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Episode 39 - Worst Dates

E39  Worst Dates
(Note to reader: this is a straight robo- transcription that we are posting and will go back and edit. But here it is, raw and under construction!)
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Welcome to Mouse and Weens. Welcome. This is so exciting because we usually have two one two three record one two three start. And we don't today 'cause we're in the same room. It's great. We're on daring each other awkwardly next to a microphone. That's right. Are you feeling awkward? No a little bit. Yeah. It's a little close Tocci. Should we look at our own knees or something while we look down at this travel truck? We're gonna make her phone traveled. Trunk looks in nineteen forties alligator, okay? They'll go together. How was your holidays? We are here on what the last couple of days of two thousand eighteen happened during the holidays we had our one year anniversary. What was? I don't something tooted the ghost of our podcast Tooth's. Yeah. No. We started our podcast this time last year in Idaho. Yeah, we did. And it was just a wink in the I I know that sound nice. So here we are year later. Honey, how was your Christmas? You're there at the same place again. Yes. In Idaho is good. Mom's house yet and cowboy Denny he's real cowboy is real real private too. I tried to. Orange stuff, and I was gonna get Zoe's and he did not wanna play. I'm going to I'm going to get it. But to be sneaky with a strong cowboy because he has the best one liners. I just wanted to have mouse record them and just like go round follow him around record him because he'll do these two phrase wisdom's like I one time. I was dating this guy. And you know, and I was all sad emotional about breaking up. And and I was like. And I was like what happened? And then I told him the whole long story. Those long thing in his he said trade up. That was it was great wisdom, but he has like good one liners, and so we could just like throw within our podcast anytime. Anything comes in. We'll just throw in a little soundbite of Denny like Thanis, no horses. Good horse trade up life stinks. You know, good movies or multiple deaths and horses. Just if we just throw that in randomly every time I tried. I even turned on my phone. She currently down on my lap at the dinner table to try to catch them in the act did not happen. The cowboy clam clammed up little mustache trap, just Venus Flytrap shut its he was whistling through it until she turned on that maker phone, and then it just the track shut the Warner Brothers frog. I love my Dahlan Hellum Rabat. Ten gallon hat. It's still as some people think he. Yeah. I've realized that you can't really tell them you're recording. Because then the the the member Cindy Brady and the hit show Brady bunch. And then she had she went on like a game show. And then she had to answer one question that they had practiced at home all the Brady's. That is. One ends. It was Baton Rouge that they haven't room of Louisiana this. She of course, Banca the red light went around, and she clammed up clammed up stared at the red light couldn't answer. Or maybe he just really is private doesn't want it out there. You know podcast land. Is this new foreign thing for people? I think they don't know who's gonna hear it. And when we don't know who's gonna hear it. Yeah. We don't think anyone is hearing it are you hearing it can you hear me? May post Christmas and. Koren's kwanza new years by the time you hear this and cat day. What happened to your hand? You could burn burn to take thirty appetizers and the trae fell. And I went to grab it our your parties that was my plaid party. It was good. We spoke about this. Yes. I know. You know, someone sent me a thank you card, my friend, Marcia who came to the party, she took a picture from the party had it printed as a thank you card, and it came as like a postcard. It was really cool. I'll find out the company that does because I will do the. Yeah. Thank you cards for parties in herbs really nice. How it goes? I don't know if I've ever done that get Kumble awful. It's an hostess gifts people come with nice little presence, Melissa and Oscar brought a nice cutting board with appetizer hookers.

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Yeah. And sweet Cari brought those I think there is hours and people always bring stuff drinks and bottles, and my friends bring what they're open poem. Good. Thank you. Just made it up on the spot. So yes, I love my friends too are no takers. Just kidding. I love my use of interesting land of of LA. Roque artists just getting. I am saying funny things that are funny public know your joke. Yeah. It is. Well, we were talking about this. As far as the puck has goes a lot of my friends are listening commenting and complimenting and sending little messages and love it. And it's sweet. And you're saying I'm not hearing. You're not hearing any of that. Right. What from your friends that lets you named a couple of friends that listen, but you're saying most people in LA are jaded and everybody's trying to do there. I'm jaded as you could see from my shelling Dilling you everybody else's jaded. It's probably all comes back to me. Oh, the different. I have not promoted this to a lot of my friends, but a few or listening think. Yeah. We've got who is well, Bryan. We chris. We talked about them. And you know, Jen says Jen who's visiting from New York right now, she said I had no idea, but she was listening here. And I know and then Blake sometimes, but I really haven't done a big promotion. I think I have not put it out there. Anyway. As the year this year view to promote my point was just breath breath in the face. Sorry that. I don't know the near LA people are maybe cells involved. Yeah. Everybody get their stuff out there too. So they don't have time. Really when you meet half, the people they are they came to LA from another place to make something happen. And so not a lot of people are lounging around. I don't know and certain circles probably tell us your hardy well to recap so Idaho's fun redressing. Would you like to hear about my Idaho trip? We would you like me as we'd love to hear about your Idaho. Joe? But my it was wonderful. Thank good. We sledded. We went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming one day and got to read in a sleigh and go to the elk reserve, which which was really boring we were so excited. I thought it was going to be this rip roaring sleigh ride. Like the things over the hill. Dismiss elk running around the woods. Yeah. I thought these horses. We're gonna pull us a win would be in our hair, we'd need her muffs in our winter. Head scarves a flowing. And no we got in. And we Trump Trump Trump to ten feet and the elk herd was right there right by the streets just to over and sat there and watched them like lay there, they weren't even. Like a couple of other. On digging up the tundras Christmas every it was but cold, I think under twenty degrees. Jeez. Anyway. The guy was like describing the history of Elko. Biochemistry of the food and like genetic the kids loved it. There's one guy on the sleigh that kept asking questions all of us. The most exciting thing that happened was a drone flew over somebody flew over control drone, take pictures of elk. And it scared the up they all stood up from their little like cat tucked in position, and they all stood up and kind of looked around. In the Joan went. Flew back, and then laid back down to big drama and the slave-driver even had to call it into the head office like someone's flying drone. It was big news. In the world is a big news anyway way were drones flying over my house and kind of hovered above my driveway when it's creepy the world livid. No, isn't that creepy? I've well, and I heard a story someone through blanket at atro- that was hovering over their backyard and brought it down and like took it inside. And they were like, oh, well, they lost the down. You don't go by yard. So maybe we should get like a Spiderman net gun and shoot him down on the fly over. Yeah. Do you think anyone weird? Well, I wondered. You know? That's creek got its we have a podcast 'paparazzi. We do. Yeah. He didn't know for this podcast. What that people are trying to come take pictures of us. You're kidding. Bresca Keiv there.

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You're they want to they want more will secret pictures of us sitting outside the sun just going. Oh, gosh. Anyway, Christmas was good overall exciting out. Close mustache anything. Oh, no. That's that's my snow sledding. The dog came things on social media or not that video. Could we talk about the video the video that oh known forget it? Your wiggling the mic, so she just like them to their what are you? Video of the roof. Oh. No. We can't do anything. Okay. Well, maybe we can release later. Okay. How does your crystal? Tell me about your friend visiting. Yes. So. Chata Jin has come back to visit. And she's. We went to a Christmas party at my friend. Doug Hilton's house. He's very lovely. They have a gorgeous home, and and Liga mansion home like fancy fancy until he has dinner at his house with some people. One of them is the producer guy that everyone. He was good. Any sun screenplay getting through. Not so much. I don't think you have you asked him about it. Or did you know? It's always awkward like you so shy. I don't know. Adam Sandler thing you had a thing going, and then you shine didn't talk about it again. But you mean, well, you met him the first two times. And then the third time when you were working on just go with it. You didn't bring up that you've met him before that was in a professional working environment. I know, but you can still say it in a nicer know, how to socialize stop. You. Do your socialize or you just have to promote yourself. I think that's it. You're. Don't be shy shy. Who's saying that? Coup. I think so she get that we have eighties trivia game that we could play later. I think my favorite song from the eighties is. Wait. It's someone that's like get into my car. Of my car p peop-. Yeah. There are a lot of cars on eighties while driving. But he Cadillac was not which thing that nobody had seen a car nineteen Eighty-four. Well as the fifties. It was coming back around in the eighties. The fifties. There's seems to be rehashing about twenty years later, usually, and what was the little deuce coupe. But then maybe you can what. Yeah there. And then what's the douche? What's the? Vanilla is no. Joke slam boom. Headlines really loud too. This. Snap. You can't say that anymore either. What else do have left now? I know they're all going. How did was there any fallout flam Flamenco Flamenco fallout? No, nothing. No good shows. Yeah. I mean, really things are relatively weren't sandiego here. We're going to take a trolley tour today. Some sites are going to be tourists. I love this Charlie tour. I'm all about I love being a tourist of my own town. So I get excited when people come visit. Oh, and you know who else is coming to visit Tamou from bad at loved podcasts. Oh, lori. So you need help down. She's going to be here for that went heady plan that for an advance a counter. Oh, just okay. Life is really boring. So these things are quite exciting. That's exciting. That's really excel. Yeah. We'll figure out if employees to go and get drinks or do something in bad at love. That is a good one. I know. We have some other friends. Actually, let's pop our promotion in here for other friends at my worst date podcast because they haven't event coming up in February two here there. Hi, I'm Keegan, and I'm Cathy, and I'm Christina. Have you ever had a guy your dating trying to pick up your brother you ever been on a date where guy showed up wearing these Zach the same outfit as you. Have you ever been on a date where the guys sniffs you as a greeting if so this just might be the podcast for you? Tune into my worst date.

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Let's face it. Misery loves company. Let's see. What is your state though? Do you have a worse state real fast? Yeah. Suspi king of were states. Let's see. Okay there. I went to UCSD that was my college and in one of my lecture halls. I was a biology major. There's this really cute boy, and he looked just like this professional surfer Kelly Slater, call them Kelly Slater boy and little bit short of the me, which usually a deal breaker. But this guy was so cute that looked past his name was Tom, and we would just do women cow eyes at each other. We kinda see each other and smile. Whatever maybe not, wink, I'm making that up that would've been fun. But. I started talking to him and got asked out. I think I gave him the green light notice that you have to kinda like insert yourself. If you see a cute boy here, you go people. Here's my advice. Vice for mouse, make it known you like him you have to kind of give him the opening right? You have to say, hey, this your call. Let's let's get a beer sometime to you like the girl will usually let you know. They like, you boys is it because guys are a little well, I don't know. I think guys will just, you know, ask girls out whether or not they're getting the right signals. So I know he's till you get the right signal, boys. And then and then the girls, so I made it really clear that I liked him thought. It was cute. So sure enough. Yes. Me out. We went out downtown went to cafe severe the Spanish place. Right. Had tap in watch Flamingo dancing. Probably. And then when upstairs, she's a bathroom, and we're gonna go to the next place, which was we're going. The Irish bar we really covering are your international contributing, but we shared a huge picture of Saint grid. And I got in the line for the bathroom and the line is too long. And I didn't wanna make them wait because I'm a cool girl. Right something I don't wanna make them. Wait. I'm not a high maintenance girl. So I just went onto the Irish bar with them and we'd drink some pints there. And I went to use the bathroom again, a long line in these stupid, girl bathrooms. Downtown always Laney awful. And I said, well, I think I can make it until he takes me home. So I never went to the bathroom. Well, we get into his all surfer. Check driving home on the five. And I'll never forget he was talking about a lizard like, he lizard. And my bladder was so full that all I could think about was getting to toilet. And I was pretty sure as going to pee in his new check. I'm sure it was going to happen in he kept droning on and on on this fucking lizard. And I'm like, forget, the lizard. I finally had to I saw exit and said. Get off get in. Sue got off ran to the bathroom. I had to oh. That was the other thing. I was holding my tweak. Date car hand. At least later boy cold. Yeah. It was secretly. Like, I tucked my hand under my my right side in the passenger seat when under to hold between from the inside orcher for these guys. And then I think Finally I just pulled it out just like all the holding it so I wouldn't pee in it got really quiet in the car. It was super awkward. So we pulled over and I ran to the bathroom in a shell station. The one on karma valley road and audibly was like oh. Oh. Pete. I'm pretty sure you heard it through the door. It was awful. So yeah, we didn't have a second. You didn't. We never had a second. We went eleven kissed and maybe cuddled a little. But then that was it. God we're dates to he. The moral of the story is ladies p P. Yeah. Be high maintenance standing that long and make them wait. Yeah. Take care. Your bladder. You know, what I heard that? You're supposed to do dates, but it was from you're going to lean to. That doesn't work. But when you ask them, they'll hold something. Feel special. Yes. Hold your coat or hold your drink or whole. Or hold your tweak. York dump of starve. You can hold your drink. You. Check it. What will do what you dentures hold your? Weird.

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Okay. Different hearings on what happened here dangling down one of them looks white. But it's just the old ding. That happens. After is your were state. I wanna hear yours pick one pick a topic. And I'll tell you a date that goes. All right. So you're worst date, and you so. Really want me to pick a topic? Do any kind of random association that could probably in bed attached to that. Okay. Camera. Camera. There was once guy. Who had white hair? His name. I won't mention. We were in a short film together. Oh. He worked at a don't say names. He worked at a forensic place. Something to do with dead bodies and crime labs in San Diego. LA you. Okay. And then somehow we we were in this short movie other doing acting. I think and it was some weird short. There's always like some weird short. Yup. Inning. And we're in it short film. Emmy. We're in. We were some weird shirts. Shirts giant pair. They were teeny on the left. Yeah. He fit in the right shorts. But and then somehow we fighted me too. Ended up at his house in I didn't like him in that kind of way. I just thought that we were doing something fill me like, oh friend do create a products because we're in that thing. And then somehow we're telling me about his forensic like Howie takes bones, dead bodies, and bones and something and he the cat is lap code on. So I don't know for in the lab or something's either way at some point random role play with bones involved. Come I turned around guess who's bone was involved? No. He ended up what in the whistle. You his own schnitzel? What Danny ner in the corner hauling Harvey Weinstein. Yeah. In the in the corner in I was super. Yeah. The trapped just like this is happening Dino's going that direction. But he was by himself doing it like in the quarter kind of thing. Like did he want you to watch? Or it was something like that. And I just like played it off like how let's keep my remember just like. Some more book, some forensics, nice, computer, or whatever my God. Yeah. I know what is it with those situations where you're it's awkward awful trapped. And you play it off like it's casual and cool now, but inside your heart's beating crazy like I got to get out of here. I might die didn't think it was going to die. He was a really usually pretty good instincts that someone's a killer or not, I don't know. Twice still here. Yeah. So how did I ended? I don't know that natural way. And then what what's? I mean, just like, oh probably never talked again. I think it's pretty much. How those things go with me. You know? You know, maybe different person would be like I'm leaving. Yeah. Just like that Bapu do let's just look at the book over. Here's just like free. Love do you think you're more kind of open spirit is. Okay. Well, if he wants to do that that's his proud of. I mean sh-. That's crazy. Like, I'm not in the situations. Ever were it was real felt scared to get out. You know, like someone was like awful entropy. You're in more of that. Yes. I had friends weird cousin VoIP friend guy from another country. We're all camping together and drinking, and I went to the bathroom like off in the woods by myself. And he followed me knowing realized and he. Pinned me against a tree. And I kinda slid out from under his arms like no, no he was like trying to kiss me. And he pushed me down on the ground held me down under his helmet shoulders with his hands. And was like trying to force kiss me in this like Rabi forest, and I had to like squirrel away. And I couldn't say anything because I'm stuck camping with all these people all weekend. And it was the boyfriend of this girl. Why is my friend's cousin's awful? Yeah. We have all these pictures together. He and I look back. I'm like that guy.

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Oh, yeah. And it was like. Yeah. I shouldn't give away the language, but I could say the word no in his language. And that's the only word Spanish probably wasn't because you only know not necessarily, I know many languages and. At least had to say, no in them. And I had to keep repeating a language. I'll tell you off the air because giveaway the person probably Syrian. Think of your friends. No, no, no, no, just come on. Don't don't push it won't give it away. Anyway. Anyway, it was cuckoo crazy coddling. Stop coddling me. Yes. I know. All right. So I would love to hear other were state stories to anyway, listen to my worst at gen we're going to be in the cars. All right, go in the car with my friend. Jen were driving to our trolley adventure of. Yes. And we're gonna get a bad date, storing, we'll get a couple perfect recording. Now, we are in the car with Jennifer who we had referred to as Chata, Jen. So people knew because of China episode. So you're now China Jen, and Tim you've known weans for how long when did you guys meet well that was eighth grade? So it would have been nineteen. Oh, should we? Sorry. Nineteen eighty can't up much about the age thing. Just going to say what? Doesn't matter somewhere in the eighties. Yes. Leading where late yet kick it much earlier than the late which would the category of all right now miss. Jen has been through several like you were saying some terrible dates or. New york. I went on a lot of online dates I love this. I love online dating because I missed this whole full because you've never done it. I love online. Oh. To story. Who other people's bad dating story? So what was one of the worst some of you know, there's so many to choose what's. So how many nights held on? Oh, probably in like three or four years. I want a win on like sixty days for. So that's you have some good fodder for now. Is there a common theme with some of the people on my seer? Like, this isn't like a funny thing. But I would say the biggest challenge with online dating is you can have a lot of things in common on paper. And then when you actually meet the person, there's just no chemistry. It'll be like a nice person. And you're happy you met them in union -joyed a drink. But then you're just and because I think you just can't manufacture it. You know what I mean? It's been chemical click. So yeah, I find often did that happen out of the sixty dates where you actually I was most of the days I dated nowhere. You felt? The chemistry or the click thing. Oh, I only dated out of those sixty days. I probably dated two or three people like, you know, we dated for maybe anywhere from three to six months. So that's -gistically. I mean, really you do it's it is it's quantity. Not quality asked. Anyone you just gotta get in there and get out and just kind of. Yeah. Yep. More like, yeah. Would it New York to know? I mean, you just there's a because there's just so much offer. Hitter. Issues from. Still many things a lot of the Mirage waggling leader. Yeah. But you know, like, yeah. I mean, that's that was the hardest part. But then yeah, you'd have to sit through. I normally would do phone interviews to try to like weed out like where I was like can I even sit across the table from this person. And that's what you would have to other just you you gotta have somebody process, you know. And then, but there there were a couple of light Roz like what are you talking? I had a man tell me, and it was a very serious face with no irony that women are the creators and men are the destroyers. Did they have an Viking not? I was like, and there was a woman say next to the coffee shop, and she liked burst out loud. It was like he was like looking at you in the eyes and also had a man tell me also with a straight face. And this actually wasn't only date. He was someone that I met through friends. He said to me, you might be just the woman to nurse me back to sexual health. Older and he had some issues. No, he didn't not that. I know of we didn't get that that comment that was enough for me to be like, okay. I'm good. I gotta go. Yeah.

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I mean, but really, and truly it was most the people were very nice there just was no romantic chemistry. I sent a lot of message being like, it was so nice meeting you, but I just don't feel romantic connection. That was like, no, no, I'm remembering some stories. And I remember one was like the guy was really intense. He said there's a lot of people that touch you even though you don't like being touched with and you'll say, you know, I don't really like to continue. They continued to do. So, and yeah, I mean, that's, but that's like not to be sadly that that that goes beyond the online dating world like men who put their hands on you in a minute manner. That's like you'll Freia Terry in some ways. It's not it's too soon is. Yeah. But also, it's weird. Because I always like it's hard because like if I'm into someone and they put their arm around me or they're like hand on my knee, probably going to be okay with it. But so that may have been. Assign when I was like, oh, I'm not really into like public displays of affection or whatever. Yeah. That's usually the other thing too. And I remember you telling me this. But when I was dealing with a couple of dating things like if you feel your body like wheel and rewarding when some kiss, that's probably something. No men, a friend would always have this thing. Because you meet a lot of really nice people who really look good on paper. But I'm like in my experience. It doesn't grow on. You. Do you like it just doesn't like I mean, I don't know maybe under more organic circumstances. It can. But it never the beginning. I would try to go out, you know, anywhere. Like, maybe like try three dates, it'd be like, no, I just think feeling it. And you like you said like, it would just be like if your body's doing I've had that happen where I was like don't do this work, maybe the same movies and serial killer. And then when when that would have anything to close, I would just immediately go. No, I. Overly touchy in the one guy when I said because I really was not come from with it all and then he said that I had issues with like I was like cold and a really, yeah. And I was like I don't want you to touch me just met you twenty minutes ago. It's your fault by the you know, like this also is a sign that like would've woman tells you I really appreciate and you start to argue with her and make it seem like it's her fault. This is gonna go well for their relationship. Also, you entitled male ding-dong, maybe the person just doesn't like to respect what they want. King of the freeway interests that are saying that sentence. What was the gen what was the story with the the digital do? Yes. I that was another online date. Yeah. We we went out once and he said he was one of those people nice guy, and I was contemplating going on a second date. And then he sent me a picture of him playing the didgeridoo like a campground house. Like, no, we'll have you met me because like camping. I'm like, no. It was like this like super dorky picture with the didgeridoo and. It is such a phallic simple. Like, what guy would think that's an do it for girl. Hey, look at me with this burningly in Europe, though. Man. Do I think that this? I I had one guy doing a naked handstand on. He sent me a photo of him. And he he was into living men, and it was a nicotine STAN like freedom like no, oh, it will be being free. So where else thought of people who just wanted to like Tex huddles cuddles? Oh, yeah. I tell you how many times that came up. Did it for three months, but in that amount of time? I got a lot of cuddle talk code for high. See non-commitment getting your bed, my guessing, it's a way, and I always offended actually not like offended. Whereas, oh that's off, sir. I would be like if you just tell me what you want, and as an adult woman, I can decide whether that's right for me instead of trying to like Taub shit in some kind of language that you think will be more acceptable to me like cuddle if you want to do something else. Let's get to the point like so instead of saying, let's have a pillow party. You would just say I'm into tartan feathering. That's funny. That's gonna. No as a king. I just think it's kind of not giving women enough credit for them to be able to exercise for agency in Tana me in their sex lives because some women might be down for like a one night fleeing. Or just what if you really thought that when we're going to cuddle what if like I show like I would put on my pajamas that Montgomery that say follow Aloma. I would be ready there.

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I'd have some popcorn in a puddle head. That's what you in. This guy would come over thinking that we're hitting sexy. And I'm in the fall of Armagh pitch. It wouldn't go. Well, you lied to me full. Cleared baby talk all as a way that's not its growth for sixty nine to me, maybe younger or is that true older? I forget now it's this another code for Netflix and chill is this. What cuddling is to the net. Flicks has come up the Netflix and chill. You had sex code for sexually. Yeah. Do you even turn on the TV? Or is that just code for reliant on the couch? I think it's let's hang out and get down. But I was never doing that. Like, I think I had one been asked me to come to house before it even men, and I was like. Was also like women do that you never met and woman's just gonna come to your house. That's to oh two. Don't do that. Bro. To tell the tale. I mean now that I do. Still waiting. Every night. If anyone's ready the cuddle. Two. They don't know what they're missing. I mean, I cut a legit. Yeah. It's yeah. Good time. Yeah. I'm glad we had this talk. Anyone else? Want to talk about dating store? Current situations did any of these online guys workout and where the man occurrence date. He was my mover. No, I know people when they hear that they're like that sounds like the beginning of a movie. Gartner? I want to hear the story. Oh, he was my mover. And it was it was crazy because the woman who I was moving in with this probably should've been like the red flag. She gave me the wrong key. She ended up being a lunatic. But yes, so when we got there. Visit New York. Yeah. Yeah. New York, we got to move everything in and I had my cat everything. The key didn't work and she wasn't at home. So me in the movers. The two movies had sit outside this building for couple hours waiting to come from Brooklyn to let us in. But in hindsight, I'm Mike had we not had to sit on the stoop for hours, perhaps we would have had that chick. Yes. Issues your mass maker, holy psycho were all right. Yep. Okay. But you know, it's strange to about that. As little say is when I immediately sat and talked with him like I immediately felt the connection. Do you know what I mean, you do nothing like manufacture it like it wasn't like, oh I want and he was so cute too. Because he's was you know, he's working. So he didn't want to cross lines that he was like so like like Facebook or like Instagram, and I was going with this because I was also in my moving close. Right. So I was like I kit hitting on me like what is happening 'cause I didn't mean. Yeah. Two years later is it. Henry for three years, but we've been like more together probably like the last year or so, and you do you wanna talk about because I like that you have different view, you're sort of not the social norm of your viewpoints on. And we could we want to oh, tell me if we can cut the center, but like open minded, you are with him to be about relationships, and you might not want a monogamous committed. I I mean or married. That's a really complicated conversation and very long over station. I don't think we need to have. If you could have an eight minutes. Loyalty and affection in love by sexual fidelity for typically long term relationships. I think it's really really hard some people can do it. And that's a mazing. But I think it's just hard. And so I don't know. That's all I'll say about it. But yeah, it's refreshing to hear someone who has a different viewpoint than you should be married. Stay married and be attracted to the person heavy day of your like fleeing Henry night, just recently, how to come for sation where I was like it's impossible that if you're whistling for ten years that you're not going to counter someone in the world, you're that you're attracted to you don't act on it. But. Please. Like, I mean, it's hard for you to Greece. Those wheels of Lexi, yeah. I was making that same point actually. And he was like, well, you know, if you start flirting with someone and you give them the wrong idea. I was like I need to see on the scale is he like more traditional and wants the loyalty.

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I just the case he ever hears. This. I won't say any more specific about our situation. 'cause I think he's also very private. The. Well, there you go online not online success story, but sit near sweatpants and meet a mover story can work on that one to just have to move more often for the best movers. Right. We're we're there any possibilities in that crew. They possibly stole my passport. I couldn't find my passport up. Just getting. Oh, I shouldn't say that. All right. God, I always see everything that regretted. After can we take that out? Now, I'm gonna like publicly defa meet their deaf defecate on their company defamation of character. Okay. So all right right in with your dating stories. I like carrying a bad dates you guys is. Check out on Nessin weaned. On all of this. Needs.

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