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Episode 42 - The Grass Is Greener, Wiener!

E42  The Grass Is Greener, Wiener!
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Hello. It's Mouse and Weens. True. I'm Mouse. I am the married one down in San Diego with all the kids. I'm Weens. And I am the illustrious exciting single one in the mysterious world of Hollywood. I decided to instead of being like all I'm single in on like, I'm having a great time.  this is called the grass is greener episode, right? Let's grass is greener the grass is Weiner. Today. Chris is greener all that rain really has something to do with rain turning the grass greener. Have you noticed? It does happen. Are you like wasting away? They're not wasting washing. Everything LA is a not a rain friendly town because everything just pulls up if I showed you pictures, it would just be massive like all up in the Hollywood hills. It just like buckets of dumping all the garbage cans knocked over. And then there's just like raging waters pouring down the hills. And there's no drains that are good. It just pulls up everywhere. Lots of pools mentioned the pools. Do you have flash flood warnings and all that stuff because we had that done here? Oh, no. I think well, you know, what I really have not been in social media or news at all. I have no idea. What's going on the world Super Bowl today? Knowing. Yeah. Yeah. We have have a one hour record because we have to go to a party. You have to have the sweet and sour meatballs. I have to bring them. I got the emergency warning on my phone yesterday. I mean it stopped. Oh, okay. Everything because flash floods and you guys get mudslides. And yeah. It was bad ways. Rain down here. It was crazy and then three more days of it. So I just cancelled all my garden lessons this week. So I can have a free week to get everything ready for the next week when a doubles up. So what happens? Okay. So what does the rain duty? Or does it bring good memories? And do you think of I dig it? Yeah. I love the rain. I think it's great just, but it's weird adult. I'm like, I don't get excited to put on my galoshes and go splash around. I thought I would always be that way. No. But my kids are cute. So I'll go out the little bit. But yeah. Yesterday, Toby in Charlotte went out put on all the rain gear rand on the hill. And they came speeding back up with the dog too. And they're freaking out. I'm like what happened because mom always gophers were popping out of the holes. Because I hate gophers for the whole garden thing. We're always trying to trap him or check. Yeah. He went and got this big bucket that he could fill with water and a bat a baseball. Oh god. And he was going to go down and welcome all future serial killer. No. But I was incurring it because I put go for traps down there. Anyway, my this will make it easy. Let's get them. So you're pouring water in the holes and seeing if they'd pup, and of course, he wasn't gonna actually get one. I think he just like to think he was oh, I don't know about this. He wouldn't have really done it. He wouldn't have really done it. Really? Yeah. No, joe. Now, I'm going to be upset advocating the killing gophers. You can have them. I will trap them and bring your house they can play around your backyard. Honestly, they give sprained ankles, and they eat my vegetables, and they're horrible. Just little guys trying to live in. Rose. Hang hills not in my yard. I naturally can coax them out like the pied piper of. Often out there in my little loincloth and flute, and she is a flout assed. Did you know can we insert you right here playing asong? Now, I'm going to force her to go later record song in your flute. Okay. It is the first version of any you can't practice it. You just have to play the first, okay? And insert now. Okay. Now, we're back, and we have no idea. What that sounded like because we're going to do it in post production, which means it hasn't happened yet. But probably was amazing.

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Yes, I imagine. It's like the beginning of the beastie boys songs. Oh, yeah. Then. Oh, you could try attempt to do that. All right. So tell me how I really haven't talked to you in about a week and a half. I know it's been very lonely and said, but tell me what you've been doing. Please finishing up garden listens and dealing with kids. And I don't know what we have to birthday parties coming up that. I have to plan a my middle kid my baby kid there. There were born a week apart for years pert. But yeah, all that jazz. We're going to go skiing soon just kind of planning getting stuff together. How about you? I wanna hear about your work. He stuff did the rain effect. All the shoots. Yeah. I mean, it just you get through it. But they have things like a I just got sad. Kind of. I have to tell you because well having a life without kids you like generally speaking, it is different because you're not preparing for a lot of fun things seen through. The is of a little one like the puddles in the rain with the kids, and the just all the things that you must be doing all the time that have to do with excitement in fun, and classes and suckers and playing in the rain and getting ready for birthdays. And it's a really weird life. When you don't have kids because you really are just so self-focused, so. It's I get it. But then on the other side, the grass is greener. I look at your life. And I'm like, oh, how is that? To just all you get to worry about is yourself. That's wonderful. All the pressure's off you can just like have one life in one calendar in one job. And you know, I'm just juggling all the time over here. I feel like I've really just paddling to keep above water all the time. And I it would be exhausting. I forget things all the time. And I feel like I'm disappointing. Everybody all the time. And I'm just never good enough and the guilt and the whole thing. So I would love to swap. We could freaky Friday this shit right now. Let's do what was the magic word that you're towing. A puddle your left. Say that I wish I could have your life. Just the one. This is what I do because I just wanted to the for Friday with Lindsay Lohan, and they found it in a fortune cookie. We just to. Yeah. I mean, Lindsey Lowe Hanan that wasn't. She good. She was like a good little actress. She's a good. Yeah. Like what happened? She probably still is a good actor. I think it's just some people handling fame too young. And she. Yeah. The partying. Yeah. Could learns. Yeah. Could doodles her dad was on it celebrity rehab. I remember watching him and he was. Or right. Yeah. That's your dad. That's your role model who needs to be on a reality show with drug problems alcohol. I can't remember what it was. And then her mom is complete piece work to with the one. He's a work young around. We'll work. She sure is piece of work snappy. Yeah. So anyway, I think you ever wanna trade, honestly, I will go in and we won't tell anyone we'll just show up and try to pretend to be the other person and. Just don't even explain it to show up. So what would I do and your job just have to? We just have to swap phones. And then you'd be fine. I'm I've been I think that anyone could do my job really if you so you would probably be fine. It's a lot of ordering gaffer's and Gripper's and. On cooling, tents porta-pottys. I don't know getting everything you're like a wedding planner. But it changes every second day, you're planning another wedding like it's a lot of wedding planning. And yes on the film shoots. You are a lot of like, I think I've found. I was gonna say. Well, I remember that this, you know, I'm trying to figure out what exactly might purposes on this earth, still which I think is a little horse shit to say, I don't know because I think maybe it's also just paying attention. I'm reading a book right now called how to be a bad ass with money or you are a bad ass with money. It's the same girl that had the bestseller. That's like you're a bad s over its bright yellow with just writing on the front and. And but yes, I need to. It's like when you found that what was it financed finances for dummies? And you thought that was hilarious when when I was reading that what? Yes.

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You would have like thought it was hilarious. So funny about that. I just I guess it's the Oxy moron. Son, more kidding. No. I don't know. I don't even remember the moment. Did I do that Surrey? Powering to start at the bottom of trying to learn finances. No, I agree. I agree. Maybe I'm just laughing at the title. It's just dummies like it works somehow they marketed the crap out of the series. But yeah, it is weird. I've one called organic chicken firming for dummies. There you go. That's cute. But anyway, it was the us. I can remember where that was going. I think it had something to do with. What was I saying before we'll work and like what is your purpose? Oh, yeah. How she was like, I'm forty. I'm writing this book. I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but I spent forty years basically saying, I don't know. I don't know. I'm supposed to be here to do. I don't know what it's like if you spent less time and self doubt and not knowing in just paid attention. If you really are more like me more on. Take you have to watch your words, you say to by the way, I know I'm not. No, you're not a moron or a dummy owes making fun of the title shot up. Would you just kidding? Q. Interrupted because I want to say, I think you are very woke and your well read, and you find things you wanna learn about and you seek them out. And you learn them I'm putting my head in the sand over here. I'm like I finished college. I'm done. I don't need to learn anything. I know everything which is so stupid, and I need to get enlightened like you. I really give you a lot in that department. I think you are you very smart very street. Smart book, smart and willing to learn smart. So. Hey. Dumb. Well, okay. But I will say this is not a mutual to Lou fest. But you know, you will learn something foreign backwards such as the gardening. You did not know much about gardening probably three or four years ago, or as much in need us went full force in now, you know, about butterflies gardening decrease list processed foods in this. The cisse's. No you did. Fully immerse yourself in it, and you know, tons and so you're maybe more hands on learning it forward front back dive into books and try to get a general sense. And then start rolling on it. But obsessive about a subject, and yeah, I have to learn everything about it. And then I move on. And you know, what I kind of do too. I got obsessed with sociopaths and narcissist. I was I read four or five books on it and watched all these YouTube, videos and read all these articles. And now I feel like grasp on it. And anyway that was like an obsessive two and a half weeks, and then it was near death experiences. And that was a couple months sandy love that don't you love super into something and like so excited to find out more and reading. Yeah. I love that. I think that's what our life purposes is just go in these little waves of what you're interested in the money part of it is the difficult part because you know, if we could just generate money out of something we're interested in every six months, that'd be great. But yeah, I don't know said jazz your job at the garden, they should pay you for it. We're talking about this before. And I know we don't get into it. But you should be paid done free work for a long time. If people out there who are pseudo fulltime volunteers must know this feeling where you wanna be altruistic and just give back give give give give give. But then after so many years there's some pushback, I mean, he finally went to get a little worth value out of it and the accolades great people are so nice, and I've gotten awards and mentions and all these nice things and thank you cards, and it's wonderful. But, you know, at some point you get a little issues to be like, okay, I need to get back in the system and needed W two. I just want to also sign of appreciation like what this whole thing of being like altruistic in spiritual and not needing. Money or wanting money for it's like, you're giving a trade you should be paid for the services period, our whole, and that's what I'm reading this book our whole like everything is surrounded by money in in. It's not just in this American culture. It's well, I mean, maybe there's some like Papa NEW GUINEA places. But overall, it's just that we I mean think about how money is not attached to anything and the going out to take your friends out or taking a walk.

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You want your credit card in the back pocket? Just in case or think about when you left the house without your wallet or your money. It just doesn't happen. Right. You feel powerless all of a sudden you're like, oh, I can't do anything in their eat into. Yeah. Some emergency situation. Like, everything to get an ambulance to get Uber to get you know, whatever. Right. So it's gret in. They you're above it or whatever. But we should just the way the world works here. Yeah. Yeah. And I think just generally speaking to I'm getting just kind of ANSI being a stay at home. Mom, when you know, I spent so many years getting this great education and doing this nice career. I could kind of go and for five different paths with it right now, if I wanted to, but, you know, still wanting to commit to this volunteer job and feeling like if if the values not there, the maybe it's time to find something else. And and then yeah. As a stay at home mom, it's hard to just not be in the system anymore. You know, like I went to target or somewhere pseudo recently and tried to open up just a store credit card because it was like, oh, you could save eighty dollars. If you get this whatever it was in. So I filled out the thing. But because I haven't hundred job in so many years. They were like, oh, I'm sorry. You can't get the store credit card, and I'm like what the fuck I I should be able to get a frigging store credit cards. So that really from cold stone Creameries credit, right? Be my flyers. Yeah. So anyway, I dunno just that's on my mind right now. And so I need to figure out what I might want to do. So. Over. Sorry. You're here. Koper that was horrible. I don't want to hear that again. That's what you say. I stepped over exactly what you said. What was it? The game girlfriend that was horrible. I'm glad I talked over it because I don't wanna hear that ever again. Yeah. I myself. I know I just had somebody reached out to me because I have a lot of footage of Angelo. From the David Bowie tour, the Fishman singer Angelo and someone is doing documentary on him. So she reached out to me in for my foot 'age and part of me was like man, I'm just going to give up, you know, it could charge or in the part of me goes just be altruistic. Like, you're saying just give someone else. I didn't ask what her budget was. I I should always open it by like, do you have a budget? But good question, you know, and I don't do it. I just give my but. That's a hard one to it's like valuing at some point. It's valuing yourself. It really is. But then again in this case, I'm like. I don't know what to do because. We talked about this in our jealousy episode where it's like, oh, we should all just help each other. Because you know, everyone's going to remember in the help you later in life, but that documentarian probably gonna take your footage take off. And that's the last you'll hear of it or see it, and it may not ever help you. They might end up like, it might be, you know, winning Oskar, suddenly, you're footage. And then you're like that has happened in people that I know that song I wrote over to them. And now they're song is in some big movie that happened to do. Well and fuck I wrote that offer no money. Yeah. Anyway. Wow. Weird in between place of how to value self. And how to also not be totally a miser about things, right? Yeah. I follow that fishbone fan page too. Because we did our episode with him, and they are on the top fifty of documentaries for that everyday sunshine documentary. Really sounds like Netflix or something. I don't know. Which is I mean, this might be a big documentary the girl who's doing this one is t- says IGA, I think from Utah, and I don't know what about old soul productions, and we'll see I hope she does. Well, I'm gonna freely give my foot 'age. And we'll I you know, whatever happens, I'll get credit for in the credits. But yeah. Anyway, at least, yeah, he should maybe make a contract and say, you know, my name needs to be at least two inches tall or something. Like that. Name with petty that pops out. Dancing else? Yeah. To farm dance that the Mese. Yeah. How's everything else? Kids are good kids are good. I don't know. We went for walk this morning. And you know, I'm trying to do all our social media. So I always have my phone on me.

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And my husband got really mad at me. He's like would you put that thing down? And I'm like sorry. Sorry. Just something popped up. And I looked at a really quick, okay. Out put it down. 'cause 'cause what kind of message are you sending our kids with with the phones? And you're always on your phone. I'm like, I'm really I don't feel like I am. But I suppose I just check it a lot. So now, I'm like, yeah. I think I need to set some hard and fast rules for myself with the phone, but it's tough. It's like a. No days, but it doesn't have to be. I don't know. So Dave is very traditional. He runs. His law firm with no social media. They have a website, and that's it and occasionally he'll log into someone else's account that works there to check people in Lincoln when he's hiring, your whatever. But really he doesn't have anything. He's off the grid on social media. So is is that a libertarian of mindset or keep yourself out of government, or I don't know. I think it's a little bit of that. Yeah. Like, nobody needs to know my information, if they need to find me, they can find me the old fashioned way. They can look me up. You know, I I'm Google bowl. They can find his work phone number and contact him. But he's been like that forever. I mean, I've known him since ninety four and even his all his high school buddies were trying to play on their reunion, and they had to come. Find me I and two. Get to him, you know, and I was trying to connect them. So I don't know. It's just you know, he's got one extreme view of it. And I'm what does he? Dumb. It's just like a waste of time. Any teases me? Like, what are you fourteen? What are you doing? And like, no, you don't understand especially with podcasting. It's like such a. You know, e- medium. Everybody's on social media. How are you gonna find people to listen like you have to promote its? Yeah. I get it get it. But I don't know at the same time. He's like bet your teaching your kids. But the there there are right? I know that's what I'm thinking in they have YouTube channels and cut more followers than we do. You know, like, I don't know. But then I don't want them to necessarily go down that path either where they see mom on her phone phone. And that's the only way you can be worthy in your job, which is an internet e type of job. I don't know. I'm not saying this. Well, but I'm just at this like another crooks. It's kind of the way of the future. So I mean, if you're sitting around just chatting with your girlfriends on Facebook all day that's different than right on social media to promote. I mean, I've seen everybody. Does it that uses it for business? It's just yeah. It is. It is. Yeah, it's kinda that's it. So unless you have a job that's like Dave's were you don't have to do that. Right. I know. Well, now, where do you stand with it because you've been really hot on it? And then cold on where you know. I don't know. I feel myself getting I haven't done anything Facebook in a long time. And I think the last few things put up for just I get mad about animal abuse and stuff, and I put a few things up, and then it just dropped off the grid. And it looks really depressing. If you're actually trying to friend me and be like, what does she hope? Angry cat lady. Ito worker. I know does, but I sort of passionate good. I don't know. I think I've gone into this weird little hole of just kind of cutting. It's to me. It's really overwhelming. I think to spend a lot of time I'm gonna different place right now. I'm gonna weird place. No. But why do you think it's weird? I think it's probably healthy that you're. On yourself and wrote me yon, that's really great radio. Yeah. I'm gonna place for really working on getting out of the stuck mindset. All the old patterns of how you think in how you behave. And how I just wanted change in like grow. So I'm sort of taking away all the. A lot of extra. What's that word not inertia, but all the distractions? I guess I'm just bringing it down to my little house in my world and immediate friends and family and just like focusing on how to change for the better. And I think I'll let other I just don't have time either at this job all the fucking day skews, my French, but all the live long lives. Day. I'll boy I'm second, clams. I'm I'm talking to Burton who down at the market. It really takes up a lot of time in the live long day.

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Hooton Burton earning came from guests can anyone out there? Guests. Ernie laurel and hardy. Right. It came from. What's that orange banana? Guess what my favorite? Okay, wait. Let's finish. This thought it is. They think called the thing. Say ten cold. You know that Christmas story where the guy has the wings your area, so wonderful life. Yes. Okay. Bernie of the cops that go in. That's really gotta from that thing. Cute. Apparently, Jim Henson lived that movie. We got a fact check that check Jim Henson. Did in fact, like the movie, it's a wonderful life. But according to muppet dot fandom dot com. While Burton Ernie's names have often been linked to those of the cop in the cab driver in this movie, Jim Henson, and others have always said that it is just a coincidence, apparently berts and Ernie's names were picked just because the creators and writers like them they fit the characters in they sounded good together kind of like us. So it's debunked. And we're back. Oh, yeah. Actually, can we take a quick break in here about our podcast friends. Yes. Or no. You're asking me or the world. Yes. Okay. Is king Silas. Listen on I tunes, Google play Stitcher. Visit the rise of king Silas dot com. And we're back. Hey, this is not back. Carol Joe who get what rag with displace Jared girls. Patch fan. We have another old lady died shout to. I'm sad other right in entertainment, right? We'd love her she screams. She was. I love your impressions, save some good ones to any sort of character on stage right now. What would it be? Ernie. Would be Bert. I think we would be good. Would be straight man. I said snug we have a tape of Joel mouse when she was a kid we have a tape when you're probably six fours. How different sibling that we're for years six into that would be it. But not too because they don't talk yet. But somewhere around that like six and eight and. And. She said, wait six. You get it forty eight Cawley. Remember that part when he said it was so smart up. There's a tape when we were talking. He said. What did you say you say? I don't know Christmas when he threw up the sash the book that is a night before Christmas and all the children were nestled all snug in their beds, and then I paused I said snug, but she had a really, but you always had like an easily voice. I say. Steffi knows in a kind of low voice in road close to the microphone. She likes to really get sensual and clothes, and hey, let's let's digitize those and put them somewhere because those are Larry. This was our very first radio show way back when we really did we used to go and insert music into their back in the days when you cassette tapes and used to be able to push record on your cassette tape, and then put on the FM radio and record on your cassette. So you could switch. DJ talking and you'd be so mad that he cut off your song to talk over the top. It was I don't understand. Why people do why haven't they? Yeah. I know. I remember can talk about you. You were such a soft and mild tempered child, and then I think you got Bubis and you've got all sassy. Remember that? Yeah. They started growing in sixth grade. Oh, my good. When did you get that SAS? Well, I think it was ninth grade.

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Maybe when I started getting boy attention and being interested in boys, and suddenly I was fancy like didn't wanna hang out anymore. I'm sorry. Just happens. So set about this just getting ovaries and brain chemicals. But no, I remember grades. When did your booby start growing? Was it six? I probably at two I don't know. Let's see what what do you? Remember your first, bro? I don't remember any of the stuff at remember periods. Remember birds in the bees talk on remember anything. Really remember I were at tampon. I didn't know that you're supposed to stick it up inside. So were like half hanging out. It was the most for like two years the same. What? No. But it was. I didn't. I don't know how I missed that. Or if I was I don't know how much we should get mom to verify this. I don't know how much I just didn't listen or how much I didn't wanna talk or how much she didn't distracted me. Like, you heard it or or just don't remember willing time ago? But how would you not know to push the cardboard together? So the tampon Tampa up inside in half hanging out your Kuku wine court like wine. On all day. That's just. Like, okay. This is the instructions in the box. I mean to not the best instruction reader. It was oh like memorized it in all four languages. I would read that instruction thing back and forth. And then I always thought it was strange the diagram that they showed the lady only had one leg section. It's just fascinated up her too. But yeah, you have to push it all the way in there. Clearly. The box in that would explain a lot of things in there. After reading instructions, hey, always helps. Well, no, I'm just remembering all that happening. So my booby start growing sixth grade and remember dad 'Member him. Oh. Oh. He was our P teaching science teaching dad who was always around after school and stuff like that. So he made me a well, first of all we were kids of teachers so instead of playing inside a lot we're always outside. We're always playing sports running around. I remember at one seven three which was our old house number playing baseball in the backyard and learning how to slide into bases and learning how to slide in headfirst in you, and I we used to play. And when my booby started growing sliding started hurting. I couldn't be like a boy and slide anymore that really sucks. So I was there too. I don't have any memory of this. Yeah. Base playing baseball in the backyard or teeny tiny little backyard. So it was a very small diamond. But yeah, we'd play baseball and we'd have to do push ups and sit ups when we got in trouble and Redan play with us. Yeah. Yeah. He was out there showing us how to do stuff weight taking the basketball the school time riding bikes was our dad present in our childhood like super involved in our lives for ADA time. I think that he was. Yeah. We'd all get home from after school. It would be like, you know, snacks. Okay, girls. Let's, you know, do your stuff and get us going on things. And then he'd probably Seidel out to do his stuff because he was always doing side-hustle writing or reading or you know, acting them some weird woman in our living room once in high heels Brown trenchcoat bruise like the big. Apple dull cheeks were like practicing some seen from. Shanley or something. And and it was so who's this woman? Why is she living room? Why shield dressed up? Why are they talking romantic things do each other didn't understand so weird? It was acting. He took all sorts of acting classes, and he had agent and clinic and this whole thing. So yeah, he would be doing random scenes with people. Sometimes that was always happened often. I remember that one woman living room. Yeah. Me. Early. Don't remember the Tampa boobs? But you remember the trenchcoat trenchcoat woman to someone's in your living room, suddenly like everything's normal. And then there's this woman in high heels standing there with ruse.

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Using. And it's not your mother was at the height of watching Sesame Street. So he probably didn't trust thought. He was the would you like to buy on a person? Need to remember that anyone from when he tried to sell owes two it'll cost you just did nickel a nickel nickel. Remember that we had that record too. Didn't even have the Sesame Street record. Oh, so good good. Good songs. Anyway. Louise. Gordon, my hurt for Gordon like him, bold new Bolton mustache. She Steve Harvey Steve Harvey was on there. Or that's. Oh. Current bold mustache, he you know. I don't think that we knew a whole other racism until later, right? Because we had said we street was a great trainer upper of multicultural show. And then like we had friends. No, you didn't though I think I was more of the type. I was buddies with them Asia. She was my friend member Asia in super brothers name was super, and he was this really super athlete. Do you? Remember him? Super. Yeah. No. I mean, I'm sure that nickname, but. Would you? We've lived in a pretty pretty a cook. Asian upbringing overall pretty we had some. We had some I dunno Middle Eastern friends Indian friends, and we never noticed it when we were younger, and I don't think I noticed it. I just noticed moving to Berkeley, and Oakland how it was just a big change of like, okay. Like Chinatowns and the and that was a big so innocent. I mean, it was pretty much eighty percent white probably regret. It was more young. But then I loved moving to going to UCSD, and yeah, seeing all the different nationalities. And then working at a biotech where they would hire people from all over the world and getting good with accents and learning that countries, and we would do all these different theme. Parties from holidays in different countries. Isn't cool. What a meat work face. All right. Do you want to tell us anything about the dreams that you've been having? Did you have? Oh my gosh. That's so funny. You asked me because I had a massive dream listen. I haven't written down a dream and so long, and I immediately came downstairs wrote this whole dream done. So funny. You asked me not fund your intuition thing with that. Did really? Yes do. Okay. So I even made Dave read it, but I had a dream last night that I was in this huge compound. It was like an apartment complex three stories high. But all the way around and it was as big as a football field. Right. And so it was like all these people live there in the middle. The football field part was this beautiful courtyard full of trees and paths in you know, stepping stones and benches and fountains fruit. Girling it was really pretty it was like garden of Eden people milling around. Everybody was wearing white or beige or pink like little like, scrubs and. Maybe a mental hospital now that I think about it. But I went to the end of this and walked into a building, and it was like a spa day spa. And it was understood that as a resident of this place, you could go for free treatment. So they're all these people laying there getting massages getting facials all this was just provided it was free. And so I walked through the spy, and I turned went into this restaurant. And it was also known that you got free food so sat down at this booth and a little bit in the distance. This look like the Montreal from Disneyland pulled up and off of it came on coll-. Jim aunt Beth uncle Merck. Uncle Bob, right? So these are all our dads brothers and sisters, and they came and sat down with me at the booth and I immediately asked them, so how was it? Did you see him and they had gotten to heaven? Yeah. Offending your life is going. I don't know that one. And they all said, yeah. Don't give away any script ideas here guys. This is my movie. Okay. Just stating that they said, he's great. He is you know there. He's happy everybody. There is about twenty years old. So everybody in heaven has their best body their best health. Nobody's overweight. Nobody's underway. Everyone's just like perfectly where they're supposed to be everybody wears like kind of like a fabric around their waste.

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So that's how everybody's dressed. Everybody has a job there and your dad's job was to teach people how to be healthy and how to eat good foods. They still eat food there anything in even though they're they're healthy with their bodies. It was still his job to teach them and train them about that. And he he was very happy there. But he did get sad here. And there he did explain that he could have sad emotions that he missed us. But that he knew time ago really fast, and then we'd all be together. And and you know, that's what heaven was that everybody has these jobs in the raw gonna meet together. Again, it was really weird. And somehow, I, you know, walked out and went back in through the courtyard, and then I had to go to some meditation class, and then I had some at my job was to do laundry. So I had to go first meditation into Goto laundry for all the residents of this place. And I remember my last thought before I woke up was okay. As walk into my meditation class, I really have to tell weans about this place because it's such a great place to live, and it's only it's right outside LA. And it's only eighty one dollars a month. All the stuff is included. And then I woke up. Something that is so cool that in you know, what's crazy is. I had super dad thoughts because I just watched that movie. Fuck why can't remember anything? It's something wrong with my brain lately. But whatever it's called upright. Was it the link upside down the upside with Bryan, Cranston and his taker Kevin Hart. Yeah, it's not really they were playing characters. But it was so sweet. And it just reminded me. You'll see when you see. So I saw the trailer. You emailed me that and I'd never seen. The trailer is was it a sleeper movie or was it a big deal? Sleeper movie. I thought I like nobody talked about it. Oh, I think it means what it is small fed up. Two. Everybody talks. Yeah. It was really just watch it. I think it's gonna win awards. It's gonna be what's his name Cranston for sure here's predictions. I'm usually pretty good with this. Goodwill win best actor and the screenplay will get best screenplay. Wow. Is it one of the nominees up for these Oscars? I have no idea. Just would guess if it were than it would be, oh, maybe we should do a prediction on Oscars. Oh, yeah. Okay. Do that really quick? Sure. I don't know. Even what's going on. Let's say for the next one. Let's see if we can squeeze it for the next one. That'll be fun. All right. Well, our time I need to go to my Super Bowl party. What are you doing today? Well, I just wanted to also see those listening to new experience. The and also was describing that what you just said it was very close to that. Really? Yeah. Well, I don't know anything about this. I really honestly haven't read many of these new death experience things nor have I studied any of this like where do we go after we die kind of neurology. Give shit or do, you know? I do I just haven't. I dunno hasn't dinner. Yeah. Been compelled to read a lot about it. So really was it like that. Well, I mean sometime we'll get into, but I'm gonna send you a link on this woman. Nancy rhines R Y N ES, and she was an atheist who got run over some women was texting and Rainer over when she was on a bike ride. And I think it was the anesthesia that took her out and she went and amazing story about in. You know that the Theus goes to heaven, quote unquote thing where she came back. She's a cab. They basically downloaded all this information. I need to bring back and. But it sounded a lot like that. Really? Well, in some ways, I know it's really cool in that the well, I talk about the shit all the time. I mean, it's like the veil is very thin your loved ones. This is what all the people who've had near death experiences. Your loved ones are with you. They there with you all the time. And our world is just too inexperienced. We've decided to incriminate this body, and we chose all the life lessons. We chose our family. We chose the things the struggles that good things. All so we could just experience whatever I don't wanna get into it. But I'm sorry. I see I feel like I go off on these tangents. Never lied about the dad thing. It's like, it's just yeah. No, I feel like I feel like you do where are on are always around this. I am constantly kind of calling on them a little bit.

00:45:02 - 00:48:16
Whenever there's, you know, people call it praying. I call it. I talked to my dead homeys. Yeah. Imagine them somewhere holding hands and kind of like surrounding either me or someone that I'm praying for whatever in sending energy down to them. And then above them is like this late, and that's like God, or whatever you wanna call it. Just a big good positive energy, sending them energy to send down. I don't know. So that's my little imagery cool who think of NB real honest about this. How much do you pray for other people or do that with other people versus with can you please help me? I did pretty often whenever I see something on Facebook. That's like going through time. Do I stop? And I close my eyes in a contract that image, and I really send my energy toward whatever is needed. I don't know. Maybe every other day. I'll do it. That's really amazing. I think way more self absorbed. They need to work on that get on Facebook things. Hello. Cool. All right. We'll phone. I'm excited to look that up. Yeah. Have to watch your movie too. Good stuff. Go. Everybody watched that movie. See the upside the upside up say upside question, Mark the upside period. Also, I need to get better about this boat. Did you know that we put our show notes on our website? No. Yeah. So often, I will transcribe episodes and write down important information or links or whatever. And I put them in a tab on our website mouse, weans dot com called show notes. So you can click it in read like what we were talking about. And I need to play catch up and do a lot more because there's you know, several up there, but not all of them. But anyway, and they yes, that's their hope. Everybody goes to our website and follows the sun social media. But the main thing is to subscribe until you friends like we gotta get the word out. And then we need to. Have some action on on apple podcasts, or I tunes or whatever you call it. Who's listening now is met Segamat? So does he nica Matt met, you know, what he also knows Ellen Alda? So we should put a little advice with Alan right now because he put Alan Alda in touch with me. So we got some advice that we can help everybody else. Allen's so fellow on caster. Good. Wow. All right. Here's hours later. We will see you later. Bye. Bye. Bye. I'm Alan older. And this week I'm talking about vice or refrigerators at you had a refrigerated number one. Make sure that it fits in your house member to make sure you get the French fucking doors. I don't ridiculous top out of this. This is what happens to the true story my cousin who's a little person. And he was he was in under the rainbow. He was actually Billy Barty standing probably don't know is. But anyhow, so he was a he was standing there, and he got wacked in the base by the lower part of the refrigerate. So what I decided to do was tell them to chill out. I'm Alan older.

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