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Episode 41 - Mom the Type A Cowgirl

E41  Mom the Type A Cowgirl
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We're back! Mouse and Weens. Hello! Hello everybody. Yay! Me too! Oh yeah, and mom! Mom is here. Did I tell you she's on with us? Yeah. No, I knew. I don't think our vast listeners knew though. Mom, welcome to Mouse and Weens.  I'm looking at Julianne's rigged-up microphone here laughing. Shei used blue painter's tape. I know. I had to this microphone mount that probably costs two dollars online to get, and I've taped my microphone to my microphone stand with painter's tape. And it's this gangly little sad limb. that's peeling. Sorry! We have- I'm going to post a picture of it. Because I know exactly what you're talking about. Last time. We were all together, we took some pictures, and you guys saying some nice songs, maybe we can throw those in here too. Oh, yeah. We could. Yeah. Other songs. Mom. What are you doing there? How are you? Oh, good. But he why you're here in California. What's going on? Well, two months, the months of January February my husband, and I come down, and we stay on a little added little lock how soon we haul our horses down your sisters taking pictures of Maine right now. Yeah. We embrace our border collie and. So I kind of flip back and forth. I'm coming to see you Joel on Wednesday. So that's right put together mine Lange. Well, we're we're sorry. Really quick. I'm Joel mouse on the married one weans on the the legal leaner. It's not. Southern california. That's right shoes. The hot single Hollywood girl. Anyway, that's us. Those are voices. And that's our lovely Mont, mama. What made you guys move to start doing the snowbird thing? 'cause you're an Idaho. Like, what was the final straw? When did you do this? How many I think we both had to work hard enough to where we had, you know. What can I yes, luxury income, and we could put it towards coming down here, and the snow has brutal up there. So we were looking for exit plan for the two worst months, which January February there was eighteen inches of snow minus fifteen degrees. Oh, yeah. It was time to go. It happened right after Christmas. So as perfect timing. Yeah. They plan this every year they come up for three months to to mecca in have their horses taken with them right on their tray. Then we've been writing every day when there's no rain, we have hope they have friends out there. You guys have made friends via the roping Dinnie have identity laws out there with his get together. We're very busy. We're busier properly here than we are at home, socially. Let's good. Do you like being busy moan? Yes. This is me too. So earlier I told mouse that I hear was a tree that three limbs into Julian's backyard, and I quickly went out and gathered Plugin Mehta arrangement. So no, she's oriented and she's a decorator in any cool things out nature show. Grab bring inside and make into trees growing in your pidgin. Yeah. Verge trees. Yeah. I yeah. I do. I love rocks. I love nature. I think they all belong inside. So. Yeah. And. And. That was your sister. And. Yeah, love it and like been doing all sorts of low organizing projects or your sister today. There was so cool. I came in whole closet was organized with you're saying that there is. Okay. Wait, I'll stay on that one. I the you organized on what necklaces all of wall. She has shelf now for her cuff bracelets in her hanging bracelets, necklaces her as a never think.

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But when this going to say is that there's a woman on television that you say you love this show. Have you seen the show tidying up? Nope. We talked about it a little bit. All my friends are talking about everybody's watching it. I haven't seen it yet. But it's like, no, I don't have time to watch someone else do things. First, even the British baking show is super cool. But at the same time such fresher, put eggs with it gives me. Tired of cooking? I mean, I know some you weren't but in the Washington else do it under pressure while I would never stumbled onto this habit. Not been more leisure time in artwork in is mom paints of water, which is super cool. When I here in California, we set up shop, my has does leather work, and I do really to cabbe. Yeah. No ours. Just gonna go there. Lips bell along like Sam Elliot mustache in leather. Sounds like the moisture birds her eight years acids chops. Little spurs. But. What are you guys doing in your off time? Doing Robens fear. Log cabin six dungeon. Kidding gross. Leeann. You're trying to humorous right now. But you really don't think. Not my Cup of tea. Yeah. So I was wondering around like the little cow, and he has to rope. You. Phase of victory. Secretly who are these people what on behind closed doors hop? What if we really we opened the door in the just both sitting error sewing? Pillow. Guys are desperate. No. That was. Okay. Nonetheless. This show tiding up in very. It's very. Urging I'm not saying. Yourself. Mad at us movie laugh because it's not we're not laughing at us. Just a dumb. Forget her face. Also can't picture. Because it's kind of like. Okay. It's one of those from rather? It's a good run. Interested. So my dog border collie has been eyeballing Rene's cap all day on but he won't look directly at her. He just kinda generally stairs towards her. And it sell awkward of Sanit. Sick a weird one of dates. He's like a weird I internet day for dislike the guy is. But it's like this roundabout Lee and then their menu not making an contacted so accurate in one's sitting there. Like the girls. It's exactly what's happening. What is their dynamic of they ever come out walked around each other or the Kansas sits in stares at waiting to hit in the face. The dog is used to wrangling squirrels steering link. One of those pointer so little tiny tiny pointed nose sits, but we did on a make eye contact as it's trying to be she under the bed or somewhere sitting. She sit wherever she still in charge in radio. He wants to. Really wants a friend. But we did have some action. He she decided to high tail it out the back door and win. She ran he ran right after her and Julianne checked him. See how this podcast is getting more and more interesting. She's Dr chase the cat. But the county quickly rounded the house came in window. Good. Older kids cut this. I approve I'm gonna quite no, I'm I'm kidding.

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Oh, can we talk about that? No. I would. Mom. Yes. Talking anymore owner door. You're offended moment. I'm not. I'm not at all. Really what's type a personality? Oh, yeah. This is my this is my topic. Because no, I mean, literally, there's a segue. Mom, destroyed. She went to the kitchen and the segue. Taping. Kogler just blew by the window. Mum and leather. Sorry. Wispy moustache chasing the rope. Mustache, what if you did his mustache as a rope. Should go. Screw it. But he concentrated really hard as best to start a growing longer. The herder Kellaway concentrates one minute, suddenly soups athlete a Ruth catches her Sigli as she drives past leather. Stay. If they were like, you know, how they do the the nipple tassels in learn how to swim around. What if he learned how to swing his mustache around last SU things? Twirl head around. Now, I'm gig. Talking about mall Cape. Stickler. Hi have a world famous world famous trick ler. Kick ler role 'cause dip trip. Okay. Cool. Could do rope tricks with both hands then that just has to do with the tassels that you were talking thirty could only gosh, it was crazy. He was doing both nights. Yeah. Okay. Let's insert her story about this guy. I'm going to record you because we're trying to do a morning meditation. We're in bed cuddling in listening to morning meditation on YouTube about gratitude in this one over here starts giggling why? Well, I'm partly because you're supposed to be concentrating on yourself. You know how and I was just bringing up situations that have been going on lately. The. Yeah. I have to give myself a Pat on the back one of a made me laugh. Can you talk about it? What is it? Oh. There was an overzealous religious guy. And and he was gonna save me. Make me go to heaven. This is what you're conjuring as a fantasy. You know, he's being grateful for what do you do? Anyway, point being I had to tell him that way. Is this a real real life situation? Backstreet? Oh, goodness. He is a international Roper trick groper. And he. Died of heart attack, but came back to life and had a new purpose, and that was to praise Jesus. And and when the souls, and I didn't know him from heaven. I had no idea who this guy was and he came out and start talking to me about you know, being close to God. And and when was this this was last week, and it got to be kind of silly. Like, really, hi, my name is Joyce somewhere interjected that in his, and that's what kind of got me giggling because it's like you had to be there. I know you are we just had this stinks stare at them. No, I was kind of just taken aback because it was so aggressive, and he didn't know me from Adam. See I have such a remained says idea about what dying in coming back. And it's always think others must be enlightened people who really. But then this guy just was annoying. When my gosh, it was crazy and tell you the I need to have a handshake with gut. Have you done that? And this is why get goal. What would that look like if you had to shake hands with boy, okay? I would be at three mile long arm.

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Going somewhere could be through the clouds or through a desert or through somewhere and feel this little wispy thing on the other. What if you go? But then you have a tiny tiny hand. It link and I'm thinking that. Yeah. The possibilities are endless could've been of swing. I don't know chances are what if we just looked at the window right now. And there's a big I oh that would be. So when one time is going through Yellowstone park and the lake the upper lake before you come out. The Cody Wyoming side, the cloud looked exactly like a giant hand exactly with four fingers that touched the lake and they were all sized like a giant hand giant finger and thumb and I knew that the chances that ever happening in my lifetime was once and I saw it. And I've decided that that was a hand of God. It was just too cool. Did you feel it going and shaking it? No. Maybe someday you'll get drive off the road with my convertible and shake it. Okay. But it was cool. Very very cool is perfectly proportioned. That's really neat. I know. What was very cool. I'm sorry that you're still a center next time. You see that the handled hurting trick Roper? I'm going to tell them shook found God's hand nanny nanny boo boo ticking in the finger lakes, which is also I think is a finger lake St.. You said it somewhere else I saw Yellowstone park and corner up by Wyoming. Yes, I'm glad we had this talk all before six AM. Start should. By flat view video back to Oprah. What is it like wake up? What is it like? To wake up. Fine. I hit the deck. Renan got plans right now this second how come you don't need to wake up and transition meditate into a better state of mind. That's a waste of time. Never had that opportunity. So you just have to get up and start going. What are you holding in hand out of my way? Please. Jeez. Sorry. Can you? What did you think? Do you have any idea? What's happening radio? Member interviewed your. Yes. Yes. Thank you. I'm up to speed on this. Good for you for going with the Fletch. Okay. What? What I mean? Yeah. So mum to two things. We want to talk about type a personality, but I talk about the roping thing. So you guys are involved because Denny does roping you got involved with horses in new raining. And now that you're out in California doing this Temecula thing you guys go to different events this where you met this guy or what's the deal? No, there is a good friend of ours. Who has quite the ranch and has some cattle, and we go over and have dinner with them. They also have a house in Newport Beach. So he attracts very interesting Cowboys and they show up at random times. Am this guy? Sounds like. Yeah. He just me. With a big old semi truck and horse trailer parked it and did rope Transi when he left tonight water were talking of. Like near the living dead. But if you're in your house just into interesting Cowboys for choking. What does seriously on the door? There's shifts. Today. There are tons of really like very well known Cowboys show up consis guy, Scott Coit, the arena, the hope cool. So anyway, it's been fun. It's been fun. Hey, and I've been riding my horse in she's very well trained, and I can show often.

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You know, how it goes? How's your house your knee? You just had knee surgery less. Good. Good good. Yeah. It was kind of weird step up in the saddle the first time it makes it sound. Like, I'm Yoho, but she's world famous right? After designing designing this the mansion, I went. Really? I think she wants her activates mom your world famous weans is just. Oh, thank you. That's very nice. We worked hard in were able to go down the road as they say. And we did pretty well. Never heard anyone say that she's myself dick with me. They call it Cindy down the road with cowboy do like when they go on the rodeo circuit on they go down the road. And then they win all that was real terminology. That's how tomb in the of real cowboy no any give us. Okay. I'm gonna do a quick rapid fire. Asking question to see the first thing that comes to mind, but has to be real kept wide you heat. Okay. Don't please. All right. Ninety to say a catchphrase when he win a medal. Got the buckle on my belt. Okay. Now, something when you're angry at your horse. You piece of shit. No, they got a tune. This. Learn up Jim cowboy talk. I'm tune in on my horse. Okay. When you're angry at your cattle partner. What would you say go good run over your ass? What I would say Calvin. Okay. Get the out. Cow things like don't do that. No. While like knowing wrong. Oh, mary. Shit. One. Gonna meet your water Lou well on go. Really? Embarrassing when you get the giggle. Yes. Our economy here water I want to point out when she was doing those rapid fire questions. She was also whacking me on the show. Because I had to scare her into a phrase because chip up scare some counter counter, you that work. Just making. When more one more something save your dog, go go catch cow, Patty. Talking. Did you get out? Did you make? I scared out. Something stream. This repeal. Don't link is it all fascinated. Let's take a quick break. And we'll hear from our friends in this podcast. Liam I'm so glad to go through COO. I'm really big fan. I don't know who you are. Well, I'm glad you asked with coming in motion podcast, and you can find online tune state shooter, most of the podcast platforms. What you want to let you know that we do in depth weekly reviews media movies TV shows and games that based on comic books. We also go into the background of the COMEX and the production of that media self if you're looking for. Like, the money FOX review might be nice. Say there's no money necessary to listen. What would I do? What would I do? Very particular set of skills, James a little pretentious skills. I have acquired of on career. When no spring, chickens, either to be honest skills. The people like you. Expecting different colour for maybe if you let my daughter go now that'll be of it. I will know precede. Well, we'll be nice if you coming out of listen and even check out all Twitter page comics in motion pay. But if you don't. I will kill you. Okay. Chris. I think this one's for you. All right. Everyone take listen. It's a goody. Can we talk about the topic this purlee lease right into it? The type a personality. Mom, you and I are pretty much like to data pod.

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Right. Absolutely. You happen to be born on my birthday. So that was a I. Waist usually in the Aries nature of your person. I do often same myopia headstrong. Rams, right. And yeah, we make we're very task oriented with you, her scopes our worship. You. I don't know. With a grain of salt, huge grain of salt. You can pick out what you like about him. Don't you think I think so? But you know, it's eons Neons of people studying people's personalities, they probably group them into some sequence. Don't you think my friend from India was in arranged marriage, and they put a ton of emphasis on when you were born what time where and that's how they find their matches for marriage. And I think it's pretty successful. If they stick with the traditional formula, and she has she don't like her house. Yeah. Totally. Yeah. Yeah. No work. But they also say like statistically in a manger marriages their way more apt to stay together because you are told to make it work. Maybe there's that too. But and then they have the same background like caste system and education. So it's really interesting. Tell me your perspective of it wins. Because I know you're gonna be nice about it. But be blunt like is it awful being around us hall want. No, you guys are everyone's got their different gifts in the world. You guys would be what the Nazis. Organize trains run on time. Oh, no. So far doesn't tell took great. No. It's you are very organized. No, no. It was lovely being raised at you. Especially when you have no organizational skills way to say something about artistic now. Yes, that's true. Also, very I would say you're both very good mothers in both knew that motherhood is what you wanted to do in. Would you say that's more important than anything else? I've been sound so crooked in over there. Well, you know, I think makings a balance. I think. Yeah. Depending on what stage you are in life. When you're for me. It was what twenty eight twenty nine or something. And it was just like that's all I wanted my life like the biological. Hit that long to. That was really important you, and, but that's still the main driving force of you. But that a Taipei Taipei, let's just normal human thing that hit quite figured out yet that in you guys are also very artistic Volta view. But you also follow projects all the way through start finish. I don't think he is a lot of loose ends organized SE organized. About forty times. But I I don't know about ARGUS per. I mean, I I I guess I am sort of artistic artistic. In a in a graphic sort of wait, a very organized symmetrical one person you wanna pay play pictionary with this mouse. Get whatever. Yeah. Garrett. Good very succinct. Recognizable. But you guys are different in the way of you would stand up in saying in front of people you like a little of the attention. I was comfortable with it. You know? Yeah. Race that way. We'll maybe it was more in your blood than than you mouse, do not like that. No, I'm a lot more shy. Although I do in certain situations when I feel comfortable in light you're drunk or that. And I know what's going on like it's all about knowledge and feeling like an expert once I'm an expert in a situation, I'm fine than I'm good. But once I feel uncomfortable like, I'm not the best singer. So if I get up there, I get so barest. I think you are good singer our shown up our karaoke nights in Kauai. All right. I'm willing to remember that forever, and you were killers singer, Joel. Thanks. Thanks all do show later, Michelle. Our anyone wants together on the window? It's a good acoustics right in there or the toilet. So but no back back to Type A. So no seriously Weens, I wanna know if it's like super annoying.

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So you've also dated Taipei people. The first three boyfriends had were Aries. And I wonder who you're in the fill the comforts of the whole because they have boobs. Are we perfectionist though? This is a problem. Don't you think we're too perfectionists? Don't we need to like let it up a little bit. Well, her hats. Do you have problems with Denny does he ever like get annoyed with you like what is your dynamic? Who's is? He typed be like. Union. Yeah. He's pretty easy going am. I am to really around him. I'm not horrible. Although if he leaves a trail of. Garbage as he walked on them. I kinda he said that I he never criticizes me that I criticize him, and I said name one time, and he didn't even take a breath. And he goes, you think I'm a slob and I go while you walk. No. I'm not all over him. You've seen me. Jason cayenne. No. But I think you move a lot in he sits down a lot. So I think that dynamic might. I mean, I'm sure he's gotten used to as Mary couples. Do I'm kinda the same way. I'm always doing something. But I think it's a little tough for you to sit down and watch a movie front to end at home without doing something with your hands and my radio, right? You're right ways to yes. Yeah. Like, right. Why are we set time when you can be doing something and still watch the movie do you feel like you have a checklist of things to do all the time? I refuse to live in a disorganized house. So that in itself keeps you moving there. There's always something to do. Right. And we have a big plates, and there's lots of acreage in animals, and yeah, there's always something to do. But I wouldn't have any other way. I I really the day that I would have to weigh in bed. They off today by just I don't know how you do are multitasker extraordinary project manager. Crazy. It is crazy. I dropped those left. And right. I just dropped three tonight. It was good. I've been meeting at seven thirty three children. No. Well, yeah. Like forgot to go to one meeting. I forgot to send out an Email to another meeting. I'm just like all over the place lately, I need to get my brain back on track. But. Well, you you're so involved in so many directions. You think you want to change at all? Is there anything that you like see about that? That makes you wanna change yourself or. No, no, not. You know, what why my thing is? I have a limited time left on this earth. And I wanted to try everything at least once. Yeah. So I mean as far as. Abilities in crafts and go do this and try out. Just like, yeah. I don't wanna waste a whole lot of time. It's not hard in my nature in a way that new. Yeah. I'd like to stay on top of things. And there's so much to learn in. They got. True who? You know, thinks things just can no I don't wanna make back that was your question. Yeah. Or do you want to change anything because I found this list because I was thinking about it like I need to chill out a little bit more. And I feel like I'm always moving, and I'm not being present with my kids and always multitasking and doing million things and they're growing up. So fast freaks me out. So I need to try to be more present or get on my work stuff done when they're at school. And then when they come home, I can sit down and really focus on them and help them with homework and play and do more stuff like that. That was one of my resolutions for the so, I don't know. I don't think he were unique. I think every peer does that very same thing. You know, I should be doing more with my kids and for my kids. Yeah. But you're only one little human being you are remarkable with what are you do work sample? Tell them. Your audience about it rainy day special. My rainy days special. With cold Martin Luther day. So what did you do? Children. I have no idea. What are you talking? Okay.

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Let me bring you up to speed. You sit your daughter away because she was violated to go to a camp in my career. Yeah. Today's set this up. Yeah. There you go. Oh what we did. No. It was no big deal. I mean, that's just what we do Charlotte into camp in the boys. And I went and got Dave and had lunch. And then we were going to go to a mini golf place. But it was too far. We didn't have enough time. So we ended up going to a sports store and testing out golf clubs and hitting virtual golf balls into. It was fun. It was super fun. I don't know. That's what I mean any other peer cave and go stick their kids in front of the TV. We did that the rest of the day. We came home. They did that. No. I mean. Yeah. It's it's that whole balance. But I don't know. I just I need to stop. Well. Okay. Jillian always tells the story where is she is. She back yet. Okay. Tell the story about mom sitting down and reading a book when we were little remember that remember on ever site down one time. Are you laying in the sun in the window with a magazine in it was like seeing a snow leopard or something? Hours like you to stop. No one move. It was so brief got up and got the phone in than it was back on again. Do you think that I'm like hyperactive? That's a setup with liked to here. No mom normal somewhere in here. We just put you like project. So if you don't have a project, I mean, the energy, you're not crazy. You know, another some eighty crazy ladies, but you're directed in purposeful in your project oriented, but also get it was a low weird because I do remember. I mean, not we're Nevada. Just weird. I mean. Emme? Whole fucking. Hi. Now. No, I just do. Remember, like one time relaxing on my bed in. I heard you coming quickly picked up a dust rag. Late just trying to lay down for once this. I was just wondering mile. Like you say. Up doubt with Saturday morning chore. A and I would give you a list of chore and your sister chores. Oh, the childhood every morning. It's saturday. No school Trump. Trump Trump downstairs PJ's excited to get a bullet cereal watch some curtains, and then Wim there's the list of chores, and we had to do our chores before we could watch in American seconds joyful. Yes. Go. You go but taking about noon that we finally much cartoons. And then the gone. God it was so sad. Well, we didn't watch much TV. Anyway, wasn't, you know, make it sound like he never rested. Did you S? Should we don't remember us? You read all the books in your case. I don't remember that either. I remember having to organize the books. That's because she would take each everyone out in you have this gigantic Pinal in the middle of your. I think it was gonna like remember that. But the Phoenix told them where you had to like there were these tasks that you had to do like where you had to move the entire beach from one beach another with a. Hovel notes tweezers oh each grain of sand. That's how I felt with heavier organism book was of books. Like, you would make me take him to organize than it would just have to move one book from other. Take years and sit in the middle of this pile books. I have a story for you chewy endless looking for place to live in LA. And it was a really hard thing to make it happen. And so she and I went and we saw this one. And it was not in the best neighborhood that she needed to keep it up horrible. I flew back to Idaho night. Get a call from her. She taken all of her stuff. It was in her car and unloaded that to this place. Do you remember? Oh, yeah. Joe? Okay. So she unloaded her car into the living room at this place. And then call me, and she goes mom. I have everything I own all around me. And I go what's the problem? She goes, I don't think I wanna live here.

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Sung cleaning out my wallet. I remember Glen, really. Okay. Well, that's productive. But I think was the point that I was overwhelmed too. So yet cleaned Idid limped out like the next night. I moved everything in everything out because it was in anyone knows it was little or Mesnier in. It was like on Santa Monica one win three way behind Jay John's, which is spelled J O N S 'cause they couldn't afford von the brand names exactly the same. The graphic is like women would let you inches off a little like the colors are little same beer. John barnes. But anyway, it was sketchy. It was scary. 'cause I really wanted a free standing house 'cause I don't licks having walls attached. So it was the first thing I found I was so excited to find something that I realize I would never want to leave the four walls without a shotgun sitting in the middle. Scary. Like it only my thinks for supporting the night. Euro always supported many gypsy moves. That's all right. It was just funny because you have stacks and stacks of things done pack, instead Judy side, clean out your wallet. It's overwhelming. I mean, people must be with me on this one that you guys you Joe in you can't sit in organism figure out spatial relation where something makes sense. Nia moms have that gift. Mom, so much better. I mean, I will sit in boxes for a couple of weeks and slowly unpack them, but mom will just bang amount. Real quickly like I still have stuff leaning up against the walls because I haven't hung it yet. And we've been here for like four years five years. Crazy Chuck come for two days. Yes. Bingo. It's it's a special gift. He's have essay just hit. Mom. You could you could be the next Murray condo tiding up. There you go. You could start your own. I don't know cowry version get your shit together. Picture. Danny together. You could do a little little rain goal. The rain will your stuff. Yeah. She's I sound Wrangler. Dangles gonna think of a good. No, oh, that's. I just met like your extra things that are laying around singles title back. We done we lost. We've lost the focus. Here were supposed to be talking about tied bay per. Okay. We'll do you wanna change yourself or not because I have some ways that you can change yourself. Okay. Do you want? I would like to hear some suggestions. This is what I would like to do number one be present. Right. So I pretty basic. Well, these are things that I can like tone down, my type anus and just be a little more balanced number two prison right now. Yeah. I'm I'm here. Fill your to do list with life. Not just tasks, you know, which is true because you can spend your whole life doing to do this in. They never go away. They're always there. Sometimes it does feel like the hamster on the wheel. All right. So you're doing that. You're like got up and left Idaho came to Temecula, you're living life. That's good. She paints pictures, and I keep trying all sorts of like dipping might toe in different things even nice nose. He does use a profound looking at. It's a little button nose taking picture of this negative shy. Sorry. Go ahead. What's next in? All right. Take off the blinders. So it looks like these end goals or distracting you and they dominate your focus. So that you're missing moments in life. So life is not life isn't about the destination. It's the journey. But if life's destination is death. Wait this Turkish turn it got real negative here. The arc there. If you're focused on your destination, you're missing out on the entirety of life said don't mission life. So kind of like being present, right, right? Stop wasting time in the past to do this. Mom. Yes. Stop it waste a whole lot of time in the past until you guys asked me all these quest show our stories. Well, do you think happened in the past and guesting time in the past? Yeah, we can get caught up in old stories in analyzing. Maybe that's the problem. Do you have both terrible. That's why we have you.

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Lassen? All right doing here. Number five. Do you wanna talk about that? Do you feel like yeah, we are in the past too much. I was saying that's for me. My friends. You are always telling the own. Yeah. I don't feel about me. Let's talk pointing to me, she's cutting circa gin. I think that you guys think I in frustrating for dealing with too much like Laco already. Well, you, you know, I know that you. Exactly. Vo voice in everything. Why don't you? Let it go in. It was so long ago. So that's different with you guys. You're just move on break up with a move on with your life a little bit. I gotta go your child kick it to the curb. Yeah. Yeah. A little bit different. You have a different brain like you need to make sure you're not gonna make the same mistakes again. And so you're really trying to figure out. Why did I choose that guy or you know, how can I break out of the cycle? If it's like, a parent thing, and I see it it makes sense. But then the practical side of me is like just move on. Right. Well, it's probably good. I guess you just took on their own thing. But also, yeah, he gets different brains. I would say the both very much like in your brains are in. But the thing that I would say with both of you. This is a nice constructive criticism. Don't try to say nuance. Leave understand tell you for life time, you being more accepting others, but both have seen you turn a large corner on this anything it was for you. Joel with having kids, you are more accepting of other people were a lot less tolerance growing up like how come you can't just do like this? This is the. We do it stab you stab someone a scissors in their leg. 'cause they don't know how to cut yarn properly. I'm never naming names sizes. Frustrated watching him now now now now on the yard cut yard is Grace's. You you're the best yearn cutter back in the jaws of the scissors. It's all about tension. Just stand. Not everyone do that. Okay. Glue. It onto your here. He Don piggy-bank. Okay. Just do it. Gone. You're just not properly and put it on your egg crate. It was. Milk carton. No carton, including pieces of yarn Amilcar to making a dog piggy-bank couldn't cut the damn yard. All right anyway. Mom for us when I turn my corner. Oh, yeah. What's with your husband because you used to hate that? He you get so mad when he didn't clean up. And I heard you say that from the by the way on the toilet. I heard you say that that you are very tolerant of his messy nece, or whatever you aren't trying. No, I'm fine with my hip. You turn a corner of his us to get some frustrated with him. You hated that. He chewed tobacco. This in your like, almost you're like, this guy's kicked him to the curb your comes at term again. But. And then you just listen to them in remember thinking that was crazy to be so upset like if the countless to choose a little tobacco cheating on us. Not doing feel weird. You just wants his like give the break. Right. And then you finally loosened up on because you realized guess what guys being you can't control other people. Exactly. That's this -actly. What? You won't to do. Right. Yeah. Our gave it up on both of you guys. Have you noted? Yeah. Waiting to tell me what to do being on your own making choices. So those are all good points. Now, I'm sorry. Did that's town harsh soon offended here? No, let's move on. So what did you think about that? You think of control think lady with maturity, minus advance mature, do you also realize that it's time to take a break. Not worry about everybody else. Enjoy make every single day something joyful. That's my goal. Imagine. She's not bullshitting. Can I tell you another thing? Liz, high praise to you. I really think that you're one person I know who actually lives it in believes that does it. I don't she doesn't have a secret dark citing some people on you have to do is let go in meditate look to imminence you see him in the car rather factor. Get Avent, right. Like, there's so many of those snake meditation people who were all especially LA Elba.

00:50:05 - 00:55:03
Oh, my God so much can nicest softest gentlest, third, ice, speaking people. You have your people speak. All right with with this. I third lightest speaks. Yes, we're his they're mostly different than speaks or. No that really don't you think mom actually lives in new? You're pretty like, I think you guys actually enjoy life estimating. I'm trying to big time lately. I just wanna have fun laugh and. That's good. So don't finish. You come to the fifth can say my fifth thing. Just to get my list done. Interesting. Sorry. It's just staring at me. I wanna done. So I can close it. Don't be perfect. Enjoy perfect moments. So it all kind of fits together. See we don't have any perfect. We can make mistakes, and we don't know everything we can't control everything and just have great moments. So there. Yes, I can't say with yukons. Are we supposed to great just have great moments? Go. Yeah. Do it. Let me guess the week of being when she's gonna go. Sorry. Go ahead. Let me to go on fakes go. I said anticipation of coming to spin. The wish you is just beyond cool in my book. I just look or are you laughing. Over here. Waiting for uterus. Sipa gate the love. I am about to get there. So the end his patient of coming to Julianne 's hal's, I'm the one that's looking for approval. I love being with her. I love being with you to Will Carling. Do you love me? She's really dancing around the subject. I know we just hit me with her fame a case don't answer. So just forget it. Let me tell you how much I love Choo. Liam will now narrowed contrived go back to the a room she put her he that she pulled it back. No kidding three. You'll find. Really seriously. I just love being at the two year old. Do you love me everything? That's. Asia. Well, do I love you too? Mom. Between or let's play it out on lots of love. I don't know if we talked about anything important, not really huge it. I think, you know, more about mom now, we know more about how to chill out if you type in what we didn't hear was your boyfriend's. I wanna go back into your past weans. Even though we say, we shouldn't maybe on the next episode. Can we talk about some of your past boyfriends Jesus why just because that's like taking your advice on this wanna go just getting this crow? They're all learning experiences. Right. Exactly. When you write your list of hundred guys you've been with. They're all learning. Mum. Just went. No, why don't you talk about some of your sexual expect kids for fifty one? All our men darn that's weird. Why would ever? So. Upper future episodes on a better note. Okay. Let's go back to that. Love stuff. That was nice. But yeah. Okay. Thank you mom for telling us your story in. Let's get some more. We'll get some more interviews while you're here. This is good. I don't find myself that interesting and thank you for the pleasure of being on your podcastone every well, folks, I love. Oh. Of. All right. You are listening to mouth that's weans over there. Steve name rid of the house. Mary please follow us on. Chair. She was like. Lakers painting and should get over keep please follow Oliver stuff. And we really would love for you guys to be sure to subscribe. If this is the first time, you're hearing us hit subscribed. That's how we get our numbers up, and we get found and seen and all that good stuff. So please subscribe, tell your friends and follow all the social media.

00:55:04 - 00:55:44
And we love you. We'll see you next time. Bye. Way down in Columbus. Joe I want to be back in Tennessee way them in Columbus star Cade where friends some many back on me way. To never mccraw Chaman for new heart. You love. Leam little darling. I don't mind.

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