to him. That's good and. Yeah. And he is surprised. He had never heard me sing. And while he sat there yet tears rolling down his face. He's a poet. He's a romantic I do like him so much. So anyway, that's my love story. How about you? What about your Falintin story? I'll tell it at another time. I just want to get your. But how many years has been that you've won t four now? Yeah. And yeah, he's up in Idaho right now while I'm down here. He had to go up for the weak, and every conversation is, you know, it's really lonesome around here without you don't like it here with on. How many times did you guys? Call each other on your anniversary when you re part seven times does does that like the breeze. That's normal. That's cool. About sometimes not much checking in would you have for lunch? Yeah. How'd you sleep last night? And yeah, what's on the agenda? And yeah. But then other times we talk a lot like today this morning. We talked a lot like fifteen home minutes. So you just it's just kind of checking in with each other. You know, what's the secret of what's the secret of success in love and marriage for you. I think it's learning not to control the person that you live with its appreciating the their souls what they're all about the other stuff is kind of superfluous to that. And not to say that we've had a perfect marriage. We've had lumps in pumps along the way, but we were both committed and we work those out and now it's smooth sailing, and which just are great friends to he's my pal. Yeah. And I think that's I took that lesson from you and David is your guys are really good friends. Yeah. That's how it feels. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Being other laugh together and enjoy a lot of the same stuff, but still have your own thing and take breaks. Right. And I I read somewhere heard somewhere that if you're still laughing with the person you're married to than it's a good thing. And I do we get we get tickled at the same stuff. And. Yeah, that's good. Yeah. Hold hands a lot. But a huge one humor is a huge. Yeah. It is we go. All right, life advice and mom's love story. Thank you mom together. And happy Valentine's Day on tines day Valentine's Valentine well. I heard Valentine, okay. But I often hear Valentine day. Maybe we should do a fact check. Yes. Okay. Back. Chip by mom by bay. It is Valentine's Day the standard spelling of the holiday that falls on February fourteenth is Valentine's Day, Valentine's singular, an possessive. So it takes an apostrophe S. This is how it is spelled in edited writing. Everywhere the days named after Saint Valentine, it is his day, hence, the possessive mine. Pretty well. Matched cute. Yeah. Super kids. So they're very sweet together, and we have fun with them. And they they have together they're just as sweet couple entering retirement together. And it's nice. So very happy that she found her second exciting when you see someone who loves their partner. Do you? Love your partner in fines love later in life. Yes. I found my love when I was twenty one. I think so. Yeah. Do you wanna hear my story? Right. Dave, and I both were kind of interning per timing at this biotech company. So this was I'd just about graduated so Tober ninety four we met he was home on break from UC riverside. And he would work on breaks his biotech and he worked in one lab. I worked in another down the hall, and he was wearing a tool t shirt and the band.

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I knew in our mutual friend introduced us at oday. You gotta meet dwell Jamal. This is Dave. And I said hi oh tool. I love to that was our first conversation was about stupid Maynard of two. Yeah. Who you know know, you who do you know from two X new Hemmer. His. Jeffries, an drummer play with two of their you. So then he came back at another break, and we would start hanging out in a big group of friends because we're all twenty one twenty two, you know, finishing college started playing corporate baseball together. I thought he had to he was a pitcher hick university of riverside. And I just kind of set my sights autumn. I just let them know that I liked him. I was flirty and he was gonna flirty. And but then he he was dating this girl at work and she was like, hi, boss, daughters, Susie. Do you remember her Wiley starter? Anyway. Yeah. So he was one of the founders of the company in, you know, the whole thing. So they were dating, and I'm like, well, you know, we'll just be friends and flirty friends. But finally when night he walked me down, my car Susia gone back to school in Texas at that point. And he walked me to my car after some work thing, and we sat in my car for a little bit. And at the end of the conversation. I said, you know, this is fun talking to you. We should go get a beer sometime. So the this is the thing girls have to let the guys know like, yes, I'm open to it. And then that like kinda plants the seed, and they know so he's pay. And then I guess he started at that point. He tells the story that he started the about breaking up with Susie. 'cause he's like, this is interesting, and we all went out dancing. When night we went to riches gay bar in Hillcrest, and he was hanging onto me for dear life 'cause he didn't want to be hit on by a dude. He was. Making clear that you straight. I don't and at the end of the night. We all went back to my little cottage. And somehow he said, well, you know, since we're such good friends. Everyone had left by that point. He was the last one there. He said friends kiss, right? And I said sure, and so we kissed and that was. Yeah. Something like that. I know I should ask him. But. Yeah. And then I guess the very next day he called and officially broke up with her after our kiss. He my gosh. She says he broke up with her before. I remember he did not. And I was like. Ooh. TD TD, but he was like on the way out anyway sedan. Yeah, we were together for I think two years at that point. But then we broke up because he was being lame and like going, oh that was the thing. So two years later Suzy came back into town. And then our buddy Lee was always trying to stab. Taj us because I I was the girl right? He got the girlfriend now he doesn't hang out anymore. So he was always trying to like mix it up and get us thinki- guy. Yeah. He had a lot of issues, but he set it up. So they came into town and that he and Dave would take Suzie out and go play pool together. Like, I wasn't invited. And it was a Tuesday, and he didn't come home till like three or four in the morning, and it was just like so rotten, and I just had to break up with him. Because it was like you can't do that to me. And so through all his stuff out on the front lawn called as you. Yeah. Yeah. We were living together at that point causes mom said it was nice knowing you like three or four in the morning. She still talks about that. And and we broke up for quite a while. And then we started hanging out again as friends like how long later got to get like a year. It was like a year break. I think do you think he hooked up with her? I don't know it's likely. Yeah. Oh, I dunno. Right. No. So he was my guy. Like, I was just like, I can't quit. You just like how to think for him? I just I don't know. And so we would slowly get back together where we friends where we not we finally started calling into the boyfriend girlfriend again. And then it was official. And then we got to where it was like shit or get off the pot. What are we going to do? And I was getting like come on. We gotta move this along are we going to like get engaged or what? And I think we were you know, twenty six at the time. Time or something like that. And he went to Europe on this family trip and. Supposedly the story is he was chopping for ring. He was in Swiss jeweler store looking at engagement rings. And it just didn't feel right. He knew he had break up with me. And he came back home and took me this big walk, by the beach, and we sat down this bench.

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And he broke up with me. He's like, I don't have that passion. I need that passion. And I was. And this is when you lived with me in the Hoya, and we data just died. I mean, it was like a country song. It was bad. Do you? Remember talking me through that for so long. It was yes office. So then it was another two years. We didn't talk. It was done. Like he was dead. I figured that. Was it forever? Never dated a friend of his which nobody knows. But I was like his choice. You guys were working together this whole time. Yeah. All of this. You were at the same can company. How you did that? I would be devastated. I mean, really how did you? I'm devastated. I never want to see the person again, if we up, and especially if he broke up with me, how did you really move on? I know FEMA Manar he wasn't there at that time he loved and looking back at it. I see the big picture now. He was figuring out what he wanted to do with his life in his career. So to buy ring. In for girl and to marry someone and be able to provide for when he wasn't even sure what he wanted to do because he had done you see he got a four year degree bachelor's degree. Then he got a post BAC premed two year thing. But he wasn't sure he wanted to get a PHD then he thought about being a dentist for a minute. Then he thought about being a doctor then he finally landed on going to law. So it was kinda all during that time. He was having that turmoil. What path should I take? So that's when he broke up with me, he left the company and he went to become a patent agent. So started law school after that. And then once he was in law school and just about to graduate. It had been two years. I was dating his friend. This is crazy. I knew this guy wasn't my guy. Right. This friend of his and I had to kind of finally call it at two years. I was like it's just not worth as q. But you didn't feel it. Yeah. He was not a great fit. Good good. Good guy. But it just wasn't there that magic thing. And so I finally just had to break up with him. I remember that night broke up with him took a bath that night of sad. I was crying about I was feeling bad about hurting him. You know, it's really sad and went to bed just like all, you know, swollen and red eyes and sniffly finally fell asleep. And then at midnight that night my phone rang. And it was Dave. And he said, hi, Honey, just as if no time gun by like two years, we hadn't talked and I said, hi, what are you doing in? My first thing was are you drunk? Why are you calling me at midnight? Yeah. And he wanted to he said, well, you know, Chris and Becky are getting married, and I want you to goes my date. And I said what what are you talking about? What's going on? I'm like did you talk to name, the friend? And did he tell you? We just broke up. He said, no, oh my God. That's weird. So it was like the universe. Just put us back together. It was very strange in. Oh, I said, okay. I'll go to this wedding with you. But we have to pick up where we left off like ring shopping like I'm not doing this again. Like, I'm not going backwards in time. We gotta move this thing forward. I'm not getting hurt. Again. He said, okay. Yeah. He said, okay. I'm like, you're gonna buy me ring. He said, yes. And I said I'm serious if I don't have a ring on my finger by the end of the calendar year, like them date and everything I'm like, I'm not doing this. And he was like, okay fine. And so like, we this is a long conversation. It probably took till two in the mornings like two hours of talking. I went to bed woke up in the morning and like six in the morning linked to that happen. Is that a dream that really have? So I called him again. I called it six in the morning. Welcome up. I said do you. Remember what we talked about last night? He's like, yeah. I'm gonna buy your ring. Sedan. Yeah, we reconnected. I'd went to the ghost of gophers, Pat. Lincoln real wrong. Right. And. Yeah. And we were together since and he proposed to me at the end of the calendar year. I gave him till the end of that year was two thousand three. So he proposed me on Christmas Eve two thousand three. And we last minute. I know I know in the snow snowboarding together in Wyoming and. Yeah. And then we got married five months later and baby nine months later. So we exciting. We were just yeah. On that whole track. And I guess he, you know, I'll get the story from him someday. But he kind of is like, well, I don't remote he likes to forget the fact that I like kind of held his feet to the fire on the ring and the whole thing he I'm sure that doesn't sound so great.

00:45:09 - 00:50:02
But I don't know. I kind of had to that point. I'm like self-preservation was important. So anyway. Yeah. So it's like my Cinderella. Cinderella story was very not neural fit. Anyway, I wanna go through the ones are podcast friends head. Okay. Let's see we have our friend from her American story, very cute podcast. She met her husband in the Grand Cayman where they were attending medical school. He sat behind her in class there. Is met when she handed him the sign in sheet and they've been together ever since what's your name? Lynn, why don't I have her name right here? She I didn't write it down. Sorry, orca. Right. Then we have Dan of you watch. I listened podcast, and he describes it. Yeah. Dan that they went to a huge high school, and he said he called himself. He was troublemaker punk ass. He was suspended all the time. And that she was super smart all honors classes, and she was on her best behavior. And so they went through high school together cut a new each other. But then later they found each other via a dating app it was just like by chance that they cite other. She messaged him just joking around, and they started catching up they decided to grab a drink and see movie and never would have guessed that they'd end. Updating that alone together for four years. Now, they live together they have a house. They have two cats and the whole deal, and he always tells her that she is his light at the end of the tunnel. And there's no one that he has more fun with on a daily basis than her. That's nice. Let's see Cassie of my worst date podcast. She met her husband through theater group. He did her head shots for her. When she needed them for a love hair show that she was presenting and the instantly clicked. So there's something about that. Like that instant like, rare, you know with Dave you didn't totally super q worse. Little hat backwards has little ripped short Simmons tool t shirt, just had this cocky grand about it. I just loved it. Yeah. Yeah. Still do your found up. He's cute. All right. Casey of the flicks podcast. She met her husband in highschool eighteen years ago, their best friends were dating. So naturally. They all started hanging out, and we're friends for four years before they started dating and they've been married for thirteen years, the July. So I love that richest natural friendship going into. I know I think that gives such a good background. I dunno. That was David I to we just had that like group mentality. I in kind of all out getting to know each other so good. That's great. Yeah. All right. So this is a funny podcast hashtag the no offense show. You can follow them H T and S. He says he met his lovely wife and co host they met in high school. She came to a party at his house. They hooked up and they've been together ever since it's been nineteen years this year. And he said hashtag the one night stand that didn't leave. So. Gosh. Matthew at one foot under says that it was two thirty AM and her car needed a jump. So he stopped to help thought. She was gorgeous in the asked her for her number fourteen years and three kids later. We are happier than ever. Oh. Jason our buddy Jason of shit happens. When you party naked, which is a hilarious podcast. It's very not safe for work though. But super super fun and funny, he says that okay? Here's his quote, like many Chinese imports mine came over in a shipping container. Second best online order ever made. So is it true? No. I don't think. So he's he's very not safe for life. But. All right. Oh, yeah. No. I've thought because some people do come out over in the shipping container. Don't think. So. I mean, you really, yes. From other countries. They would they hide in the shipping containers. And a lot of them die in the tremendous. She's not. Yes. Like, many Chinese imports. She's not Chinese. I know what they look like. I mean Jason clear this up for us. If there's something I don't know please fill me in. But I think it's a joke. I think he's kidding like Amazon. All right. Let's see we have the we do stuff podcast.

00:50:02 - 00:53:57
And he says I met her at a mutual place of work at a hotel. He was asked to go help clean something up. He had to she put too much so p- in a dishwasher in the executive lounge. So he walked in there. So pain bubbles all over the floor. And it was so cute. All it's kind of like Earl goes to Grover. It's passed. Real life, right Hugo Torres. He has a cool podcast. Look him up any Hugo Torres. She was the cute blonde who walked in late two history. One. Oh, one in the fall semester. I was the poured struggling young writer who had a thing for blondes. She gave me the time of day. And I took advantage of her her lack of taste in here. We are. Oh. The inner my laughter. This was a feminine. This is from one star bizarre podcast. She says my husband, and I met playing world of warcraft his guild needed a tank for a raid that one of my I need a tank for my raid. Rated her dang. 'cause to created her guidelines one of her guidelines happened to be in she joined in they became friends, and they met in real life. After almost a year. We got married less than six months after that. And did a lot of our and a lot of our guild came to our wedding. Okay. Sorry killed these. I don't know this the speak. But sounds fun. So world of warcraft love. So I want to guilty, right? It's kind of all over the place. I love it. I love this. I mean just stories of love and how you stay together so long. It's amazing. Yeah. I know there's some. But it's got to all be just that thing. Where you click, right. Yeah. Yeah. I think it's the chemistry. It's the story similar backgrounds all of it. But but you never know when you're gonna find someone, but we're gonna get you a guy I'm super excited about this. Okay. Miles pick a time. We'll we'll go up and do it. And we'll report back about it. It'll be a whole thing. It'll be fun. Okay. Okay. All right. I love you. My palms fighting. I love you happy post day, happy Valentine's into all. You folks out there may love hit your heart. May your tummy? Hurting out there, could you? I know you can't. But in even if you don't have anybody just loving yourself important thing seriously. That's the bottom line is being happy with who you are. And if love finds you great if not great, you're you're good on your own. And this is where we cut to you. Sorry, cut you off. But we cut to using the greatest love of all got his love of ball. How does it end the greatest love of all is happening. The whole point is that it's to love yourself. It is the great Lou. Don't leave me. All right. Everybody's subscribed. Follow we really need subscription. So please click. Subscribe whatever you're doing.

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